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NAME: Beatrice Malondras

Part 2: Fitness Program Plan


1. I will lose 20 pounds total in 4 months. The target is to lose at least 1-2 pounds per week.

2. I want to be able to run three miles under 40 minutes in 3 months.

3. I want to get my 30-inch waist to a 27-inch waist in 5 months.

4. I want to increase my stamina when I do extraneous activities.

DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES What is your total (for 1 week) combined step goal? 70,000 steps What are your average pedometer-measured steps per day? 8,915 steps WHEN AND WHERE DO YOU PLAN TO EXERCISE? I plan to exercise at my work place. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE What is your target heart rate range? 131.95 bpm Resting Heart Rate Assess: Level of Cardiorespiratory Endurance What the numbers mean:

60 or less = Good 61-80 = Average 81-100 = High, but acceptable 101 or more = Abnormally high and not good!

NAME: Beatrice Malondras Mid 65 High 70 Age 17 Resting Heart rate 63

Planned Rate of Perceived Exertion RPE range (Use the table in figure 3.5 on page 72 to determine your RPE: 14


Workloadhow fast, resistance (Include resistance only if you use a machine that allows you to change resistence.) 4 mph

Duration Minutes







high impact







Total activity calorie expenditure/week = 1,134

NAME: Beatrice Malondras STRENGTH EXERCISES Repetition range : 10 Number of Sets per muscle group: 3 Muscle Abdominals Low Back Upper Backtrapezius/ rhomboid Chest- pectorals Mid-back/ Latissimus Dorsi Shouldersdeltoids Biceps Triceps Total leg Quadriceps Hamstrings Other Exercise Sit-ups Pull-ups Shoulder blade squeeze Push-ups Elbow tuck Overhead machine press Free weights Free weights Straight leg raise Leg press Leg curls Alternate Exercise Planking Chin-ups Opposite arm and leg raises Incline chest press machine Toe touches Machine lateral raises Biceps curl machine Bench dips Heel slide Machine squat Glute-ham raises Exercise days Friday Friday Friday

Monday Friday Monday Monday Monday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

NAME: Beatrice Malondras FLEXIBILITY/ STRETCHING EXERCISES When you plan to stretch? I plan to stretch everyday Body part Low Back Upper Back- trapezius/ rhomboid Chest- pectorals Mid-back/ Latissimus Dorsi Shoulders- deltoids Triceps Calves Quadriceps Hamstrings Inner thigh Stretch Cat stretch Upper back stretch

Towel stretch Inverted row stretch Across-the-body and Overhead stretches Triceps stretch Lower- Leg stretch Step stretch Hurdler stretch Side lunge