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Be Careful Of What You Wish In Choosing A Friend
Friendship is a very honorable for his role in shaping the personality of an individual. There are friends who are willing to reach out and become difficult when we are companions in time we are grieving. However, there are also some friends who only know how to ride comfort on the other companions. When once we have fallen, much less to stretch out your hands, our faces look far. I am sure, is not this kind of companion you want. Friends? What is a friend?. Some people say that kind of badminton friends, not play held, when playing percussion. Some others said that his likened like rugby balls, can not take it, I can be protected and preserved. Whatever the definition, for me a friend is very hard to find, more difficult to leave, and impossible to forget, a friend who is willing to share joy and sorrow and exploring feelings of other friends, extended her hand at a time when we need help and assistance. Unlike the term friends, depending on the individual defines it, but to me a friend of nothing special, only as a place for friends chatting and generally more fun than friends grieving. What are the characteristics of a good friend? If you feel the need for friendship with someone, let you choose the character such as: if you serve him, he will protect you if you here with close friendship, he would take back your friendship, if you need help from him, he will help you, and if you offer a benefit to him, he will receive it well, if he gets a welfare (assistance) from you, or says he will appreciate your goodness. "If he saw something better than you, he will close it, if you ask for help from him, he will be working on, if you remain silent (as embarrassed to ask), he will ask for your trouble, if the next disaster strikes a soul, he will alleviate the trouble you, and if you said to him, he will allows you; if you plan something, he will help you if you disagreed, he would more easily succumb to protect the interests of friendship: he helped perform the responsibility and prohibit doing bad things and evil, and the last is the one to lead you in achieving success in the world and the hereafter. But be careful what you wish for. "Have your friends stab you from behind?. How do you feel then? Are anger, pain, burning, hatred or revenge reigned in the hearts of your. From what I understand, back stab is a behavior in which a two-sided front of his other friends. For example, our future all good, sweet, but behind us, he was cut in the fold. The secrets and the trust we

Ahmad and Qistina seems to have a special relationship but conceals from Sarah. jealousy and envy on the success of others. This situation will continue. And they want her to be in the ceremony. a year or maybe forever.share with him. not happy with what they have. the person is willing to stab their friends in order to achieve what he wants. should not such things happen. Our relationship is so intimate until Ahmad and Sarah every time go out. She so confused. exhausted sold to others and the more frightening when it involves our pride. So. The days passed is beautiful but it is not going anywhere. In addition. In the course of business. especially if it involves the honor of those who have scratched and known to the public. At that time. Sarah parents also know the relationship between the three of us. And as a lover. not easy for them to forget what has been dealt to them. my heart broken and crushed. Qistina will participate. these individuals are willing to take the easy way to persecute even his own friends for many years. At that time. in front her they painful my feelings. those who have been stabbed behind this will keep the ill feeling they've been forgiven individuals who wronged them. depending on their experience and the extent of their personal strength to with stand. for those who keep a grudge against a person may be one cause of back stab occur in friendships. beware when we talk because we do not realize sometimes we opened up other people that could bring shame on the individuals involved. As a result of the incident. Indirectly. The sake of revenge that does not respond. At first Sarah did not suspect anything. the party who was stabbed behind the former will feel oppressed. One day she woke to the news in that she did not expect at all. Follow the story of Sarah and Qistina "Sarah friends with Qistina when she relationship with Ahmad. what is my mistake that they are willing to persecute their own friends and lovers?. . it's impossible and I can not do even if they appeal. This is because. As a friend. Ahmad and Qistina told her about their plans to build a mosque in the year. Sometimes she say alone. Here are some respondents who had persecuted by his own. Yet they do so. but after Sarah see. especially our friends know that we already have someone special in his life. Such acts do not benefit even worse on both sides and also the surrounding community who have known such things. Qistina is aware of our relationship and will never fail to state that we joined together with his prayer. do we behave as if there is no sense having nice words and promises have been applied to the Creed. the individual relationship with a friend will become a barrier to further estranged them to become intimate. I have forgiven them but to accept them back in my life. "Was the expression from Sarah. especially if our friend is a place that family members share everything they have known each other. According to them. Sometimes. probably for a month. only God knows how Sarah condition. dropping his own and they laugh at after being on top. where should her put my pride that was bruised. Sarah presence is very important. persecuted and humiliated by his own. Stab back usually happens when a person is jealous feelings towards others. Sarah regard as his own sister and Sarah mother considered it as a child.

would stab the back of this one habit or need to do so to protect or to prevent him from accepting the consequences. Sometimes it can be more severe for both sides that lead to hatred. he wanted to show the public that his powerful and more robust. "In a friendly. Let us take to heart with this song Selama ini Kumencari-cari Teman yang sejati Buat menemani Perjuangan suci . this thing should not happen but it is an experience that everyone has experienced or is likely to be experienced. Difficult to find the right companion friends. when people want something with a quick. People say. I would tell my friends behind me bad. but that's wrong. Here I want to share a song that is suitable for this title. Our relationship is tenuous and sometimes even just greet only. His term in contrast to the term friends. In closing. An idealistic. Beside. But one day. behaviors and feelings. Three elements are important in our daily behavior. the term stab back when a friend has done is a matter beyond the scope of his friend and make us feel betrayed. let us follow this other opinion . This situation arises when three elements are combined the thoughts. " Stab back or backstabbing is a condition in which close friend did one thing that should not be to his own. then the act is the last thing. God only knows fury. We need to wisely choose friends because friends can cheer us. sweet verse. (Depending on the situation). only friends who accompany the moment we are just happy. and not revenge. Causes of such acts caused jealousy and greed. it is possible I "explode". Depending on the individual.Next. maybe he wants to be perfect in the eyes of others. but we can not reject what has been written on the self and strive to improve the lives to be more cheerful in addition to the friends that you love. soft teeth from the tongue. Behind us. whatever we do let the sake of Allah. I will not attack this person. when the friends we can not choose. For me. Do not we worry that there are people who want to make friendship with us because the world is vast and many others who want to make friendship with us and accept us as it is. but if behavior above limitations. Ahead of us. all what happens in our lives. For example. or perhaps other factors. Remember. consider it as an acid salt of life. but we have to distinguish whether our smart owners hate themselves or act. Sometimes the friends I only know two-sided. not all good. Such as. To me is a patient. before we close and tell each other and share problems. everything is said to not realize that we have insulted the other person. We did not ask for all that. When they join.

. KepadaMu Allah Kupohon restu Agar kita kekal bersatu Kepadamu teman Teruskan perjuangan Pengorbanan dan kesetiaan Telah kuungkapkan Segala-galanya Itulah tandanya Kejujuran kita ..Bersyukur kini PadaMu Ilahi Teman yang dicari Selama ini Telah kutemui Dengannya di sisi Perjuangan ini Senang diharungi Bertambah murni Kasih Illahi KepadaMu Allah Kupanjatkan doa Agar berkekalan Kasih sayang kita Kepadamu teman Ku pohon sokongan Pengorbanan dan pengertian Telah kuungkapkan Segala-galanya.

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