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Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India
Lloyd Alter Design / Green Architecture February 29, 2012



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has a high-tech solution", and points to yet another example of how low-tech solutions can work very well, without burning a lot of energy or needing a lot of fancy technology. TreeHugger has shown quite a few projects in temperate climates that use old tricks, but Jaipur, India is HOT, like 45 degrees C or 113 F. Architect Manit Rastogi or Morphogenesis designed the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur using a number of old technologies to create "an environmentally responsive passive habitat."


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light. The double skin acts as a thermal buffer between the building and the surroundings. The density of the perforated outer skin has been derived using computational shadow analysis based on orientation.. The outer skin sits 4 feet away from the building and reduces the direct heat gain through fenestrations. by Margaret Badore in Green Architecture © Morphogenesis The exterior is clad in a perforated screen. by Margaret Badore in Green Architecture Spray Polyurethane foam manufacturer may face class-action lawsuit When spray foam installation goes wrong. and privacy.com/green-architecture/architect-uses-ancient-techniques-cool-modern-building-india. described by the architect: Spray foam insulation: Is it a fire hazard? From toxic sm oke to chem ical com bustion.. spray foam poses dangers when it com es . The jaali thus. Greener alternatives to spray foam insulation Som e green builders say the risk of installing spray poly urethane foam is too ... by Margaret Badore in Green Architecture www.air.9/11/13 Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India : TreeHugger YEARS AGO by Margaret Badore in Green Architecture Chemicals in spray polyurethane foam: How can something so toxic be considered green? Take a closer look at the chem ical com ponents of spray foam insulation and ..html 2/6 . yet allowing for diffused daylight.treehugger.. by Margaret Badore in Green Architecture The building is protected from the environment by a double skin which is derived from a traditional building element called the ‘Jaali’ which is prevalent in Rajasthani architecture. hom eowners face a com plex legal m ess. serves the function of 3 filters.

treehugger. © Morphogenesis The architect writes: The entire building is raised above the ground and a scooped out under belly forms a natural thermal sink which is cooled by water bodies through www. put a pavilion into it so that its comfortable through the year? It takes a lot of technology for us to think up something that simple now.com/green-architecture/architect-uses-ancient-techniques-cool-modern-building-india.html 3/6 . a pond dug into the ground or surrounded by walls above ground so that the air is cooled by evaporating water in an enclosed." Wikipedia/CC BY 2. have access to water. shaded zone.9/11/13 Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India : TreeHugger © Morphogenesis A traditional way of cooling in India was the Stepwell. Rastogi tells CNN: "How did they think up something so elaborate and yet so simple in its basic philosophy? "How do you begin to think that you can dig into the ground and use the earth as a heat sink.0 Not quite as impressive as the Chand Baori stepwell.

glass. But what Rastogi says about the Pearl Academy holds true anywhere in the world: We've been able to demonstrate that good green building is not only cheaper to run. it's not only more comfortable to live in -.9/11/13 Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India : TreeHugger evaporative cooling. More at Morphogenesis Tags: Big Steps In Building | Green Building | India 163 Like 133 Tw eet 27 StumbleUpon 3 Follow @lloydalter RSS for Lloyd You might like: www. people living in hot climates developed many different strategies for coping with heat. and concrete chosen keeping in mind the climatic needs of the region while retaining the progressive design intent. steel. These water bodies are fed by the recycled water from the sewage treatment plant and help in the creation of a microclimate through evaporative cooling. © Morphogenesis The materials used for construction are a mix of local stone.it's also cheaper to build. Energy efficiency is a prime concern and the institute is 100% self sufficient in terms of captive power and water supply and promotes rain water harvesting and waste water recycling.treehugger. Before air conditioning was invented. many of which have been forgotten or ignored.com/green-architecture/architect-uses-ancient-techniques-cool-modern-building-india.html 4/6 .

Reply Share › △ ▽ www. let's stay grounded in reality—there is NO WAY that as laudable as those techniques are.. Traditional housing designs.treehugger.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP).9/11/13 Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India : TreeHugger Passion House prefab: 400 square feet of Nordic design See the ev olution of bicy cles from 1 7 80 to today Rare footage captured of an isolated tribe in the Amazon rainforest [?] 8 comments Leave a message. Passive design is the way to go. And shade does more than expensive windows and insulation or anything else you do to seal yourself up indoors. 1 △ ▽ • Reply a year ago Share › y rag01 Does Architect Manit Rastogi resurrecting of India's ancient techniques help to reduce the uncomfortably for those within the building versus the outside environment? I'm sure they do... India E-mail: anumakonda. Every little bit helps.jagadeesh@gmail. that 45 degrees C or 113 F and 90 percent humidity (which you don't mention) is going to be fully ameliorated—especially if Western dress codes are in force.TRADITIONALISE THE MODERN. which I don't think they are. MODERNISE THE TRADITIONAL .html 5/6 . But come on Lloyd. Best Community A numak onda Jagadees h 2 years ago ★ Share 10 ⤤ ⚙ • Excellent.com/green-architecture/architect-uses-ancient-techniques-cool-modern-building-india. but I think you're trying to oversell these good ideas as total solutions.domed structures etc. Dr.A. There is the need to revive ancient wisdom in housing design.com 2 △ ▽ Reply • Share › Linda Fos s 2 years ago Y es. offer comfort and climate friendly.

. Reply Linda Fos s > Deborah Dietz • 2 years ago Me too..html 6/6 ..SXSW ComplexTV r C o m m e n t fe e d ✉ Su b s cri b e vi a e m a i l About Us Contact Us Email New sletters RSS Tw itter Facebook Privacy Policy Mother Nature Netw ork COPYRIGHT © 2013 MNN HOLDINGS. Many of our lame inappropriate boxes could be mid-centuried up with the deep over hangs and strategically slanted shed roof lines.COM AROUND THE WEB What's this? Does a booming horse population … 77 comments Build an Underground Greenhouse. Coated with white. free. This building serves as another example of energy efficiency. caves or underground structures provide winter heat and summer cooling. are needed in many countries today. My Grandmother had a house like that and it only had a rarely used window AC in the bedroom and I don't recall it being too miserable in the brutal hot and humid Beaumont Texas summer. or water recycling. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2 △ ▽ Reply Share › ALSO ON TREEHUGGER. … 89 comments Study reveals the obvious: The rich are … 29 comments Rare footage captured of an isolated tribe in … 20 comments Pastor Mocked For His "Biblical Money … Moneynews These 7 Things Activate Alzheimers In … Newsmax Health Michael Jordan Dunks at Age 50 Stack Sons and Daughters at Antone's .. LLC. Reply • Share › 2 years ago A RCHE FFE CT I love reading about passive cooling strategies.treehugger.9/11/13 Architect Uses Ancient Techniques To Cool Modern Building in India : TreeHugger Luc iano • 2 years ago △ ▽ △ ▽ Are those air conditioning units in the second photo? Reply • Share › pres 68y 2 years ago talk about forgotten technology. △ ▽ Thanks for the post. I think it is time we begin to implement the simple building techniques with integration of local materials worldwide. I would love to do that for a living. Reply Share › Deborah Diet z > ARCHEFFECT Share › • 2 years ago △ ▽ I am interested in designs to retrofit our amazingly dim construction white elephants. The ideas of harvesting rain water.com/green-architecture/architect-uses-ancient-techniques-cool-modern-building-india. light or reflective coatings of course. I think that we should look to many Midcentury modern designs for ways. www.

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