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How Membership Is Decided By Other Anarchist Groups

From Common Action (Northwest USA)

a) Membership of the organization is open to all who agree to work and argue for its policies in their
public political activity, abide by its constitution and pay dues.

b) We recognize as a member of our own organization any member of an Anarkismo member
organization who migrates to our region.

c) Attending three Common Action meetings shall be a prerequisite to membership. Branches will
decide internally to accept or reject membership.

d) In the event that a prospective member (or Branch) does not live close enough to an existing Branch
to meet the three meeting prerequisite, then they may be granted provisional membership in the
organization by the Delegates Council pending a vote for full membership acceptance at the next
General Assembly. Such provisional members' dues shall be paid in full to the General Treasurer.

e) No one may become a member or remain a member of Common Action who is:

- An employee or agent of a law enforcement agency

- A member of an organization that mandates its members to give reports on Common Action's internal
activities, requires its members to argue for a line within Common Action, or otherwise control the
activity of its members acting within Common Action

From Northeastern Federation Of Anarchist Communists (Northeast USA)

3) Membership
The Federation recognizes two types of membership - collective and
individual. Because the anarcho-communist vision of society and
revolutionary activity are in essence fundamentally collective, individual
membership can only be seen as a temporary measure. It is the individual's
duty to join or form new groups, and the individual will have all the help of
the Federation to this end.

a) Members
A member is defined as any group or individual that agrees with the positions and orientations of the
Federation, fulfills the member responsibilities, and has had its candidature accepted by a Federation
conference. Prior to becoming a member of the Federation, it is expected that the collective or
individual will first become a trial member. (See "adhesion process" below).

b) Trial Members
A Trial Member is any group or individual who agrees with the positions and orientations of the
Federation and who wants to become a member. All potential members must go through a trial period.
They have the same rights as a supporter (an indicative vote), but the same responsibilities as a
member. Trial Member status can be approved by either the general secretariat, or the closest federation
member collective.

The trial membership period is for a minimum of 6 months. If a trial member (individual or collective)
fails to meet membership responsibilities or apply for membership after 18 months their status is
moved to supporter. If a new collective is formed by individuals that are prior federation members, the
Trial Member period is 3 months.

c) Supporter
A supporter of NEFAC is an individual or collective that agrees with the aims and principles of the
federation and wishes to work with and assist the federation but either cannot, or does not wish to,
fulfill full member responsibilities and thus is not seeking to become a full member of the federation at
this time.

Supporters are expected to pay regular dues and can serve as references for people interested in
NEFAC in their region (providing there is not a NEFAC member or trial member in the area).
Supporters have access to the various NEFAC email lists as well as the opportunity to attend
conferences as observers should they desire to do so. Supporters receive federation publications free of
charge and are encouraged, but not required, to take bundle orders for distribution in their region.
Supporters are not required to live in the Northeast/US Canada, but can live anywhere in North
America. In short, they are sympathizers (or periphery). The process for accepting new supporters is
the same as for new trial members. They must be endorsed by their nearest member collective or attend
a conference.

d) Member Responsibilities
Revolutionary politics, not being a hobby but a life choice, requires that
the members of the Federation agree on the following member responsibilities:
i. regularly pay the dues fixed by the conference;
ii. contribute to the collective theoretical development of the Federation
(members are encourage to organize at least one large and open study group or
seminar a year; the Federation pledges to distribute the study material
produced by member groups);
iii.contribute to the collective anarchist agitation and propaganda of the
Federation, notably by the distribution of agitational and propagandist
material produced by the Federation, and by the regular organization of
lectures and by writing articles for the Federation press (the Federation
pledges to produce agitational and propagandist material and to distribute
the material produced by the groups; the Federation also pledges to organize
a list of available lecturers, lecture subjects and organize propaganda
iv. intervene in the class struggle, either in an autonomous manner or by an
active presence in the social movements (every member of the Federation is
therefore involved, at one level or another, in the class struggle; while
giving a priority to local intervention, the Federation will organize
international interventionist campaigns in the class struggle);
v. participate as individuals, when possible and practical, in at least one
of the Federation's working committees and groups; individuals should also
pledge to coordinate a working committee or assume one of the federal duties
at least once every three years;
vi. regularly participate in the conference and in the meetings of other
Federation bodies (for its part, the Federation will put in place a system to
equally share the fees asscociated with the organization and the costs
related to participation in these meetings - see article 4a);
vii.regularly inform the Federation as a whole of the development of your
activity by the means of a short monthly report sent to the discussion list
and a more detailed report every three months;
viii.mandate one recallable spokesperson from the local group to participate
in the federal council.

From Organise! Anarcho Syndicalist Federation (Ireland)

Membership is open to all workers, employed or unemployed, who are in agreement with the Aims and
Principles and the Constitution of the Federation.
This excludes those with the power to hire and fire, professional landlords, serving members of the
state security forces (i.e. judiciary, army, police). Any other individual whose employment or activity is
felt to be incompatible with the values and Aims and Principles of the Federation may be denied
membership of the organisation subject to ratification by the membership.
All members have an equal voice in the decision making of the Federation.

From Solidarity Federation (UK)

1a) Conditions of affiliation
Affiliation to the Solidarity Federation is conditional on agreement to abide by the Aims, Principles and
Constitution, and on the payment of all applicable subscriptions.
2a) The status of members
All members have the right to:
• Free expression of their ideas;
• Have their physical and moral integrity respected;
• Attend all events organised by the Solidarity Federation;
• Have full access to information about all Solidarity Federation decisions and activities;
• Remain in disagreement with decisions and activities of the Solidarity Federation, so long as
they abide by the Aims, Principles and Constitution.
All members have the duty to:
• Participate in, defend and support the Solidarity Federation, the International Workers'
Association, their Aims, Principles, Statutes and affiliates to the fullest extent of their ability;
• Follow and discuss fully issues facing the Solidarity Federation and the IWA in their Networks
and Locals, and using the Internal Bulletin;
• Sell and contribute to Direct Action and other SF publications to the best of their ability, and
pass on donations and sales to the DA Collective;
• Adhere to the conditions of affiliation.
From Anarchist Federation (UK)

Membership of the Anarchist Federation is open to all who agree with our aims and principlesand are
willing to work within them.

From Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (Spain)

Article 17 .- The member has the responsibility to

A) To respect the agreements it has adopted the Organization through their elections in their various

B) Contribute to the financial support of the Organization, to be aware of the payment of dues in each

C) Contribute to developing and strengthening the Organization, with its militant trade union activity to
the extent of their possibilities.

D)Provide the necessary support and solidarity to the comrades who need them.

From Industrial Workers of the World (Worldwide)

You must be a worker (not an employer);
You agree with the Preamble to the IWW Constitution;
You will study the IWW's principles and make yourself acquainted with its purposes.
(Added by me) Pay Dues

From New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists (New York)

A. All voting members of NYMAA should agree with the NYMAA Purposes of Existence (see here).
In addition, they must meet two out of the following three criteria:
1. Actively participate in at least one NYMAA grouplet between GAs. Active participation is
defined by the grouplet itself, and a list of active participants who are or seek to become
members will be sent to the Comms Group at least one week before each GA.
2. Attend two out of every four GAs, with attendance based on the sign-up sheet found near the
entrance to each GA.
3. Contribute money (or materials/labor) to general NYMAA funds, using the IWW scale
($3/month for the unemployed; $6/month for those making minimum wage or less; $12/month
for those making slightly more than minimum wage; $18/month for those making significantly
more than the minimum wage). The honor system will be used to determine what category
people fall into.
B. Exclusion/Expulsion: Members may be expelled from NYMAA and individuals may be excluded
from membership in NYMAA through the following process:
1. A proposal for exclusion or expulsion is brought to a General Assembly and placed on the
agenda as a priority matter.
2. The decision to expel or exclude is reached by NYMAA's standard voting procedure.
3. The person(s) to be expelled or excluded cannot take part in the vote.
C. Membership lapse:
4d (version 1). If a member does not attend General Assemblies, Working Groups, or Locals for
at least six months, their membership lapses, and they no longer have voting rights or list access
4d (version 2). If a member does not attend General Assemblies for at least six months, their
membership lapses, and they no longer have voting rights or list access in NYMAA.

From Workers Solidarity Alliance (USA/Canada)
Article 2: Membership.
Section 1. Any working class person [as defined in Article 1.2]living in the United States or Canada
may become a member by reading the W.S.A. political statement “WHERE WE STAND”,
agreeing with it as written, and notifying the Corresponding Secretary that you agree with the statement
and wish to become a member.

Section 2. No body may have less than three (3) members. Whenever a body falls below that number,
the remaining members shall relinquish all funds and supplies to the Coordinating Committee.

Section 3. All members shall have only one vote on any question. All members shall have equal voice
and standing within the organization. All members shall receive the help and support of the
organization in times of hardship and trouble.

Section 4. All new applicants shall apply for membership as individuals. Organizational affiliations to
the W.S.A. shall be on an individual membership basis, except as waived by W.S.A. membership vote.

Section 5. In the event that a constituent body secedes, is suspended from, or expelled from, the
organization, all members of this body shall come under review by the Coordinating Committee.

Section 6. Members who violate the Constitution or “Where We Stand” of the Workers Solidarity
Alliance or act contrary to the interests of the organization may be expelled. No member may be
expelled without written notification sent by certified/return receipt mail. This will follow an ample
discussion period and an opportunity to offer a defense. Only a Continental Conference, after a hearing,
may expel a member, by a majority vote, and only if the accused member has had sixty (60) days prior

From Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Each WSM member should, whether newly joined or involved for twenty years should:
1. Attend regular branch meetings
At these meetings we plan activity, and discuss whatÂ’s going on in campaigns and in the wider
world. Meetings are once every week or two.
2. Contribute regular subs.
This money pays for papers, leaflets, room hire, posters, stationery, international solidarity,
guest speakers, equipment, etc. If your young and single these should be around 5% of income.
If a number of people are financially dependent on your income this could be only 1%. Once
you join the branch treasurer will sort out with you what percentage you will pay.
3. Help out with the work of the WSM
The position papers are the policy we have collectively agreed that the WSM will implement.
All members participate in this work. The WSM constitution contains more details on exactly
what this means and the conditions under which you can be exempted from implementing areas
of policy you disagree with.