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Looking at the hidden connection between Zionism, Nazism and the Holocaust

When the Holocaust allegedly occurred as the Allies stated it did in 1941, when America
joined in World War II against Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, most to all of it was pure
propaganda. Even during World War I, the, “Allies” created the illusion that Germany was
burning babies and eating them alive; cannibalism. After the war, the propaganda machine
stopped and confessed that those were simply lies and deceptions. Its purpose was to drive the
population to fear its, “enemy” Germany at the time, and what better way than contrive a lie of
such a massive proportion?
The Nazis, led by Hitler, who confessed that he knew Race Science was based on faulty
science, or pseudoscience, that its whole purpose is to unite the country, strengthen his hold on
Germany, and fuel the fires of the War that was being planned. Hitler also knew that the whole
concept of Aryan superiority was based on lies, and used it for purely political purposes. He even
stated, famously that the bigger the lie, the more believable it would be. Hitler’s Race Science
and Racial Purity policy was based on the same thing. It was simply a means of grabbing power
and uniting the German people against an imaginary threat that does not exist.
Regarding the Jews, and the Zionists, the Balfour Declaration (a letter from Lord
Rothschild of the Bank of England to Lord Balfour), permitted the Jews after hundreds of years
of persecution to have a country of their own in Palestine (a land the Jews have not inhabited for
thousands of years since their exile and exodus when Rome burnt Jerusalem down to the ground
nearly a hundred years after Christ). This was clearly illegal, and many Jews did not return to
Palestine, and if they did, they were not racist towards the real, legal owners of the land of
Palestine, the Palestinians. For hundreds of years prior to the formation of Israel, the Jews and
the Palestinian Arabs have lived in relative peace. That is, until the settlements and the illegal
occupiers led by the Zionists decided to expel the real inhabitants from their land.
Since most Jews did not want to return to Palestine as they feel that God does not permit
them to in the Bible, or the Talmud, many remained in Europe, especially Germany. Many felt
that they have no need to return to Palestine because of their orthodox beliefs. According to
Orthodox Judaism, God stated that the Jews were to be exiles and to live in the country that they
were exiled to, and not return to the Holy Land as that land belonged to the Arabs and the
So, one may ask, when and where did Zionism emerge and for what reason? And how does
Zionism fit in with Nazism? And how did the Nazis bring about the rise of Zionism? Also, are
the Zionists and Nazis connected in many ways?
To the first question, the idea of Zionism emerged in the 19th century following the
Enlightenment and was founded by the Rothschilds who wanted to exploit the plight of the Jews.
The Rothschilds are not really Jews themselves, but since the Anti-Defamation League is so
obsessed with protecting the integrity of the Rothschilds, I will state bluntly on the record that
the A.D.L is a Zionist front, and is a tool of the Rothschilds since they both benefit from
protecting each other. A.D.L is also a Zionist lobby in the form of a phony ideological conflict
against. “anti-Semitism.” The Semites are the Palestinians and Arabs, not the Jews and the
Zionists. A Zionist, by the way, does not necessarily have to be Jewish, nor does a Jew
necessarily have to be a Zionist. A Zionist can come in a variety of different colors and shades,
but they all serve the same purpose of reinforcing Israel’s illegal occupation of a Palestine. There
are Christian Zionists, Nazi Zionists, Conservative Zionists, Jewish Zionists, Orthodox Zionists,
and the list goes on and on.
How then, does Zionism fit in with the Nazis and their phony, exaggerated and fear-
mongering “Holocaust?” The answer is quite simple when one studies Juri Lina’s book, “The
Architects of Deception” and one will find that the Rothschild Zionists, with their Jewish
families who are willing to sell out their own people for power and prestige, and also plunder,
worked collaboratively with the Nazis to kill off their own people. All the nonsense about Gas
Chambers is fabricated evidence. There is no evidence to indicate the 6 million Jews dying in the
Holocaust because many of them survived; proof itself that Jews did not die in the hand of the
Nazis. Many of the prisoners in the camps died because of starvation, dehydration, or torture, but
gas chambers are impossible because of the time that required between the transportation of
prisoners and the gas effect that is still present even when the guards came to collect the bodies.
There is also evidence that indicate the Hitler did not want to kill the Jews, and ordered the S.S.
not to harm the Jewish prisoners. Most of the prisoners in the concentration camps were war
criminals, political criminals or intellectuals, and not all of them are or were necessarily Jews.
One must remember that the war lasted for six years, and that there are bound to be war
prisoners, political opponents of the Nazis, and other civilians who were against the Nazi
Regime. It is impossible, in theory and in practise to kill six million people, even with gas
chambers. The logistics would be too overwhelming considering the Germany was at war in two
fronts during World War II, then later a third when Italy fell to the, “Allies.” The transportation,
the timing, and the necessary manpower to accomplish the killing of 6 million Jews and Jews
alone are improbable. Germany would need most of her entire population to kill every single Jew
in sight to accomplish this deed, yet the evidence does not indicate that such a thing took place.
In fact, most of the time, it was Zionist Jews killing Jews themselves in the concentration
camps that led to the death of about perhaps 1 to 2.5 million people at the MOST, not just Jews.
In fact, many Jews did not end up in the concentration camps since most them would have either
fled to the newly established Israeli state in Palestine and began their holocaust there under the
direction of the Rothschild’s and their banking Mafiosi. In fact, the, “Holocaust” the biggest and
most notoriously contrived lie in the history of Jewish history, and world history alone profited
handsomely off the tourism from the lie itself in the alleged, “concentration camps and gas
chambers.” Barely or rarely does anyone question whether or not 6 million really die, and when
they do, most of them are defamed, imprisoned, charged with a non-crime of asking a simple
question, and, if worst goes to worst, murdered. The Zionist lobby with its syndicate of American
support in the United States have exploited the Holocaust like none other. In fact, today, the
Holocaust industry with its massive publishing companies, its support of the neo-Conservatives,
the neo-Liberals, and the neo-Nazis in America have benefitted the most from the contrived
Holocaust deception.
The Nazis cooperated with the Zionists in high office during the reign of Hitler because
Hitler was a puppet of the Wall Street financiers and the racists Zionists who controlled both
sides of the war. Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews, and the Zionists hatched a hideous plot, or
conspiracy to bring that goal about. In order to do so, the Zionists convinced the Nazis that they
needed a Big Lie, and huge, massive, colossal mountain of fabricated evidence to indicate to
those reluctant Jews that Europe was not the place to stay, and they should move to the newly
formed Israel. Hitler agreed to this obnoxious conspiracy, and even though he may not have
agreed with the killing of the Jews, he favoured the plot for his own safety from the Zionists. The
Allies, when they liberated Europe, or re-conquered it from the Nazis built up the gas chambers
in order to make it look like the Nazis were the bogeyman that the States had conceived in their
propaganda manuals and published documents to the ignorant population of the west. Even the,
“good Allies” during the war engaged in torture, starvation, interrogation, and war crimes of
massive proportions to bring about the rise of Zionism and the illegal formation if Israel. A lot of
fear, hatred, and anger were needed to convince the public that it would be in their, “best
interest” to have Israel established since, “anti-Semitism” was a “problem.” It was a problem that
THEY created; for their own benefit; “they,” being the Rothschild’s and the American Christian
Zionists. The goal was to all along to destabilize and create chaos in the Middle East. It was part
of a long-term strategy for World War III.
Zionism has cooperated, even financed the rise of Nazism in Germany and Hitler. Both
have worked together to bring about George H. W. Bush’s, “New World Order.” As Bush has
stated in his 1990 speech on September 11 of that year, it is, “a big idea.” Indeed it is, since it
involves everything and everyone with power and prestige. Israel is simply a tool of the Anglo-
American Empire, since it too will be destroyed one day when it has outlived its usefulness. The
Nazi Bush and his collaborators have worked for generations to bring about the New Middle
East, a Middle East under their control, and Zionism with the aid of the ignorant Jews, helped
them to achieve that goal.
The Holocaust is the most exploited crises in History, and the Zionists with their Nazi
allies in the post-World War II world has utilized it well, and benefitted a lot, since whenever
Israel breaks international law, it does so without punishment since it is aided by the United
States and Britain with arms, soldiers, and political immunity. The International Community can
do nothing, and we watch as the REAL Holocaust is imposed on helpless Palestinian men,
women, and children who were not the ones who orchestrated the fabled Holocaust of political
mythmaking. If the Establishment has lied about its propaganda in World War I, then why do
people foolishly believe this imagined fairy tale of a supposed Holocaust that never existed and
that never happened as it was allegedly stated by the, “victorious Allies.” Why then, did Stalin
get away with his mass murder and state terrorism on his own people following World War II?
How then, did the Khmer Rouge and the Pol Pot gang escape any tribunal of war crimes?
Simple, because they all serve a purpose, and the fairy tale Holocaust imposed on the Jews
during World War II is no different. It is the Great Game of Empire building using nations as
pawns. All the great Empires of old knew this, and Israel is just another pawn, although, slightly
more privileged than other pawns.
The truth about the real holocaust on the Palestinian people is barely mentioned today in
the media, as if it never existed, even though it is happening even as I write this. Everyone is so
concerned about anti-Semitism. Be real, this, “anti-Semite” attack is simply a way of discrediting
you from speaking out. Speak out, before there is no chance of ever speaking out.