National Security

National Security Briefing
National Security Briefing is purposed to brief public
officials and police to apprehend Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder (PTSD) from both a psychological and
spiritual perspective in order to effectively prevent the
outburst of random violence in public workplaces or
schools. Neglect to follow these instructions seriously
jeopardizes the safety, health and welfare of innocent
bystanders. It is imperative for our full population of
citizens realize the urgency of our cause of action.
Humanitarian Observatory
Humanitarian Observatory (HMNO) Learning Center has been
tailor-designed by Stanley Green 1980 graduate University of
Memphis Department of Psychology. HMNO tutorial suite shall
serve as his official emergency briefing tool. Each tutorial suite has
been professionally prepared by scientific organizations or experts.
HMNO will walk visitors step by step concerning everything
persons need to learn about our human psyche (mind, soul, spirit
breath of life). The total viewing time is less than two (2) hours.

HMNO has designated YouTube to serve as its briefing
resource. Each visitor will receive his or her emergency
briefing. The latter will entail twenty short video clips. The
total briefing time is one hour 16 minutes forty eight seconds
(1:16:48). Material has been prepared by professional experts.
It is highly recommended to view each video clip in sequence
as prearranged. Be sure to complete each video clip. This will
enable emergency briefing to become a success. The next
phase will be learning how to configure a binary algorithm.
HMNO’s navigation menu offers a tutorial to brief visitors
about flowcharting. The purpose is to prepare visitors to
apprehend Stanley Green’s Binary Math Course on
Violent Behaviors. This is a highly technical manuscript.
Flowcharting makes it simple to follow. Each flowchart
that Stanley has prepared contains exactly ten steps. Each
step is diagramming the process our human mind
advances through to make its decisions or actions.
Human body is a pressure chamber
The human body is a pressure chamber. It compresses negative energy.
Look at the child in the photo. Seem as though he’s ready to explode. He
appears to be upset about something or someone so he decides to inhale
holding his breath. This will only last so long. The longer he holds his
breath, then the homeostatic imbalance will alter his concentration of
oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The child is unaware that his
body is compressing negative energy the longer he continues to inhale.
Sooner or later he has to exhale to release the carbon buildup. Once his
body has reached its threshold for pain or pressure, then his body will
force him to discharge his negative energy to relieve his pressure.

How about a cup of rage!!!
Why do some soldiers that have been in battlefield exhibit rage-like
attitudes with PTSD while others in similar conditions may not? The
answer dates back to his or her childhood. He or she has bottled up fear,
anger or stress that he or she may not have been aware of. He or she may
have become confused about making a decision whether to act or not. His
or her physical body has been compressing negative energy that hasn’t
been discharged. Finally he or she has reached a threshold for pain or
pressure. Rage is an outburst of compressed energy that has built up.

Gun control laws cannot prevent
Outburst of random violence
Gun control laws cannot prevent outburst of random violence.
Rage is a mindset that could manifest in unknown population. It
is impossible to screen who may be a candidate for rage. Persons
who are licensed to carry firearms (e.g. police, security guards,
soldiers, gun owners etc.) may snap in a fit of rage. Consideration
must also be given to the fact that the black market smuggles
and/or peddles firearms to persons who can’t legally buy guns.

Education is the only viable alternative
Education is the only viable alternative to gun control. Public
officials and police authorities must gain technical education to learn
how to configure binary algorithms designed to prevent outburst of
random violence in public workplaces or schools. Binary math is
very simple to learn. It advances persons’ skill to make logical
decisions that aren’t biased by personal emotions or feelings. The
latter will diffuse hostility and rage among Congress members. He or
she is serving as a role model for youth to pattern their behavior.
Yet, some of the worst display of conduct is on Capitol Hill.

Binary math based on the atom
Binary math is based on the atom. Physicists often refer to it as
chemical math. The atom has two electrical charges. Electrons in
the outer shell of the nucleus are dynamic and negatively charged.
Proton in the interior shell are static and positively charged. The
neutron is like ground. The charges of the electrons and proton
cancel the other to produce zero charge. As atoms begin to bond
they form into tiny molecules and/or chemical compounds.
Atoms alway seek to maintain homeostasis or balance. The equal
sign (=) symbol coincides with the homeostatic principle of the
atom making it possible to perform logical mathematical
equations. The logic is all things must balance with the atom.

Zero and One Binary Symbols
Zero and one are binary symbols. Each symbol represents an
ionic state. Atoms are able to store ionic charges. Zero reflects
an atom is storing a positive ionic charge. One reflects an atom
is storing a negative ionic charge. By applying binary logic we
can substitute either symbol with diametric properties such as:
[even/odd, high/low, up/down, true/false, on/off, yes/no,
right/wrong, hot/cold, etc.]. The binary logic for binary is base
two mathematics. All digital technology is based on binary.

Problem solving
Often time’s persons encounter problems and may take the
wrong approach to problem solving. One way to solve
problems is to get rid of the person or thing we think may
be causing our problems. That may or may not be the
proper solution. Whatever decision we make shouldn’t be
based upon emotional knee-jerk reactions. Instead, all
options should be weighed carefully and logically.
Math is a tool
Math is a logical tool for solving problems. It is based upon an algorithm
[a + b=c] [a – b = c] [a x b = c] [a / b = c]. The equal sign is vital because
it denotes homeostasis. Any problem may be easily converted into a math
formula to solve its answer. The reason math works is that it applies the
physical laws of the atom. Secondly, math eliminates emotional feelings.
Thirdly, math may be replicated or duplicated by others to show proof. As
a matter of fact proof and fact are both mathematical terms. All fields
(accounting, architecture, carpentry, culinary, engineer and fashion design,
etc.) rely on math. Trying to solve a problem without math is like peeling a
potato with your bare hands. Math simplifies things that are complicated.

Reset the human mindset
The human mindset has two states (binary). Either the
mindset state is positive or negative. Digital logic allows us
to examine human mindset from the perspective of positive
vs. negative. Positive mindset means progressing forward
thinking (forward bias). Negative mindset means digressing
backward thinking (reverse bias). Confusion is when our
human mindset is toggling back and forth from one state to
another. It is important to learn binary math to analyze our
human mindset from positive or negative perspective.
Binary Math it’s easy as 01 10 11
Binary math or digital logic it’s easy as 01 10 11. These binary
numbers represent 1, 2, and 3. Digital logic works with base
two. There are only 2 numbers (0 & 1). It may appear rather
awkward to translate from digital to decimal or vice versus.
HMNO has a tutorial. Binary is much simpler and faster than
decimal math. The base is achieved much quicker with only two
increments as opposed to ten increments for base ten. Digital
technology is based upon binary. Our human brain performs it
mathematical calibrations utilizing binary or digital logic.
Stanley Green’s Binary Math
Course on Violent Behaviors
April 2000 Stanley Green has copyrighted
Binary Math Course on Violent Behaviors. It is
a technical manuscript that has configured a
binary algorithm designed to predict and/or
prevent the outburst of random violence in
public workplaces or school. It is the only
manuscript of its kind in the entire world.
Government needs this information to
safeguard our national security.
George Boole
George Boole (the Father of Symbolic Logic) was probably the most
illustrious academic who ever worked at University College, Cork (then
Queen's College, Cork). He was not only a mathematical genius but also
a fine humanitarian. A strong minded individual, he was prepared to
engage in protracted and bitter arguments with academic colleagues. His
revolutionary advances in mathematics are today fundamental aspects of
computer science and electronics and his Boolean algebra is used to
design and operate computers and other electronic devices. The
definitive biography of Boole is 'George Boole: His Life and Work', by
Desmond MacHale, (Boole Press, 1985).
Logic Gates and Binary Symbols
Boolean algebra has utilized logic gates and binary symbols
zero (0) and one (1) to calibrate which input combinations
produce specific electrical outputs. A flowchart is use to
show input vs. output. George Boole has named several
types of gates (And gate, Or gate, Nand gate, Nor gate and
Inverter gate). The name indicates the combination. The
letter ‘n’ in front of the name simply stands for not.

Q Represents Output for Flip Flop
Q represents the output of a flip flop switch. A flip flop has only
two states either zero (0) or one (1). The latter may be translated as
any diametric state: positive/negative, high/low, on/off, true/false
etc. Each time a flip flop toggles then it resets itself to the alternate
state. Binary often times may employ a light bulb or light switch to
demonstrate how binary works to produce the output Q.

Binary Coded Decimal
A binary coded decimal (BCD) is used in computing or electronics.
Look at the clock. Hours (HH) minutes (MM) and seconds (SS) are
located at the top. The binary placeholder bits are located in the far
right corner. Binary starts at 1 and doubles into infinity. This clock is
based upon an eight bit BCD. So it stops at the number eight. Each
column has black dots. Add the binary bits together for a sum total
per column. The binary counter translates into the decimal number
ten hours, thirty seven minutes and forty nine seconds (10:37:49).
Queue Bit
Stanley’s manuscript explains how sensory receptors and nerve endings
conduct digital messages to and from our human brain as binary coded
decimals. The queue bit (qb) is the leading bit. It determines the output
of electrical energy. The qb in the above example would be 9. Qb is
always located in the first column or position to the right. It appears to
be the tailing bit because our eyes read numbers from left to right. Our
brain reads numbers from right to left. The reason is the placeholder of
the first far right position is the only odd placeholder. The number in
this column determines the even/odd gender of the BCD. Our brain
interprets even/odd as positive/negative. Thus, 10:37:49 will trigger our
hypothalamus to filter qb as a negative impulse to set off an alarm.

Alarm Switches
We are all familiar with alarm switches. Most alarm switches activate
automatically when triggered by certain events or conditions. Generally,
we may have to deactivate the alarm switches manually. Alarm switches
may be electronic or computer devices. They may operate on BCD.
This means that zero (0) could default as being deactivated or one (1)
could default as being activated. Engineers may flip flop the default to
work just the opposite. It really doesn’t make much difference. The
main point here is that alarm switches have two (2) states on and off.

The Limbic System
The Limbic System is the alarm switch of our human encephalon. It may
activate automatically due to certain traumatic events or conditions. The
problem is there isn’t any button to manually deactivate our alarm switch.
It may remain activated in standby mode. Persons may exhibit residual
effects from his or her alarm remaining active. We refer to the latter
condition as trauma. The actual danger or threat may have been removed
or extinguished. Often time’s therapy may become necessary to recover
from the trauma that persons may have suffered during childhood.

Computer Virus Spreads to Humans
It may sound impossible that computer virus spreads to
humans. But guess what? Our human brain is a
computer. It may become infected with a virus same as
your pc or laptop. This could explain why humans exhibit
bizarre behaviors or emotional disorders. Yet, to avoid a
panic lets gather unequivocal proof. Math is the only pure
science that is able to replicate an experiment by looking
at the numbers as facts. If all the numbers were to add up
correctly, then it’s safe to agree that a computer virus
does exist. One trait of a virus is it is communicable to
others. So the question remains how do humans contract
computer viruses and what are preventive measures?
Queue Virus
Queue virus (qv) is not a bug or living organism. Instead, it is a
binary algorithm that our brain runs when our alarm system has
become activated. Stanley has designed technical flowcharts in his
manuscript to diagram qv’s binary algorithm. His ambition is to
train public officials and police how to utilize his flowcharts to
solve the mystery why persons become hostile and/or violent.
Authorities will begin to pursue new course of action to educate
our general public. The latter will reshape public thinking to view
violent human behaviors as a disease of our human mind.

Attempt to share discovery
Since 1988 I have attempted to share my ingenious binary
discovery with our National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The
problem is personnel working government jobs who lack
my technical background can’t appreciate the level of my
binary intelligence. As a result, Homeland Security has been
deprived of my technical skills. Consequently, America has
suffered catastrophic outburst of random violence in public
work places or schools. Thousands of innocent bystanders
have been maimed or murdered. The general public has
been totally stunned thinking there isn’t a solution to the
problem. Any problem has a solution. It’s a matter of
knowing how to solve complicated problems and selecting
the correct mathematical tool to do the job right.
Norbert Wiener
Norbert Wiener is a mathematical genius that has inspired me to compose
my technical manuscript. He was born on November 26, 1894, and
received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard University at the age of
18 for a thesis on mathematical logic. Wiener has developed this concept
into the field of cybernetics, concerning the combination of man and
electronics, which he first published in 1948 in the book Cybernetics. In
1964, Norbert Wiener won the US National Medal of Science. In the same
year, he published one of his last books called "God and Golem, Inc.
Mental illness vs. Emotional illness
Allow me to clarify that there is a distinction among mental illness vs. emotional illness. A mental illness
is a chromosome issue such as Dow Syndrome or Autism etc. Persons suffering from mental illness
can’t achieve high IQ scores. Ethically speaking, when one has been diagnosed as mentally ill, then he or
she falls in the same group as Dow Syndrome of Autism. An emotional illness is a hormone issue such
as bipolar disorder, panic disorder, compulsive
disorder, pathological disorder, hyperactive
attention deficit disorder and post-traumatic stress
disorder etc. The fact of the matter is persons with
emotional illnesses may be just the opposite and
exemplify high IQ scores. In respect to mass murderers
criminal court judges must order 30-day psychiatric
evaluations to determine mental competence to stand
trial. Judges have ordered defendants to involuntary
commitment to the State’s mental retardation
hospital. The psychiatric staff administers psychometric test to measure the defendants’ IQ. Many have
tried to fail the IQ test to avoid criminal prosecution. Yet, psychiatric teams are trained to examine the
biopsychosocial to render diagnosis of criminal defendants. Majority are diagnosed mentally competent
to stand trial. The latter indicates that mass murderers aren’t mentally retarded. Rather, they suffer
pathological disorder. Historically, any illness involving mental hygiene has unethically been grouped
under one single category of mental illness. Psychiatric associations should make the latter distinction
known to prevent improper diagnoses. Misdiagnosis could be construed as medical malpractice.

The problem effecting emotional illness is P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E. The acronyms represent Please Realize
Everyday Stress Strain Under me must Release before I Explode. America is a high pressure society
placing everyday citizens (i.e. students and/or
workers) under tremendous stress or
strain to compete. Atmosphere at school or
work should be relaxing, peaceful, calm and
harmonious. This atmosphere will
transcend over into families. Students won’t
come home disappointed about school work
upsetting the family. Parents won’t come
home mad at bosses to blow off steam, kick the
dog or scream at the kids. If our human body
doesn’t build up pressure, then our
human mind will think rationally without
hostility or violence. Suicidal or homicidal
ideation occur in persons’ mind who are under too much emotional pressure. The pressure may be
family or socially based. Relieve his or her pressure and the ideations may begin to subside.

Homeland Security
Homeland Security (HS) should intervene to relieve the
pressure that American students have been under. The
Secretary of Education should be made aware of the
imminent hazard that pressure endangers safety of students.
Schools have become unsafe for educating our kids. Adding
police and surveillance equipment isn’t the solution. Rather,
the solution is to relieve the pressure students are under.

Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) should
intervene to relieve the pressure that American workers
have been under to safeguard our national security.
Preventive measures should be taken to protect innocent
bystanders at work. When coworkers’ or intruders’ mind
snap, and he or she explodes then it’s too late too to
intervene with emergency rescue operations.

Binary Math Course on Violent Behaviors
Binary Math Course on Violent Behaviors is a technical manuscript. The curriculum is presenting a
series of flowchart diagrams to illustrate the binary algorithm our human mind applies to store and/or
transfer energy from atoms in our environment via our sensory receptors and/or nerve cells. Each
algorithm contains precisely ten steps.
It doesn’t matter what the emotional
behavior may be the steps remain the
same. The binary symbol zero (0)
represents an even integer. Conversely
the binary symbol one (1) represents and
odd integer. Based upon this even/odd
combination our brain can open or close
gates that release neuropeptide
hormones into our bloodstream.
These neuropeptide hormones regulate
our body’s metabolism and emotions. The
hypothalamus is a key component
because its job is to filter the queue bit for
an odd integer. The hypothalamus will
dispense neuropeptide hormones to
constrict our bronchial tubes causing us to
gasp or inhale. We subconsciously hold our breath. The latter alters the homeostasis balance of oxygen
(02) and carbon dioxide (C02). This homeostasis imbalance will activate our autonomic nervous system
(ANS). Our mind’s algorithm is designed to multiply the exponential value of qb until it flip flops from
one to zero. During the cycling process negative energy is being compressed to prepare our body for
fight or flight. What our body does during fight or flight mode is a reaction to our mind’s algorithm.

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