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Michael Jackson

An Esoteric Psychology Profile

Was Michael Jackson on the Spiritual Path,
and if so, did he fulfil his Soul purpose?

Leoni Hodgson - 30 June 2009

PMAFA, MSE Esoteric Psychology, Ph.DE in Esotericism

Michael Jackson born 29 August 1958, died 25 June 2009.

In terms of consciousness, humanity as a whole can be divided into two groups: those who are conscious of
their higher spiritual nature and calling, or who are in the process of becoming conscious – and therefore who
are upon the Path; and those who are still unconscious.

Conscious contact with the Soul – one‟s source of divine light and love, means that the Soul is becoming
more radiant in the heart. It is magnetising its human being towards it, and this demonstrates in the life as a
marked determination to aspire to that which is higher and finer. It is shining its effect through the nature, and
this can be seen by others – as love and light, and this will have a positive effect upon other people and upon
the environment.


The following points are those to look for when trying to establish if a person is on the Spiritual Path.

1. Was he purifying his nature?
2. Was he drawn to spiritually evolved people - we know that like attracts like?
3. Was he applying spiritual disciplines - the hallmark of advanced souls?
4. Was he kind and selfless - as loving souls are?
5. Was he a server of humanity - the hallmark of disciples?
6. Is talent and creativity evidence of the presence of the soul?

1. Was he purifying his nature?

Michael has been ridiculed and pitied because of his facial reconstructions and attempts to whiten his skin.
Most people who undergo cosmetic surgery try to keep a semblance of their natural look, but not Michael. He
wanted to present to the world, an image of “perfection” which was “light years” away from his Negro lineage
and features.

The urge to “perfect the form” is the natural spiritual goal of Virgo, Michael‟s Sun Sign. Those who respond to
this inner urge, are responding to the call of the Soul which needs purification to take place in the physical so
that it can birth through the nature, in the „cave of the heart.‟

The fact that Michael responded in such a superficial and exterior manner, is indicative of his status as an
“aspirant” or beginner on the Path. If the change had only been interior I would have placed his status higher.
He did make inner improvements as we will see, but he was fixated on refining his look - no doubt believing
that this would enhance his chances of being generally loved and accepted. But the fact is, he was
responding, and this is what counts.

Michael was responding to the soul‟s urge to purify the nature.

2. Was he drawn to spiritually evolved people?

Michael was drawn to spiritually evolved people - such as Deepak Chopra, who said:

“He would sit backstage after (a show) drinking bottled water, glancing over
some Sufi poetry.. and wanting to meditate.... he was reading the poems of
Rabindranath Tagore...”

Such words coming from Chopra carry much weight, and provide further solid evidence
that Michael was indeed upon the Path. Sufi poetry and the works of Tagore would not
be magnetic to those upon the Ordinary Wheel of life. There were other spiritual
advisors, but Chopra was the most well known.

3. Was he applying spiritual disciplines.

Meditation is the primary technique to be applied in the search for wisdom, and in order
to bring about the transformation of consciousness. In the previous quote, Chopra
confirmed that Michael meditated.

There is enough evidence to confirm that Michael indeed was aspiring to that which is higher and finer. To
end this section of our enquiry, I add the following quote which consolidates this as a fact. He made the
remark to pop music critic Robert Hilburn when in a reflective mood:
"My real goal is to fulfill God's purpose.”

4. Was he a kind and generous person?

Michael had a darker side and could be irresponsible when the mood was upon him. But many people
testified to the fact that he was very generous, another indication of the presence of the soul. For example,
fellow entertainer and friend of Michael – Akon, said

“The first three months I met him, his first gift to me was a $250,000 watch; it was all diamonds. That's
how giving he was. He just wanted everyone around him happy, you know? He was an incredible guy.”

“Personally, he was a mentor; he was like a big brother. He always kept me focused. If I had issues,
he would console me through them. Like a lot of the controversial shit that I was going through, Mike
was really the one that really taught me how to deal with them..”
There is also testimony that Michael was a kind, loving and attentive father , altogether providing ample
evidence that kindness and generosity was alive within him.

5. Was he a server of humanity

Michael supported dozens of charities during his life, including USA for Africa, the Make-a-Wish Foundation,
and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. He reportedly was listed in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book
of World Records for “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.” The number was 39. As a humanitarian, he is
perhaps best known for “We Are the World,” the 1985 song he wrote with Lionel Richie that raised millions of
dollars for famine relief in Africa. Generosity is a soul quality, and this was part of Michael‟s nature.

6. Is talent and creativity evidence of the presence of the soul?

It is. Michael was considered a genius in the musical genre, an outstanding talent and artist. Creative talent is
an exterior effect of Soul influence, and so is charisma, adding further evidence that Michael was upon the
spiritual Path.

The Master Djwhal Khul said that soul development:

“Will lead to the consecration of the disciple to certain types of endeavour summed up in the words
"artistic career".” EP II 706

“The expression of the creative faculty is radiation and magnetism… Creativity signifies a point in
evolution wherein the disciple is definitely radioactive.” DINA I p539-540

Michael was very magnetic and radiated an amazing energy in his performances. Of his charisma, Chopra

“When we first met, around 1988, I was struck by the combination of charisma and woundedness that
surrounded Michael.”

I believe I have supplied enough evidence to point to the fact that
Michael Jackson was probably at the beginning stages of the spiritual Path.


Only Michael knows this for sure, along with anyone else who may have been involved.

But the charges against him were never proven in a court of law, and in the absence of any “hard” evidence,
all we can do is try to get a sense about whether this man was capable of deviate behaviour.

Could Soul light still shine through a person who committed deviate acts? The answer is probably “yes”,
because the lower nature is still strong until enlightenment occurs and consciousness is fully under the control
of the Soul. History is littered with examples of good people who “fall”. But once a person is upon the Path
which means that the Soul – one‟s source of goodness, is becoming more influential in decision making, it is
less likely.

Many of Michaels‟ friends supported him, and said that having known the man, they did not believe he could
do such things. Deepak Chopra knew Michael well, and I place a lot of importance upon his words:

“My son Gotham travelled with Michael as a roadie on his "Dangerous" tour when he was seventeen.
Will it matter that Michael behaved with discipline and impeccable manners around my son?”

Chopra spoke of Michael‟s purity. It is my sense that Michael‟s aura, which even as he aged, remained quite
clean and clear. He maintained an air of childlike pristine purity about him until the end. Paedophiles seem to
reek with the stench of their orientation. This is not Michael. Chopra said:

“That person, whom I considered very pure, still survived -- he was reading the poems of Rabindranath
Tagore when we talked the last time, two weeks ago.”

1. Looking at this matter via astrology - the Pisces influence
[Note. Michael was born in Gary, Indiana on the 29 August 1958. But his birth time is unknown. Renowned
astrologer Michael O‟Reilly uses a birth time of 7.33pm. He says that this is “the time used by Vedic astrologer
Chakrapani Ullal, who reportedly was Jackson's astrologer in the 1980s.” I will use it also, because the chart
fits Michael‟s life. But I have rectified it slightly to 7.27pm, because the changed angles in the chart reflect
Michael‟s death more potently, and the progressed Sun is placed in the 8 house of death, rather than in the
7 house. I also think the first decanate of Pisces is more suited to Michael‟s appearance and life. Another
minor point - Michael‟s „moon walking‟ was a signature part of his amazing presentation, and this time gives
him the Moon in his house of “appearances.”]

Michael‟s naive decisions and actions with children are a consequence of his own childhood, which was
miserable and lonely. Throughout his adult life, he remained a little boy inside, searching for love and
happiness. He reveals the intimate details of this inner persona in his song “Childhood.”

“Have you seen my Childhood? I'm searching .. In the lost and found of my
heart... No one understands me, They view it as such strange
eccentricities... 'Cause I keep kidding around, Like a child, People say I'm
not okay, 'Cause I love such elementary things... It's been my fate to
compensate, for the childhood I've never known... The painful youth I've
had, I'm searching for that wonder in my youth.. Like pirates and
adventurous dreams, Of conquest and kings on the throne... Like fantastical
stories to share, The dreams I would dare, watch me fly... Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
Have you seen my Childhood?”

The sign which most closely indicates a “lost-Soul” type of consciousness, is Pisces, Michael‟s rising sign.
Souls born under this sign have super-sensitive personas, and are also sensitive to the ocean of humanity as
a whole. As a consequent they have great difficulty finding their own personal identity, or inner personal

Michael‟s Moon Sign is in Pisces as well, accentuating the problem. The Moon Sign represents the „prison of
the Soul‟ pattern , the negative and defensive automatic habits and responses to life, which keep people
„unconscious‟ and unaware of their greater spiritual reality. If the Moon Sign influence is too strong, people
can stay locked into “the past.” This was Michael‟s sad situation. He was like a child wandering down the
corridors of his past lives crying out “have you seen my childhood.. I‟m looking for happiness and love.”
Michael deeply identified with the suffering of children (Moon rules 5 house of children and is conjunct
ascendent), and felt maternal and protective towards them. He sought out children to associate with because
he remained psychologically himself a child. He could relate better with children – being on the same wave-
length, he felt safer with them, and could experience joy and happiness with them. (The Moon rules his 5
house of children, and is governed by maternal Cancer),

The adult world scared him and he wanted to protect children, to help make them feel better, to help himself
feel better. (Saturn conjunct MC, square Moon, wide square to Ascendant, Cancer on 5 ).

In today‟s world afloat with revelations of child abuse, Michael made naive and stupid decisions in his
relations with children. But this does not make him a paedophile.

2. Does Michael have the astrological profile of a paedophile?

The charts of abused children show aspects of being both a victim and being abused, and also the presence
of an abuser. Many victims of sexual abuse go on to become perpetrators, thus becoming the potential abuser
shown in the chart. But not all victims continue this cycle. It all depends upon the spiritual maturity of the
victim. If people are not upon the Path of Spiritual Development, the temptation to react to the lower urges of
the planets will be very strong and such people could go down that dark path. But those upon the Path are
being influenced by the soul and are not so focused in the sexual sacral chakra, as are younger souls.

When sexual energy is being channelled spiritually, it emerges as higher
creative energy and talent. Michael was a brilliant and outstanding talent and
was creative until the end. This really provides evidence that he was advanced
and less likely to use his energy to abuse children sexually.

The astrology chart based on the time I am working with tells us that Michael had very high ideals and spiritual
convictions about sexual matters generally. [Ruler of the 9 house of morals and ethics (Pluto), sextile
Neptune in the 8 house.]

Both Neptune and Pluto rule the Pisces Ascendant, which represents Michael‟s Soul purpose. Pluto is the
esoteric ruler, meaning that it carries the energy of his Soul, and this Soul vibration was very strongly
grounded in Michael‟s heart and in his consciousness. [Pluto conjunct the Sun]. This is an important point and
supports the argument that Michael was innocent of the charges.

But with both the Sun and Pluto in Virgo, one can become paranoid about matters of cleanliness, virtue,
celibacy, etc., to the point that it could deeply interfere with natural sexual expression, and it appears that this
did occur with Michael. Additionally, it seems that his experience with his father emasculated him, and
wounded him psychologically to the extent that sexually he could not function normally. [Saturn at the top of
the chart, inconjunct Mars, square Chiron in the 12 house.]

c. Michael himself may have been the victim of sexual abuse
Michael‟s wounded child point (Chiron) is hidden away (in the 12 house), under attack by Mars, the sexual
hunter. The point is, it is Michael who is wounded. There were sexual allegations made by members of
Jackson‟s family about father Joe Jackson.
The indicator of children generally (Moon ruler of 5 house of children) is out in the open, in the light of day -
rising in the first house. Mars makes no nefarious aspect to children, supporting the belief that Michael was
probably innocent of the charges that he preyed upon children “behind the scenes.”

In summary, based upon the chart being worked with, there is no real evidence
in Michael‟s chart that he had the profile of a sexual deviant and predator of children.


1. Karma - His father played his part

“Jackson said that he was physically and emotionally abused by his father from a young age, enduring
incessant rehearsals, whippings and name-calling. However, he also credited his father's strict
discipline as playing a large part in his success.”

Saturn is a symbol of both the father and of karma. Whenever it is prominent – in this case conjunct the MC,
the hand of karma will be heavily involved in the life. You could say that Michael‟s father, was his karma.

Joe Jackson had a powerful influence on Michael‟s life and in shaping his very successful career. Even with
his undoubted talent, it is possible that Michael may never have achieved the level of success which he did, if
it were not for the driving and shaping force of his father providing the structure through which Michael‟s
brilliance could shine.

Michael was born with an innate fear of authority, with powerful feelings of inadequacy and being unable to
cope, with a fear of reality and life. (Pisces Moon square Saturn, negative core belief.) This attitude is karmic,
it was present in a previous life, and was earmarked to be resurrected again in this life so that it could be
healed. In this Michael‟s father played his part. But whether any healing truly occurred, and whether Michael
gained more confidence within himself, is uncertain.

2. Michael‟s Ray Chart and Sun Sign

The following ray chart for Michael is hypothetical, and is based on the author‟s interpretation of Michael‟s life

Firstly, the three minor rays of personality – physical, astral and mental. Physical Ray 7: because of Michael‟s
physical grace and dance talent, his finely boned and sensitive body, a ritualised and orderly life, and ray
seven gives a love of “the perfect form” which would undoubtedly underlie his efforts to reconstruct his
physical appearance, in an attempt to become himself that “perfect form”. Astral Ray is 2: he was a very
sensitive and did not appear to react with fiery jealousy or aggression indicative of the other emotional type -
ray six. The latter ray is better at defence and attack. Mind Ray 4: he was the consummate entertainer, loved
to sing and dance.

Personality Ray 2? Michael‟s avoidance and fear of life indicates that he did not have a fully formed
personality ray. But his hyper-sensitivity, vulnerability, inability to build a hard defensive shell to protect
himself, his charming and „open reaching out to others‟ persona, his desperate need to be loved, all this
suggests that Michael may have had a budding Ray Two field, of Love and Wisdom. These characteristics
would be strengthened by the ray two emotional field.

“I think I‟d die on my own. I‟d be so lonely. Even at home, I‟m lonely. I sit in my room and sometimes
cry. It is so hard to make friends.”

The Virgo Sun Sign is the main avenue of expression for Michael‟s Personality Ray. Exoteric ruler Mercury
was retrograde at birth, revealing his extreme introversion. It is possible that he had mild autistic tendencies,
but did not withdraw fully in the manner of true autistics primarily because he enjoyed expressing himself
outwardly through music and dance.
Michael‟s hypochondria, and issues with germs and cleanliness is a manifestation of the Virgo Sun in the 6
house of health. It is a very busy house with five planets and two asteroids indicating many people involved in
his health issues, and that some of them may have been mercenary (Pluto), giving him drugs for financial
rewards and privileges rather than take care of his overall health and well being. This planetary emphasis also
indicates his intense work ethic, and sense of duty to his fellow co-workers

Soul purpose as indicated by ray two: is primarily to “toughen up”, and to be more independent and self
reliant; stop hiding away like „a mole in the ground‟ and come out into the light of day; overcome fear of life
and live in the real world. It is obvious that Michael has a lot more work to do in this regard. In his next
incarnation these lessons will be placed before him again.

Soul Purpose as indicated by Virgo: is purification of the physical appetites and life. Michael made a
concerted effort in this area, and it appears that considerable success was made (even if taken to extremes).
Aspirants who are approaching the 1 Initiation and therefore who are required to “clean up” the physical
nature, often go to extreme levels in their efforts. For example extreme fasting, or fanaticism about
vegetarianism or physical exercise.


1. Selection of a Ray 6 Soul

I am hypothesising that Michael was an aspirant, that his personality field was still integrating, and this means
that his Soul Ray was not as influential upon his life as it will be in coming incarnations. This means that it will
not be easy to see. The Soul Ray is usually identified by a deep heart yearning to serve humanity in a
particular vocation. But in the early stages soul influence and personality yearnings are often confused, and
the career is often related to the personality life.

Michael was a brilliant entertainer and a creative genius in his musical field, but it is unlikely he was a ray four
Soul which is not in incarnation at this time. He also said that he did not choose to sing or dance (ray four
vocations), that this was planned for him by his father. There was no real evidence that he could have been
on the hard line rays of will and mind. Until a very high level of Soul fusion is achieved, the Soul and
Personality rays are always different, which eliminates ray two as the Soul Ray, since I selected that as the
Personality Ray.

This leaves Ray 6 the Ray of Devotion and Idealism,
the ray of adoration for God, as a hypothetical Soul ray.,

This fits neatly with a statement Michael made in an interview in 1981:
"My real goal is to fulfill God's purpose.”

Ray six is the lower expression of the love ray, it represents man‟s attempt to love divinely, and Michael‟s
need for love, the search for love, and the desire to give love or joy to others dominated his life. Purity,
goodness and sincerity are other ray six qualities, as are zeal in the pursuit of one‟s highest ideals, and
Michael was passionate about bringing joy to the world through his music, and to this he dedicated his life.

“(To sing and dance)... that's my role, and I want to do it better than anybody else... It's beautiful at the
shows when people join together. It's our own little world. For that hour and a half, we try to show there
is hope and goodness."

Michael was devout and devoted to fundamentalist religion. Firstly to Jehovah‟s Witness (his Mother‟s
religion), then in 2008 he allegedly converted to Islam. These are all factors which point to the presence of a
ray six influence.

“Give thanks to Allah, for the moon and the stars, prays in all day full, what is and what was, take hold
of your iman, don‟t give in to Shaitan, oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.”

Ray 6 souls are born to devote their lives to the highest ideal
they can conceive, and to inspire others to do the same; but above
all else, they are born to adore the Divine.

2. Soul Purpose via Pisces and esoteric ruler Pluto.

Many incarnations are required to shape consciousness into a vessel which can give perfect expression to the
Soul‟s Ray. This is primarily achieved by building Ascendant Sign qualities into the nature (Pisces), and also
those qualities of the sign in which the esoteric ruler of the ascendant is located (Virgo).

Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, the goal for souls born under Pisces is selfless service - “I leave the
Father‟s house and turning back, I save.” This is also a theme of sixth ray souls, who are the “servers” of the

Michael was a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian, who loved to bring joy to others and to
alleviate pain and suffering. He served in the only way he knew – through his music, which thrilled the

hearts of millions, lifting them out of the tedium of their lives to hum along and sing, and to enjoy the
amazing sights of his videos and stage shows. Many of his songs dealt with man‟s inhumanity, and to
this he used his music to draw attention. In this regard he fulfilled an aspect of his Soul purpose.

“What about killing fields .. Did you ever stop to notice, all the blood we've shared .. The crying Earth,
the weeping shores? What have we done to the world, look what we've done, what about all the peace
that you pledge your only son.. the dreams that you said was yours and mine. Did you ever stop to
notice all the children dead from war, Did you ever stop to notice the crying Earth, the weeping shores ..
Where did we go wrong. Someone tell me why?”

The esoteric ruler of the Pisces Ascendant is Pluto in Virgo. Both Pluto and Vulcan (esoteric ruler of Virgo)
st 18
rule the 1 initiation which is primarily about the purification of the physical nature - so that the Christ spirit
can birth in the heart. This is Michael‟s primary spiritual goal for this incarnation.

The theme of purity and striving for the perfect form, dominated many of Michael‟s important life
decisions. They may not have been enacted in a healthy or balanced way, but he did his best, and that
is all that is ever asked of a soul. The important thing is that he picked up the soul impulse and acted
upon it. It seems clear that he is in training to take the 1st Initiation, and his next life will provide an
opportunity to achieve this goal.
If he is in fact a 6 Ray Soul, then I sense that his chosen form of service in his next life will be
through religious service, healing suffering souls with focus upon children. In this manner he will also
heal the „wounded child‟ within himself.


Michael died a few months after his Chiron return, when the cycle of opportunity in this life, to heal his
„childhood wounds‟ was just completed. Perhaps his soul determined that there was no further healing to be
made in this life.

As a consequence, when the progressed Sun - his heart (physically and psychically), the centre of vitality and
life moved into the house of death, it provided the opportunity for the Soul to terminate this incarnation.

This occurred when the progressed Ascendant met Mars. Physically, Michael‟s body suffered an acute attack.

His heart, the centre of his vitality and life force received a blast of disruptive force, much like a lightning bolt,
bringing about a cardiac arrest. (Transit Uranus inconjunct the progressed Sun).

Then Pluto the Lord of Death, snapped the life thread, and Michael died, releasing his Soul. (Pluto inconjunct
progressed Ascendant and Mars.)

Because Pluto represents the purpose of the Soul (as esoteric ruler of the Ascendant), we can say that life
termination was his Soul‟s decision.

Death was a blessing to Michael, and relief from his inner torment and suffering. (Beneficent Jupiter and
Neptune, trine natal Jupiter and Neptune in the 8 house of death.)


Michael was not a perfect person. He had his dark side, and this is normal and natural – as it is with all who
travel towards the goal of enlightenment. But he had an incredibly sweet and beautiful side as well, and
brought joy into the lives of many. His legacy – his music, will live on in the minds and hearts of his fans and in
well into future generations. He really cared about people – especially children, and wanted to make them
happy, and used his talent and the riches it brought, to help where he could. He made his mark upon life and
in my opinion, left the world a better place.

I end this article with words from „Heal the World‟, written and sung by Michael. It reveals the contents of his
heart. In the accompanying photo, Michael has a look of a young Gautama Buddha. We are all searching for
the perfect God Spirit within our hearts. Ultimately, this is what drives us all. We just express this inner urge in
our own unique way.

“There's a place in your heart and I know that it is love, and this place could be much brighter than tomorrow.
and if you really try, you'll find there's no need to cry, in this place you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow.. there
are ways to get there if you care enough for the living - make a little space, make a better place. heal the
world, make it a better place, for you and for me. and the entire human race. There are people dying if you
care enough for the living make a better place for you and for me

if you want to know why, there's a love that cannot lie, love is strong it only cares for joyful giving. if we try we
shall see in this bliss, we cannot feel fear or dread, we stop existing and start living. And the dream we were
conceived in will reveal a joyful face; and the world we once believed in will shine again in grace. Then why do
we keep strangling life, wound this earth, crucify its soul, though it's plain to see this world is heavenly, be
God's glow.

We could fly so high, let our spirits never die, in my heart I feel you are all my brothers. Create a world with,
no fear, together we'll cry happy tears, see the nations turn their swords into plowshares. We could really get
there if you cared enough for the living, make a little space to make a better place... heal the world, make it a
better place for you and for me and the entire human race.”

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