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3R Initiative - Biowaste

Initiative BiowasteType PalmOilWasteFuelledPowerPlant PalmoilwasteEmpty Fruit Bunches (EFB) ChinaEnerSaveLimited Malaysia

Organization AreaImplemented Aboutorganization China EnerSave Limited is a leading renewable energy provider in Asia that provides clean and carbonneutral power solutions. Incorporated in Singapore, China EnerSave builds, operates, and ownsrenewableenergyplants,particularlybiomasspowerplants. DescriptionoftheActivity MalaysiaisthemajorsupplierofPalmoilintheworld.Milliontons of Palm oil is produced and exported to the rest of world every year. Palm Oil mills in Malaysia alone generate 20 millions tons of residue i.e Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) Palm Oil wastes generated during production process. Meanwhile, the Government of Malaysia has set out preferential tariff policy for electricity generatedoutofrenewablesources. Thermal gasification technology has been used for biomass, such as wood waste, agriculture stalk, rice husk, etc cogeneration and chosen as a solution for managing the Palm oil EFB waste in Malaysia in order to reduce the burden of waste production as well asmeetingenergyrequirementofthemill. Porcess involved in generating 1MW of electricity for the Palm oil millisasbelow; EFBPretreatment AspeciallydesignedshreddermachineisusedtocuttheseEFBinto small pieces (less than 5cm long) so as to make it easier to be dried andgasified.

After shredding, EFB, together with fibre is sent through a rotating kiln for drying till a desired level of moisture is removed and it is fedintogasifierthroughscrewfeeder. GasifierandBiogasCleanSystem The Gasifier processes approximately 4 ton of pretreated Palm Oil Waste per hour and produce 5000 cubic meters of biogas under normaloperatingconditions.TheBiogascleansystemisdesignedto removeash,pollutantsandtar. GasEngineGenerator Two500kWgasenginesGeneratoraresetwhichusesonlybiogasas its fuel. The twogas engines configuration facilitates the flexibility in Palm Oil mill operation. Both gas engines are designed to be continuous operational, and in case of one unit under scheduled maintenance, another unit can continue to provide power supply forthemill. Thegasifierconsumes86tonsofmixedPalmOilwasteeverydayto produce1MWelectricitybasedonCirculationFluidBedasification technology. Outcome ReducetheproblemsrelatedtodisposalofEmptyFruitBunches

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