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At a Glance

Management Philosophy :

Standing at the leading-edge of our times, Friends Style
Wear Ltd is dedicated to the spirit of innovation to
surpass its present scale viewing consumers’
satisfaction is the prime & foremost prerequisite.
Words from the Management
Friends Style Wear Ltd has steadily pursued its Management
philosophy of working toward innovation, Superiority
and Confidence Building through extreme endeavour, quality
assurance, ensuring the updated & time based sophisticated
mechanism. To create and
increase the added value of products, the company has continued
to development business opportunities while pursuing teamwork,
harmony and excellence. In the future, we will continue its
pursuit of Value, Innovation and Speed (VIS), integrating
comprehensive marketing schemes with Strategic management
system to fulfill the very needs of every customer. We hope to
grow with our employees, and to make use of a new vision in
creating a new industry to foster a better life in the 21st century.
Factory Location
“ Friends Style Wear Ltd”
Majukhan, Harbaid,
Pubail Gazipur

Factory distance from :

Chittagong Sea Port: 360 Km.

Zia int’l Air Port
10 km.

FSWL Hotel Sonargaon & Sheraton /Dhaka:
25-26 km
Hotel Radisson-15 km.
Company Profile (In Brief)

COMPANY NAME : Friends Style Wear Ltd.
ADDRESS : Majukhan, Harbaid,
Factory & Office Pubail, Gazipur. Bangladesh.
TEL: 880 3772001430.
MANAGEMENT : A.M. Mahmudur Rahman
DESIGNATION : Managing Director
Phone No. : 88-01711-527901
FLOOR SPACE : 50,000 sqft.
NO. OF FLOORS : 2 Storied,
Line Existing : 6 lines (another 2 lines in projection)
NO. OF WORKERS : 932 (Experienced & Skilled are present)
ANNUAL TURNOVER : $ 7.0 Million (approx)
MAIN MARKET : USA,UK, EEC Countries & Canada

LIST OF KEY CUSTOMERS : Target Corporation-USA

Wal* Mart Stores Inc. – USA & Canada
Liddle Germany
M & S Mode Through Li & Fung.
Sainsbury –UK
Dress Barn, Inc.
Dunnes Store –UK
Okadi/Obaibi – Franch
Armand Thiery -Franch
Upim- Italy

PRODUCT RANGE : o Woven Bottoms o Skirt o Shorts o Infants Wear o Woven Tops, Denim Jacket,
Denim Shirt etc.
o Others : School uniform- made of polyester &Poly-viscose with HT- Teflon finish
BANKING : Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Ltd
Karwan Bazar Branch
BGMEA Complex, 23/1, Pantha Path Link Road,
Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 8140203, 8140204 Fax: +88 02 8140200
Swift Code: EXBKBDDH 035..
ASSOCIATED CONCERNS : Jeans Collections (Garments Washing Plant).
Factory Operation
Friends Style Wear Ltd has a 50,000 Sq-ft factory

‰Equipped with the latest automated production facilities,
‰The high-qualified employees ,
‰Manufacture highest value products in sync with the trends,
‰Professional expertise and
‰The most stringent quality control processes.
Implementing the latest development in production line
technology, the company thrives to remain always at par with world
class standards. Using modern equipments it is at par with world
class standard. The state-of-the-art facility, combined with efficient
manpower, results in high quality products. The daily production
capacity of the garment division is around 16000 units. A highly
skilled workforce of 1510 employees including technicians together
with all modern specialized machineries are in/at the heart of the
production unit.
• S/L Machine Type Total
• 01 Single Needle Sewing Machine 401 Sets
• 02 Two Needle (angular & normal) 62 sets
• 03 Over Lock Machine (5 thread) 46 sets
• 04 Over Lock Machine (6 thread) 20 sets
• 05 Kansai special 25 sets
• 06 Feed of the Arm Machine 16 sets
• 07 Automatic Velcro attaching Machine 04 sets
• 08 Bartack Machine 24 sets
• 09 Button stitch Machine 05 sets
• 10 Button hole Machine 06 sets
• 11 Eyelet hole Machine 04 sets
• 12 Snap button Machine 12 sets
• 13 Cutting Machine 06 sets
• 14 Fusing Machine 02 sets
• 15 Flat Lock Machine 04 sets
• 16 Blind Stitch Machine 01 sets
• 17 Fabric inspection Machine 02 set
• 18 Auto Strapping Machine 01 set
• 19 Thread Sucking machine 02 sets
• 20 Boiler 02 sets
• 21 Heat cut machine 06 sets
• 22 Vacuum Table 30 sets
• 23 Stream Iron 87 sets
• 24 Needle Detector Machine 01 sets
• 25 Lay End Cutter 04 sets
• 26 Lactra Software + Com + Printer 01 set
• 27 Generator 02 set
• 28 Light Box 01 set
• 29. Velcro Cutting Machine 04 sets
• 30 Button Test Machine 01 Set
• 31 Fabric Weight Machine- GSM 01 Set
Total Machinery 783 Sets
FSL made the sales volume of US $ 5.00 million during the period of 5
months of this year after its launching & the projected sales volume of
the company for this overall year US $ 12.00 million (Approx.) with the
implementation of the company’s expansion project and increase in
productivity as well as the booking already in hand. (Since June, 2009,
our on hand feasible production transactions easily & undoubtedly
ensure us achieving of this year’s target sales volume).
Organizational Chart
Management characterized by inter-Department co-ordination and the exhibition of the employees’
Full potential from top to bottom.

Chairman Managing Director

Executive Secretary

Finance &
Merchandising QA Dept. Compliance Shipping Tech. Support
GM (Production) GM (Admin) Accounts
Dept. (Roming) Dept. Dept. Dept.

Compliance Human Accounts
Merchandiser Auditor Officer Cutting Section Inspection Section
Officer Resource Dept. Section

Officer Social Welfare
Doctor (Import) Sewing Section & Logistics Pattern Section

Finishing Section Security Dept.
Nurse Sample Section

Work Study Section Time Section Washing Section

Maintenance Section

Electrical Section

Management Team
People are our great assets

The employees are the basic driving forces of the
organization. A sound human resource development
process, from Recruitment, training, to employees’
benefit, is the key to the success of “Friends Style Wear
Ltd”. The people-oriented management style enables
each and every department to work together
seamlessly, affording respect to every employee to
enable them to contribute their full potentials.
Work place environment
‰ FSL believes that a congenial work environment increases efficiency and
motivates employees to deliver their best. Its factory is a benchmark in the
industry for a safe, healthy and hygienic workplace. Maximum precautions
are taken against fire or chemical hazards.

‰ Faucets with safe drinking water and hygienic toilets are provided in
adequate numbers and positioned for easy access of all workers. There are
separately designated toilets for female workers.

‰ FSL recognized the right of every child to be protected from economic
exploitation. We have a strong zero tolerance policy on child labour, based
upon the UN convention on the rights of the child, article 32.1 accordingly,
we define “child” as a person younger than 16 years of age or as an
exception, 14 Years in countries covered by article 2.4 in the ILO convention
No. 138
Social Responsibility

‰ The company employs 85% women in its workforce. This ensures
financial freedom for many poor women and their families.
‰ We have a volatile vision to provide the facility of each & every
worker to have a personal savings bank account where they can
deposit their desired monthly savings for the future.
‰ FSL has already introduced group insurance policies for its

‰ Always been proactive in taking care of its own family and outside
encouragement has never been necessary. Such as : Lunch
allowances; Performance bonus; Festival bonus; Full time Doctor,
Nurse & free medicine Supply; welfare fund; Blood donation
scheme; Transportation facilities etc.

These are some of the expressions that portray the Company’s
commitment to the society.
Skilled workforce is our asset

Investing personnel (officers & workers), required & continuous
training has always been a top priority for FSL. In its plight for
achieving the highest standards, the company recognizes the need for a
Motivated and skilled workforce with high morale and social
accountability. Hence, a supportive and congenial learning culture is
practiced throughout the organization.
Quality Statement
Ensures rigorous quality control measures where each product has to
go through a series of thorough inspection. Here, our goal is to :

‰ Make finished products that meet and exceed our clients’
(Customer/Consumers) expectations in terms of quality,
‰ Aspire to earn our clients’ confidence by paying strict attention to
the finest details of each and every product,
‰ Undergone a series of changes for the betterment of its Quality
Management System,
‰ Committed to continually improve its product, process and the
Quality Management System in an attempt to achieve business
‰ Customer delight & optimistic satisfaction is the Company’s
ultimate goal,

‰ Currently, focusing on achieving the ISO 9001, standard
Raw Materials

FSL believes & understands the importance of quality input in
order to ensure a final quality product. This is why the company
has been having sustainable assurance to maintain the
superiority of its inputs:

‰Raw materials from China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong,
Taiwan and Thailand. At the same time, to support the local firms, we sources
many of the raw materials locally sustaining the best quality in deed,

‰All metal buttons that we use are nickel free and ferrous free for needle

‰A wide range of hand and machine embroidery, appliqué and

‰Fancy zipper pullers that can be incorporated into the production process.
Jean’s Collection Ltd.

‰ The washing plant is equipped to produce high quality stone, Enzyme &
dyeing of jeans & casual wear.

‰ Computer operated machines produce consistent quality by the support of
modern equipments to control water pH, steam pressure and temperature.

‰ The beauty of this factory is – it has minimum machines to produce
maximum product.

‰ The waste water is pre-cleaned and processed before discharge to the closed
drainage system.

‰ The unit is capable to wash 20,000 Pcs Jeans Pants per day.
Marketing Channels Clientele
FSL takes pride to have the reputed names of the
Diversified Operations with
apparel market in its clientele. Products of many
World – Wide Distribution: famous brands like; Target Corporation-USA,
In face of rushing business Wal* Mart Stores Inc. – USA & Canada,
challenges and ever-changing Carrefour-BCBGMAX, LIDL Germany, M & S
Global trends, FSL is able to double Mode Through Li & Fung, Zara, Orchestra-
its growth leading-edge product France, Sainsbury –UK, Dress Barn, Inc, Dunnes
Store –UK, Okadi/Obaibi – Franch, Armand
development technology integrating
Thiery –Franch, Upim- Italy : are produced and
marketing concept and management supplied by our company.
Philosophy. The company has scaled
new heights with its international Competence
marketing network to bring better “Friends Style Wear Ltd” is especially engaged with
and more convenient lives to people a view to ensuring, protecting & continuing social
all over the world.
compliance as a whole with extreme & required
priority. Every of us know well that people are the
Design & Development inescapable assets of any business to conduct its
any operation so we drastically provide our rapt
FSL acts as a partner of its customer(s) in attention to keep these assets fruitful. The sentence
translating designer sketches, pictures as merely entails that we try to provide all essentials
well as original samples into counter to our workers as well as officials so that they may be
samples for their range presentation
always productive & better. Every compliance
meetings. Also, the people at the sample
audit easily & spontaneously proves our expression
section are devoted to creating new design
undoubtedly. With proactive exposition, effective
for the Clients. The relentless efforts of management and a matured production line, the
these experienced and trained designers
company has achieved overall synergy in all of its
help us to enjoy a competitive edge over operations. It is this constant pursuit for business
our rivals.
excellence that gives the company a competitive
advantage in the market.
Delivery timeliness

Fully acknowledging today’s changing fashion
trends, FSL is continuously investing to
guarantee quicker and quicker delivery for its
clients. Hence, FSL has introduced Total
Production Planning and Production Control
according to Just-in-time (JIT) system of
Clear understanding of the
trends to work hand-in-hand for
a prosperous future.

To establish roots in Bangladesh
while moving toward globalization
is the corporate philosophy for
“Friends Style Wear Ltd” sustaining
Vision development. In the Future , the
company wishes to attain new heights
in personnel Development,
Technology , Quality , Service
and Environmental protection in it’s
pursuit for a better and more
convenient life for all mankind.
Currently, we are focusing on
achieving the ISO 9001 & SA-8000.