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How to translate the format a Solaris package

In our example, we will translate the gcc package for Solaris 9 on sparc

Reason is to translate the package in a form that can be used for e.g. during the jumpstart
procedure (unattended installation of Solaris OS).

1) Download corresponding package from

2) Unzip it in a temporary directory (e.g. temp) on target

gzip -d gcc-3.4.6-sol9-sparc-local.gz

3) Then translate the package:

pkgtrans /tmp/gcc-3.4.6-sol9-sparc-local /tmp SMCgcc
Transferring <SMCgcc> package instance

pkgtrans is used as: pkgtrans device1 device2 [pkginst]

Indicates the source device. The package or packages on this device will be translated and
placed on device2.
Indicates the destination device. Translated packages will be placed on this device.
Specifies which package instance or instances on device1 should be translated. The token all
may be used to indicate all packages. pkginst.* can be used to indicate all instances of a
package. If no packages are defined, a prompt shows all packages on the device and asks which
to translate.

4) Move final target e.g. SMCgcc to any name you like (e.g. gcc)

1) Forums on the internet
2) Man page of pkgtrans