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GLENEAGLES Medical Centre Penang

HOC monthly newsletter August 2005

Coping with nausea and
vomiting - management
7th July 2005. Dr. Leong gave a
short presentation on prevention
and management of nausea and
vomiting. In his experience,
with good antiemetics, less than
Next support 10% of patients experience
group vomiting, but nausea remains a
meeting: problem with about half of all
7.30 pm, 11th patients on treatment.
Depending on the type of cytotoxic 5 rd Support Group Meeting
August 2005
chemotherapy needed, different Topic: Clinical trials – why do we
Topic for potent antiemetics are used. There need them? Should you
discussion: are there types of emesis, namely participate?
Clinical trials acute, delayed and anticipatory. Speaker: Dr. Lee Thong Chow,
– Why do we The usual antiemetics include Gleneagles Clinical Research
need them? metochorpromide, dexamethasone, Centre, Penang
Should you granisetron, odensteron, tropisetron
and emend. Lorazepam is useful in Time: 7.30 to 9.30 pm
managing anticipatory vomiting. Date: 11 th August 2005, Thurs
There are non-medication methods Venue: Lecture Hall, 6 th Floor,
Dr Lee
that can help prevent or limit GMC Penang
Thong Chow
nausea and vomiting. See back Only for patients, relatives and
page caregivers
For catering purposes, your confirmation with Ms

GMC Penang celebrates its 32 nd anniversary this month of July. With
Where there it, the staff has a new look with new uniforms, featuring a pleasant
is Life, there batik design.
Our staff, left to right:
is Hope. Sister Qym Ho, S/N
Shiji, Ward Clerk Ms
Prepared by the
Haematology Priya, Clinical Assistant
– Oncology Ms Chew and Secretary
Centre, GMC Ms Mabel. Ms Chew has
Penang just joined us in July.
Spot the new pink and
white uniforms!
S/N Punitha (not in pic) has gone for advanced training in KL for 6

Focus website of the month:
This is a very good site based in USA. This is a nonprofit organization since 1944. Very
good write up on many topics.
GLENEAGLES Medical Centre Penang
HOC monthly newsletter Back page, August 2005
Chronic myeloid leukaemia
Chronic myeloid leukaemia, in short CML, is a cancer of the white
cells which progresses slowly but definitely and is fatal if left
untreated. It causes anaemia (lack of blood), enlarged spleen,
bleeding spots, weight and appetite loss, and lethargy. Some patients
are diagnosed when they have a routine checkup. For many years, the
main stay of treatment was oral cytotoxic chemotherapy with
hydroxyurea or busulphan. Even so, their lifespan is usually
Next support prolonged only to 3-4 years.Interferon given by injection became
group available in the 1990’s but had significant side effects. Haemopoietic
meeting: stem cell transplant offers the best chance of cure for patients who
7.30 pm, 11th have a donor. Unfortunately, less than 30% of patients can have a
August 2005 transplant. Since 1998, a new medication called Imatinib mesylate
Topic for (also known as Glivec, Gleevec, STI571) has become available and is
discussion: widely used. Most patients can tolerate the medication. When used
Clinical trials early in the illness (chronic phase) >95% of patients benefit. It is
– Why do we estimated that with the medication >80% of patients will be well and
need them? alive after 5 years. It is indeed revolutionary. The pharmaceutical
Should you company, Norvatis started a patient support programme to ensure that
participate? every needy patient can get the medication, called GIPAP (Glivec
Speaker: International Patient Assistance Programme). Now under the
Dr Lee programmes, >400 Malaysians have benefited. Internationally
Thong Chow >10,000 patients are on the programme. 3 weeks ago, GIPAP
Malaysia celebrated 3 years of its programme in Malaysia. If you
know anyone with CML not receiving Glivec because of financial
problems, alert them to the programme. GMC Penang is one of the
centres running the programme.
Where there
is Life, there
is Hope Non-medication methods to limit nausea and
Prepared by the Choice of foods – less spicy, oily.
Haematology Take small and frequent meals.
– Oncology Distraction - occupy one’s time doing things. Play video games,
Centre, GMC enjoy a DVD at home, take walks.
Penang Have company during treatments.
Join support groups and ally fears.
Avoid lying down for at least half an hour after a meal.

Focus on medication
Aprepitant (Emend, MSD) is a new antiemetic (prevent vomiting) medication that was
brought into Malaysia last year. It is useful to prevent vomiting and nausea in both the
acute and delayed setting. It is an add-on medication. Other antiemetics have still to be
used during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This improves our objective in trying to
minise side effects during effective cytotoxic chemotherapy. Further information can be
obtained at