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Perception of light and the relationship between

objects in space visualized through dimension

How is light perceived conceptually through dimension when it
comes to the interaction of objects within space?

In this article I am going to explore the perception of light both on a physical level through
the third dimensional solid seen reality, and on a level that is visualized through the mind and
perception determining dimension. This article relates back to a recent article that I wrote
called, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Spatial Dynamics, where I started to detail how
dimension can be formed within light itself, discussing the concept of Spatial Dynamics in
relation to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. In this article I would like to delve into this
topic in a little more detail to give focus on the formation of light and how it is perceived,
taking into consideration its dimensional makeup from a conceptual point of view.

It is easy to write about light and how it is formed within reality on a physical level, but when
it comes to detailing the way in which it is constructed from a dimensional point of view it is
easy to stumble by the wayside in confusion. It is not that difficult a subject to conceptualize,
however when it comes to rational thought it then becomes a complex subject that needs to be
highlighted in a stepping stone method. Rational thought is based on a person who is ‘trying’
to understand how to visually conceptualize reality, and does not want to trust what they see
through their perception. We think this method of thought is the basis of our formation as
humans, to first think about what we are going to do, ‘rationalize’ the situation, and then make
a decision that purely bases itself on factored reasoning. The only problem that arises from
this process of rational thinking is that it makes life more complex than it really has to be
seen. This does not mean either that we must think in a totally opposite way, through
irrational thinking, but to look at perception in terms of a half way method, through

When we rationalize all that we see and feel, we then get to a point that we do not ever allow
certain fundamental constructional components to have precedence within the structure of
reality. Rationalizing everything down to the bone totally strips away all purpose and
possibility. In a simple way this method of thinking just totally distrusts all that comes until it
is broken apart to the very core of its foundation. The problem then comes down to the fact
that we have not yet to date reasoned anything to the core of creation itself, not at any
significant level. Then this leaves us with the thought, ‘that all of life is in the mind only (or
for some based purely on matter and the brain), and that reality cannot be fathomed even
when it is broken down via rational perception.
What happens when we break physical formation down into its constructional components
‘rationally’ we get to a point where confusion surfaces. Some things do not have a ‘human’
rational precedence for their existence. Strange as it might seem to the person viewing in this
way, reality is not just based on human perception alone. There are many things that exist
with us in our third dimensional world. There are trees, birds, animals, cells, germs, all
likeness of creatures that do not have at all a human perception, yet have in all their formation
the same constructional components that makeup their formation.

The current focus we have on constructional matter comes down to cells and atoms, mineral
and organic structures. We base everything on what we visually see through our eyes and
through ‘rational’ thinking. Rational thinking is then purely two dimensional in its approach
and it is not until we start to explore the realm of the conceptual world that we start to find
that there is a true basis and fundamental algorithms that make up the structure of our reality.
These are strictly ‘fundamental’ structures that cannot ever be denied, no matter how much we
would want to rationalize their position, they still exist. Such structures are light and force
(mind), to which can be defined as elemental structures. They are structures that hold no
rational basis for their existence yet, they do without doubt exist when it comes to our
perception and conscious understanding of reality. Without them we would not even be able
to be aware of who we really are.

Some might say this is a ‘rational’ way to see life, to accept fundamental concepts. Not at all!
We do not at this moment as a collective human culture see this way in our current view of
reality. Most would say that we do accept the fundamental constructional components of
reality as having real basis, but this is not so because of the fact that we instead take them for
granted without truly seeing them for what they are in their significance. We deny at every
opportunity the true structure of reality and formation, just by denying that the mind actually
exists. Denying the mind, is like taking a human for a robot and denying the fact that we
think, in the same token, denying the fact that light and matter exists, is like stripping away
the clothing that we wear, making all in our reality to seem as if it is a figment of our
imagination. This is also not a true ‘rational’ ways to view reality, but yet we use rational
thinking in order to construct our current perceptions.

Take away rational thinking and you are left with what we directly visualize in the moment
through perception. This is based on conceptualization and it is formulated on fundamental
constructs that are the true basis of reality, all the things that we are working with through our
conscious perception of reality in the now moment of space. The most important of these
basic structures when it comes to physicality is light and without the understanding of light
and how it works we are left dumbfounded at how the true structure of all formation is created
in the most basic principle way. We are starting to explore these basic principles now through
Quantum Mechanics but it is ‘rationalizing’ that is holding us back from perceiving what is
really there, or basically accepting the truth of what we see as having true causal purpose.

We currently view light in relation to a wave and particle, seeing reality from the construction
rather than the cause. The light we visualize through our spectrum produces itself into
wavelength and particles that are then, depending on their length, producing the colors that we
see through our eyes. This is a fundamental fact that this light does exist and that no matter
how this light is visualized in the moment, it is the basis of our constructional matter. This is
the most core basic truth that we can confirm just through perception and sight alone. To then
rationalize the construction of light would be to ask questions like, perhaps we are not truly
seeing light in waves? Maybe light is particles only? Maybe light is vibrating and seems to
look like waves? Maybe light and reality formulates in circles? We come up with all these
interesting theories, all holding very true possibility, however when taking away all these
theories the fact and truth still remains, light is, and no matter the theory, this is a fundamental
fact and truth, that light will remain, no matter how it is seen.

Light is, and when we view even in our world, we see light issuing from the sun. We need
light in order to see in our world the visual objects around us. This is formation at the most
basic level through perception alone, without needing to rationalize its true purpose at all.
Consciously and through our perception we are faced with the fundamental fact that light
exists, just through the fact that we can see through our eyes. Light is the basis of perception,
even when using simple reasoning of referring to night and day. Without light we could not
visually see. Our eyes rely on light in order to formulate a visual picture of our environment,
and whether we believe it or not it also formulates the structure of the mass that we feel as our
physical body.

In this article I would like to show how this is formulated in a more practical and fundamental
way, seen through a conceptual framework of reality that does not at all deny the true
structure of creation from the core or utilize strict rational thinking. It will show that not only
rational thinking can be the basis of understanding life, showing that through conceptual
thinking certain constructs can hold their own truth within perception alone, and still hold
true, no matter how they are viewed.

Light is one of those components to which I will describe in more detail, how it is perceived
both physically and conceptually. I will be looking at what happens to a light wave when it
comes to the full structure of reality based on a system of conceptual reasoning that I call
Spatial Dynamics. You can read more about this in my article:

Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception

Let us first look at the concept of a light wave in relation to our physical third dimensional
reality. We see light as particles that when under certain heat and pressure activates into wave
formations producing what we see as color. In all actuality light is not a wave when it comes
to conceptual reality, but can be structured through fourth dimension in perception this way,
through time. Light is however formulated on vibration when it comes to the core of creation,
which is the motivated level of light when force is activating it. This is an actual fact that
light is being forced into activation. The light we see in reality is already activated light, or
what we term creation, or animated reality. We are living ‘in’ the creation, where life is
already animated and has already been constructed.

Viewing reality from an already constructed point of view, through third dimension eyes, we
see light in waves. Having no real constructional origin or ending. Instead we just say it
comes out from the sun and constructs the solar system, only ever outwardly, like a giant
explosion that continues to expand forever without an end. Even though this thought basis
itself on rational thinking it is not at all reasonable to say that creation has no beginning or
end, just through seeing what occurs in life itself through the physical body. We are born and
we die when it comes to the physical constructs of matter. Thus within creation formation
‘can’ have a beginning and an end when it comes to fourth dimension and time. Creation thus
has to have some basis within this sort of reasoning fundamentally, otherwise why would
time, birth and death even have the necessity to exist?
The interesting thing is, is that creation does have a beginning and an end, when it comes to
matter and light seen through constructional formation. However internally, when it comes to
the mind, creation exists forever in the one moment when viewing it in a dimensional way,
one that basis itself on two components forming our consciousness and physical reality.
Thus to understand the true construction of light of what we see through our physical bodies
in third dimension is to know that it is a combination of both of these constructional
components. The light we are seeing is ‘activated’, a motivated and energized material that
forms our animated reality.

When viewing light already in activation it is important to know that it is also still binding to
the core of its creation and that it is at every moment forming from the core components that
organize its structure. It is for example when visualizing something simple like a light bulb,
when turned on the light bulb issues out light, and in that moment that light exists already in
activation, or created existence. Even when this light is seen in activation, it still exists based
on its fundamental core creation. To visualize this it would be easier to see it in this simple

H e r e is a lig h t b u lb s e e n H e r e is a lig h t b u lb s e e n
fr o m a t h ir d d im e n s io n a l fr o m a t h ir d d im e n s io n a l
p o in t o f v ie w , s h o w in g p o in t o f v ie w , in c lu d in g
th e d im e n s io n s o f h e ig h t , th e c o r e b a la n c in g p o in t
w id th a n d d e p th . w h ic h is w h e r e lig h t
p e r m e a te s fr o m c r e a t in g
d iff u s io n o f lig h t.

In order for an object such as the light from a bulb to be in activated mode to which we see
visually through our eyes in third dimension it needs a projection point, which is defined
above with the use of an orange dot called the core balancing point. No object can be seen in
projected state until its central core balancing point is considered. The light from the bulb
does not start outside of the bulb but from the core radiating position within the light bulb
itself. This is showing the projected state of reality on a third dimension level.

The first picture above shows how we view the light bulb so far without the acknowledgment
of the core balancing point. The objects basis is only within three dimensions floating
without any central component being acknowledged. This creates a form then that has an
outward projected state that endlessly issues light outward without any end. The arrows seem
to go on forever until the light is said to dissipate out into nothing. This is how we so far
visualize projected reality as the first diagram. The light starts with a really bright glow and
then shines out until it is no longer visible with the naked eye and we might then presume that
the light just dissipates into nothing.

Then we come up with theories of light waves that seem to project from one position to
another. This is our current perception of light within form:

T h is is s h o w in g o u r O u r u n d e r s t a n d in g o f
c u r r e n t v is u a l p e r c e p tio n s p a c e is s o fa r
o f h o w d ep th o f sp a ce u n d e r s to o d b y p la c in g
w o r k s in r e la t io n t o p e r c e p tio n w ith in a
d im e n sio n a n d b o x o f stru ctu re, w h ere w e
fo r m a tio n th e n fo r m o u r o u tw a r d
o f lig h t. c o n c e p ts o f lig h t w it h in .

The second diagram above shows how we visualize currently the formation of light. You can
see that the box represents our current view of third dimension and form. The light wave I
have placed within the box because so far this is how we are able to visualize the formation of
light by producing it and studying it within an enclosed environment. We watch the light as it
is formed within this environment, immediately visualizing it as bouncing from one side to
the other.

One thing that is not taken into consideration is that light is not forming from out of nothing
or motivating at any stage without a core reference point to which it is produced. If we were
to look then at the box again and considered it in relation to an oven the light is produced by
an element within the oven itself:
L ig h t is s e e n to c o m e T h is is h o w lig h t s h o u ld
fr o m th e e le m e n t w it h in b e se en to p ro je ct
th e o v e n a n d th e n in w it h in th e c lo s e d
w a v e fo r m a t io n b o u n c e s e n v ir o n m e n t w h e n
o f f th e o b je c ts w a lls w ith in . c o n s id e r in g it s
T h is is w h a t h a p p e n s w h e n d im e n sio n a l
y o u o b s e r v e lig h t w ith in sta te .
a n e n c lo s e d sp a c e .

When we visualize then a movement of light it is purely based on perception and time. The
light seems to motivate in waves as it is bouncing within the enclosed environment that we
are visualizing. Time is fourth dimensional and is referring to vibration of light through
perception. This is the difficult part that is the barrier of understanding that we so far have
trouble conceptualizing past. The position of light within creation before it is motivated is not
considered in a vibratory state but more in relation to core construction and ‘position’.
Position and projection point is the beginnings of where motivated light is projected out from.
In the case of the oven it is the lamp or heating element that produces the light at different
levels, whether that is visual and through heat itself.

Within the space of an oven there is light being produced at different density levels. Not only
is there light but also particles of other substances that are within the oven itself before the
heating process occurs. Whether these particles are mineral, chemical or oxygen based they
are sitting within the space of the oven that is being observed. The particles that we then see
activating within the oven are then not pure light particles. They are what we term particles
of matter (Condensed Light) that are being energized through the ‘influence’ of the heating
element within the oven. This separates the heat that is produced in the oven from the light of
the lamp within the oven, to the heating up of the chemical environment within the oven, also
including whatever food or substances are sitting within the oven at the time.

No matter at what density the light is seen at, if we were to just consider the light being
produced through a bulb sitting within the oven it would be visualized as in the second
diagram above. The light would be coming originally from the projected object that was
sitting inside the oven, the bulb. The light projects out from the bulb and is then seen through
the third dimension to then bounce off the walls inside the oven. It will then be seen to
continue to do this until the light is then switched off or on at any time in the future.
Light in our eyes gives us visual clarity and is also seen through energy, waves and particles,
electrical and magnetically based. These are all absolutely true principles of what light
encompasses. What is not taken as much into consideration is the fact that light is all when it
comes to creation in ‘combination’ with the mind or core of our reality. Light in different
vibrations becomes solid matter depending on where an entity is viewing within their point in
perception in space in relation to the total formation of creation. We so far cannot see light
that is ultraviolet with our eyes, however on other levels of creation this ultraviolet light is
seen as dense matter. This would identify the universe as being a totally solid structure, filled
with light at every level. What will be seen on each level of creation is determined by the
vibration of the energy particle and point in perception to where the mind in the moment is
viewing creation through a singular point in space. Basically where we consciously perceive
from, when it comes to singular awareness visualized outwardly.

The formation components of creation, that are ‘light’ and ‘mind’, do not rely on the same
methods of reasoning as creation itself. Creation is a combination of both components to
produce a completely ‘new’ framework of reference. This framework is animated creation, or
conscious reality. The creator components do not have the same principles as their creation in
order to formulate within their own world. This would presume that the light particle without
the mind as its core would not have the necessity to think or reason, it would then fail to be
acknowledged for its potential without the combination of mind and force within its structure
to form conscious perception, reality and the understanding of ‘other’. The mind being
nothingness to begin with, although hard to fathom, zero point, would also have no reference
in which to work with. It would be like having the element of force without something to use
it to push against. It would not have any true relevance without being combined with light in
order to motivate existence and produce structure.

Therefore the light that we see in creation itself is not true ‘light’, it would be best to be called
‘energy’ or ‘spirit’ (depending on ones own philosophy and beliefs), motivated light forming
into structure and matter. The original light had no motivation behind it so therefore it was
pure light in the total of its structure, and if it were to be visualized through the human eyes, it
would be white, the combination of all colour into one particle. This is an important thing to
take into consideration when assessing light on all levels of creation. When viewing from all
points in perception within creation, we can from every angle devise creation formation from
the position of the original light formation. To the mind and the core of creation itself, all is
one, so therefore creation is always existing in the now, where we are conscious and
spontaneously existing. This is also the case for the original light particle that forms the
whole of physical space, consciousness and perception. It is also one. In fact when
considering the combination of mind and light together. Mind exists ‘within’ the core of the
light particle, therefore it is when combined also one, from a core creation point of view, in
total forming the whole of creation.

I would like to show how this works in relation to perceiving light within the space and
environment to where we exist as humans, through our physical eyes, in order to bring clarity
to the earlier picture of light in dimension. Visualizing light in dimension is one of the
hardest barriers to overcome and perceive correctly when it comes to analysing physical
existence and how its structure is formulated through visualizing from a third dimensional
point of view, our eyes.
H e r e is a s im p le p ic t u r e s h o w in g
a n e y e a n d h o w w e c u r r e n tly
p ic tu r e lig h t b o u n c in g o ff
th e in te r n a l r e tin a .

This is a third dimensional perspective of how the eye is visually interpreted in relation to
light bouncing off it in order for us to see our environment. So far it is seen as light being
directed in and then bouncing off the lens back out into reality. This bouncing is also
visualized in my earlier picture of the oven, showing light bouncing off the walls within our
current understanding of light through perception. This is what I wrote in the earlier article
Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Spatial Dynamics as being a half pulse of light
perception. We are only seeing half of the picture of how the light is truly formed by
visualizing through this method.

When we so far visualize light on a half pulse through third dimension we are seeing the crux
point where light has become form. This is the surface animated state of matter called third
dimension. Third dimension is ‘animated reality’, and it is the culmination of all the
dimensions into one solid state visualizing itself as a motivated matter object. Let us take a
closer look at what is involved in order to produce the light to bounce off the eye when
visualizing it simply in relation to a light bulb:

T h is is h o w lig h t s h o u ld b e v is u a liz e d a lw a y s b e in g
c o n s id e r e d in r e la tio n to th e so u r c e o b je c t to
w h e r e it is b e in g s e e n f r o m . R e m e m b e r th is o n ly
r e la t e s to th e t h ir d d im e n s io n a l e n v ir o n m e n t a lo n e .

Whenever light is considered in the third dimension it needs to be also understood in relation
to another object in space. This comes purely down to observation and perception. Without
another object in order to reference against there would be no reason to have visual
understanding of the space to where we exist. This only relates to the third dimension surface
animated environment and will become clear as to why it is seen this way when I start to
place dimension into the picture.

Dimension refers to the internal makeup of mass and space and has to be visualized in third
dimension as being ‘angle’ in relation to time space. Angle basically refers to an objects
internal structure and origin. Let us look at the above picture and see how dimension is
formed in relation to angle:

T h e r e d lin e is s h o w in g th e o r ig in a l lig h t w a v e t h a t is m o v in g
fr o m th e lig h t b u lb t o th e e y e le n s . T h e b lu e lin e s in d ic a te
th e p r o je c t e d o u t e r s ta t e o f t h e o b j e c t in to ta l. A n d th e
o r a n g e lin e in d ic a t e ‘ a n g le ’ o r th e p o s itio n w h e r e d im e n s io n
is r e a s o n e d a n d u n d e r s t o o d w ith in th e t h ir d d im e n s io n e n v ir o n m e n t .

This is just a basic visual example that is not totally formed as yet, but at the moment it is a
stepping stone to highlight the concept of ‘angle’. The picture might for some people seem
complex but to look at it more simply through the idea and concept of Spatial Dynamics, and
bio-cylindrical creation both the light and eye are totally different objects when visualized
within the third dimension environment:

B o th th e e y e a n d lig h t b u lb a r e c o m p le te ly s e p a r a te b io -c y lin d r ic a l
o b je c ts fo r m in g f r o m th e ir o w n p o in t in p e r c e p tio n w it h in s p a c e .
Please refer to my previous article of Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception to
get more insight into bio-cylindrical creation.

Now this is the complex part to try and define in diagram and understanding. Dimension of
space and where it forms in relation to third dimension and fourth dimension perception,
animated reality and time. When we visualize the two objects in space we see that they are
both with a mass and quality totally separate from each other within an environment to which
they form within. The important thing to consider when visualizing creation is that all is
inwardly seen. All objects in space are ‘inside’ creation. Creation then becomes the
environment to which all forms must define their structure within. All forms within creation
thus are determined in relation to one another at all times on a third dimensional level. This is
why, when we see light now as a wave that we are visualizing it in terms of time and the third
dimension ‘animated’ environment. What we are seeing is energy in vibration between two
objects in space.

We see this third dimensionally as radiated light, but if it were to be seen dimensionally it is
understood in a totally different way. It is understood in relation to point in perception and
the outer region of the projected object and its total mass and formation.

L o o k in g a t th e e y e a n d lig h t b u lb in r e la tio n to o n e a n o th e r
I h a v e n o w s h o w n th e ‘a n g le ’ o r p o in t w h e r e d im e n s io n is
d e t e r m in e d b e t w e e n th e t w o o b j e c t s in s p a c e .

The orange line shows the point where we are to determine dimension in relation to the light
travelling from the bulb to the eye. This is what I determine as ‘angle’ within material space.
Angle we cannot see with our visual eyes. When we see an object we never take into
consideration the crux point in which visual observation is achieved. Angle refers to the crux
point of visual perception. It is invisible for the fact that it is relating to the internal quality of
the formation of space, to which we call dimension. Dimension turns back into the core of
creation from this crux point as with any other object that is positioned in space. Every object
has an angle, just like when visualizing the earth when we consider its axis. Angle refers to
orientation and perception. It is invisible yet helping to determine the position of objects in
space. It refers back to the basic ideas of the magnetic environment. It is the core rudder that
determines how floating objects will be angled in space, just like when seeing all the planets.

It is at the position of angle that we can start to understand the structure of dimension in
relation to objects in space. The green lines are also internal rudders in relation to the picture
above. But they are different to the angle created when two objects come into contact within
the third dimensional environment. The difference being, that the green angles of the core
formation of the eye and light bulb are determining the object through the core balancing
point. This is not really considered ‘angle’, but point in perception. It would be best to
consider it in terms of the solar system itself. The sun has a point in perception to which it
determines its mass without a perceived true angle when visualizing it alone. The planets
however are formations ‘within’ the solar system, so thus in relation to the sun, they are
formed through ‘angle’, always determined through their connection with the sun. Just like
when viewing the connection between the eye and light bulb above. (The sun is however
connected to the centre of the solar system, but for now we are visualizing it as the origin in
this example.)

When considering how angle works in relation to the point of perception of the eye and bulb,
it is formed within a purely three dimensional environment. This crux point is three
dimensional in nature. The eye and bulb have an internal formation point called the mind, or
internal balancing point. Angle occurs then when one two dimensional object perceives
another within space. The crux point of where both objects meet in observation is where we
begin to define dimension from a third dimensional observational perspective.

Most consider the outer area of an object to be the shell that we see as the physical structure.
This is not how it should be visualized for the fact that the object within space is formulated
not only to the outer edge of its physically seen structure, like for instance the skin of the
human body. The construction of the human body expands well outside of its physically
perceived boundaries, to the area of space to which the human body forms within, the
physical environment to which we call surface earth. (For example the human body extends
out into an area of space that I call the ‘pheromone body’ that works in relation to our
electromagnetic body or spirit, this embodiment determines a lot of our feelings and emotions
through chemical and electrical interchange. If you are interested in finding out more about
this topic you can read about it in ‘The Mind and Matter’.) All objects thus need to be
determined ‘in relation’ to other objects within space at all times through third dimension and
never considered only for their individual structure alone.

I will again reiterate that dimension needs to be determined within the third dimension
environment when considering objects in relation to one another. This is an important point
to consider and the only way that dimension can ever be determined or understood. When
considering the environment to where we exist, the space to which we see as our conscious
world is determined through our eyes within a three dimensional ‘animated’ world. The
world is in motion, never stagnant or able to be seen as still. Motion is the key to
understanding life at all levels, and is the intrinsic part that is defined through the mind which
is the force behind our animation. Yes, I am also talking about the mind to which we
spontaneously think about our life from what seems like within our head. The mind is the key
also to understanding time and perception of space within dimension.

When we view reality through third dimension all of life is seen outside of the body to which
we continue to exist within daily. We wake up each morning faced with the same world, the
same body, the same physical existence, until we again fall asleep or at the moment that our
life ends totally in death. These are factual things that we know and understand. This
environment can then be seen as an internal world viewing outside of itself, or an internal
mind viewing out into reality. We view from our mind out into the world through our body,
using it as a tool in order to participate in animated reality.
Each formation in space has the same principles to which it defines itself, all having an outer
casing that defines the object or entity as being a structure, depending on focus and
concentration (meaning whether we are actually looking at the light bulb itself, or the light
coming from the bulb. Both are considered separate in structure). A structure, no matter the
form that we are visualizing can be defined within length, breadth and width. Even when we
look at things that are not truly solid in appearance to our eyes such as gases, we define them
in cubic meters in order to consider their mass and structure. All can be defined in our world
within this cube like method, to which we so far see as three dimensions of material space.

This so far is a logical observation of space, the only thing holding it back is the
understanding of the defining components that form structure seen through perception and
causal ‘fundamental’ principles. We form all of our ideas into a box in order to understand
space. Even though this seems reasonable and logical, it does indeed fill space if we square it
off all joining together through this visualization. Objects in space are however not all square
in their structure. How do we then define this object when it comes to dimension? Do we
then break it down into smaller components each with a separate mass and then join all the
parts together into one mass through calculation? What if that structure were to be fluid in its
nature, such as the human body, or any other animal to which we see in life? How could we
truly define the space of such an object that is constantly changing in its structure within
every moment of perception? These are the pitfalls that we face in a world that can not be
mathematically defined always from visualizing an object from the outside of its structure to
within. Then we build devices that study mass, purely relating to the earth alone, and the idea
of gravity. These we call measures or weighing scales. The only problem with measures and
weighing scales is that they change depending always on the environment to which they are
utilized within. If we were to use the same measuring device on the moon it would not bring
the same results, naturally.

When an object in space is defined on dimension, it can also provide, when studied and
explored properly, mass and basic fundamental properties that organize the object in space, no
matter where it exists within the entire formation of creation. The only thing needed is two
objects within space, two central balancing points and an environment in which to determine
the objects ‘angle’. Going back to the last diagram I showed that this can be seen when it
comes to the human eye and the light bulb. Two objects in space, one being the eye without
the human, the other being light created from the bulb. Whether two eyes were to be taken
into consideration, the exact central location between both eyes would be the point in which
the mind would be reasoned in relation to the visualization of space.
Every object in space is bio-cylindrical in nature. Please refer to my previous article, Spatial
Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception. It has two sides that mirror in order to create a
whole. Even though our two eyes in physical are seen to be apart when it comes to the fluid
nature of perception and reality, they really are one when it comes to creation from the point
of view of the mind.

We then use our eyes to look at the light coming from the bulb. We consider always that the
light is part of the bulb itself, which is accurate when visualizing it in relation to the third
dimensional environment. However when considering it through spatial dynamics, the light
from the bulb is separate to the structure of the bulb itself when determining mass and
dimension. The source of the light is important, that is true that the light comes from a
radiating point within the bulb. This projection point needs to be considered when studying
the light produced. However the bulb structure itself need not be acknowledged in relation to
the observer viewing the light being produced. This is an important thing to consider when it
comes to structure within space that all parts have to also be considered separately, not just as
one whole when it comes to perception. This is determined by what a person is focusing on.

The best way to see this is when a person looks towards another within the third dimensional
environment. We think immediately that a person will visually see the whole of that person as
a total structure. This is not an accurate observation for the fact that when a person views
another person they instead see part of that person as the whole. When a person views an
object with their eyes they can only focus on one point in perception at a time. This is a very
important thing to consider and realize when it comes to the construction of space and how it
is determined.

When we look towards another object in space we always focus in on that objects ‘zero point’
through perception. This is a far more complex topic to go into too deep within this article
but to simplify it in relation to the topic, it is important to realize that every structural mass
within creation has its own ‘mind’ or ‘central balancing point’. Whether that be even relating
to parts of the human body, it is only considered a whole when determining it through
visualizing the outer skin of the form. However we are well aware that the skin itself is not
the total of what a human body is. There are parts also within a human body that all have
their own central balancing points within their own structure. When understanding this fully,
through perception, it would be clear then that our conscious perception, that which we utilize
in order to ‘think’ about the space of our environment, forms the central balancing point of
our brain, which includes our central nervous system.

When we then visualize an object in space with our eyes, they are separate again from the
brain itself when it comes to the mind and central balancing point of the brain. What we think
we see with our eyes is not at all relating to what we are actually seeing with our eyes. The
eyes see the object, yet the mind (central balancing point) of the brain reads the electricity
signal sent from the eyes and interprets it in its own way. This electrical signal is a language
in itself and it is how all objects in space relate internally to one another. It is first
dimensional and electromagnetic in nature.

Going back to looking at the eye in relation to the light coming from the light bulb, how can
we determine light as having total solidity, a substance that is not seen solid through visual
observation? The way we can visualize light is through ‘point in perception’, or the place that
it is sourced out from, like for instance the bulb or even when considering the sun or other
objects that produce light.

When light is visualized through point in perception it then becomes a mass and structure.
We look towards the light with our eyes and we can determine that the light is radiating out
from a place within the bulb. This is seen third dimensionally through diffusion, or what I
call half pulse and needs to be determined through ‘angle’. This is determined at the position
where the eye realizes the light, and that is at the position where the light hits the lens when
we see it visually through third dimension. This is purely the observational quality of the
object in relation to the other object in space itself, the dimensional quality is far more
complex and becomes apparent when understanding the objects as an individual structure in
space in relation to another object that is ‘observing’ it. This relates to consciousness and
‘realization’ and also relates to ‘pulse’ when it comes to creation in relation to the mind and

If you think what I have written is complex already then you will be in for something when I
start to detail dimension when it comes to light and structure. The above information that I
have written is very important to take into consideration when I start to detail ‘angle’. Angle
is the number one most difficult hurdle to overcome in order to understand the connection
between observation and structure, to which we call consciousness and matter. It is also a
very difficult subject to detail in diagram and the most difficult to understand when reasoning
the formation of creation in total. I’m going to first detail why this is so before I get into the
mechanics of the observation of light in relation to dimension. It is important to know how to
visually see it before it can be reasoned, because without the right position to view it from, it
will seem totally confusing and illogical within a purely third dimension physical perception.

The most foremost important thing to consider when perceiving space in dimension is that
every dimension exists at once. We so far consider that each dimension is separate from the
other when trying to construct our understanding of space. When we do this we are only
viewing space through a purely physical reasoning. Looking from the surface of an object
and seeing it as the totality of all. This might be so from the standpoint of our eyes, visually
in third dimension when we read the signals sent from the eyes to our brains. However this is
not accurate when visualizing the total formation of space. Without this acknowledgement
there is no need to continue further with explanation. If dimension is not reasoned as existing
at once in the moment then we might as well continue on in our existence in never knowing
how formation is truly formed, just like we do now.

This is the barrier, the hurdle we have not yet crossed, that which is angle. We do not cross it
purely because we have not yet the capacity of understanding in our physical evolution in
relation to time. However this does not mean that it is not impossible to reason, only difficult
in relation to having to look at the concept of angle when there is no canvas to work from.
This is like visualizing a blind man who has never known how to see and asking him what
something looks like. How does this man build up the concept of visual structure if he has
never had the opportunity to see? Then a scientist comes along and offers this man a device
in which he can then have the ability to see again. This man then has to ‘learn’ how to see,
just like any child or baby does when it is first born. A baby does not have total visual clarity
until much later in its development for this reason. The eyes have not yet learnt how to
picture third dimensional reality and have not the ability to focus on singular objects in space.
The baby will see all of space as one object, and will only determine its focus on objects in
relation to movement. It is the movement that they see, not necessarily the objects themselves
until much later in their development.

It is not until our understanding of reality reaches a more advanced level, where we start to
reason consciousness and the mind. Without the knowledge of the mind and perception, the
understanding of structure and space has no relevance to reason. In fact that knowledge of the
formation of creation is not necessary for animated creation to exist. It does not achieve
anything except to provide a basis to define creation from and it does not become relevant to
look at until we reach a pinnacle where we ‘choose’ to see creation from a observational point
of view. It can help to provide more understanding of the environment to which we exist but
it will not change or affect what we are already physically interacting with. Physical
interaction is experienced at a totally different level to the organization of space itself.
Construction of space is what forms the physical reality that we have, but knowing about it
will not determine the motivated environment which comes from creation itself. Creation will
still exist even without knowledge of its fundamental constructs.

This is where angle comes in, which can only be defined through pure perception and
observation, utilizing the force of the mind in order to determine the formation of space from
the core. It is at this point that mind is then separated from matter, that force is seen as a
separate entity to light. This we have not yet achieved in perception in this world as yet, not
fully and this comes purely from the fact that it is not yet relevant to our lifestyle at this time.
It does not provide us with anything in order to physically manipulate our environment. The
only time it will become relevant is when we decide to focus on it purely from curiosity alone.
It is only natural that we will reach a stage that we will want to know how we are formed
within reality. We know a lot about how to experience creation, but not a lot about how we
are able to do this from the core fundamental construction. Finding the answer to this will
bring us knowledge that will only enhance the information that we already have. It will bring
us concrete foundations in which to understand our environment even more. Keep one thing
in mind though, it will not change ever the fact that we are here, but will only bring
understanding to how creation is constructed, not why it is so. Why comes from the mind
itself and has to be seen in a totally separate picture frame when it comes to reasoning reality
and always in relation to matter at all times.
What this means is that when perceiving ‘angle’ within reality we have to take a totally
different standpoint in order to see it, an internal standpoint that bases itself purely on
perception alone. This perception however is then backed up by the physical animated reality
when it is accurately constructed and will at every moment, no matter the changes that occur
within reality, stay constant to the end. When the foundations are strong they will always
remain that way, no matter the person, place or environment to which we are visualizing space
from or within. This is what is called the core fundamental laws of creation, things that never
change no matter how we perceive creation, no matter what labels or titles they are given, and
no matter whether we want to see them or not.

I will presume though that if you have read this far into my article you are a person interested
in the fundamental construction of creation whether or not there is a purpose in mind.
Looking from this standpoint we can then view creation from the constructional components
that order its structure. These components can be reasoned within the terms to which we call

The interesting thing about dimension is that it can be used as a label to determine group
parameters within space, however not all dimensions have an exact point in which they form
themselves. The only dimension that can be seen as having a crux point is third dimension,
and purely for the fact that we see objects as separated through our observation of space. This
means that dimension itself is purely based on perception and observation alone. It is
understood when viewing interaction within the space to which we exist in animated reality.

When making an observation of space within reality, we are able to then at every moment
‘move’ our point of perception from one place in creation to another. What this means is that
when we are thinking of another person, we are moving our perception from our body to the
body of another person as we analyse them. At this moment within time itself we do not
conceptually perceive within the framework of our own body at all. This is purely relating to
perception and links to dimension when it comes to the formation of space.

Have you ever stopped to think that when you actually think about another person that you do
not always feel your body at the time. This does not mean that you are not linked with your
body at all times. It has to do with focus and what I call ‘point in perception’, the position of
the mind. At any moment within our animated world we can think away from our bodies
about places and things that do not at all relate to our physical construction within the now
moment of space. We can even visualize other places just through thought alone and a lot of
people will see this as even a picture forming around them conceptually. It will not be a
physically dense picture, but in the same token it is still a visual picture and is solid when we
see it, even if we cannot interact with it.

This is perception oriented and is linked to the memories that we store in our brain. We study
this stuff incessantly already. It is one of the major topics that we are exploring at this
moment in our world, psychology and neurology. This part we understand to a certain point
so far, the way the brain is functioning in relation to our observation of its working
environment. This is achieved purely through observation and not necessarily linked to
internal perception. What this means is that we end up asking more questions than we have
answers for. This is however how we are motivated to explore space (in a purely physical
sense) further, through asking the fundamental question of ‘why’.
Physicality needs ‘why’ in order to animate. It needs a reason to exist. The fundamental
constructional components of reality however do not need a reason. They just are and they
are determined purely through perception alone and only ever within the now moment of
space. ‘Now’ means without even needing to understand past or future, but purely through
observing reality through consciousness alone without questioning.

We find this however very difficult to fathom, to see creation from the mind in its most pure
state. This state or perception is only ever achieved when a person totally strips away
meaning and purpose from their life. Meaning and purpose links always to past and future,
never to the moment of space in which we observe reality. We ‘think’ that we construct our
environment purely from memory and desire, seeing that our whole reality is only constructed
from the mind itself. This is not so at all. We have also matter in which to define our space,
there is light also that helps to formulate our physical reality.

What this means is that we are from a constructional point of view, only ever in the moment
existing all at once. It is only through matter itself that space is separated and only when we
are the creation itself, not from a creator point of view. The difficulty we have is in separating
this within our environment. We see ourselves as the creator of reality, which is not so, we are
always at all times the creation, never the creator. The creation is consciousness and thus we
are conscious beings formed out from the fundamental construction components which define
the whole of space from the core. What this means is that we are not ‘creating’ within
creation as we so think that we do, but instead that we are ‘existing’ within creation, within
the parameters that are made possible to us. These parameters are always based on the
fundamental constructional components that are the mind (force) and matter (light).

I know this can be really hard for people to conceptualize, especially seeing as most would
question my ideas when it comes to our creative abilities within our own world. What is
important to consider when it comes to reasoning creation is that ‘words are only labels’. Just
as love means many things to many different people, so does the word creation when it comes
to visualizing reality. The word ‘creating’ is seen totally different from the fundamental
components of space in comparison to the creating that we see ourselves doing everyday in
life. This means that the word creating actually has two separate meanings depending on
point in perception.

When looking at creating when it comes to the core of reality, the created within creation
itself does not create, it exists within the parameters that it is provided with and cannot ever
exist outside of its known environment. This means that at all the moments that we think that
we are learning something new we are only learning something different within the
parameters of creation itself, which is based purely on choice of perception and focus. This
does not mean at any moment that these things do not exist at all, only that we are choosing
not to focus on it within the parameters of our animated reality and point in perception.

This is one of the most difficult subjects to comprehend when it comes to understanding
space, but an important stepping stone in order to understand the construction of our animated
matter environment from the core. We have to take our perception into that of pure mind and
light, our creator components in order to devise the reasoning behind the whole of our reality.
Just like in taking our mind and thinking of a person and how they are feeling within this
world, we can also do this at any moment when it comes to visualizing reality from the core.
We can observe space from what ever ‘angle’ we want when it comes to the mind, hence the
word that I used in the earlier diagrams. Angle refers to perception and point of view (This is
the point of perception within the third dimensional animated environment itself, the crux
point where creation sees itself and realizes that it is part of a whole. Hence the point where
one objects sees another within our animated environment. The point where the eye in the
diagrams I showed sees the light radiating out from the light bulb).

Angle refers to the point where observation is achieved where one object interacts with
another in order to define and reason its own space and environment. This is important when
it comes to creation itself. Without ‘other’, there would be no reason to identify parameters
within space itself and no reason to have a place to which we call an environment. Creation
would thus have no meaning defined within itself, especially if it were never able to see itself
and utilize other objects in order to compare itself to. That is how we identify ourselves
within our environment through comparison. It is the only way that we are able to see
ourselves as human when we compare ourselves to other objects within our space and

Comparison is a major component of creation and is defined through the mirroring process
that creation takes in order to form itself in the now moment. This then means that from the
point of view of creation itself, as long as it is able to identify itself, it will always exist in a
component of space that has no relationship with time at all. In fact when viewing it with the
idea of time in mind we would see this as eternity or forever. It is not eternity from the
perception of the core creation components, only from the created components within the
creation itself when they utilize time in order to organize their space and environment, and as
a way to view their reality.

The best way to see this would be to compare a culture that might have existed in the past,
that might never have used time in order to exist within their space and lived life purely in the
moment, purely driven by desires and needs that formed within the now moment of creation.
When a being has no concept of time, it no longer sees eternity, it only then ‘exists’ in the
moment. The creator components also exist in the moment where reasoning does not have to
be defined on purpose or any concept that is formed within animated creation itself. They just
exist and thus are defining creation purely in one moment, the moment to which we as
humans see as ‘now’.

Angle now takes on a whole new meaning once considering objects and how they interact in
space, defined on their connection through comparison and direction of perception. If we
look back at the eye again and the visualization of light coming from a light bulb we can start
to see how through angle the forming of dimensions can be seen with more clarity:
When viewing the two objects in space, the eye and the bulb are both contained within their
own bio-cylindrical framework dimensionally. The orange line indicates the exact moment
that one object realizes the other within the space of the third and fourth dimensional
environment, through the use of sight and perception. One thing to consider when visualizing
angle is that it can only be achieved in understanding through the distinct realization that one
object has when it sees another object in space. This realization is always considered in the
now moment, characterized on singular perception and pulse. What singular perception
means is that one object in third and fourth dimension can only through perception interact
with one object in space at a time when it comes to realization. This has a lot to with how
focus works within reality itself.

Focus relates to the distinct fact that reality is consciously viewed through single point
perception. In the most simple of ways this can be seen as, one thing at a time. This means
that we can only consciously perceive in every individual moment (or pulse) of time one thing
conceptually within every singular moment within space. We might think that we are able to
do more than one thing at a time, however this is not an accurate analysis for the fact that one
moment of time (one pulse of creation) is within our perceptions too fast to comprehend. If
we were to slow down time and view reality through momentary action, we would see that we
are able to only focus on one thing at a time. Our head would turn to one thing, than another,
our mind and perception jumping back and forth throughout the individual things that we are
interacting with within our environment.

When viewing one moment in time or pulse of creation, it is seen fourth and third
dimensionally as the fastest rate of force within creation. This force we relate to as time and
we understand it through awareness and perception of our world through our senses and
interactions. What is visualized above in the diagram is one pulse in creation within time
space (or visualization within fourth dimension through perception. Remembering that fourth
dimension is where perception takes place, when considering the mind). When we take a
snapshot of one pulse in time creation it is then understood as one projected moment in space.
It is projected, meaning that it is not solid or fixed in its position, but moving in and out
continually in order to formulate time. This is what is considered to be vibration, this
pulsating that is occurring. This is the way it would be seen through the third dimensional
environment as vibration, but it is pulse when it is considered through the mind.

You can imagine how this works, that if you were to put a whole lot of marbles into a
container and shake them, that every shake of the container would be one moment or pulse in
creation. The vibration effect is what creates movement within the marbles perception of
time. The marbles would, if they visualized themselves, see their world moving around them
as well as themselves through each pulse within space time (fourth dimension and

Taking out one of these moments or pulse states, and you have the now moment of conscious
reality that is of the marble or singular point in perception. The marble would see itself at the
centre of all, viewing out from itself into physical reality as having movement, and see itself
as interacting within the framework of an environment to which is the container.

Going back to visualizing the light bulb now I want to take a closer look at how the
dimensions are then formed through perception taking into consideration the interaction that
the light is having with the eye.

What we see in the diagram is one moment in space time (a pulse within creation) of both
objects that of the light from the bulb and the other the lens of an eye:

Visualize the environment of each object as three dimensional and not flat. The interaction
between the eye and bulb is like visualizing two marbles colliding with one another.
Although I show that these marbles are circular in shape this is not the exact representation of
the framework of the whole entire object dimensionally. All objects in space are determined
bio-cylindrically, meaning that they are not ever entirely round in their form, but cylindrical in

Once an object is determined by another object in space, each object then can be split apart
and determined individually within dimension. This can only be visualized through a half
pulse understanding of creation in third dimension. In the half pulse state of animated reality,
third dimension, an object can be cut open and visualized without two mirroring sides being
evident within its structure, showing it to have one form as one entire stand alone structure:

Visualize the solid object in space as having two internal counteracting forces that spin
creating pressure that is gluing the objects form together, this is specific to magnetism in
particular. The gluing effect is created by two opposing directions of spin when it comes to
mirroring of force within any object in space. This mirroring effect or bio-cylindrical nature
of every object is what visually creates it to become solid within space. It is like a gluing
together of all parts into one form, like when visualizing the human body. The internal
components of all objects in space, especially ones that are organically created will be entirely
solid. All space within containing other creating elements in order to build its structure.

This is something to take into consideration when visualizing space, all space is full! Not one
area of space is empty even if we visualize it this way when we determine the blackness of the
space of the solar system. Blackness does not mean nothingness. It means that we are
visually seeing that space as the shade close to black, so therefore it is something. It is a
colour that we are visually seeing in comparison to another colour that which is not that shade
of black. If we were to be another being in existence they might see in infrared. Space would
then not be black but other shades of colour. Just because there is a lot of it, and that it does
not seem to have anything that we visually see within it, does not mean that there are not
objects that exist within it. Even chemicals are objects in space and when broken down into
their constructional components like atoms and the like, you can see bio-cylindrical objects
forming their existence. Just at a finer level than what we are able to visually see with our
eyes. The eyes have a limited framework to exist within and are also reliant on how our brain
interprets the signals being sent from them.

When considering every object in space individually, from the framework of my own mind
and singular point perception this is how the dimensional structure is formed in relation to
bio-cylindrical creation:
This shows the bio-cylindrical ‘projected’ nature of the object itself actualizing in one
moment in space. The pressure of force that comes from within the object forms what we see
as a vacuum, which is created by the core balancing point (the mind). This creates a mirrored
reality that forms spin. What this means is that the object in the now moment of space, has
first spin before it even formulates true awareness and pulse in order for it to realize itself.
Spin is what determines the object in space as an object and as a pulse within time space.
This spin I call the mirroring effect of the core creation. This is determined on a highly
pressurized environment and is the integral inner constructional component of every object in
space seen within its pulse state (its realized state).

This concept is not difficult to comprehend but only difficult to word on paper or visualize
through diagram in a simple way. The most important thing to realize when accessing an
object in space is that it is always, at every level, a build up of dimensions into one formation
that we call animated reality. Let us now look closely at how the dimensions form within a
half pulse visualizing the object third dimensionally:

1 5

2 4 T h is is t h e in t e r n a l
v ie w o f a n o b je c t if
it w e r e s lic e d in h a lf
3 a t t h e h o r iz o n lin e .
Light as you well know projects outwardly when visualized through the third dimension of
space, which incorporates the dimension to which we call time. In third dimension, our
animated reality, all dimensions exist at once, so therefore, time, consciousness, all things
need to be considered into one framework that formulates a whole. When light projects
outwardly it is seen as diffusion. Just like in visualizing the light that comes from a bulb the
centre where the light projects out is at the most brightest. Dimensions works much in the
same manner when viewing them within the third dimensional environment.

The third dimensional environment works on half pulse, which refers to the solid state of
matter. When visualizing space from the core of creation, the mind, dimension works on
visualizing reality on a full pulse as here:


2 4

1 5 1 5

2 4 2 4

3 3

H a lf P u ls e F u ll P u ls e

The difference is in perception alone. The core of creation sees reality as a full pulse, as two
sides that are a mirror reflection of each other. Within our world through our eyes and brain
we see the world as solid. The solid state is an incorporation of the mirroring state visualized
as one entity. Two sides as one whole:
Every solid object has a mirroring component within its structure, however visually we see it
as one solid structure. Just like with the human form, it has two mirroring sides that form to
our vision one whole object to which we call a body. The full structure is then referred to as a
half pulse for the fact that we are visualizing two halves as one whole. Like when visualizing
an orange this can be much easier seen:

H e r e is a n o r a n g e s lic e d
in h a lf s h o w in g th e
d im e n sio n s:

With our visual eye the orange looks like one whole unit, but to the core of creation, from the
angle of the mind, it is seen visually in this way:

T h e M in d

The mind views from inward to outward and our visual perception through our eyes and brain
see from outside to in:
T h e M in d v ie w s r e a lity fr o m in s id e t o o u t .

A th ir d d im e n s io n a l o b j e c t v ie w s r e a lity
fr o m o u t s id e to in .

Half pulse creation seen through third dimension views reality always outside of itself and in
a way that it is seen to project out forever. Just like when visualizing light from a bulb, it is
seen by our eyes to project out until it dissipates into nothing. This is the illusion perception
state of the third dimension environment. It is seen this way for the fact that the third
dimensional embodiment is viewing from inside creation making an observation of space
within the paradigm itself. In the case of the eyes, they are a third dimension object viewing
other objects within the same third dimensional environment to which we call creation.

Even though I show the circle to be flat in earlier pictures, it is important to see creation as
three dimensional in nature, just like how we visualize space in our current perceptions as
having height, width and depth. This is an important factor when determining dimension in
space but to be seen from inside to out, not from outside to in, just like in the following
D e p th

H e ig h t

D e p th W id th

H e ig h t

W id th
T h is is o u r c u r r e n t p e r c e p t io n o f T h is is t h e p e r c e p tio n o f d im e n s io n
d im e n s io n in r e a lit y a n d h o w it fr o m th e c o r e o f c r e a tio n ta k in g in to
is v is u a liz e d w ith t h e h u m a n a c c o u n t t h e o b je c ts c o r e b a la n c in g
eyes. p o in t .

The second diagram is an example of how the dimensions of space are formulated in an over
exaggerated manner. The measurement of dimension is always calculated to the outer layer of
the objects full solid state, meaning the skin of the orange itself. The arrows would then need
to be seen to end at the surface skins outer edge which is hard to show in diagram when using
a solid object as reference. Normally we do not visualize the internal dimensions of an object
purely because these dimensions we do not visually see. We have to slice something open in
our perception in order to see it internally. So in all essence the arrows would not even be
seen to the eye if I were to have a full orange in view. Dimension is formulated internally.

One thing to remember is that it does not matter which object in space we are referring to at
any one time. All objects in space work through dimension in this manner, whether that is
light itself or a solid object such as an orange. These objects are only separated in density
when it comes to the third dimensional environment to which a human exists. The
environment, in which an object, no matter what it is, sees its environment as solid, is the
objects outer most third dimensional state. As for light from the light bulb, the fact that we do
not see it visually with our eyes to have a solid state means that we are not able to see its full
solid form. We only see a part of its full dimensional state. Its true form then needs to be
visualized much larger than we now comprehend.

The separation between objects in space, no matter what they are, relates to the diffusion of
light from the core. Most might think that vibration works within space equal at every
position. This would not be an accurate measure to understand dimension in the full form of
space itself. In fact position very much determines vibration and how solid an object is in
space in relation to other objects. This position that I referred to earlier as our point of
perception, showing that every object in space as having an internal core that helps it to
position itself inside the matter environment in a conceptual way.

It is only within the third dimensional environment that objects become separated in the space
of matter ‘conceptually’ otherwise all is one from the angle of the mind. This is the barrier
that people have to cross in order to understand the fundamental construction of reality itself,
and that is the importance to separate objects in space through core perception itself when
trying to understand its makeup and construction. Instead of always taking perception purely
from a third dimensional human point of view we need to visualize space from all angles of
possibility that do not at all times relate to viewing reality from outside to in. Until we break
this barrier reality will only ever be seen as surface and subjective.

I want to now go back to the light bulb itself to show how dimension works in relation to two
objects within space, the eye and light coming from a bulb:

T h e r e d lin e in d ic a te s t h e fu ll th r e e
d im e n sio n a l s ta te o f th e o b je c t th a t w e
a r e v is u a liz in g a s lig h t c o m in g o u t fr o m
th e b u lb .

T h is s h o w s th e p o in t in w h ic h w e w ith o u r e y e s
v is u a liz e th e lig h t c o m in g f r o m t h e b u lb its e lf.
T h is I r e fe r to a s a n g le , th e p o s itio n w h e r e w e
s ta r t t o a n a ly s e th e o b j e c t s d im e n s io n .

What this diagram shows is that the eye itself, our sight is visualizing the light from the bulb
‘within’ its full structure. How this is determined is through understanding the dimensional
quality of an object in space in reference to the other. The most solid object in our
environment would be perhaps diamond or the metal that comes from inside most meteorites.
If diamond were to be a reference when it comes to solidity and comparison, then an eye is
also seen less solid, more fluid to the touch. Light that we see coming from the sun or from a
bulb is then one of the most fluid objects that we ‘see’ within our visual space. The more
solid an object is, the more accessible it becomes and the easier it is to be reasoned and
identified within matter space when viewing from one point in perception to another. In this
example I am viewing light from the point of perception of the eye and brain. We see this
light to radiate out forever, simply because we do not see its full structure in order to analyse
its full solidity. We are visualizing within its full structure, unable to see it as a form within
space, but more as particles floating in space without any end to their projection.

We do not see the end of this lights projected state simply because we do not vibrate ourselves
faster than its own projected quality. We are then considered to the perception of the light
coming from the bulb as we might visualize a diamond sitting within our hands. In fact we
are sitting ‘within’ the projected lights full structure. This would then be like comparing our
position within light the same as a cells position within our body.

This makes it difficult then to analyse the dimensional quality of the light radiating from the
bulb when we do not see it is full structure. How would we then determine its dimension and

This is where mathematics comes into play when determining the dimensional quality of an
object to which we do not see its full solid state. The mathematics is determined through
understanding pulse within creation and the rate that light radiates from the core of creation
with the use of force (also what I call the mind and core of creation).

The thing to remember when calculating the full distance that an object is able to project, it
will still not change the visual observation of the object in space when we view it with our
eyes. It only changes our awareness of the object and how it is forming within space itself.
Even when it is calculated the full projection of the light coming from the bulb, it would be
absolutely silly to think that you could then walk to the outer surface of this light and see its
surface as a solid form. This does not mean however that the object has not a solid state or
form, only that we do not see it through our eyes.

When understanding dimension conceptually with our mind we are able to determine an
objects projection state in third dimension as a half pulse relating to how we see an object as
one form, not as having two sides, but as one whole solid structure, as I showed earlier in
diagram. When viewing reality from inside, in relation to dimension, when calculating
projection within third dimension, the full state of an object is always determined with the
inner structure included into the whole picture. What this means is that it is not calculated
only on a half pulse…but as a pulse within a pulse within a half pulse. This is one of the most
difficult to demonstrate in diagram but when understood it is easy to analyse. I will now
demonstrate how this is formed, let us go back and look at the orange again as an example:

2 4

1 5

2 4


The above diagram demonstrates the formation of a pulse within creation itself from the core.
It is formulated on the inward and outward flowing nature of reality itself, formulated when
force pushes light into solid existence. When visualizing the picture without the black lines
and numbers we can see that it is showing us a black dot in the centre, this is utilized merely
to show the position where light projects out from, it is the central balancing point. The other
solid circles around it are dimensions within space, one presiding within the other. In all
actuality there are only 2 inner dimensions (one inside another) when it comes to solid
existence but they are seen as 4 inner dimensions when it comes to the direction and flow in
which force pushes light (which could be seen as magnetic balance and flow).

Take away the lines and this is how the dimensions are really formulated when it comes to
pulse seen from the mind:


O u tw a r d


4 In w a rd


Describing the dimensions is another topic all together and will require a lot more description
than what I can include in this article. (You can find out more information about the formation
of dimensions in ‘Creation Theory Revised’). I want to lead on assuming that you already
know about the basics of dimension and structure whether that be from a scientific or spiritual
point of view, it will not matter when considering the formation of pulse within creation.
When putting all the dimensions into correct order in reference to the inward and outward
flow of force in order to create solid matter within creation it needs to be seen in this way:
3 2 /4 1 /5 0 /6 1 /5 2 /4 3

T h e s e tw o m ir r o r in g s id e s a r e n o t v is u a lly s e e n h o w e v e r th e y
d o e x ist w h e n u n d e r sta n d in g sp a c e fr o m th e c o r e o f c r e a tio n
th r o u g h p e r c e p t io n . T h is m e a n s th a t th e r e a r e n o t fiv e
d im e n s io n s o f s p a c e th a t fo r m s o lid m a tte r b u t in fa c t te n
w h e n c o n s id e r in g th e m ir r o r in g o f c r e a t io n f r o m th e c o r e .

2 1 1 2

3 0 /6 3

4 5 5 4

Refer back to my article on Spatial Dynamics in order to clarify the bio-cylindrical model that
I show here. The number three, third dimension, refers to the outer state of the formation in
space, animated reality. The inner dimensions are relating to solidifying and non-solidifying
of matter from the core of creation. First and second dimensions refer to the solidifying of
light into matter from the core of creation. Then Fourth and fifth dimensions refers to the
non-solidifying nature of matter as it is viewing back into the core, the mind. All inner
dimensions are formed from perception alone. The only state that can be identified as solid
matter is then third dimension, and it is the build up of all dimensions into animated reality, or
our solid state that we see existing with all dimensions combined, time or perception (4),
Consciousness or ether (5), Energy or matrix (electromagnetic energy projected) (1),
Chemical/Mineral/Constructional Components (2). Third dimension is our total animated
solid reality forming outwardly from the perception of the mind and inner dimensions.
(The inner dimensions can be seen in two different ways, both through material observation
and through causal observation. Causal observation refers to our spiritual and conscious view
of the world to which we exist and material observation is referring to the interactive nature of
objects observed through matter interaction. We separate these two methods of seeing into
what we call Science and Religion. They are however no different when referring to
dimension within space, only that one sees from the standpoint of the mind, the other from the
standpoint of the third dimension. One is viewing outwardly, the other inwardly. Both are
correct in their observation from their own standpoint and background, each talking about the
same thing but only from a different observational point within space.)

This is where things get more interesting when observing a pulse within creation. A pulse
refers to the inner drive of force from the mind motivating light out to form solid matter
animated. One pulse specifically refers to the ‘moment’ in which creation is seen. We are
unaware that this moment actually exists for the fact that it’s true formation is devised within
first dimension where matter is too refined to visualize through the third dimension. However
it can be understood through perception by understanding what a moment is. A moment is an
awareness that an object has of its position in space. It is the moment we are conscious of our
position within the now moment of time.

Looking at one pulse when it comes to the inner nature of a solid matter object, I want to now
describe how a pulse is seen from a third dimensional point of view through diffusion of light.
This is the mathematical way to devise the total solid structure of any matter object within
space to determine not only its mass, but also its size and position in relation to other objects
within space:

2 1 1 2

3 0 /6 3

4 5 5 4
T h is is h o w it is to b e v ie w e d t h r o u g h th e th ir d d im e n s io n
w h e n v ie w in g th e flo w o f fo r c e w ith in c r e a tio n :

0 /6 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 0 /6 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 0 /6

This is through animated reality (third dimension) considered one pulse within the structure of
a matter object within space defined on dimension. Zero point has to be considered three
times in the equation for the fact that not only does it define the position of the object within
space but also defines the mirroring of the object within space forming the flow of dimension.
To better understand this it would be easier to refer to the motivation of matter from one
dimension to another. If you were to take into consideration the space between each
dimension that I indicate as an arrow in the diagram above. You can see that there are 12
arrows, if then the motivated nature of dimension plus position within creation, zero point,
were considered it would then also make 13. Either way it does not matter how it is

The number 13 relates to one pulse within creation from the standpoint of the mind through
perception. This is the basis number for creation itself, defining all matter at every level.
Now here is the complicated part…

When we view a pulse within creation it is important to realize that this is from the standpoint
of the mind viewing outwardly. However when viewing a pulse within creation from the
standpoint of third dimension animated reality it needs to be considered as a pulse within a
pulse within a half pulse, defined on diffusion of light. This diffusion of light refers to the
motivation of light from the core of creation seen from the standpoint of our physical third
dimensional senses, viewing through our eyes and brain.

The best way to visualize this is to determine dimension through pressure. If there were to be
a crux point where dimension could be defined it would be when broken down into dimension
linearly seen. Remember dimension is through perception seen inwardly so when
understanding it this also needs to be achieved through reasoning and the understanding of
ratio. Let us have a simplified look at the ratio that is formed from the pressure of forced light
when it comes to the diffusion of light viewed through dimension from the core:

In n er core
d im e n sio n s
fifth a n d fir s t
o n e p u ls e
L in e a r In n er core
P e r c e p tio n d im e n sio n s
fo u r th a n d se c o n d
o n e p u ls e
F u ll s o lid
a n im a te d o b je c t
h a lf p u ls e

Each dimension has to be taken into consideration separately when it comes to diffusion of
light seen through linear perception of the third dimension. This is the pressure rate that light
forms from the core of creation when defined through dimension:
13 X 13 X 6 .5

L in e a r
P e r c e p tio n

The first pulse within creation is defined on the diffusion rate of 13. 1 part mind + 12 parts
matter projected outwardly. This means that the diffusion rate of light from the perception of
these dimensions is 1:12 ratio calculated (one parts force to 12 parts light motivated
outwardly). The rate of diffusion of light then in perception of the second and fourth
dimensions is 13 times that of the pressure of light within the first dimensions. It is then seen
as 13 x 13 (Distance) or 1: 12 x 12 ratio of (Pressure). It is important to consider it in this
way because within each area of space there is dimension within dimension formed. The full
solid state of matter is then 13 x 13 x 6.5 when considered through dimension from the mind.
From the standpoint of matter it is 1: 12 x 12 x 6. This means that for every one part mind
(force) the component of light has to have a differential ratio of 1: 864 in order to form a third
dimensional solid matter object within our visual perceptions. This is the calculation of the
diffusion of light seen from a third dimensional point of view through the basis of dimension
when considering the core of creation and the motivation of light.

What this means is that calculation of force when it comes to dimension cannot be reasoned
purely from a solid matter point of view, it has to be reasoned through dimension itself from
the core. If it were to be envisioned only in relation to the human body alone, in order to
formulate a calculation for pressure it would be inaccurate for the fact that a human is not the
only matter object within creation itself. If it were to be calculated purely on the earth alone
then it would be inaccurate for the fact that the earth is not the only planet that exists within
this solar system let alone the entire galaxy. If pressure is calculated from visualizing from
outside to in, it will always only stay accurate based on where we are positioned within space.
This means that if we remain on earth that it will remain accurate, however if we move away
from earth the calculations become distorted. Calculating the ratio of force of light from the
core of creation is thus more accurate for the fact that it can be defined at any position within
creation itself, no matter where, it is internally seen calculated through dimension, not just
through observation.

What this means also is that we have within our bodies components of each dimension
calculated through this method. We have 1 part mind which is equal to zero (zero point) to 13
parts electromagnetic energy x 13 parts constructional matter x 6.5 parts animated
environment (this calculates the overall size and structure of the human body). Within the 6
parts animated environment we have things that come from outside of the body, such as
pheromone, things that project out of the body into our environment, which also includes

Light from a bulb could thus be visualized in this way:

13 X 13

If we were viewing the light coming from the bulb then we would be the orange dot observing
the light within dimension in this way. The first circle indicates the electromagnetic
projection of the light from the core. We view light within our world from the light bulb as a
second dimensional constructional object, that which we see as particles. The full solid state
of this projected light exceeds far beyond our visual observation 13 times that of its
electromagnetic formation.

This is the reason why we also see that the light bounces off our eyes, from the fact that we
exist within the objects whole projected form. However this is not an accurate observation
when considering the light itself. When considering the formation of the whole of the objects
formation the flow of light would then be seen in this way:
2 1 1 2

3 0 /6 3

4 5 5 4

Our perception through our eyes and brain is thus viewing the object within the flow of its
form. A way to view this would be to consider interference, that when an object enters into
the space of another object it thus will affect the ‘internal’ flow of the object in space,
especially within the space of fourth dimension, that being the place where are perception is
determined. This leads into topics to do with the polymorphic nature of reality itself, to which
I will not go into within this already long article. I have an article that defines this in
perception called ‘Polymorphic perception of the fourth dimension state’. This is however a
study to do with perception itself, not so much to do with objects within space, but the two
can overlap into one another.

This is at the most simplified level that I can show the fundamentals of projected light seen
through dimension, a study that is defined through the understanding of spatial dynamics and
multidimensional perception. It is not easy to structure space on dimension, however when
understood it is an accurate measure of space at the most fundamental level. This is a much
more advanced ‘visually’ based study of Spatial Dynamics seen from the standpoint of human
perception in this world, that which views light within creation that which also formulates
itself on light. It is not a subject to be considered lightly, however it can be understood at the
most basic level in order to reason space and structure from the core.

By Stacey T Pollock
1st July 2009
About the Author:
Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of
life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind
and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life
around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all
philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience

'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us'

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