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A Case Study Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Business and Management College of Management and Economics of the Visayas State University ______________________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in MGMT 101: Concepts and Dynamics of Management ______________________________________________________

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Submitted to: Mr. Stephen Alexeus G. Baltazar

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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS TITLE PAGE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. Statement of the Problem III. Objectives IV. Situational Analysis V. Alternative Courses of Action VI. Analysis of the Alternative Courses of Action VII. Discussion VIII. Conclusion IX. Recommendations APPENDICES A. Bibliography B. Documentation C. Curriculum Vitae with Formal Picture Format By: Mr. Stephen Alexeus G. Baltazar




1. THE CONTENT OF THE CASE STUDY OUTPUT (CSO) The group will be given five cases to study and analyze. The five cases are as follows: Decision-Making: Designing Dollars Planning: Mastering the PlanPriceless Organizing: A New Kind of Structure Leading: Radical Leadership Controlling: Baggage Blunders Each group will submit a Case Study Output CSO for all the five cases. Each group will only present one assigned case with powerpoint presentation. 2. FORMAT OF THE CASE STUDY OUTPUT (CSO) Please strictly follow the format. Read properly and comply. I will be checking every bit of your output. 3. SUBSTANCE The content of your output should be of good substance and form. Read , understand and analyze the cases well. 4. INTRODUCTION You are to make a brief summary of the case. 5. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Identify the main problem of the case. State the problem. 6. OBJECTIVES Narrow down the main problem by enumerating the specific objectives of the case study.


Make an internal and external situational analysis for the case. For internal analysis, present a SWOT Analysis with the SWOT Grid Analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT Grid Analysis refers to matching the SWOT elements against each other. Example: Use Strength #1 to combat Weakness #1. Use Strength #1 to exploit Opportunity #1. Use Strength #1,2,3 to eliminate Threat #1,2 For external analysis, present a PESTDEG Analysis. PESTDEG stands for Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Demographic, Environmental, and Global. 8. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION Formulate possible alternatives in order to answer or solve your problem. 9. ANALYSIS OF THE ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION Compare and analyze each alternative by presenting ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of each possible alternative. 10. DISCUSSION Discuss the information that you have gathered before choosing an alternative. Do this by answering the discussion questions presented after each case. 11. CONCLUSION Conclude the case by selecting the best alternative that will answer the problem and solve the case. 12. RECOMMENDATIONS Recommend methods, strategies or alternatives that will further help in answering the problem or solving the case.

13. BIBLIOGRAPHY Please observe the proper format for the bibliography especially for online sources. Examples:

Baltazar, Stephen Alexeus G., Avila, Doryn Jan L., Espinazo, Jeruel, Lambert, Babylyn C., Ongy, Elvira E. The Amazing Entrepreneurs. McGraw Hill. 1st Edition. 2013. The Art of Personal Finance retrieved from on February 10, 2013. 14. DOCUMENTATION Please attach a group picture with all members present. 15. CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) Please make formal Curriculum Vitae per member and attach formal pictures. Please make a uniform format for the Curriculum Vitae. 16. PAPER SIZE Your output should be written in an 8.5 by 13 inch LONG WHITE bond paper. 17. MARGINS Left = 1.0, Right = 1.0, Top = 1.0, Bottom = 1.0 18. FONT TEXT Times New Roman 19. FONT SIZE Size 12 20. FONT STYLE Regular. Please Use ITALICS in emphasizing some text. Headings or Sub-headings should be in BOLD letters. 21. LINE SPACING Paragraphs must be 1.5 line-spaced and in-between paragraphs at 1.5 line-spacing. 22. PARAGRAPH ALIGNMENT Choose JUSTIFY in aligning your paragraphs. 23. INDENTION Indent your paragraphs. 24. PAGE NUMBER

Page numbers should be placed in the lower right corner of the bond paper. 25. COVER OF THE OUTPUT Your final output should be placed in a LONG SLIDING FOLDER. The colors of the sliding folder are as follows: Decision-Making: Designing Dollars --- BLUE Planning: Mastering the PlanPriceless --- GREEN Organizing: A New Kind of Structure --- YELLOW Leading: Radical Leadership --- RED Controlling: Baggage Blunders --- ORANGE 26. NUMBER OF PRINTED COPIES One copy is required per case. 27. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Each group is required to make a powerpoint presentation for their assigned case only. 28. SOFTCOPY Email me the softcopy of your cases and powerpoint presentations ON TIME!!! Attach the five cases and powerpoint of your group presentation in one e-mail. Leaders, Email me at on or before October 1, 2013 11:59 PM Tuesday. Email me using this format: Group Number MGMT 101 CSO Class Schedule EXAMPLE: Group I MGMT 101 CSO 2:00-3:00 MWF 29. DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF PRINTED OUTPUT You are REQUIRED to submit your Case Study Output ON TIME. This deadline is for STRICT COMPLIANCE. Failure to submit during the class schedule means non-acceptance. Please submit your CASE STUDY OUTPUT during our class schedule. 30. COMPLETION Please COMPLY with your requirements and strictly follow the guidelines. The format and guidelines for the GFO is attached in our Yahoo Groups and FB Groups.
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31. CRITERIA The criteria for evaluating your CASE STUDY OUTPUT are presented below: Substance 40% Format 20 % Presentation & Defense - 40% Your CASE STUDY OUTPUT CSO will have a bearing of 20% of the computation of your MGMT 101 Final Grade. 32. QUESTIONS & CLARIFICATIONS Personal Consultation If you have queries, you can personally consult me during our class or during my consultation time: 4:00-5:00 MW @ Department of Business and Management 1:00-2:00 WF @ Department of Business and Management 1:00-4:00 Tuesday @ Department of Business and Management Facebook: Private Message, Chat, Wall Post or Facebook Groups You can also contact me through my Facebook VSU Students account: E-Mail me at Yahoo For questions, you can e-mail me at =============================================================== INSPIRING QUOTATIONS by: Mr. Stephen Alexeus G. Baltazar
Gods unmerited favor is for all of us.


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