steps 1 roll min and max temp based on month (modify for elevation -10% high hills, -2 0% mountains

, and latitude -10% midulverland, -20% northulverland, -30% hyperbor ea) 2 roll cloud based on month (small modifier based on previous day's cloud and if temp is very cold or less) 3 roll precip based on month (modifier based on cloud, elevation and if temp is very cold or less) 3 roll wind based on month (modifier based on precip, elevation) 4 choose humidity 5 moon + event based on date jan min temp: freezing 1-4 ice cold 5-16 very cold 17-20 -2 high hills, -4 mountains, midulverland -2, northulverland -4, -hyperborea -6 max temp: ice cold 1-8 very cold 9-20 -2 high hills, -4 mountains, midulverland -2, northulverland -4, -hyperborea -6 cloud: overcast 1-10 mostly cloudy 11-14 partly cloudy 15-16 mostly clear 17-18 clear 19-20 -5 if previously overcast, +5 if very co ld precipitation: none 1-9 drizzle 10-11 light snow 12-15 heavy snow 16-18 blizzard 19-20 -5 if not overcast, -9 if partly cloudy, -11 mostly clear or clear, +2 high hills, +5 mountains reroll drizzle if ice co ld or freezing, check morning, noon, night. wind: still 1-8 light breeze 9-13 heavy breeze 1417 wind 18-20 +18 if blizzard, +4 high hills, +8 mount ains, check morning, noon, night. humid: dry

cloud clear mostly clear partly cloudy mostly cloudy overcast precip (rain more west and higher) - test morning, afternoon, night blizzard (jan) heavy snow (jan-feb) light snow (dec-feb) sleet (feb) settled snow (jan-feb) fog (inland in winter, coast in spring) mist none slush (feb) hard frost (jan-feb) frosty (nov-mar) drizzle rain (feb-dec) downpour (may-sep) storm (jun-aug) / hail

more chance higher up) min temp high temp freezing -6ice cold -5--1 very cold 0-5 cold 6-10 chilly 11-15 cool 16-20 warm 21-25 hot 26-30 scorching 31+ moon new waxing full waning sunrise sunset event date day .humid dry comfortable muggy wind still light breeze heavy breeze wind gale (rare.

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