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Impression materials

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Definition: It is the negative replica of the structures of the oral cavity be it hard(tooth) or soft(gingiva, mucous membrane) structures, which are used to fabricate the cast or model of the patient, and for making crowns, dentures, and other prosthesis.

a) Rigid
i) Reversible (thermoplastic) E.g. impression compound ii) Irreversible (thermosest) E.g. Zoe impression paste Impression plaster.

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b) Elastic
i) Hydrocolloid


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Thanks for visiting! CLEANING (SCALING AND PLANING) A) Dentulous i) Primary E. ZOE impression paste Elastomers for CD III) BASED ON THEIR USE IN DENTISTRY A) Edentulous For complete denture prosthesis e. Impression compound Impression plaster Alginate ii) Secondary e. Impression compound – wet kneading putty consistency Elastomers open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.g.g.g.g. Any Questions or Comments? If you have any questions or comments for me. Impression plaster V) BASED ON THE MANIPULATION A) Hand mixing i) Kneading e.g.com .i) Hydrocolloid a) reversible E. Alginate ii) Elastomeric impression materials E. alginate ii) Secondary: E.g.Suhaas Pradhyumna and I want to thank you for visiting Dental Strings. Polysulfides Polyether Addition silicones Condensation silicones II) BASED ON TYPE OF IMPRESSION & AREA OF USE Hi.g. Impression compound zoe impression paste alginate Elastomers B) Dentulous i) FPD ii) RPD E.com.g. Impression compound ii) Mucostatic e.g. Agar Alginate Elastomers IV) BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF PRESSURE APPLIED SMILE MAKE OVER i) Mucocompressive e. Elastomers Agar B) Edentulous i) Primary E. I am Dr.g.g. please feel free to contact me at :suhaaspradhyumna@gmail.g. Agar b) Irreversible E. I am from Hyderabad and currently Working at Vasan Dental Care(Hyderabad).

ii) Circular motion (with glass slab & spatula) eg.o: 16 Type I: Hard Type II: Soft TOOTH IMPLANTS open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Zoe impression paste medium body GUM DISEASE ii) resin TOOTH REPLACEMENT Zinc Oxide Eugenol (or) ZOE is a Irreversible Rigid Impression material used as a secondary technique to take impression of Edentulous patients with the help of Mucocompessive technique. Classification: It is classified by ADA with the ADA Specification N. As seen in the name this impression material is made up of Zinc Oxide and Eugenol (Oil of cloves). Alginate (figure of 8 motions) B) Mechanical mixing VI) BASED ON THE TRAY USED FOR IMPRESSION A) Stock tray i) Types of tray a) rim locked perforated e. Agar c) Plastic e.com . Zoe impression paste polysulfide iii) Vigorous mixing e.g.g.g Orthodontic Tray ii) Based on type of Perforation a) Perforated e.g Impression Compound B) Special Tray i) base plate wax e. Alginate Elastomers b) water cooled e.g.g Alginate Elastomers b) Non Perforated e.g.

· Increasing accelerator paste while mixing. Properties: i) consistency & flow JOIN OUR FAN CLUB Dental strings (www. Factors controlling setting time: Decreasing setting time: · Small amt.dentalstrings. Variation in length alters setting time. Paper pad is used as a mixing slab & a stiff stainless steel spatula with an 8-10 cm blade should be used. The mix is then transferred to a impression tray to take an impression. · Increasing base paste while mixing.com) open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. ORTHODONTIC TREATMENTS 87% 13% – - 12% 50% 20% 3% 10% 5% Mixing is done for 30-40 sec until no color streaks in the mix are seen & a uniform consistency is obtained. 4. Dispense equal length of the 2 pastes. 2. 3.Composition: This Impression material is available in paste form in 2 tubes: Base Paste (White) Accelerator Paste/ Reactor/ Catalayst Paste (Red) Base Paste: Zinc Oxide – Olive Oil Accelerator Paste: Oil of Cloves Gum or Polymerized Rosin Filler(Silica type) Lanolin Resinious Balasam Accelerator Solution Setting Reaction : ZnO + H2O ? Zn (OH)2 Zn (OH)2 + 2HE ? ZnE2+ 2 H2O Manipulation: 1.com . of zinc acetate · Accelerators · Small drop of water mixed in the paste containing eugenol · Increasing the mixing time. Increasing setting time: · Cooling the spatula & mixing slab · Addition of inert oils & waxes during mixing to reduce hardness like: olive oil.

5.3: Type I: ► Aug 14 (5) ► Aug 13 (2) ► Aug 12 (4) open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Biologic considerations: Some patients experience burning sensation in the mouth due to eugenol & can also cause tissue irritation. Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Members (82) More » Already a member? Sign in BLOG ARCHIVE ► 2013 (4) ► 2012 (63) ▼ 2011 (111) ► December (2) ► November (6) ► October (7) ► September (11) ▼ August (85) ► Aug 30 (2) ► Aug 29 (1) ► Aug 21 (2) ► Aug 19 (4) ► Aug 18 (10) ► Aug 15 (1) IMPRESSION COMPOUND It is a rigid. impression surface can be modified by adding in deficient areas 4. temporary filling 3. root canal filling material 4. Advantages: 1.1 % shrinkage occurs during hardening. bite registration pastes 6. rigid so tends to break off in areas of undercuts. long working time.-thick consistency compress the tissues. easy to manipulate 5. iii) reproduction of details -good. ii) dimensional stability -quite satisfactory. good detail reproduction 3. difficult to clean. surgical pack in periodontal surgical procedures. sticks to skin & instruments . 7. messy to work with 3. burning sensation due to eugenol. Classification: Acc to ADA sp. Good dimensional stability 2. 4. This maybe overcome by using a non eugenol paste.com . Promote your Page too JOIN THE SITE (CONTRIBUTE). so border moulding can be done while relining dentures. -less than 0. cementing & insulating medium 2. reversible impression material which sets by physical change. Uses: 1. temporary relining material for dentures. Disadvantages: 1. impression material for edentulous patients. No. 2.

Be plastic at a temp. Type II: high fusing compound – tray compound.. red. Applications: Type I: For making primary impressions. ► Aug 11 (5) ► Aug 10 (4) ► Aug 09 (4) ▼ Aug 07 (5) Adult Permanent Teeth Coming In Behind Baby Teeth:. colors – green. as sticks. The Anatomy of a Tooth Nine Drinks that Can Dissolve Your Teeth Pulpitis: What’s the Difference Between Reversible. 6. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Medium fusing compound – impression compound. To check undercuts in inlay preparation. Be cohesive but not adhesive. Not undergo permanent deformation or fracture while withdrawing the impression from the mouth. Not containing irritating or toxic ingredients. cakes. FOLLOW BY EMAIL Email address. 2. the outside will soften first & inside last. For individual tooth impression For peripheral tracing or border moulding. 4. Harden uniformly when cooled without distortion.B. 5. Impression materials Supplied as: 1. Harden at or little above mouth temp. The layer adjacent to the mouth tissue swill remain soft. 9. So to ensure uniform softening the material should be kept immersed for a long time in water bath.. Submit CATEGORIES GIC (4) books (4) glass inomer cememnt (4) pain (4) BDS seats (3) MDS seats (3) abscess (3) leukoplakia (3) mosby dental dictionary (3) pain killers (3) smile (3) theories of pain (3) treatment of pain (3) composite (2) dental anatomy (2) dental care (2) dry socket (2) entrance (2) government dental college (2) gum disease (2) infection (2) nsaids (2) oral cancer (2) practice management (2) resin modified (2) sandwitch technique (2) studervent (2) swelling (2) tencate s .. 7. Significance: During softening of the material . shetty institute of dental sc iences (1) ADA 66 (1) AIPGE (1) ANUG (1) Al Ameen dental c ollege (1) Anemia (1) Australia (1) CREST Syndrome (1) Caldwell Luc Operation (1) Candidiasis (1) Chemic al Burn (1) Cinnamon Contact Stomatitis (1) Cledoc ranial dysplasia (1) Cytomegalovirus (1) Dental furosis (1) Denture Stomatitis (1) Desquamative Gingivitis (1) Dyskeratosis Congenita (1) Erythroplakia (1) Fordyce’s Granules (1) Futher studies in UK (1) Geographic Tongue (1) Gonoc oc cal Stomatitis (1) Composition Rosin 30 Copal resin 30 Carbuna wax 10 Stearic acid 5 Talc 25 Coloring agent app.. not injurious or harmful to oral tissues. Therefore Its imp to cool the compound thoroughly before removing the impression. Have a consistency when softened which will allow it to reproduce fine details.Low fusing compound – green stick compound. 10. 8. Type II: To make a special tray. Granulomatous Gingivitis (1) Hairy Leukoplakia (1) Hairy Tongue (1) Hemangioma (1) Infec tious Mononuc leosis (1) Leukoedema (1) Lichen Planus (1) Lic henoid Reac tions (1) Linea Alba (1) Linear Gingival Erythema (1) Lupus Erythematosus (1) MTA (1) Materia Alba of the Gingiva (1) NBDE (1) NBDE 2 (1) Nicotinic Stomatitis (1) Pachyonyc hia Congenita (1) Papilloma (1) Peripheral Ameloblastoma (1) Plasma-Cell Gingivitis (1) Radiation Biology (1) Radiation Muc ositis (1) Reiter Disease (1) SDM college of dental sciences (1) Secret of suc cess (1) Squamous-Cell Carcinoma (1) State dental boards in USA (1) Sturge–Weber Angiomatosis (1) TMJ (1) Uremic Stomatitis (1) Verrucous Carc inoma (1) White Sponge Nevus (1) acc idents (1) addition silicones (1) alginate impression material (1) allergic stomatitis (1) alveolar ostetis (1) animation (1) antibiotics (1) bad breath (1) best ac cessory (1) blood c lot (1) braces (1) cardio vasc ular (1) c auses of hairy leukoplakia (1) c avity (1) cavity filling material (1) c eromer (1) chronic gingivitis (1) Properties: Thermal properties i) thermal conductivity: has low thermal conductivity... oral histology (2) tooth ache (2) tooth decay (2) types of pain (2) wheeler (2) 6 reasons (1) A. Withstand trimming with sharp knife without flaking or chipping after hardening. 2. 3. brown.com . & cones. Be dimensionally stable after removal from mouth & during storage. Exhibit a smooth glossy surface after flaming. ► Aug 06 (1) ► Aug 05 (15) ► Aug 04 (18) ► Aug 03 (1) ► Aug 02 (1) Requirements of an ideal impression compound: 1.

0. iii) Flow high fusing compounds – < 2% at 37 . it is a type of Rubber based impression material Supplied as open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.CMaterial removed from the mouth after glass transition temp. at which the material loses its hardness or brittleness on heating or forms a rigid mass. App.3% acceptable. 39. hairy leukoplakia (1) c avity (1) cavity filling material (1) c eromer (1) chronic gingivitis (1) comedk (1) c omplic ations of extraction (1) c ondensation silicones (1) cosmetic dentistry (1) definition of pain (1) dental amalgam (1) dental emergencies (1) dental hygeine (1) dental implants (1) dental material (1) dentistry in australia (1) dentistry in usa (1) diiferenc e between reversible and irreversible pulpitis (1) disc omfort (1) displaced tooth (1) do s (1) dont s (1) emergencies (1) esthetics (1) facts (1) filling (1) flurosis (1) gingivitis (1) good habits (1) grading (1) granuloma (1) gum diseases (1) hair care (1) headgear (1) history (1) implants (1) impression c ompound (1) impression material (1) infec tive endo carditis (1) infextion (1) insuranc e (1) invisalgin (1) irreversible pulpitis (1) joint problems (1) license (1) loose (1) loss of tooth (1) ludwigs angina (1) mamata dental college (1) measure depth of gic (1) metal modified (1) mirac le mix (1) mouth sores (1) mouthwash (1) nano filled gic (1) nerve injury (1) newer gic (1) newer material (1) newer orthodontic s (1) no funds (1) no insurance (1) notifications (1) number (1) nutrition (1) odontogenic infec tions (1) online examination (1) oral histology (1) oral leukoplakia (1) oral submucous fibrosis (1) orthodontic (1) orthodontic appliance (1) orthodontic s (1) osmf (1) osteointegration (1) periodontal disease (1) place holders (1) poly sulphide (1) prolonged bleeding (1) proverbs (1) proverbs smile (1) pulla reddy dental college (1) pulpitis (1) puls oximetry (1) pyogenic granuloma (1) radiation injury (1) reversible pulpitis (1) rguhs mds entrance. To prevent distortion pour the cast within 1 hr. (1) risk (1) scolarship in UK (1) self confidence (1) silver (1) silver amalgam (1) sinus exposure (1) smile desing (1) soreness (1) staging (1) surgery (1) symptoms (1) temporomandibular joint (1) ten common dental problems (1) tencate (1) tencate s (1) tissue susceptibility (1) titanium sc rews (1) tmj disorder (1) tmj problems (1) tooth erosion (1) tooth pastes (1) tooth sensitivity (1) toothbrushes (1) top ten (1) top ten smiles (1) transparent brac es (1) treatment of anug (1) types of tooth pastes (1) unattractive smile (1) usa (1) veneers (1) zinc oxide eugenol (1) Manipulation Sticks: Small amount softened over flame Cakes: Softened in a thermostatically controlled waterbath. Precautions: Prolonged immersion in a water bath is not indicated overheating In water makes the compound sticky & difficult to handle. Soft tissues are compressed due to pressure applied while taking the impression. (CTE) high CTE .ii) Coefficient of linear expansion. Can be uncomfortable in patients because of the rigidity. It’s the temp. Does not have an pleasant taste. Avoid incorporating water while kneading. is reached. BLOGROLL Advantages: cheap reusable does not produce irritation to the patientimpression can be remodified & resoftned again till an accurate impression is obtained Disadvantages difficult to record details accurately. vii) surface detail reproduction is less because of high viscosity & low flow. Poor dimensional stability.5.C & < 70-85 % at 45. at which the impression compound becomes plastic.C vi) Dimensional stability. POLYSULFIDE ELASTOMERIC IMPRESSION MATERIAL: First elastomeric impression material to be introduced.C low fusing compounds – < 3% at 37 C & < 80-85% at 45 C iv) Glass transition temp: It is the temp.com . also known as mercaptan / thymol. v) Fusion Temp. Distortion. Difficult to remove undercuts. Its 43.

colder climate increases setting time. silica) Reactor Paste: Lead dioxide Dibutyl phthalate Sulfur Other substances (like magnesium stearate) and deodorants Setting reaction: HS – R – SH ———-PbO2 + S—-> Properties: 1) Setting time – 5-8 min. 2.45% due to continued reaction. 8) Can be electroplated with copper. proven accuracy 3. Advantages: 1.S – S – R – SH + H2O 60-69% 30-35% 3% 2% 80-85% 16-18% open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.tissue should be thoroughly dried before making the impression. Drop of water accelerates the reaction. allows elastic recovery of the material. 4) Permanent deformation – 3-5% highest amongst elastomers. zinc sulfate. 5) High tear strength – 7000gm/cm2 6) Good flexibility of 7%. 2) Excellent detail reproduction. Disadvantages: HS – R.com . 7) Hydrophobic.Base paste (white) Accelerator (brown/grey) Available in 3 viscosities: Light bodied Medium bodied Heavy bodied Composition: Base paste: Liquid polysulfide polymer Inert fillers (titanium oxide. 3) Dimensional stability curing shrinkage – 0. 4. long working time. longer shelf life. Shrinkage due to loss of byproduct. inexpensive to use 5. less hydrophobic 6. high tear resistance.

5 min. 4. second pour is less accurate. Irreversible Impression material which is used to take the impression of both Dentulous and Edentulous Impressions.com .1. Type II normal setting : 2-4. potential for significant distortion. messy & stains clothes. 3. Alginate Impression material Alginate Impression material is an Elastic. 2. must be poured with dental stone immediately. TYPES: Type I fast setting : 1-2 min. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.5 min. Available as : Bulk powder Preweighed packages Color changing alginates:violet during mixing. 5. odor is offensive. pink when ready to be seated and white when set Composition: Ester salts of alginic acid(sodium or potassium or triethanolamine alginate) – 15% Calcium sulphate (reactor) – 16% Zinc oxide – 4% Potassium titanium fluoride – 3% Diatomaceous earth – 60% Sodium phosphate – 2% Coloring & flavoring agents traces Setting reaction: 2 Na3PO4 + 3 CaSO4 à Ca3(PO4)2 + 3Na2SO4 Setting Time: Type I (fast set) : 1-2min Type II (normal) : 2-4.

2 min Properties: Taste & odor: ·Pleasant Flexibility:·lower w/p ratio results in lower flexibility.Control Of gelation time: Undercontrol by manufacturers: By the amountt of retarder added during manufacturer Under Control of clinicians By altering the W:P ratio By changing the mixing time.of water Increase in temp. used for making impressions for the preparation of mouth protectors for athletes. Manipulation : The Powder is taken after inverting the can several time to produce uniform distribution of the filler before mixing with water. Uses: for making primary impression of edentulous patients with undercut ridges. Elasticity & elastic recovery: highly elastic. For normal set alginate60 sec.com . Prolonged gelation time is tedious for both pt. Strength: ·compressive strength : 5000-8000 gm/cm2 Tear strength : 350-700 gm/cm2 Dimensional stability: Poor Biologic properties: Silica present in the dust which rises from the can after fluffing alginate powder is a health hazard. Premature gelation causes distortion in the impression & it is rendered useless. A vigorous figure eight motion is used. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. The proper W/P ratio as pacified by the manufacturer should be used measured quantity of water and powder are added in the rubber bowl & mixing is started.1 ¼ min. For construction of study models & temporary removable prosthesis. used as duplicating material. for preliminary impressions for complete dentures. Once its moistened rapid spatulation by swiping or stropping against the side of the bowl is done. Mixing time:Working time For fast set alginate45 sec. permanent deformation less if the impression is removed from the mouth quickly. By altering the temp. with a stirring motion to wet the powder with water. decreases gelation time & vice versa. for making impressions for dentulous pts. & the dentist. The top of the can should be taken off carefully to prevent the silica particles from being inhaled. Advantages: ease of mixing & manipulation. Dustless alginate is also present in the market which contain glycol. for making impression for orthodontic study models. Reproduction of the surface detail: ·lower than agar.

Defects: improper mixing prolonged mixing undue gelation w/p ratio is too low.Irregularly shaped voids: moisture 5.no elaborate equipment required. Setting occurs in room temp . Also known as conventional silicones. economical impression can be removed easily & has pleasant taste & odor.External bubbles: undue gelation preventing flow air incorporated during mixing 4. poor tear strength especially in thin sections. cant be refined.Tearing: inadequate bulk moisture contamination premature removal from mouth prolonged mixing 3.Rough or chalky stone model: inadequate cleaning of the impression excess water left in impression premature removal of model. Polydimethyl siloxane (hydroxy terminated) open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. 2.com . dimensional stability is poor. so comfortable for the patient. Types of failures: 1. distortion may occur if tray is shifted during setting. material is elastic & comes out easily from undercuts. so called as RTV silicones. Composition: Base paste 1. 6.Distortion: if impression not poured immediately CONDENSATION SILICONES It was the first type of silicone impression material. Disadvantages: can’t be electroplated.

Advantages: 1. Setting time – 8-9 min. 8. inert filler.com . Sitffer & harder than polysulfide material. Slightly more expensive. 3. Pleasant odor & no staining. Dimensional stability – high curing shrinkage. Excellent detail reproduction 4. Permanent deformation – 1-3 % 6. Less distortion on removal. putty viscosity – 60-70% 4. Mixing time – 45 sec. 5. 5. Shelf life – 2 yrs. 2. Better elastic properties on removal. 2. Adequate working & setting timer. medium viscosity – 35-75 % 5. alkyl silicate (ortho ethyl silicate) 2. color pigments accelerator paste 1. 10. Ttear strength – 3000gm/cm 7. ADITION SILICONES open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Hydrophobic 9. Putty-wash method is technique sensitive. 3. Setting reaction: Dimethyl orthoethyl + Siloxane Properties: —STANNOUS OCTATE—–> silicate + rubber alcohol silicone ethyl 1. 3. 5.2. Adequate accuracy if poured immediately. Adequate tear strength 4. Poor dimensional stability. Colloidal silica or micro sized metal oxide filler 3. stannous octate 3. Disadvantages: 1. 2. low viscosity – 5-15% 6. Potential for significant distortion. Can be electroplated with silver & copper. 4.

Extremely hydrophobic 8. 10. Adequate tear strength 3. Fillers. Highest dimensional stability amongst elastomers 5. Inert oils & fillers 3. Extremely high accuracy 4. Disadvantages: —–Pt . Shelf life – 1-2 yrs. Other siloxane prepolymers 3. 4. Mixing time – 45 sec 3. Palladium 5. Dimensionally stable even after 1 week 6. Excellent surface detail reproduction.Salt —–> silicone rubber open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Advantages: 1. Setting time: – 5. Lowest curing shrinkage – 0. Electroplated with copper & silver. good compatibility with gypsum. Low flexibility 9.9 min. Retarders 6. If hydrophilic.17 % 6. Poly(methyl hydrogen siloxane) 2. Minimal distortion on removal 5. Also known as poly vinyl siloxane. Good tear strength – 3000gm/cm 7. Fillers putty viscosity – 60-70 % medium viscosity – 35-75 % low viscosity – 5-15% accelerator paste 1. Divnyl polysiloxane 2. Setting reaction: Poly vinyl siloxane + silane siloxane Properties: 1.com . Platinum salt 4.Introduced after condensation silicones Have better properties than condensation silicones. Short setting time 2. 2. Composition: Base paste 1.

jouniordentist.. Comment as: Select profile. 2. 3. Expensive.. Source : www. Hydrogen gas may cause dimensional change.1.com 0 Recommend this on Google No comments: Post a Comment Plz feel free to comment ...com . Publish Preview Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post MAP open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. Your comments are appreciated and answered ... Hydrophobic & hence requires a very dry field. HELP GROW !!! Enter your comment.

Andhra Pradesh 500044 08125 360807 dentalstrings..Shree Sai Dental Clinic Shivam road. Tilak nagar x roads. download Shillingburg Fundamentals of tooth preparation .com Write a review Directions Search nearby more Business listings provided by Indiacom Yellow Pages.pdf 40. ORAL CANCER oral cancer definition: a malignant neoplasm on the lip or in the mouth that occurs at an average age of 60. is a common complication after a tooth extraction. with a frequency e.. Hyderabad. What went.... Business listings provided by View Larger Map POPULAR POSTS Dry socket What is a Dry Socket Dry socket . opposite to Baby Store .. Ludwigs Angina open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.62 Mb Adult Permanent Teeth Coming In Behind Baby Teeth: Shark Teeth Many parents become alarmed when they look in their child's mouth and see the permanent teeth growing behind the baby teeth. The de.pdf Shillingburg Fundamentals of tooth preparation . also known as alveolar osteitis .com .

.Sivakumar open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd...V.a.. Clini.... Fordyce’s Granules Definition Fordyce’s granules are ectopic sebaceous glands of the oral mucosa.LUDWIG’S ANGINA DEFINITION It is defined as the acute toxic swelling with bilateral involvement of the sublingual. TEAM DENTAL STRINGS. Etiology It is a normal anatomical variation.. Impression materials IMPRESSION Definition: It is the negative replica of the structures of the oral cavity be it hard(tooth) or soft(gingiva.. uma Suhaas Pradhyumna Dr..submandibular. MOUTHWASHES A mouthwash is a solution which is used to rinse away food particles and plaque from the teeth.. GINGIVITIS GINGIVITIS Gingivitis is an inflammatory process limited to the mucosal epithelial tissue surrounding the cervical portion of the tee. mucous me. Etiology The ex. It is used after brushing the teeth and ..com . Linear Gingival Erythema Definition Linear gingival erythema is a relatively uncommon gingival disorder usually following HIV infection.

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