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From: Klein Joel I.

Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 6:15 PM
To: &All Principals
Subject: Governance Update

Dear Colleagues,

I am sure you have been following the events in Albany and have many questions about the
future of our school system. While we obviously have many questions, we cannot put the
education of New York City’s students at risk because of Albany’s inaction on mayoral control of
the public schools. In this e-mail, I will outline what we know and what we don’t know.

• Community Education Councils: The 2002 law that put the New York City
mayor in charge of the City’s public schools expired yesterday. This same law
also created the Community Education Councils and the Citywide Council on
Special Education. Since the law has expired, these education councils no longer
formally exist. However, I am urging the Community Education Councils and the
Citywide Council on Special Education, as well as the Citywide Council on High
Schools, to continue meeting, at least until September when we hope to have
more clarity. During this time, we will continue to support their administrative
assistants. If the Councils decide not to continue their work, we’ve asked them to
notify us immediately.

• Panel for Educational Policy: The Panel for Educational Policy also ceases to
exist today. The borough presidents and the Mayor have reconstituted the Board
of Education to replace the Panel for Educational Policy.

• Board of Education: The newly reconstituted Board of Education met at Tweed
Courthouse this afternoon. It approved two resolutions:

○ First, the Board appointed me to continue serving as chancellor and
delegated to me all of its powers that can be delegated under the law.
This allows us to maintain continuity in our school system.

○ Second, noting that the State Assembly had adopted Assembly Bill no.
8903-a, which would extend Mayoral Control until 2015, while the State
Senate had failed to act on an identical bill, Senate Bill no. S5887, the
Board urged the State Senate to take immediate action to enact S5887.

• Summer School: For those of you who have already opened or will be opening
summer school programs, summer school will go forward as planned. You and
your staff should report to work as usual.

• Support: Our central and field operations also remain in place. You will still be
supported by your core team, including your School Support Organization and
your IntegratedService Center. You should feel free to turn to your core team
members with any questions you might have about the current situation or
regular school operations.

We have made great strides over the past seven years, and, together, we have implemented
significant reforms that have improved the City’s public schools and our students’ academic
results. I know we are working in an environment of uncertainty and that we all have many
questions. I will work to keep you updated as we move through this period. I thank you all for your
continued efforts to serve the students of New York City to the best of your ability, even during
these uncertain times.


Joel I. Klein