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Nik Aziz-
Bigger role for Rukun Tetangga Najib debate
by Himanshu Bhatt
“RT volunteers would be given special
courses in mediation and negotiation. Any
community problems should be resolved at
On Gerakan vice-president Huan Cheng
Guan’s suspension from the party, Koh, who
is Gerakan president, said he would wait until
government is re-
vising the Rukun
the grassroots level before
it becomes a larger issue,”
he said.
after the 14-day period that Huan is allowed to
submit an appeal before commenting.
He however said Huan should have aired
Tetangga (RT) Other new measures his grievances internally though the party. KUALA KRAI: An open debate between
Unity Radio
Action Plan include a proposal that Huan was on June 19 suspended for three Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak
launched in 2006 RT volunteers who are years by Gerakan’s central working committee
ngga (RT) vol- and PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul
to give its volun- en Rukun Teta private sector employees for insubordination.
KU ANTAN: Fifte w ill be eq ui pped Aziz Nik Mat would be needless when the
teers more power
ta ry pa tro l units in Pahang ove their com- be given at least half a Koh also said the rift between Gerakan and latter continues to be indecisive in many mat-
in mediation and ra di o re pe aters to impr g crime and day off when on duty. Penang Umno was healing. ters, including a unity government, Umno
negotiation in with in combatin Civil servants are cur-
m un ication system ts. secretary-general Tengku Datuk Seri Adnan
societal and racial aler rently given a day off,
re laying disaster Islamiah, Unity and Non- Tengku Mansor said yesterday.
conflicts. Koh said.
State Dakwah sation Committee chair- He said to accept the Kelantan mentri
Minister in the rn m en t Or ga ni Az iz sa id Plans are also un- besar’s challenge to an open debate would
Gove Abd
Prime Minister’s amad Sahfri derway to introduce
m an Datuk Moh as th e Un ity Radio be inconceivable as it would benefit neither
Department Tan be known of insurance coverage
Sri Dr Koh Tsu the system to led in August at a cost for RT volunteers who
Umno nor the people.
ou ld be in st al “More importantly, Umno and the gov-
Koon said the move w go on patrol, and to
0, 00 0. w ith th re e ernment want to champion the interests of
was in line with the RM15 ed
will be equipp of radio re- replace old equipment
Each RT unit bina tio n the people of Manek Urai,” Tengku Adnan
government’s focu- – a com at RT centres across
ra dio repeaters al kie talk ies – he told reporters at the Barisan Nasional opera-
son safeguarding
iv er an d tra nsmitter for w Na tio nh oo d Malaysia. tions centre in Kampung Sok Luar here.
and fostering com- ce
af ter op en in g a seminar on titution and Speaking after The Manik Urai state by-election has
munal unity among said the Federal Co
the Context of erday. – Bernama
launching the state- been scheduled for July 14. Nomination day
the races. yest level National Unity
He said the revi- National Unity is July 6.
Week at a hypermar- Nik Aziz had invited Najib to an open
sion would help the ket here, Koh noted that debate to resolve a prolonged political stand-
resolution of inter- only 80% of the 4,227 Rukun Tetangga bodies off between PAS and Umno.
ethnic disturbances, such as that in Kampung in Malaysia were currently active. Tengku Adnan instead asked Nik Aziz to
Medan in 2001, at the grassroots level. He said the ministry was studying a plan to ponder on what he had done for the people
“RT bodies also need to be given bigger roles increase allocations to RT. RT in Penang had of Kelantan during PAS’s administration of
at hotspots where there are high incidences of been given a total allocation of more than RM2 the state for the past 19 years. “What has he
crime and drug abuse,” Koh said. million for this year, he said. done (to develop Kelantan)? All development
has been through the efforts of the federal
government. PAS only knows how to defame
and tarnish the image of leaders.”
Najib invites Obama to Malaysia He said Kelantan would better developed,
had the BN administered the state.
KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak Najib and Obama had talked for about 20 respective appointments”. Hitting out at PAS for alleging that Umno
has invited US President Barack Obama to minutes from 9.12pm on Friday. “I expressed that I was looking forward to had paid Manek Urai constituents from
Malaysia. “I explained to him that Malaysia shares working closely with him. Obama graciously outside the state not to return to vote on
The prime minister said he extended the significant common ground with the United acknowledged my ability to serve as prime Judge polling day, he said: “That is slander, and
invitation during a telephone conversation with States in that we strongly believe in the ide- minister based on my extensive background we understand that there will be all sorts of
Obama on Friday night. als and principles of democracy, including in the public service.”
laments slander during the by-election campaign.”
Writing in his blog, accountability and transparency. Najib said the conversation left him “with a lack of The Kelantan PAS Youth had alleged in
my, Najib said Obama would then be able to “I also spoke about the initiation of the 1Ma- sense of optimism over our relationship with records several websites that Umno had paid RM300
observe how Islam is applied in a plural, multi- laysia concept and how the sense of together- the United States. to Manek Urai constituents elsewhere to
ethnic society such as Malaysia. ness and belonging will help Malaysians move “I look forward to renewing Malaysia’s ties
pg 7 keep away from the by-election.
In a recent address to the Muslim world in forward with a common purpose,” he said. with the United States under President Obama’s In Bentong, Pahang, Umno information
Cairo, Obama had stated that he recognised Najib said that in their first conversation administration and hope to explore solutions and chief Ahmad Maslan said Nik Aziz had made
Kuala Lumpur as an example of a progressive with each other as heads of government, opportunities to mutually benefit both countries uncalled for statements against Umno in
Muslim-majority country. “we exchanged congratulatory wishes on our in the immediate and long term.” – Bernama anticipation of the by-election.
He said Nik Aziz’s likening Umno to a
deviant group and communism did not reflect
the statement of an Islamic scholar providing
Judge can’t cane offender: Bar Council a good example for PAS members.
“Just because one wants to win (a by-
KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar parents to be present in the ver judges do not have the election) does not mean one should discard
Council said yesterday it was courtroom where he would experience or training to carry good behaviour,” Ahmad told Bernama
opposed to a judge’s plan to mete out the punishment of 10 out such punishment,” he after a brainstorming and character building
cane an offender in court, say- strokes of the rotan. said. course at the Umno Empowerment Training
ing he could not be both “judge “Judges must understand Kesavan said the law Centre in Janda Baik.
and executioner”. their role and what they are allowed a judge to inflict corpo-
Sessions court Judge and are not allowed to do as ral punishment, but added that
Zainal Abdidin Kamarudin said
on Friday he planned to cane
we have checks and balances
and a separation of powers
this had last been done over 30
years ago, with the High Court RM10b target for
20-year-old sales promoter under the law,” Bar Council swiftly reprimanding the judge
Syafiq Abdul Wahab in his court-
room on July 15, after he found
president Ragunath Kesavan
told AFP.
for doing so.
Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi
co-ops in 3 years
him guilty of gang robbery. “He cannot be the judge had said the planned caning JOHOR BARU: The Domestic Trade,
Zainal also ordered Syafiq’s and executioner, and moreo- would be investigated. Cooperative and Consumerism Ministry
has targeted RM10 billion in earnings for
cooperatives by 2012 compared to RM7.75
Championship here. called on Prime Minister billion currently.
Police detained five police- Datuk Seri Najib Razak to Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob
men including a chief inspector “be firm in his approach” to said the figure was based on the ministry’s
briefs who tested positive for drugs in
a raid on an entertainment joint
the government mechanism
in executing its policies,
Key Performance Indicators and in line with
efforts to reinforce the 6,084 cooperatives
in Jalan Kepong, Jinjang. and asked that the premier nationwide.
The five were among 15 be “fair to all races” in their “The ministry has also targeted a mem-
Cops held in raid police officers and policemen implementation. bership of 8 million in three years compared
from various branches and At a dinner organised by to 6.5 million now. Apart from some two mil-
suspended districts picked up in the 3am the MCA and several Chinese lion members who are students via school
KUALA LUMPUR: Two police- raid. – Bernama associations in Putrajaya on cooperatives, there are 4.5 million members.
men who tested positive for Saturday, Najib announced “As of Dec 31 last year, cooperatives had
drugs in a raid on Friday have Comprehensive that the government would
introduce a new category of
shares worth RM8.4 billion, with RM55.7
billion in accumulated assets,” he said when
been suspended from duty for
one week effective yesterday. action plans needed Public Service Department opening the annual general meeting of
Selangor police chief Datuk KUALA LUMPUR: The gov- scholarships based only on Koperasi Nusajaya Johor Berhad yesterday.
Khalid Abu Bakar said further ernment must come out merit. Ismail said the ministry wanted to cre-
action against the duo including with “comprehensive” ac- He said Chinese schools ate more quality cooperatives as only 3% of
a chief inspector would depend tion plans if proposed new could be built on government cooperatives could be considered large.
on their medical reports. policies are to be successful, land and that the govern- On hypermarket promotions of products of
“If proven, they will face MCA Information and Com- ment was coming out with small and medium industries (SMIs), he said
legal action just like other munication Bureau chairman a new policy that will be a a meeting today would set clear guidelines,
people,” he told reporters after Lee Wei Kiat said. win-win solution to all races as the 87 hypermarkets nationwide marketed
a prize-giving ceremony at the Lee, who is also a MCA in addressing the bumiputra only 8% of SMI products compared to the 30%
Selangor Police Chief Karate Central Committee member, quota issue. required by the ministry. – Bernama