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RULES A rally is the sequence of playing actions
from the moment of the service hit by the
TEAM server until the ball is out of play.

A team will consist of six players with one as • If the serving team wins a rally, it
assigned team captain. scores a point and continues to serve;

THE TOSS • If the receiving team wins a rally, it
scores a point and it must serve next.
• Before the match, the first referee
carries out a toss to decide upon the
first service and the sides of the court
in the first set. POSITIONS

• If a deciding set is to be played, a new • At the moment the ball is hit by the
toss will be carried out. server, each team must be positioned
within its own court in the rotational
• The toss is taken in the presence of order (except the server).
the two team captains.
• After the service hit, the players may
The winner of the toss chooses either: move around and occupy any position
on their court, and the free zone.
• the right to serve or to receive the

• OR the side of the court. Each team must play within its own playing
area and space. The ball may, however, be
The loser takes the remaining choice. retrieved from beyond the free zone.

TO WIN A SET • If obstructions or other safety
concerns prohibit retrieval from
A set is won by the team which first scores beyond the free zone, the player
25 points with a minimum lead of two points. retrieving a ball over a non-playing
In the case of a 24-24 tie, play is continued area must be in contact with the
until a two-point lead is achieved (26-24; 27- playing surface when contact with the
25; …). ball is made.
TO SCORE A POINT Non-playing areas are defined as the: (1)
walls, bleachers or other spectator seating
Point - A team scores a point
areas; (2) team benches and any area
• by successfully grounding the ball on behind the team benches; (3) area between
the scorer’s table and the team benches; (4)
the opponent’s court;
any other area outlined in the pre-match
• when the opponent team commits a conference by the first referee.
• The ball must be hit, not caught and/or
Fault - A team commits a fault by making a thrown. It can rebound in any
playing action contrary to the rules (or by direction.
violating them in some other way). The
referees judge the faults and determine the • The ball may touch various parts of
consequences according to the Rules. the body, provided that the contacts
take place simultaneously.
• Consequences of winning a rally
• At blocking, consecutive contacts may A player may not hit the ball two times
be made by one or more blocker(s), consecutively (except Simultaneous Contact
provided that the contacts occur Rules 2nd bullet)
during one action.
• At the first hit of the team, the ball
Within the playing area, a player is not
may contact various parts of the body
permitted to take support from a teammate
consecutively, provided that the
or any structure/object in order to reach the
contacts occur during one action.
ball. However, a player who is about to
commit a fault (touch the net or cross the
center line, etc.) may be stopped or held
back by a teammate.


Two or three players may touch the ball at
the same moment.

• When two or more teammates touch
the ball simultaneously, it is counted
as one hit. If teammates collide, no
fault is committed. Any player may
• FOUR HITS: a team hits the ball four play the ball next if the simultaneous
times before returning it. hit is not the third team hit.

• ASSISTED HIT: a player takes support
from a teammate or any
structure/object in order to reach the
ball within the playing area.

• CATCH: the ball is caught and/or
thrown; it does not rebound from the
hit • When two opponents touch the ball
simultaneously over the net and the
• DOUBLE CONTACT: a player hits the ball remains in play, the team
ball twice in succession or the ball receiving the ball is entitled to
contacts various parts of his/her body another three hits. If such a ball goes
in succession. “out,” it is the fault of the team on the
opposite side.
• If simultaneous hits by two opponents
The ball may touch any part of the body. above the net lead to extended
contact with the ball, play continues.
A hit is any contact with the ball by a player
in play. The first referee authorizes the service, after
having checked that the two teams are ready
• The team is entitled to a maximum of
to play and that the server is in possession of
three hits (in addition to blocking), for the ball.
returning the ball. If more are used,
the team commits the fault of: “FOUR EXECUTION OF THE SERVICE

• The ball shall be hit with one hand or • does not execute the service
any part of the arm after being tossed properly.
or released from the hand(s).
After the ball has been correctly hit, the
• Only one toss or release of the ball is service becomes a fault (unless a player is
allowed. Dribbling or moving the ball out of position) if the ball:
in the hands is permitted.
• touches a player of the serving
• At the moment of the service hit or team or fails to cross the vertical
take-off for a jump service, the server plane of the net completely
must not touch the court (the end line through the crossing space,
included) or the ground outside the
service zone. • goes “out,”

• After the hit, he/she may step or land BLOCK AND TEAM HITS
outside the service zone, or inside the
• A block contact is not counted as a
team hit. Consequently, after a block
• The entire service action must take contact, a team is entitled to three
place within the playing area. hits to return the ball.

• The server must hit the ball within 8 • The first hit after the block may be
seconds after the first referee whistles executed by any player, including the
for service. one who touched the ball during the
• After a service tossing error, the
referee must authorize the service
again (re-serve) and the server must • The blocker touches the ball in the
execute it within the next 5 seconds.
opponents’ space either before or
• One service tossing error is permitted simultaneously with the opponents’
attack hit.
for each service.
• Blocking the opponents’ service.
• A service executed before the
referee’s whistle is cancelled and • The ball is sent “out” off the block.


The following faults lead to a change of
service, even if the opponent is out of
position. The server:

• violates the service order,
There will be 3 teams that will play against each other.
Each team captain will draw a letter provided by the
referee thus becoming that team.

The sequence of matches will be:

Match Team Vs Team
1 A Vs C
2 B Vs C
3 B Vs A
4 C Vs A
5 C Vs B
6 A Vs B

The two teams who are in the bottom standing will play
a best-of-three, 15-point set match. The losing team will
be declared as third place.

The winning team will play against the highest ranked
team in a best-of-five, 15-point set match.

PROGRAM will start at 9:00 am

1. Team assignment

2. Prayer and warm up of first two teams

3. 6 matches

4. Break – Devotion (John Weidenbenner)

5. Semi – Finals

6. Finals


Each team is to bring own their drinks and food. Sharing
with other teams is allowed. 


Brace Canyon Park

2801 Haven Way, Burbank, CA 91504