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2 theSun | FRIDAY JUNE 26 2009

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Govt to lift country out of China reclaims RM14b of
embezzled public money

economic crisis soon: DPM
BEIJING: China has re- into protests and violence, and
covered 26.77 billion yuan Beijing regularly launches
(RM13.7 billion) of public anti-corruption crackdowns
money that was embezzled to try and tackle the problem,
last year, the country’s top with limited success.
audit official said in a report Liu said spending on con-
seen yesterday. ferences and overseas trips
IPOH: The government will strive to lift and trust despite differences in political qualified although they lacked experi- Some 30 people involved was down after the global
the country out of the global economic opinion. ence,” he said. in 116 cases had been arrested financial crisis prompted a
crisis earlier than the developed The deputy prime minister said He said every staff should be bold and sentenced, the official cut-back in perks but there
nations and other countries of this there were many matters to be attended enough to come up with views which Xinhua news agency quoted was still problems with
region, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri to but national unity could not be were relevant to the interests of society Liu Jiayi, head of the National “extravagance, waste, false
Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday. neglected. and beneficial for the people. Audit Office, as saying. reporting of expenses and
Once that had been done, it would “We have become accustomed to a Muhyiddin also said that Chinese Another 117 received pun- cheating”.
engage in bigger and more effective life of progress, peace and prosperity in language print and electronic media ishment according to Com- “Some officials increase
development efforts, he added. Malaysia. It is important to forge unity should be more responsible in news munist Party rules, Xinhua the number of personnel,
“Malaysia has to emerge from the in spite of the differences in political reporting. said, without elaborating. change the route or prolong
economic downturn earlier, especially opinion,” he said. He said media had a huge role in In many cases, money was a stopover duration of official
when the country is on the doorstep At a dialogue session at the function, shaping the thinking of the people and, taken or illegally transferred trips abroad without permis-
of the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015). Muhyiddin said heads of department as such, had to be responsible because by officials, but investigators sion,” the Xinhua report said.
It will be achieved in not too long should not feel threatened if newly ap- it did not have absolute freedom. also uncovered problems Illegal bank lending total-
a period,” he said when addressing pointed young officers or subordinates The deputy prime minister said including unsound loans, ling 21.5 billion yuan was
heads of federal and state departments came up with criticism and views inaccurate media reports, particularly dereliction of duty and insider also discovered by auditors,
and Perak educators, here. on how work was done or had to be those which had been manipulated, trading, Liu said. including fake mortgages,
Muhyiddin, who is on a one-day done. could influence the people negatively, Rising revenues in recent loans to substandard real
visit to Perak, said emphasis was placed These views should be accepted especially those who did not know the years and now the govern- estate companies, and loans
on the implementation of the economic with an open mind as they could help actual situation. ment’s big stimulus plan have that were not in line with
stimulus packages totalling RM67 bil- to upgrade the service, he added. “Not all Chinese language media put growing sums of money government policies.
lion to consolidate the living standard “I believe new appointees and reports are inaccurate. Much of the within the reach of officials, “Some branches of the six
and national development though the subordinates will not feel restricted news is accurate. and corruption is one of the banks had issued loans up to
economic downturn did not have much in giving their views if there is good “However, what is inaccurate has top frustrations for ordinary 10.69 billion yuan to projects
impact on the country. relationship in a department. to be set right. The important thing citizens in one-party China. not in line with industry poli-
He also said all civil servants should “I feel their views can help in the is to have a sense of responsibility to Anger at greedy or abusive cies or unapproved projects,”
work for the government of the day and progress of the government admin- society to avoid dissatisfaction,” he officials occasionally erupts Liu said. – Reuters
serve the people with responsibility istration as the new officers are also said. – Bernama

Varsities must
probe ‘marks
fixing’ claims
by Tan Yi Liang “If there is any plagiarism or cheating or poor standards, it is
for each university (to handle)
KUALA LUMPUR: “Marks because at the end of the day it
fixing” by universities is will affect their reputation.”
unacceptable and should be He said investigations into
investigated by the respective the USIM issue have been com-
universities, Higher Education pleted and it is up to the parties
Minister Datuk Seri Khaled involved to act on them.
Nordin said. “As far as the ministry is
“I think any attempt to fix concerned, we want to see that
marks is totally unacceptable. such a thing does not recur,
We cannot accept such things and if it does, the matter must
because it is against profes- be investigated,” he said.
sionalism. We hope, if there Asked on the rating system for
is any complaint over such Malaysian higher education insti-
matters, an investigation will tutions (Setara) being extended to
be conducted by the relevant private institutions, Khaled said
university,” he said yesterday. the evaluation, which had been
He said autonomy is impor- limited to public universities, was
tant for the universities. welcomed by private universities
“This is because one aspect that had been invited to take part
of our efforts to bring excellence for the first time.
to our universities is to give “The invitation to all univer-
them autonomy, and one mat- sities have been given out, and

Blind runner inspires and motivates (second
right), and
ter in which they can have full
autonomy is in academic mat-
ters. It is not for the government
private universities have come
back and indicated they are
ready to be part of the Setara
by Eva Yeong true. Together with Joseph, I know “You have to develop trust. I know to check and interfere, because evaluation,” he said.
Kibunja that partnership changes lives and I Joseph is there for me,” he said. at the end of the day it will be He said a committee of rep-
hope we can touch the lives of oth- While most Kenyan athletes tend to linked to their reputation. resentatives from public and
the right
KUALA LUMPUR: Henry Wanyoike, ers through our work with ‘Seeing is focus on one or two events, Wanyoike “We believe that all univer- private universities had been
way to
world record-holder of the 5,000m Believing’,” Wanyoike said. breaks the norm by excelling in mara- sities will act to ensure that formed for the evaluation.
run with
and 10,000m events in the Paralym- Wanyoike, who started running at thons, road races and track. To date, this does not happen,” he told “The Setara system of rat-
pics of Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004, the age of 12, was not born blind. He he has completed 18 marathons. reporters after opening the an- ings is not a system that seeks
will run the 21km half marathon in the went to bed on the last day of April In 2005, Wanyoike set up the Henry nual National Higher Education to punish or find fault but to
Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 1995 and woke up the following day Wanyoike Foundation, an organisa- Conference. see where improvements can
on Sunday. blind. Fourteen years on, Wanyoike tion that motivates young people to On the matter of a Universiti be made,” he said.
The visually impaired runner, who is still does not have his sight, but has become champions in their own way. Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Earlier, in his keynote ad-
also “Seeing is Believing” programme become a successful runner. When at home in Kikuyu, he trains lecturer who was allegedly dress, Khaled said the higher
goodwill ambassador, will be running In 2005, the 35-year-old Kenyan set three times a day with Kibunja. He is forced to resign after refusing education sector is essential for
with his regular running partner and the marathon world record for blind married with one child. to pass students who had failed national development.
childhood friend Joseph Kibunja. runners in Hamburg, Germany with a This Sunday, 33 students and three her course, he said it is not the He said the sector is
Kibunja will guide him with a tether time of 2:31:31. Last year, he won the teachers from SM Pendidikan Khas role of the Malaysian Qualifica- important for progress and
connecting them at the wrists. Beijing Paralympics bronze medal at Cacat Penglihatan, Setapak will be tions Agency to police universi- development of a country,
The duo gave a motivational talk the 5,000m event. These are just two joining the race; the students will be ties for such incidents. and especially important in a
and shared tips on running with guides of his achievements over the years. guided by 33 Standard Chartered Bank “The role of MQA is to en- country like Malaysia which is
at a running clinic at SM Pendidikan With determination, courage, self- staff. The bank is also sponsoring six sure the quality of the courses transforming into an innova-
Khas Cacat Penglihatan, Setapak on confidence, motivation and hard work, visually impaired runners from Hong- offered. It does not cover stu- tion-based economy.
Wednesday. one can achieve anything, Wanyoike kong for the run. dents who sit for exams.” He said the industry gener-
“Courage and determination can said. However, for visually impaired run- To date, “Seeing is Believing” has Such issues are for the uni- ated an estimated RM1.5 billion
help one overcome adversity to excel. ners like himself, teamwork, partnership raised more than US$17 million (RM60 versities to handle themselves, per year from some 921,000
And they can make dreams come and friendship are equally important. million) for blindness initiatives. he said. students last year.

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