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4 theSun | MONDAY JUNE 29 2009

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H1N1 statistics
cough on Thursday and was admitted

Toddler is 17th
(as of 8am, June 28)

to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor
Star on the same day. He was tested » New cases:
positive on Friday, making him the 17th ( Malaysians 7, Indonesians 3,
locally transmitted case. Americans 2)
Mohd Ismail said it was important
for people to follow the 10 steps to
observe during home quarantine.
» Imported cases:

locally-transmitted case “In the case of the toddler, although
the mother tested positive a few days
after her return, if they had observed the
rules during home quarantine, the spread
of the virus could have been minimised,”
he said at a press conference.
The remaining 11 new cases were im-
» Local transmission: 1
» Total no. of cases: 124
( 88 discharged, 36 under

by Hemananthani Sivanandam ported from such places as Melbourne, Jakarta, the United States and London. treat-
Asked if the situation has reached ment and 88 have
KUALA LUMPUR: Twelve new cases of the critical level, Mohd Ismail said it is been discharged. The hospitals with
the Influenza A(H1N1) were reported under control as the number is not as cases are Sungai Buloh Hospital, Kuala
yesterday, bringing the total number of many as reported in other countries. Lumpur Hospital, Penang Hospital, Sul-
confirmed cases to 124. “If we are complacent, the number tanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Star,
Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr will increase but at the moment, the Kulim Hospital, Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar,
Mohd Ismail Merican said that of the situation is under control,” he said. Seremban, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in
12 cases, one was a locally-transmitted He also said all schools, except SMK Sabah, Sandakan Hospital, and Sultanah
case involving a 15-month-old boy. Abdul Rahim 2 in Kudat, Sabah, are open. Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru.
He is the son of the 86th case, a One hundred and twenty-nine from SMK Meanwhile, SINGAPORE yesterday
29-year-old woman who returned from Abdul Rahim 2 have been placed under confirmed 145 new H1N1 cases, the
Phuket on June 21 and tested positive home quarantine and one student, who highest recorded in a single day, bringing
on Wednesday. has shown symptoms of the virus, admit- the total tally to 599.
The toddler did not have any travel ted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota However, the republic’s Health
history and was placed under home Kinabalu. Ministry said the severity of the disease
quarantine. He started having fever and Thirty-six people are undergoing remained relatively mild.




SEREMBAN: Sekolah Tinggi Chung Hwa
will be closed one week starting today
after a schoolgirl was confirmed positive
with A(H1n1) flu.
Principal Sua Sin Zang said yesterday
the girl was believed to have been infected
with the virus by her 22-year-old brother
who returned home for a semester break
from a university in Australia last Monday.
“The victim, a Form Three student and
her brother are now under quarantine at
Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital for treatment.”
He said the student, who had fever
and flu on Friday, was treated at the
hospital and confirmed to have been
infected with the virus yesterday.
The Health Department had directed
that the victim’s 46 classmates and 14
teachers to be quarantined at home for
University acts to one week, Bernama reports.
“We have discussed this with the
check H1N1 spread Health Department and feel that the
school’s closure will ensure the safety
of students and staff.”
A “FRESHMAN” registers at Universiti Malaya’s First Col- The school has 1,650 students and
Judge lege for the new 2009/10 intake yesterday. 80 teachers.
The incoming students were asked to fill medical declara-
laments tion forms to determine whether they had travelled out
In PENANG, Pulau Tikus assembly-
man Koay Teng Hai was placed under
lack of of the country recently and developed symptoms of the home quarantine yesterday after he
records Influenza A(H1N1). developed flu-like symptoms following
“Those showing symptoms will be quarantined. We will
pg 7 call our clinic officers, and confirmed cases will be sent to
a visit to China lately.
State environment, health, welfare
University Malaya Medical Centre,” Mohd Asyraf Salleh, a and caring society committee chairman
student volunteer at the First College, said. Phee Boon Poh said Koay had returned
The new students were supportive of the measures taken from China on June 13 and developed
by the university authorities to help prevent the spread of the symptoms on Friday.
the infection on the campus. “We have put him on home quarantine
However, some parents – such as “Wong”, 52, from Pen- as a safety measure,” Phee said, adding
ang – felt that more could have been done, like providing the that results of the tests conducted on
students with face masks. Koay would be known today.

Malaysians still in shock over MJ’s death
by Charles Ramendran would be a musician as great, if not plays in a band made up of his two sons greater, than John Lennon until I saw and a nephew.
Michael perform Thriller and Beat It. I Jasmine Leong, 28, said Jackson’s
PETALING JAYA: Three days after was stumped.” music was like a companion to her
the death of the King of Pop Michael Davasagayam, who said he was when she was growing up.
Jackson, Malaysians are still in shock fascinated by the Michael Jackson fever “I will miss him but his songs will
and disbelief. in the mid-80s, won the top prize when remain etched in my heart,” she said.
“I am still in denial. I do not want to he took part in the first MJ look-alike Blues guitarist Aznan Aziz, who is
believe he is gone, maybe someday he competition held in Kuala Lumpur dur- in his late 40s, said stars like Jackson
will reappear,” Arul Davasagayam, 44, ing that time. were hard to come by nowadays.
one of Malaysia’s early MJ impersona- “His music and moves will last in our “Although I was not a big fan, he is
tors, told theSun. lifetime and many more generations a legend on par with the King of Rock
“I grew up listening to the Beatles to come,” added the father of five and & Roll (Elvis Presley). May he rest in
and never thought then that there professional photographer, who also peace,” Aznan said.