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No. Cg *O83CS
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Plaintiff, $ 03
Defendant. $ DrsrRrcr
f 34th-$[_nrcrar


The City of Dallas ("City") strivesto preventand removeblight in downtown

Dallas. Colby Properties,Inc. ("Defendant")owns a downtownproperty containinga

vacantbuilding that hasmany fire andbuilding codeviolations. To fight blight, the City

files this Original Petition,and Requestfor Temporary[rjunction, PermanentInjunction

andDisclosure.In support,the City respectfullyshowsthe Court the following:


1. Discoveryis intendedto be conductedunder Level 2 of Rule 190 of the Texas

Rulesof Civil Procedure.

2. Pursuantto Rule 194 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure,Defendantis

requestedto disclose, within 50 days of this request,the information or material

describedin Rule 194.2 regardingthe property located at 508 Park Avenue, Dallas,

Texas.SeeTex.R. Civ.P.194.


3. The City of Dallas is a home-rule municipal corporation situated in Dallas

County,Texas,incorporatedandoperatingunderthe lawsof the Stateof Texas.

Plaintiff s Original Petition - Page I
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.

4. Defendantis a Texas Corporationthat owns property in the City of Dallas.

Service of processmay be made upon Defendant'sregisteredagent,Cary Rossel,at



5. Plaintiff brings this cause of action to obtain a temporary and permanent

injunctive relief, and recovercivil penaltiesagainstDefendantpursuantto SubchapterB

of Chapter54 of the TexasLocal GovemmentCode.

6. Venueis properand this Court hasjurisdiction pursuantto Section54.013of the

TexasLocal GovernmentCode.


7. The CentralBusinessDistrict ("CBD") is locatedin the heart of the City. The

CBD is boundedby WoodallRogersFreewayon the north,CentralExpressway(elevated

bypass)on the east,R.L. ThomtonFreewayon the south,and StemmonsFreewayon the


8. A substantialmajority of the CBD has beenzonedcentralareadistrict 1 ("CA-

1(A)") for many. CA-l(A) zoninggrantsownersof propertiesin the district the most

developmentrights of any zoning district in the City. Among other things, CA-l(A)

zoning:(1) allowsbuildingsto be built to any legal height, (2) allowsbuildingsto cover

the entirelot, (3) doesnot limit the numberof storiesa building may have,and (4) does

not limit the ntrmberof dwelling units on a property. As a result,the CA-l(A) district

hassomeof the highestpropertyvaluesin the City. The CA-l(A) district containsmany

aswell as someof its mosthistoricbuildings. The Dallas
of the City's tallestskyscrapers

City Council recognizedthe importanceof the CA-l(A) district to the City by passing

Plaintiffls Original Petition - Page 2
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.
OrdinanceNo. 21960 on January26,1994, which designatedthe CA-l(A) district as an

"area of historical, cultural, and architecturalimportance and significance."

9. There are many vacant buildings in the CBD, which, if left unoccupied and

unmonitored, may fall into a stateof disrepair, become a haven for criminal activity, and

createa blight on the area.

10. The Dallas City Council understandsthe danger that these vacant buildings pose

to the quality of life and prosperity of the CBD. On June 25, 2008, the City Council

unanimously adopted Ordinance No.27248, which establisheda registration program for

vacant buildings in the CBD. The purpose of the Ordinance is to protect the health,

safety, morals, and welfare of the citizens of the City, to monitor the vacant buildings and

ensure that they are maintained in compliance with applicable laws, and to encourage

their demolition or return to occupancyin a timely manner.

11. Defendant owns the structure anOit e property within the central businessdistrict

of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas locatedat City Block 118, Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6,

and7, Canton to Park and Young, also known as 508 Park Avenue, Dallas County, City

of Dallas, Texas (the "Property"). The Property is located within the CBD and has CA-

1(A) zoning.

12. hr addition to the Property being located in the CBD, the Property is also located

in the Harwood Historic District ("HHD"), a City of Dallas Landmark District. The

HHD is located on the eastem edge of the CBD and includes portions of Harwood, Elm,

Main, Commerce, Jackson, Wood, Young, and Canton Streets, as well as Park Avenue.

The HHD not only originated as a major thoroughfare connecting residential areasto the

downtown areabut it also functioned as a support to the theater and movie industry in the

Plaintiff s OriginalPetition- Page3
City of Dslles v ColbyProperties,Inc.
1920sand 1930s. The District todayprovidespremierexamplesof late nineteenthand

earlytwentiethcenturycommercial,institutional,andcivic structures.

13. The structureon the Propertyitself was originally constructedin approximately

1929for WarnerBrothersas their film distribution,salesandmarketingcenter. The Art

Deco style on the structureat 508 Park Ave. in particularwas incorporatedto represent

hadprimarily populatedElm Street,
the glamourof the movie industry,whosebusinesses

making Dallasthe "third coast." Therefore,the structureon the Propertycontributesto

the cultural,economic,social,or historicalheritageof the City.

14. The structureon the Propertyis a vacantcommercialstructurewhich has fallen

into a stateof disrepair.

15. The following violations of the Dallas City Code exist or have existedon the


Violationsof Dallas City Code:

There are holes, excavations, sharp protrusions, and other object or
condition that exists on the land that are reasonably capable of causing
injury to a personin violation of Section27-ll(a)(l);

b. Failure to keep the doors and windows of a vacant structure securely
closed to prevent unauthorizedentry in violation of Section 27-Il(a)(6);

c. Failure to maintain a structure intended for human occupancy and a
structure used as an accessory to a structure intended for human
occupancy in a water{ight and weather-tight condition in violation of

d. There are holes, cracks, and loose surface materials that are health or
safety hazards in or on floors, walls, and ceilings in violation of Section
e. Failure to repair or replace broken or bent metal posts and tom, cut, bent,
or ripped metal fencing materialsin violation of Section27-11(b)(10)(C);

Plaintiff s Original Petition -Page 4
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.
Failure to provide and maintain in operating condition a toilet connectedto
awater source and to a public sewer in each structure intended for human
habitationin violation of Section27-lI(c)(2);

o Failure to connect plumbing fixtures and heating equipment that the owner
supplies in accordance with the Dallas Plumbing Code and Dallas
Mechanical Code in violation of Section27-lI(c)(6);

h. Failure to provide and maintain heating equipment in operating condition
so that it is capableof maintaining a minimum inside temperatureof 68" F
from November 16 through March 15 in eachroom of a structureintended
for human occupancyin violation of Section27-ll(c)(7);

Failure to provide and maintain in operating condition, from April 1
through November l, refrigerated air equipment capable of maintaining a
maximum inside temperature that is 20 degrees lower than the outside
temperature or 85" F, whichever is warmer, in each room of a structure
intendedfor human occupancyin violation of Section27-ll(c)(8);

j Electrical circuits and outlets are not maintained to safely carry a load
imposed by normal use of appliancesand fixtures in violation of Section

k. Failure to maintain the interior of a structureor vacant portion of a
structure free from rubbish and garbagein violation of Section 27-

There are accumulations of litter that are not in authorized private
receptaclesfor collection in violation of Section7A-18;

m. There are weeds or grass located on the premises that ne gteater thal 12
inchesin height in violation of Section18-13(a)(1);

n. There is a barbwire fence that is less than six feet in height above grade in
violation of Section5 1A-4.602(aX8);

o. There is a sidewalk or appurtenancethat has become defective in violation
of Section 43-63(a);

p. There is an unwholesome premise on the grounds that has become
nauseous, foul, offensive or injurious to the public health, or unpleasant
and disagreeableto adjacent residents or persons in violation of Section

q. You own and/or operate a vacant building without a valid certificate of
registration,in violation of Section48B-6.

Plaintiff s Original Petition- Page5
City of Dailas v Colby Properties,Inc.
Violationsof the DallasFire Code:

There is an accumulation of combustible waste material creating a fire
hazard in a structure in violation of Section 304.1;

b . Required fire-restrictive construction has not been maintained as specified
in the Building Code and Fire Code and has not been properly repaired,
restored or replaced when damaged, altered, breached, penetrated,
removed or improperly installed in violation of Section 703.1 of the
InternationalFire Code (formerly 16.1I I 1.1 of the Uniform Fire Code);

c . Failure to provide and maintain a barrier to prevent unauthorized entry to
the basementfrom the exit stairwell in violation of Section 1020.1.5;

d. Failure to post, provide and maintain a sign in each stairwell indicating the
floor number, stairwell number, roof accessor no roof accessand upper
and lower terminus in violation of Section 1020.I.6;

e. Failure to provide and maintain illuminated exit signs to an approved
condition in violation of Sectionl}IL.2:

f. Failure to service and maintain the fire alarm system in violation of

g. Failure to provide and maintain exit stairwell doors to self close and self
latch in violation of Section703.2.3;

h. Failure to provide and maintain a barier to prevent unauthorized entry in
violation of Section3ll.2.l:

i. There are interior stairway means of egress doors that are not openable
from both sides without the use of a key or special knowledge in violation
of Section1008.1.8.7;

j. Fire Protection systems, such as a sprinkler system, have not been
inspected, tested, or maintained in accordancewith maintenancestandards
in violation of Section901.6.1;and

k. There are automatic sprinklers with obstructions that will delay activation
or obstructthe water distributionpatternin violation of Section903.3.3.

16. A true and correct copy of the ordinancesviolated is attached for review. These

ordinancesrelate to:

Plaintiff s OriginalPetition- Page6
City of Dallas v Colby Properties,Inc.
a. The preservation of public safety, relating to the material or methods used to

construct a building or other structure or improvement, including the foundation,

structural elements,electrical wiring or apparatus,plumbing fixtures, entrances,or exits;

b. The preservation of public health or to the fire safety of a building or other

structure or improvement;

c. dangerously damaged or deteriorated structures or improvements;

d. conditions causedby accumulation of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that

createsbreeding and living places for insects and rodents; or

e. zoning that provides for the use of land or classifies a parcel of land according

to the city's classification scheme.

17. Persons other than Defendant and property other than Defendants' will continue

to suffer from adverse health impacts and risk substantial danger of injury unless

Defendant complies with one or more of these ordinances.


18. SubchapterB of Chapter 54 of the Texas Local Government Code applies to these


19. Pursuantto Sections 54.016 and 54.018 of the Texas Local Government Code,

Plaintiff requests temporary and permanent injunctive relief, ordering Defendant to

remedy or repair the conditions of the Property to bring it into compliance with the Dallas

City Code and Fire Code.

20. Pursuant to Section 54.017 of the Texas Local Government Code, Plaintiff

requestscivil penalties not to exceed$1,000 per day for eachviolation of the ordinances.

21. Plaintiff also requestspost-judgment interest and costs of court.

Plaintiff s OriginalPetition- Page7
City of Dallas v Colby Properties,Inc.
WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, the City of Dallas, Plaintifl prays

for the following relief:

1) Plaintiff be granted temporary and permanent injunctive relief as provided


2) Plaintiff be awardedjudgment for a civil penalty not to exceed$1,000 per day

for each day that the Property remains in violation of the Dallas City Code and Fire Code;

3) Plaintiff be grantedjudgment for all costsof court;

4) Plaintiff be granted judgment for post-judgment interest at the highest legal

rate, and

5) Such other and further relief, both general or special, at law or in equity, to

which it may show itself to be justly entitled.



W. DeCurti

Barof TexasNo. 24045767
JanetM. Spugnardi
SeniorAssistantCity Attorney
StateBar of TexasNo. 24039192
1500Marilla Street,7CN
Tel. (214)671-808s
Fax (214) 670-0622

Plaintiff s OriginalPetition- Page8
City of Dallas v ColbyPropertia, Inc.


I, David Cossum, an Assistant Director for Development Serviceswith the City of
Dallas, after being duly sworn, hereby certify that I am qualified and authorized to make
this affidavit, and that I have read the factual allegations contained within paragraphs 7-8
of this petition and said factual allegationsare within my personalknowledge and are true
and correct.


Subscribedandswomto beforeme this l- dayof July2009.


Plaintiff s OriginalPetition- Page9
City of Dallas v ColbyProperties,Inc.


I, Karl Evans,a CodeInspectorwith the City of Dallas,after being duly sworn,
herebycertify that I am qualified and authorizedto makethis affidavit, and that I have
readthe factualallegationscontainedwithin paragraphs 9-11 and 14-17of this petition
andsaidfactualallegationsarewithin my personalknowledgeandaretrue andcorect.


Subscribedandswomto beforeme this lg' day of July 2009.

PlaintifPs Original Petition - Page 10
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.


I, Emily Catnpa, a Fire Inspector with the City of Dallas, after being duly sworn,
hereby certify that I am qualified and authorized to make this affidavit, and that I have
read the factual allegations contained within paragraphs L5-17 of this petition and said
factual allegations are within my personalknowledge and are true and correct.

Subscribedandswornto beforeme this I day of July 2009.

Plaintiffs Original Petition - Page 11
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.


I, Mark Doty, a Senior Plannerwith the City of Dallas, after being duly sworn,
hereby certify that I am qualified and authorized to make this affrdavit, and that I have
read the factual allegationscontainedwithin paragraphs12 and 13 of this petition and
said factual allegationsare within my personalknowledgeand are true and correct.

Subscribedand sworn to beforeme this

Plaintiff s Original Petition - Page 12
City of Dallas v Colby Properties, Inc.
,-t: :j,

|l't :,rili

ii ' ',i;:,::..,,,u. I ', .
r; ...
1r' t
...., ,.,, il, l, ,' ' . ,

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.': .:'".':'.ill
?ii::i;i;i,;-- I

. . l , : ,. : . . - , , :

:i i:i,

1 ; ;.;;:;: ;.,: :


An ordinance adding CHAPTER 488, "VACAI.IT BUILDINGS," composedof Sections488-1

through 488-17, to the Dallas City Code, as arnended;defining terms; providing requirements,

procedures,and fees for the registration and inspectionof vacantbuildings in the central business

district of the city; providing defenses;providing an appeal.processfor the denial or revocation

of a certificate of registation; providing signagerequirements;providing insurancerequirements;

requiring a vacantbuilding plan; providing a penaltynot to exceed$2,000;providing a saving

clause;providing a severability clause;and providing an effective date.


SECTION l. That the Dallas City Code, as ame,nded,is amended by adding new
*VACAIIT BUILDINGS," composedof Sections488-1 through 48B-17, to

readas follows:





(a) There exists in the central business district of the city of Dallas. Texas, many
vacalrt buildines that. if left unoccupied and urfiIonitored- may fall into a state of disrepair.
becomea haven for criminal activihr. and create a blieht on the area.The purDoseof this chapter
is to orotect the healtb- safetv. morals. and. welfare of the citizens of the oitv of Dallas bv
establishinea resistration prosam for vacant buildines in the central businessdistrict in ord€r to
27248 0B1888
monitor the vacant buildines and ensurethat they are maintained in compliance with this code
urd other applicable laws and to encouragetheir demolition or retum to occuBancyin a timely


In this chapter:

(1) BUILDING means a structure for the suoport or shelter of anv use or

(2) CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT meansthe areaof the citybounded bv
Woodall RodgersFreewayon the north. Cental Expressway(elevatedblpass) on the east.R. L.
Thornton Freewavon the south. and StemmonsFreewavon the west.

(3) CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION means a certificate of reeishation
issuedby the director under this chapterto the owner or operatorof avacant building.

(4) DIRECTOR meansjre director of the deparhnentdesimated by the citv
manaser to enforce and administer this ohapt€r and includes anv representatives.aeents. or
departrnentemployeesdesisrated by the direotor.

(5) DWELLING UNIT means one or more rooms desimed to be a sinele
housekeepingunit to accommodatg one family and containine one or more kitchens. one or more
bathrooms.and one or more bedroolns.

(61 OCCUPIED meansthat one or more oersonsconduct businessin or reside
in at least 50 percent of the total area of a building (excludine stairwells. elevator shafts. and
mechanicalrooms) as the legal or equitable owner. operator. lessee.or invitee on a permanent.
nontansient basispursuantto and within the scooeof a valid certificAte of occupancv.

(7) OWNER rneansa person in whom is vested the ownership or title of real

(.A) includine. but not limited to:

(.i) the holder of fee simple title:

(ii) the holder of a life estate:

(iii) the holder of a leaseholdestate for an initial term of five
vearsor more:

(iv) the buyer in a contractfor deed:
(v) a mortgagee.receiver. executor. or trirstoe in control of real

(vi) the namederanteein the last recordeddeed: and

(B) not inclpding the holder of a leasehold estate or tenancv for an
initial term of lessthan five years.

(8) PERSON means anlr individual. corporation oreanization. Ertlership.
association.eovemmentalentitv. or anv other legal entitv.

. (9) PREMISES or PROPERTY means a lot. plot or parcel of land. includine
anv stnrctureson the land.

(10) REGISTRANT means a person issued a certificate of reeistration for a
vacantbuildine under this chapt€r.

(11.) STRUCTURE means that which is built or edifice or
buildine of anv kind. or any piece of work artificially built up or comoosed of oarts ioined
togetherin somedefinite manner.

(12) VACAI.IT BUILDING means a buildine located in the city's ceqtal
businessdistict that. regardlessof its shuctural condition. is not occupied.


The director shall impleme'ntand enforcethis chapter and mav by written order establish
such rules. rezulations. or orocedures. not inconsistent with this ohaotor. as the directo[
detenninesare necessa.vto dischareeany dutv under or to eflect the policy of this chapter.


Arry written notice that the director is required to give an applicant cir reeishant underthis
c.hapteris deemedto be deliveredi

(1) on the datethe notice is hand delivered to the applicant or resstrant: or

(2) three dala after the date the notice is placed in the United Statesmail with
proper postaeeand properlv addressedto the applicant or registrant at the addressorovided for
the applicant or regi=strantin the most recent regisftation application.


(a) A person who violates a provision of this chapter. or who fails to perform an act
required of the oerson by this chapter.cornnits an offense. A person commits a seParategffense
eachdtayor portion of a day durine which a violation is committed. oermritted.or continued.
27248 0B1B8S




(a) A person commits an offense if the person owns or ooeratesa vacant buildine
*ithouia-valid cer.tificateof registration. A separatecertificate of reFstration is required for ench
steet address at which an), vacant buildine is located. regardless of any s€parateocc\rpred
buildines that may also be located at the samestreetaddress.If more than one vacantbuildin8 is
logated at dhe sane street address.onllr one certificate ofreeistration is required for all ofthe
vaiant buildings Also. only-one certificate of regisfation is requirad for q single,vacantbuilding
that hasaore-than one steet address.Suite numbers and apartrrent unit numbers will not be
consideredin detennining thg steet addressof a vacantbuilding.

(b) It is a defenseto prosecutionunder this section tha!

(1) tlre building was occupied within the 45-dav period precedine the date of
the allegedoffense:
27248 081888

(.4) within the 90-day period precedine the date of the alleged offense. the
buildins suffered damageor destruction from a fire. flood. storm. or similar event that rendered
the building incapableof beine occupied-exce,ptthat this def€nsedoesnot apPly if the.buildine
was renderedincapableof beine occupiedbythe intentional act of the owner. ooerator. lessee.or
other invitee or an asentof the owner. oPerator.lessee.or other invitee: or

(5) the buildins was owned by the citv of Dallas. the State of Texas. or the
United Statesgovernment.


(1) The name. steet address.mailing address.and tele'phonenumber of the
4pplicant or the applicant's authorizedaeent.

. (3) Ttre names.steet addresses.mailing addressqs.and teleohonenunbers of
all owners of ttre vacantbuilding and any lien holders and other personswith a financial interest
in the vacantbuildine.

(4) The name. steet address:mailing address. and telephone number of a
as required by Section488-15 of this chaPter.
personor personsto contact in an e,rnere€,rxcv

(5) The form of business of the applicant (and owner. if different from the
apolicant't:the name. steet address.mailing address.and telephonenumber of a high managerial
allnt of ttre business:and. if the businessis a corporation or association.a copy of the documents
establishinsthe busfuess.

(6) Proof of insuance requiredby Section488-16 of this chapter.
27248 08188 8
(n The number of buildings (includine vacant and occupied buildings).
dwelline ufts. swimmine pools. andspaslocatedin or on the Eegdsesof the vasantbuildine.

(8) Documentary evidence of oawte,nt of ad valorem taxes owed in
connectionwith the vacantbuildine andthe premiseson which it is located.

(9) Ttre total areain squarefeet of the vacant building. the number of stories
containedin the vacant building. the areain squarefget of each story. and whether eachstorv is
aboveor below grroundlevel.

(10) The date on which the vacant building was last occupied. a description of
tlhe last use of the vacant buildine. and a description of anv huardous materials. uses. or
conditions that curently exist orpreviously existedin the vacantbuildine.

(t 1) Such additional inforrration as the applicant desiresto include or that the
dlirector deems necessaryto aid in the deterrrination of whether the requested certificate of
regishation should be eranted.

ft\ If the application for a certificate of reeistration is being made for multiole vacant
buildings located at the same address.then the information requiipd in Subsection(a) must be
plovided for eachvacant buildine locatedat that address.

(c) A registrant shall noti$r the director within 10 daln after anv material chansein
the information contained in the application for a certificate of regrstration for a vacantbuildine.
includine any chaneesiE gwnprship of the properly.


(a) The fee for a certificate of registration for a vacant buildine is $75. plus an
inspectionchargein an amount equal to $185.64+ ($0.009282x total sauarefeet of buildins
area excludine stairwells. elevator shafts.and mechanicalrooms).

O) If one certificate of registration is issued for multiple v-acantstructues located at
tlhesameaddress.the ipsipectionchareewill be calculatedusine the aeEeeate areain sqlrarefeet
of all the vacantbuildings.

(c) If a certificate of reBistration expires under Section 488-12- and the reeistration
term was less than six months. ttren the resistration fee (.minusthe inspection charge)may be
prorated on the basis of whole months and partially refundredto the reeistrant. if the director
ilirres a v/ritt,enreouest for the refirnd from the reeisbant within 90 da)rsafter exoiration of the
certificate of reeistration. If, a certificate of reeistration exoires under Seotion 488-12 and no
inspectionwag conductedbl, $re city durine the regishation term. th€n the full insoectioncharee
may be refuirded. if the director receives a written request for the refund from the reFstrant
wiffin gr0 dala after expiration of the certificate of reeistration. Otherwise. no refund of a
reeistrationfee or inspection chareewill be made.

t' 08 1888


(a) Upon pal,'ment of all required fees. the director shall issue a certificate of
registration for a vacantbuildingjlo the apolicantif the director determinesthat:

(l) the applicant has comolied with all requirements for issuance of the
certificate of reEistration:

(2) the apolicant has not made a false statementas to g material matter in an
application for a certificate of registation: and

(3) the aBplicanthasno outstandingfeesassessedunder this chapEr.

(b'l If the director determinesthat the requirem€Nftsof Subsection(a) have not been
met. the direclor shall deny a certificate of regisfrationto the applicant.

(c) If the director determines that an applicant should be denied a c€rtificate of
registration. the director shall deliver written notice to the applicant that the application is denied
and include in the notice the reasonfor deirial and a statementinforming the apolicantof the riElrt

(.d) A certificate of registration issued under this section must be displaved to the
plrblic in a manner and location approvedby the director. The certificate of registuationmust be
oresentedupon reqlrestto the director or to apeace officer for examirration.


(a) The director shall revoke a certificate of reBistration for a vacant buildine if the
director detenninesthat:

(1) the reFistrant failed to comply with any provision of this chapter or aoy
other city ordinanceor stateor federal la:wapglicableto the buildins:

(2) the registrant intentionally made a false stateme,lrtas to a material matter in
the application or in a hearine concerninethe certificate otleeistation: or

(3) the reeistrant failggto pay a fee req\riredby this chaoter at the time it was

(b) Before revokine a certificate of registrationunder Subsection(a). the director shall
deliver written notice to the regisfrant that the certificate of reeistration is beine consideredfor
revocation.The notise must include the reason for the proposedrevocation- action the registrant
must take to prevent the revocation. and a statementthat tho registrant has 10 da)/safter the date
of deliveryto complvwith the notice.
27248 081888

SEC.488.11. APPEALS.

If the director denies issuanceor renewal of a certificate of reeistration or revokes a
certificate of reeistration. this action is final unlessthe aoplicant or regiskant lles an appealwith
a permit and licenseapoealboardin apcordance with Section2-96 of this code.


(a\ A certifisate of resistation for a vaoantbuildine expiresthe earlier of:

(l) one yearafter the dateof issuance:

(.4 the date the vacant buildin&chanees conhollin&ownership. as deterrnined
bv the director:

(3) the date the vacant buildine becomes opcupied. as determined by the

(.4) the datethe vacantbuildine is demolished"as determinedby the director.

(bI A certifisate of registratio4 may be renewedby makins application in accordance
with Section 488-7 and paying the registration fee and inspection charge required bv Section
488-8. A reeistrant shall apol), for renewal at least 30 daysbefore the expiration of the certificate
of reeistration.

A certificate of reeishation for a vacantbuildin&is not transferable.


(a) For the purposeof ascertaininewhether violations of this chapteror any oth€r city
ordinance or state or federal law applicable to the buildine exist. the director is authorized at a
reasonabletime to inspect:

(l) the exteriorof a vacantbuildine: and

(2) the interior of a vacant buildine. if the pennission of the owner. op€rator.
or other person in control is eiven or a seaxchwarrant is obtained.
27248 08xBB8
(b) The director shall insoect a vacant building at least once during each l2-month
period that the building is not occuoied

(c) An applicant or reeistrant shall permit re,presentatives of the police departrnent.
the deparfinent of environmental and health senrices. the fire deparfnent. the dqrarfrrent of code
comolialrce. and the buildine official to inspect the interior and exterior of a vacant buildine. for
the purposeof ensurins compliancewith the law. at reasooabletimes upon request.The applicant
or registrant commits an offense if he. either personallyor through an agentor employee.refuses
to permit a lawful inspecdonof the vacantbuildiug as requiredbv this subsection.

(dL Whenever a vacant buildine is inspectedbv the director and a violation of this
chapteror anlr other city ordtrance or stateor federal law applicableto the building is found. the
building or premiseswill. after the expiration of any time limit for compliance give, in a notice
or order issued becauseof the violation. be reinspectedby the director to determine th+J the
violation hasbeeneliminated.




(a) An owner. operator. or other oerson in control of a vacant buildingshall g!:ovide
tlhedirector with the name. steet address.mailine address.and tel€,phonenumber of a p€rson or
personswho can be contacted24 hours a day. seven4als a week. in the event of an emergency
condition in ot Onthe premisesof the vacant buildine. An emerg€ncycondition includes any fire.
natural disaster. coltapse hazard. burst pioe. serious police incide,nt. or other condition that
re$ires an inunediate responseto prevent-harmto prooerly or the oublic.

fb) The owner. operator. or other person in control of the vacant buildine shall notifv
tlhedirector within five daysafter any changein the emereencyresponseinfonnation.

(p) Thg owner. operator. or other person in control of a vacant building. or an
authorizedasent.must axriveat the premiseswithin one hour after a conhct person harnedunder
this section is notified bv the citv or cmerge,ncyresponsepersonnel that an einergencycondition
has occurredon the oremises.

(d) A sim containing the emereencycontact information required in Subsection(3) of
tliris section must bS attached in a consoicuous location on the exterior of each facade of the
vacantbuildine that facesapublic right-of-way.

(e) The sien required by Subsection(d) must:
27249 0818B8
(lL complv with the city's sipnregulations:

(2) be 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide and constructedof a rigrd weather-

(3) contain the words "VACANT BUILDING" in 2-3l8-inch-high and two-
inch-wide blaok lettels on a bright yellow backeround followed by the information required in
Subsection(a) in one-inch-highblack letters on a bdght I'ellow backsrould:

(4) be in a fornrat approvedbv the director: and

(fl A personcommits an offense if he removeso,robshucts or allows the removal or
obstuction of a sien requircd to be posted on a vacantbuilding under this section. It is a defense
to erosecuhonunder ttus subs

(1) a citv employeein the perfonnanceof official duties: or

(.4 the oumer.ooerator.or lesseeof the vacantbuilding for the pumoseof:

(A) repairingor maintaining the sien:

(B) complvine with this chapter or Lnde or re8'ulation promulgated
under this chaBter:or

(c) removins the sigl lrrhen resistation of the vacant building is no
longer reouiredunder this chapter.
27248 OB1BB8

name ttre citv and its olficers and emoloyeesas additional insureds and provide for 30 days
written notice to the director of cancellation.non-renewal.or material chanseto the insurance

(o) A registant shall provide to the dir.ectoran uodatedcertifigate of insuranoefor the
vacantbuildins everv six months that the buildine is required to be resisteredunder this chapter.


(a) Within 30 davs after the date a certificate of reeistration is issued for a vacant
building. the registrant shall submit to the director a vacant building plan complying with this

(b) The vacantbuildine plan must contain the folloudng:

(l) A olan of agion and a time schedulefor correctineall existing violations
of this chapter or any othgr citl: ordinanceor stateor federal law applicable to the buildin&or its

(2) A plan of action for maintainine the building and its pr€rmisesin
compliarrcewith this chapterand all applicablecityordinances and stateand federal laws.

(3) A plan of action for maintaining the buildine and its ersnises in a safeand
secrnemarurer. includine but not limited to anv provisions for liShtine. security natrols. alarm suporessionsvstems.and securingthe building from unautlorized entrv.

(4) A Dlan of action for occupyine or selline the building. including but not
limited to a time schedule for renovatne or repairine the building and a time schedule for
marketine. advertising. or off€rine the buildine for saleor lease.

(5) A olan of action and time schedulefor anv demolition of the buildin&

(c't A registrant ma:ruodatethe vacantbuildine plan at any time. but shall Provide the
director with an updated vacant buildine plan at least once every six montlx that the building is
requiredto be reqisteredunder this chapter.'

SECTION'1. T\ttthe Dallas City Code, as amended,will remain in fulI force and effect,

saveand except as amendedby this ordinance.

SECTION 3. That the terms and provisions of this ordinance are s€verable and are

governedby Section 1-4 of CHAPTER 1 of the Dallas City Code, as aurended.
27249 081888
SECTION 4. That this ordinance will take effect on September l, 2008, and it is

accordingly so ordained.



nnr$-.r"; C.L'.-Ieil'.,=**
JUt{2 5 ?008

. . '.' '.

MinimumurbanRehabilitationstandardr., j ..'..,i.I g,rritl.
s 27-5.2 -,1 ,.

rent sEc.27-6. RESERVED..
. tS). the tenant was delinquent -in
when the landibrd gave notice to vacafe or filed an
eviction action;
:resp-onsible.Jor or
(4) the tenant was
caused .riol"tiot of' this. chaptet that. existed on
proPerty" ocorpigd by 'the tenan$
(5) tire tenbntis written lease fixing the
rent,- t"t*'i..t, or ter.m of o'ruPanq{ lt"g :tPttidl
Subsec'on sEc.27-8..
.J&, at the time an action described in
violbtion of this chapter-
Giil,:tzl, or.'(3) occurred, a physical
reasonably dangerous to thi
that' was 'saiity
health or of the rtg-t:tt- or another: p€tsor'r
existed on propeity occuiried by the tenang
' (5) the tenbht holds over after grvint
notice of .tenrrinati.onor,interit to vacate;
(?r :he tenant holds ovet after the
of the
landlord'girr"r r,oti"a of telrrination at the end
rental terrr and, time the notic€ of terrrrination
the-i"taotd or the'landlord's ag9lt laq
' had
not received achral notice'that a valid complaint
of violatioru of
been filed with'the city"complaining
Uris chap.ter'on.ProPertlr occupied by the tenart$

(8): before filing a comp-laint- with the
city coinpl;fiing of -a violation of this chapter on
, DroD€ttv occupied, by the tenant' other than a TdMI\ru'\{ STANDARDS;
it it reisonably dangerous to the sEC.27-11i.
heilth or s-af9tl of the.tenant or another
'pli;i""i "t'
i.i"oo the teriant.fails to :gmP:y with a written (a).
. i"."" Prol'isi9l tequr5inq the tenant to:
' .(1) eliminate b hole, excavation, sharp '
. (A) notifY the landlord or- the'
piotrusiory. and any. other oliect or- cqndiHon t\at
landlord's agmt, inwritingi of the violation; and ; it t"t a and is riasonabfy- tapable of'
causihginjrry to a Persoll;
(B) .aUolvthe landlord 15 daYs to
conet! the violation; or (2) securelY
(9)'. the landlord Proves that the rent cesspool,orcistem;' .' .
was .:
increase,serrricereductiorL or.attempted eviction (3) .. provide solid waste'rec-ep!1clegor
f;;;;-cause and not for purposes of retaliation
containers *fi"t Lquiredby Chapter i8 of ftds code;
agairst th1 t+nnt.
(4) provide drainag6 ' - to prevent
(c) An"offense under this- section may be
filing of a written complaint-b;t standing *"tet aia nooaing or the land;
',h;1;;i*iilt upon the
.' pror""uted
(ord' Nos' 20017;
the city
"ttotney' (5) remove dead trees and'tree limbs
that are- reasonably capable of causing injury to a
person; and ..

Dallas CitY Code
Minlmum Urbah Rehabilitation Standards
: except.tat
of a fencenot'more than foui fegt high' wall rinllsstithe
(5) keeP the doors and windows to a:masonry
po-rtion 9f 1 strlclul ;'t^oi-itl;; Jo"t '"ot aPPly
:ant structure. 9r vacant entry' wall encloses:
,iielv closed td prevent unauthorized
(i) q multiten'ant. PloPet$..
er shall ':
(b) Stnrctural standards' t{rr own
of a 'a
'(1) protect itre exierior suifaces riil . sinele-f'amilY
or duPlek
to d"t"y by applicatiqn of . L - : \ l w i t h anotlrer
ucture that are tttUia"i property where the wa{ is not
sha.rec. '
,. .
int or other coatirtg propertY;
' '
. (2) fill hollow, 11asoryI- |PPerting
the piers to (B) ibpair or iePlac" lti!!1ji:
and anc.hgr kenwoo3tn slats and supqgttP:to:
:rs, if or"a, with concrete doweL damaged,oTbTo.
i""tii',et witlta 5/8 inch steel
brokrir orberit
railings for . . (C; "parr br replaca
and- maint3in ripped metal'fencirtg
(3) provide as metal posts and ati, otiiu""t, or
lirs, gteps-,'t"icottits'
porches' arid elsewhere
-"Li.fs;:*a . '.l'.', '.'
i;-'.h" Dallas il'iilai"g code; .t
':l' "'
;:#J lr"paii
' in)l or
-- replace lo6xi uricrc'
cracks' and other
\v, :-r - . t . ' ----

.(4) . iepair holes' rockb, -o,i"', a.ita materials on any ' ':'
of causing injury to a stortes, '
"imit"t ' 'i.'
:fects ,""ror,iUty capable ;;;"t *"ri u."t encloses: . ...' .
stePs' and balconies; ' ' .:
#;;;t;,P&th"i' . :
'fbr (i) a multi-tenatr! ProPertY;
(5) maintain a' structure intended
an accessory
rman occuPancy and a-s!uc1rr"t::1T occupancy in a
r a structute i'itenJed for
ana water-tight conditiory
ceilings' and: proPertY.
. (6) maintain'f-lo9rs' lails' in a' sound
ll supporting stru'i-Jtat loads safely; (c)
J"iriil; ."p oiu" g imposed
"lur" "ti" (1)provide: and maintain in operating'
oi not less '
(7) provide crosi-ventilation condition discharte' sewage fto3 a
25- lineal feet of wall sy:letx-t wtrere
han 1'112 sguare f;;;";;;ch "or,t ".tio""-io ppblic :
sPace; structure or land ;F " ""w"t
basedent; cellar' and crawl
i available;
(8) repair'or rePlace.chimney flue and
-function (2) Piovide and maint"i" i11=Pi
not properly; a
conditiona'toilefconneCtedto a in each
zent attachllnts tftat- a o
;;;ii;-;"r.'"i, *tt"re' available) Ftructure
breaks' and tir.t""J"a
(9) rePair holes' cracks' for human habitatiPn;
tf'"i are health or safety
oose surfa"" -"tt-'i"ls ceilinp; and
i"l*a, - noors, w4ls, and provide aird uraintain in trpera$t
"i ""
condition and pipes to suPPlY p-ot3!le
the property
(10)' maintain any fence on "onr,""uo*
water at adequat" p*t* ti i sEucture intended for
in compUaice *iUt the.foilo*ing hnmanoccuPancy; :
it is
(A) maintain a fence so that (4) Providean{ mainf"i" .T 1P,:1Tg
t3t: foot from of a minimum
not out of vertical "ifgt-*l 1T "tt"fence' for a condition a ddvice to supply hot water
at the top-of the each stnrchrr'e intended
tlre vertical, m"a""e"d six inches from temperature of fZdf' tJtihit^
fenceover four feet ligh'
the vertical,,"""""ef,
at the top of the fence' for 1
for fiuman habitation;
Dallas CitY Cod.e e106

(4) .keeP the.interior of a struchrre freb'
(5)- provide and :ora::t a kitchen sink' specifiefl'
to a cold and hot fiom insects,"oil".ti, and vetmilr; exlqi as
bathrub. ot'riio*"r, and lavatory in Section2Z'tl,@):,, . .,.' ,: , , :..
water source'in ttttttture intended for hri'man
habitationi " .
fixtures an{
iol cennect plur-nbing supplies in
heating i' ttttt: the--o'wler
"q.tip-"t cgde 94d
accordancewith. the Dallas.Phimbing j'
balas Mechanical Cod.e;
(7) Provide and mair heating
it is'iapable
equipment ir, op"r"tittg 9o1di1i.on.:: l"t
t-eLperature of 68T'
of maintaining t"iniJ"ot irrsidg
" March 15 in eachroom of a
from Novemb€r 16 *rro"gh
structure intended q occu?ang"
(8I if screens are not p-rovided-
and maintain in
requaed ir,'Suus"ction (dX2), P-1"1i9"
;;1;;il;i""Ji.r"., r'om ep-'il 1 throughtlovelpFr
iltltffi"iad air equipment.caPable of maintaining
inside'teinperaturi that is 20 degrees
ir;;;th* the. outsiie temperitur€:'Qr
room of a structure
*rusharr", is warmer, in each
intinded forhumanoccuPancY; ,
' (9) provide and- maintain in operating
electrical service to eadr
condition supply fitt"t f"t
oc'cupancy if .electribal
structure intended for.human
t"*i""-t available withiir 3O0 feeU

(10) connect each heating -*tll,"$g
a ddmney or flue; ano '
device Otattu*s solid fuel to
itt o-Perating
. (11) provide and maintltt
circuits and orltlets sufficient to
condition use oJ
"f""'toii"fr""a irrpoeed bj' normal
appliancesand" fixrures' . .: tf l after being iszued a notile'or
'An (cXZ)..o1 this secHon' th€
owner shal} ' for violation-o{ Subsection
Health standards' wit'in 72.
(d) owner fails to ,"p"L heating eqiripm'dnt
"' orr' t;"h ttiti"t oi cliauo* and the
hours after receid;
' ' .': '(1) eliminate rodents and vermin in or low tempeiature,
overnight =,P*-tqf"d-P{,U5'
the land.;. ' N"ii"i;f Weather dervice at Dallas'love Field' is
fo: tJ.* eo.r. for three corrsecutivedayq.'aryeireceiving'
(2) provide a structuie intended
for k-eeping oYt such notice or citatiory or .'
human habiiation wiUr a screen
of the stnrctute if the struchrie
insects at eaclr opening (2) after being i"*9.d a-n9$ce or 5itati.-on
is not cooled'with refrigerated forviolation-ofSubsection(c)(8)of-tlr$section,the.
o*r,ut fails to repair refrigerated {I
(3) maintain the interior of a vacant *i*lir, 72 hours aftlr receiving such notice or citation
a structure free from
struchrre or vacant portion of *J tf," daytime high tempeiahrre' as measured by
nrbbish and garbage;and

Dallas CitY Code
Minimum Urban Rehabilitati on Standards
.s ai|'

that would "
at Dallas Love Field' rubbish, garbage, and other conditiors
i National Weather Service aftei ;;;#"i,.r.t[tr.i or i*"cts, rodents'9r verr'ry
G:;:';;-"bove foi iry":. consecutive davs
:eivihg such notice or citation' ' or-animals from a
. {2) lemove an animal
or aninals is a
t under' structure if''ihe presence of ttre animal
(r) It is a defense to-plosecution health hazard to an occuPanb" "
is section thafi .:
r. (1) faiiure to' maintain heating
in codrpliance with those
frigeratei-iit act of nature ot
"-eqig-"nt iesult
rbsectiorrs was the direct
"{ P control of the (4) providb -s-olid-waste-.t:"-:P^P.:9fl
f;;';;;" ;;i.;Jli" '"""o"able t"q"ired by Chapter:l8 of this code; -
ryner;.or . ' and
a.r-equipment '
(9) not alter'a".!"'"T::i1i:-?;
r repair ttrelt eatingand refrigeljSd ,to"conforruty with'section 17'11 ot
so as to orJit!
, .T.iJu"t*" *i-trt"u""se subiectigy; if the owner this section.
;""#ffi;t:,".lil director that diligent efforts'to '
will not issue a
,pai-r being.made, the director (cX4 or (b) .fhe tenant oc-crifant^of a: iingle-faurily- '
jHce o,"r"citation for a-'ttiot"Uon of Subsection tlre interior- of- the "
residential' strucrure shall ie-ep
)(8) of this section' : from insects,lo{9hp'.and versrin if the
was treated to
' under owner can show that the"itruchrre
: 0) It is a defense to pr-osecution eliminate insects, rodents'' and
vermin by- a pe-rson
to thi alternative Pest Control Ach
ubsectio.n(cX4 of tititlttti"tt "i'ta of this i.J""ia *,aer the Texap Stnrctural
ousing requirementt Lf S"Utection in
effect requiring
a written contract is
rtion that -to:
;."teilii piottiae and maintain heating
a irte "owner has provided w'ith
""r"-"ii "t
ror t eating tqJgt"nt in compliance
#;ilJv"ir'".rtir ioie' as amended'in each'
;fi4*h" qttq:t*u intended for'human
(k) It iq' .3"defense to pr-osecution
attq to the altemative ARTICLETV. . ...
.rU".lion (.)(8t bf this section (hX2) of' this
.ousing reguiremeit "f Subsection.
is provided- with exterior OCCTTPANCY
ection that the.structt"e to VACATION, REDUCTION OF
il;;;;;nd doors that aie easily openable
screerrs in ircrrruNc oF srRucrl''REsAND
;il;li, n."ur"tion and tovere-d with RELOCATIONOF OCCTJPANT€' ' .
"di"; "onp
(dx?)-9f thii bection;
ompliance wlth su-is"tu"" 1e23a;2o57 I;
;;i ff; 1s1-eetigiii tsgr); r 6473
; and'26455'titie)
.io;a. N ds-20470,24086;
49;81;2li522) .

sEC.27-13. RESER\rED'
' :
occlJPANT' (RePealedb1 Ord' 26455)
(a) An occuPantshall:
portions of the srjc,.'i7-:r4
(1) maintain those
control free from
nterior of a slructure under his $lpealed bY Ord'

Piitas city code 9lM
s 7A-1e.1
Anti-Littcr Regul ationr
s 7A-15
to prosecution under sEC. 7A-19.1. CITY BEMOVAL ISES;.
(c) It is a defense FROM PRIYATE P.RE)f
trral ttre poster'
sourlior.-ief .r tlis-sectionor in a marurer
e;rlrertor device was posted {ti11d
tocauon,J"'J or requiredtv another city (a) Upon the failure of thc olvncr' acupanLo-r
o, uy '*i"1iil;;"1-1"*' 1otd Nos'10371; to-1-omply
tf fri"ate preinises y$
ordinance o"r"Jiir.;I;;l thc directorshall
23632',t" ie-lE of trir trt"itgt'
fr"" tt litter removed from the prerriscs;
DEL' 'A-r:' rrfi'owlNc olPggsrrnsc
PREMISF-.' (b) Before having the littcr removed'
oN PRryATE to bring
;ria air"o.YJ-J notify theoimer of tle -prgmrses
A person commits art
offense if he throws or t:.i;;;*,:$ffifil'il1['.[?'Itrl*l
within s€ven da)ts' I
*""pied private premiser it to theownet o.l
deposits litter on liy
o*"fr bY Person 1""**-**"a uy rranaing
ornot' T P'ersgn
srail'.ad&essed to
l;=ifirffi;t *n"-tn& 9: or alley ilild.; ii-u*t"a statl r-egular
recorded in thc
or in or onanys"il;; r-tryv'-r'1::*' th: ,#;;;at the o**t" address as
appraisd district in
adiacent to the pj"-"iet'pt"-i""t; control
of private aopraisal district t""Jilt of q"
Lt-f"itott located'
;,fi;;;'-;;.,p-i, authorized private ;fith" Premisesare
prb.mises may i"iht"itt
rn such 1 rrannet that Utter (c) U personal senricc to thc olnncr
cannot bd
ieceptacles for coUJ"" or dePosited bY bp
ffi'd;;J*,mt d r';;;-s'a1''d be notified
oUtaii&, tnm tfre ownerEray
s!5t'-g-uler' parkway'
the elemer,,,upoi-*y pubUl-plg or uPon any the
sidewalk, alley, orlothei (1) publication at least'once' in
; zoleet'
to'a'Noi'togzr official niwspaper adopted by
the city council;
(2) posting the-noticeIto1tu"T Ft-tuil
DUTYToM4ry PREMISESI the prerrises to whidr the
) sEc..zA'ls' door of
FREEFROM LTTTEA. ""i'Ut'iai"6?n
violation relaies; or
or Person in control of (3) posting the. notice on a .placaid
An owner, occuPant' if he places'
offettse on thc
private premises
"tt or perrtits attached tJ-i t6rc dr-iven into thd ground
to accunulate; relates'
o, th'o*s;-i'otits
-"i o1H-"* anv litter premises lo wnictr tlie violation
;ff;:i; L pr"*i,
on any g,r!!"t or parlnray (d) u thedirectorlaf ?-I"I"."-t"i,P:3"
on the prenises ot'-it
adiacent to the p'"-G-ot
on onehaff of that porticr il;;; *iq s"uiqi"^.ql-Tl-l:
premises' unless the litter """ "1'{n
il;;il,d s"ry'* iehrrnsthe.l:ti-':":
of-an alley "apcent-Jttte private ilH;e
1380$ Y'Tilia;"'-".-.r-"4"a,'trrelau$tvg,q:-T6:
in an - au-thorized -titt
has been depositJ 10371; tonsidered as
l$"nit roi'.ou"il"tt to"'a'No* is not affected, arrE nqtice is
2}5ggl delivered.
(e) In a notice provided under this sectioru
SEC. 7A:19' DEFOSITINGLITTER ON director man by t"gitfrt mail
and by a posting q 1ry
v;cAt"T LoTs PRoHIBTTED' onwudr
of thefropertv
i-..}b;;*;G "*'thab if t!r{ gwner comrrits
offense. if he throwg or the violatior, "*lst or nahue that
A person comsrits an another violaEon ; th; sane !i1da$ safetyon or
depositslitteron-'op*orvacantprivatePfoFrty DetEon or not' ;;,; danger to the public treStUt
wiihin the city, -h;'th; owned by 9: t;;-,h tii"t o-fttre {5 of the notice'
or in or on any gu=ti";;i--lt*"yl s.iderialk' or dley "*ti"tisaryr'irt'"r notfcg'conectthe
(ord' No* 10371;ff;,y;il;;itili
exPens€and tl-renassessthe
Iiili.'iii i; t# il"# ii"p"'tv' violation at the o*i't
20s991 ;;;'";-"i*t th; ;;;P"ttv' .I-" -violationcovered
(xc'rs within the
uiis subs'ection

Daller CitY CodG
MuniciPal Solid Wasles s 18-1s
s 18-13


WEEDS, GRASS, AND VEGETATION' (a) An olvner, occuPant, or Percon in control of
anv private prcmises abutting an alley, street, or
GROWTH TOCERTAIN HEIGHT sideialk within the-city commits an offense if he
SEC. 18.13. ,tto*t any vegetation, including, but not limited to'
irees, shrubbeiy, bustres, and vines, to grow on the
an premises so as io proiect actoss the property line over
(a) A person comnits an offense if he is
in control of occupied or tr into the right-of-way of the alley, street' or
o*r,"i, occupant, or Person sidewalk.
unoccupied premises in the city and:
'defense to
(b) It is a Prosecution under
(1) permits weeds or gtass located on the
than 12 inches; Subsection {a) that:
premises to grow to a height gteat€r
or of
{1) the vegetation consisted solely
or grass from weeds otgrars" not more than 12 incheshQ!;
{2) {ails to r€move weeds
.the premises after they have been eut'
{2) no Part of dhe vegetation Proiected
over or ind th'e all,ey or str€et at a height oI less than
(b) It is a deferue topro5ecution under:
15{€et above the ground; or
(1) Subsection {aXl) that the weeds and
a height of-12 indps
trass are maintained at or below ov€t orinto the sidewalk at a height of less than
ptitt,t on the premises within 100 feet of its
perimeters; and trot aPPly iI [he vEsetation obstrrrcted the
) visibility of a-'triffic control sign, signal, or devi'ce or
(2) Subsection (aX2) that the weeds and trash collection adjacent
interfered with garbat€ or
to the sidewallc
il*"t aPProved bY thedirector'
{c) VegetaHon growin'g in vio:lation of this
(c) For purposes of this alticle' PREMtrSES
the.tont section is a nrJsance'and maybe abatedby the ci{ t1
means the lot) piot,br Paftel of land'plus :r with Section 18-17 of this article' {Ord'
the proirerty line or sidewalK
side parkway Lerween "".""a.n"
Nos.'tffi99 ; 2?413; %979; 2.6ffi\ .
the rear or side
arrd the curb or traveled *ay' "lri center
--i'r"U*"y-l.tryeen-the Prry:rt{ line and ttre
trlus' 13791i;1Tc97';' 'src.
line of an adlacent alliy"{Od' rs-rs. ENFORCEMENT'
; 27532;
179ft1; ?fJ599
thls mticlei
{a) For the PurPoses of -
DIRFCTOR means ttrb director of the departrrent '
SEC. 18.14. DI'IIY TO PREVENT WEEDS' city gr:tt"fft to enforce and
'G R,A$S,OR' \}EGE'TATIOT'I a"tign"t d by the
aa#nister this article or the director's author'rred
OR FIREHASARD. repreEentative.
control of {b) The director shall enfor& the
Every ownet, oecupant' or ryrso.n in of thil article;.provided, that where a fire hagard
the city
-y o...tpld or unocc"Piedry1$1-* or other .*i"tt, the provGiors of Sections 1&13118-14' anf 1&
us€€v€ty Pr€caunonto |revintrteeds'grass' so as to i+:i.t"t 6e enJorcedby the'Iire marshal' {Ord'Nos'
from'growiog ot t\e p;lmises
G;t.t# {Ond'Nos ' 137/o; t'3796;L7226;a699re6585)
become a nuisance or fire-hagard'
Dallas€ity Code
s s1A-4.502
Part II of the Dallas Development Code
s s1A-4.502
(A) the barbed wire is six feet or more
the entire length of
planted 24 inches on center over above grade;and
landscape architect
the setback area unless a
recommends otherwise' (B) the barbed wire does not Project
in beyond the ProPertY line'
(4) Unless tl.l of the. conditions
(3) are met'-a fence in a
R"rrgr"pis {z) and above (9) . AII fences must provide firefighting
.,nrrttif"rnitn district may not exceed four feet
except accessto the side and rear Yard'
il;;ffii f,o."i"ain the requiredfrontyard,_
rront vard is govemedbv the side
ffil;,h";;;i;a to Section (b) Required screening'- - Unless otherwise
;;;;;t y"ia regulations pursuant for' in this chapter' scregning
51A-4.401. in accordance
must be cbnstructed and maintained
from: with the following regulations
(5) Fenceheights shall be measured
(1) Screening required in this article must
(A) In single familY and duPlex
be not less than six feet in height'
(2) The board may a sPecial
(i) the toP of the fence to the screening-
and outside of any exception io the height requirement -for
level of the ground on the inside ;i;il-;; ihe opiniSn of ihe board' the special
the required front yard' The fence affect neighboring.
i"".L-*uf,ii wili not adversely
of theje two it."oiio"
heieht shall be fit" Sreater orop'"ttv, except that the board
may not grant a
;=";"t*.;;n,t. rr the ferice is constructed on fill to the height requirements for
by the 5;;It"l;*eption
;;;;;"1 that alters grade' as determined parking'
height of artificially screening arotrnd off-street
;;i;;; official, th"e .the
be incluled in theheight-of the
;ii;;;'E;"-'-ri"ir (3) Required screening must be constructed
provis-io.n' artificially
fence. For purposes of this of:
grade ^"""s the placement oJ fill material on
of height for
property that exceed" 'fop" of one foot
"ii"i"a (A) brick, stone, or concrete masonry'
intd" f""t of distance; shrcco,concrete,or wood;
(ii) the toP of the fence to the (B) earthen berm Planted with turf
of the fence in the
level of the ground on the inside grass or gtout d cover recommended for
local areause
required side or rear Yard' 6v the d-irector of parks and recreation'
fn9. b9r3
a slope that exceeds one foot of height
(B) In all other zoning districts' fence
the top of the fence to for each two feet of width;
heights shall be measured from
inside of the f"1""'
tlre-le.rel'of the ground on the (C) evergreen Plant materials
(6) The board mal gralt a sPec-ial recreation' The plant materials must be
in this subsection
e*cuptior,'ii ,h. f""tt standards ""tf.t-""a
il;;J; a bed that is at lelst three feet wide with
the special
when, in the oprnion of the board' ;;;it";* soil depth of 24 inches' Initial plantings
witt not adversely affect neighboring
solid aPPearance
"t."p,fti must be capable of obtaining a
propertY. within three years. Plant materials must be placed a
i"ii-"^ of ie inches on center over the entire length
within an
(7) A fence may not be located the building official aPProres an
written approval by the oi,ft" bed unless 'density
easement without the prior planting !\"t
a landscape
tlu".i"t having interest in the easement' "itlti"ti"" ..riifi"t ai being capable of providing a
""tf,otity three years; or
wire for sdlid appearance within
(8) A person shall not use barbed
fencing unless: (D), any combination of the above'

Dallas CitY Code 323
s s1A-4.502
PartII of the Dallas DevelopmentCode
s s1A-4.502

(10)All required screening with Plant
(4) A requiredscreeningwall or fencemay i r r i g a t e d b Y a n , a u t o matic
of openingsin materials must be
not have more than 10 square inlfres irrigation sYstem installed- to comply with industry
;; ;"* tqrrrr. foot of surface' Plantmaterialsused
aPPearance standards.
folrEquitua screeningmust obtain a solid
of the required height
pio"iae a visuaj barrier (c)
*itf,it three yearsof their initial planting'
(5) Accessthrough required.screening mfY
the height (1) In an office district' if a building ol a
be providei only by a solid gate equaling
parkins siructure is erected on a building site and a
;,ilscre;"int.'rrt" gatemu;t remainclosed: or is acrossan
ior,io""of the side or rear yard abuts
7 fi;;rrt alleYfroman A, A(A)' R' R(A)'D' D(A)'
(A) berween the hours of 10 p'm' and
iii, iilil, ci{, MF,MF(A),MH,.orMH(A)district'
a.m.; and of the building site directly.across'
""" ""tii.i"
iiit ii"tti.t must be screened from that district'
(B) at all other times excePtwhen in
actual use. (2) through (5) Reserved'

(5) Garbagestorage areas must be visually (5) In all nonresidential districts except
stone, or concrete
screened on all side-sby a 6rick, central
dirtri.ts, no portion oj.1ny b-a-lcony
wQod wall or fence'
masonry, stucco, ao''t'Lt", si ;;";i;g
that faces an R, R(A)' D' D(A)' TH' TH(A)'
adjacentto an alley or
Screeningis not required on a side
eil;-ilF-i, MF-I(A),MF-1(sAH),
used for garbage pick-up above. a
;;;;"#"t ui-ztSeH) district mly be located
r"tlJ""ti"f proximity slope originating in that
(7, An owner shall-provide "tt"""]1q-.t^1
the rear or servlce district.
accordance with this section for
;id".; a nonresidentialbuilding (d) Visual obstruction regulations'
(A) the nonresidential building It itt ". (1) A p€rson shall not erect' place'-or
to a residential
residential district ""a it exposed maintainastructure,berm,plantlife'oranyother
use; or item on a lot if the item is:
(B) the nonresidential building is- (A) in a visibility triangle' as defined
IM. district and is
an office, ,etait, CS. IL' IR'-91 in ParagraPh (2); and
;;;;;;;-;. and closer than 150 feet to the
ntel, n, i(e), D D(A)'rI=I'rH(A)' cH'
;;ffi;;, (B) befween two and one-half feet and
f,Af, f,Aftel, MH, or MH(A) district' eieht feet in height measured'from
the top of the
;;:;;;i;;;"r.."i. If there is no adiacent street curb'
(8) When all service' storage' and is taken from the gradegf..!he
a nonresidential ;\il;i"m"nt
facilities are contained within adiacentto the visibility
the screening requirement
in Subsection f"t,it" of the street
l;ildi"l, triangle.
OX7) does not aPPrY'
(2) For purposesof Paragraph(1)' the term
(9) Plant materials used for required "visibilitY triangle" means:
screening'-mustbe maintained in a healthy^9:::-t"f
;;;,i; at all times' The property owner (A) in all zoning- districts except
weeding' mowing of grass'
t"m"*iur. for the regular other central area diitricts, the Deep Eilum/Near
i;;#;;;,'- r"'iiiiii"g, P'-:T1?^,and plant iiiriti" (Planned Development Dis.trictNo' 269)'and
maintenanceo, au ptantingi as needed. plant th;'3;"i;-Thomas Speciil Purpose District (Planned
another living-
that dies must be rJplaced-with within 90 i.""iop-"nt Distriit No' 225)'the portionof a corner
ii't"i ."iories with s'c'e""ing requirements ioi *itt it a triangular area formed
by connecting
J"tt notificationby the city' iog.ttet the point-of intersection of adiacentstreet
Dallas CitY Code 4/98


Streets and Sidewalks s 43-6s
s 43'se

(b) When a sidewalk, drivewaY, or
.oorrrtur,*." to a sidewalk or drivewayis,foundto be
dliective, unsafe or hazardous, the director of street
No buttresses,steps,projections,retaining walls servicesor the director of code complianceshall
notify the owner of the abutting property to
or fencesshall be constnrcted on any Pfbfic property
city reconstruct or repair the sidewalk, drivewayTor
.tr,t"tt such construction is approved by the
council. (Ord.8590) ,
(c) Any owner who faili to reconstruct or
'repaii a d"f"itit unsafe, or hazardouscondition
STATIONS AND PARKING LOTS. *itt it 30 days after the date of the written notice
from the director of street sen'icesor the director of
Premisesused as motor vehicle serwicestations code complianceto do so, or atry ownel who fails to
begin ,.r.h t""ot struction or repair within 15 days
o, o"ikir,g lots shall have a six inch raised curb or
traffic barrier along the entire street aftEr the date of such notice, is guilty of an offense'
otnl, (Ord. Nos. 8590;13898; 19963;22026;23694,
"ppioved at the driveway approaches and
accesswalks. (Ord. 8590)
The curb for trafiic barriers required by the
oreceding section shall be placed so that automobile No person shall mix concreteor mortar or any
["io"tt"tfrall not extend over the sidewalk or public
mixture oi substancecontaining cementon any existing
proplrtY. (Ord.8590)
pavementon public property nor leaveor causeto be I
ieft any excess.concieteor mortar or any mixhrre or

ANGLE PARKING ON substancecontaining cement on any existingpavement .#l:;'
PUBLIC PROPERTY. on public property, nor allow sameto leak or fall from
any containei or ieceptacle ont6 pavementon public
' property. If any conirete, mortar or any mixhrre or
No permit shalt be granted for angte parking on
whgre i.tU^stancecontaining cement is accidentallydropped
oublic property or on abutting private property
df f.tUU" streetis required for maneuvering or placed upon any Pavement on public-property
I;tu6" within the'city, ihl Person responsibleshall
;i; out "oi the angle parking sPace' (ord' Nos'
"; immediately remove same before such substance
hardens or Cetson the pavement. (Ord' 8590)

(a) When a sidewalk, driveway' -or any
Wherever water from roofs of adiacent
anDurtenanceto a sidewalk or driveway becomes
buildings is drained or conducted under sidewalks
a'eiecti*re, unsafe, or hazardous, the abutting
shall reconstruct or repair'the irom downspout drains to the streetguttersthrough
the aoueductsoi concrete troughs, theseopeningsin the
5ia-J*"il, driveway, or apprrrtenance' and
of such work must be borne by the abutting sibewalk shall be fitted with strong metal covers'
which shall be securely held in placewith screwsor
other fastenerswhich will not rust or corrode' Such

Dallas CitY Code
Health and Sanitation
s 1e-22
and federal
applicable city ordinances and state
laws; or
ceJlar' (21 as Part of a religious ritual or
No person shall suffer or permit any
ground:.ot ceremony.tbbae 191i, Art. 8626;ord' 21952)
vautt, irii", pool, privy, sew€r' yard'
or occ.uPr-9d
or.^L", belongingti or iontrolled or
td dy cause, nauseous' foul' offensive
iol""oi", sEc. t9-20. DEPOSMNG FILTI{ ON
ir,iuriou" to the iublic health; or unpleasan!^anf
ir|lli"*ult io residentsor Persons' OWNERTO REMOVE
1941,Art 86'ln "d;"c""t ANIIVIAL CARCASSES.

No person shall deposit or place in or on any
SEC.19-1E. SAME-INSPECTIONOF premises,'public or private, enclosed or common'
OFFENSES. i"itnit the'city, any vegetable or animal matter or
slop, o, y fittt of .lh"t"tter likely to affect the
"t " nor shall
other r"6ir. iJfir or to ptoduce offeruive smells'
The police, health officer and such t"." dead animal'
designated or employed"i-suffer the carcassof any
officers or agentsas may be *'iii.t its deathbelongedto him, to be or remain in
i" tf," healtt officer foithat purpose are authorized "t such place more than six hours after ib
;i ;JL*"*i"" all tenements'cellarsand other ";;;;any
"""; they shall find any deatir. (Code 1941,Art. 8C22,
of*"t within the city' If
I"it""""' or-filth whaiever, they shall report the
to the healttr officer and make
;;;'il*aiately SEC.19-21. GREENORDECAYEDHIDES'
;up""t immediately causesthe sameto be
'removed.(Code1941,Art' 85-66) The depositing, storin-6trimming, scouring or
treating of any green,tainted, decaying-or malodorous
fud; il the citf is hereby declared to be a nuisance'
;;e petsoi shall heieafter deposit' store'.trim'
IN THE CITY. scour, crire or treat any treen, tainted' decaying or
*"toaoto.ts Nde at any place within the corporate
ii*itt of the city; prbvided, that the receiving'
(a) A personcommits an offenseif he operates weigh'ing of green -hid.9snot tainted'
any hidehouse' slaughterhouse' or i;l;;i"g,
o, *"ir,t"ini a"*yi^fbt maiodoious within the limits of the-city
used for any
slaughter peu yard, groynd,.or premises' *f,"i" tf," p"oot so receivinp trimming or weighing
tth" whatever' fi the city 6r within 3'000 feet of sirall not permit the Ndes 9r any himminp
line, in such mahner as to exude noxious tf,"i"-"
[;;"-te therefrom to remain within the city limits more tlun
oa"it 6r'stenches,be offensive or disagleelble 1" Ty iour- houts shall not be deemed a violation of this
t9 tlt"
of the inhabitants of the city, or be-injurious r""tf"w provided further, that the resalting
h;;iai or comfort of any oi tlt e inhabitants of the within the city is not
'citY. .r"t"ittt.d green salt-hides
h";;by ptoftbit"d. (code 1941,Art' 80-l23l
(b) A person commib an offense if he kills or
slauqhters, or causesthe killing or slaughter sEc.19-22. CAUSING OFTENSIVE
the city for th- purpose of selling'
;;;i;;t g, donating, oi using thi animal's flesh for oN ADTACENT PREMrsEsl.
anv forri of huma-i consumption'- It is a defense
this subseition that the animal was
;;;;6;uta"t Whoever shall cause or permit any nauseo'us'
i.iU"a or slaughtered: foul or putrid liquid or substance,or any-liquid
[kely to becomenauseous, foul; offeruive or
(1) in a slaughterhouseor in'a food r"Gt*d.
placed or thrown on' or to
oroducts as-defined in-lhapter 17 o.f lutrid, to be discharged,
operatingin compliance
iiil;;;:,;il;ai; with all
Dallas CitY Code
303.2 Locafron. Aspbalt (tar) keates shall not be located
sEcT|oN 301 ;tht" 20 feet(6096'Eln) of any combustiblematerial' com-
GENERAL bustible building surfaceor any building opening and within a
301.1 Scope. The provisions of this chaptershall
govern the controlled areaidentilied by tbe useoftraffic cones'barriers or
-d maintenance of all structures andpremises for other approvedmeans.Aspbalt (tar) kettles and pots shlll no^t
""top-"y the spread of fire' Ueutifiiia inside or on theroof of abuilding or strucnre. Roof-
|i""":utioit againstfre and
ing kettles and operating asphalt (tar) kettles shall not block
30l.2Permits.PermitsshallberequiredassetfortlrinSection -lat t of egtess,gates'roadways or enbanccs'
i05:6 i;;,b" activitiesor usesregulatedby Sections306'307'
308.3,308.4,308.5and315. 303.3 Location of firel contatners. Fuel containers shall be
located at least 19 feet (3048 mm) from the burlner'
Exception: Containers proper! ingylated from heat or
sEcTloN 302 fl amJareallowed to be within 2 feet (610 nm) of the burner'
for tbe 303.4 Attendant An operating kettle shall be anendedbjt a
302.1 Definitions. Tbe following words andlerms shall' minimum of one employeelnowledgeable of th9 opeqtiol'1
chapter and aJ used'elsewherein this code'
oo-or", of this and bazards.The employee shall be within 100 feet (30 480
it".r-etUemeaningsshown herein' mm) of.the kettle and have the kettle within sight' Ladders-or
BoNflRE.AaoutdoorfireutilizedforceremonialpurPoses. similar obstaclesshall not form a part of the route between the
on a attendantand tbe kettle.
III-BOY. A cart used to trarlsport hot roofing materials
roof. 303.5 Fire extinguishers. There shall be a-portablefre extin-
wbereil Prod.- zuisher complyini with Section 906 and with a minimum
OPEN BURNING. The burdng of materials iO-nrC ratini ivitlin 25 f@t (?620 nrr) o-fT"! asphalt (tar)
emitted directly intg the ambient air
) o-"ts of combustion are tettte durinlg tbe period such kettle is being -utilized' -
p"tting tbrougb a stack or chimney from an enclose'd
i"i&"ot Additionalln-there slall be one portable fire extinguisher-with I
opfn turiing does not in.clude road flares' a minimum 3-A:40-B:C rating on the roof being covered' I
-*u[n"o.s ioC .iml", aJ.'ices associatedwith safetyor
"tr"t"iai, '303.6
;ffifiil, q,pi;"ttt considered_ope-n flames or recreational Lids. Asphalt (tar) kettles shall be equipped with'
tfi;;'F";th; a chamber shall be of tbis definition, . tight-fitting lids.
I"n"rJ"a * *httt, during the time combustionoccurs'
"oiloi"d flues or chirnneys rtec€ssaryto 303.7 lli.boys. Hi-boys shall be constructed of
ducts, stacks, noncombustiblematerials.Hi- boys shallbe limited to a caPac-
"-fi" "o"tn*s, air and permit the escapeof exhaustgas
iJo'"ii" "o-u"stion ity of 55 gallons (20g L). Fuel sourcesorheating elementsshall
arc oPen. not be allowed as Part of a hi-boY.
forklift tractor'
POWERED INDUSTRIAL TRUCI( A 303.3Roofngkettles'Roofrngkettlessballbeconstructedof
Untruck or motorized hand truck
powered !y 1n elql noncombustible materials.
ilr-"rc?" include farm vehicles or automotivevghicles for 303.9 FueI containers uirder air pressure. F'el
""t air
that operateunder Pressnre shall-not exceed20 gallons (76
highwaY use.
L) in iapacity and shall be approved'
is not contained
otl"i tn- rouuish wbere the fuel beingburned
outdoor fireplace, b-arbeque grill or par-leeue
;; ;;i".ator, sEcTloN304
arcaofl3 feet (914 mm) or less indiame'
" (Cto rnm) or less in beight for pleasure' religious'
il il ti;
ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar
puxPoses' 304.1 \ilaste accumula$on prohibited' Combustible wastc
material creating a fire hazardshall not be allou,edto accumu-
late in buildingJor structuresor ulloD premises'
sEcTloN 303 3M.1.1 Waste material- Accumulations of wastepaper,
ASPHALTKETTLES wood, bay, straw,weeds,li$er or com-busftle or flarnmable
not be trans-
303.1 Thansporting. Asphalt (tar) kettles.sball wast'orri'bbishofanytlpeshallnotbepermittedtoremain
;;;;;t ity rtign*"v' road or sueet when the heat sonroe on a roof or in any court' yard, vacantlot alley' parking lot
). ior tbe kettle is oPerating' oDensDace.or beneatha grandstand,bleacher,pier, wharf,
;, .i
of patching nianuficnrea home, recrlational vehicle or other simila
Exception: Asphalt (tar) kettles in the process structnre.
road surfaces.

closed: {TE
2. For doors designedto be kept normally .
GENERAL clpser's'' Hold-open'
7032.2 Ilold-open flgvices and
of this chapter iball specify the ffiffi -J"otofo"tic doorclosers'wber-€'Provided'
701.1 Scope. The provisions of fit"-t"tistance-rated ievice is oui of
bemaintained:Durin!il;;;d tnatzuch
requirements for and 'il;;*t*""
ffiil;";;a '"qd;;; for inclosingfloor openings ;J;f-;ptitt; o? ao& it operates'shall iemain in the
andshaftsin closedPosition :
;fit-illnre rnartoialBuitding Code' doors shall close
:' 70323 Door operatioir" Swiirging $eautomatically''Th'e
;;;. dntUppef tritrsition anI tatcu '
sn"ii exJrt eoough fo.Tt to closeandlarchthe
SECTION702 l.ilr
. doorfrom"i"*i anyPaftiallyoPenPosrtron'
andterrnsusedin' 7033 Ceilings.TbehanginganddisplayTg9fceiling s$a.b19
2' Words-
702.1Termsdefinedin Chapter Z suatih'avethe 63qilings' *"tiri"Is from acoustical systems
this chapterunaa"m"i il'dftpto "iitti*'Goiutin"
tbatarepartof a fire-resistance-rated floor/ceilingol roofl.ceil-
I-*"tiU".f,o themasdefinedtherein' i"i"ttt*uty' shallbe prohibited , . ,
androlling fire
sEcrloN703 doorsshallbeinsPected an{ testedannuall;to
FlRE-REsIsreH-CeliirrEoco NsrRU rating of ifr;ffi;;i nU
A wrinenrecgrdihallbemaintaine4
fire-resistance #J;;;;"ttable to thefire codeofhcial
703.1 Maintenance' The required (includingwalls' firestops'

\l sbaftenclos*",, p#[ioi'

;td;;i;J- i""u ae*"il
t-tte' ut-iers' floors' fire-resis-
tive coating, uoa 'pi"y"a fre-resistani-materials
systems) th*-E FLOOR
beproperlyreoriired'restored ?04.1Enclosrrre. Interior'virtical shafrs'ilAuAingU-]* noJlim;
o; nelegated' ser,dceandutility te:
or replaced*h* d;;;;'T;AtF-:"ged con- i iJil t-,"it*"ys, elevatdi hoistways' shall be enclosed
passage of piFes' electricd ttotio of a builjing
UpT#ngilta" ttttt"in f6r the and-hotes madeforany
tbat connecttir/o ot ^ot"
inTable 7q4'1'
duit,wires,ou"t, "'tl*tfu 9i""i"e.t ;;;;"d as sPegified
be methodscapableof
reason shall Pt";;;;itl-"ppt6"ta openings through ?04.2 Opentng protectives' When be maintainedself-closing
resistingtt" pass"gJ;it;"k"-;9shalltr"' be P.r:Gctedby self- or Drotected, openingpiotectives shall
fire-resistance-r"*oLl.-t-fi*t thc by snokc- d"t:"$o+ Existius tus-
meeting are permitled if
automatic-clo,ingaoiiJ; "art-"aggl"ction
the assemblv'
' ible-link-typ" iooi-ctosing a:*3
Hli;;#;-reiuiremens for "o,o-"1"
ii"k rating doesnot excecd 135'F (57'
draftstopp1q' R111*l
?03.1.1 Fireblocldn-e an! concear€o
f;;i;;Hd a"a &"nitoppinein.gglpstiute and integ-
provide continuity
spacesshallbe maintainei-to
;'t J* constnrction'
smoke barriers shall be
703-l2Smoke bar-riers' Required
of smokeand all opeaings
maintainedto p*;;A;-P;sslage
barrierdoorsor smoke
I- ;ffi*d;iti ";;;;;Jsm''i" :
protectives shall be
703.2 Opening protectives' 9p"o.-g i"iccordancc with NFP'A
maintaine'din * op"i"lilo"ai-tio" or
Utti* doors shall notbe bl6cked
80. Fire doors and t-tli"
nrlseaoi damafpd'Fire door
"J"-*.i the fire code ofEcial' a
103-2,lSigps'Whe're requiredty or neareachfire
signshallu" p"t-t*""tfi--aitptiv*-*
r iicu 125 mm) hgh to readas
doorin letters;il*tlil"
n'ormallY oPen: FIRE
1. For doors designedto betePt

with continuing into levelsbelow. Directional exit signs sball be
) Fire door assembliesin exit enclosutesshall comply
-S*,i""lf providedasspecifiedin Section10ll'
S j4.qof th"'Lx"n'ntiortalBuildingCode'
. ioro.t., St"ir*iy tloor numbersigps.A signshallo" I
Elevators shall'not open into an -exrtenclosue' at each floor tanding in interior exit enclosures I
and openingl
lO2O.l.2 Penetrations' Penetrationsinto more.than tbree stories designating the fl9or
tl";ilh ;;i .rr.lotut" ar-eprohibiled except for required leirnintrs of the top and bottoin of the stair enclo'
inde- ieVel,rhe
oit-a?*t, eiuipment and dlTtwork necessary-for and the identification of the stair.Tbe signageshall also
piping'' standpipes'elec-
sprinkler statethestory of, andthe direction to the'exit disctarge and
fof fire a:p**"-"i corrununicatibnsystbrns of roof accessfrom the'slairway fol ihe firy
irndtermi- the availability 'ihe sign shall be located 5 feet (1524 mrn)
and electrical ragewal t"itiog the exit enclobure J"oartmenr
16 squarg incles (0'019
;;;;;a; tiirlbox not excetoing ab'ovethe floor landing in a position that is readily visible
-riib"u"l-p*"l"ti"nr.shallbeprotectedin-accordancewith' whe.nthe doorbare in the open and closedpositions'
Ftlti".Tfz of thehternatioit auila;ng Codc:T\ete sball
wh9ther 1lO2O.l J Smokeproof endostres' In buildings requir€d-to
["-"" o"n"Uutions or communication openings'
not, between adjacent exit enclosures' complywitb Section403or405 of theIntbrnartornlBuilding,
;;r,*iJ "t Co*,L^Ln otthe exits of abuilding that seivesstorieswbere
for exit
1020.13 Ventilation. Equipment and dlctwork tfr" nbot surfaceis located more than 75 feet (?2
g@ mm)
uslJrniitted section lo2o'.1 .2 shdl .'
ericlosureventil".ton !,Y abovethe lowest lgvel 9f fir9 departmentvehicle.accessor
the followin€ items:
cornpty with one of more than 30 feet (91'44m;'i)'below the level of exit dis;
' be located eltte- cfr"igC serving such floor levels shall be. a smgleproof
f-'. io"f, equipment and ductwork Shall
;; ; rireluilding and shall be dirltly connectedto encl6sureor pressuriied stainn'ayin accordancewitb Sec-'
the exit enclosure-by ductwork enclosed in constnrg- ' tion 909.20.'-
tion as Pquired for shafis' 1020.1.?.1Enclosure exit A smokeproof enclolure or
such equipment and'ductwork is located pi".r*i".4 stairyay iUAl exit into a pu$ic-*."y q.tnto
-- Where
*iftio Oe exit enciosure;thq intake air shall be . an exit passageway,yard or open space'having direct
the outdoors and the exbaust air sha[ b-d fo u pitu"-o'iy. The Jxi-t-pgssagewa!'i shall !d
;;"",1y fr.- ;;
directly to the outdoors' such dir shall otlrei openings and shall be separatedfrom the
aiscUaietd -or *itttoot
tbrorigh ducts enciosedin cbnstnrction remainderof O6 Uuilaing by 2-hour fire-resistance-rated
I '
as required for shafts'
3. Where lobated wiihin the buildin-g' su'ch
*a au"t*ork sball be separated from
mecbanical equip- 1. OpeningS in. the exit papsageyay-serving a
;i G building, includirng'other ' smokepioof enclosrrre'arepermited wbere thc
il;if*io for shafts'
*iJtt"ction aI required exit lassageway is protected.andprpsswizedin
In each case,openingsinto the fire-resistance-nted . the Jime marmer asthe smokeproofenclosure,
to those needed for maintenance .
,6d;;;JiGu-i;a and openings'-are-protcbrcd as required for
;;;;;;"F;*dshallbeprotected'bv-openingprotectir-e.s ' accessfrom otber flocs'
s""tioi 715of thelntqmationat Bniu'
il;#fi;iio 2: Openiirgs!n thb exit pasSageway servingapres-
ig Cofufor enclosrues'
shaft . are permiued wbere the exit
s.fuzeA stAirwdy
Exitenclosureventilationsystemsshallbeinde.pendent is.protected and pressurizedin the
of other building ventilation systems'' samemanner as the pressruizedstairway'
Exterior walls of an
1020.1.4EYit enclosurc exterior walls' 3. A imokeproof enclosure or pressurizedstair-
rri;;;i";" shall comply with tbe requiremcntsof Section ' way shallbe permitted to egressthrough areas
fo1 exterior walls.
?d a,h; Intennrtoil'Builiting cgtlc on-tbe level of discharge'or vestibulesas per'
walls or unprotected openings enclose thi
i\rhe[;;","d mitted bY Sectioa lO24'
stairway and tf,e walls or openings are 5P":*
"iiJ"i"frrte of th.e'buitOlngat an .'"g19.9f less than'180 1020.1.72 Enclosun access' Access to the stairway
[i-t n"ipt"
exterior walls within 10 feet
the puililing-noruated . *itnio smokeproof'eilclosurt shdl beby way of a vesd'
. G(Vg rnm) horizontaliy of a wall or unprotected . bule or"ao oPehexteriotbalconY'
utn" ntl't"ti1-:: ratin--g or notlessthan1 . Erception: Access is not required.byw1y of-a vesti-
#;ilffitu " exterior walls shdll be protected
hour. Openingswruiri such bule or extorior-balponyfor stainraysusing the pras-
protection rating of not'
by opening Proiecureshaving a fir-e alle'rnative complyipg with Section
6;'th""'ZUo*. this cons[uction shall extend vertically 909.20.5.
ilt tft" gi*a to apoint10feet(-304ETn-.) above is
;; or
iltr"g of thesiainray to theroofline'whichever
lower. tBl sEcTloN1021
bayier' A stairway in eiti PlssAGEwAYs
1020.1.5 Discharge idendfication
;;;";irr*" fr"I not coniinue below the level of exit asT
Exit passagew?s-.sryt"q
is provided at the level 1021.1Exit passageway.
dischargeunl"r, * "pptoved barrier ii a mJ"nsof system comply
shall with"1rt
from unintentionally "gresi
of exit discharge to ti"l'"ot Pe$ons "o*poo""t


f 010.9Edgeprotection. Edgeprotectioncomplyingytl-S*: '
I tions 1010:9.i or 1010.9.2shall be prwided sn eachside of
eachvomitory or openingwithinthe seatingareain an
ramp ntns and at eachside of ramp landings' nll.2lllumination. trxit sigus shall be incrnally or €xter-
. ExcePtions:. nally illuminated.

1. Edgeprotectionis not required on rampspat a1eno1 Exception: Tactile signsrequiredby Section1011.3need
t"q-uitla toiave handrails, prolided tbSyhaveflarcd ncitbe provided with illumination.
sidesthat comply with. ihe ICC A117'l curb rainp' 1011.3Thctile exit signs. A tactile sign statingEXIT and com-
provisions. plying with ICC All7.1 shall be provided adjacentto each
2. Edge protection is noire,guired on the sidesof ramp door tb an egressstairway,an exitpassagewayandthe exit dis-
Unaings senring an adjoining ramP mn or stairway' charge.
1011.4 Internally illuminated exit signs. Internally illumi-
landlngs having a vertical dr-opo{f of l9l *ot-"-tbT . natedexit signsshall be listed andlabeledand shallbe installed
0.5 inch (12.7mm) within 10 inches (254 mm) hori- ia accordanCewith the manufacturer'sinsfouctionsandSection
zontally ofthe required landing alea" 2702 of .the lrttemational Building Coile.Exjt signs shall be
illuminated at all times.
? 1010.9.1Curb, railn waU or bbrrien A cur-b,rail, wall or
barier shall bi provided that preventi the'passage of- a L011.5 Externally illuminated exit signs. Externally illumi-
'nated exit signs shall comply with Sections1011.5.1througb
4-inch-diameter OOZmrn) sphere,where any portion of the
sphereis within 4 inches (102 inrn) of the floor or ground 1011'.5.3..
surfacc. 1011.5.i Graphics. Every exit sign anddirectionalexit sign
shall haiveplaiirly legible letters not lessthan 6 inches (152
I f010.9.2 Extended lloor or ground. surfacc; The floor or
mm) high with the principal strokesof tbe letters not lcss
I eround surfaceof the ramp run or landing shall extend 12 than 0J5 inch (19.1 rnrn) wide. The word'EXII'shall
I inches (305 rnnr) ninimrim beyond the inside face of a
have letters having a widttr not less than 2 inches(51 tm)
I n"nat"it complyingwith Section 1012' 'I," and the minimum spacing
wide, except .the letter
1010.10 Guards. Gurirdssball be provided wherb requiredby
Section'1013andshallbe constructedin accordancewith Sec-
tion 1013.
' betweenleffis shall not be less than O.375inch (9.5 nm).
Signs larger than tbe minimum establishedin this section
shall hbveletter widths, strokesandspacingin proportion to
- tbeir height
Tbe word 'EXIf' shall be in higb contrastwith the back-
r"t:,:,9toN1011 ground and shall be clearly discemible when th.emeansof
exit sign illumination is or is not energiz€d.If a chevron
1011.1VYberereqirlned.Exits and exit accessdoors shall be directional indicator is provided aspart of the exit sign, the
markedby an approvedexitsignreadily visiblefrom anydirec- constnrctibn shall be such that the direction of the chernon
tion.of egiesstravel. Accessto exits shall be marked by readily directionalindicatorcannotbereadilychanged.
visi6le elit sigos in caseswlere the exit or tbe path of egress 1011.5.2 Exit sign itlumination The face of an cxit sign
tavel is not irnmediately visible to the occuPants.Ept srgn illuminated from an extemal souroeshall have an intensity
I olacernentsball be suchthaf no point in a corridor is more than of not'lbssthan5 foot-candles(5a hrx).
i 00 feet (30 4$Qmrn) or thelisted viewing distancefor lhe sign,
10115.3 Power source. Exit signs shall be illrrminated at
wbichever is less,tom the nearest visible exit sign.
all times. Tb ensurecontinuedillumination for a duration of
Exceptions: not less than 90 minutes in caseof primary power loss, tbe
sign lllumination meansshall be connectedto anemergency
1. signs are not required in rooms or areas that
power system provided from storagebatteries, unit equip-
reguire only one exit or exit access.
ment or an on-slte generator.The installation of tbe emer-
2. Main exterior exit doors of gates that are obviously gency power system shall be in accordancewith Section
and cleady identifrable as exits.need-not have exit 27O2of the'International Building.Cofu.
signswhere dpproVedby the fire code official.
Exception: Approved exit sip ilrumiiration meansthat
3. Exit signsarenot required in occupancies in Group U provide continuous illumination independentof external
and inAviau* sleeping unis or dwelling units in . pow€f,sonroesfor a duration of not less than90 minutes,
. GrouPR'1, R-2 qR-3. . in caseof primary power loss, arenol requiredto be con-
4. Exit signs are not required in sleeping areasin occu- nected to an emergencyelectrical system.
panciesin GrouPI-3.
5. In occupanciesin Groups A4 and A-5, exit signs are
lBl sEcTloN1012
notreqtired on the seating side of vomitories or opel- HANDRAILS
ings into seatingareaswhere exit sigas are p,rovided
in-.the'concoursethat are readily apparent from thq itItz.lWheri: requirid. Handrailsfor stairwaysandramps:
vomitories. Egress lighting is provided to identify shall be adequatein srengtb and anachmentin accordance

or carried while
viced. They shall Dot be tansported
. burning. . .. i .
The person'prenaring the flaming
, 30E.6.5 Fire protection'
a wet ctottriswel immediately
foods or bevt ug";lb"lflave
m.esin the eventof'an
;;tilrbl" to, o'J il t*tr'*"9'thefla.
.emBrgency. : .

sEcTloN 309
lruousriiir- iducxs 4NqEoulPMENr
and similar equiP-
r 309.1 General; Powered inaus$af gucla andfloor
t9' flg9r-lrubbers
I #J;Jii;ir"s,i"tt""ili'"tted '"a maintairiea with
I buffers,,nAt U"op"'":t"a
this section.
shall be of an
30f.2 Battery cbargers' Battery :!ut-g:*
approvei! typ". Cot"-tittiUle stoiage-
Shallbe kept 4 minimum
ttt battery cbar-gers' Banery charging
;iti-f* i6is t-i to the public'
Shall notbe
be providedin an aPPt:"$
309.3 Ventilation Ventilation shall a dangerousaccu-
l-"-i"i i"u"o"ty-charging areas Prev'ent
. mulation of flammable gas'e$' VACANT PREMISES
shall be pro- 311.1Generil. tempciarily unoccupied buildiogq'strugqfs'
309.4 Fire extinguisbers' Banery-charging."t,*t
vided witli a nte
Section 906hav- ;;;; * portionitbereir, i"thai"g !Pa-gS'shfl bc
#;:";;;;-;;t6; A;"ti"s witln zoteet(60e6rnm)of
"xtioguisberconrplyingwiih iJ6r-a"a';J-"i"uio"a rg accgrdancewith this section'
the baftery charger. 311J.1 Abandoned premlses'pulld|.gs' fltultq'gs
\ trucks using-liqrrid fuel' an'o.i'ner ideatifiedor located
3095 Refueliirg. Povqeredindustrief
il-ild"rcn .ri certificateof maiilni to rtre.lastknownof
:J'i;ff ;Jil';'*EJnp""r*;'tv*repeatedlvbecomc
areas specificary app*1""d for
tha! PurPose'Fixed fuel-dis-
;fi;.,JJ"i""t""*"& Y-bi."lh.ave
ment and' operation'slittf"ai"g
cylinder excbange for
witb Chapter34
o;'""tn"tir"a personsor for StBttpo:p"ses'
il;;;"; df stnrctoralcollapse
ot"o*n"i sball be consid.eretl]ab"4-old'
spreadto $jacenl
be in lccordance
liqui{s or Chapter 38 for ' ffi|;;;lv arn"ution or rdabititation in-acgordgncc :
for flammable uoo "JJ*tible . with'the Inre*"io,-t f*perty i4ai*enanee Coik and 6e. :
LP-gas. int"rr-tionatPuildingCo&' '.. ::
systerii' electrical systemsand '
309.6 Repairs. Repairs toirel 311.1.2 Tbnant spaces. Stona-ge rindlease plans ryeqfd-bf,
ii;; o:i yetoUs. shall be done in reflectteryorary
repairs utilizing
"P; or in ateasspecifically ,lit LO" shafl bJrevised a1d upd4ed to
-"iF oi pirtial vacancies'
t"o fo.r ttiat PurPose'
311.2 Safeguardb,g vacant Pr-enls.q'^Tnporarily -unoccu-
-t"iut"O striiifiT es,preitises oiportioos theieof shallbe
witltbis sectio'
3nit-protectedin dccordance .
"=t"J?.ii,t1t a lighted -prF'
;;;ftI" to oider tendntsor unauthorizcapt:t?lsffi t -,
*:u*yT,g-:f to Prevent I
310.1 General. The 'rnotio* 6"oata, fo"t"a, blocked or otberwise Prot€cted
n:uriit;:iii'rl;ti*"::*'n'"T*'*fr enty by unautbo'rizedindividuals'
3t1J,.2 Fire protection' F*. tlyq
iprinkl.-9r q9
prohibited where maintained in an operable condi- '"
310.2 Prohibited areas' Smoking-:h"ll.b" standpip'b,yra"Jt tndbe
;;fftio;;tu"u to -tt" smJting 1 lazard' and in spaces tion at all times.
"t matedals are stored or har
where flaomSble or coJustiUle ExcePtions:
dled. of all com-
: 1'. When ttre premiseshave been cleared
'No Smokingi'signs' The fire cgdeofficial is authorized bustiUil #aGrials and debds and' in the opinion of
3103 a couspicuous fre
to order the posting of-'fro Smoking" w$ch smoking is pro- ' the nt" cJe of6cial' the qrpg of constnrction'
strucnrre or location in aistance and security ofthepremises do
location in and location of t"p"""ti""
The contengl"tt"ti"g, t-lT' '
hibited- notcreateafrrehazard' "
l*il;'Nb il;td"g" sig4s lhall beapproved''

1008.1.E.7Stairway doors- Interior stairwaymeansof
e.gressdoors shall be openable from both sideswitbout
space.SeeSection1024.6for meansof egressfrom safedis-
persal areas.
tie us" of a key or special knowledge or effort f0083 Thrnstiles.'Thrnstiles or similar devices that restrict
Exceptions: tavel to one direction shall notbe placedso as to obstruct any
required meansof egress.
1. Stairway discharge doors shall be openable
from the egress side and shall only be locked Exception: Eachturnstile or similar deviceshallbe credited
from the oPPositeside' with io more than a S0-personcapacitywbere all of the fol-
lowing provisions are mefi
2. This sectionshall not apply to doois arrangedin
accordancev/ith Section 403.12of rheInena' . l.' Each device shall turn free in the direction of egress
rtonal Building Code. travel when primary powerislost andupon the man-
ual releaseby an employ.eein the arca
3. In stairways serving n<itmore than fou stories,
' doors are permitted to be locked from the side 2. Such devices are Dot given credit for more tban 50
opposite ihb side' provided they ale percentof the required egrcsscapacity. .
the egr€ss side and capableof
olenable from 3. Each device is not more than 39 inches (991 mm)
Uling unlocked simultaneously without hig['
unlatihing uPon a signal from the fire com-, if present, or a signal by 9mg- 4. Each device has at least 16.5inches (419 rnrn) clear
geucyPersormelfrom a single location inside wid6 at and below a height of 39 inches (991 mrn)
the main entrance 1efts lgilding. and at least22 inches(559 nm) clearwidth at heig[ts
above39 inches(991 mrn).
1008.1.q Panic and fire exit hardwaie. Where Fanic qng'
Wbere located aspart of an accessibleroute, turnstiles shall
fire exit hardware is installed it shall comply with the fol-
haveat least 36 inches (914 mm) clear at andbelow a height of
34 inches (864 mm), at least32 inches(E13mm) clear width
1. The achrating portion of the releasing device sball between 34 inches (86a rnm) and 80 inches (2032 mm) and
extend at least one-half of thc door leaf widfr shall consist of a mechanismother than a revolving device.
2. The maximum unlarching force shall not exceed 15
pounds (57 f9.
Each door in a meansof egressfrom a Group A or E occu-
1008.3.1 High turnstile. Ttrnstilas more than 39 inches
(991 'nm) triin smU meet the reguirementsfor revolving
pancv having anoccupantload of 5Oor more andany Ctroup 100t.3.2 Addltional door. Where sen'ing an oocupantload
if oJ"op"o"y shall not be prgvided witb a latch or lock greaterthas 300, eachnxnstile thgt is n0t portableshall havc
unless it is panic hardware.or fire exit hardwarc. i side-hinged swinging door which conforms to Section
Exception: A main exit of a Group A occupancyin com- 1008.1within s0.feit (r5 2a0 mm).
pliance with Section1008.1j8.3'Item 2'
Electrical rooms with equipment rated 1,200 arpenes o.r
more and ovcr 6 feet (1829 rnm) wide that contain tBI_sFg.MMoos
overcurrent devices, swirching devices or'control devices
with exit acoessdoors must-be quiPPed with panic hard- 1009.1 Stairway width. The width of stairwaysshall be dbtcr-
ware and doors must swing in the direction of egress' mined as specified in Section 1005.1,but suchwidth shall not
be less than 44 inches (lll8 mm). See.Section 1007.3 for
If balanced doors are rised and panic hardware is
accessiblemeansof egressstairways.
required, the panic hardware shatl be tr! nrrsh-padtlpe-and
thepad shal not extendmore then one'half the width of the Exceptions:
door measruedfrom the latch side. 1. Stairuays serving aa occupant load of less than 50 I
100EJ Gates. Gatesserving the means of egresssystem shall shall have a width of not less than 36 inches (914
comply with the requircments of this section- Gatesused as a mm).
comionerit in a meais of egre'ssshall conform to the applicable 2. Spiral stairways as provided for in Section f009.8.
requirements for doors.
3. Aisle stairs complying.with Section 1025.
Exception: Horizcintal sliding or s-wTgTg gatesexceeding
tne dfoot (1219 '"m) naximum leaf width limitation are 4. Where an incline pladorm lift or stairway chairlift is I
permitted in fences and walls surrounding a stadium- installed on stairways serving occupanciesin Croup I
R-3, or within dwelling units in occupanciesin Group I
f 00Er.1 Stadlums. Panic hardware is notrequired on gates R-2, aclearpassagewidthnotlessthan2Oinches(508'
surrounding stadiums.wher€such gates are under constant
immediate supervision while the plb.lic is -preq91t- an$
where safe dispersalareasbased on 3 sqlare feet (0'28 m'z)
rnrn) sball be provided. If the seatandplatrorm can be
folded wben not in use,the distanccshallbe measured
from the folded Position.
per occupatrt are located between tbe fence and enclosed
rp"c. S-uchrequired safe dlsp-ersal.areas shall not be 1009.2 Headroom. Stairways shall minimum head-
'room clear.anceof E0 inches (2032 mm) measuredvertically
licated less than 50 feet (15 24O mm) from the enclosed
orr.* ir.rirnt.tATlrlNAt rtnr etrnr!

sEcrloN901 under this section sballbe installed in accordancewitb this
GENERAL code and the applicablereferenced standards'
901.4.4Apiibaranceof equipment Any dwice tbathasthb
901.1 Scope.The provisionsof
apply to- the ofrvti""f'O-p"#anbe of life s-aferyor fiie lroiection equiP-
fire proteition syitems are required and shall
li"otUot tUit doesnot peiform that life safety or fire protec-
O"tifi ,itt","rf
protection systems' tion functiori, shall be prohibited'
ouoJ" of all fue
901.2 Construction documents' The fue-code
ofEcial shall 9015 Installation acceptbncp testing Fire detection and
fire hydr.ant sys;.
1""" O" autbority to require conslruction documents and cal- ;i; tr'Gds, fire-extiriguisliig gysteris,
systems and to require permits- ;;fi;" stiirapipe sysierirs,fire pump systems, p{vate fire
lof"tio"t for all fue proiection othei fire protection systerhs and appurte-
f; tne ittsLUation, rehabilitation-or modifi catiolof servicemains and-all
;;GiJ subject to qontained .
for fire shall be ecgePtance
;; fitt proteption system' Construction documents ot""s thereto leits P
iri trt"u be submitted for review and approval io th ittrtittation standardsand as approved!V thS lre.code
to system installation' otna*. The fire code official shall be notifieil before any
i"q"it"a accePtanoetdsting.
gfll..2.l Staterhent of compliance' Before reguesting final
tfteinstallatioh, whererequiredb1lhe fire 99d.e 901.5.1bccop"n"y.It shall be unlaurfrrlto occupy-anyPor-
oEcial, the installing contractot shall fumish
"pp-"J"f a writtdn tion of abuilding or struchre until tb9 pqltired fire d$o:
,'t"'t"r"J"t to ttre'fue code ofEcial ttrat ttrg subjecl lre
prot€c- ;;;, Attt and iuppression systens have beeq tested apd
il;;ilUas teen inst llqd in accordance witb approyed approved.
;i;;';ffi;-G" iested in accordatcewithtlie manufac- slailtenlpcea.firc- aetgtioo
901.6 Inspection, tegting
ff;Jt;;""ifi cations and the-appropriateins'tallatiol tlT- "tt6
ufatn und exiinguistring 9y$te.msshaf pe -m.aintainedin an
d-J. deviations from thi deslp standards shall be o""i"ti"" condidon at all times, and ihall tre replaced or

I ;;t;;d copies of rbe approvalsfor such deviations shall
be attached to tbe written statemenl
9013 Perurits. Permits sball be requiredas'set
fortb in Section defective.Noruequired fire protection syste's
sha[ be inspected, tested and maintaiired or

105.6and 105.7. 901.6.1 Stanilarils. Fire protectioq s)steut-:h+l B
shall be maintained inspectea;testedandmaintained in accordancewith thc ref-
901.4 InstaUation. Fire protectio-nsystems
r"itU O" itigioA i"tiallatio-n itandards for that erencedstandardslisted in Table 901'6'l'
n"q"it a systemsihail b.eexte.ndedn altered' or atrg-
ilt and cgntinge protection
mentod * o*"rrury to maintain TABLE901,6.1
it altere'd, remodeled or added to' Alter-
to fire protecti-onsystemsshall be done in accordance
il;; SYSTET' sraHdmo
.with aPPlicable standards' ,NFPA
Portablefire extinguish€rs IO
Fire p19t1$3n
901.4.1 Requireil fird protection systems' NFPA12
;;; t"qirit"a Uy thii code oi tht Lt"rnotional Building ' Carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing ;ystcm
ea,t"p"ir"a' operated' tested anil main' NFPA I2A
:i;;;;ui;;stufi tralon 1301 fire-extinguishing systems
codg' '
t"io"A in accordancewith this Dn-cbemical extingqshing-lIstems .NFPA17
systems' 4ry !*
9OL4i Nonrequired ffre protection W"t-chemical extinguishing lyltemq NFPAI7A
protection system or portion theregf not required by Ss
Water-basedfire protectioit systeds NFPA25
protection^ p-r.ovidqd
be furnished for partia or complete Fire alarm systerns NFPA72
tbe requirements of this code
;"1 i"tt"n"a syti"m meets $/ater-mistsystem8 NFPAT5O
urratU" f"u.rnaional Bui.lding Codc'
' Clean-agentextinguislqlg,lyltems NFPA2OOI
g[t.4.gAdditional fire protection systems' In occupan-
exist in
oi u-ardous o"tui", whefe special hazards
occup'incy' or where
addition" to ttre nornal hazardsof the
"i"-, 90l.6.2Records.RecordsofallsystemflPections,testsaod
ofrciat deterrrines thirt access for fire appara- -"iot*-""requiredbyt}rereferencedstandardsshallbe
il" iril yearsand
;;;;il;y "oa" Jitn"oL the fire code official
shall havethe -uiotuit"a oo tt'e premiies for a minimrrm of tbree
safeguar-ds' Such safeguards to tbe fire code ofEcial upon requesL '
autbority to require aaaitional rU"ff U" copied
not baUinited to' the followiirg: automatic
il"foa", Ut tni[ 901.6.2.1 Records information' Initial records sball
,y't"-", fue al-arm systems'' automllc
n atiodoo
systems' or portable of the installation contractor,q4r-of com-
ilt*xtioguistrini systens, standpipe' "ame of the components,location
Fire protelti:on equipment required lo""ns instatted,'manufachrrer
* f*"a Jxtingui"-#ts'
.-_fJB E_P-R

TABLE 903.2.13-continued
SYSTEMS . not be omitted from any room merely becauseit is
damp,of fire-resistanceratedconstructionor contains
electrical equipment
34U. Flammable and combustibleliquid storage'
1. Any room where the application of water, or
flane andwater,constitutesa seriouslife or fire
340/..3.8.4 Flairnablc and combustibleliquid storage hazard.
2. Any room or spacewheresprinklersareconsid_
Flamnable and combustibleliquid Group H-2 ered undesirablebecauseof the nature of the
or H-3 arcas . contents,when approvedby the ftre code ofE_
3704.t.2 Gas cabinets for highly toxic and toxic sas cial.
Exhausted enclosuresfor highly toxic and toxic' 3. Generitor and transformer rooms separated
cls from rheiemainder of thebuilding by wills aad
3704.22.6 Gas rooms for highly toxic andtoxic sas . floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assembiiesUavine
. a fu€-lesisranserating ofnot lessthan2 hours.
37U-3,3 Outdoor qtoragefor hiehly toxic and toxjc eas . '4. In'rooms or areas
that are of noncombustible
4706.2.2 Exhausted enclosuresor gascabinetsfor silane construction with wbolly noncombustiblecon-
4204.1.1 Pyroxylin plastic storagecabinctS
903.3.i.2 NFPA t3i, sprinkter systems. .Where
42U.1.3 h.rglyli" plSsti c storagevaults allowedin buildings of Grolp R, up to andincluding four
42042 Pyroxilin plastic storageand rrairufacorina $ori9s in height, automaticsprinkler systemssUilt Ue
installed throughout in accordanci with-NFpA l3R.
' .
903.2.12.1. Ducts conveying hazardous €xhausts. 903. decks. Spdnkter protec_ I
Where required by ttre Inter-nationatllechqtical Codc, tion shall be provided for exterior Uatconies,decks I

automatic-sprinklers shall be provided in ducts convey- and gror;nd floor patios of dwelling units wherc the
ing hazardousexbaust"flammable or combustiblemate- buildTg is of Tlpe V constnrction. Sidewall sprin-
rials. klers that are rised to protect such areasshall be oer-
Exception: Ducts where the.largestcross-sectional mified to be located such that their deflectors'are
diameterof tbeductis lessthan lOinches'(254mm). witbin 1 ihch (25 mm) to 6 inches(152 --) below thi
strucftral members and a maximum distance of 14
9432.122 Cornmercial cooking operations. An auto_ . inches(356 mm) below thedeck ofthe exterior balco.
matic sprinkler system shall be installed in a commercial nies anddecksthat ale constmctedof openwooa5oist I
kitchen exhaust hood and duct system.where an auto- constnrction.
matic sprinkler system is used to comply with Secdon
90/,. ,903.3.1.3 NFPA l3D sprinkler systems. -installed Where
. allowed, automatic sprinkler systems in onc.
903r.13 Other required suppression systems.In addition and two-family dwellings shall be installed tfrougilut
to the r-€guirementsof Section 903.2,.the provisions indi- in accordancawith NFpA l3D.
catedin Thble903.2.l3 alsorequirethe installationof a sup:
pression system for certain buildings andareas. T_332 Quic$-rcsponse and residential sprinklers.
alrgmatic sprinkler sysGrns are requirid bfth
D033 Inststtation requilements..Aptomatic sprinkler sys- c9{9,. eyck-reslD-nse or r.esidential automfoc spriof,t"*
ems shall be designed and installed ir accordancewith Sic- shall be installed in the following ari:asin accoraaircewitU
ions 903.3.1tbrougb 903.3.7. Section 903.3.1 and their listings
903.3.1 Standards. Sprinkler systems'shallbe designed 1. Throughout all. spacgswithin a smoke comparhent
and installed in accordance with Sectioas.903.3:1.1, conlaining patient sleeping units in Groub I_2 in
9u3.3.1.2or 903.3.1.3 accordancewith the International Building bodc.
903&1.1 NFPA 13 sprinkler systerns.Where the pro- 2. Dwellinglnits and sleeping units in Group R and I_l
visions of this codg require that a building or portion occupancies
llereofbe equipped throughou'twiih an automatii sprin_ 3. Light-hazard occupanciesas defined in NFPA 13.
in accordance.with rhig ssgtior, sprinlders .
4q ryrt"- 9033.3 Obshucted locations. Automatic sprinklers shall
shdll bg indtalled througbout in accordancewith NFPA
I 3 exqq)t as qrovided in .Section. 903.3:l. 1.1. be.installed with d.ueregard to obstmctions lU"t,tU a"f"V
activation or obstnrct the water distribution pattern. Auto-
903. Exempt locatlons. Automatic sprinklers m*ic sprinklers sball be ibstalied in or under covered
shall not be required in the following roorDsor areas displays, booths, concession srands,or equipment
where such rooms or areas arc protected with. an Fo_rlo,
that exceeds4 feet (1219 mrn) in width. Not less ihrn a
approved automatic fire detectiou system in accor_ 3-foot (914 rnm) clearancb shall be maintained b"tv;;
dancewith Section 907.2 that.will respond to visible automatic sprinklers and the top of piles of combustible
or invisible particles of combustion Sprinklen shall fibers.

exhausthoods gm.asprirrktersystemmonitoringand.alarms.AllvalveS
Exception: Kitchen "-quiPT:Tt under thewatersupplyfgr eutomaticsprinklersystems;
) *ith a fire-extinguishing system in accordance ' Loot cri$c$ a5 p-tT:
"ili"g andtemperatures'
with Section904. '.*d, taiks, waterlgniG onall ppr-inlcler
. andwater-flow.switches
sprinkle-r systems shall be electricallY sgPen{1d'
903.3.4 Actuition. Aurcmatic
ffi;,J"llt *to"t"a unless splcifically'provided for in
this code. and
automatic l. Automatic sprinkler iystems piotecting onq
,sufi;*'tyti.^.\ilatdr supplies' Water supplieS for wo-familY dwellings'
Jtt'at comptv-yit! this..sectionaod the
903.3.1. Theiotable water - Umited area systemsserving teSer than 20 sprin-
-ilffifi ,!i"i""""a in Secti-oi in accordance
."pirli;n;U b9 protepted against.bacldlow klers.
the interrurtotnl
with the requirementsof tni-t section and '' Automatic sprinkler
Plunhing Codz. ;ithNFPe tgnwuer; a comnon sirpply nainis used
the domesticser- bbtb domestic water and the automatic
903.3.5.1Domestic serrices' Where sprin-
""ppfy and a seParateshutoffialve for he
the water sup-Pl-yf9r ttre automatic ,nrioft"ity.tem,
ti* pi""ia"s this systemis not provided''
accordance with iprinkler
ti"i Jvt*-, tne suppty striti be in "itiom"ti"
section. 4. Jockey PumPcontrol valves that are sealedor locked'
Li; in the oPenPsi$on'
903. Limited area sprirrkler Srstem;t zu '
senring fewer tban
i *u sprirkter sy-stems
permitted to 5. Confti valves to comnercial kitchen hoo-dt'. PToj
sprinklers on any singte connection.are spray booths.T diP tanks that are s,galedoI locKegtn
to th" ao-"stic service where a wet .
#;;;*d theopenpositim.
aubmatic standpipe is not available' Limited area
-conne"ted pDqP
to dgr-n?-stic water suP . 6. - Valves io.ntrolling thc fugl lpply to fire
iprintteruytt"oo enginasthit areseat-eA or lockeil in the open position' '
with each of thefollowing require-
f,fi"t tft"U ""*pfy
ments: ' Trim valves to pressureswltchqf ln 4rlr preagtign1$
between the ;;lt;".FPtitkft iyster-rs that are sealedor lockcd in
l. Valves shall not be installed the oPen
and tbc Posrtron"..
domestic *ut"t tittt control valv6
) sPrinklers' 903.4.1 Signali; Alarm; supeniry5lr and troutle
'Exception: control ; di;E"ctly different and shdl be automaticdly trans-
An approv-edindicating ;illl
mitted to an approved central stratioa' qpf"t-..q
v"fvt tup"*itta i" the open posidon in Tm.otc
Section 903'4' ;;;;.* p-pti"t 'supe.rvising:t"!:1 as defined in
accordarice with "y
Nfpe ?2 or, when Uy th; qr" coaeodciat' sUatt
service shall be capable of supl "fitot'Ca
sigf,at at a constandy attendedloca$on'
2. The domestic and ;;J -
olving tn" tt"ft""eous domeptii demand ""hiure
demandreipog to be hydrauli- ExcePtions: ' . 1
bY NFPA 13' NFPA 13R or or hub valves in roadwayboles
;;dca"Uarca 1.
- Underground key
NFPA I3D. p-uid.4 Uy the municilatitl oTpublic utitity arc
g(lg3J,.1^-2Resideptial comlr1atlg3r seniccs" A not required to be moi'itorsd'
allowed pro'
tiolit **Ui"ation water supply shlllbe 2. Bacftlow prevention device test valves locatdd
Uat Oe aomestic aemani is added to the sprin- area sprinlller'system-supp-ly pipin'g
;tdA limited $3lt
tiir aemana asrequired by NFPA u"lo"t"a in-the gpel-Po-Tti9* In reciuiredto be equipped Tfr "Ff -"htg tl:t".3'
equatto Oe nyarautiiatty calculatedsprin- tbe Uacldlow prevenier valves shallbeslbctirically
including the hose stream requirement supervisedby a tarrper switch ins-talledin accc.-
k;;;;a, *iA frpLz2 and sppararcly'annunciatcd
Iurm-u"pt""ia"a-i*geqtise.!ui$ngg-in-Seismic ffi;
by rheInter'
C,D, E oi F as bb con-
-"iii*t waterzu.pply 903.4.2Alarms- Approvedau{ible'dwices ihall
niui"i'cia"' The secondary- nectedto every sprinkler tylt"P Such sprinklcr
qrootlessthan3ominutpsasdeter- "oto."tip
fi;iil;;a,["don in accor- *ut"t-nool ata.maevicasshattUeactivatedUy-water{9w
the occupancy hazard classification .^rirJ#, the flow of a singlesE-inklerof.thesmallest
dancewirthNFPA 13' #i* ,i*.ir"-r"u"a in the systqo"-Alarmdevicesshallbe
orteriorof thi buildiruiii anippnoved ftrca-
ErcePtion: Existing buildings' : ffi;il;d,lt" of
ft;. urhi* ; rti syften ig'installe4 $e
threadsand fittings used in "t"m actuato the'
903.3.5Hose threads' Fire hose i,iio-"ti" spriofO"r syst"fr shall
."tlU"ary the fire code ofEcial
Thelocation of fire 903.43 tr'loor control valves'-epggYd :uperyiled-indi-
9033.7 Flre departnent connections' ;;th;";;;.i valvesshall bb providbdatlhepointof con-
bv thefire code
shallbe approved
ilil;il;ffi;ttt"s ,r""tiE" to theriser on hlgh-risebuildings.