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Mary Bell - WEAC President

\/\ff:.AC Leadership T e am

Mary Bell
Wisconsin Education Association Council

Mary Bell, a library rredia specialist at West Junior High School in w sconsm Rapids for 26 ye ars and a torrrer English teacher , began
her three-year te rm as president of the Wi sconsin Edu cation Associat ion Council (\I\£AC) in Augu st 200 7

A VVi sc onsin nati ve, Bell is a fa rnlia r fiqure in he r cormu r uty and 31T1Jn g educators . She h as a passio n for literature and rrusic, even
joini ng wi th other \/Vf:.AC rrerrtiers an d staff to f orm th e Great Schools Union Ba nd to raise ITIJney f or the Nat ional Educ ation
Association (NEAl Fund for Chil dren and Public Ed ucation

H er association activities h ave b een far-reaching On th e national level, Bell served on th e NEA R esolution s C crrrrrtt e e. H er leadership
at the state level includes serving as \/\ff:.AC secreta ry-treasurer (2003- 2 007), w here she led the orga nizatio n to irrpfe rrent a bienn ial
budget to allo w tirre for evaluation and pla nning between budget cy cles As secreta ry-treasurer , she also h elpe d prepa re VVCAC to
rreet all reourerents under n ew federal regu latio ns regarding non-p rofit oruenzenons. Bell has served as chair of th e VVCAC Re solution s Cc rrrnttee an d co- chai r of
the \/\ff:.AC state -woe Barga inin g Goals Co rrmttee. She als o serve d on \/\ff:.AC's Public R elat ion s Cc rrrnttee an d Budget and Finan ce Cc rrrnttee

Bell served as a C entral w sconsm UniServ Coun cil (C\l\.\JC) represe ntative o n the Vl/CAC Boa rd of D irect ors and as a rrerro er of cw.r c's Bud get and Fin ance
Co rrrrrttee H er leadership roles w ith in th e vv sconsm R ap ids Ed ucati on Associat ion include d president , t reasu rer , local delegate to the NEA R epresentative
AsserriJly , and ba rgaini ng te am rre rroer

Bell h old s a master's degree in library and information stu dies and a bachelo r s degre e in English and ed uc ation , bot h from th e U niv ersity of W sconsirt-M adiso n

\/\ff:.AC is a profes sional orga nization representing th e public poli cy, labor and professional interests of its rru re tha n 98 ,00 0 rre rrti ers Great sc hools bene fit
everyon e, and \/\ff:.AC' s rrission is to supp ort public educatio n and the rre n and w crre n who work in w sconsn's publ ic sc hools

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Updaled Augusl S, 2007
Guy Costello - Vice President
\/\ff:.AC Leadership Team

Guy Costello
Vice President
Wisconsin Education Association Council

Guy Costello, a teacher at Lakevie w Elerrentary Sc hool in Sou th MiMiauk ee fo r 16 years, began his term as v ice president of the
\Ni sc onsin Educ ation Associatio n Council (\l\£AC) in August 2007 He was electe d to serve a thre e-year term

Costello has rm re than 30 y ears experience in union , electoral and political organizing Bef ore becorring an educator, Costello w orked
for eight years with C esar Chavez and the United Farm VVorke rs Union in Cali fornia and another eight years as a pol itical orga nizer in
Chicago H e was active in the Illinois Citizen Action Orq ar uzatic n bef ore leaving Chicago to becorre a teacher in South Milvvaukee
T h rough a II of his ven tures, Co stello says his IllJ st irrpc rtan t accc rrpf shrrent is t he la rge nurruer of his former stu dents who have
gone on to be the first rre rroers of their farri lies to attend and graduate from college

Costello served as a rre rruer of the \/\ff:.AC Board of Directors (1995-200 1) and chair of th e \/Vf:.AC Legislative Co rrrrrttee (200 1-2007)
He was a rre rruer of the Departrren t of Pub lic Instruction Professi onal Development Plan (PI 34) Corrrrrttee (2002-2 003) H e was a state delegate to t he N atio nal
Education Association (NEA) R epresentat ive Asserrnty ( 1995-2005), receiving recognitio n as Delegate of Distinction in 19 98

Costello served as president of UniServ Council # 10 (1995- 2001) and w as a Council # 10 Execut ive Corrmttee rre rrue r (1993- 1995) T hrough his invofve rrentwith
Council # 10 , he participated w ith other UniSe rv presidents in the develop rrent and irrpferrentetion of the Great Sc hools initiative. His leadership roles wthin the
Sou th M ilw auk ee Edu cation Association included legislative chair, vice president and building representative AlTIJng his accc rrphsh rrents at t he local level, he
help ed organize a local coali tion to pass a $40 rri llion referendum f or a ne w high school

Costello h olds a mast er's degree f rom N ational- Lo uis University, Chicago, and a bachelor's degree from Comell University. Ithaca, N Y

\lVf:.A C is a pro fession al org anizati on repre senting th e pub lie pol icy , la bor and prote ss onal inte rests of its ITIJre th a n 98,000 rre rru ers Great sen ools benefit
everyone, and \lVf:.A C' s rrission is to suppo rt public education and the me n and w ome n wh o work in wsconsn's public schools

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Posted AugustS, 2007
Betsy Kippers - Secretary I Treasurer
\/\ff:.AC Leadership Team

Betsy Kippers
Sec retary -Treasu rer
Wisconsin Education Association Council

Betsy Kippers, a physical education teacher in the Racine Unified School District for 30 years , began her term as secretary-treasurer of
t he VVi scon sin Ed ucation Associat ion Council (\I\.£AC) in Augu st 2007 . She was elected to f ill out the term for former secretary-
t reasurer Mary Bell after Bell w as elected president of the organization

Kippers is a longtime union advocate , as well as a dedicated teacher A department and unit leader at her school, she also served as
coordinator of the physical education area and moore school athletics program She w as co-chair of the District Partnership Ccrrrnttee
and served on the Professional D ev elopment Cc rrrrrttee. She has been a rre rruer of the state and national organizations representing
physical education teachers and is a regu lar presente r and t rainer at state and national vo n csiops

Kippers served three y ears as a rre rruer of the \/\ff:AC Board of Directors, as w ell as three y ears as an alternate She was a rrerrber of the \/\ff:AC Bu dget and
Finance Corrrrrttee for two ye ars. She serve d on the conmttee that recomrenoec the hiring of \/Vf:.AC Exe cutive Director Dan Bu rkhalte r

Kippers was president of the Racine Education Association (REA) three years, receiving t he President's R ecognition Award twice She w as REA vice president for
three y ears and treasurer fo r 12 years . She was a delegate to the \/Vf:.AC and National Education Association (NEA) R ep resentativ e Assenmes. She is pa st chair of
REA co nmttees includin g Public Relation s, VVelfare and N egot iations. She is a past rrerroer of the REA Special Education Caucus and th e Elections Cc rrmttee As
REA t reasu rer , she torrrec the organization's first budget ccrrrnttee and helped develop a budge t to reflec t rrerruers' needs . She phased in an annual audit and
developed a manual for general financial operations

\/Vf:.ACis a p rofession al organization repr esen ting th e public policy, labor and professional interests of its rrure than 98,00 0 rrerrtiers Great schools benefit
everyone, and \/Vf:.AC' s rrission is to support public education and the rren and w crre n who wo rk in wsconsn's public schools

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Posted August 8, 2007
Dan Burkhalter - Executive Director
\/\ff:.AC Leadership Team

Dan Burkhalter
Executive Director
Wisconsin Education Association Council

Dan Burkhalter was hired as executive direc tor of the wsconsm Education Association Council effective May 2, 2005, after 12 years
as the Illinois Education Association's director of govern ment relations and chief lobbyist

Since joining \/Vf:.AC, Burkhalte r has focused rruch of his time working with coalitions on school funding , addressing the health care
challenges facing rrerrtiers and building relationships w ith external partners, as well as managing a team of nine \/Vf:.AC department

Prior to joining \l\ff:.AC, Burkhalter worked at the Illinois Education Association since 1982, f irst as a rnerriJership organizer, t hen as a
oovemrrent relations specialist before beco mnq direc tor of qovemrren t relations in 1g93

Burkhalter represents \/'!CAC in a coalition w orking to achieve corrorehereve school funding reforrn called the School F inan ce
Netvcrk and the Wisconsin Way project, working with diverse business and governmental advocacy organizations to ensure high
quality public services in Wisconsin

Born and raised in Illinois, Burkhalter is a product of its public schools and is a political science graduate of the University of Illinois at Springfield

Burkhalter and his wife, Sharon Corrigan, have two daughters, M oily, and Brighid Burkhalt er also has a son Janes, and a daughter Kourtney

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Mark Cebulski - Executive Committee
\/\ff:.AC Leadership T e am

Mark Cebulski
Executive Com mittee
National Education Association

Mark S . Cebulski, a social studies teacher at Cedarburg H igh School for rru re th an 30 years , w as elected to the N ational Education
Associatio n (NEA) Executive Cc rrrrrttee in Ju ty 2004 H e was electe d to fill a tw o-year term after being appointe d to a one-y ear term
in August 2003

A \l\lisconsin nativ e, Cebulski has been a farriliar figure both in and out of his Cedarburg classroom Over the y ears , he has coupled
his social studies teaching w th activities ranging f rom Acaderri c Der athtrm and prom adviser to football, basketball and golf coach
VIAlile teaching full time, Cebulski h a s also officiated high school and college f ootball fo r 22 y ears, and w rote a sports colu rm for h is
hometown paper that was selecte d as the best sports/outdoo r colurrn for wee kly new spapers in 1986 He is a former deacon at the
lrrrranue! Presbyt erian Church in MiWli3ukee

His Associabon activities have been far-reaching as w ell. On t he national level , Cebulski served on the NE A Board of Directors ( 1999-2003) and vvas a me rriJ er of
the NEA Congressional Con tac t T eam ( 1992-94) H is leadership at the sl ate level includes serving as a rre rru er of the \l\li sc onsin Edu cation Associati on Council
(\I\£AC) Boa rd of Directors (1998-99) and on the Vl/fAC Politic al Action Ccrrmttee ( 1994-98) . Vvhile on this \l\£AC conmttee, Cebulski led an effort to recruit \l\£AC
rre rrners as delegates to th e 200 0 Derrccratic N atio nal Convention, resulting in the largest delegation ever of NEA rrerro ers from his slate. He also served in a
nurruer of leadershi p roles within the Cedarburg Ed ucat ion Association , includin g two terms as president

Since his election, Cebulski has been called on to represen t the Asso ciation in meetings across the globe , induding travelin g to An kara , T u rkey, for th e 4th V\.brld
Congress of Educat ion International , whic h repre sent s teachers unions and p rofession al org anizations WJrldwide . Ce bulski has been h onored w th the \l\lisconsin
Association of Educ ators for th e Gifted and Talented Merit orious Service Award and the N orth Shore United Ed ucat ors Doro th y Barte lt for OJtstanding Service to
Education Avvard, armng others

In 1973, Cebulski rece vec a bach elor' s degree in political science from Lawrence Un iversity in Ap plet on . H e rece vec a rraster's degree in journalism from Marq uett e
Univ ersity in M imau kee in 198 9

Th e NEA Executive Cc rrrnttee is the rune-rre rroer governing bo dy t hat oversees the 3.2 rrillion-rre rriJer NEA

Posted Jul y 2005
Glenn Schmidt - Director
\/\ff:.A C Leadership T eam

Glenn Schmidt
National Education Association
Glenn Schrridt, a special education teacher at Northside Elerrentary School in Sun Prairie fo r 30 y ears, vvas elected to the National
Education Association (NEAl Board of Directors in 2003, after serving for two y ears as an alternate director

Schrrid t has been active in his profession and union throughout his 34-year career , including representing the NEA on an AFL-OO
rrission to ColorriJia in 2003 and traveling to Japan in 1998 as a Fulbright Merrurial Fund participant He j oined with other \I\£AC
rrerruers and sattto form the Great Schools Union Band, an effo rt to raise rmney for the NEA Fund for Children and Public
Education He played guitar and bass, and wote some of the songs

Schrndt has now taken his union invol vement t o the international level by participating with other state educators in Edu cation
International, the international affiliat e of t he NEA and AFT. w sconen's delegation w as the second largest state delegation, after
Califomia , in the meetings held in Berlin, German y , in Ju~ 200 7. sch mot has previous ty served as an Education International
Representative to Costa Rica (19S9), Stockholrn (1993), VVashington , DL (199S), and Brazil (2004) Th rouqhoutth e last 25 years, Schrn dt has often b een calle d on
to serve as a delegate t o the NEA Representat ive AsseniJl y

Schrrtdt has been a rrerrber of the vv sconsm Education Association Council (\l\£AC) Board of Dir ectors since 1995 , and has served as a delegate to its
Representative Asserruty since 19S3. He has also served on various VVCAC conmttees and boar d subcorrrrittees such as public relations, affiliate relations, policies
and proced ures. politica I action, and prograrn and activities

A rrerrner of the Capital Area UniServ-North Board of Directors for six y ears, he was presiden t of the Sun Prairie Education Association fro rn 1990 to 2003, and has
been part of its negotiations tearn since 19S7

Schrrtd t holds a master's degre e in special education frorn lJ\/IJ-La Crosse He hold s a b achelor's degree in political science f rom UW Madison

Posted Augusl1 5, 2007
Laura Vernon - Director
\/\ff:.A C Leadership T eam

Laura Vernon
National Education Association
Laura Vernon has serve d in the f ield of educa tion for 32 years, currently in the O vi sion of School Safety and Securi ty in M ilw aukee
Public Schools (MPS). She has been errplo yed as a peraeoucetor and safety assistant , as well as taking the role of a leader in her
She is a \/ViM certified cheerleading coac h, a t rack coach and a dance/pom-pom instru ctor/certified judge , and has been inducted
into the Badqerett e Hall of Ferre. A MiWli3ukee native and graduate of Ruf us Kin g High Scho ol, Vernon attende d M iWli3ukee Area
T echnical College, receiving rran y certifications in various job-relate d areas . She is recipient of an MPS School Safety OJtstanding
Errplo yee award and a 25-year school service avvard

It is exrrerrely irrpcrtant to vernon that the education voice of w sconsm is an inclusive one t hat covers all areas and categories,
teachers to dducation support professionals (ESP) T hat unified voice can best vo rk to p rotect the rights of all children to a great
public school and the right for all educators to teach and work for great public schools and be adequate ty and equitabty cono ensated

Vernon's national union invclverren t goes back many years . It includes Nati onal Council of Educat ion Support Professionals (NCESP) for six years; National Council
of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) for four years; and National Education Association (NEA) B ack Caucus for nine years She has participated in NEA
training semners and serve d as an alternat e NEA tr rectorto r two years

She has served as a rre rruer of the wsconsm Education Association Council (V\£AC) Board of Directors for four years, and as a board alternate four years She has
been a rrerroer of the V\£AC Leadership F earn for two y ears and has served as chair of the New Board Merru ers Ccrrmttee and the Aw ards and Elections
Cc rrrrrtte e She is recipien t of a V\£ AC Presidential Award and ESP of the Year Award

As a stron g rrerrber of her local , the Milvva ukee Educational Assistants' Association (MEM), she has serve d on the MiWliaukee T eachers' Education Association
(MT EA) Executive Board, receiving MTEA recognition of service She was MEAA president and secretary and has served on rran y ccrrmttees. She is currently a
rrerrber of the MEM bargaining team

Posted AUQus116, 2007
Bob Fitzsimmons - Director
\/\ff:.AC Leadership T e am

Bob Fitzsimmons
National Education Association
Bob Fitzsimmns, a history teacher at Beloit Merrurial High School for 23 years, was elected t o the National Education Association
(NEAl Boa rd of Directors in 20[14

Fitzsirrrruns sees it as his ooarto give back to his profession , and has been involved w ith ITBny school irrproverrent efforts and
corrrruruty partnerships He has serve d as an instructor and cooperat ing teacher at Beloit College, the University of vwsconso-
wuteveter and U\l\i-Platteville. He was named Teacher of the Year and Rotary Teacher of the Month in Beloit. He also volunteers in
comrunity activities ranging from gins softball league coach to Beloit's Riverfest

Nationally, Fit zsimmns has served as fund orr-e coordinator for t he NEA-PACfFund for Children and Public Education He was a
rrerrber of the NEM'\.£AC Congressional Contact Team and served as a trainer for NEA Midwest Leadership Conferences. He has
served as an annual delegate to the NEA Representative Asserrnty since 1g90. Fitzsirrrmn s. along with his fellow NEA directors, has vorkec on rrany initiatives
including "W sconsin Stories ," a collection of rrerruer stories about the irrpact of the " No Child Left Behind " law, the NEA Health Care lnitiative and t he election of
three national at-large candidatesfromWsconsin

As a rrerruer of the vw sconsm Education Association Council (V\£A C) leadership team and Board of Directors, Htzsurrruns has participated in many initiatives. l/IAlile
a rre rro er of the Political Action conmttee, he made the rronon to endorse \IlEAC friend and former State Senator Russ Feingold - \f\klowent on to win a US
Senate seat . Fitzsirrrruns also served on the V\£ AC negotiating ccrrrnttee that helped create the United Errployers Association . He w as co-taonator of V\£AC's Our
Renaissance Plan

Fitzsirrrruns has served as president and vice president of Rock Valley United T eachers (R\I1JT) He served on the southern Lakes United Educators and RVUT
political action conmttee, was a RVUT Leqislat ive Breakfast chair and a rrerruer of the UniServ's Management Training T eam, Audit Team and Colle ctive
Bargaining Council He was a founding rre rruer of the UniServ President' s Organization, \f\kl ich establishe d professional management practices

Fitzsirrrrcns served in numerous posts in the Beloit Education Association. He was also active in the Delavan-Darien Education Association, vn ere he was errorovec
for the first five years of his career . He takes pride in his efforts to recruit and rru tiv ate new leaders and strong relationships that have been fostered with other labor
organizations He says the rro st irrpcrtant position he has held is that of a building representative, helping rre rrcers during times of need

Fitzsirrrruns holds a master's degree in business and f inance from UW-l/IAlitewater and corrpteted post-graduate study at Beloit College, Aurora University and st
Mary's College He holds a bachelor's degree in education from UW- Madison

Posted AUQus19, 2007
Shelly Moore - Director
\/\ff:.AC Leadership T e am

Shelly Moore
National Education Association
Hailing from a farrily of educators, Shelly Moore, a high school English and drama teacher at Ellswo rth Comrunity High School, has nine
y ears experience in the dassroom She was elected to the National Education Association (NEAl Board of Directors in 2005

Moore's calling is teaching self-confidence and creat ive expression to students by directing school rru sicals and plays , as well as
coaching l oren sics an doth er aca derri c co rrpenti on te arrs. She is pa st pre sid ent of the state t heatre educators associ aton the Allia nee f or
vv sconsn Th eatre Education She also volunteers with local cormuruty theatre and arts organizat ions and at the River Falls oorresnc and
sexual violence shelter

Moore believes all work on behalf of students and public education is significant and that \IlEAC and NEA cannot res t until all children have
equal access to education, a fact that is exerrplified by her service to the Wsconsin Education Association Council (V\£AC) . She serve d as
an alternate and later as a representative t o the \IlEAC Board of Direc tors for three years, and was a rre rruer of the VVCAC Leqislative Cc rrrrrttee. She has been a
dele gate to the V\£AC R epresentative Asserrn ty since 2000 and the NE A R epresentative Asserrnty since 200 2

Sh e is currently active in the \!Vest Central Ed ucation Association (VVCEA) as a rre rruer of its executive board an d serves on several VVCEA co rrmttees. A rrerro er of
the Ellsw orth Ed ucat ion Association , she was president from 2001- 2 004 and vice president from 1999- 200 1, and presentl y serves as local trea surer, a position she
has held since 2 005

a-iginal~ from both Beloit and Woodruff, w sconsm Mo ore holds a rraster's degre e in English e ducation from UW- River Falls and a bachelor's degree in English ,
political science and th eatre arts from UW-Stevens Point

Posted Octobe r 3, 2007
Kay Hansen - ESP at Large Director
\/\ff:.A C Leadership T eam

Kay Hansen
ESP At Large Director
National Education Association
Kay Hansen has been dedicated to quality public schools /or a quarter of a century She was elected to t he National Education
Association (NEAl Board of Directors in 2006 as an Education Support Prof essional (ESP ) at-large rre rruer

She is currently errorovec in the De nrru rk School Distri ct as a classroom para-professional WJrking w th special education students,
and for 23 years was as a para-professional in the elerren tary library rredia center . She also has experience in school f ood and
custodial services. Hansen has been active in her church, volun teers torth e Salvation Amy , and is a torrre r a Girl Scout Leader

Hansen, instru mental in he r school's readers ' theater group, takes pride in th e success of her school an d the students it serves . She
has coordinated special events for National Library W eek , vvhich included guest readers First Lady Jessica Doy le, tor rre r \Nf:.AC
President Stan Johnson and NEA President Reg Weaver

Nation ally . she serves on th e NEA' s State Media Advisory Group and is a liaison to th e International T echnology Edu cation Association. She is a rrerroer of the
\Nf:.AC Board of Direc tors, where she is co-chair of the Bargaining Goals Cc rrmtte e. She was torrrerly vice chair of \Nf:.AC's ESP Cc rrmttee

She has been honored as the \Nf:.AC Edu cation Support Professiona l of the Year, \Nf:.AC NEA RA New Delegate of D stinction and was t he co-recipien t of th e \Nf:.AC
Outreach Awa rd She w as an NEA ESP of the Year norrmee in 2006 and 2007 . She is especiall y proud of the Building Unity Betw een EA and ESPs w orkshop that
she and th e president the De nmark Education Association hav e developed and are training . She is also a trainer for th e Erre rging Voices wo rkshop

Hansen was mstru rrerrtal in organizing th e Denmark Edu cation Suppo rt Profession als , and is currently serving as presiden t, en-c hief negotiator and nego tiations
team rrerrber. She has tcrrre rty served as the secretary . She is a tw o-tirre recipient of a Paul Bierbrauer Certificate of Recognition. She is vi ce president of the
Bayl and Edu cators and is a rrerroer of its board of dire ctors , and a past secr etary She is a Bayland/UNE Legislative/PAC Corrrrrttee rreno e along wth serving on
other cc rrmttees. She is the Unite d Baytan d Educators Building Corporation Secretary an d has train ed various w orkshops for the Bayi andlU NE L eadership Night

She holds a license through th e vwscon s o Dep artrre nt of Public Instru ction Special Education Program and on-line certifications from t he Para Edu cator Learning
Netvo rk

Posted Octobe r 2, 2007