MATSE 259 Solutions to classwork #2

1. Draw the unit cells for FCC and HCP crystal structures. Compare the difference in their stacking sequence. (Section 3.11) FCC unit cell:

HCP unit cell:

As shown in the following figure, the stacking sequence for HCP is ABABAB… and for FCC it is ABCABCABC…


2.128 nm.74. an FCC crystal structure. Copper has an atomic radius of 0.3) 2 . and since there are four atoms per FCC unit cell.5 g/mol.2) The APF is defined as the fraction of solid sphere volume in a unit cell. and an atomic weight of 63. (Example 3.74 16R3 2 APF = VS VC 3. Show that the atomic packing factor for FCC is 0. (Example 3. or total sphere volume VS = total unit cell volume VC Both the total sphere and unit cell volumes may be calculated in terms of the atomic radius R. Compute its density. the total FCC sphere volume is VS = 4*4/3 πR3 = 16/3 πR3 APF = The total unit cell volume is VC = 16R3 2 Therefore the atomic packing factor is 16 3 πR 3 = = 0. The volume for a sphere is 4/3πR3.

5 is employed in the solution of this problem. Planar density.11) The atomic packing of this plane is represented in the following figure. which is in very close agreement with the foregoing result.89 g/cm3 The literature value for the density of copper is 8.5g/mol) = [16 2 (1. D. Consider that portion of the plane that intersects a unit cell.94 g/cm3. then.128 nm.Equation 3. the atomic radius. AP is simply that of the rectangle circumscribed by the centers of the atoms. C.28× 10 −8 cm) /unitcell](6. (Example 3. n. the atomic weight ACu is given as 63.1 as 16R3 2 . is just the ratio of these two areas. and F. Calculate the planar density of the (110) plane for FCC. The rectangle length (AC) and width (AD) are respectively.5 g/mol. A. AC = 4R AD = 2R 2 3 . where R.5) = VCNA (16R3 2 )NA (4 atoms/unitcell)(63. is 0. 4. Substitution for the various parameters into equation 3. and then compute both this planar area and total circle area in terms of the atomic radius R. the number of atoms per unit cell.02 3 × 10 3 23 atoms/mol) = 8. is 4.5 (given below) yields ρ= nA Cu nA Cu … (equation 3. The unit cell plane area. The unit cell volume VC for FCC was determined in example problem 3. Furthermore. Since the crystal structure is FCC.

Therefore. which gives a total of 2 equivalent atoms. D. PD = number of atoms 2 = Ap 8R 2 2 4 . C. one fourth of each of atoms A. AP = (AC)(AD) = (4R)(2R 2 ) = 8R2 2 Now. for the total number of atoms. and F and the one half of atoms B and E reside within this rectangle.