Below are some better known crystals and the qualities for which they are best known

. The colours listed are the most common. However the best way to select a crystal is use your intuition. In fact, they generally select you! AGATE: THE FAMILY STONE Colour: Various Uses: Helps link children, parents and grandparents. Physically strengthening. Facilitates perceptiveness and precision. Grounding and energetic. AMAZONITE: THE STONE OF HEART CLARITY Colour: Turquoise Uses: Aids creative expression. Cuts through illusion. Brings joy, clarity, enha nces verbal expression. Strengthens heart and physical body. AMBER: THE STONE OF CONNECTION Colour: Yellow/golden brown Uses: Assists conscious connection to the universe; helps decision making; clean ses one s environment; transmutes negative energy into positive; brings happiness by connecting us to our inner power. AMETHYST: THE STONE OF INSIGHT Colour: Purple Uses: Increases wisdom, insight and intuition; balances emotions; helpful during

meditation to maintain focus. brings peace. AVENTURINE: THE ENTHUSER Colour: Green Uses: Attracts and lifts enthusiasm. ope ns your heart to broader horizons and new adventures. BLOODSTONE: THE STONE OF COURAGEColour: Green with red flecks © Copyright Kathryn Gorman. assists in deep sleep. energy and happiness in one s life. 2 . All Rights Reserved. protective. love. 2008.

amplifies ALL(!) emotions. . CLEAR QUARTZ: THE TRANSMITTER Colour: Clear Uses: Enhances inspiration and creativity. assists one to acquire and maintain wealth.Crystal connections is an excerpt from Psychic Chick Tips: Elegant Energy Management on Planet Earth by Kathryn Gorman Assists one with change on all levels and with decision making. CITRINE: THE MONEY STONE Colour: Yellow Uses: Activates personal power and creative energy. Facilitates concentration. increases confidence and natural energy flow. Calming. Gives inner guidance and peace and develops intuition. Extends understanding and connection to the higher realms. reduces electro-magnetic stress. Aids intuition. FLUORITE: THE MIND STONE Colour: Various Uses: Balances and focuses the mind. stimulates intellectual and mental clarity. brings clarity of thought.

protective. HOWLITE (WHITE): THE GENTLE STONE Colour: White Calms communication. provides spiritual protection. facilitates awareness. .. 3 kind love . © Copyright Kathryn Gorman. encourages emotional expression. Attracts Assists in blood disorders such as anaemia and eases leg cramps.HEMATITE: THE BLOOD STONE Colour: Silver/metallic grey Uses: Calms and nourishes the body and helps to lower stress. grounding. reduces pain & stress. 2008. helps maintain energy level s. encourages patience and refinement. JASPER: THE SUPREME NURTURER Colour: Red to dark brown Uses: Balancer on all levels. All Rights Reserved.

Crystal connections is an excerpt from Psychic Chick Tips: Elegant Energy Management on Planet Earth by Kathryn Gorman LABRADORITE THE AURA STONE Colour: Multicoloured Uses: Helps keep aura clear. MOONSTONE: THE LUNAR STONE Colour: Opalescent Uses: Balancing. SODALITE: THE .. supports change. cleanses negativity. creates harmony in an environment and within relationships. ROSE QUARTZ: THE LOVE STONE Colour: Pink Uses: Radiates and enhances love. protected and free from energy leaks. heals past emotions. assists self reflection. protects during travel. creates calm in children. attracts strength and perseverance. as sists change. supports deep sleep (under pillow). opens the heart. growth and new beginn ings. balanced.

provides an increase in physical vitality. All Rights Reserved. helps one speak up even in challenging situations. © Copyright Kathryn Gorman. brings clarit y to chaos. TIGER EYE THE GROUNDING STONE Colour: Golden brown Helps one maintain wealth. enhances personal power. emotional stability and intellectual acuity. disciplines emotional energy and grounds excess energy. calms turmoil. WATERMELON TOURMALINE THE HEART ACTIVATOR Colour: Green rind/ pink core Uses: Activates and provides stimulation to the heart chakra. connecting one with their higher self. 2008. known to assist in lowering blood pressure. 4 . (BLACK) TOURMALINE THE PROTECTOR Colour: Black Uses: Can be used to repel and protect against negativity.PACIFIER Colour: Dark blue Uses: Calms the mind and can ease any unconscious fear or guilt. encourages humour and lightness of being.


com/kathryngorman or Kathryn Gorman s .YouPublish.Crystal connections is an excerpt from Psychic Chick Tips: Elegant Energy Management on Planet Earth by Kathryn Gorman Crystal connections is an excerpt from Psychic Chick Tips: Elegant Energy Management on Planet Earth by Kathryn Gorman To purchase this e-book Psychic Chick Tips: Elegant Energy Management on Planet Earth please visit: www.

website: www. . Image from i-stock photo Disclaimer: If you have a medical problem. forwarding. This article may not be reproduced in whole or in part by email. Written & edited by Kathryn Gorman. All Rights Reserved. fax or any other mode of communication without author permission. © Copyright Kathryn Gorman.soulactivation. copying. seek medical advice.

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