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Sophies World and Now

For once, the world that I want may well be difficult to understand. The world that I aim may be impossible to experience. Once in a blue moon, I need not dream within the realm of mystery because the world that Ive known for so long does exist. At a single moment, I attached myself to a book of wonder. To decipher every chapter of this book meant a lot because for the first time, I was trying to skim a book that I dont understand at a glance. While reading on the first chapter, I remember the plight of the Filipinos nowadays, being submerged in the pool of political uncertainties and dilemma. For the Filipinos indeed, this book resembles our utmost intention for freedom of information, our mind setting capability to ask, our queries for the governments scrap businesses, our desire for transparency. These all mirrors us, Filipinos. Needless to say, we, Filipinos love our stature as keen observers. Thus, Jostein Gaarders Sophies world gave me the privilege to ponder that what is known to you may be unknown to others and what is known to others may be unknown to you. Just like Sophie who contemplated letters from an unknown and enigmatic person, I believe in politics in the unknown. As Sophie soon after find out that a mysterious teacher is making up her mind to think outside the box, I for one, believe that the existence of politics is merely a mysterious foolitics because every politician is also making up our mind for them to be called as public servants.

However, the Filipinos fate and Sophies fate are different. In Sophies world, the trust that she had given to Albert Knox (philosopher) is extraordinary. Paradoxically, in a kind of government where many have nothing and few have the bounty, where do Filipinos base their trust in the days to come? In a kind of country where many queries remain unanswered by the government, what is there to hope for? In the first chapters of the book, Sophies world may have been chasing for the letter-sender. Meanwhile, we, Filipinos are chasing for billions of pesos, multi- million priced cars and properties who have been corrupted by deceit. Sophies World tends to inquire about what is here and now. Napoles,, nowadays, tend to acquire the funds for this countrys future. At the very least, Sophies existence does somehow find the answers to the books ideology. On the other hand, in the long and tedious search, Filipinos are still amidst difficulties looking for justice. Today, Filipinos may not be Sophie who finally had mystery uncovered. However, the story of Filipino people is still in the making, soon to discover and worth to remember.