Omentide part 1 1.

A horde of spiders emerge from crevices in the ground, they seem to be making their way westward. 2. A small grey and angry rain cloud comes up from the south and rains heavily a top the party, continuing thus for the rest of the day. 3. A small grove of yew trees is seen to be full of hanged men, women and childr en. One man is in the process of hanging himself. 4. An unfriendly group of charcoal burners curse the PCs and spit upon the groun d. For 1d3 days thereafter the party is followed by mocking jackdaws. 5. A human heart is found at the base of a tree. Affixed to the tree with a dagg er is a parchment bearing these words Unto such ends do traitors go . 6. A donkey with a naked man tied facing backwards atop it gallops across the pa th. The man is laughing hysterically. 7. All the birds fall dead from the sky. 8. The constellations of the night sky seem to do battle for three nights runnin g. 9. A great fish is found dying in a field far from any watercourse. 10. A mob of young men dressed as fishwives, with faces painted black and sprigs of nettle in their bonnets run by whooping and squealing, following a terrified cow upon which the word Mirth is daubed in drying blood. 11. A smoky darkness ascends from the ground and the sound of laughter and drums comes with it. 12. A dule tree stands at a crossroad; a gibbet-cage hangs from it, within which a starving man with his eyes torn out sings an old ballad about a lusty nun. 13. A pair of horses trots along drawing a blazing wagon. 14. A council of thirty burghers are seen meeting at a moot hill; they are discu ssing whether a gaggle of geese that were seen to go widdershins round a thorn t ree are responsible for the ill-luck that has beset their village. 15. A scrawny old woman is gathering herbs with a sickle of bronze, murmuring a song in some queer tongue. She runs into the forest when she sees the party. 16. A Halfling wench is tied to a stake in the middle of a large clearing with a pile of faggots at her feet, she is cursing and swearing at the top of her voic e, no one else is to be seen. 17. An ancient oak tree bursts into flames and appears to writhe in pain as it b urns. A pair of storks alight nearby to watch it burn. 18. A distraught young woman stumbles along the path with a babe-in-arms. The ne wborn has a birthmark on her face. An angry mob follows. 19. The rhythmic sound of whipping precedes a procession of flagellants with rap turous expressions turned skyward. They demand recruits. 20. A broadsword-shaped star is seen in the sky for eight nights running. Panic ensues. 21. Ten grim monks are in the process of martyring a saint by sawing off the top of his head. The saint resists all attempts at rescue. 22. The countryside is desolate, half-eaten livestock are seen in trees, farmhou ses burned, people thrown into wells and streams befouled. 23. A group of rough-looking bog-trotters are preparing to set their dogs onto a n elf-boy, who is grinning idiotically. They ask the PCs if they want to join th e betting on which dog rips the mooncalf s throat out. 24. An elf-woman dressed in parti-coloured motley lies asleep in a muddy ditch. 25. A host of starving children singing an ancient hymn pass by on their way to a mythical holy city in the uttermost south. The stripling girl who leads them i s blind.

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