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GLENEAGLES Medical Centre Penang

HOC monthly newsletter November 2005

Cancer and Infections
Infection remains a risk during
treatment especially with cytotoxic
chemotherapy. Dr. Leong gave a 30
minute talk on cancer and infection
during the monthly educational
support group meeting. The
relationship of cancer with infection is
Next support complex.
group Some cancers arise because of
infections. Dr. Leong giving his talk
meeting: Cancers can cause changes in the
7.30 pm, 17th immune system leading to infections,
Nov 2005 cause obstruction to lumens like the 8 th Support Group Meeting
Topic for airways causing pneumonia. This is
especially so with blood related Topic: After treatment, what
discussion: next? Follow-up.
After Speaker: Dr. Leong Kin Wah
Treatment especially cytotoxic
treatment, chemotherapy can predispose the Time: 7.30 to 9.30 pm
what next? patient to infections. There are various Date:17th Nov 2005, Thurs
Follow up factors during treatment that lead to
infection. These include mucositis, Venue: Lecture Hall, 6th Floor,
Speaker: Dr GMC Penang
diarrhoea, perianal problems,
Leong Kin Only for patients, relatives and
chemotherapy ports and lines,
wah reduction in the white cells and ulcers caregivers
caused by cancer.
During treatment, prevention include For catering purposes, your confirmation with Ms
keeping clean, wash and dap after Mabel, Dr Leong’s secretary at 04
passing motion, don’t constipated, use much appreciated. Thanks.
of prophylactic antibiotics, antifungals
and antivirals. Continued back
HAPPY page…..
In the coming weeks………………
SELAMAT Some of us stay back and did have some fun playing
HARI RAYA some board games in the last meeting.

Mr. Tan has confirmed the trip will be on 8th January 2006.
Prepared by the All patients, caregivers and relatives, including families
Haematology are welcome. Cost per person RM 78. First 20 persons
– Oncology will be given a subsided rate at RM58. Trip will be to
Centre, GMC Ipoh, Gua Tempurung and Taiping Zoo. Inclus ive of
Penang lunch and dinner (halal). Inform Ms Mabel, if you would
like to join us.

Focus website of the month:
This is the official website for the British Columbia Cancer Agency (Canada). This website
is very professionally done. The site for patients is well written and there is a section on
alternate and complementary medicine.
GLENEAGLES Medical Centre Penang
HOC monthly newsletter Back page, November 2005

Types of infections during treatment
Intercurrent infections not related to treatment, eg: Dengue fever,
Viral infections that reactivate: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes
Zoster (Shingles, ‘snakes’), CMV infection.
Fungal infections: Candidiasis, common in mouth and vagina,
Systemic fungal infections – Candida, Aspergillus – common.
Next support Bacterial infections, like pneumonia, line infections.
meeting: Herpes Zoster Candidiasis (Trush)
7.30 pm, 17th
Nov 2005
what next?
Follow up
Speaker: Dr
Leong Kin

Things you can do to prevent infections and keep well during
HAPPY 1 Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.
DEEPAVALI 2 Take a bath at least daily. If unable, sponging is advised.
3 Keep good oral hygiene. Always rinse after food. Brush with
soft toothbrush.
SELAMAT 4 Choose foods that are soft and do not need extensive chewing.
HARI RAYA 5 Eat only cooked food. Fruits are fine provided their skin is
peeled and eaten immediately.
Prepared by the 6 Avoid constipation. Drink plenty of water.
Haematology 7 After passing motion, wash with water and dap dry. Try not to
– Oncology
use toilet paper.
Centre, GMC
8 Check your temperature 4 times per day during waking hours or
when unwell. A temperature above 38 degrees C warrants a visit
to the doctor or hospital.
9 Avoid crowded and enclosed places.
10. Do not smell flowers and avoid gardening.

News update: Star 8th October 2005 Cervical Cancer Cure in a Year.
A new vaccine that can prevent the infection by 2 strains of the human papilloma virus.
This would prevent 70% of infections. The new vaccine has been tested in more than
10,000 girls. The new vaccine, Gardasil, is from Merck and approval for its use is
expected in 2006. HPV causes cervical cancer. Preventing its infection would thus
prevent cervical cancer.