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1) 2) 3) 4) Endocrine Physiology by Constance Martin Short Course in BioChemistry by Albert Lehnigher Symptoms of Visceral Disease by Francis Marian Pottenger Dr. Ray Peat a) From PMS to Menopause b) Nutrition for Women c) Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine d) Oral Absorption of Progesterone i) Journal of the National Medical Association Vol 78, #3, 1886 e) Moles, DHEA, etc i) Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 1993, (119), 634 f) The Bean Syndrome i) Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 1993, (115/115), 246 g) The Generality of Adaptogens i) Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 1991, (100), 930 h) Using Sunlight to Sustain Life i) Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 1996, (155), 83 5) Saturated Fats May Save Your Life by Bruce Fife 6) Dr. John Lee ( a) Video: Managing Menopause b) Books: i) Dr Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple ii) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause iii) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PREMenopause iv) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer v) Hormone Balance For Men vi) Optimal Health Guidelines vii)Natural Progesterone – The multiple roles of a remarkable hormones viii)Get Smart About Your Brain

Simoncini 24)What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About IBS by Richard Ash MD 25) Silver Dental Fillings: The toxic time bomb by Sam Ziff 26) The Natural Prostate Cure by Roger Manson 27) Testosterone Is Your Friend by Roger Manson 28) The PCOS Diet Book by Colette Harris .org) a) Textbook of Functional Medicine b) Clinical Nutrition: A Functional Medicine Approach 2nd addition by 23) Cancer is Fungus by Dr. David R. Glenn Rothfeld 10)Thyroid: Guardian of Health by Dr. a) Books: i) Hypothyroidism: The unsuspected illness ii) Hope for Hypoglycemia iii) Solved: The riddle of heart attacks iv) Maximizing Manhood: Beating the male menopause v) Listening to Your Hormones vi) Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis vii)The Miracle of Natural Hormones 8) Chris Masterjohn: MD 17) The Metabolic Diet by Di Pasquale 18) Julia Ross a) The Diet Cure b) The Mood Cure 19) The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanses by Andreas Moritz 20) Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD 21) The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis by R.D. Means MD 15) Textbook of Endocrinology by Hans Selye 16) Mental and Elemental Nutrients by Carl C. Seaman 14) Thyroid and Its Diseases by J. Philip Young 11)Enzymes: The Key to Health by Howard F. Keith McCormick DC 22) Functional Medicine (http://www.H. inflammation and tissue healing. Loomis 12)The Second Brain. T. Pfeiffer.html 9) Thyroid Balance by Dr. Ph. 13) Clinical Nutrition for pain.functionalmedicine.D.cholesterol-and-health. Michael D.7) Broda Barnes: http://www. Gershon.brodabarnes.

Olsen and N.R.E.29) Dr Cass Ingram a) The cure is in the cupboard b) Nutrition tests for better health c) Eat right 4 your metabolic type d) Natural cures for headaches e) Natural cures for high blood pressure f) The respiratory solution g) The longevity solution 30) Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky 31) LIGHT: The medicine of the future by Jacob Liberman 32) Dr. Brian Freeman d) The Ontogenic Basis of Human Anatomy by Blechschmidt 37)Man in Structure and Function by Fritz Kahn 38) Osteopathy in the Cranial Field by Harold Magoun 39) Gelatin in Nutrition by N. ND a) The Cure for All Diseases b) The Cure for All Advanced Cancers c) The Cure for All Cancers d) The Cure for HIV and AIDS e) The Prevention of All Cancers 43) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension by Mark Houston MD . Langerbartel b) Illustrated Human Embryology Volumes 1-3 c) Human Embryology from a biodynamic perspective by Dr. Gotthoffer 41) Ruth Winter MD a) A Consumers Dictionary of Food Additives b) A Consumers Dictionary f Cosmetic Ingredients 42) Hulda Regehr Clark Ph. Svent Gyorgyi a) Free Radical: Battle over vitamin C b) Studies on Muscle 35)The Thyroid by Thomas Hodge McGavak 36)Embryology a) The Anatomical Primer by David A. Gotthoffer 40) Ice Cream Production Guide by N.D. Tom Brewer a) Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy b) What Every Pregnant Women Should Know 33)Maternal Nutrition and Child Health by Shanklin and Hodin 34) A.R.

Breiner DDS 49) The Meat You Eat by Ken Midkiff 50)Peter Breggin MD a) The Ritalin Fact Book b) Toxic Psychiatry 51) Prozac or Pandora? By Ann Blake Tracey 52)The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein MD 53)The Whole Soy Story by Kaayla T. M. Howard Peiper 75)Parasites: The enemy within by Hanna Kroeger . CCN 54) Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski CCN 55) Excitotoxins: The taste that kills by Russell L. Loose Fat by Mary Enig MD 57) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism by Ken Blanchard MD. Moss 47) The Estrogen Alternative by Raquel Martin 48) Whole-Body Dentistry by Mark A.44) Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty by Holzapfel 45) The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson 46)Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph W. Hotze MD 72)Vaccines: Are they really affective? By Neil Z Miller 73) Seasalt’s Hidden Power by Jacques de Langre PhD 74) The ADD and ADHD Diet by Rachel Bell and Dr.Ac. FACSM 69)The Fungal Link by Doug Kaufmann 70)The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmidt ND 71) Hormones Health and Happiness by Steven F. Rothfeld MD. 61)Amino Acids in Therapy by Leon Chaitow DO. DC 67)The Chronic Stress Crisis by William Timmins ND 68)The Cortisol Connection by Shawn Talbot PhD. Blaylock MD 56)Eat Fat. Daniel PhD. ND 62)Genetic Nutritioneering by Jeffrey S. PhD 58)Natural Hormone Balance by Uzzi Reiss MD 59)Food Allergies and Food Intolerance by Jonathan Brostoff MD 60) Thyroid Balance by Glenn S. Bland PhD 63) Healing Arthritis the Natural Way by Luke Bucci 64) Beating Alzheimer’s by Tom Warren 65)Depression Free Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson PhD 66) Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally by Raquel Martin and Karen Romano RN.

76) Resolving Chronic Stress Related Disorders presentation by Kurt Woeller DO and William Timmins ND 77)Under the Veil of Deception by Paul Chek 78)Adrenal and Metabolic Interpretive Guide by Biohealth Diagnostics 79)Foundational Health Program (2004) by Biohealth Diagnostics 80)Chronic Emotional Stress of Daily Life by Asavir Arat MD 81) The Tao of Balanced Diet by Stephan Chang MD 82)Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pichford 83) Andrew Cutler PhD a) Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment b) Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities 84)CHEK Institute Courses a) Holistic Lifestyle Coach Levels 1-3 b) You Are What You Eat 85)Clinical Physiology Made Ridiculously Simple by Stephen Goldberg MD 86)The Abdominal Brain and Automatic Visceral Ganglia by Byron Robinson 87)Rational Hydrotherapy by John Harvey Kellog MD 88)Adrenal Fatigue The 21st century stress syndrome by James Wilson 89) Videos a) Public Forum on Antidepressant Drugs b) Public Exposure c) Prescription For Disaster by Gary Null d) A Documentary: Making a Killing: The untold story of Psychotropic Drugs e) Clean and Sober Brain by Julia Ross f) 21st Century Endocrinology: Thyroid and Adrenal as Sentinal Organs by The Institute for Functional Medicine g) Neuroprotection: A functional medicine approach for common and uncommon neurological disorders by The Institute for Functional Medicine h) Nutrition: The Dirt Facts by Paul Chek i) Sweet Misery j) The Other Side of the Fence by William Albrecht PhD k) Hoxsey: How healing becomes a crime l) Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century by David Getoff ND. CN .

longevity.raypeat. etc 1998 n) Edema. aging and death? April 2000 w) Gelatin. calcium. estrogen and medical cancer cult Jan 2005 i) Cascara. estrogen and aging: A universal problem and better therapies Jan 2000 o) Epilepsy and Progesterone July 1997 p) Estrogen and Osteoporosis August 2000 q) Estrogen. scrapie. inflammation and aging Sept 2002 cc) Mary Shomon Interview March 2001 dd)Meat physiology. stiffness. Dolly and Dandruff 1998 y) Homeostasis and Aging Dec 1999 z) Inflammation. etc: Stimulated amyloid degeneration and toxic fats July 2004 g) Calcium and Disease November 2004 h) Carbon-monoxide. adults. heavy metals and nerve degeneration Feb 2001 t) Fat and Degeneration march 2004 u) Fibrosis: Estrogen. a) AutoImmunity May 2006 b) Autonomic Systems May 2003 c) Bleeding Clotting and Cancer May 2004 d) Bone Density: First do no harm June 2001 e) Breast Cancer March 2002 f) BSE (“mad cow”). stress and degenerative processes July 2006 ee) Milk in Context July 2010 ff) Mitochondria and Mortality July 2000 . cancer and the FDA’s laxative abuse Jan 2010 j) Cholesterol. stress and longevity Jan 2004 x) Hayflichers. criminal responsibility and medicine May 2001 l) Contexts for asthma March 2005 m) Eclampsia in the real organism: A paradigm of general distress applicable to infants. shock. and cancer: Conflicts of interest in regulation and product promotion March 2007 s) Estrogen. endotoxin. aging – a problem more general than “collagen disease” January 2001 v) Growth Hormone: Hormone of stress.90)Newsletters by Ray Peat PhD (http://www. intelligence and health Sept 2005 k) Cocaine babies. excitotoxicity. estrogen and other problems march 2006 aa) Leakiness aging and cancer May 2005 bb)Lungs. memory and heredity: Imprinting and the stress response October 1999 r) Estrogen. energy.

#4 ii) Thyroid qq)The GABBA system. and season serotonin soaks Nov 2001 ii) Preventing and treating cancer with progesterone may 2007 jj) Progesterone and ideas of “balance” in “hormone replacement therapy” March 2000 kk)Progesterone. thyroid. cancer Nov 2002 ll) Prostate Cancer May 1998 mm)Recharging the system 1998 nn) depression and aggression Nov 2000 pp)Blake College Newsletter i) Steroids Vol. inflammation and aging March 2008 oo)Serotonin. coherent adaptation and some terminal disease July 2009 hh)Postpartum. Ray Peat Aspirin and Healing http://eastwesthealing. .com/another-perk-of-painkillers-decreased-hormone-levels-mayreduce-cancer-risk/ http://raypeat. defenses and tissue renewal May 2008 rr) Thyroiditis: Some confusions and causes of “autoimmune diseases” Nov 20005 ss) Tissue bound estrogen and aging April 2001 tt) Tissue firmness and elasticity. and Rothen’s resonance 1998 uu)The Hormone Handbook by Theirry Hertoghe MD vv) Mark Starr MD i) The Optimal Treatment for Hypothyroidism ii) Hypothyroidism Type 2: The epidemic Interviews with Dr. 1. http://www.php 5) 2) Carbon Dioxide: http://members.nih.php?article_id=3078 6) http://science.html http://raypeat.nlm.shtml 4) .nih.nlm.full http://textbookofbacteriology.diabetesjournals.jimmunol.78&DT=1 http://www.shtml http://www.htm http://www.full http://www.scientificamerican.htm 3) http://www.howstuffworks.shtml Web Sources 1) http://www.Endotoxin: http://raypeat. 16)Gilbert Ling a) http://www.  Function.buteykohelponline.fmtown.  Normal  Structure.&f=false 13)Gelatin a) +Gastrointestinal 9) 12) Thyroid Deficiency by Gotthoffer 14)Thyroid Awareness a) b)  and  Histology  of  Mucosa-­‐ Associated  Lymphoid  Tissue a) 17)Jamie Cunliffe a) 11) Hertoghe MD a) b) http://augmentinforce.full   19) Dr Dicken Weatherby a) 18) Toxicologic  Pathology.htm 15)Water Filters a) http://shop.7) http://www.&pg=PA489&hl=en&fb_source=message#v=onepage&q=hypothyroid 10) http://www.greatlakesgelatin.johnberardi.htm e) Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine by N.html 8) c) c) d) http://www.

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