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theSun | FRIDAY JUNE 26 2009 9

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Eye-popping disclosure about Todt
IT WAS an exciting week at the were asked. In fact, a lively debate mooted, the land it had to buy, till words and diatribes came out in
Dewan Rakyat even though the ensued during the two days of vet-
question-and-answer sessions, At the Dewan Rakyat ting, clause by clause, of the con-
the time when it was discovered
that it had failed to achieve the
torrents, Tajuddin spoke with a lot
of pauses and raucus laughter in
which usually were the livelier by Zainon Ahmad troversial Deoxyribonucleic Acid objectives for which it was set up. between, calculated to let the barbs
part of sittings, were quite boring. (DNA) Identification Bill 2008. He spared no one and made and insults sink in.
Precious time could certainly have It is rare indeed for a bill to be so several allegations against the Many were apparently dis-
been saved had some MPs just gone Todt’s fiancée, was a film director closely scrutinized where voting on government Backbenchers Club pleased with Tajuddin’s style of
to the internet with their questions and the appointment needed to be the acceptability of each clause was chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King delivery and attempted to say so
instead of asking them in the De- clarified as he had proof that the carried out. Many changes were Sing (Bintulu-BN) who is a major but it was only M. Manogaran
wan. couple were also offered land. made to each clause and one whole shareholder of Kuala Dimensi Sdn (DAP-Teluk Intan) who got the
Still it was a supplementary He later talked to the media in clause about the conclusiveness of Bhd which is the turnkey contrac- chance to express all of their feel-
question during the Q & A session the lobby of parliament about the the DNA as evidence in court was tor for the project. ings when he said: “Pasir Salak
that started the eye-popping disclo- deal which he said was lucrative. dropped completely. The bill was Tiong protested and asked Kit probably had forgotten to take his
sure about former Ferrari Formula When Tourism Minister Datuk passed on Tuesday. Siang to make the allegations out- medicine today.”
One team boss Datuk Seri Jean Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen walked into the Veteran oppositionist Lim Kit side the Dewan instead of hiding Tajuddin also dwelt at length on
Todt getting RM1 million to serve lobby, the reporters surrounded her Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) finally behind parliamentary immunity. the Perak crisis and belittled the aid
as Malaysia’s voluntary tourism for clarification. got his wish to say much more When others like Siringan Gubat that the one-year PAS-led govern-
ambassador. While the disclosure by the about the trouble-ridden Port Klang (BN-Ranau) and Datuk Bung ment gave to the Malays, adding
Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) minister shed more light on the ap- Free Zone (PKFZ) project. Moktar Raden (BN-Kinabatan- that what was given to the Chinese
had asked Deputy Tourism Minister pointment, including the fees and He held the floor for three hours gan) tried to intervene, they were in terms of the value of land they
Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman rewards, it also begged the ques- beginning Tuesday and harangued waved away. received was much more.
Taib in his supplementary question tion what the tourism ministry’s the BN representatives prob- It seemed the DAP vetaran, Former Perak menteri besar
about Todt’s appointment and his representatives abroad are doing ably to his heart’s content till noon speaking during the debate to and new MP Datuk Seri Nizar
fees as tourism ambassador. that required a special ambassador Wednesday. redistribute allocations for the de- Jamaluddin (PAS-Bukit Gan-
Sulaiman did not answer the to be appointed. One of the backbenchers, un- funct Ministry of Cooperative and tang) stood up several times to
question on the excuse that it was It also demonstrated that the able to bear the mocking grin Entrepreneur Development, was protest but all he managed to say
irrelevant to the original question Dewan Rakyat, where the people’s constantly on the oppositionist face, unstoppable. was that Tajuddin was wrong.
by Dr Marcus Mojigoh (BN- elected representative sit, is more complained to the speaker that he When Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Others came to Nizar’s aid but it
Putatan) who asked about the demanding now. Above all, it wants should be addressing the chair Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) was was Azmin and Saifuddin Nasu-
production of documentary films more accountability from the gov- instead of looking at them. given the floor, he lambasted the tion (PKR-Machang) who put up
about Malaysia to attract tourists. ernment and its officials. Kit Siang railed against the vari- veteran MP and attempted to con- a strong defence of what Nizar did
Azmin said it was not irrelevant During the vetting of the various ous decisions made by the authori- trovert much of what he said. and referred to him as the “rightful
because Datuk Michelle Yeoh, bills, for instance, more questions ties from the time the project was But unlike Kit Siang, whose menteri besar of Perak.”