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President & CEO March 21, 2007

Sam Worthington

Dear Representative:
Charlie MacCormack,
Save the Children I am writing to you on behalf of InterAction’s 165 member organizations, many of which
Vice Chair
work on the front lines responding to natural and man-made crises around the world. We
Ritu Sharma, wish to express our strong support for the passage of funding for the humanitarian programs
Women’s Edge Coalition included in the FY07 Emergency Supplemental bill that the House of Representatives will
Treasurer be considering later this week.
Amy Coen,
Population Action International The past year has witnessed the development of several unexpected emergencies and the
worsening of many crisis situations around the globe. The violence against the people of
Darfur has not only continued, but has also spilled over into neighboring countries,
Board of Directors
Nancy A. Aossey,
triggering humanitarian emergencies in eastern Chad and the Central African Republic.
International Medical Corps Unexpected crises have occurred in Somalia and Lebanon. One of the largest human
Ken Bacon, Refugees International displacement situations in the world is developing in Iraq and surrounding countries.
David Beckmann, Bread for the World
Carol Bellamy, World Learning
Meanwhile, dire humanitarian needs in several continuing humanitarian situations—
Sekyu Chang, including in Northern Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cote D’Ivoire –
Korean American Sharing Movement remain unchanged.
Julius Coles, Africare
Helene Gayle, CARE
Geeta Rao Gupta, Our response to these crises will require more funding than was provided in regular FY07
International Center for Research on Women appropriations. Without additional funding, our government’s resources will inevitably be
Neal Keny-Guyer, Mercy Corps
Lee Hamilton, Woodrow Wilson stretched too thin and resources will be diverted from continuing, but no less dire,
International Center for Scholars emergencies to new ones. The provision of supplemental funding is critical to ensuring that
Lelei Lelaulu, Counterpart International the needs of the displaced and hungry are met and that the United States continues to be a
Lavinia Limon,
Immigration & Refugee Services of America leader in responding to the needs of people during their darkest hour.
Jo Luck, Heifer International
John McCullough, Church World Service
Ruth Messinger,
We therefore urge your support for the FY07 supplemental funds included in the bill for
American Jewish World Service several key accounts: International Disaster and Famine Assistance, Migration and Refugee
Steve Moseley, Assistance, Emergency Migration and Refugee Assistance, P.L. 480 Title II Food
Academy for Educational Development
Sarah Newhall, Pact
Assistance, Contributions to International Peacekeeping, Peacekeeping Operations and
Raymond Offenheiser, Oxfam-America Child Survival and Health. These accounts and the activities that they fund are the primary
Dan Pellegrom, Pathfinder International tools that provide the basic life necessities and protection for conflict and disaster-affected
Linda Pfeiffer, INMED
William Reese, people around the world.
International Youth Foundation
Yolonda Richardson, CEDPA As the debate rages about more controversial elements in the supplemental appropriations
Leonard Rubenstein,
Physicians for Human Rights bill, we ask that you remember these vital, uncontroversial humanitarian provisions, and we
George Rupp, respectfully appeal for your support for their passage. Thank you very much for your
International Rescue Committee
John Schultz, Christian Children’s Fund
Richard Stearns, World Vision

1400 16th St. NW
Suite 210
Washington, DC 20036
PHONE: (202) 667-8227
FAX: (202) 667-8236
E-MAIL: Sam Worthington
President and CEO

Printed on recycled paper

Interaction is a membership association of US private voluntary organizations engaged in international humanitarian efforts including
relief, development, refugee assistance, environment, population, public policy, and global education.

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