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theSun | MONDAY JUNE 29 2009 9

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Mousavi rejects
partial vote recount
TEHERAN: Defeated Iranian presi- West,” the official Irna news agency
dential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.
rejected authorities’ proposals for “This time the Iranian nation’s re-
a partial recount of votes from this ply will be harsh and more decisive to
month’s election and repeated his make the West rue its interference.”
demand the entire ballot be annulled. He was speaking a day after US
Iran’s top legislative body, the President Barack Obama praised the
Guardian Council, had offered to bravery of Iranians who protested
recount 10% of ballot boxes from against this month’s disputed elec-
the June 12 vote in the presence of tion in the face of what he called
senior officials representing govern- “outrageous” violence.
ment and opposition. Meanwhile, the Paris-based
“This kind of recount will not re- International Federation for Human
move ambiguities. There is no other Rights said more than 2,000 people
way but annulment of the vote. Some are still in detention in Iran and
members of this committee are not hundreds more are missing since the
impartial,” Mousavi said in a state- government crackdown on protests. A man in
ment on his website on Saturday. Among those detained are eight Hamburg
Another defeated candidate, pro- local British embassy staff, Iranian lights a
reform cleric Mehdi Karoubi, rejected media said yesterday, underscoring candle in
the partial recount offer in a state- the hardline leadership’s effort to memory
ment on his website. Mass protests blame post-election unrest on foreign of Neda
by Mousavi supporters have exposed powers, not popular anger. Agha-Soltan,
splits in Iran’s political establishment Britain called the action “harass- who was
and plunged the country into its deep- ment and intimidation” and demand- shot dead
est crisis since the 1979 Revolution. ed the release of all the embassy during a rally
State media say 20 people have died employees still held. – Agencies in Teheran
in post-election violence. last week.
While offering the partial
recount, the Guardian Council
has already said it found no
major violations in the vote
that returned hardline presi-
dent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
to power for a second term.
Ahmadinejad warned on
Saturday he would take a
tougher approach in his sec-
ond term of office to make
the West regret meddling in
Teheran’s affairs.
“With no doubt, Iran’s
new government will have
a more decisive and firmer

approach towards the

Police question Australian
opposition chief over e-mail
SYDNEY: Australian opposi- “OzCar”, set up to help dealers opposition also accused Treas-
tion leader Malcolm Turnbull in the global economic crisis. urer Wayne Swan of misleading
said yesterday he had given a But the opposition tactics parliament, had damaged his
statement to police about a fake largely backfired when an in- leadership of the main opposi-
e-mail at the heart of claims that tensive search of government tion Liberal Party. Turnbull has
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd mis- computers failed to locate the denied ever having a copy of
led parliament. It follows a week e-mail. Rudd called in the police the e-mail.
of political controversy over the and the government spent most Finance Minister Lindsay
so-called “Utegate” affair, which of last week calling for Turnbull Tanner said yesterday that
refers to a small truck, known in to resign. Turnbull had “made an idiot of
Australia as a “ute”, loaned to Yesterday, Turnbull told himself”, by accusing the gov-
Rudd by a car dealer friend for Channel Ten television that he ernment of lying “on the basis
electoral purposes. had given a statement on the of an e-mail that turned out to
The e-mail in question alleg- matter to the Australian Fed- be fake”.
edly came from Rudd’s office eral Police. “I’ve met with the The allegations have had little
and was cited by the opposition federal police, I’ve given them a impact on Rudd’s public stand-
as evidence that Rudd had lied statement,” Turnbull said. “Let ing and he remains far ahead in
over allegations he helped the police do their work.” the polls, although Turnbull has
his friend gain access to a However, Turnbull denied been gradually clawing back
government scheme known as that the row, in which the ground. – Reuters

Taliban ambush Pakistani army convoy
WANA (Pakistan): Taliban Baitullah Mehsud is based. have reports of the death of
militants ambushed a Pakistani The Taliban have responded six soldiers,” said one official,
military convoy near the Afghan with bombings in towns and who declined to be identified.
border yesterday killing six sol- cities and attacks on the mili- Twelve men were wounded.
diers, security officials said, as tary across the north. Earlier yesterday, govern-
the army prepared an assault Militants firing rocket-pro- ment aircraft bombed two
on Pakistan’s Taliban chief. pelled grenades ambushed compounds in a Taliban strong-
The military, near the end of the military convoy in North hold in South Waziristan, killing
an offensive in the northwestern Waziristan, another militant eight militants, officials said.
Swat Valley after two months of stronghold on the Afghan bor- With an increase in military
fighting, is preparing to launch a der, intelligence officials said. activities in South Waziristan,
new drive in South Waziristan, “They fired rockets damag- about 45,000 people have fled
where Pakistani Taliban chief ing several vehicles and we from the area. – Reuters