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6 theSun | WEDNESDAY JULY 1 2009

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Kudus gets 11 years, Overlap
fine for corruption at meeting
by Llew-Ann Phang

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Ampang Jaya Noradidah allowed a stay of execution Kudus looked SHAH ALAM: A meeting meant to dis-
Municipal Council enforcement director pending appeal but raised the bail from calm in the dock cuss the fight against dengue which was
Capt (R) Abdul Kudus Ahmad (pix) was RM80,000 – already paid when Kudus throughout the also thought to address the issue of local
sentenced to 11 years and 10 months jail was first charged – to RM150,000. proceedings. authorities hiring pesticide operators
and fined RM370,000 by the Ampang ses- In her judgment, Noradidah said In mitiga- not licensed by the Pesticides Board,
sions court here yesterday on 24 counts of Kudus’s testimony, when called to enter tion, his lawyer, revealed a new problem – the overlap-
corruptly soliciting and accepting bribes his defence, was a mere denial and there M. Manoha- ping responsibilities between the local
totalling RM59,000. was no evidence ran, appealed authorities and the health department,
Judge Noradi- to link Kayveas for leniency both of which conduct fogging activities.
dah Ahmad found with the case. saying that While many expected the meeting to
him guilty after rul- “Kayveas Kudus had put to rest the issue of over 60 “illegal”
ing that the defence was called as a to support 10 pest control companies in Selangor, of-
had failed to cast a witness but it did children and ficials were told by state executive coun-
reasonable doubt not help. He only two wives and cillor for local government research and
on the prosecu- gave evidence this was his first offence. development Ronnie Liu, who chaired the
tion’s case. denying his in- Kudus was now jobless and during the meeting yesterday, that fogging activities
The trial volvement with six years of his trial, his mother passed were conducted by local councils and
stretched nearly restaurant owner away after receiving numerous threats, the health department.
six years, starting S. Steven. The ac- he said.
on Aug 9, 2003, cused also stated “Other people (were) involved (in) big-
and involved 12 that Kayveas had ger sums but they escaped punishment.
prosecution and 12 taken part in a Kudus is a small fry and not a shark. It
defence witnesses, conspiracy to is unfair if sharks got off and lessons are
including former bring him down only given to small fries by ordering
deputy housing and but no police them to serve heavy penalties,” he said.
local government report had been Deputy Public Prosecutor Datuk
minister Datuk M. lodged, so there Nordin Hassan recommended heavy
Kayveas. is a doubt,” she penalties, saying that Kudus should
Kudus, 46, was said. have thought of what would happen
sentenced to five Kudus was before committing the crime.
months in jail on alleged to have He was a director, the prosecutor
two counts each taken the bribes said. How-
and six months for each of the rest but from the owner of Sri Steven’s Corner Nordin objected to Manoharan’s use of ever, the state agreed
the jail terms run consecutively. between May 2001 and May 2004. The “small fry” and “shark” in the defence’s that the issue of unli-
He was also fined RM10,000 on 15 charges under sections 10(a)(bb) and submission. censed operators must
charges each, RM20,000 on eight charges, 11(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 “I feel, let us forget this fish business. also be addressed.
and RM60,000 on one. He will spend an- were punishable with a maximum jail Charges were laid regardless of whether “We must do something about it,” said
other 17 years behind bars if he fails to term of 20 years and fine of five times the you are a shark, scomber or small fry. It is Liu at the meeting attended by the Pest
pay the fine. sum. in the law,” he said. – Bernama Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM),
state officials and the heads and repre-
sentatives of all 12 local councils.
PCAM president Ang Tan Loong said
he had evidence of illegal pest control

Developer Sacking too harsh, say councillors companies hired by local authorities after
being questioned by Kampung Tunku as-
semblyman Lau Weng San, who referred

postpones to theSun’s front page report yesterday.
Ang said the issue was raised numer-
ous times under the previous government

demolition but had not received any attention.
Liu told theSun the state government
will act if there was hard evidence.
GEORGE TOWN: The developer of the land “We cannot act based on rumours and
occupied by the residents of Kampung hearsay,” he said.
Buah Pala has agreed to put off demolition At the meeting, Subang Jaya Municipal
work by one month. Council (MPSJ) president Datuk Adnan
Deputy Chief Minister (II) Prof Dr P. Ikhsan said the contractors hired by the
Ramasamy said yesterday the decision local councils were approved by the
was reached following a marathon meet- Health Ministry.
ing with the developer, which lasted until Ang told the meeting the “spiral
fogging” method would better battle
late afternoon.
the fight against dengue, instead of the
The month-long period would give the
present fogging method which causes
state government some time to come up
mosquitoes to flee from one place to
with a more productive solution for the
another and not rid of them completely.
villagers, comprising 41 families and other
“We also think fogging activities are
targeting the wrong areas as residential
It would also give time for the state
areas only represent 2% for breeding
government special investigation com-
sites of the mosquitoes,” he said.
mittee into the land transaction to con-
“Selangor’s major breeding grounds
duct its inquiry and to come up with its are construction sites (80.6%), places of
findings. worship (39.1%) and factories (30.3%).”
Ramasamy also said that if the He proposed the use of mosquito
developer had not concurred with the traps like ovitraps, and a Search and
last-minute agreement, he would have Destroy (SAD) Week for Aedes.
made a “radical announcement” to the Liu expressed concern over the use
villagers in his personal capacity. BUTTERWORTH: Several Seberang Perai mu- appoint civil servant Mokhtar
of chemicals which Ang pointed out may
He declined to say what he had been nicipal councillors have described the Penang Mohd Jait as the new council
not be as effective, given the mosquitoes’
planning to do. government’s sacking of Johari Kassim as a president without discussing it
resistance to chemicals coupled with
Earlier, the residents in the village, member of the council as too harsh. with PKR. Johari’s expulsion took
global warming effects and evolution.
dubbed Penang’s High Chaparral, an- Mohd Kamil Abu Bakar, of Parti Keadilan effect on Friday.
He said the local authorities should
nounced that they would be be filing a Rakyat (PKR), said the state government could Mohd Kamil’s view was shared by another
Johari’s seat is launch fogging activities at neglected
suit against the state for alleged fraudu- have just suspended Johari as a warning for councillor, Mohd Fadzil Kemi, of PAS, who said
empty during construction sites in their areas.
lent transfer of the land. having led eight PKR councillors in boycotting Johari deserved a second chance, especially “We should also start activities with
a meeting
Their lawyer, Darshan Singh Khaira, the swearing-in of the new council president after his good performance as the council’s schools to carry out projects to fight the
of the
said the suit would name the state on June 4. chief whip. disease,” he said.
Seberang Perai
government, Ramasamy, and Sri Delima “This is too harsh, he should have been “Johari should have been given a warning Liu also asked the Shah Alam City
assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer. suspended first,” he told reporters after at- first. All this while, he had done a good job. The Council to organise a workshop, roping
“If the present state government can- tending the council meeting here yesterday. move to boycott the swearing-in ceremony in PCAM’s expertise on the type of pesti-
not stop the demolition (of their houses), He hoped the state government would was a result of a misunderstanding, not be- cides and method of fogging.
then it is adopting the (alleged) abuse of give Johari a second chance. cause of his obstinacy,” he said. Ang said the meeting had failed to ad-
power by the previous government and Mohd Kamil was one of the councillors Mokhtar said the candidate to replace dress the problem of illegal contractors,
is a party to it,” the residents said in a who boycotted the swearing-in to protest Johari in the council would be decided by the and added that he would arrange another
statement issued through Darshan. against the state government’s decision to state government soon. – Bernama meeting with Liu.