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Video conferencing systems technology applications and purchase criteria

With the rapid development of the Internet age , Internet-based video conferencing to become the most important business communication tool . Many companies have seen the opportunities videoconferencing , so have poured into this sector . Video conference system technology Video conferencing to achieve point to point, multipoint , multi-point real-time synchronization between the interactive communication . Demand for different media and different locations synchronized transceiver terminals , multipoint control unit (MCU) effective centralized control , so that the participant's endpoint data sharing, effective coordination of various media synchronous transmission , making the system more humane exchange of information and treatment . Communication , cooperation, coordination is distributed processing requirements, but also interactive multimedia collaborative work systems (CSCW) the basic connotation . In this sense, therefore , the video conferencing system is a major CSCW groupware systems. With the extensive application of multimedia technology , multimedia devices using DSP chip design , became the focus of orientation. However, the demand for programmable media processor is also high. Because multimedia signal processing technology in a stage of rapid development , the coexistence of various international standards , new standards are emerging. For example , only the video coding , there are a variety of international standards : H.261, H.263, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264, the new . Transmitted on a network may be a variety of different standard stream , and for a device , the must continuously update the video coding techniques. Despite the emergence of media processor time is not long, but has been widespread concern , predictably media processors will quickly be applied to multimedia device manufacturing . In just mention two typical chip. One is , TI 's new TMS320DM642 digital media processor with three video ports, can be input or output, support for BT656, Fast Ethernet port , multi- channel audio serial port , 66MHz PCI , etc., can support four D1 image , 30 frames / sec real-time MPEG-2 compression ; Secondly , BSP series of high-speed broadband digital signal processor (Equator company producing ) . Which BSP-15 is specifically designed for video applications and efficient DSP, a highly integrated single-chip broadband products to meet the needs . At 400MHz clock frequency , BSP-15 treatment capacity of 40 GOPS ( 40 billion times per second integer arithmetic ) , the processing speed is equivalent to 8.5 times the Pentium III , is the same series MAP-CA chip 1.33 times that of other solutions more than 10 times . BSP-15 's core functionality is to use software designed for high-performance , high -speed video streaming applications, software development environment and its combined iMMediaTools provide video and audio library that can be applied to a digital video image provide efficient solutions. Optional standard video conferencing Standard : 24k low network traffic , the sound is still smooth, ensuring smooth conduct meetings To ensure that video conferencing easy to use, the basic requirement is sound and smooth, to make

meeting was smooth. And now on the market a lot of video conferencing even this basic requirement can not do a direct impact on meeting results. Standard two : nine kinds of resolution display , smart smooth technology, to create the meeting site As the name implies , video conferencing is one of the key words " video " that attendees can choose the appropriate resolution according to demand , and to ensure real smooth visual effects. Standard Three : 20KB way audio and visual streams to ordinary home network Video conferencing market in general very demanding on the network , the network is somewhat unstable and prone to intermittent sound , graphics card , etc. ; or just for video conferencing , it will take up most of the bandwidth , simply can not do other things . Users have to configure a better network , the cost increase . Standard four : two mesh together a north-south exchange, quick access to meeting status Since there are two domestic network operators ( Southern Telecom North China Unicom ) , respectively in the two users in different networks interwork prone disorder, resulting in audio and video delay , it is difficult to connect to the same conference room and other issues. Standard five : three minutes to get to grips operation is extremely simple At present , a lot of video conferencing design is too complicated , and most people simply can not operate , have someone to debug each meeting , the most painful , because operational errors cause problems frequently appear either unable to share files, or unable to transmit video ...... Conference inefficient. Standard six : three big role in four major functions, so vivid and efficient video conferencing A meeting to maintain efficient state , you need to be reasonable control , and can display a variety of free and conferences related documents and files. The six standards , once launched, immediately aroused the concern of many companies . Many companies charge people applauded these six criteria , because it solved the problems that have plagued them for years - the market every video conferencing companies say their own good , you can use it after signing a problem , in the end what kind of video conferencing really be called "useful ?" there is no objective standard ? Indeed, in the absence of standards , many people in the choice of video conferencing , you can only rely on feeling , relying on one or two trial . Try one or two did not actually easy to find problems, especially some sales staff to quickly sign the bill , but also may conceal some flaws , leading to customer buy opinions address him fooled. Well now , a company that against these six criteria , a comparison one can basically agree on the "useful" , not exaggerated propaganda by those who misled .