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10 theSun | WEDNESDAY JULY 1 2009

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Iran upholds Ahmadinejad victory
TEHERAN: Iran warned the tinued detention of four British street protests seen in the use to describe the US. Monday evening to uphold our decision unanimously.”
opposition yesterday that it embassy staff in Teheran. immediate aftermath of the “The regime must confront official results giving the The watchdog had re-
will tolerate no further protests Opposition leader Mirhos- election become sporadic gath- them,” Ayatollah Morteza incumbent a landslide first- counted 10% of the ballot
after the official poll watchdog sein Mousavi’s camp re- erings easily dispersed by riot Moghtadai said. round victory were no longer boxes in what it described as a
upheld the re-election of Presi- mained defiant, reiterating a police and the Basij militia. Ahmadinejad himself said: subject to challenge. “thorough and comprehensive
dent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demand for the cancellation The head of the seminary “We must use all the capaci- “They cannot object or investigation” but the opposi-
over complaints of fraud. of the June 12 vote which un- in Qom – Iran’s clerical nerve ties to break the monopoly of protest in any other way,” tion boycotted the process.
Ahmadinejad hit out at leashed the worst crisis in Iran centre – called for a sustained the global powers.” council spokesman Abbasali The US said the partial re-
world powers over their since the 1979 revolution. crackdown on protests, saying And the official elec- Kadkhodai told reporters. view would not satisfy critics of
response to unrest which has But opposition to Ah- demonstrators were “treading toral watchdog, the Guardians “The Guardians Council the election while Italy warned
shaken Iran, as Western gov- madinejad’s victory appeared the path of the world’s arro- Council, warned defeated is the final authority on the of possible further sanctions
ernments condemned the con- to be waning as the massive gance”, a term Iranian leaders candidates that its decision on election and we announced against Iran. – AFP

Honduras isolated over coup, protests turn violent
TEGUCIGALPA: Honduras came under pressure

on Monday to reinstate ousted President Manuel
Zelaya as many Latin American leaders agreed
to withdraw envoys, Washington called his over-
throw illegal and street protests turned violent.
Police in the Honduran capital fired tear gas
at stone-throwing supporters of Zelaya, a leftist
who was toppled in an army coup on Sunday
and flown to exile in Costa Rica while a caretaker
president was sworn in.
Some 1,500 protesters, some of them masked
and carrying sticks, taunted solders and burned
tires just outside the gates of the presidential
palace in a face-off with security forces. Protesters
Zelaya was ousted over his push to extend supporting
presidential terms in Central America’s biggest ousted Zelaya
political crisis since the US invasion of Panama throw stones
in 1989. Honduras had been stable since the end at soldiers and
of military rule in the early 1980s. policemen
Congress named Roberto Micheletti, a con- during clashes
servative-leaning veteran of Zelaya’s Liberal Party near the
as interim president. presidential
Honduras is a major coffee producer, expected palace in

to export some 3.22 million 60kg bags in the to Honduras, an impoverished coffee, textiles
2008/09 season, but there were no immediate and banana exporter of seven million people
signs that output or exports were affected as which joined his ALBA trade bloc of allies last
ports and roads remained open. year under Zelaya.
Left-wing Latin American presidents led by Visibly bolstered by the sea of support for
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said at a him, Zelaya said he would travel to Honduras
meeting in Managua, capital of neighboring tomorrow with Organisation of American States
Nicaragua, that they would withdraw their (OAS) chief Jose Miguel Insulza.
ambassadors from Honduras in protest at the “I am going to Tegucigalpa on Thursday. The
coup. president elected by the people is coming,”
Mexican President Felipe Calderon followed Zelaya said. He said he had accepted an offer
suit, as did leaders from Central America, also by Insulza to accompany him but gave no details
meeting in Managua, according to a diplomatic of how he expected to pull the trip off.
source. The Central American leaders also an- Zelaya is also due to address the UN General
nounced a two-day halt in trade. Assembly in New York and later travel to Wash-
Chavez said he would stop sales of cheap oil ington. – Reuters

South Korea’s first swingers’
club presents legal dilemma
Citizen SEOUL: South Korea’s first swing- legal basis to crack down on this club,”
Nades: ers’ club – where couples can swap where consenting adults have sex in
‘My partners for sex – has made a roaring a closed space, one of its unidentified
debut, leaving police who want to owners was quoted as telling the
England close it down struggling to respond. Yonhap news agency.
not The club opened earlier this month Police admitted that it would be
powderful in Seoul’s prosperous Kangnam District difficult to apply existing laws banning
where business appears to be thriving, prostitution or obscene performances
one’ with many visitors writing favourable in this case.
pg 12 comments on its website about their Still, “we’ve told the Kangnam
experience. police station to find legal provisions
“Say no to sex-related taboos,” it to crack down on it,” said Yang Sung-
proclaims on its internet homepage. Cheol, a senior officer at the Seoul
The club only accepts adults who Police Agency.
have booked through the internet. After news reports about the club,
Couples watch or have sex with one its website crashed under the strain of
or more partners. thousands of people trying to log on at
“Law experts told us there is no the same time. – AFP

Iraqis take control as US troops leave cities
BAGHDAD: Iraqi security forces paraded in troops quit their posts in urban centres, ahead of
tanks and armoured vehicles across Baghdad complete pullout by the end of 2011.
yesterday as they take control of towns and cities Across Baghdad, tanks and armoured vehicles
nationwide from departing US troops six years manned by soldiers and police were decorated
after the invasion. with artificial flowers, flags and banners, as na-
Iraq was celebrating a national holiday to tionalistic songs and popular music played.
mark the June 30 pullback, a milestone in the “We are happy to receive the security respon-
recovery of a country battered by war, insurgency sibilities and we are able to totally protect our
and sectarian bloodshed that has left tens of citizens,” policeman Ibrahim al-Mashhadani said.
thousands of people dead since 2003. President Jalal Talabani thanked US forces for
Iraqis had celebrated into Monday night but their role in overthrowing now executed dicta-
soldiers and police were out in force to prevent tor Saddam Hussein in 2003, and in the years of
insurgent groups spoiling the party as American bloodshed that followed. – AFP