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Quality Management Organizations Abraham Tieh MGT/420 September 2, 2013 Brian Birch


Quality Management Organizations Two quality management organizations will be selected for this assignment, one national, and one local that would enhance the implementation of a quality program for companies. The Malcolm Baldridge National Quality award that is administered by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a quality management organization at the national level that has enhanced the implementation of quality management program for many businesses. On the local level, the Quality Management Branch of Texas Department of State Health Services has positive influence in quality improvement for health care providers. National Quality Management Organization Malcolm Baldridge Award is for organizations that have proven record of quality and operation excellence. This award is very prestigious and meaningful because it is given by the President of the United States. The award was first given in 1987, and it was established to raise public awareness of organizations that successfully had adhered to the quality management system that delivered quality products and services that are exemplary. Recipients of the award include small businesses, service companies, manufactures, education sectors, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. The award signifies these organizationss excellence in quality management, and strives for perfection. NIST administers the Baldridge Program that cultivates a model of public-private partnership that focuses on helping businesses to improve their quality management deliveries (NIST, 2013). The program help businesses achieve highest level of performance, it recognize businesses that has proven to be the role-model in their industry, it also provides a forum for businesses to share their strategies to be of help to each other (NIST, 2013). NIST offer businesses an integrated management framework that gets results. It also offer organizations


evaluation tools to gauge improvements. Part of the forum program is to provide workshops or conferences for organizations to exchange ideas. This effect of Baldridge Program has positive impact in enhancement of quality, and improvements in providing excellence in customer service, thus, help businesses become more profitable. Local Quality Management Organization The Quality Management Branch (QMB) is responsible for assuring that contractors funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) meet standards and requirements of the department. Staffs of the Branch also assist contractors in identifying opportunities and avenues to improve services (Texas State Health Services, 2013). The mission of the quality management branch is to oversee healthcare providers or contractors are delivering high quality services that are defined by the department to the public in a cost efficient manner. QMB conduct on site reviews of providers operations to make sure that the delivery of services to the public is within pre-determined quality guidelines. Per QMBs mission statement, services delivered shall promote human dignity, respecting cultural and individual differences, preserving freedom of choice while maintaining individual confidentiality (Texas State Health Services, 2013). On the local level QMB provide guidance to providers to ensure that their clinics is offering quality care to patients to preserve patient confidentiality, render service with patients dignity in mind, and offer patient the freedom of choice in selecting services. This quality monitoring function provided patients with enhanced quality healthcare and also enhanced the uniformity of quality from healthcare providers. Conclusion

QUALITY MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONS By involvement in the quality improvement organizations programs, businesses have the means to compare their level of quality with industry leaders or their peers. The recipients of

Baldridge Award consistently shown improvement in jobs, revenues and competitiveness. On the local level, QMBs involvement of site inspections of clinics delivered quality assurance to Texans who need assistance from State managed healthcare programs with enhanced quality in their best interest. Quality management organizations are a valuable resource for businesses who seeks continuous quality improvement to become the leader in their industry.



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