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4 Bon Voyage! A Guide Par Excellence to the First Friday Gallery
Hop and Shuttle
by Achilles Clouseau (a.k.a. Ben Gunter)
8 On the Trail of Art for Fearless Agers
by Judy Gross
Vol. 1 Winter 2007 Issue 4

Official Publication of the Regular Features
Council on Culture & Arts
For Capital Culture Magazine 3 From the Publisher
Publisher Peggy Brady
Editor Randi Goldstein 3 Contributors
Creative Director Tony Archer
Council on Culture & Arts Staff
Executive Director Peggy Brady Listings
Tony Archer
Randi Goldstein
Leslie Puckett
6 Shopping
Clint L. Riley Cover your walls with fine art, accentuate your wardrobe with handmade jewelry,
Topher Sherman put on some new dancing shoes, or buy what you need to create your own art.
Amanda Karioth Thompson
Holly Thompson 10 Participating
Council on Culture & Arts Board of Directors While in Tallahassee, discover the artist or performer in yourself. Whatever
Chair Michael H. Sheridan
Vice Chair Ken Winker
your passion, there’s something here for you.
Treasurer Anne Mackenzie
Secretary Kay Stephenson 13 Alternative
Exec. Comm. Member At-Large Margo H. Bindhardt Expand your horizons with independent music, experimental theatre, avant-
Valliere Richard Auzenne garde art, or offbeat poetry readings.
Mickey Brady
Lydia A. McKinley-Floyd 14 Entertainment
Longineu Parsons
Neil St. John Rambana
From classical to contemporary, these concerts, plays, musical theatre, film,
Mark Ravenscraft and dance events will entertain, amuse, and inspire you.
Susan Stratton
Mike Vasilinda 16 Exploring
Stacey Webb Get up, get out, and explore the incredible variety of art galleries, museums,
Johanna Williams
Ex-officios John Marks, Mayor historic sites, and more, right in Tallahassee’s backyard.
Bob Rackleff, County Commission
Marge Banocy-Payne, TCC 17 Down the Road
Valencia E. Matthews, FAMU Think you’ve seen and done it all in Tallahassee? Well, there’s another world
Donna H. McHugh, FSU
Paula P. Smith, PACC Chair waiting just a few miles in every direction.
Dick Fallon, Cultural Ambassador
Capital Culture Magazine is published quarterly by the Council on Culture & Arts 18 Festivals & Annual Events
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cooperation with Tallahassee’s Family Forum Magazine. 20 For the Kids
Capital Culture Magazine is distributed free of charge to visitors to and residents of Florida’s
Big Bend Area at the Council on Culture & Arts, the TACVB’s Visitor Information Center
Give your kids a break and get them away from the video games with these
(106 E. Jefferson St.), the Tallahassee Regional Airport (1300 Capital Circle SW), as well as fun and educational activities.
other partners in the hospitality industry.
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However, the publisher assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. Winter

This year, resolve to buy more art by participating in COCA’s First
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Friday Gallery Hops. Local art shoppers Dan Taylor, José Rincón,
Capital Culture Magazine is available in large print upon request. This publication is available
and friends check out the latest masterpieces at Thomas Eads Fine
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Guide (by Shopping to Arts &
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A COCA publication sponsored in part by the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, the State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs, the ...And MUCH More
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Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 1
What is there to do in Tallahassee?

Check our calendar for upcoming exhibits, shows, concerts, tours, lectures, auditions, rehearsals, meetings, films,
festivals, special events, and more. While you’re there, add your own organization’s events!

a service of

New Year, New Name
here’s a whole lotta new going on around here. The Tallahassee
Symphony Orchestra has a new conductor, Leon County has new
commissioners, the Tallahassee Ballet has a new artistic director,
Tallahassee Little Theatre and Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts have new
executive directors, and Florida even has a new governor. Your local arts
agency has big plans for the new year, beginning with a brand new name. The
Cultural Resources Commission is now known as the Council on Culture & Arts
– COCA, for short.

In this issue, we feature Tallahassee’s unique and varied arts businesses – places
to shop for fine art, handmade jewelry, music, books, arts supplies, and more. If
you’re in town, visit one of these local gems and bring a piece of Tallahassee’s
culture home with you. And don’t miss local actor/ musician/ educator/
personality Ben Gunter’s (a.k.a. “Achilles Clouseau”) article that gives you a
guided tour of the First Friday Gallery Hop and Shuttle. Local painter Dean Gioi
a’s December Snow, recen
tly exhibited at the ArtP
ort Gallery.
In our last edition, we focused on cultural things to do for and with children.
(If you missed it, you can download the full issue online at our new web site, This
quarter, Tallahassee writer and arts maven Judy Gross explores the multitude of opportunities for seniors, proving that we’re never too old to
contribute to or benefit from arts and culture.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Capital Culture Magazine. Whether you are a visitor to our area or a native,
the COCA-Nuts of the Council on Culture & Arts and I want to help you make the most of cultural opportunities in 2007.

Peggy Brady

Judy Gross Achilles Clouseau (a.k.a. Ben Gunter)

Judy Gross is an award-winning freelance Achilles Clouseau was born early one Friday
writer of all genres, who ordinarily writes evening in downtown Tallahassee, just as
on topics of a more serious nature. the first of the First Friday Trolleys pulled out
Although her work on peace and justice of the parking lot at Chez Pierre. He springs
issues has been published in national from a long line of characters dreamed
and regional periodicals and newspapers, up by actor Ben Gunter. Achilles’ artistic
at times Judy enjoys exploring the ancestors include characters created at Busch
dimensions of writing poetry and scripts Gardens Williamsburg, Alaska Cabin Nite
and short, humorous observations of life Dinner Theatre in Denali Park, and touring
as she sees and lives it. On the business all throughout the red clay roads of Florida,
side, Judy writes proposals and marketing materials for several Georgia, and Alabama. M. Clouseau’s Tallahassee roots are honestly
non-profit organizations and edits books for other writers. She come by. His creator is a third-generation native of Florida’s capital city,
enjoyed the fun she had in discovering the clues to fearless and grew up immersed in the legacy of Prince and Princess Murat. He
aging by following the trail to art for mature adults. is an honorary card-carrying COCA-Nut.

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 3

Achilles whistles to
welcome you on board
the shuttle!

h! I see you are reading Capital Culture Magazine. Say no more,
Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur. Already I, Achilles Clouseau,
deduce the deepest desire of your heart.
You long to experience the life of the classique French salon. You want
to gather together with like-minded citizens to celebrate art so fresh that
the paint may not be dry, yet so finely rendered that it will stand forever.
You wish to be blown away by a tour de force that mixes painting with
sculpture with photography, that puts hand blown glass side-by-
side with handcrafted heirloom jewelry.
Desiring it all – the very finest in artful living – you yearn to drink
in this artistic ensemble served up with live music to delight the ear,
bold cuisine to excite the palate, and conversation sparkling like
Perrier to enlighten the soul.
But where, you ask yourself? Where could this experience be possible
today? The salon, did she not pass away with Napoleon? La France, is she not an
ocean away? The cutting edge of culture, is she not the native son of another world?
Moi, I have solved this mystery for you, my friend. The French salon, I have
discovered her, alive and well and up-to-date – and not a world away, in the Paris
of yesterday, but here and now, in Tallahassee of 2007.
You can enjoy this experience fantastique not once in a lifetime, but regular as
clockwork, every month. This very year, right here in Tallahassee, you can give
yourself soul-stirring encounters with art for the ages – not in some plodding,
pedestrian mode d’emploi, either, but in a rendezvous that is revolutionary for its
zippy pick-up-and-delivery.

4 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine

First Fridays from the Council on Culture & Arts (COCA) is the answer. hookup, the fire of the story she had to tell, and the historic beauty of the
Trust me. Je sais. Riley House, the museum’s curator held visitors spellbound as she showed
us the African American experience in Tallahassee, up close and personal,
Ah! I see the ray of hope strike a spark in your eye, mon petit chou …
through art.
just before the shadow of doubt draws a shade across your brow. Who is
this Achilles Clouseau, you ask yourself, to know so much? The fear that One Friday in the summer, goose bumps danced down viewers’ spines
this news, she is too good to be true, it makes you to wilt. as the newly expanded Glasshopper gallery unveiled the results of its
search for the very finest art-glass made in America. Forty minutes later,
Allow me to introduce myself, mes amis. I am the offspring of two
the same group was clinking cold beverages at the newly opened Thomas
famous families, a rare cross of unique artistic genes. From my mother’s
Eads Fine Art Gallery, where you can chat with the owner and pursue the
side, I inherit the imaginative vision of Prince Achilles Murat – a man so
variety of fine art in the posh surroundings of this Midtown gem.
visionary that he wore a stuffed owl upon his shoulder when he came
to Tallahassee in 1825, bringing the world of Napoleonic salons with
him.* From my father’s side comes the infallible instinct for uncovering
art-in-action first seen in Chief Inspector Clouseau – a detective whose
findings in the world of Big Art have won celebrity world-wide.**
Nothing escapes Achilles Clouseau’s nose for arts news. And Achilles
Clouseau tells you that nothing, nowhere, revives the experience of the
classique French salon like First Fridays here in Tallahassee.
Here is how it works. Art surveyors from the COCA visit creative
establishments of all sorts, all over town – from museums, to workshops
(the studios where artistes transform sweat into inspiration), to galleries
and shops. Only sites where no less than 60% of the items on display
constitute original objets d’art qualify for inclusion as First Friday locations.
Then, on the First Friday of every month, participating locations throw
open their doors in the evening from 6 to 9 pm, so that everyone who is
art-starved can feast themselves to fullness, absolutely free.
Guides to First Friday locations are easy to come by. You can log
on to for a list of openings, then chauffeur yourself
through a selection of artistic transports. Or on First Fridays, you can
report to Chez Pierre, pay the modest sum of $5, and join the world’s
first salon on wheels, where one of the COCA’s hand-picked Guides
to the Arts introduces you and a shuttle full of like-minded savoyants
to a smorgasbord of galleries, museums, studios, and shops, before
returning you to Chez Pierre tout de suite.
What adventures await you in these visionary excursions on the First Images: Opposite page – Dan Taylor, José Rincón, and friends check out the latest
Friday of the month? Let me treat you to just a peek, the merest sliver masterpieces at Thomas Eads Fine Art Gallery. This page – Art lovers Tim Johnsen and Ty
sliced from a Napoleonic pig-out of food for the soul. Andrews peruse the selection of fine art jewelry available at the gallery.

One Friday in the fall, seekers of the salon experience shook hands
with Henry Flores, as he sat side by side in the Pyramid Studios with What comes next? Ah, mes enfants, that is a mystery that YOU are the
his masterful “Self Portrait.” The featured artist for National Disabilities solution for. Shall it be the latest creations of the Tallahassee Watercolor
Month, Mr. Flores had reproduced himself, wheelchair and all, in copper, Society at LeMoyne? Could it be beautiful African-American quilts at
wrought iron, and barbed wire: barbed wire for the legs, which pain the Museum of Florida History? Perhaps it should be art from the avant
him severely; copper and wrought iron for the head, which he playfully garde at the many galleries and studios of Railroad Square?
presented as a bobbing cube exhibiting four different expressions of
perception, persistence, peace, and persnicketiness. This was meeting All these – and more – are coming to you in First Fridays of the
great art first-hand. future, where the spirit of yesteryear’s salons meets the cutting edge of
tomorrow’s cultural vision. Be there, mes amis! It will feed the deepest
One Friday in the winter, a shuttle-full of art-lovers serenaded desire of your heart. Achilles Clouseau, he guarantees it.
themselves with their favorite Christmas carols as they traveled out to
visit the Explorer’s Club (Helas! Sadly closed but perhaps soon to be
opening in a new location). There, they saw works by over 200 area
artistes, including paintings, sculptures, fine furnishings, and furniture.
Around a fire outside the gallery, hot hors d’oeuvres and fine wines
attracted devotees of the cuisine arts. Inside, a guitar ensemble added
to the ambience of this total-sensory experience.
* Editor’s note: more about Achilles Murat is available in Sallie Blake’s Tallahassee of
One Friday in the spring, art came to life for visitors at the Riley House Yesterday, and in the Murat collection at the Tallahassee Museum.
Museum. Using paintings by Eluster Richardson, an interactive computer ** Editor’s note: you can find selected adventures of Inspector Clouseau in the Pink
Panther movies at the Leon County Public Library.

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 5

Arts Shopping
Cover your walls with fine art, accentuate your wardrobe with handmade jewelry, or put on some new dancing shoes. Rent an
obscure documentary or a musical instrument, or buy what you need to create your own art. And, of course, there’s no place better
to find the perfect gift than at one of these arts-related businesses.

For up-to-date schedules and event information, visit

Fine Art and Gifts
ArtisTree,1355 A-3 Market Street,893-2937, 10
- Denotes First Friday participant (see page 7 or back cover for more information)

to purchase mementos of your Florida vacation and gifts for those back home.
Specializing in Florida-themed gifts, the shop offers an outstanding selection of
am-6 pm. Filled with local art and unique gifts at affordable prices. Owned by Big books, postcards, apparel, including Florida ties and jewelry, toys and games, and
Bend Hospice, which provides compassionate care to individuals with life limiting other souvenirs in every price range.Seminole crafts and artwork by Florida artisans
illness, comfort to their families, and emotional support to anyone who has lost a are main features at the shop.
loved one. ArtisTree showcases a different artist each month. Images ofTallahassee,1355 Market St., #A10-2, 894-5596, www.RussellGraceImages.
ASH Gallery, 438 W. Georgia St., 510-5621, Hours: Sa 9 com. Hours: M-F, 10 am-6 pm, Sa 10 am-4 pm. Come see the immense beauty of
am-4 pm and by appointment. Housed in a historic home built in 1945, featuring Tallahassee and the Forgotten Coast in one gallery. At Images of Tallahassee, a
original art and also handcrafted jewelry by Annie Harris and other local artists. local photographer/artist has captured hundreds of scenes, beautifully framed, and
Also includes unusual accessories for the home and wardrobe, and unique cards are available in most any size you need. We also have a kiosk in Governor’s Square
for any occasion. Mall, lower level, Dillards wing.
Gadsden Arts Center Gift Shop,12 North Madison,Quincy (25 miles fromTallahassee), * LeMoyne Gifts and Art Supplies, 133 N. Gadsden St., 222-2234,
875-4866, Hours: Tu-Sa 10am-5pm, Su 1-5pm. The shop is Hours:T-Sa 10 am-5 pm, Su 1-5 pm. Located in the historic Munroe House (1906),
dedicated to displaying original work and reproductions by local artists and artisans this shop features the works of more than 50 local and area artists, including pottery,
with the hope that the visitor will find items which reflect the culture and heritage of photography,paintings,prints,greeting cards,candles,soaps,scarves,sculpture,wood,
the area to take away with them. Posters of each of the Art in Gadsden exhibitions, and glass. Also includes books and art supplies.
postcards, note cards, unframed original works and reproductions are available. Art MGallery,2533 Greer Road,Suite 1,531-9925, 9 am-
books, exhibition catalogues, jewelry and items for children are also for sale. 5:30 pm,Sa 10 am- 2 pm. M Gallery constantly strives to bring fun,unique art pieces to
Glasshopper, The Gallery at Market Street, 1419 Market Street, 668-5007, www. theTallahassee area,as well as featuring local artists with works of regional interest.Our Hours: M-F 10 am-5:30 pm, Sa 11 am-3 pm. Features three artists’ media include oils, pastels, mixed media, glass, and metal, and feature originals,
dimensional fine art created by fire, as well as artglass and jewelry. Works highlight limited editions, and fine art prints. Archival custom framing is also available.
traditional and contemporary techniques in blown, fused, and sculptural aspects of Muse•3,616 N.Bronough Street,222-6873,Hours:Tu- F 10 am -5:30 pm,Sa 10 am-3 pm.
glass; pieces range from small gifts to investments for serious collectors.The gallery also Muse • 3 is both a debut gallery specializing in launching new artistic careers and a gift
represents unique American jewelry artisans whose works employ unusual material and shop featuring original and unusual gifts and collectibles.Muse • 3’s goal is to provide a
techniques that stand out among today’s mass-produced commercial jewelry. venue for artists that is supportive,friendly,and accessible,and to provide a marketplace
* Glassworks by Susan, 1661 North Monroe St., 222-5095. Hours: Tu-F 10 am-6 pm, for art consumers that will satisfy a wide range of tastes and budgets.
Sa 10 am-4 pm. Stained glass studio at the Cottages at Lake Ella, featuring custom Pyramid Studios, 1770 Thomasville Road, 513-1733, Hours: M-
work. Leaded glass windows,Tiffany-style lamps, and supplies. F 8 am-5 pm. A unique gallery located in the Duval Plaza across from Miracle 5
Historically Florida: Florida’s History Shops, Museum of Florida History, R.A. Gray Theater.This art program instructs developmentally disabled adults in performing
Building, 245-6396, Old Capitol, 922-2432, The Capitol Plaza Level, 487-2044. and visual arts.The art gallery has artwork from local artists as well as art created by
Hours vary - consult the website: A unique opportunity the students who attend Pyramid Studios.

* These organizations also carry art supplies.

6 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine
Railroad Square Art Park, 567 Industrial Drive, artists in a sophisticated setting. Styles from Shop at the
224-1308, A collection realism to abstract. Also: fine crafts and limited
of World War II-era warehouses that has become
a thriving artist community with more than 80
edition prints. Events include exhibitions, lectures,
demonstrations, and more. Located near fine

studios,galleries,shops,and a cafe.At the entrance restaurants and nightlife in Manor @ Midtown, COCA’s FIRST FRIDAY
is an outdoor sculpture garden; a drive or walk across from Whataburger.Park free at Mt.Vernon

through Railroad Square is an art experience Square.
in itself, as the buildings are awash with bright VisitorsCenterGiftShop&Gallery,106 E.Jefferson
colors and murals. Hosts open studio days, St.,413-9200,
annual festivals, and is extremely popular on First 8 am-5 pm, Sa 9 am-1 pm. Take home something
Fridays. truly “made in Tallahassee”! Featuring a variety
Sally Rude Antiques and Fine Art Gallery, 1123 of art from local artists including fused glass,
Thomasville Rd., 222-4020, www.trocadero. mosaics, turned wood, folk art, notecards, framed On the first Friday
of every month, mu
galleries stay open fro seums and
com/mctc. Hours: M-Sa 11 to 6’ish. Appraisals by art, photography, pottery, and more. Something m 6 pm until at lea
with no admission cha st 9 pm
appointment. Filled with fine antique furniture for every age and every budget; plus Tallahassee rge, often featuring op
receptions, and specia enings,
from the 18th century to mid-century modern, souvenir T-shirts, ball caps and collectibles. l events for the public
the Tallahassee Demo . Check
and paintings from fine early oils, to abstract in Wild Women Art Gallery, 567 Industrial Dr., crat’s Limelight or the
Web site (www.cocan COCA’s
tempera, to contemporary. Many beautiful and Railroad Square Art Park, 224-1308, ubewild@ for a comple
who’s open each month te list of
unusual lamps and fabulous “smalls.” Voted “Best Hours: M-F 11 am-2 pm. Whimsical, fun .
Antiques Shop”in the “Best of Tallahassee”annual art: hand-painted furniture, fantastic plaques and
ballot in Tallahassee Magazine. tiles with witty and empowering sayings. Art for
Signature Art Gallery, 2779 Capital Circle NE, 297- the wild at heart.
2422, Hours: M-F Stringfest, 4352 Charles Samuel Drive, 668-6896, Hours: M-F 5-10 pm, Sa –Su
10 am-5:30 pm, Sa 10 am-2 pm. A commercial Music 1-10 pm. Repair, restoration, rental, and sales of
art gallery offering the original works of many Beethoven and Company, 1415 Timberlane
fine artists in a variety of media. Traditional and string instruments. Carries advanced and master
Road in Market Square, 894-8700, www.
contemporary work is shown,including landscape, violin lines,as well as student violins and cellos.Also Hours: M-F 10 am-6
figurative, and abstract works. Additionally, the available are professional and starter mandolins,
pm, Sa 10 am-4 pm. Sheet music, CDs, gifts,
gallery offers an extensive selection of limited acoustic guitars, and banjos.
instrument rentals, and music accessories.
edition prints and custom framing services. Art Vinyl Fever, 2256 W. Pensacola St., 580-2480, www.
Gordon’s String Music, 1903 North Monroe Street,
consultants on staff will bring art to your home or Hours: M-Sa 10 am-9 pm, Su 12-7
386-7784. Hours: M-F 10 am-6 pm, Sa 12-4 pm.
office and offer installation services. pm. A wide variety of new and used CDs and
Tallahassee’s home for traditional music. Quality
South of Soho Co-op Gallery, 563 Industrial Drive, records,including a large selection of music by local
acoustic instruments for beginners and advanced
Railroad Square Art Park, 907-3590, jzenickmail@ bands and musicians.Also carries music magazines,
players,including fiddles,guitars,banjos,mandolins, Hours: Sa 12-5 pm, Su 12-4 pm. Fresh, posters, videos and DVDs. Purchases used CDs,
and other. Also features an extensive selection of
professional-quality art from nine artists. A range records, tape and DVDs plus music-related items
instruction books, and a full line of accessories and
of painting styles including realism, abstract art, and accessories. Also sells tickets to upcoming
tuners. Offer lessons for children and adults.
portraits, geometric art, landscapes, and more. local music events.
Jim’s Pianos, 2695-A Capital Circle N.E., 205-5467,
Brush and ink drawings, plus the work of talented Hours: M-F 10 am–6 pm,
photographers with beautiful, haunting, ethereal, Sa 10 am – 5 pm. Serving the Big Bend Area for Handmade Jewelry
down-to-earth, landscape, seascape, woodland, more than 40 years. Stocks a large variety of name Artsy Phartsy Chics, 2522 Capital Circle, NE. Hours:
animal, portrait photography. Beautiful knitted brand pianos and keyboards for sale and rental. Tu-F 10 am – 6 pm, Sa 10 am – 4 pm. Owned and
work made from yarn from all over the world; Features private piano lessons, private theory operated by four local female artists/craftsmen,
knit bird nests, purses, boas, scarves and shawls in lessons, and adult and children’s group lessons. featuring handmade jewelry, purses, scarves,
season, and much more. Also offers in-home tunings and restoration of candles, soaps, sundries, and gift art collectables
Tallahassee Progressive Center,1720 S.Gadsden St., heirloom pianos. as well as mosaics, fused glass wind chimes, hand
222-1888, Hours: M-F 11 MusicMasters,1114 N.Monroe St.,224-6158,www. painted crystal and furniture for the home or
am-9 pm, Sa 12-5 pm. A collective of galleries, a Hours: M-F 9 am-6 pm, Sa 10 am- 6 garden. Also includes a selection of paintings,
cafe, a fair trade store, and two museums. Features pm. One stop shopping for all your musical needs. photography, scanography, and origami framed
rotating exhibits by local and worldwide artists in Professional sales, service, instrument rental and wall art. Customized art designed for your home
a variety of styles and media,including performing repair, and sheet music. or office is also available.
artists and film. Music Center, 1221 E. Lafayette Street (next to The Blue Abaco Trading Company, 1690 Raymond
Ten Thousand Villages, 1415 Timberlane Road, Moon), 942-0626. Hours: M-Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su Diehl Road,325-2323,
Suite 322, 906-9010, 12 pm-5 pm. Music store offering guitar lessons M-Sa 10 am-6:30 pm, Su 12-5 pm. Represents a
Hours:M-Sa,10 am – 6 pm.A non-profit,fair trade for all ages, beginner to advanced. Also offers new variety of local and regional artists whose work
store that sells handcrafted items made by artisans and used musical equipment. includes stained glass, hand-painted fabrics,
in more than 30 countries. Offers distinctive gifts Music Xchange, 221 East Third Ave., 681-7443, lampwork beads, beaded jewelry, mosaics, metal
and decorative folk art, from home décor to gifts, Hours: M-Sa 10 am art, painted furniture, hand-painted notecards,
pottery to jewelry, baskets to musical instruments, - 6:30 pm. A full-line music store stocking guitars, baby gifts, and whimsical paintings that change
and hand loomed textiles. basses, percussion, PA equipment, keyboards, with the seasons.
Thomas Eads Fine Art, 1122 Thomasville Road,
Suite 8, 224-1435,
recording gear, and all the appropriate accessories.
Also offers service for most brands of musical
* EtCeterocks Gallery, 1038 Commercial Drive,
Railroad Square Art Park,
Hours: Tu-Su 11 am-7 pm. Original painting, instruments, sound and recording equipment, Hours:Th-Sa,11:30 am-4:30 pm or by appointment.
photography, and sculpture by superb regional and accessories. Lapidary supplies for Tallahassee.Rough,finished

(continued on page 9)

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 7

On the Trail of Art for
Fearless Agers
by Judy Gross

f you are fortunate to live long enough, the day will come when you it takes to put on a play. “Active living dispels the stereotypical notions of aging
glance into the mirror and scream, “Who let that old lady (or old man) among older people themselves as well as younger people,”notes Martha.
in here?” Suddenly you realize that time is staring you in the formerly The current Acting Up class has two 82-year-olds in it and “they are capable
unwrinkled face, and your heart begins to race. So much to do! But of doing everything we do,” she adds with pride. Graduates of advanced classes
where to start? Well, jump headlong into the concept of Fearless have the option of joining the Acting Up Players, a performing troupe. And if
Aging! the classes make you itch to be onstage, check out Tallahassee Little Theatre’s
In the last century, 30 years have been added to our life span. Not at the audition dates. TLT holds open auditions for all its plays, and most have roles for
beginning, not at the end, but the middle years, where minds are sharp and mature actors, experienced or novice.
bodies still under our control. Thirty years! Time to explore and take risks, to insure Ah, accomplished gumshoe, now you’re acting, but you want to put a little
that you don’t get to the end, look back with regret, and ask yourself: why didn’t footwork into it, just in case you want to try out for a musical comedy with Theatre
I take a chance and try it? A La Carte? Trip the light fantastic back to the Senior Center for a Wednesday
Once you’ve left the nine-to-five grind, then what? Some folks buy RVs and afternoon ballet class. Be not afraid, no one will expect you to grande jeté across
become nomads, but others stay closer to home and check out all the fun things the floor like a prima ballerina, but you will be moving toward a toned and
they put on hold during their working years. Like discovering their inner artist. flexible body.
If you’re perched in Leon Shoving the detective hat back on your head, you spot fingerprints on an
County, you have a wealth of old clarinet or saxophone tucked away in the corner of your attic. Pull it out, dust
art adventures awaiting you. it off and strike up the band! The Big Bend Community Orchestra welcomes
Slap on your Sherlock Holmes musicians of all ages. Join them for their Thursday rehearsals and make good
hat, and follow the clues to all music with like minded folks of all ages.
things creative. If you have a musical bent but no instrument, you can still pick up the trail
Local artist Margaret of music. Follow it to the rousing and glorious sounds of the Tallahassee Civic
Hamilton swings open the Chorale and the Tallahassee Community Chorus. Push away those audition blues
door to the Art Studio at the and join the non-auditioning singers of all ages who come together in sweet
Tallahassee Senior Center, a harmony. Each group presents public concerts where you’ll have the chance to
welcoming spot for novice show off your vocal talents.
and accomplished painters. How you choose express yourself isn’t nearly as important as finding your
If you’re hesitant, begin with creative outlet. Dr. Roger Owen discovered the joy of photography and plans to
“No Fear Art” to learn the offer a digital camera class at the senior center.“I see photography
basics. Ready for more? as an art form combining the technical and the creative.”
portraits, oils, acrylic, Asian sumi-e, folk painting, sculpture, As a super sleuth, you have a wealth of stories to tell of your
even figure drawing with live models. discoveries. The Tallahassee Writers’ Association has writers of
mysteries, novels, poems – in fact, all genres. Hands-on help
Senior Center Program Director Hella Spellman has observed when older with laying out your plot and plugging in your characters is just
people engage in art, “they return to a spiritual youthfulness of exploration and waiting for you, the master detective.
discovery, uninhibited by societal roles as they explore their creativity.”
There’s no excuse for anyone to let the ripe years of maturity
Next, the never-idle Margaret escorts you to the Tallahassee Little Theatre, be devoid of creative pursuits. Many more activities than can
where she coordinates the gallery lobby that exhibits the work of local artists. be listed here can be found with a little investigation. The pay-
But wait! What’s happening there, just inside the lobby? It’s the “Acting Up” class off for unraveling the mystery is in dancing, singing, painting,
for mature adults! acting, making music, or writing. It’s elementary, my dear - the
You say that acting is something you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid arts bring life and vigor to every one of us throughout our
to look like a fool? There’s no mystery to unravel here. Director Martha Stewart lifetimes. Smile into that mirror and ignore the wrinkles. You’re
(she’s heard all the jokes) creates a comfortable, safe environment for the most looking at an artist!
timid and inexperienced thespians, and also for those who were active in theatre
but put it on the back burner during working years. You see happy, laughing
men and women engaged in learning how to explore their creativity, and what

8 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine
SHOPPING (cont.)
“There’s no excuse for anyone to let
the ripe years of maturity be devoid stones, jewelry and more. Located in Railroad Square Art Park.
Quincie’s Art Jewelry, 1325 Thomasville Road, 222-8411,
Hours: T, Th, F 10 am - 2 pm & 3 -6 pm, W 10 am-2 pm. Art jewelry gallery in
of creative pursuits.” Midtown Tallahassee, featuring several lines by Quincie Hamby. Jewelry is heavily
influenced by tropical and Hawaiian colors and materials.

Books & Video
Book Den, 1836 Thomasville Road, 980-2989, Hours: Tu-Th 10
am-9 pm, F-Sa 10 am-10 pm, Su 12-9 pm. A locally owned and operated book store
that offers a large variety of post-market and new literary material in Tallahassee.
The retail location is also designated as a venue for community activities including
book club meetings, poetry and other readings, children’s story time, and specialized
topic discussions.
Paperback Rack, 1005 North Monroe St., 224-3455. Hours: M-Sa 9 am-9 pm, Su 12
noon - 6 pm. New and used books to buy or trade. Look for books from local presses
like Anhinga Press and FC2.
Video 21, 1449 E. Lafayette St., 878-3921. Hours: M-F 10 am - 11 pm, Sa-Su 11 am
- 11 pm. The film lover’s video store. The largest selection of foreign, classic, cult,
independent and hard-to-find films in Tallahassee.

Dance & Theatrical Supplies
Halimeda’sOasis,2609 Glover Road,421-5151 or (866) 377-5151,www.halimedasoasis.
com. Hours: M-F 6:30 pm-9:30 pm or by appointment. Dance costuming (both
imported and locally sewn) for Middle Eastern and Polynesian Dance, including
hip scarves, harem pants, veils, tribal jewelry, and more. Custom costume design for
almost any other dance form is also available. Also carries drums, finger cymbals,
belly dance CDs and instructional DVDs.
Head Over Heels Dancewear, 1621 N. Monroe Street, 224-5140, www.head-over- Hours:Tu-Sa 10 am - 6 pm. Tallahassee’s complete dancewear shop, in the
Cottages at Lake Ella. Shoes, bodywear, legwear and accessories for ballet, jazz, tap,
theatre, and ballroom dancing, exercise, cheer, and gymnastics. Also carries books,
accessories, and gifts.
Magic & Fun Costume Shop,1787 W.Tennessee Street,224-6244.Hours:M-F 11 am-
7 pm, Sa 11 am-5 pm. Theatrical and clown makeup, magic and juggling supplies,
costumes, and more.

Art Supplies
Reaver Enterprises Fine Art Supplies, 1042 Commercial Drive, Railroad Square Art
Park, 561-6285, Hours: W-F 10 am-5:30 pm, Sa 12:30
pm-5:30 pm. Upstairs loft featuring a complete line of art supplies and materials
for drawing, drafting, painting and sculpture for the novice beginner as well as
accomplished professionals.
Utrecht Art Supplies, 1350 East Tennessee Street, 877-0321, Hours:
M-F 9 am-5 pm, Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su 12-5 pm. Features art supplies including canvas,
paints, and a wide selection of specialty drawing and painting supplies, brushes, and
architecture and drafting supplies.

For other places to buy local art and souvenirs, see pages 13, 16 & 17. Unless otherwise
indicated, all area codes are 850.

This may not be a complete listing of all organizations. To see if your organization or
event is eligible to be listed, please contact

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 9
While in Tallahassee, discover the artist
or performer in yourself. Learn to paint,
sculpt, bead, carve, or quilt. Tango the
night away – bring your own partner,
or meet someone new. Want to make
music? Here’s your chance to play in
the string section or sing with the
tenors. You’d rather work backstage or
write the script? There’s something for
you in here, too.


For up-to-date schedules and event information, visit

Beadz, 1690 Raymond Diehl Road, 325-2323, A variety of adult
- Denotes First Friday participant (see page 17 or back cover for more information)

regardless of their level of experience.Regular instruction in metalsmithing,precious
metal,clay,enameling,and beading techniques.Conveniently located metalworking
studio with all major equipment needed to do your own fabrication is available at
a reasonable monthly fee.
jewelry classes including “Beading 101,” wire wrapping, ornament making, pearl
knotting, and more. Hosts “Night Beadz”on Thursday nights from 7-9 pm, where Gadsden Arts Center, 13 North Madison, Quincy, 875-4866,
beaders are invited to bring a project to work on in the company of others. Weekly classes and one-day workshops in many media, including beginning/
BrushandPaletteStudio,1379Timberlane Road,893-1960,www.brushandpalettestudio. intermediate painting, basic drawing, ceramics, and more.
com.The place where creativity begins! Morning and evening adult art classes available Lafayette Park Arts & Crafts Center, 403 Ingleside Drive, 891-3945, www.talgov.
in oil painting,watercolor,drawing,and mosaic.Students provide their own supplies. com/parks/commcenter/lfartscrafts.cfm. Offers low-cost eight-week daytime classes in
Classes are limited to 12 students, and advance registration is required. watercolor,oil painting,stained glass,pottery,drawing,and others.Occasional one-day
FSU Museum of Fine Arts Artists’ League, Florida State University School of Visual Saturday workshops also available.Part of the City of Tallahassee’s Award-Winning
Arts and Dance, 644-1299, A special artist’s membership of the Parks and Recreation Department.
FSU Museum of Fine Arts,representing about 130 local artists in diverse disciplines, LeMoyne Center fortheVisual Arts,125 N.Gadsden Street,222-7622,www.lemoyne.
from painting and photography to glass, fine furniture making, and more. Hosts org. Art courses for students with all ranges of abilities, from absolute beginners to
exhibitions, which allow artists to show their work in museum-quality spaces year- established artists. Classes are available in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography,
round. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9 pm at the and others,and emphasize both the process and production of art.Sessions run four
FSU Museum, and feature guest speakers or programs on specific topics. times yearly and meet on weekday evenings or Saturdays. All classes are of limited
Capital City Carvers, 562-8460, A club for wood carvers and size, and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
those who would like to learn to carve wood. Instruction is provided for beginning Oglesby Union Art Center,Florida State University Oglesby Student Union, 644-4737,
carvers. Membership dues are $20 per year, but visitors are always welcome to Offers classes for students,faculty,staff,and the general public
observe or join in the carving. Meets Monday nights, 7-9 pm, in the Arts Center in ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, glass fusing, stain glass, mosaic tile art,
of the Senior Center. and jewelry. Classes are weekly and run for seven weeks each. Also offers full service
FloridaSocietyofGoldsmiths,NorthwestChapter,1100 North Monroe Street,www. custom framing. Dedicated to helping anyone interested in learning jewelry techniques, Quilters Unlimited, An organization of more than 200

10 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine

members whose goal is to promote knowledge of DANCE teach both the steps and the routines. Many and
and interest in quilting and the art of quilt making. varied routines to many types of music, although
Members display work in annual exhibits at City African Caribbean Dance Theatre, 539-4087, country and top 100 current tunes are the most
Hall and the Museum of Florida History. Journey into Africa with the popular.The Mountain Dews perform all over the
Swamp Buddha Sumi-E, 386-5041, aekoz@yahoo. African Caribbean Dance Theatre (ACDT). southeast at amusement parks, festivals, concerts,
com.Studio group that works in the Asian“Sumi-e” With its year-round classes, workshops and and charity events.
style of ink painting. Members paint and develop performances, ACDT is your premier source for Prophecy School of the Arts, 2312 Apalachee
at their own pace; the group occasionally sponsors African cultural activities in Florida. Its weekly Parkway, Suite 10, 222-8085, www.prophecyarts.
workshops that bring in instructors from across the schedule includes Saturday classes in drum, adult net. Creative movement and dance classes for all
country. Meets Saturdays from 10:30 am-1 pm at dance, and children’s/beginner’s dance at Palmer- ages. Offers beginning ballet, beginning tap/jazz,
Forest Meadows Park and Athletic Center, 4750 Munroe Community Center at 1900 Jackson hip hop, African movement with live percussion
N. Meridian Road. Bluff Road from 10 am-1:30 pm.Each dance class accompaniment, and more. The curriculum at
Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild, 656-2887, is taught with the accompaniment of live African Prophecy is enhanced by videos, lectures, guest The Guild promotes percussion. Prior experience is not necessary to artists, performance invitations, and an annual
polymer clay as a medium for art and craft, offers participate. dance showcase.
continuing education to polymer clay artists and ArgentineTango Society ofTallahassee,222-3449, Rhythm Rushers Bahamian Junkanoo Group,
enthusiasts,develops opportunities for local polymer Bringing cultural Office of Black Diasporan Culture, Florida A&M
clay artists to show their work, and participates in enrichment and enjoyment of the dance,combined University, 412-7087,
community service activities. Meetings are the first with the passion for its music, to the people in the Strives to share Bahamian culture as it is expressed
Sunday of the month at 2 pm. Tallahassee area.Holds a Milonga,an open dance, through Junkanoo by offering educational
Tallahassee Senior Center for the Arts, 1400 on Tuesday evenings, a Practica, a practice session, programs and hands-on workshops. Begun in
North Monroe Street, 891-4006, on Wednesday evenings, and a beginning class on 1997, Rhythm Rushers performs in a variety
Ongoing daytime and early evening studio-style Thursday evenings. If you are new to Tango, there of locations throughout Tallahassee and the
classes such as “Learning to Draw,”“No Fear Art,” is an “Intro to Tango” class on the first Thursday surrounding counties.
“Oil Painting,”and “Pencil and Pastel.”Classes are of the month. Beginner and advanced dancers The Tallahassee Ballet, 224-6917, www.tallaballet.
open to all levels, from beginner to professional welcome. com. Community classes on weekday evenings.
artist. If you are interested in participating, just CorazonDancers,Florida State University,212-1714, Intermediate/advanced ballet and Pilates mat.Sign
show up!The instructor provides a supply list based Established in 2001, the up in advance on the web site.
on your level and interest. Cost is $8 per class for Corazon Dancers teach, perform, and hold Salsa Tallahassee Community Friends of Old Time
seniors and $10 per class for non-seniors. socials throughout the year. Salsa dance classes are Dance, 421-1559 or 421-1838, www.tallydancer.
Tallahassee Watercolor Society, 385-9517, www. open to the entire Tallahassee community. com. Supports and encourages the promotion Sponsors watercolor workshops FSUBallroomDanceClub,Florida State University, and growth of old time dance and music in the
featuring nationally known artist/instructors. FSUBDC is a one of Tallahassee area. Sponsors a regular “2nd Friday
Holds an annual juried members’ exhibit and the the largest student organizations at FSU,operating Dance” each month, and hold workshops,
annual Tri-State Water Media Exhibition,in which since 1977.Community members are welcome to concerts, and special dances. Previous experience
watercolorists from Florida,Georgia,and Alabama attend our functions,and to come learn to dance in is not needed or expected; the callers teach each
compete for over $4,000 in prizes. Meets on the our Sunday night classes. Some of the dances we dance before it is begun. In the tradition of the old
third Sunday of each month from September until teach include foxtrot,waltz,swing,west coast swing, American barn dances, all ages participate.
May at the LeMoyne Art Educational Annex,417 triple-time swing,hustle,tango,cha cha,merengue, Tallahassee Swing Band Dances,894-3789, etoole@
E. Call Street at 4 pm. Visitors are welcome. rumba, salsa and mambo. Lessons are held in the Dance to a full-sized big band at the
Talleon Independent Artists, 386-7176, www.tfn. Oglesby Union or Student Services Building, American Legion Hall on Lake Ella everyTuesday
net/Talleon. Membership is open to professional Room 203, on FSU’s campus. Partners are not night at 7:30 pm.Enjoy the music of Glenn Miller,
and amateur artists in all media. Meetings are required, nor is any type of dancing experience. Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Count Basie
held the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 pm In Step Studio,2609 Glover Road, www.instepstudio. and Duke Ellington.It’s a ballroom dancer’s delight
at the Brush & Palette Studio on Timberlane com, 421-5151. Promotes understanding of with waltzes,cha chas,polkas,bosa novas,including
Road. Meetings include informative programs, cultures from around the world through dance, a whole range of latin dances, plus some tunes out
refreshments, and door prizes. Talleon works are exercise, and music. Home to Troupe Arabesque of the fifties and sixties,and music from the movies
currently on display at the Brush & Palette, Jim’s (Middle Eastern Performing Ensemble), the and Broadway stage.
Piano, and the Capital City Country Club. Mau’oli’oli Dancers (Polynesian dance), and Tallahassee Zydeco & Cajun Association
Thomas Eads Fine Art, 1122 Thomasville Road, Halimeda’s Oasis for dance costuming. Adult (TAZACA), 212-0431, zydeco-jan@comcast.
Suite 8, 224-1435, www.thomaseadsfineart. classes include Flamenco,Hawaiian Hula,Middle net. Formed in 2000 to bring bands and dance
com. Learn photography one-on-one from an Eastern dancing, and drumming. Private lessons instructors to Tallahassee from Lafayette and
award-winning professional. Classes are held at available. the surrounding towns of southwest Louisiana,
the gallery, scheduled for your convenience. Smart Killearn Performing Arts, 4500 W. Shannon Lakes TAZACA holds Zydeco and Cajun music and
Digital Workshop is for beginners. Learn to #20, 443-7512 or 894-9364, www.killearnpa. dance events at the American Legion Dance Hall
make better pictures with a digital camera, and to com. Home of the Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers, and Bradfordville Blues Club. Members receive
enhance and share your pictures in three 2-hour Tallahassee’s own “Riverdance”performing group. discounts to sponsored dances.
sessions. Intentional Photography is for the more KPA offers a variety of dance and drama classes USA Dance, 562-1224,
experienced. Learn and apply photographic and for all ages. Instruction in Irish dance, tap, ballet, mweininger/tallusabda. Promotes competitive
artistic principles to achieve your goal; interview modern, hip-hop, creative drama, musical theatre, ballroom dancing and holds monthly social
before, critique after. and social dance (ballroom type) are available. dances at the Senior Center, 1400 N. Monroe
Mountain Dew Cloggers, 386-1263, www. Street. Beginner dancers and singles are welcome.
Images: Opposite page (clockwise) - African Caribbean Clogging classes and Free dance lessons often available prior to each
Dance Theatre, Tallahassee Contemporary Poets Society performances for all ages and levels.The instructors social dance.

(continued on page 12)

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 11

style. Prior musical training is not necessary for drumming group. Tocamos plays Latin dance
MAKE MUSIC learning, loving and performing this exciting grooves, traditional folk songs from Cuba, Brazil,
Apalachee Blues Society, 668-5863, www. music. Rehearsals are Monday Evenings from and Puerto Rico, as well as traditional African Brings special Blues 6:30-9 pm at Capital Regional Medical Center, rhythms and instruments.Tocamos can be seen at
concerts and shows to the Tallahassee region and 2626 Capital Medical Blvd, in the Communicare Lake Ella on most Sundays from 5 pm-8 pm,and
supports Tallahassee’s many venues that present Building, Classroom #2. holds a community drum circle each First Friday
Blues music. Holds a monthly membership Tallahassee Chapter, Nashville Songwriters in Railroad Square.
meeting followed by an acoustic Blues jam.These Association,509-2695,www.nashvillesongwriters. Voces Angelorum, 942-6075, www.
jams enable novice musicians and singers to learn com. Provides aspiring songwriters with lessons, An auditioned, all-
from more experienced musicians and singers. song evaluation,networking,seminars,performance volunteer women’s choir dedicated to masterfully
Membership benefits include discounts at most opportunities, and more. Part of an international performing classical music of excellence. Such
ABS and most Bradfordville Blues Club shows, organization solely dedicated to helping aspiring rarely-heard music is challenging but very
and periodic newsletters. songwriters become better at creating songs. rewarding to perform. The choir gives four fall
Barbershop Harmony Society, 562-3876, www. Monthly workshop normally meets on the first concerts and four spring concerts each year. Two A male chorus that enjoys Tuesday of the month. concerts per season take place in Tallahassee, and
four-part a capella harmony and preserving this Tallahassee Civic Chorale, 878-2711, www. two are given out of town.
truly American art form. Performs for the public A 45-50 member chorus made
several times a year, and forms several quartets to up of local community members and students, ACT UP
serenade sweethearts on Valentine’s Day each year. that performs three major concerts annually. No
auditions are required for membership; soloists are Curious Echo Radio Theater, 228-2473, www.
Meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm at the Dedicated to spreading the art and
Steinway Gallery, and welcomes congenial men auditioned.Meets for rehearsals in Room CH 161
in the Communications and Humanities Building enjoyment of audio theater to Tallahassee and
of good character who love harmony in music or beyond.For samples,performance dates,and more,
have a desire to harmonize. at Tallahassee Community College on Tuesdays
from 7-9 pm. visit the web site.
BigBendCommunityOrchestra,893-4567,www. FSU Film School, University Center Building A, An all-volunteer organization open to all Tallahassee Community Chorus, 668-5394, Seeking enthusiastic singers Florida State University, 644-0453, filmschool.fsu.
orchestral musicians in the Big Bend area. Each edu. If you have you ever wanted to grace the silver
Thursday evening more than 60 talented musicians to perform the world’s greatest music. A non-
auditioned group of 200+ singers that draws screen, here’s your chance! FSU Film School
meet to rehearse and enjoy making music in holds open casting twice a year for its fall and
a supportive atmosphere of self-fulfillment, members from all walks of life and musical ability
in the Big Bend community, and includes many spring graduate and undergraduate films. This is
encouragement, and enthusiasm. Members of a wonderful opportunity to work with some of
the orchestra include teachers, retirees, business professional musicians. Repertoire ranges from
the large masterworks of Handel and Beethoven the brightest up-and-coming filmmakers in the
leaders, professionals, students, and individuals country.No experience is necessary.Directors look
from many other walks of life.Presents free Sunday to Broadway show tunes to spirituals and gospel
songs. Whatever your musical background and for actors of all ages,experience,and type.Volunteer
afternoon concerts. crew members also needed.
Classical Guitar Society of Tallahassee, 521-0700 interest, you will find something you will enjoy
during the season. Rehearsals are held Mondays Mickee Faust Club, 623 McDonnell Drive in
or 668-1643, Railroad Square, 224-3089,
Provides performance and learning opportunities from 7:30-9:30 pm at St.John’s Episcopal Church
in the Alfriend Hall. Tallahassee’s tongue-in-cheek answer to a certain
for guitarists of all ages,experience,and ability levels unctuous rodent in Orlando.The Faustkateers are
in a fun,safe,and relaxed atmosphere.Also presents Tallahassee Community College Jazz Band, 567-
6336 or 201-8360. A non-auditioned group that a wild and wily group who write, direct, perform,
guest artist concerts in partnership with the FSU and produce cabaret-style shows, plays, radio
College of Music Guitar Department, and has offers musicians an outlet to learn and perform
a variety of stage band music. Local community shows, videos, and special projects. Often billed as
a Community Outreach program consisting “community theater for the weird community,”the
of educational and performance opportunities musicians make up the core of the band; all you
need is an instrument,the ability to read music,and group is open to all, and especially committed to
at schools, churches, retirement homes, and at creating opportunities for people with disabilities.
other local non-profit fundraisers. Newcomers a desire to have fun.Meets in the Communications
& Humanities building, Room 165,Wednesdays Quincy Music Theatre, 118 East Washington St.,
welcome! Quincy (25 miles fromTallahassee),875-9444,www.
Gordon’s String Music, 1903 North Monroe Street, from 7:30-9:30 pm.
Tallahassee Pipe Band, 576-0708, www. Just minutes from Tallahassee,
386-7784. Tallahassee’s home for traditional the Quincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s
music. Quality acoustic instruments for beginners Holds an open practice
each Monday except for holidays at 7:00 pm at largest all-musical community theatre. Many cast
and advanced players, and lessons for children members, directors, choreographers, musicians,
and adults. Robert Butler Lodge #305, 1361 E. Lafayette
Street.Pipe and drumming instruction is available. and audience members migrate from the Capital
Jim’s Pianos, 2695-A Capital Circle N.E., 205-5467, City and surrounding area to assist or attend Features private piano Band and band members are available for public
and private functions. productions.
lessons, private theory lessons, and adult and Tallahassee Little Theatre, 1861 Thomasville
children’s group lessons. With all lessons, students Tallahassee Winds, 668-7109,
An adult symphonic band that plays challenging Road,,
learn to read music, play songs by ear and from 224-4597. Your Community Theatre has
sheet music, find the right harmony to melodies, wind band literature in formal concert settings. It
is designed to bring together talented musicians in provided quality theatrical experiences to local
and experience playing many styles. artists and audiences for more than 50 years.
Southern Blend, 907-2034 or 385-7219, www. the Big Bend area in a musical environment that is
enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding. The group Volunteer onstage—auditions are open to everyone The Tallahassee Chapter of in the community. Volunteer backstage—help
Sweet Adelines International, Southern Blend is auditioned,and holds four rehearsals and a dress
rehearsal prior to each formal concert. move sets, stage manage, or organize costumes.
Women’s Barbershop Chorus features vocal Volunteer off stage as a scenic painter, assistant
training and education in the distinctive barbershop Tocamos, Railroad Square Art Park, 212-0325,’s own Afro-Cuban director,lighting designer,ticket taker or seamstress.

(continued on page 15)

12 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine
ALTERNATIVE Features everything The Moon, 1105 E. Lafayette St. 878-6900, www.

Tired from improv comedy to drag shows to Amateur
Entertainers Night.
Cafe Cabernet, 1019 N. Monroe St., 224-
6158, Hours: M-Sa Box office hours: M-F 12-6 pm.
Hosts major concerts featuring country,rock,R&B,
rap, reggae, jazz, and other popular formats.
Off Street Players, 907-5743, paminole@yahoo.

of the Tried 5 pm-2 am. Offers a variety of live musical
entertainment four nights a week, including
jazz, R&B, pop and rock artists.
com. Produces work by new playwrights or
newer plays by established authors.

& true?
Expand your horizons with independent
Club Downunder, Oglesby Union, Florida State
University, 644-6673, Offers
performances throughout the week by nationally
recognized bands and comedy shows.
net. An experimental comedy troupe specializing
in short form improv comedy.
Potbelly’s, 459 W. College Ave., 224-2233, www. Features national, regional, and
music,experimentaltheatre,avant-gardeart,or Fiction Collective Two (FC2) Readings, 644- local live music at least four nights a week.
2260, Sponsors periodic readings Includes large outdoor deck area.
offbeat poetry readings.Expect to be surprised of innovative, challenging, and sophisticated Railroad Square Art Park, 567 Industrial Drive,
and delighted when you venture off the writing followed by book signings. 224-1308, A collection
beaten path to the world of the alternative. Floyd’s Music Store, 666-1 West Tennessee St., of World War II-era warehouses now used as art, 222-3506. Hosts an galleries, studios, and small businesses.
- Denotes First Friday participant array of live music concerts. Tallahassee Little Theatre Coffeehouse Series,
(see page 17 or back cover for more information) FSU Oglesby Gallery, FSU Oglesby Student 1861 Thomasville Road, offices 224-4597, box
Union, 644-3898, office 224-8474, www.tallahasseelittletheatre.
621 Gallery, 621 Industrial Drive, 224-6163, Hours: M-F 8 am-10 pm, Sa-Su 12 pm-10 pm. org. Alternative and challenging contemporary
www.621gallery. com. Hours: W-F 11 am-2 pm, Features art collections from students, faculty theatre performed in the intimate atmosphere
Sa-Su 12-4 pm. Featuring eight contemporary and the community,offering fresh interpretations, of a 70-90 seat flexible space.
art exhibitions per year. engaging themes, and varying perspectives. Tallahassee Progressive Center, 1720 S. Gadsden
Anhinga Press Poetry Readings, 442-1408, Maggie Allesee National Center for St., 222-1888, Hours: M-F Small press poetry publisher Choreography (MANCC), Montgomery 11 am-9 pm, Sa 12-5 pm. A collective of galleries,
that sponsors Wednesday night literary reading Hall, FSU Campus, 645-2449, a café, a fair trade store, and two museums.
series. An artist-centered environment that facilitates The Warehouse, 706 W. Gaines Street, 222-6188.
American Legion Hall, 229 Lake Ella Drive, creativity, research, training, documentation and Features acoustic music, improv jazz, traditional
recorded event information 222-3382. Features dissemination of new knowledge in dance. Irish and bluegrass music, as well as literary and
dance lessons on Wednesday nights,Tallahassee Mickee Faust Club, 623 McDonnell Drive, poetry readings.
Swing Band on Tuesday nights, and Country/ 224-3089, Performs Waterworks, 1133 Thomasville Road, 224-1887.
Western dance nights. DJ with a variety of cabaret-style shows, heavy on political parody, Hours: M-F 5 pm-2 am, Sa 8 pm-2 am, Su 9 pm-
dance music Monday nights. in a lime green and purple barn at the lip of 2 am. Live jazz club with a Polynesian décor,
Apalachee Blues Society, 668-5863, www. Railroad Square. also featuring Latin salsa on Thursdays. Brings special blues
concerts to the Tallahassee region and supports
Tallahassee venues that present blues music.
Atlantis Club & Grill, 2712 Mahan Drive, 224-
9711. Live music Fridays from 5 pm until 2
am, dancing on Saturday from 6 pm to 2 am.
On special Latin Night Saturdays, lessons are
offered from 8-10 pm.
Back Talk Poetry Troupe, 459-7399, www. Sponsors a weekly poetry
jam featuring an open mic plus live music.
Bannerman’s, 6800 Thomasville Road, 668-8800.
Hours: M-Th 11am-midnight, F-Sa 11 am- 2
am, Su 12 noon-7 pm. Live music every week,
with acoustic music on Wednesdays, classic
rock on Fridays, and swing on Saturdays.
The Beta Bar, 809 Railroad Avenue, 425-2697, Offers a selection of live
music in a variety of genres, including punk,
metal, hip-hop, and indie music.
Bradfordville Blues Club, 7152 Moses Lane,
Unique location and atmosphere, hosting a
different blues artist each weekend.
The Brink, 284-5753,
Graduate and undergraduate students at FSU
performing new and alternative theatrical works. Local band The Vinyl have performed at Floyd’s Music Store as well as venues in Orlando and Gainesville. Their latest CD,
Brothers Night Club,926 W.Tharpe St.,386-2399, Addition, is available on iTunes.

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 13
Let Us
From classical to contemporary, from
downtown to midtown, on campus
or off, these concerts, plays, musical
theatre, film, and dance events will
entertain, amuse, and inspire you.
There’s something new to do almost

every day of the year.
Stick with the arts,
and you’ll never be bored.

For up-to-date schedules and event information, visit

The Artist Series, 224-9934, Visiting artist
classical music series featuring nationally and internationally renowned
variety of events including top musical artists, Tallahassee Broadway
Series, sporting events such as FSU basketball, and more.
The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, season tickets 224-0461, individual
concert tickets 644-6500, Providing the voice
performing artists from around the world. of classical orchestral music to the Tallahassee community, featuring a
FAMU Music Department, Florida A&M University, 599-3334, www. Masterworks Series, holiday concert, young people’s concert and more. Includes student performances, faculty recitals, guest Tallahassee Symphony Youth Orchestra (TSYO), 1345 Thomasville Road, 224-
lecturers and artists of international reputation, festivals, and features 9232, TSYO’s five orchestras, four chamber
the acclaimed “Marching 100.” ensembles, and the Tallahassee Fiddlers present four concerts at Opperman
Florida State Opera, FSU College of Music, 644-5248, box office 644-6500, www. Music Hall, plus additional performances throughout the year. Provides the Tallahassee community with performances Teatime Concert Series, Brokaw-McDougall House, 329 North Meridian
and activities designed to foster an interest in opera and theatre. Street, 222-7358, Afternoon classical
FSU College of Music, Florida State University, 24-hour concert line 644- concerts paired with an artist/audience tea reception.
4774, box office 644-6500, Offers more than 430 Voces Angelorum, 942-6075, Women’s
concerts each year, many of which are free. choir dedicated to masterfully performing classical music of excellence.
Music on the Lawn, Chez Pierre Restaurant, 1215 Thomasville Road, 222-0936, Music on Friday nights from March through May, 6-10 DANCE
pm, featuring jazz and other styles such as swing, samba, Latin & pop.
Essence DanceTheatre, Florida A&M University, 412-7525,
Tallahassee Bach Parley, 942-6075, Provides a three
Dedicated to putting on professional-quality and high-energy productions.
to four concert season of high quality performances of the music of Bach
FSU Department of Dance, Florida State University, 644-1023, www.fsu.
and the Baroque period, held at various venues around Tallahassee.
edu/~dance. Offers a wide variety of dance concerts throughout the year
Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center, 505 West Pensacola Street, 487-
in the Nancy Smith Fitcher Dance Theatre, and throughout Tallahassee
1691, box office 222-0400, Box office hours: M-F 10 am-5:30
and the Southeast Region.
pm. A multi-purpose convention and entertainment arena, hosting a

14 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine

Kollage Dance Troupe, Florida State FAMU Essential Theatre, Florida A&M Tallahassee Little Theatre, 1861 Thomasville
University, 645-1385, A University, Charles Winter Wood Theatre, Road, 224-4597, box office 224-8474, www.
co-ed hip-hop based dance organization, 599-3430, box off ice 561-2846, www. Produces a wide
whose objective is to unite artists from Produces a variety of variety of plays and musicals, as well as intimate
different cultures and backgrounds for the classical and contemporary plays, with a major Coffeehouse shows on a second stage.
purpose of dance. emphasis on African-American culture. Theatre A La Carte, 385-6700, www.
Mahog any Dance T heat re, F l o r i d a FSU Film School, University Center Building A, North Florida’s premiere
A&M University, 561-2318, Florida State University, 644-0453, filmschool. musical theatre company, offering fall and
mahoganydancetheat Sponsors free public screenings of summer musicals annually at Tallahassee
Produces and performs two yearly concerts BFA films each December and MFA thesis Little Theatre.
at various events throughout Tallahassee films each August. Theatre TCC!, Tallahassee Community College,
and the southeast. FSU Student Life Cinema, Student Life 444 Appleyard Drive, 201-8608, box office
Orchesis Contemporary Dance Theatre, Building, FSU Campus, 113 S. Wildwood 644-6500, Produces quality
Florida A&M University, 599-8678. Presents a Drive, 644-4455, Featuring theatre appropriate for the entire family at
repertory encompassing a variety of movement five to six nights a week of everything from affordable prices in the beautiful and spacious
styles with an emphasis on presenting elements the most recent blockbuster movies to Turner Auditorium.
of the black experience through dance. documentaries, indies, and foreign films, and Young Actors Theatre, 609 Glenview Drive,
The Tallahassee Ballet, 224-6917, box office restored cinema classics. 386-6602, A
644-6500, Presents IMAX Theatre at the Challenger Learning non-profit youth theatre and school for the
two full-length productions each year, as Center, 200 S. Duval Street, 645-STAR, www. performing arts.
well as performances from professional The region’s only IMAX
guest artists, and a traditional production Theatre, as well as one of only 15 all-digital
of The Nutcracker each December. Planetarium Theatres in North America.
For other performance groups, see pages 10, 11 & 15.
TheSchoolofTheatreatFloridaState, Florida State
THEATRE & FILM University, Fine Arts Building, 644-6500, theatre. Unless otherwise indicated, all area codes are 850. Produces an annual season of classic plays, This may not be a complete listing of all organizations.
musicals,and new works in the FallonTheatre,Lab To see if your organization or event is eligible to be listed,
Capital City Shakespeare in the Park, 386-6476,
Theatre and Conradi Studio Theatre. please contact Studies and performs
Tallahassee Film Society, 386-4404, www.
Shakespeare’s plays for the enrichment of the Images: Opposite page (clockwise) - Theatre A La
tallahasseef Presents foreign,
Tallahassee community. Carte’s production of Seussical, the Tallahassee Ballet,
independent, and documentary films on a The School of Theatre at FSU’s production of Amadeus,
limited-showing basis. the Tallahassee Civic Chorale.

(continued on page 15)
No previous experience is required. The perfect craft. An oasis for creative writers struggling We will meet bi-weekly to listen to guest speakers,
venue to explore your own creative side as a across the long desert of rejection slips and actively edit, and of course, enjoy sharing many
performer or a volunteer. lost manuscripts that face every writer seeking styles of contemporary poetry.
TheatreALaCarte, 385-6700,www.theatrealacarte. publication. Anyone can join for free and submit Tallahassee Writers’ Association, 671-3731,
org. Always looking for energetic people to assist their work. New stories are posted on the first of A dynamic organization of
with productions. Musicians: open recruitment each month, reviewed by other members, and both published and aspiring writers of all ages
for electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, strings, floated on these reviews into the website’s Top in all genres. Meetings are held monthly on the
winds, brass, percussion. Stipend is usually offered Stories of the Month spotlight. fourth Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Tallahassee
to musicians. Actors: please see website for LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library, Senior Center. Meetings feature speakers, panels,
information on upcoming auditions. Stage Crew: 200 West Park Avenue, 606-2665, www. workshops, and discussions about all facets of the
backstage helpers able to work under pressure (in Library’s author series craft and business of writing. TWA also sponsors
the dark). Front of House: house management, “Booked for Lunch”on the third Thursday of the the Seven Hills Writing Conference each spring,
box office,ushering,grant writing,fundraising.No month offers local authors the opportunity to meet a celebration of Big Bend authors during the
previous experience necessary to volunteer. readers,talk about,and read from their books.Call holidays, and mini-workshops throughout the
to discuss scheduling. year. TWA also sponsors nationally recognized
Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, contests for writers: The Seven Hills Contest (fiction,
WRITE 656-3410, For published non-fiction, memoirs), Penumbra (poetry, haiku),
Apalachee Press, 942-5041, and non-published authors and artists serious about and Project Stagelight (stage plays).
Publishes the Apalachee Review,a literary magazine their work in children’s literature.Sponsors a“Cuppa
produced in Tallahassee since 1973, with an Critique” at 7-8:30 pm on the first Tuesday of the
international distribution and subscription list. month from September to May at Books-A-
Part of the mission has always included featuring Million, 3531 Thomasville Road. Please note: listed here are activities for adults. See the
Florida writers,and as part of Tallahassee’s writing Tallahassee Contemporary Poets Society, 1-888- “For the Kids” section on pages 20–21 for children’s classes
community the press also continues to publish and activities.
local authors. there’s a word, there’s a way! The TCPS is a brand Unless otherwise indicated, all area codes are 850.
Digital Pulp, 297-1373, new group whose goals are to form an open local This may not be a complete listing of all organizations.
Member-driven website dedicated to helping workshop environment, host scheduled readings, To see if your organization or event is eligible to be listed,
writers of short fiction perfect and promote their and work together to create an eventual publication. please contact

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 15
GET UP, Don’t just sit on the couch watching
reruns of Deal or No Deal! Get up, get
out, and explore Tallahassee’s incredible
variety of art galleries, museums, historic
sites, and more.

Get Out & You never know what you’ll discover
– all you have to do is look.

For up-to-date schedules and event information, visit - Denotes First Friday participant (see page 17 or back cover for more information)
621 Gallery, 621 Industrial Drive, 224-6163, Hours: W-F 11 am-2 The Capitol Building - 22nd floor, Downtown, S. Duval St., 488-6167, Hours: M-F 8
pm, Sa-Su 12-4 pm. Media such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and am-5 pm. One of four tower Capitols in the U.S., featuring a panoramic view from
performance art are featured in eight contemporary exhibitions per year. 22nd floor observatory/art gallery.
Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, 3540 Thomasville Road, 487-4115, Ranger Capitol Complex Galleries, 245-6480, Six galleries, rotating
Station 487-4556, Hours: Daily 8 am-sunset. Home to exhibits every three months, designed to showcase Florida artists and arts
breathtaking floral gardens, eight miles of trails for biking, hiking and horseback organizations.
riding, a boat launch, swimming beach, picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as the City Hall Art Gallery, City Hall, 2nd Floor, 300 South Adams Street, 224-2500, www.
Maclay House museum. Hours: M-F 8 am-5:30 pm. Managed by the Council on Culture & Arts,
Ars Magna @ the NHMFL, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at FSU, 1800 this gallery offers a diverse selection of works by both regional and local artists.
E. Paul Dirac Drive, Innovation Park, 644-8053, Hours: M-F Claude Pepper Museum, 636 W. Call Street, FSU Campus, 644-9311, www.
9 am-5 pm. Features local 2-D, 3-D and mixed media artists exploring the science Hours: M-F 8:30 am-5 pm. Exhibits dramatically portray
of art and the art in science. the personal and political experiences of U.S. Senator Claude Pepper, one of the
Art Galleries at Tallahassee Community College, 444 Appleyard Drive, 201-8713, most influential and longest serving members of Congress. Hours: M-F, 12 noon-4 pm. Features Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Florida A&M University, Foster Tanner Fine Arts
changing exhibits by faculty, students, and local and regional artists. Building, 599-3161. Hours: M-F 10 am-noon, 1-4 pm. Exhibits and events focus on
ArtPort Gallery, Tallahassee Regional Airport, 3300 Capital Circle SW, 224-2500, www. the richness of visual art as an expression of material culture, history, and creative Hours: Daily 8 am-11:30 pm. Managed by the Council on Culture & genius, featuring artists from the African Diaspora.
Arts, this gallery exhibits the work of local artists in all media with shows changing FSU International Center Art Gallery, 107 South Wildwood Drive, FSU Campus, 645-
every five to six weeks. 4793, Hours: M-F 8 am-5 pm. An exhibition space
Arts Learning Gallery, 500 South Bronough Street, 245-6480, for international artists from the FSU and Tallahassee communities.
programs/learninggallery.htm. Hours: M-F, 9 am-4:30 pm, Sa 10 am – 4:30 pm, Su 12- FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Fine Arts Building, 644-1254,
4:30 pm. Features the artworks of students, teachers, and lifelong learners. Hours: M-F 9 am-4 pm, Sa-Su 1-4 pm, closed weekends during the
The Black Archives Capitol Complex at the Historic Union Bank, 219 Apalachee summer. A lively mix of exhibitions from new and nationally known artists.
Pkwy., 561-2603, Hours: M-F 9 am-4 pm. Exhibits Goodwood Museum & Gardens, 1600 Miccosukee Road, 877-4202, www.
focus on the experiences and contributions of African Americans throughout the Hours: Main House Tours M-F 10 am-4 pm, Sa 10 am-2 pm;
state, with special emphasis on famous Black Floridians. Garden M-F 9 am-5 pm, Sa 10 am- 2 pm. Antebellum plantation house situated on
sixteen acres of sprawling lawns, gardens and centuries-old oaks.

16 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine

Down the
John G. Riley Center / Museum of African Think you’ve
American History and Culture, 419 E. Jefferson
Street, 681-7881, Hours: seen and done it
M, W, F 10 am-4 pm, Saturdays by appointment. all in Tallahassee?
Featuring a variety of exhibits based on the history Well, there’s
and heritage of African American culture.
another world

The Kirk Collection, The Public Broadcast Center, 1600
Red Barber Plaza, Hours: M-F 9 waiting just a few
am-5 pm. A 300-piece collection of antique radios,
televisions, musical instruments, microphones, and
miles in every
other sound equipment. direction. Check
Knott House Museum, 301 East Park Avenue, 922- out the arts in
2459, Hours:
W-F 1-4 pm, Sa 10 am-4 pm; closed August. Historic Quincy, Havana,
home dating back to the 1840’s, reflecting a unique Monticello,
perspective on the evolution of Tallahassee.
LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts, 125 N. Gadsden
St., 222-8800, Hours: Tu-Sa Bainbridge, and
10 am-5 pm, Su 1-5 pm. One-and-a-half acre all the rest, right
site including the main galleries in the historic
Meginiss-Munroe House, the LeMoyne Gift
down the road.
Shop, and a lush sculpture garden.
LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library, 200 West
Park Avenue, 606-2665,
Hours: M-Th 10 am-9 pm, F 10 am-6 pm, Sa 10 Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts, 12-6 pm.
am-5 pm, Su 1-6 pm. Offers monthly exhibits on
527 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA, (229) Monticello Opera House, 185 W. Washington
the walls and in glass exhibition cases, featuring
artwork, collectibles, and rare books.
247-2787 (84 miles from Tallahassee), www.lvac. Street, Monticello (30 miles from Tallahassee),
Lichgate on High Road, Laura Jepsen Institute, org. Hours: M-Th 10 am-6 pm, F-Sa 10 am 997-4242,
1401 High Road, 383-6556, – 4 pm, Su 1-4 pm.
Pebble Hill Plantation, U.S. Highway 319,
Hours: Tu 10 am - 2 pm, F 11:30 am - 3:30 pm Bainbridge Little Theater, 220 Troupe Street, Thomasville, GA (30 miles from Tallahassee),
and by appointment. A lovingly built enchanted Bainbridge,GA (42 miles from Tallahassee),(229) (229) 226-2344, Hours:
cottage reminiscent of the fairytale cottages of 246-8345, www.
childhood stories.
Tu-Sa 10 am-5 pm, Su 1-5 pm.
The Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science, 350 Bonifay Guild for the Arts, 1695 Highway 177, Quincy MusicTheatre, 118 East Washington St.,
South Duval Street, 513-0700, Bonifay (90 miles from Tallahassee), 547-3530, Quincy (25 miles from Tallahassee), 875-9444,
Hours: M-Sa 10 am-5 pm, Su 1-5 pm. Featuring
permanent hands-on and traveling science Dixie Theatre, 21 Avenue E, Apalachicola San Marcos De Apalache Historic State Park, 148
exhibits, and a multitude of fine art exhibits (75 miles from Tallahassee), 653-3200, www.
highlighting sculpture, painting, photography,
Old Fort Road,St.Marks(20 miles fromTallahassee), 922-6007. Hours: Th-M 9 am-5 pm.
multi-media and folk art.
Mission San Luis, 2021 W. Mission Road, 487-3711, First Street Gallery, 204 First Street NW, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, US 129 Hours: T-Su 10 am-4 pm. Havana (15 miles from Tallahassee), 539-5220, north of Live Oak (80 miles from Tallahassee),
See history come alive at the only reconstructed Hours: F-Sa 10 (904) 364-1683,
17th century Spanish mission in Florida.. am-5 pm, Su 12-5 pm.
Museum of Florida History, R.A. Gray Building, Swamp Gravy, Cotton Hall, Colquitt, GA (64
Gadsden Arts Center, 13 North Madison, miles from Tallahassee), (229) 758-5450, www.
500 S. Bronough Street, 245-6400, www. Hours: M-F 9 am-
Quincy (25 miles from Tallahassee), 875-4866,
4:30 pm, Sa 10 am-4:30 pm, Su and holidays Hours: Tu-Sa 10 am-5
Thomasville Cultural Center,600 E.Washington
12-4:30 pm.; extended hours from 5 pm-8 pm on pm, Su 1-5 pm.
St.,Thomasville, GA (35 miles from Tallahassee),
the 3rd Thursday of each month. Permanent and Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories, 222 Clark (229) 226-0588, Gallery
temporary exhibits that highlight significant Drive, Panacea, FL (30 miles from Tallahassee), 850- hours: M-F 9 am-5 pm, Sa-Su 1-5 pm.
periods and individuals that have helped to shape 984-5297, Hours: M-F 9
the Sunshine State. Thomasville Entertainment Foundation, (229)
am-5 pm, Sa 10 am-4 pm, Su 12 pm-4 pm
The Old Capitol, 400 South Monroe Street, www. 226-7404,, 487-1902. Hours: M- It’s a JEM Fine Art, 307 North Main St., Havana
F 9 am-4:30 pm, Sa 10 am-4:30 pm, Su 12-4:30 (15 miles from Tallahassee), 539-0335, www.
pm. Provides an intriguing look into the world of Hours: M-Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su
Florida politics, and the people and events that
have helped shape the Sunshine State.
Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research
Center & Museum, Carnegie Library, Florida
A&M University, 599-3020,
acad/archives. Hours: M-F 9 am-5 pm. Specialty
museum and archives that collects, preserves, and 9 am-5 pm, Su 12:30-5 pm. Featuring the Natural For other places to explore, see pages 6-7 & 13.
displays information about the history of Africans Habitat Zoo, historical buildings, hands-on
Unless otherwise indicated, all area codes are 850.
and African Americans from ancient times to exhibits, the Natural Science Building, and a
the present. recreation of a 19th century Big Bend Farm. This may not be a complete listing of all organizations.
Tallahassee Automobile Museum, 3550-A Mahan Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation, 423 E. To see if your organization or event is eligible to be listed,
Drive, 942-0137, Hours: M-Sa 10 Virginia Street, 488-7100, Hours: please contact
am-5 pm, Su noon-5 pm. A vast selection of rare M-F 9 am-4 pm. Contains an extensive library of
books, reports, periodicals, photographs, and maps Images: Opposite page (clockwise) - Goodwood Museum
antique cars that date as early as the 1860’s.
relating to Tallahassee, the region, and the state. and Gardens, mastadon at the Museum of Florida
Tallahassee Museum, 3945 Museum Drive, 575-
History, an archeological dig at Mission San Luis, “The
8684, Hours: M-Sa
Grand Oak, Maclay State Gardens” by Russell Grace.

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 17
Festivals &
Annual Events
, visit
ent information
schedules and ev ROUND-UP
For up-to-date com .
a codes are 850.
indicated, all are
Unless otherwise tions. To see if
g of all organiza
a complete listin listed, please con
This may not be eli gible to be
n or event is
your organizatio

JANUARY Seven Days of Opening Nights, 2/12-27, Florida State University, 644-7670,
box office 644-6500, A festival of the fine and
Children’s Day at the Museum, 1/27, Museum of Florida History, R.A. Gray
performing arts featuring nationally and internationally recognized artists
Building, 500 South Bronough Street, 245-6400, www.museumoffloridahistory.
and performers, as well as campus and community arts events. Presents music,
com. Activities include hands-on crafts, music, dance, story telling, special
dance, theatre, creative writing, film, and exhibitions of fine art in various
exhibits, and more.
Tallahassee venues. Each year the festival features an opening art exhibition
OtherWords:A Conference of Literary Magazines, 1/26-27,Independent Publishers,
and a series of ticketed marquee performances. Series tickets go on sale each
and Writers, Florida State University, 442-1408, Conference
November; individual tickets available in January.
addresses all of the aspects of the literary arts. Events include panel discussions,
Valentine Serenades by the Barbershop Harmony Society, 2/14, 228-0311,
readings, talks, multimedia performances, and a book fair. Jointly sponsored by Surprise your sweetheart with a singing valentine at her
Anhinga Press, the Florida Literary Arts Coalition, and Fiction Collective Two.
home or office. A Barbershop Quartet in tuxedos, singing romantic songs,
Rattlesnake Round-Up, 1/27, Whigham Fairgrounds, Whigham, GA, 229-762-
and leaving her with flowers, candy, and a photo of the event–what could be
3774. Attracting approximately 50,000 visitors each year, this 40-year old event
more romantic on Valentine’s Day?
includes arts and crafts, concessions, snake handling demonstrations, snake
cooking, snake hunting, entertainment, children’s rides and a 5K Run/Walk.
FEBRUARY Artists in Bloom Festival, 3/23-24, Florida A&M University, 599-3430. Annual
community event that celebrates the arts, promotes literacy, and encourages
Black History Month Festival, 2/1-2/28, 877-0453, BlackHistoryMonthFestival@
healthy living. ABF displays the talents and skills of artists and practitioners A month-long series of events coordinated in partnership with
from Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, as well as artists with state, regional,
community organizations to honor the nationally-recognized Black History
national, and international reputations.
Month. Includes a Kickoff Reception, Cultural Festival, theatre performance,
Civil War Battlefield Re-Enactment, 3/2-4, Natural Bridge Battlefield State
Festival Finale and many other events.
Historic Site, 1022 DeSoto Park Drive, Woodville, 922-6007. Featuring authentic
Romantic Readings, 2/14, Knott House Museum, 301 East Park Avenue, 922-2459,
uniforms, Confederate and Union encampments, antique muskets, cannon An evening filled with romantic readings
firings, and costumed villagers.
from Mrs. Luella Knott’s collection, plus music and an open microphone
session for local poets to read from their works.

18 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine
Red Hills Horse Trials, 3/8-11, Elinor Klapp Florida Folk Festival, Stephen Foster Folk Halloween Howl, Tallahassee Museum,
Phipps Park, Miller Landing Road, 893- Culture Center State Park, White Springs, 3945 Museum Drive, 575-8684, www.
2497, Nationally recognized 1-877-6FL-FOLK, www.floridastateparks.
equestrian competition and horse trials org/folkfest. Havana Bead, Jewelry & Art Extravaganza,
sanctioned by the U.S. Combined Training Humanatee Festival, San Marcos de Apalache The Planter’s Exchange, 204 Second Street,
Association with over 200 competitors from State Historic Site, St. Marks, 925-6216. Havana, 539-6343,
the U.S. and abroad, many of Olympic caliber. Jazz for Justice, Chez Pierre Restaurant, Monarch Butterfly Festival, St. Marks National
Includes avenue of shops, exhibitions, and 1215 Thomasville Road, 385-9007, www. Wildlife Refuge, 1255 Lighthouse Rd., St.
food court. Marks, 925-6121,
Riverside Artsfest, 3/17-18, Bainbridge, GA, 229- Quincyfest, Gadsden Arts Center and courthouse Next to the Last Armageddon Show, 621
243-1010. Features evening entertainment, square, Quincy, 627-7681, Gallery, 621 Industrial Drive, 224-6163,
juried fine art exhibit, student art show, Tallahassee Wildlife Festival, 386-6296, www.
literary contest, speakers, workshops, children’s Pumpkin Festival, Downtown Havana, 539-
activities, street dance and more. Each year the Zydeco & Cajun Mudbug Bash/Crawfish 1544,
Bainbridge-Decatur Chamber of Commerce Festival, Bradfordville Blues Club, 212-0431, Zoobilee, Tallahassee Museum, 3945 Museum
features the art and culture of a different state, Drive, 575-8684,
culminating in a grand finale concert held
with a nationally known recording artist on JUNE NOVEMBER
the banks of the Flint River. Florida African Dance Festival, Tallahassee Florida Seafood Festival, Battery Park,
Springtime Tallahassee, 3/30-31, 224-5012, Community College, 444 Appleyard Drive, A p a l a c h i c h o l a , 6 5 3 - 9 4 1 9 , w w w. One of the 539-4087,
biggest annual parades and craft shows in the Jefferson County Watermelon Festival, Mule Day,Calvary, GA, 229-377-MULE, www.
Southeast, attracting over 200,000 visitors. Downtown Monticello, 997-5552, www.
Springtime Tallahassee features horse-drawn North Florida Fair, North Florida Fairgrounds,
carriages, elaborately clad characters, and 441 Paul Russell Road, 878-3247, www.
spectacular mechanical floats from all over the JULY
southeastern United States. The Jubilee in the Bastille Day Celebration,Chez Pierre Restaurant, Big Bend Folklife Festival, Tallahassee Museum,
Park features a combination of arts,crafts,exhibits, 1215 Thomasville Road, 222-0936, www. 3945 Museum Drive, 575-8684, www.
food and entertainment throughout the day.
Tallahassee Jazz & Blues Festival, 3/24-25, Celebrate America, Tom Brown Park, off Conner Bookfest, LeRoy Collins Leon County Public
Tallahassee Museum, 3945 Museum Drive, 575- Blvd., 891-3866, Library, 200 West Park Avenue, 606-2665,
8684, Features Swamp Stomp, Tallahassee Museum,
non-stop jazz, blues, and gospel. Showcases 3945 Museum Drive, 575-8684, www. Bradley’sCountryFunDay,10655 Centerville Road,
local musicians. 893-1647,
Down on the Farm Festival, Spanish Moss Farm,
APRIL AUGUST 1300 Ball Farm Road, Quincy, 850-875-3862,
Carrabelle Riverfront Festival, Marine Street Caribbean Carnival, Downtown Tallahassee,
along the Carrabelle Riverwalk, 697-2585, 878-5148, Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival, Thomasville Possum Festival and Fun Day, Highway 77, Cultural Center, 600 East Washington St.,
Chain of Parks Art Festival, Chain of Parks, Park Wausau, 638-1781, Thomasville, GA, 229-226-0588, www.
Avenue and Monroe Street, 222-8800, www. Punkin’ Chuckin’, Mickee Faust Clubhouse,
Florida Wine Festival, The Mary Brogan
SEPTEMBER 623 McDonnell Drive, 224-3089, www.
Downtown Getdowns, Friday nights before FSU
Museum of Art and Science, 350 S. Duval
home football games, Adams Street between
Street, 513-0700, www.thefloridawinefestival. Swine Time Festival, Climax, GA, 229-248-
Pensacola Street and Park Avenue, 487-8087,
com. 8850,
FSU Flying High Circus, Haskin Circus
Experience Asia Festival, E. Peck Green Park,
Complex, corner of West Pensacola Street
Park Ave. across from the LeRoy Collins DECEMBER
& Chieftan Way, 644-4874, www.circus. Annual Old-Fashioned Holiday Open House,
Leon County Public Library, 906-9321, www. Lichgate on High Road, 1401 High Road,
Rose Show & Festival, Thomasville, GA, 229- 383-6556,
227-7099, Arts and Antiques Fair, FSU Museum of Fine
SouthWoodstock Music & Arts Festival, John OCTOBER Arts, Florida State University Fine Arts
Paul II Catholic High School, 5100 Terrebone Antiques & Treasures Show, Goodwood
Building, 644-1254,
Drive, 201-5744, Museum & Gardens, 1600 Miccosukee Road,
Camellia Christmas, Maclay Gardens State
Worm Gruntin’ Festival, Downtown Sopchoppy, 877-4202,
Park, 3540 Thomasville Road, 487-4115, www.
850-962-2020, Blessing of the Animals, Mission San Luis,
worm_festival.htm. 2021 W. Mission Road, 487-3711, www.
Candle Light Tour of Goodwood, Goodwood
Museum & Gardens, 1600 Miccosukee Rd.,
MAY Fall Fever, Railroad Square Art Park, 224-1308,
Blue Crab Festival, Wooley Park, Panacea, 984- Commemorative Holiday Mass, Mission San
Greek Food Festival, Holy Mother of God Greek
CRAB, Luis, 2021 W. Mission Road, 487-3711, www.
Orthodox Church, 1645 Phillips Road, 878-
Emancipation Celebration, Knott House
Museum, 301 E. Park Ave., 922-2459, www.

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Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 19
Give your kids a break and get them away
from the video games with these fun and
educational activities. Dance classes, theatre,
music, or art for vacations, after school,
weekends, and more. There are some great
birthday party ideas here, as well.


African Caribbean Dance Theatre, 539-4087,
For up-to-date schedules and event information, visit

Arts Learning Gallery, 500 South Bronough Street, 245-6480, www.florida-
- Denotes First Friday participant (see page 17 or back cover for more information)

Knott House Museum, 301 East Park Avenue, 922-2459, www. Hours: M-F, 9 am-4:30 pm, Sa 10 Lafayette Park Arts & Crafts Center, 403 Ingleside Drive, 891-3945, www.
am – 4:30 pm, Su 12-4:30 pm.
Boys’ Choir of Tallahassee, 528-2403, LeMoyne Art Foundation, 125 N. Gadsden St., 222-8800, www.lemoyne.
Bradfordville Fine Arts Academy, 6494 Thomasville Road, 893-0893, org. LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library, 200 West Park Avenue, 606-
Brush and Palette Studio, 1379 Timberlane Road, 893-1960, www. 2665, Hours: M-Th, 10 am-9 pm, F 10 am-6 pm, Sa 10 am-5 pm, Su 1-6 pm.
Capital City Shakespeare’s Young Company, 386-6476, Ccshakespeare@ The Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science, 350 South Duval Street, 513-0700,
Challenger Learning Center, 200 S. Duval Street, 645-STAR, www. Mason’s School of Music, 19 North Calhoun Street, 412-0102, www.
Community School of the Performing Arts and Culture, 614 Osceola Mission San Luis, 2021 W. Mission Road, 487-3711, www.missionsanluis.
Street, 574-2237. org.
Florida Arts and Community Enrichment (F.A.C.E.), 644-8533, faceart@ Montgomery Schools of Dance, 1369 E. Lafayette Street, 877-4874. Museum of Florida History, R.A. Gray Building, 500 S. Bronough Street,
Gadsden Arts Center, 13 North Madison, Quincy, 875-4866, www. 245-6400, Music Center, 1221 E. Lafayette Street (next to The Moon), 942-0626.
Gordon’s String Music, 1903 N. Monroe Street, 386-7784. Musikgarten, Best Beginnings, 1415 Timberlane Road in Market Square, 668-
Home Music Educators, 656-7613, 2119,
Jim’s Pianos, 2695-A Capital Circle N.E., 205-5467, www.jimspianos. Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee, 562-1430, 3244 N. Monroe Street,
Killearn Performing Arts, 4500 W. Shannon Lakes #20, 443-7512 or 894- Prophecy School of the Arts, 2312 Apalachee Parkway, Suite 10, 222-8085,

- Classes and/or Private Lessons - Birthday Parties - Performances & Events to Attend - Summer Camp

20 | Winter 2007 Capital Culture Magazine

Ribits Enchanted Cottage, 215 Lake Ella Tallahassee Symphony Youth Orchestras
Drive, 671-5859, (TSYO), 1345 Thomasville Road, 224-9232,
Rossier Productions, Inc. (RPI), 224-0372, Tally Piano & Keyboard Studios, 2933 Kerry Forest Parkway, 386-2425, www.tallypiano.
The School of Theatre at Florida State, com.
Florida State University, Fine Arts Building, Thomasville Road Academy of the Arts, 3131
644-6500, Thomasville Road, 422-7795 x210 or x216,
Sharon Davis Schools of Dance, 1232
Timberlane Road, 893-5900. Wind & Grace, 3620 Shamrock West, 894-
Southern Academy of Ballet Arts, 1704-C 2888, www.windandgrace.homestead.
Capital Circle NE, 222-0174. com.
Stubbs Music Center, 1260 Timberlane Road, Young Actors Theatre, 609 Glenview Drive,
893-8754, 386-6602,
The Tallahassee Ballet, 224-6917, www.
Tallahassee Girls’ Choir of CHOICE,
Note: the preceding listings are for programs designed
especially for children. Many places in other sections,
Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center, 505 like the “Get Up, Get Out, & Explore” section, are great
West Pensacola Street, 487-1691, box office for kids, too.
Unless otherwise indicated, all area codes are 850.
Tallahassee Museum, 3945 Museum Drive, Images: Opposite page - Theatre A La Carte’s production of Seussical,
575-8684, This may not be a complete listing of all organizations. Tallahassee Symphony Youth Orchestra, students at Mission
To see if your organization or event is eligible to be listed, San Luis, student art from the recent Winter Festival Youth
please contact Art Exhibition, a budding artist from COCA’s recent Arts in
Education Expo. This page - students engaged at Mission San Luis.

- Classes and/or Private Lessons - Birthday Parties - Performances & Events to Attend - Summer Camp

Elf Night, Dorothy B. Oven Park, 3205 Music at the Old Capitol, 400 South Monroe
Thomasville Rd., 891-3915, Street,487-1902,www.museumoffloridahistory.
Holiday Exhibition & Lighted Sculpture com.
Garden, LeMoyne Art Foundation, 125 N. The Nutcracker, Ruby Diamond Auditorium,
Gadsden St., 222-8800, FSU Campus, 644-6500, www.tallaballet.
Holiday Magic Concert, Ruby Diamond com.
Auditorium, FSU Campus, 224-0461, tickets Rock-a-Thon, Culture to Culture, John G. Riley
644-6500, Center/Museum, 419 E. Jefferson Street, 681-
Holiday Open House, Knott House Museum, 7881,
301 East Park Avenue, 922-2459, www. Sugarplum Fair and Nutcracker Character Breakfast, Goodwood Museum & Gardens,
“Just One More” Invitational Art Festival, Ponce 222-1287,
de Leon and Bloxham Parks at Monroe Street, Winter Festival: A Celebration of Lights,
980-8727, www. Music, and the Arts, Downtown Tallahassee,
Latino Fest, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic 891-3860,
Church, 27 N. Shadow St., Quincy, 875-3806,
The Laughing Stock: Florida’s Musically
Twisted Political Cabaret, 841-4063, jestkdn@
Making Spirits Bright, Goodwood Museum &
Gardens, 1600 Miccosukee Rd., 877-4202,
Images: Kris Kristofferson is scheduled to perform at Seven Days of
Opening Nights.
Market Days, North Florida Fairgrounds, Unless otherwise indicated, all area codes are 850.
441 Paul Russell Road, 575-8684, www. This may not be a complete listing of all organizations. To see if your organization or event is eligible to be listed,
please contact

Capital Culture Magazine Winter 2007 | 21
Can t wait for your
next issue of ?
Check out these other exciting programs from ...
What is there to do in Tallahassee? MoreThanYouThought.Com! Check our calendar for
upcoming exhibits, shows, concerts, tours, lectures, auditions, rehearsals, meetings, films,
festivals, special events, and more. While you’re there, add your own organization’s events!

For an exciting and diverse season of exhibitions, visit the City Hall Art Gallery and the ArtPort
Gallery at the Tallahassee Regional Airport. Both galleries are free and open to the public. The
ArT in
exhibition season features painting, sculpture, collage, fiber art, photography, and other fine crafts.
Additional group shows highlight youth art and fine art photography. For each exhibition, COCA p u b l ic
holds a free reception as an opportunity for members of the public to meet the exhibiting artists.
pl ac e s
EST. 199 4

Join us on the first Friday of every month when museums and galleries stay open from 6
p.m. until at least 9 p.m. with no admission charge, often featuring openings, receptions,
and special events for the public. Check the Tallahassee Democrat’s Limelight or COCA’s
web site for a complete list of who’s open each month.

Looking to buy a piece of artwork or find an artist? Check out the online Artist Directory – a
virtual listing of the Tallahassee area’s talented visual artists, musicians, dancers, authors, and ADIrretcIst
theatre personnel. People are listed both alphabetically and by discipline, many with sample
images and links to their own web sites. There’s also an online form you can use to get yourself
listed in the directory!

For more information, contact COCA at
(850) 224-2500 or visit us online at

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