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Your activity guide

to the Gold Country
2009 Edition

57 things
you’ve gotta do
Supplement to the Auburn Journal
in the foothills and Colfax Record
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2009 • LET’S GO 3
Welcome to How many have you done? Check ‘em off
†1. Take on the rapids
†2. Shop the farmers’ market
†30. Party in the Park
†31. Blaze a trail

Go Country †3. Search for antiques
†4. Have a Fast Friday
†5. Chow down on barbecue
†6. Hit the bars
†32. Scream for ice cream
†33. Take a dip
†34. Grow a garden
†35. Earn a black belt

N o, we’re not trying to Endurance Run cross the fin- †7. Wheel around town †36. Uncork the foothills
rewrite our gold rush ish line? †8. Go boating †37. Pack a picnic
history. We just want to If you’re looking for
remind you that there are extreme exercise, we’ve got
†9. Get in touch with nature †38. Take in Tevis
unlimited opportunities to hills to hike, rivers to run †10. Become an art lover †39. Be in stitches
get out, explore and enjoy and trails to traverse on bike. †11. Go disc golfing †40. Go see a play
the foothills – today, this If your speed is a little slow- †12. Go for a drive †41. Climb a rock
summer er, we’ve got galleries to visit,
and all year museums to tour and spas to †13. Get rolling at Cruise Nite †42. Flock to the forks
‘round. relax in. †14. Help your community †43. Stroll in the park
We’ve And more than enough †15. Get pierced/inked †44. Reel one in
put togeth- food and drink to cap a glo-
er 57 rock- rious day of going and doing.
†16. Take an RV adventure †45. Do Downieville
solid things Let’s Go is the perfect †17. Pitch a tent †46. Bling yourself out
to go and companion for your back- †18. Take a swing †47. Relax your body
do. Whether pack, your glove compart-
Tony †19. Hit the jackpot †48. Grab a paddle
Hazarian you’re a ment or your family room
Publisher first-time visi- table. It’s like a pocket travel †20. Do some retail therapy †49. Smell the flowers
tor, longtime guide – with no cords or key- †21. Watch the Western States †50. Be a java junkie
resident or native foothillian, boards attached. †22. Find faith †51. Kick some butt
we’re sure we’ve uncovered at Share this section with your
least one activity you’ve never kids, friends and neighbors. †23. Hike the snow †52. Go skiing
done – but wanted to. Keep it close by, and check off †24. Consume world cuisine †53. Cheer for local sports
Ever played a round of the activities as you do them. †25. Let Fido run free †54. Saddle up
disc golf? Ever taken a tran- And if we missed something,
quil stroll through the let me know at tonyh@gold
†26. Native American past †55. Bowl a strike
School Park Preserve in We’re †27. Get to know Beethoven †56. Ride Olmstead
Auburn? Ever watched the always looking for more. †28. Savor sushi †57. Get in shape
winner of the grueling So get out and go, and see †29. Take on the monkey bars — Do them all!
Western States 100-Mile what the buzz is about.

EDITOR/GENERAL MANAGER Find out more information about Let’s Go at
Deric Rothe
(530) 852-0205

Beth O’Brien
(530) 852-0225
1030 High Street
Auburn, CA 95603
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Hours: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Newspaper
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(530) 852-0200 On the cover: Photos taken by Gold Country Media’s Ben Furtado

4 LET’S GO • 2009

from all of our employees:
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• Alignments
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AUBURN 984 Lincoln Way, 530-823-0448
2009 • LET’S GO 5
For those who prefer to keep local dollars
local, farmers’ markets provide an opportunity
to purchase produce and other food items
straight from farmers whose agricultural prod-
ucts come from right here in the Sierra
While they don’t offer daily one-stop shop-
ping the way most supermarket chains do,
farmers’ markets do offer a unique, communi-
ty-oriented atmos-
phere, and they’re fre-
quently held out-
Farmer’s Markets
are generally open one day a week, for three to
Guy Cables of Sierra five hours, in various locations around Placer
Outdoor Center leads a County, including Auburn, Foresthill and Col-
group through the south fax. Some are open year-round, while others
fork of the American River. COURTESY • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA are only open for a few months out of the year.
Check out the Foothill Farmers’ Market Associ-

1. Take on the rapids ation’s Web site, for
days and times.

~ Ray Hacke
The foothills are home to nitely want to go with one of
world-class whitewater rafting these licensed and properly
and kayaking on the south fork trained companies, Rucker- 3. SEARCH FOR ANTIQUES
of the American River. Triplett said. Find those hidden treasures right here in the
“One of the main reasons this “You want to be cautious of foothills.
section of river is popular is the friend of a friend of a friend. I Anything from antique jewels to furniture
because it’s very family friendly,” recommend going with an outfit- can be found in the multiple antique and col-
said Noah Rucker-Triplett, El ter that is licensed with the coun- lectable stores in Old Town Auburn. Open year-
Dorado County river recreation ty, state parks and the Bureau of round, these stores attract locals and tourists
supervisor. “Another reason is we Land Management and trained in alike.
didn’t dam it. This section is swiftwater rescue. And if you do Local antique store owner Suzy Tessier says
undamed, which benefits the go out on your own — take a antique shoppers are a mix of those who are
boating industry and people up class.” searching for collectables and those who are
here.” Oh, and when you do go on just looking for that special item.
Hydropower plants upstream your river adventure, look out for If store shopping isn’t your thing, wait for the
release water every day, produc- the rapid paparazzi — photogra- ultimate antique extravaganza, and attend one
ing power and the necessary flow phers will snap you as you tra- of the local antique fairs held twice a year in
to navigate the river. verse the treacherous waters. Old Town Auburn. Once in May and again in
The south fork is home to such Make sure to head back to Lotus October, join the fun and find the treasures
gnarly-sounding rapids as Satan’s after your trip to view and pur- you’ve been looking for.
Cesspool, Hospital Bar and Bounc- chase these priceless pics.
ing Rock. These Class III-plus ~Stephanie Breitbart
rapids are sure to give you a ride
filled with thrills, chills and spills. ~ Michelle Miller-Carl Ready to hunt for treasure?
Several rental shops and rafting • There are many antiques shops in Historic
companies have sprung up Ready to get wet? Old Town, (530) 823-3836, oldtownauburnca.
between Auburn and Placerville, • Sierra Outdoor Center, 440
where the south fork run begins. Lincoln Way, Auburn, (530) 885-
When booking a trip, you defi- 1844,

6 LET’S GO • 2009
2009 • LET’S GO 7
4. Have a Fast Friday
Does the idea of watching people travel at break-neck speeds
without brakes appeal to you? Then you’ll want to head to the
Gold Country Fairgrounds Friday nights.
The starting gate has come down on the 2009 Fast Fridays
motorcycle-racing season where spectators can watch racers
from around the area, and around the world, whip around a
dirt oval track at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.
“It’s economical and family entertainment that’s just about as
exciting as you can get for the dollar,” said Fast Fridays promoter
Dave Joiner. “(The bikes) have very little suspension, no comput-
ers, no fuel injection — just man and machine. The no-brake
part is pretty exciting … they have no fear of speed.”
Families are welcome and tickets range from $8 to $15 with
the gates opening at 6:30 p.m. and the racing beginning at 8
Oh, one more thing — Joiner will give you your money back if
you don’t have fun. “If they don’t think it was worth it, see me
Charlie Venegas rounds the corner after the races and I’ll give them their money back.”
ahead of Bart Bast at Fast Fridays. For more information, call (530) 878-7223 or visit fastfridays.

5. CHOW DOWN ON Need to satisfy a • Auburn Bike Works, 350
craving? Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn,
BARBECUE • OakFire Grill & Saloon, (530) 885-3861, auburnbike
Warm, langorous evenings 2515 Grass Valley Hwy, 7. WHEEL AROUND
in the summer and plenty of Auburn, (530) 823-7600, oak TOWN • Victory Velo, 835 Lincoln
time for leisurely outdoor get- Where there’s a bike lane, Way, Auburn, (530) 885-3956,
togethers in the spring and there’s an opportunity for a
fall make barbecue cooking 6. HIT THE BARS great ride. Cruising the ’burbs
in all its glory a natural for the Like the nightlife? Love to is easy in Roseville, where the 8. GO BOATING
foothills. boogie? Parks & Recreation depart- Laced with lazy waterways,
Linda Mason, a Colfax bar- Whether it’s for the stiff ment has a Bikes & Trailways expansive lakes and thrilling
becue eatery owner, said that drinks, the friendly atmos- Map that guides you through whitewater, this region is
one of the pleasures of phere, live music or all of the Roseville’s open space and boaters’ paradise.
foothills barbecues is the abil- above, the foothills have got wetlands. Rollins Lake in Colfax wel-
ity to go out and buy locally you covered on nightlife Do the Miner’s & False comes groups large or small
grown ingredients – be it options. Ravines Trails by starting at for house boating, water ski-
lamb or pork raised in the Hit up one of your fa vorite Sculpture Park (at that red art ing, fishing and, of course,
foothills or a cornucopia of Auburn spots on a Friday piece off N. Sunrise behind swimming.
produce from area farms. night and have some fun. Home Depot). Find a map at “It’s a bargain,” said lake
And if you’re not in the employee Joan Carty. “The
mood to cook, there are plen- Wanna go out tonight? parks/get_active. boating ramp is always open
ty of restaurants ready to do • OakFire Grill & Saloon, ~ Michelle Miller-Carl and it’s gorgeous. To me the
2515 Grass Valley Hwy,
the “que” for you. Many are Auburn, (530) 823-7600, oak charm of the lake is a lot of
also into the locally grown Want some pedal people having fun.”
movement. • Club Car, 836 Lincoln Way, power? That could include staying
Auburn, (530) 887-9732, club • Bicycle Emporium, 483
~ Gus Thomson Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, days at a time, fishing for Ger- man browns, and trying your
• Monkey Cat, 805 Lincoln (530) 823-2900, bicycle
Way, Auburn, (530) 888-8492, • SEE PAGE 10

8 LET’S GO • 2009
2009 • LET’S GO 9
9. Get in Tori Wreckter
experiments with a penny
to see how many are

touch with
needed before the water
spills over at the Placer
Nature Center.

The foothill region is an area rich in
nature and resources, and the Placer
Nature Center wants to let you know
how important it is to you.
Located at 3700 Christian Valley
Road in Auburn, this non-profit
organization has been "connecting
people and nature" for 17 years.
Schoolchildren and families have
made their way to the center to learn
about the natural world. FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA
"We do everything from stars to
worms, from the soil up to the uni- the center's half-acre garden. Placer For information on classes and
verse — cause it's all connected," said Nature Center also offers exhibits for exhibits visit or
Linda Desai, education director for the people to visit that cover topics such call (530) 878-6053.
Placer Nature Center. "What we hope as natural history and watershed, and
people will gain is to understand that it even has stargazing classes avail- ~ Andrew DiLuccia
all living things, even our non-living able.
things, like water and soil, are all con- "In the summertime the tools of Feeling down to earth?
nected." discovery we have are more accessi- • Avantgarden, 1085 High St,
This summer families and children ble," Desai said. "They're just fun to Auburn, (530) 888-1510, avantgarden
can be introduced to native wild ani- use and they're available more
mals, attend summer camp and because the school groups aren't
explore the wildlife and vegetation in here."

continued from page 8 10. BECOME AN ART concentration of presenting from all over Placer County,
LOVER organizations,” said Angela has comprehensive listings of
hand at steering a rented Love art, but can’t afford Tahti, executive director of organizations and events at
craft. plane tickets to New York, PlacerArts. “Many, many its Web site,
~ Anne Papineau Paris or Florence? artists live here.” “There’s something going
You can check out local If you’re not content to on all year-round,” Tahti said.
Ready to hit the water? artists’ works at local galleries merely admire others’ art-
• Rollins Lake, Colfax: (530)
346-6166. such as The Arts Building on work, but have the desire to ~ Ray Hacke
• Lake Clementine, water Lincoln Way and the Old create masterpieces of your
skiing, canoeing and kayak- Town Gallery on Washington own, local galleries provide Want to own a
ing, Auburn State Recreation masterpiece?
Street. The best part is it won’t interactive activities or class- • N2 Pottery, 195 Elm Ave,
Area: (530) 885-4527. cost you more than the gas it es that will let you scratch
• Folsom Lake State Recre- Auburn, (530) 888-3800,
ation Area, 18,000 acre recre- takes to get there — admis- your creative itch.
ation area, accessed via High- sion is free. PlacerArts, which promotes • Arts Council of Placer
way 50 or Interstate 80: (916) “We’re fortunate that the the work of visual and per- County, 808 Lincoln Way,
988-0205. Auburn, (530) 885-5670,
Auburn area has such a rich forming arts organizations
10 LET’S GO • 2009
2009 • LET’S GO 11
11. Go disc Zach Greene, of Auburn, tees off on
the disc golf course at Regional

If you are looking for free, easy,
outdoor entertainment then disc golf
is your sport. Regional Park located
off Richardson Drive in Auburn is host
to an 18-hole disc golf course with
mostly flat terrain and heavy woody
areas. Players will also notice a creek
running through the course, particu-
larly around the second hole. Rated
one of the best disc golf courses in the
foothills by,
Regional Park will keep you chal-
lenged every time you play.
Directions to Regional Park from I-
80: take Highway 49 north, go left on
Dry Creek Road, then left on Richard- FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

son Drive and park near the tennis
Wanna play?
courts where the first hole is located.
• Auburn Recreation District, 123 • Sierra Outdoor Center, 440 Lincoln
For a complete list of local disc golf
Recreation Dr., Auburn, (530) 885- Way, Auburn, (530) 885-1844,
courses visit
~ Ben Furtado

12. GO FOR A DRIVE State Historic Park for a shot find shopping, dining and 13. GET ROLLING AT
If the road is calling you, of history, then hook up with seasonal activities such as CRUISE NITE
breath-taking turns and vis- Highway 50 in Placerville. skiing, swimming and rock For one Friday night each
tas await in the foothills. Continue east on 50 under climbing at the site of the month during the summer,
Why not put the top down a canopy of shade provided 1960 Olympic Games. Con- Downtown Auburn turns
and make your way from by the El Dorado National tinue north toward Interstate back the clock for Cruise Nite.
where gold was discovered to Forest’s towering trees to 80 west and your tour is com- The event features hundreds
the deep blue gem that is South Lake Tahoe. plete! of polished, vintage cars
Lake Tahoe? After lunch in South Lake along Lincoln Way.
Start your daytrip by fuel- Tahoe (and maybe a donation ~ Michelle Miller-Carl The family-friendly event
ing up in Auburn to the local casi- will celebrate its 25th
(don’t forget no), mosey up the Ready to hit the road? anniversary this summer.
breakfast!) and winding west side • Autovantage, 12295 Lock- “It’s just a nice night out,”
sley Lane, Auburn, (530) 823-
head south on of the lake on 3456, autovantageservice. Cruise Nite co-chairman Jack
Highway 49. This Highway 89. com. Kenny said. “We don’t charge
route will take you past Colo- Catch a glimpse of Emerald • Auburn Body Shop, 196 the cars or the spectators. I
ma, site of the gold discovery Bay, home to Tahoe’s only Nevada St., Auburn, (530) know people like to walk
in 1848 that sparked the Cali- island. Stop off in Tahoe City 885-5582. down the street, look at the
• Big O Tires, 984 Lincoln
fornia Gold Rush. Stop off at then continue north on 89 to Way, Auburn, (530) 823-0448,
the Marshall Gold Discovery Squaw Valley, where you’ll • SEE PAGE 14

12 LET’S GO • 2009
L It’s A Family Affair!
A Tractor or RTV for Work or Play.

Serving the Foothills for over 29 years.

530.272.7251 GOLD COUNTRY TRACTOR 530.823.1200
418 E. Main St 10230 Ophir Rd
Grass Valley Newcastle

or Glass of Keg Beer
With purchase of a specialty roll of $12.50 or more. Expires 9-1-09,
one offer per customer, not valid with other discount coupons

15% OFF Your Order
Not to be combined withany other discount offers.
With this coupon only. Expires 12-31-09

Great S ty Platters • Catering with a Personal Che
ushi, G
rilled Entré • Ta k e -Out • Par f
e s & Te r i y a k i B o x e s • D i n e - I n

Hapa Sushi & Grill
2985 Bell Road • Auburn (in Best Buy Center) M-F 11:30-9 • Sat 11:30-8:30 • Sun 4:30-8:30
2009 • LET’S GO 13
continued from 12

cars and say, ‘I used to have one of those.’ It’s just
a nice time out.”
There are live music, food vendors and bever-
ages available.
The event is free to all and begins at 5 p.m. on
the second Friday of each month from June
through September. The remaning Auburn Cruise
Nites for 2009 will be June 12, July 10, Aug. 7, Sept.
11. For more info visit
~ Todd Mordhorst

The Auburn area is known as the go-to destina-
tion for people looking for body piercings and tat-
tooing with an artist’s touch.
Trevor Maples, a tattoist in Newcastle, said the
foothills scene includes locals and attracts people
wanting to get inked who make the drive from
places as far afield as Napa, San Francisco and
Santa Cruz.
“It’s actually well-diversified,” Maples said.
“People like a lot of different stuff. I haven’t
noticed more of one style.”
~ Gus Thomson

16. TAKE AN RV ADVENTURE Father and son team, Mike, left, and Malcolm Weiss volunteer at
Take a weekend getaway on a set of wheels and the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet, packing boxes with food for
save money on a plane ticket and hotel room at people in need.
the same time. That’s right, get your vacation
rolling in your very own RV rental. Totally self-
contained with food, beds and water, RVs are a
great way to take a family trip.
RV’s can be rented for as little as $140 a night, or
$100 a night for RV trailers. RV enthusiasts say it is
a great way to spend time with the family, and can
14. Help your
fit many more people than your average tent.
From Rollins Lake to the American River, there
are many campgrounds in the scenic foothills to
choose from — it’s a vacation you won’t want to
Looking for a way to use your “It’s extremely rewarding,”
~ Stephanie Breitbart time to better others and the said Anne Gamble, a therapist
17. PITCH A TENT community? The multitude of for Peace for Families, a Placer
foothills service clubs and non- County nonprofit group. “It’s a
If you are looking for the ultimate camping spot profit groups can help you help very positive way to spend your
look no further than the American River Resort in them. Whether it’s stocking free time and it just plain feels
Coloma. Located 17 miles south from Auburn at shelves at the local food closet, good to do it.”
6019 New River Road in Coloma, American River volunteering to cook at an area Just call up your favorite local
Resort puts you right on the south fork of the event or donating time to a group and ask how you can
American River. With 85 spaces available you can community project, there are help.
ways for you to make the
• SEE PAGE 16 foothills a better place. ~ Jenifer Gee

14 LET’S GO • 2009
Why go out of town for a concert,
when the Auburn Symphony is right here!
S ymphony’s
2009-2010 Season Brochure
due out early summer

2009-2010 will be a season of Wonderful Masterpieces, including:
Mussorgsky’s Pictures of an Exhibition Maestro Michael Goodwin
Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture
Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture and Scottish Symphony
Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique Symphony and Violin Concerto
Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto
and at Mondavi: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade A U B U R N

808 Lincoln Way (in the Arts Bldg.)
P.O. Box 74 • Auburn, CA 95604 530-823-6683

Summer Fun at ARD
Look for these ARD sponsored
activities throughout Let’s Go
• Swim Lessons
• Pack-a-Picnic
• Stroll in the Park
• Stretch Out
• Go Disc Golfing
• Let Fido Run
• Take a Dance Class
• Party in the Park
For more information call ARD: (530) 885-8461 Ext.
2009 • LET’S GO 15
18. Take a swing Take a swing at the foothill’s
golf courses.

Enjoy the freshly cut green grass and scenic sur-
roundings of foothills’ golf courses. Whether it’s golf-
ing on one of the dozens of area courses or relaxing
after a day of swings and putts at the clubhouse, there
are many ways to enjoy hitting the links.
“We’re above the fog and below the snow,” said
Shawn Kelly, a local golf professional. “We have cham-
pionship quality golf courses. Why wouldn’t they want
to come to the foothills?”

~ Jenifer Gee
Ready to tee off?
• The Ridge Golf Course,
2020 Golf Course Rd, Auburn,
(530) 888-7888,

continued from 14
19. HIT THE JACKPOT Casino, built by the Shingle 20. DO SOME RETAIL
fall asleep to the sound of the Got a yen to throw the dice Springs Band of Miwok Indi- THERAPY
rushing water while looking or court the odds at the slots? ans, opened in December. It
up to a star filled night sky. Lucky for you, with two top- has 2,100 gaming machines Say a funny thing happens
and the economy tanks. And
“Our campsite offers the flight Indian casinos only and 75 table games, including
say shopping’s not just your
only cabin and camping minutes away, there are liter- a smoke-free level. There are closet-stuffer but your spirit-
above the Trouble Maker rap- ally thousands of ways to hit six restaurants and the Stage lifter as well.
id in the south fork,” said the jackpot. Bar offering live entertain- Indulge your love of a
Chris Gendron about the Thunder Valley in Lincoln, ment. Red Hawk is off High- good buy and help other
location. “We also have large built by the United Auburn way 50 at exit 40 in Placerville. folks all at once: Visit a bene-
spaces for RVs to hook up as Indian Community, has 2,400 Peter Fordham, general fit thrift shop!
What others have given
well.” gaming machines and 98 manager at Red Hawk, said away will be new to you. And
The campground also table games. If you work up the location is very special. what wonders these dona-
offers hot showers, an appetite “We have a really nice lay- tions can be.
picnic areas and a pushing those out and décor package that’s Just ask Janet Wheatley,
swimming pool. buttons and very much in keeping with vice president of resource
Rates to camp dur- shooting dice, tribal heritage and history, development with the
ing weekends are there are four and our location,” Fordham Assistance League of Placer
County. The league’s store is
$35 per night on restaurants and said. located at 1263 Grass Valley
the river and $30 off the river. a food court. The Falls Bar And the red hawk name is Highway in Auburn.
Rates midweek are $30 on the features live music and more than symbolic. “We had motorcycle hel-
river and $25 midweek. Call karaoke. “It is a native bird to this mets and we looked them up
them up at (530) 622-6700 or The casino is expanding, area,” Fordham said. “You can on eBay, they were $800,” she
visit with a 15-story hotel, spa, regularly see them out of the recalls. “We get beautiful
for more information. pool, fitness center and enter- windows. We have fabulous clothes with the tags still on
them. We’ve got some of
~ Ben Furtado tainment center opening in panoramic window views those crocheted dolls that
Need some gear? 2010. Thunder Valley is on from the casino floor and two
• Sierra Outdoor Center, covered toilet paper rolls in
Athens Avenue, off Highway of our restaurants.” the ‘50s.”
440 Lincoln Way, Auburn,
(530) 885-1844, sierraoutdoor 65. Near Placerville, Red Hawk ~ Gloria Young • SEE PAGE 18

16 LET’S GO • 2009
L I T T L E T I K E S • B A B Y G A P • G Y M B O R E E

More Than Your Typical Children’s Store

F I S H E R P R I C E • O L D N AV Y • B A B Y T R E N D • L I M I T E D T O O
(Maternity Wear too!)

New & Used Gear - 10% to 50% OFF!

Your Complete Outdoor Specialty Store
• Rafting/Kyaking Tours Through Sierra Whitewater If it has to do with kids... we have it!
• Rafting/Kayaking Lessons, Rental and Sales
• Backpacking, Camping Rental and Sales VOTED
• Large Selection Of Rockclimbing Gear
• Discgolf Discs, Bags and Goals

SIERRA OUTDOOR CENTER New Location: 948 Lincoln Way, Auburn • 530-888-1809
440 Lincoln Way • Auburn
530-885-1844 Whitewater Rafting Service

• Annuals • Perennials • Trees
Shrubs • Bulbs • Seeds
Yard Decor & More

380 Nevada St.
Hours: Mon.-Sat.
8-5:30 • Sun. 9-5
2009 • LET’S GO 17
21. Watch the

Western States
Need a little inspiration close,” Soderlund said.
for your morning jogs? Volunteers help at aid
It doesn’t get much bet- stations, stocking tables of
ter than the dramatic final food and drinks (Western
quarter-mile of the Western States is often referred to
States Endurance Run. The as a 100-mile long buffet)
hundreds of runners who and taking care of logistics
brave the brutal 100 miles that make the race go.
on the Western States Trail Spectators have ample
finish up at Placer High opportunity to catch both
School’s Le Febvre Stadium, the frontrunners and those
where the emotions flow. who endure the trail for as
“There’s a real human long a 30 hours — the cut-
drama to it,” said race off for official finishers.
director Greg Soderlund. On race morning, hun-
“It’s inspiring and some dreds of crew members and Hal Koerner wades across the river at Ruck-a-
people live vicariously fans flock to the Robinson Chucky on his way to victory in the 2007 Western
through the runners. The Flat aid station, the first States Endurance Run.
distance comes with an major passage along the
absolute risk – some people trail. Foresthill is a popular
will not finish.” spot to catch the runners as hundreds more through a dream,” Soderlund said.
Around 400 ultrarunners they stroll through on a noon on Sunday. The foot- “They’re ordinary people —
will hit the trail at Squaw brief reprieve from the hot ball field at Le Febvre Stadi- doctors, lawyers, Capterpil-
Valley on June 27 this year, American River Canyon um looks like a battlefield lar drivers. Their normalcy
including seven-time cham- below. on Sunday morning with makes it an attractive event
pion Scott Jurek. A small The finish line in Auburn exasperated runners nurs- for people. It’s one of those
army of volunteers – more provides a festive atmos- ing wounds and recovering. things that you don’t for-
than 1,200 – make the jour- phere for fans. The top fin- It’s a unique scene that get.”
ney possible. isher usually enters the sta- leaves an impression on Visit for more
“That’s really the best dium around 9 p.m. Satur- everyone involved. information.
way to see the event up day evening, followed by “These people are living ~ Todd Mordhorst

continued from 16 Grass Valley Highway, (530) pice Thrift Store, 13342 Lincoln congregation.
888-7434 Way, (530) 887-0561
• Assistance League of • Auburn Jewelry & Loan, Find information about
Sometimes it takes the cus- Greater Placer Thrift Shop, Fid- 948 Lincoln Way #C, Auburn, churches at
tomer to figure out what an dler Green Plaza, 1263 Grass (530) 885-9219. Under
item is, like the pole with a Valley Highway, (530) 885- • Kids Closet, 948 Lincoln the Living tab, click on “Faith.”
suction cup on the bottom 1982 Way, Auburn, (530) 888-1809.
• St. Joseph's Catholic Need inspiration?
and two-prong fork on top. Church Thrift Store, 1162 Lin-
~ By Anne Papineau 22. FIND FAITH • Hope, Help & Healing,
coln Way, (530) 885-7404 11960 Heritage Oak Pl. # 20,
• St. Luke's Victorian Attic There are dozens of church- (530) 885-4249 or
Searching for bargains? Thrift Shop, 148 Lewis Ave., es from every denomination
• ACS Discovery Shop, 2376 (530) 823-1532 ready to welcome you into the
• Sutter Auburn Faith Hos-

18 LET’S GO • 2009
Bikes for Everyone!
Enjoy the outdoors on a bike and stay fit too!

• Mountain • Kids • Road
• Custom Builds • Cruisers • Spin Bikes

Restaurant • Bistro • Art Gallery • Full Bar
Natural Beef, Fresh Seafood, Vegetarian,
Organic & Local Products
January Pacific Rim, February Caribbean, March South America,
483 GRASS VALLEY HWY. • AUBURN April in Paris, May Africa, June Greece, July Southeast Asia,
August Italy, September Spain, October Germany,
November Middle East, December Our Town Holiday Specials

OPEN Wed. - Sunday
SPECIAL OFFER Lunch 11:30 - 3
for Boys & Girls Ages 6 to 18 Dinner 5 - 9, Fri. & Sat. ‘til 10
Brunch Sat. & Sun. 10 - 3
Private lessons, Windmill Softball ONLY Bistro opens at 4
Pitching or Baseball Pitching
includes batting instruction - $
130 Maple Street, Auburn, CA • 530.885.9535
instruction in catcher’s position,
throwing, fielding & batting. Per Person

Instructor Jerry Harris: Former College
Pitcher. Over 20 Years Experience
Must Sign Up by August 1,
2009 to Receive Offer
Courthouse Athletic Club
Dewitt Center • Auburn
Information or Sign Ups Call
Jerry Harris
(530) 392-3544

2009 • LET’S GO 19
23. Hike
in the snow
Love the snow but don’t snowboard or ski? Try snow-
shoeing instead. Accessible throughout the snow season,
from late November through June, snowshoeing is an
activity the whole family can participate in.
According to snowshoeing expert, Ed Gates, anyone can
go out have fun in the snow.
“You don’t have to be a fantastic athlete you just have
to make sure you take your time and enjoy it,” he said.
With various locations for snowshoeing just up Inter-
state 80, you can spend a day or a just few hours hiking
and enjoying the beautiful sights and surroundings.
Try Donner Memorial State Park, Castle Peak in north
Tahoe, the Yuba Pass in Sierra County and China Wall near
Foresthill. Tahoe National
Gates says packing wine, cheese or a picnic lunch is pop- Forest Ranger,
ular, but suggests drinking lots of water and wearing sun- Phil Sexton,
glasses, sunscreen and lip balm. leads a
~ Stephanie Breitbart group at Big
Ready to hike the white stuff? Bend.
• Sierra Outdoor Center, 440 Lincoln Way, Auburn, (530)

24. CONSUME WORLD dining Mexican style. and mousakka beans coming Auburn, (530) 887-9732, club
CUISINE At Latitude’s restaurant in out of the garden (at that • Monkey Cat, 805 Lincoln
Armchair traveling was Old Town Auburn, the menu time),” Enochs said Way, Auburn, (530) 888-8492,
never easier. Dreaming of features a different part of the Fall’s cooler weather turns
pagodas and the Great Wall? world each month. the focus to colder climes.
Try some dim sum or hot pot “We follow the seasons October will feature Ger- 25. LET FIDO RUN FREE
at one of the many area Chi- through the countries,” Lati- many, to coincide with Okto-
nese restaurants. Want an tudes Owner Pat Enochs said. berfest. Auburn’s Ashley Memorial
unfettered taste of Athens’ “It is Latitudes, so we pick lat- Dog Park on Auburn Folsom
bustling marketplace? How itudes where the products are ~ Gloria Young Road is a magnet for pet own-
about some feta and gyros at available.” ers who like to see their dogs
a local Greek eatery? A night July will be Southeast Asia, • Latitudes, 130 Maple
run free, socialize with other
in Italy is yours for the asking then Italy, and in September, Street no. 200, Auburn, (530) pooches and get a breath of
at numerous restaurants Spain. 885-9535, latitudes fresh air.
from Auburn to Roseville. “We have the same Auburn dog owner Kather-
Can’t afford that vacation to Mediterranean-type temper- • Pelican’s Roost Fish & ine Tostenson said her dog,
Chips, 904 Lincoln Way,
Puerto Vallarta? There’s every- atures, so we have heirloom Auburn, (530) 745-9566.
thing from fast food to fine tomatoes, sweet red peppers • Club Car, 836 Lincoln Way, • SEE PAGE 22

20 LET’S GO • 2009
Stop by for a cup
of Joe & visit with
your friends!
Thanks for
All Your

• Coffee Drinks
• Roasted Coffee Beans
• Hot & Cold Teas
• Fruit Smoothies
Best • Sandwiches/Salads
Medicine • Pastries
in Town

Local Family
Owned &

Enjoy a beverage from the marble Soda Fountain, 893 High St.
shop for unique gifts and feel secure Downtown Auburn
with our full service Pharmacy.
815 Lincoln Way • Auburn • 885-6524
M-F 9 to 6 • Sat 9 to 5 • Closed Sunday

2009 • LET’S GO 21
continued from 20 tor and conductor of Darrel
Auburn Symphony. Abrahamson of
Pepper, senses when The enthusiasm of Rocklin has been
she starts getting ready the 70-member orches- performing tradi-
to take the pooch to the tra can be felt. They tional Native
park. enjoy performing American dances
“She gets excited,” together, asserted the for the past 30
Tostenson said. “I like Maestro. years.
taking Pepper so she “Great classical
can socialize and play music is one of the
with other dogs. She most beautiful things
loves it.” ever created by human-
The space for dogs, ity,” he added.
which includes an area Auburn Symphony
for smaller canines as performs at places like
well as larger ones, is the Birdsall Mansion in
located on Auburn Auburn and the Mon-
Ravine Road inside davi Center at UC
Ashford Park. Davis.
Phone the Auburn
Recreation District at ~ Anne Papineau
(530) 885-8461 Ext. 54
for information on Music to your ears?
openings and times. Go • Auburn Symphony,
808 Lincoln Way,
to Auburn, (530) 823-6683,
for more information auburnsymphony. com.
on the park.

~ Gus Thomson Looking for a special

That haunting
dining experience?
If you like your meal
served with creativity
and fresh flavors, per-
26. Learn the Native
refrain: Maybe we don’t
know the title or who
wrote it, but there’s no
denying the power of
haps a trip to a local
sushi bar is in order.
These restaurants start
with raw fish, seaweed
American past
musical classics, heard and rice — seems pret- The Nisenan Native Ameri- remember that this culture is
in person. It’s life- ty basic, right? — and cans first settled in Placer Coun- still here and thriving,” said
changing. craft works of art so ty and presided over the land Teresa Williams, Maidu Inter-
To experience a sym- visually appealing you for hundreds of years before a pretative Center spokeswoman.
phony through earbuds might be afraid to pick rush of gold miners moved into Call the center at (916) 774-
would be like looking at at them with chop- the area in the 1800s. Today, 5934 or visit
a picture postcard of a sticks. their archeological sites still indianmuseum.
mountain. No compar- “I think the best thing exist. The Maidu Interpretative
ison — you’ve got to be about it is the wonder- Center is near an ancient village
there. ful flavors,” sushi chef site protected by the National ~ Jenifer Gee
Thank goodness Jesse Petersen says. Register of Historic Places. See
Auburn has its own “Each ingredient affects petroglyphs that are thousands
symphony. the other ingredients, of years old, take a walk along
“Auburn is a place so part of the learning a trail around the site and learn
which seems to value experience is discover- how Native American past
the arts,” said Michael ing what tastes work impacted the Gold Rush.
Goodwin, music direc- • SEE PAGE 24 “It is important that we
22 LET’S GO • 2009
Gift Wrap
948c Lincoln Way • Auburn

Your Local Fish & Chip Restaurant

Bring the Taste
of the Sea
Fresh to Your

All food is prepared fresh daily
904 Lincoln Way, Auburn
Mon-Thur 10:30am-8:30pm
Fri & Sat 10:30am-9:00pm
Sun 11:00am-8:00pm

2009 • LET’S GO 23
29. Take on the
monkey bars
Give the television and Nintendo a break
and get outside with the kids to soak up
some fun in the sun.
As the biggest park in Auburn, Recreation
Park offers wide-open grass areas with plenty
of space for picnics or to play a casual game
of catch without interfering with other fami-
lies. Recreation Park has a great jungle gym
with multiple slides, monkey bars and swing
“All our parks are very relaxing with a lot
of green,” said Manouch Shirvanioun of the
Auburn Recreation District. “This park is the
center of activity in the summer with the pool
and kids summer camps too.”
How to get to Recreation Park from I-80:
Take Highway 49 exit, turn right to Lincoln
Way, then left on Auburn Folsom Road. Turn
right on Race Track Street and then first left. FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA
Learn more by calling (530) 885-8461 or vis- Emily Gallo gives a push to both her son Enzo, 3, left and neighbor
iting friend Bella Mione, 2, right, at Recreation Park.

— Ben Furtado

continued from 22 disc” tossin’ foothills Auburn, PIP is multi- the beer garden. terrain vehicle or an
ode to joy. faceted fun. Holbrook Music-wise, this airplane to take in all
together. There’s a lot Party in the Park, says arrive early to take year’s featured group the foothills have to
of room for interpreta- now up to its 10th advantage of the fish- is the Waybacks: offer. Many of the
tion and experimenta- install- ing pond, “Think Charlie Parker sweeping views and
tion.” ment, is world- meets Woody Guthrie gorgeous landscapes
admis- class fly- meets Jerry Garcia can be accessed with
Want to get raw? sion- ing-disc meets Jimmy Page,” your own two feet.
• Hapa Sushi, 2985
Bell Rd, Auburn, (530) free and golf course, Holbrook reports. The vast trail system
823-9800. jam- and oodles For more informa- in and around Auburn
• Ninja Sushi, 770 packed. of food tion on Party in the can take you to see his-
Lincoln Way, Auburn, As Scott Holbrook, booths representing Park, call (530) 885- toric sites, beautiful
(530) 887-1243, ninja creator of “PIP” says, the cream of foothills 8461 or visit par- waterfalls or panoram-
“Bring dancing shoes. boosters and nonprof- ic views of the Ameri-
Barefootin’ is OK, too. its. can River.
30. PARTY IN THE Don’t forget Grandma Look for the special ~ Anne Papineau The main artery of
PARK and Grandpa.” kids’ zone with organ- the Auburn State
It’s a music-laced, Set June 19 at ized fun. Cold bever- 31. BLAZE A TRAIL Recreation Area is the
tri-tip grillin,’ “flying Regional Park in North ages will be on tap in It doesn’t take an all-

24 LET’S GO • 2009
Full Service Auto Repair
and Detail Shop
• Hands on supervision while training men in our
community towards a brighter future and career
in auto repair.
• Conquering the war on drugs one life at a time
through higher purpose training.
• Hope, Help & Healing is taking it to the next level
with our auto repair shop.
• Partner with us to help others while getting your
vehicle repaired.

WANTED: Donations of your unwanted cars,
trucks, boats or RVs. Running or not.
Tax deductible donation slip provided.
We will pick up. Used for training.
Give us a call and we’ll give them a haul.
530-885-5004 or 530-885-4249
Your Gift Makes a Difference!

Vocational Training Center
A Ministry of Hope, Help
& Healing, Inc.
All Work Guaranteed.
In the Locksley Buildings at
12277 Locksley Ln, Auburn, CA 95603
Thank You
For Your
on site

2009 • LET’S GO 25
32. Scream
for ice cream
When the temperature rises and
the days get longer, there’s one cool,
refreshing treat that almost everyone
enjoys — ice cream.
“Summer is a very fun time of the
year, and when you think of fun you
think of ice cream,” said Tom Wright,
owner of Baskin Robbins ice cream
shops on Lincoln Way and Bell Road. Baskin Robbins manager
“Nobody comes into an ice cream Nicky Wright is familiar
shop mad, they come in to treat with all 31 flavors including
themselves special — and summer is a their wild reckless sherbet,
special time.” bursting with a swirl of
Wright’s two shops, which are open green apple, blue raspber-
until 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Friday and ry and fruit punch.
Saturday nights, offer as many as 40
flavors at one time, and feature $1 FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

scoop night on Tuesdays. Auburn’s
Baskin Robbins even offer 88-cent soft
and the ice cream maker’s dedication Need a scoop?
serve as well.
to doing it the old-fashioned way • Baskin Robbins, 2935 Bell Road,
“We have promotions throughout
keeps fans coming back. Auburn, (530) 823-3353 or 13430 Lin-
the summer. Our biggest night is our
“I think it’s the quality of the ice coln Way, Auburn, (530) 823-3161,
dollar scoop night — every Tuesday
cream. In addition to the quality of
night,” Wright said. “We have it year-
the ice cream it’s the consistency,”
round, we’ve turned it into a commu-
Wright said. “Because we’ve been
nity event. We have 400 to 500 people
around so long and our recipes are so
show up every Tuesday night at both
old, old from the standpoint that we
our stores. It’s a lot of scoops of ice
have over 1,000 recipes.”
Wright says Baskin Robbins has
more than 1,000 ice cream flavors, ~ Andrew DiLuccia

continued from 24 beat. American River con- For an extensive list
From Auburn, hit the fluence (just off of of trails and more
Stagecoach Trail. You trail just below the Highway 49 at the bot- information, visit
can envision covered Auburn Overlook and tom of the American
wagons rolling up the head down into the River Canyon).
trail as you descend canyon to historic No The Quarry Trail is ~ Todd Mordhorst
several hundred feet to Hands Bridge or an easy stroll up the
the American River beyond (the trail con- both the Western river’s middle fork. Fol- Ready to set out?
confluence below. tinues for 100 miles to States Endurance Run low the north fork up • Sierra Outdoor
For the more adven- Squaw Valley). and the Tevis Cup to Lake Clementine or Center, 440 Lincoln
turous hikers or trail The Western States endurance ride. follow the Western Way, Auburn, (530)
runners, the Western Trail is mostly narrow There are dozens of States Trail up the 885-1844, sierra
States Trail is tough to single track and hosts hiking options at the canyon toward Cool.

26 LET’S GO • 2009
Massage can help you enjoy COSTUMES • WARDROBES
what you love even more... FORMAL WEAR
whether you golf, bike or garden...
We’re Ready to Dress You
FIRST TIME SPECIAL Try a stress for any Holiday
40 One Hour reduction massage or Occassion!
Phyllis Ingmire, C.M.T. in a relaxing The Mad Hatters
The Healing Light Institute atmosphere. 140 Hoffman Avenue • Auburn
3215 Fortune Court • Auburn • 530.889.2300 or 530.906.2838 Nancy Sadler, Owner 530-885-8860

Your Dealership Alternative Truck & Auto Body Repair & Paint
For All Your Automotive Needs - You Deserve The Best!
• Shuttle service available • We work on all Foreign &
Domestic vehicles • We can perform your scheduled
maintenance and still maintain your factory warranty
• Specializing in Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Honda & Acura IMPORT & DOMESTIC VEHICLES
• Insurance Work Welcome
Set appt. at • FREE Local Shuttle Service FREE ESTIMATES
STOP BY AND MEET OUR FAMILY! • Expert Color Matching Towing Available
Bryan & Becki McGinnis Affordable • Friendly • Reliable
Autovantage Service Center 120 Borland Ave., Auburn
530-823-1202 • 800-894-1202
12295 Locksley Ln. • Auburn • 530-823-3456

The employees at Chapel of the Hills are helping
to make those final arrangements worry free.

Amber Einspahr Kathleen Heller Brian Hoke
Funeral Arranger Funeral Arranger Manager

Chapel of the Hills has served the greater Auburn community for over 108 years.
We take great pride in delivering quality care and are honored to assist your family
with funeral and pre-planning arrangements.

Chapel of the Hills
1331 Lincoln Way, Auburn
FD372 530.885-377 3

2009 • LET’S GO 27
33. TAKE A DIP ence of the north and
Four months of middle forks of the
dependably sunny American River, is
weather from June to located on Highway 49
September in the and Old Foresthill Road,
foothills means lots of a couple of miles into
opportunity to enjoy the canyon below
the water and catch the Auburn.
rays. The best months for
In Auburn, the swimming at the river
Martha Skinner Sierra are July, August and
Pool is a popular spot September. During late
when the temperature spring, snowmelt from
hits the 90s. And the the Sierra brings strong
nearby Auburn State currents and chilly
Recreation Area is a water temperatures.
treasure trove for swim- The middle fork of
mers. the American River has
Some of the most some choice swimming
popular spots are on holes, too. But visitors
the north fork of the need to be aware of
American River — faster currents and
Upper Lake Clemen- colder water.
tine, Yankee Jim’s and Favorite spots on the
the confluence, accord- middle fork include
ing to park ranger Jenny several off the Quarry FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

Gardemeyer. Trail, Murderer’s Bar Kim Wright, owner of Avantgarden, offers a wide variety of
“There’s a beach there (Old Foresthill Road plants and gifts in her downtown Auburn store.
and the water is a little near Mammoth Bar)
slower flowing, not so and Ruck-a-Chucky
many rapids and park- (Foresthill Road to Dri-
ing is close to the
water,” Gardemeyer
said of Upper Lake
Clementine, which is
ver’s Flat Road).

~Gloria Young
34. Grow a garden
Spring is here and you have plus you can come in and get a
located off Foresthill
Ready to dive in? the itch to get outside and free bag of popcorn or cup of
Road between Auburn
• Auburn Recreation make your garden a work of coffee while shopping.”
and Foresthill. “It is a
District, 123 Recreation art. Well you can’t do it alone
wide spot in the river Dr, Auburn, (530) 885- and that’s why you should con-
before it enters the 8461, ~ Ben Furtado
sult the experts at local garden
lake.” • Chandler Pools,
(916) 624-5296, jim supply stores in Auburn. They
Yankee Jim’s has Planning your own out- have friendly, experienced staff
parking, although the door oasis?
to help you with all your gar-
beach is a bit of a walk, • Avantgarden, 1085 High St,
dening needs — everything
but it has clear water 35. EARN A BLACK Auburn, (530) 888-1510, avant
from annuals and perennials to
and deep pools, Garde- BELT
indoor foliage.
meyer said. From Inter- Kick start your health, • Gold Country Kubota Trac-
“We have the know-how for
state 80, take the and get whipped into tors, 10230 Ophir Rd, Newcas-
people to have a successful gar-
Canyon Way exit shape through exciting tle, (530) 823-1200, kubota
den,” said gardener Earl Eisley
between Auburn and karate, kickboxing and
of Eisley’s Nursery. “No other
Colfax. other martial arts class- • Eisleys Nursery, 380 Nevada
nursery grows and offers a vast
One of the most pop- es. St, Auburn, (530) 885-5163,
variety of tomatoes in our area,
ular spots, the conflu- • SEE PAGE 30

28 LET’S GO • 2009
1 American Cancer Society
To Great Bargains! Discovery Shop
2376 Grass Valley Hwy
2 Assistance League® of Greater
Placer Thrift Shop
Fiddler Green Plaza • 1263 Grass Valley Hwy
3 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Thrift Store
1162 Lincoln Way
4 St. Luke’s Victorian Attic
Your $hopping Dollars. Thrift Shop
It Makes Sense to Shop at Auburn’s Thrift Shops. 148 Lewis Street
Support programs for children in need, cancer patients, the homeless, 5 Sutter Auburn Faith Hospice
hospice patients, local food closet and more by shopping at these Thrift Store
Auburn Non-profit Thrift Stores. 13342 Lincoln Way
Follow the secondhand road to Quality Merchandise at Thrift Shop Prices.
Quality Merchandise at Thrift Shop Prices
Great Deals on: Collectibles, Vintage Items, Jewelry,
Summer Clothing, Books, Furniture & Much Much More! FUN PLACES TO EXPLORE!

2009 • LET’S GO 29
36. Uncork
the foothills
With more than a dozen wineries to
choose from, tasting Placer County wines is
sure to be a delightful experience for all
palates. Besides their normal tasting and tour
times, area wineries participate in a plethora
of fun community events that involve food,
art and golf and take place year-round.
“Excellent wines, personal service, rural
country charm, diverse and interesting land-
scapes and all of this starts about five miles
off Interstate 80 and three miles off Highway
49 in the greater Auburn area,” said local
winemaker Teena Wilkins. “What we lack in
size we make up in style and convenience.”
Visit for a listing
of wineries.

~ Jenifer Gee Placer County has more
Want to taste from the vine? than 20 wineries for
• Carpe Vino, 1568 Lincoln Way, Auburn, vino lovers to taste
(530) 823-0320, from.
• Mt Vernon Winery, 10850 Mount Vernon
Rd, Auburn, (530) 823-1111, mtvernon
• Iron Mountain Winery, 897 Lincoln Way,

Auburn, (530) 885-
continued from 28 experience for your round sport, with 2600, titansdungeon Ramirez, Placer Coun-
whole life,” he said. classes usually taking .com. ty parks administrator,
Dave Marinoble, Marinoble says that place three days a to share some of his
fifth-degree black belt apart from the physical week. For serious stu- favorite spots.
in Bok Fu and Danzan techniques, karate dents, it takes any- 37. PACK A PICNIC For sporting types,
Ryu Jujitsu and three- teaches the students where from three to It’s the perfect way to Ramirez’s favorite
time world champion respect, courtesy and five years to earn a laze around on a lovely active parks are:
in Karate, Jujitsu and honesty, concentration black belt from start to afternoon — a picnic. Squaw Valley Park
Kickboxing, encour- and confidence. finish. And there’s no shortage (behind one of the
ages people of all ages “Confidence is of places to lay out a torches when you turn
and abilities to try it everything in life, and ~Stephanie Breitbart blanket and enjoy into Squaw Valley) has
out. Karate gives them a lot some sandwiches in a soccer field and
“Karate is something of confidence.” Seeking a sensei? the foothills. paved bike trails that
• Titans Dungeon,
you can learn and Karate is a year- 12852 Earhart Ave., We asked John

30 LET’S GO • 2009
& Full Service Salon

Donna Kuper Lauren Milton Cari Kilgore Michael McCreery
Owner, Skin Care Skin Care Skin Care Massage

Bunny Smith Joyce Rask Courtney Milton Moe Tillack Katrena Thomas Amee
Hair Designer Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Hair Stylist

Deanna Brown Diane Justensen Bonnie Jose Carrie Brewster Julie Thomas Marlene Mazzi
Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Hair Stylist Manicurist Manicurist

Complete Hair & Nail Services
Expert Skin Care • Massage Therapy
Gift Cards
530-823-2794 & Spa
1125 High Street • Downtown Auburn Packages
Voted Best Available
Day Spa Visit our website:

2009 • LET’S GO 31
38. Take
in the
Tevis Cup
The Tevis Cup is one of the world’s
most famous endurance horse races.
The 100-mile Western States Trail’s A rider braves the Tevis
Tahoe-to-Auburn course traverses Cup course during the
rugged terrain and rises and falls annual endurance
48,000 feet in elevation. Normally 200 event that ends in
riders enter but only about half finish. Auburn.
All finishers receive a prized belt buck-
le but only one — the first place rider
— has their name added to the Tevis
Cup trophy.
“From a beginning that saw just FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

five riders attempt to prove a horse
president of the Western States Trail see the dramatic finish, watch judging
could travel 100 miles over the Sierras
Foundation Organization. and attend a BBQ and award ceremo-
in one day, the sport of endurance rid-
Watch the awe and excitement of ny at the finish, Placer High School, on
ing has grown to be a worldwide rec-
the Tevis Cup Aug. 1 as riders come Aug. 2.
ognized sport with competitive rides
out of the Sierra canyons and into the
through the United States and in for-
town of Foresthill. Bystanders can also ~ Jenifer Gee
eign countries,” said Jerry Scribner,

continued from 30 Park in Foresthill has side the waterfall. ity as do-it-yourself
shady trees, horseshoe You can also check Departments/ crafts and fashions
connect Squaw Valley pits, a gazebo and a out the Empire Mine Facility/Parks. have become ever-so
to Lake Tahoe along children’s playground. Park association’s chic.
the Truckee River. For those who enjoy 114th Annual Miners’ ~ Michelle Miller Carl And with an impres-
Granite Bay’s Ronald more undeveloped Picnic from 10:30 a.m. sive array of sewing
L. Feist Park is a great landscapes, Ramirez’s to 4:30 p.m. on Satur- Packing a picnic? and quilt shops in the
• Auburn Recreation
place to throw the foot- favorite passive use day, Aug. 29 at another District, 123 Recreation foothills, there are
ball with sports facili- picnicking locales are: prime picnic spot — Dr, Auburn, (530) 885- plenty of resources for
ties and picnic areas, Cisco Grove Gould the Empire Mine State 8461, “seamsters.”
too. Park next to the Yuba Historic Park in Grass • Quizno’s, 1850 For Lyn Ahboltin,
In Loomis, the River is a “gorgeous” Valley. Highway 49, Auburn, there’s nothing quite
(530) 885-6700,
Loomis Basin Com- property with trees So grab your basket like the sense of
munity Park is 33 acres that change colors and blanket and head accomplishment when
of ball fields, horse- through the seasons. for one of the many she finishes a project.
shoe pits and family At Hidden Falls Park, spots perfect for a little 39. BE IN STITCHES “I love quilting,” said
picnicking. you can sit at picnic luncheon on the grass. Sewing is seeing a Ahboltin, 64, of Mead-
Foresthill Memorial tables or rocks along- Learn more at resurgence in popular-

32 LET’S GO • 2009
• Live Theatre
• Live Music
• Filmworks Club
• Workshops
• Fundraisers
• Available for Rental
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Become a Sponsor

Take Note Troupe SEPTEMBER
Theatre Workshop Live Chamber Music
July 6-11
Silent Movie with
Placer Community Theater Live Music By
“Mid-Life, The Crisis Musical” “In Full Swing”
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
August 7th – 22nd Filmworks Club Presents
Film Festival
Live Acoustic Music
Corrine West - CD Release

Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center

In the State Theatre Building
985 Lincoln Way, Downtown Auburn
Visit our website for upcoming events
Learn more about the State Theatre

2009 • LET’S GO 33
40. Go see Portraying The Beast was
a dream role for Josh
Harper during Music &
More’s 2008 production
of Disney’s Beauty and

a play the Beast.

Come watch or be a part of local communi-
ty theater. Whether it’s a community play in a
café-style setting or a quality production
from local youth, live theater in the foothills
is something to see. From dramatic to
comedic, productions have delighted audi-
ences for years.
Brenda Lindley, president of the Placer
Community Theater, said she enjoys the com-
munity feel the productions put on in the
area. Plus the dessert break during plays is a
sweet touch. For more information, call (530)
852-2708 or visit placercommunitytheater.
“We try and focus on plays that we think
the community will find fun and entertain- FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

ing,” Lindley said. “One of our biggest things
is our hospitality.” Ready for curtain call?
• Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center, 985 Lincoln Way, #104, Auburn,
(530) 885-0156 or
~ Jenifer Gee

continued from 32 Have a project? an indoor climbing County, according to phere under an
ow Vista. • Cabin Fever Quilt facility, Gritstone Rock local climbing enthusi- instructor’s supervi-
Shoppe, 826 Lincoln
While quilting is Way, Auburn, (530)
Club, which serves ast Mike Rommel. sion before venturing
Ahboltin’s favorite 885-5500, cabinfever both experienced Both day and monthly into the great out-
hobby, she’s branched climbers who can’t get passes are available. doors.
out to learn new tech- their fill of Rom- “(Practicing indoors)
niques by taking class- 41. CLIMB A ROCK climbing mel, will help you gain the
es (most area sewing Rock climbing is a and begin- who has necessary skills and
shops have instruc- sport for adventurous ners who been confidence to get out-
tional workshops — types bold enough to simply rock side and be in a more
call or look for a sched- push their limits to want to try climb- exposed scenario,”
ule online). reach new heights. the sport. ing for Rommel said.
“I’m retired and I There are plenty of Grit- 20 years For those who
love learning new massive rock forma- stone, located at 3116 and is a certified guide already have the ability
things,” she said. “You tions to scale in and Olympic Way in and instructor, said the — and the eagerness
come to a class, learn around the Sierra Auburn, boasts two 30- sport is “extremely — to wend their way
how to do it and then foothills, including foot climbing walls as safe.” Still, he’d recom- up steep, craggy cliffs,
go home and do it!” Donner Summit, Eagle well as a 12-foot boul- mend that beginners Gritstone offers
Lake Cliff and Lime der and is the only club take classes in a con- monthly outings in
~ Michelle Miller-Carl Rock Pillar. There’s also of its kind in Placer trolled, indoor atmos-

34 LET’S GO • 2009
“What kind of adventure are you in the mood for?”
Wines fit for a President
Mt. Vernon
• Kayak Rentals & Sales
Besotn of • Rafting Rentals & Sales, Repairs
Selecti olf • Bike Tune-Ups from $45
Disc thGe


3587 Taylor Road • Loomis • 916-652-2327
Across from the Blue Goose •

Purchase Any Sub and a Regular
Fountain Drink, Get Any Sub of Equal
or Lesser Value FREE
Valid through 9-15-09.
Offer valid on delivery orders only - not in-store. Valid at 1850
Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA 95603. Original coupon must be
2009 Winner of 11
surrendered at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per person per
order. Value of promotional items varies by location. May not be We Deliver!
Medals for two
combined with any other offer. Taxes not included. No cash value
(unless prohibited by law, then cash value is $.005). No substitutions.
1850 Grass Valley Hwy., Ste C-320, Auburn major National and
Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Limited delivery
areas. Minimum order requirements and delivery fees apply. CLU5010
530-885-6700 International Wine
fax your order-530-885-6706
Mon-Sat 9am - 9pm • Sun 10am - 8pm, Delivery Hrs: 11am - 8pm Competitions.
Including Gold and
Double Gold


Roads Lead
to Beauty Mt. Vernon Winery is Placer County’s
largest and most Award Winning
Winery. We are the Winery committed
to finding a Breast Cancer cure. We
WN are proud to introduce 2 new Breast
DOWCATION Cancer Wines to the market. Voted
Best Winery 6 years in a row by
Auburn Journal readers. Come in and
Bicycles for enjoy a taste of our success.
kids & adults
The Mt.Vernon Tasting Room is now open!
VICTORY VELO 11:00am to 5:00pm
BIKE SHOP AUBURN, CA Thursday - Sunday
835 Lincoln Way • Auburn • 10850 Mt. Vernon Rd., Auburn, CA 95603
530-885-3986 530.823.1111

2009 • LET’S GO 35
42. Flock
to the
What better way to enjoy the heat
of the summer than to grab your suit,
sunscreen, and picnic and head to the
American River Confluence for an
afternoon of outdoor fun.
To get there from Auburn, head
From left, Jake Smith, Jonathan Smith,
south on Highway 49. The confluence
Jacob Smith and Kyla Hamlin, relax at the
is the section of the American River
American River confluence.
where the north and middle forks
come together to provide a multitude
of activities.
According to state park ranger in the confluence is gold panning. the season, with the summer hours
Scott Liske, the confluence is a great Although no motorized dredging is open until 9 p.m. and 7 p.m. during
place for swimming, sunbathing, fish- allowed treasure hunters can bring a the winter.
ing, picnics and kayaking. pan for all day panning fun. Another nice highlight of the park
Liske says the confluence area also Visitors can also fish year round, is there is no day use fee.
offers nice, family-friendly hiking with with catch and release rules enforced “In these times with the economy,
Stagecoach, Lake Clementine and during the winter and early spring. public lands are very appealing to
Confluence trails. Barbeques are allowed in the con- people,” Liske said, “And free of
“The trail to Lake Clementine offers fluence area before July 1, but are charge is just a bonus.”
great views of the water spilling over prohibited for the remainder of the For more information on the Ameri-
Lake Clementine.” Liske said. “In the summer. The confluence also provides can River Confluence go to the Cali-
spring time with the snow melt it’s portable restrooms, but no running fornia parks Web site at
really a sight to see.” water is available on site.
Liske said another popular activity Park hours change depending on ~ Stephanie Breitbart

continued from 34 el,” Rommel said of the Time to climb? scattered through is the Auburn School
outings. “Depending • Sierra Outdoor towns and residential Park Preserve, a 4.3-
Center, 440 Lincoln
which all gear — hel- on your experience areas throughout the acre beauty located
Way, Auburn, (530)
mets, harnesses, ropes, and your ability to act, 885-1844, sierra foothills. behind city hall
etc. — is provided. (climbing guides) will The Maidu Interpre- between Lincoln Way
Climbers can go up as let you be challenged tive Center in Roseville and High Street in
little as 70 feet or as accordingly.” 43. STROLL IN THE features a loop trail Auburn. The park con-
high as 500. Learn more at grit PARK that takes visitors past nects Old Town and
“(Climbs) are cus- Taking a walk in the petroglyphs and Downtown and pro-
tomized to everybody’s park is truly a walk in bedrock mortars. vides flood protection
ability and comfort lev- ~ Ray Hacke the park, with dozens The newest to open

36 LET’S GO • 2009
Join All
The Others
who used their Free Pass
and became members!


Larger ALL NEW Facility
• New Classes: Kick Boxing, Yoga, Spinning
• Personal Trainers & More
• Massage • FREE Wifi, TV’s, Satellite Music
• Supplements • Corporate, Senior & Student Rates
• 30 min. Circuit Program • Largest Weight Room in the Foothills
• FREE Evaluations • SOON TO BE ADDED: Outside training area
• Tanning & patio • Smoothie/Coffee Bar


3 day
• Sculpting
• Beginning
• Hoola Hoop
• Spinning
• Low Impact Local address only. One time use only. • 210 Palm Ave. Auburn
and much
Now Open at !
210 Palm Ave. Auburn
(next to Riebes & Abby Carpet)
NEW Locatio
Hours: M-F 4am-9pm • Sat 7am-7pm • Sun 8am-5pm

May 5th ...................................................................... Cinco de Mayo
May 17th .................................................................... Spring Street Fair
June 11th ................................................................... Auburn Art Walk
July 4th ...................................................................... Independence Day Celebration
August 13th .............................................................. Auburn Art Walk
October 8th .............................................................. Auburn Art Walk
October 10th ............................................................ Auburn Food & Wine Festival
October 18th ............................................................ Fall Street Fair
October 31st ............................................................. Halloween
December 12th ........................................................ Country Christmas

Old Town Business Association Old Town Farmers Market
P.O. Box 9145 8 a.m. to 1p.m. every Saturday
Auburn, CA 95604
For more information:
Thank you for visiting historic Old Town Auburn

2009 • LET’S GO 37
44. Reel one in
Looking to hook the big (3770 Richardson Drive)
J.D. Richey hooked this
mammoth halibut at an
unlikely fishery Lake
one? Anglers don’t need pond as “a good little
much more than a pole, bluegill factory for the
some bait and a map of the kids.”
foothills in order to sink Rollins Lake is a good
their lines. spot for both rainbow and
J.D. Richey, a local fishing brown trout, as well as
guide, said there are plenty smallmouth trout and cat-
of fish to be found in local fish, Richey said.
waterways. Head down the hill to
Really close to home is Folsom Lake for king
the American River Conflu- salmon, rainbow trout,
ence, home to smallmouth three types of bass, catfish
bass and rainbow trout, and assorted panfish.
Richey suggests. Lastly, Richey suggests
“The water’s a little Scotts Flat Lake in Nevada
warmer on the North Fork, County — good for rain-
below Clementine, to find bow and brown trout.
some smallmouth bass,” he Richey’s Web site is
Richey described ~ Loryll Nicolaisen COURTESY • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

Auburn’s Regional Park

for the city. a couple more country course — it’s 46. BLING
Nearly 10 years in months,” Warren said. just hard. There is YOURSELF OUT
the planning, it is “That’s separate from about a 15-mile climb Perhaps you’re a guy
bisected by a stream. A the park itself. It is an and then a beautiful who’s thinking of pop-
trail runs alongside the Eagle Scout project 15-mile descent.” ping the question to
stream and over a cou- being done completely This year’s race will his sweetheart. Or per-
ple of bridges. A kiosk by volunteers.” host the two-stage All- haps you’re a single gal
and signage point out with thousands of Mountain World who fantasizes about
the flora, fauna and ~ Gloria Young adrenaline-crazed rid- Championships, made the day your future
interesting facts. The ers and just as many up of the Downieville husband-to-be slips a
Cooper amphitheater Heading out on fans. Cross Country Race on ring on your finger.
provides space for spe- foot? Over the past 15 Saturday and the Either way, searching
Auburn Recreation
cial events. District, 123 Recreation years, the annual Downieville Downhill for custom jewelry is a
“It’s used,” Auburn Dr, Auburn, (530) 885- Downieville Classic on Sunday. way to kill an after-
Public Works Director 8461, has developed a repu- The Downieville noon in the Sierra
Jack Warren said. tation for its demand- Classic Mountain Bike foothills.
“There’s somebody 45. DO ing trails and talented Race and Festival is Even if you don’t
there all the time. DOWNIEVILLE competition. July 10-12 in Down- plan on buying any,
And it is still a work For one weekend “It’s a point-to-point ieville, on Highway 49 you can still try some
in progress with a each July, Downieville race and there aren’t in Sierra County. on or check out the
community garden transforms from a many of those,” said Get more info at intricate designs that
and pottery shop in the sleepy, gold-rush era Dan Tebbs, owner of make jewelry a wear-
works. town to a mountain Victory Velo Bike Shop able art form.
“That’s going to take biking Mecca teeming in Auburn. “The cross- ~ Todd Mordhorst • SEE PAGE 40

38 LET’S GO • 2009
• Expert Body / Fender Repair
• Color Matching
• Complete Auto Service
• Computerized Laser Measuring System
• Unibody Frame Straightening

Dave Davidson, Stephanie Taxara & Howard Davidson
Mon-Fri 8-5 Thank you Auburn
for voting us

196 Nevada Street • Auburn • 885-5582
2009 • LET’S GO 39
47. Relax
your body
Everyone deserves a little pamper-
ing. Heading to a salon or day spa can
be a nice, relaxing way to spoil your
body and your mind.
“It’s a very upbeat and welcoming,
but down-to-earth, relaxed presence
in our salon,” Visions Salon’s Nancy
Medeiros said.
Whether it’s for a manicure, a pedi-
cure, some microdermabrasion, a
facial or waxing, check out some of
the area’s salons and day spas.
~ Loryll Nicolaisen

Want to treat yourself?
• Phyllis Ingimire Massage, 3215 For- Visions hairstylist Crystal Witz gives her
tune Ct, Auburn, (530) 889-2300. client Missi Van Rensselaer a cut and color.
• Robie House Day Spa, 1125 High St,
Auburn, (530) 823-2794, robiehouse FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

continued from 38 (530) 885-8020, ropers Pine Reservoir, north- get away from all the off of Auburn-Folsom
east of Auburn off car campers and have Road is much more
You might even be Foresthill Road. The it to yourself,” Cables than a flower garden.
able to make your old 48. GRAB A 10-mile-per-hour said. “It’s a real nice “It’s a bed and break-
jewelry new. According PADDLE speed limit keeps place in the spring. It fast, an event center, a
to Auburn jeweler Ben It may not feature water sports and their acts like a natural lake.” nursery, a coffee shop
Asgharzadeh, some the same thrills as glid- associated wakes away, and a working farm,”
jewelry stores have ing across the water making for prime ~ Eric Gourley said Patti Foust, who
machines that use behind a canoeing co-owns the business
lasers to put new wake- conditions. Up a creek without a with her sister Sheri
designs on old jewelry. board, but “You don’t paddle? Fischer. “It’s becoming
• Sierra Outdoor
“If they have a pic- canoeing is get the jet Center, 440 Lincoln more of a destination
ture or a drawing and a relaxing skiers or the Way, Auburn. (530) spot. It’s a very peace-
they bring it in, we can way to powerboats 885-1844. sierra ful place to just sit and
make it for them, no spend a and there’s enjoy.”
hesitation,” day on the water. also real nice camp- There are a wide
Asgharzadeh said. “There are literally ing,” Cables said. 49. SMELL THE variety of native flow-
~ Ray Hacke hundreds of lakes all Lake Clementine, FLOWERS ers, which you can cut
through the Sierras Auburn’s closest reser- If you go to The yourself. You can shop
Ready to sparkle? where you can go,” voir, is one of the only Flower Farm in for organic produce or
• Roper’s Jewelers, local water enthusiast foothills lakes that per- Loomis, you may want even play bacci ball on
818 Lincoln Way,
Auburn, (530) 885- Guy Cables said. mits only boat-in to pack an overnight the property.
4852, and 2288 Grass The most popular camping. bag, just in case. The Flower Farm is
Valley Hwy, Auburn, canoeing spot is Sugar “You can basically The unique farm just • SEE PAGE 44

40 LET’S GO • 2009
The Best Health Club in Auburn

Initiation Fee Only $20 09
Offer Good On Single Fitness 24 Mo. Commitment Membership. Other Discounted Fees Available.
Processing Fees & Monthly Dues Apply. Offer Ends June 21, 2009.

Country Club Facilities At Health Club Prices!

We’ve added: NEW!
• 3500 Sq. Ft. Exercise Space 8500 Sq. Ft. Ex
• State-of-the-Art New Equipment
• 2nd Group Exercise Studio
“Pilates • 75 Additional Parking Spaces

tudio • New Locker Rooms
Refor mer S • Smoothie Bar
• Massage & Esthetician Services
Call Now • Healing Center Weight Loss,
• Quick Start Tennis for Kids Nutrition,
For A Free Tour! Personal Training


Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club
1255 Racquet Club Drive, Auburn (Off Luther Road) x

(530) 885-1602

2009 • LET’S GO 41
50. Be a java
Whether you prefer a single shot of espresso, a
house blend with two creams and two sugars or
the biggest, most blended iced mocha in town,
local baristas at a bounty of cafes and coffee
shops are ready to brew for you.
One place to get your buzz on is Depoe Bay
Coffee Co., located at 893 High St. in Auburn.
They roast beans on site every week, have a
full beverage menu boasting hot and iced coffee
and espresso drinks, and also serve breakfast and
lunch items including pastries, sandwiches and
They also serve up a welcoming atmosphere
that makes you feel like part of the family, some-
thing that makes Bunny Isaacson happy.
“It’s a place to gather,” the owner said. “We
love seeing everyone come through the door.”

~ Loryll Nicolaisen Olivia Zufelt, of Depoe Bay Coffee Co, brews espresso at the Down-
town coffee shop.
Need a pick-me-up?
• Depoe Bay Coffee Co, 893 High St, Auburn,
(530) 889-1021,

continued from 40 Want to grow your he sees students come where they’re living “Without good hob-
host to the UC Davis Eisleys Nursery, 380 through his doors with their dreams and there bies like this, I’m not
Arboretum all-star Nevada St, Auburn, a passion to kick butt are no obstacles,” he sure where I’d be.”
plants, which are (530) 885-5163, in their own way. said.
drought-resistant and “They’re kicking butt Styles range from ~ Gus Thomson
tough. emotionally and spiri- boxing and kickboxing
Each October, The 51. KICK SOME tually,” Lovas said. to judo and Russian- Wanna kick it?
• Titans Dungeon,
Flower Farm trans- BUTT “People come in with style martial arts. 12852 Earhart Ave,
forms into a pumpkin Kickboxing schools stress, hurt by the Several health clubs Auburn, (530) 885-
patch with free and competition flour- economy, are join traditional marital 2600, titansdungeon.
hayrides each week- ish in the foothills, with teenagers, have weight arts clubs in offering com.
end and Halloween instruction in many challenges. They learn cardio kickboxing.
displays. November forms of martial arts. a 100-year-old form of Mark Bowden, an 52. GO SKIING IN
means Christmas The Auburn area martial arts and if they Auburn martial arts THE SIERRA
trees. The Flower Farm alone has at least half a can allow themselves student, said he likes Placer County fea-
is at 4150 Auburn Fol- dozen schools or parks to do it, they’re kicking the way his it make tures some of the best
som Road, in Loomis. department programs butt.” him feel part of some- snow skiing on the
Reach them at (916) to get involved in. Lovas calls instruc- thing positive. planet. From world-
652-5650. Dan Lovas, an tion “a complete “It’s a great place to class mountains like
~ Todd Mordhorst Auburn martial-arts- escape.” meet new and cool Squaw Valley USA to
school owner, said that “They’re in a place people,” Bowden said.

42 LET’S GO • 2009
Fabrics, Sewing Notions,
Patterns, Books, Gifts,
Felting Supplies, Cottons,
Flannel, Wool, Batiks,
Much More

Your Northern California
826 Lincoln Way Destination Quilt Shoppe
Downtown Auburn 95603 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
530-885-5500 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 Sat. 9:30-4:00 Sun 10:00-3:00


Your Downtown Feed Store and a whole lot more!
Outstanding Customer Service
2009 • LET’S GO 43
continued from page 42
Football season
class mountains like kicks off Sept. 11. Girls
Squaw Valley USA to volleyball begins in
charming, family- early September along
with boys soccer and
friendly resorts like
several other individ-
Sugar Bowl, Alpine ual sports. Entrance
Meadows and North- fees at most high
star, downhill skiers of school sporting events
every skill level will find are $5 or less for adults.
challenging terrain “There’s nothing
within an hour-and-a- like the excitement of a
high school game,”
half of Auburn.
Montoya said. “You’ve
The Auburn Ski Club, got kids who love their
with headquarters at school and their com-
Boreal Mountain munity and they get a
Resort just off Inter- chance to represent
state 80, offers both the long legacy and
alpine and Nordic pro- tradition of Placer.”
grams. See auburnski or call (530) ~ Todd Mordhorst
Need to up your
~ Deric Rothe game?
• Placer Pitching
Academy, at the Court-
53. CHEER FOR house Athletic Club,
HIGH SCHOOL Auburn. (530) 392-
SPORTS 3544.
Tired of watching
overpaid athletes with 54. SADDLE UP
little passion for their
Looking for your
sports and even less
regard for the fans? next adventure. Horse- FILE/BEN FURTADO • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA

It’s time to follow back riding can be very Tom Souza bowls his first 300-game while at Foothills Bowl in
the Friday night lights fun for the whole fami- Auburn.
to see your local high ly and fulfill your need
school athletes pour for fun. The Auburn
their guts out on the
“I think our team in
particular is a lot of fun
Equestrian Center
offers boarding, train-
ing, and riding instruc-
55. Bowl a strike
to watch,” said Placer tion for kids and adults. Foothills Bowl in Auburn is rija. “Plus, this is one game
football coach Joey Located just one-half- the premier place to take your where you can be almost any
Montoya, whose mile from Auburn they game to the next level. With 24 age to play.”
Hillmen made it all the offer one of the largest lanes, the bowling center also Foothills Bowl is at 13489
way to the Sac-Joaquin indoor facilities in the has a snack bar, video games Bowman Road in Auburn. Price
Section Division IV
championship game
region. For more infor- and party room for birthdays. per person/per game is $3 on
last season. “We’ve got mation go to With six leagues available weekdays and $3.75 on week-
a high-powered including ones for seniors and ends and nights.
offense that scores a or call (530) 823-2110. youth, people are sure to find
lot of points and a their place at Foothills Bowl. For ~ Ben Furtado
defense that loves to Back in the saddle? a unique experience under the
run around and get to • Echo Valley Ranch, black lights try Shake, Rattle
the ball. You’re going to 205 Nevada St. Auburn,
get your money’s (530) 823-8320, and Bowl Fridays and Saturdays.
worth.” “Foothills bowl is all about
family,” said bowler James Sko-

44 LET’S GO • 2009
Let’s Go Swimming
“Healthy Meal . . . Healthy Body”
Stock Pot Soups, Desserts and Fruit & Nutritional
Chilis & Healthy Other Great Eats Compliments
Choice Salads


100% Bowl Wrap Vacation in you own backyard.
Crushed Fruit with Drink with coffee Call us for a free estimate and find out how

2 $5 $3.99 $3.25
you can save up to $3,000.

Above the Ordinary
Expires 9-30-09 Expires 9-30-09 Expires 9-30-09

Open 7 Days ~ 9am-8pm for over 30 years
13428 Lincoln Way (Raley’s Center) Auburn Certified Building Professional
(Auburn Ravine/Foresthill Exits @ 1-80) Lic. #585004
(530) 823-8238 • Fax: (530) 823-8638

For 1st Time Painter

A Cool Way Mon-Fri 10-5
Saturday 10-4
to Have Fun! Sunday Closed
Pottery Painting is great for: Bryan Egi
Birthday Parties • Bridal Showers
Baby Showers • Field Trips
Scout Troops or to just relax with friends!
Come Join the Fun! Sushi Bar of Auburn
770 Lincoln Way • Auburn

N2Pottery 530-887-1243
Sushi Bar of Lincoln
195 Elm. • Auburn 885 So. Hwy 65, #20 • Lincoln
530-888-3800 916-543-3446
2009 • LET’S GO 45
Tinker Juarez of 57. GET IN SHAPE
Downey, Calif.,
crosses Knicker- Exercise doesn’t have to be
bocker Creek to a chore. There are many facil-
win the Coolest 24 ities in the foothills that aim
Mountain Bike to make working out a joyful,
Race this year held rewarding experience.
in May on the Olm- If you’re looking for a place
stead Loop. that offers just about any kind
of exercise you can think of,
head to Auburn Racquet
Club. The facility was recently
remodeled and expanded to
offer a huge variety of activi-
ties and services. From tennis,
racquetball and swimming to
yoga, massage and even a
smoothie bar, the club’s
members are treated to a
smorgasbord of ways to be
healthy and happy.
“We have tons of trainers
and four circuits you can go
through,” membership man-
ager Luke Bush said.
FILE/MICHAEL KIRBY • GOLD COUNTRY MEDIA Titans Dungeon offers a dif-
ferent atmosphere, but for
individuals looking for quali-

56. Bike the Olmstead Loop ty equipment and a serious
training facility, the gym may
be the way to go. Titans offers
free weights and other exer-
Grab onto your handlebars and get “We were hoping to get 200 signed up. cise machines along with box-
ready to explore the foothills on two Then the day before the first race, (my ing and martial arts equip-
wheels. For starters, try the Olmstead dad) died,” Andy Olmstead said. “You ment and training.
Loop. This easy-to-advanced eight-mile think the promoter dies, oh no what are Total Fitness in Auburn
trail is abloom with wildflowers in the we going to do? It was crazy, but we end- offers many workout options,
spring and features some good jumps and ed up with 535 people.” including a spinning studio,
a water crossing. It’s also home to the To access the Olmstead Loop, head yoga and a wide variety of
Coolest 24 and Cool mountain bike races. south on Highway 49 from Auburn to weight resistance training
The late Dan Olmstead was instrumental Cool. Turn right into the fire station and machines. The business
in popularizing the course and making it a you’ll find the trail head and parking moved into the renovated
multi-use trail. behind the station. building on Palm Avenue just
“It offers everything,” said his son, Andy ~Michelle Miller-Carl this year.
Olmstead, of Roseville. “You can take Wanna ride? Ready to get physical?
somebody who’s never ridden a mountain • Bicycle Emporium, 483 Grass Valley • Total Fitness, 210 Palm
bike before and have a really great time, Hwy, Auburn, (530)823-2900, bicycle Ave, Auburn, (530) 888-0835.
there’s some easy riding out there. Then
• Auburn Racquet & Fitness
you can take someone whose been riding • Auburn Bike Works, 350 Grass Valley Club, 1255 Racquet Club Dr.,
20 years like me and I could have as much Hwy, Auburn, (530) 885-3861, auburnbike Auburn, (530) 885-1602.
of a difficult ride as I want.” • Titans Dungeon, 12852
Dan Olmstead also founded the Cool • Victory Velo, 835 Lincoln Way, Auburn, Earhart Ave., Auburn, (530)
Mountain Bike Race, but never got to see (530) 885-3956, 885-2600,
it run.

46 LET’S GO • 2009
Description Tasting
“2001 Eligious”-
Award winning
2005 California State Fair -
A classic Rhone style red wine blend of
Syrah, Grenache, Carignane and Petite
Syrah. Black currant and berry flavors lend
to a wine that is approachable and
sensuous to the palate.
“2002 Eligious Reserve”
A special blend of syraah, Petite Syrah,
Sample our local, award winning wines
Grenache and Mourvedre. Complex nose in the heart of downtown auburn
with notes of Red Raspberry, Blueberry and
Boysenberry. Subtule spice and Smokey
“2002 Syrah”-
Award winning
2002 S.F. Chronicle & Orange
County Fair - Bronze
A full bodied, well-rounded and intensely
fruitful wine of this popular varietal.
Notice the spicy white pepper finish.
“2004 Syrah”
This always popular syrah will lend a burst
of ripe plum and raspberry followed by a
satisfying finish of smoke and white
“2004 Zinfandel”
This luscious fruit forward blend. Full in
body with a hint of spice offers a long
lingering finish. Aromas suggest ripe
blackberry, cherry and cassis with subtle
notes of smokey oak.
“2004 Ridgewood Blend”-
Award winning
2007 California State Fair -
Classic aromas of the Bordeaux varieties,
black cherry, black plum and cassis.
The balance is fabulous. Enjoy this versatile
blend that goes well with any dish.
“2005 Ridgewood”
Taste the Passion!
A blend of grapes from our local vineyard. 897 Lincoln Way • Auburn • 530.823.7999
A well balanced harmony of melot,
cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Summer Hours: Wed-Sat 2-7pm • Sun 1-4pm

2009 • LET’S GO 47
• Southern Style BBQ, Steaks, Pizza
• Salads, Sandwiches and more
• Casual, Comfortable and Family Friendly
• Catering Available

Happy Hour
$ Well Drinks
Draft Beer &
Fabulous Appetizers

Live Music from local bands every
Friday Night!
Happy Hour Tues-Fri 4-7 PM

New 5 for $25 Meal for 2!
2 Beverages
Soda • Beer • Wine
1 Appetizer for Two
2 Entrées
Available Tuesday-Thursday Only

Karaoke Thursday Nights

HERE WE ARE! Check us out at 2515 Grass Valley Hwy in Auburn

48 LET’S GO • 2009

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