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M.A.C. GOPHER September 1961

1960 ... rags to riches,

1961 ... Golden Gophers
Still Golden
by Paul E. Foss

L AST YEAR it was rags-to-
riches with the Minnesota
Golden Gophers, from last to a tie
for first in the Big Ten and the
U.s. Championship. This year,
Coach Murray Warmath thinks he
has too many gaps to fill to repeat
as champion.
Others disagree. After 1934,
Bernie Bierman shook off a tremendous graduation loss.
plus losing six super-stars by Conference ruling, and still
went undefeated in 1935.
Last year Iowa tied Minnesota at 5-1, and they have no
big losses; Ohio was 4-2, and Michigan State followed with
3-2. Both will be improved. Result? Minnesota should drop
to fourth place, maybe fifth if Michigan beats us as they
confidently expect.
Fourth? Why? Who did they lose? Who do they have
coming back? Any freshman stars coming up? The big loss
is defensive strength in the line and the tremendous "bench"
they had last season. Smart football observers claim that the
Gopher's bench (deep list of substitutes) won four games
in 1960!
Take the big losses by position: Center: Captain Gregg
Larson and Jerry Annis who monopolized the position for
the past two seasons; Guard: All-American Tom Brown and '
Dean Odeggard; Tackle: Frank Brixius and Dick Miller;
End: Dick Larson; Quarterback: Joe Salem and Larry
Johnson; Fullback: Roger Hagberg, Jim Rogers, the point-
after touchdown artist, and Tom Robbins; Halfbacks: Bill
The center core of our defense is gone, both centers, two
guards, a big tackle, and three fullbacks. We will be con·
siderably lighter in weight (Brixius, 275, replaced by
Wheeler, 210, or Eller, 226, Brown, 245, replaced by Teller,
210, or Mudd, 210, and Gregg Larson, 245, by Enga, 210.)
BOBBY LEE BELL - Tackle - Junior
6'_4", 217V2 Ibs., 21 years old

Before we look at the returning stars, let's look at the
schedule. Positively, it is the toughest season of games in
Minnesota's history! Who do we play? Well, we start out
with Missouri with a 9·1 record and a team that almost won
the U.S. title, losing its final game and slipping to fourth
behind Minnesota, Mississippi, and Iowa. Missouri is young,
aggressive (they played in the Orange bowl), and they want
Minnesota's scalp to prove they should have been number
one last year. Incidentally, Missouri is coached by a
Minnesota· Duluth Branch grad, Danny Devine, one of
America's great young coaches. They'll be a lot tougher
than Nebraska was last year.
Second game: Oregon! They lost to Washington by only
one point. Washington took care of us on January 1, and
Oregon's big year is going to be 1961. I'd rather have In·
diana as last year (42-0).
Third and fourth games-away--at Northwestern (never
easy) and Illinois (we never win at Champaign). U gghh!
Fifth and sixth, how about Michigan (the third season with
a 1959 sophomore team intact plus their great junior
quarterback Glinka and super·speed halfbacks Raimey and
MacRae) and then Michigan State, which is going to be a
powerhouse---one of the top teams in the nation! Remember
the soft touch we had between Michigan and Iowa last year
(Kansas State, 48-7) with the regulars resting and the
reserves gaining experience? Well, this year it's Michigan
State as the "breather." All I can think of is history. When
we played Pitt between the Wolverines and the Hawkeyes
and three of our stars went out for the season, which was
wrecked and with it the Big Ten title and the Rose bowl.
Seventh is Iowa. The game was sold out two days after
tickets went on sale. Last year Coach Evashevski was going
to bow out of coaching (a la Fritz Crisler in 1949) with the
Big Ten, Rose Bowl and U.S. titles. Minnesota dumped them

BOB FRISBEE - Center - Senior
6'-3", 230 lb •. , 20 year. old
JULIAN HOOK - Center - Junior
5'-9'12", 183 lb •. , 20 years old

27-10 and they're waiting for us! Wow! What a day that
will be, Armistice Day at that. Remember the crusade to beat
Iowa on our campus last fall? Triple it at Iowa.
Eighth and ninth are Purdue and Wisconsin. Our Gophers
won't ever take the Boilermakers lightly again after last
year and 1949. Wisconsin buttons up the season, and you
know they are tough for us, even when we have a great team.
Not a breather, not a let-up-every team anxious to knock
off the Champs. Murray will know how Knute Rockne used
to feel at Notre Dame.
Well, that's the gloom . . . here's the other side: Sandy
Stephens is a good quarterback, fair passer, good runner,
best punter, and a tremendous defensive safety man {four
pass interceptions last year). Our local press says that he
will play offense only. Don't believe it. Sandy has to play
defense because we're licked without him in there. A year
from now, Sandy will play defense for the pros.
Halfbacks Bill Munsey and Dave Mulholland are a bal·
anced pair, but Munsey will blossom into a big star, one of
the best in the Big Ten. He's terrific on defense, a sure
tackler, intercepted five big passes, and this year he's going
to move that ball. Dave is big, shifty, powerful, determined,
and although he played up to his potential last year, if he
can improve somewhat, then the Gophers get a big plus!
At fullback, Murray pulled a switch, moving big Judge
Dickson from halfback. It's his natural position, but when
we had three fullbacks who couldn' t play halfback at all, he
had to play at half. Behind him is scrappy Jerry Jones who
led the team in rushing average (4.7 per try).
Two star ends return- Tom Hall and Bob Deegan. Tom
is an outstanding pass receiver and also a stout defense man,
while Bob is a hard·nosed fellow who plays football in the
Golden Gopher "he-man" tradition. Bob can hang on to
passes pretty well, too . At tackle we have a great star- he

DICK ENGA - Center - Senior
6', 188 Ibs., 21 years old
TOM HAll - End - Senior
6'-I1f:z", 195 Ibs., 21 years old

proved it as a sophomore. Bobby Lee Bell, 220 lbs., 6' 4",
very fast, and tough. He is the best football player on the
entire squad. Good student, too. Guard and Captain fohn
Mulvena is a 206 lb., 6' I" senior who will be outstanding.
He's a leader with a lot of sand. He's not heavy as guards
go, however. At center we haven't a real veteran. Larson and
Annis did the job and now they're both gone.

What About the 1960 Reserves?
Center? Bob Frisbee, a reserve tackle, has been converted
as has fullback Dick Enga. Bob should go on offense.
Guard? Robin Tellor leads the parade, but he could be
supplanted by sophomore Roland Mudd, another great from
Pennsylvania. Julian Hook is rated as a guard, but he plays
defense only, no offense (he's only 5' 9", 183 lbs.). Jack
Perkovich and Larry Hartse will help.
Tackle ? We' re thin here. Jim Wheeler is number two now,
but Carl Eller, a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina,
6' 5", 240 Ibs. a great prospect, should be opposite Bobby
Lee Bell. Carl is determined, and in addition, he came to
Minnesota for an education, he's a good student.
Ends? More depth than at any other line spot. Backing
up Hall and Deegan are Jack Campbell, Bob Prawdzik, Jack
Park, and Ted Rude, all well·known from 1960.
Quarterback? Only reserve behind Sandy Stephens is
Duane Blaska.
Halfbacks? Paul Benson and Southwest high's scatback
Al Fischer (5' 9", 160 Ibs.) with Charley Smith and Tom
Teigen are returning.
Any Help from the Frosh Squad?
The 1960 Frosh squad, not up to the 1959 class, must
come through. Murray Warmath and his staff's problem is
to integrate the frosh for reserve strength and quality.

BOB DEEGAN - End - Senior
6'-2112", 205 '12 Ibs., 24 years old
trophy in sight for 1960. Coach of the Year Murray Warmath is at the
Mulvena (left), 1960 Captain Greg Larson (center) and Tom Brown hokl
Wisconsin game. Other "traditional" trophies won by the Gophers wereJ
Rosedale (from Iowa) lower right corner . . . . MAJOR AWARDS given th~
Associated Press; No.1 Team in Nation-United Press International; No.1
Angeles Times; No . 1 Team in Nation-Columbus, Ohio Touchdown Club;
Team of the Year-Sportswriters.
HAMPIONSHIPS . . . the Gophers won just about every award and
far left, and Athletic Director Ike Armstrong at the far right, Captain John
the Paul Bunyan Axe which goes annually to the winner of the Minnesota-
e Little Brown Jug (from Michigan) lower left corner, and Floyd of
Minnesota football squad include the following: No . 1 Team in Nation--
ream in Nation-Douglas Mac~thur trophy; No . 1 Team in Nation--Los
No.1 Team in Nation-Washington, D . C. Touchdown Club; Comeback
DICK WARREN - End - Sophomore
6'-3" 210 lb •. , 19 year. old

Frosh who will be in the limelight: Tackle Carl Eller of
North Carolina, guard Roland Mudd of Pennsylvania, full·
back Terry Hedstrom (the best frosh back), center Jerry
Galvin of Red Wing, ends Ray Zitzloff of Wayzata, Dick
Warren of Cretin, and Myron Rognlie of Washburn, quarter·
backs Jerry Pelletier of Bloomington, Bob Sadek of Chicago
and Richfield and Dugie McClellan of St. Paul Humboldt,
tackle Keviakos of Rochester, center Russ Peterson from the
Iron Range, halfbacks Earl Roles (fastest man on the team,
a track sprinter) from Wilmington, Delaware, and Terry
Bro-wn from Austin, who looks like a good running back.
Will these youngsters play this year? Eller will, so will
Mudd, both as regulars. Quarterbacks Pelletier and Sadek
must come through. Stephens needs strength,
although he averaged 52 minutes a game last year. Hed·
strom will see service behind Jones and Dickson.
What's Going to Happen This Year?
The Golden Gophers are thin, can't stand injuries to key
men (especially Sandy Stephens). The big problem is fo
replace Tom Brown who was a "rock" in the middle on de·
fense, capable Gregg Larson, and to find quarterback reo
serves. In addition, we can't slip up on any team this year
-we' re going to be a target. Beat the champs will be the
war cry against us.
Spring practice was poor weatherwise, muddy, rainy, bad
weather-the worst in Murray's reign here. Then four top
£rosh were hurt badly in the first scrimmage, missing three·
quarters of the spring training. Sadek got a shoulder separa·
tion, necessitating an operation, which makes him a question
mark. Hedstrom cracked a vertebrae in his neck; Zitzlolf
dislocated his elbow, and Galvin was banged up so badly he
was sidelined, too.
The 1961 kicking game will find Stephens top punter,

ROLAND MUDD - Right Guard - Sophomore
6'-1", 215 Ibs., 18 years old
CARL ELLER - Tackle - Sophomore
6'-5", 235 lb •. , 19 years old

Dickson booting kickoffs, field goals, and points after T.D.'s
Passing will be done by Stephens with help (everyone
hopes ) from Sadek. Receivers are led by Hall, who is tops,
followed by Deegan, Munsey, who is going to be a big target
this year, and Mulholland .. . receivers are better than the
Defensively, we rate high in the secondary with Stephens,
the deep secondary hub, one of the best safety men in the
Big Ten (outstanding on pass defense) followed by Munsey,
who rates high in pass defense and smart, sharp tackling.
He's going to be a great one!
Last year, Stephens played the most minutes followed by
Munsey, Bell, and Brown. If Murray is going to surprise
this year, he'll not have a chance if the first three are in·
jured. Up front, Enga and Frisbee are putting up a big
fight for the center job; one is better on offense, the other
on defense. They'll be platooned. Big Bobby Lee Bell will be
an All-American in 1962 and if Minnesota rates high this
year, the honor could come earlier. If freshman tackle Eller
(also from North Carolina) and freshman guard Mudd
from Pennsylvania come through big, we can go places.
Any change in offense? First, don't be misled by the think-
ing of some that the Gophers play only the Split-To Last
year they used 26 different offensive formations, moving
from one to another in every game. They didn't throw more
than they had to, the philosophy being that there is a time
to be conservative, a time to gamble. However, when the
figures were in, the Gophers were second in the Big Ten in
passes attempted .
Yes, Minnesota punted on third down often. Iowa lost to
Minnesota because they ran a fourth down, three-to-go play
from our 45 with 9 minutes to play and the score only 13-10
against them. They failed and we scored in two minutes to
put the game on ice. What if Iowa had been punting on third

BILL MUNSEY - Left Halfback - Junior
5'.11", 196 Ibs., 20 years old
DAVE MULHOLLAND - Left Halfback - Senior
6', 192 Ibs., 21 years old

down when their center sailed the ball skyward over the
punter's head? Take out those two plays and the Gophers
wouldn't have been in the Rose Bowl, tied for the Big Ten
title, and named U.S. Champs.
Another way to justify punting on third down is to visual·
ize Sandy back; they don't know if he's going to pass, run,
or kick; they're loose, they can't rush too hard, they can't
have two men back to receive. We have more time to punt,
our coverage is better, there's less rushing, and the per·
centage of errors is minimized. Fact is, coaches figure the
difference is 15 to 20 yards in favor of punting on third
down against fourth down!
A point on the Golden Gophers great success in 1960
versus tragic 1959 (2 wins-7 losses): In 1959 we had first
downs inside the opponents 20 yard line 13 times and failed
to score. In 1960 we scored every time! We only gave the
ball to the opponents 10 times without punting in nine
games . .. after a punt return the closest any team was to
our goal was 45 yards- the percentage shows that when
the other team started their offense on our end of the field
they scored one out of five times . . . when on their end,
one out of 23 times . This is the percentage football Murray
used to win in 1960.
Can Murray Warmath pull a "Bernie Bierman" and win
again? Let's go over the nine games: We lose to Missouri,
beat Oregon, Northwestern, Illinois, Michigan, lose to Michi·
gan State and Iowa, and wind up with wins over Purdue and
Wisconsin. That's six wins, three losses (five wins and two
losses in the Big Ten) -and the 5·2 can win the title, espe·
cially when the second place team plays only six Big Ten
games and has a 4·2 reocrd. No team is going undefeated
in the Big Ten.
Good luck to the kids at the University. We all hope the
ball bounces right so that they can win it all again!

JUDGE DICKSON - Fullback - Senior
6'·2", 210 Ibs., 21 years old
Fullback - Junior
5'-11 " , 192 lb • ., 20 years old

Quarterback - Sophomore
6'-2", 185 Ibs., 19 years old
Quarterback - Sophomore

Fullback - Sophomore
5'-11 " , 204 lb •. , 19 year. old
MURRAY WARMATH - Everyone's 1960 "College Football
Coach of Year" - in his seventh season as head football coach
at the University of Minnesota, was unanimously acclaimed
"College Football Coach of the Year" in every poll for his
brilliant feat in directing the Gophers to the National Collegiate
Football Championship and a tie for the Big 10 title. He is
shown with some of the awards bestowed upon him following
the 1960 season:
• American Football Coaches "Coach of the Year"
• Football Writers Association "Coach of the Year"
• Los Angeles Times "Coach of the Year"
• Columbus (Ohio) Touchdown Club "Coach of the Year"
• Dapper Dan Club of Pittsburgh "Coach of the Year"
• Knute Rockne Club "Coach of the Year"
• Football Writers Association "Comeback Coach of Year"
• Coach & Athletic Magazine "Coach of the Year"
• Minneapolis Sales Executive Club "Distinguished Sales-
man of the Year"

Next month: The Minnesota Vikings by Paul
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rundown on Minnesota's new team.
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