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Volume LXXIX, NO. 5 0 Issue 4 0 9 4

The First English Language Armenian Weekly in the United States
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Mirror-Spectator to Close
Armenagan-ADL Party For Annual Vacation
WATERTOWN — The offices of the Armenian
Mirror-Spectator will be closed for two weeks,
Monday, June 29 through Friday, July 10.

Reconstituted in Armenia The current issue of the Mirror-Spectator is the
last one before the annual two-week summer holi-
day. As a result, no newspapers will be published on
July 4 or July 11.
The next issue of the Mirror-Spectator will be
dated July 18.
By Hasmik Harutunyan
President Serge Sargisian Congratulates
YEREVAN — The Armenian Democratic Armenagan ADL Party on its Founding Turkish Ambassador:
Liberal Party (Ramgavar) has undergone
several phases in its history, beginning with T he following me ssage f r om Pr esiden t Ser ge Sar gi sian was r ead by his No Changes in Turkish-
the Armenagan Party, which was founded in a
vi sor, Man ouk Topouz yan, on J une 19 , at the foundin g c onven t ion of the
me nagan-A D L par t y in Ye revan :
Armenian Relations
Van in 1885, as the first Armenian political
BAKU (RFE/RL) — The Turkish ambassador in
party. It later became the main tributary I he re by e xte nd my gree t ings to al l t he par t ic ipants Azerbaijan says “there is no progress in the imple-
with which several existing parties merged of t he A r menagan-A D L ( Ramgavar ) par ty. mentation of the road map signed between Turkey
in 1921 in Istanbul to give birth to the Ende avor s to elevate our n at ion an d to c ont r i bute and Armenia.”
Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) party. to the gener al good have always met i n our c ount r y Hulusi Kilic said on June 16 that “Nothing is
The last decade was becoming a trying wit h appr ec iat ion and c omme ndat ion . T he poli t ic al being done, nothing has changed.”
period for the party in splintering it into for ces uphol ding t hose values have bee n succ essf ul i n Last month Kilic said that Turkey will not reopen
several factions. addin g new c olor to t he polit i c al sp ec t r um. its border with Armenia until the Nagorno-
The original idea of creating an Armenia- Today, you assume an awesome r espon sibil ity. B y Karabagh conflict is resolved, echoing repeated
based party was realized when the adopt in g t he “A r menagan” n ame, t he newly-for med statements by Turkish Prime Minister Reçep
Armenagan ADL Party held its founding par ty has c hosen to take up t he values an d n at ional Tayyip Erdogan, even after the Armenian and
assembly in Yerevan on June 19. The recon- goals of t he f ir s t polit i c al par ty i n A r me nian li fe. I am hope ful t hat you wil l Turkish Foreign Ministries jointly announced the
stituted party will become a focal point to be able to pr ove your c ommi t ments wi th conc re te ac t i ons an d you will be “road map” agreement in April.
attract worldwide chapters, under a new suppor t ing t he i de als of n at ional uni ty, our values and our statehood. Meanwhile, US Assistant Secretary of State for
constitution embodying its traditional polit- Most of ten we fac e disc or d in the poli t ic al ar ena, when p eople of the same Europe and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon con-
ical credo of democracy and liberalism. pr i nc iples f ail to c ommunic ate and enter into a pr oduc t ive dialogue. I am firmed on June 16 before a US congressional sub-
Chairman Armen Manvelian, opening the hopef ul t hat you will be guide d by t he pr inc ipl es of unity and wi ll be abl e to committee that the Turkish-Armenian road map
convention, said: “The Armenian mobil ize your forc es to be come a p ol it ic al forc e composed of like-mi nded envisages the establishment of diplomatic relations
Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar) went pe opl e . between the two countries and the reopening of
through several stages in its development. We, toget he r, f ac e a daunt ing t ask to benef it our homeland and our peo- their border.
But recent years proved to be the most tur- ple i n a sp ir it of uni ty.
bulent era, because the party was split not I wi sh pr oduc t ive r esults to t he convent ion progr am an d I wish the best to
only into two factions, but almost into eight
factions. This convention has one specific
i t s pa r t i c i pa n t s . Argentine Embassy to
Ser ge Sar gisian
goal: to create an Armenia-based center to Pr esi de nt Open in Armenia
attract all the factions, which adhere to the Ye revan , M ay 1 8 , 2 0 0 9 YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Armenian Foreign
same political philosophy and which oper-
Minister Eduard Nalbandian this week received
ate in the different diaspora countries.”
the charge d’affaires of Argentina in Armenia,
Next, Manouk Topouzyan, President
Marcello Sebastie, who is in Armenia on the occa-
Serge Sargisian’s advisor, read his message,
sion of the opening ceremony of the Argentinean
which said in part, “All endeavors for national resurgence and gen- ditional party in Armenian history. I do hope that you will be prac-
erating goodwill have always been valued in our country. You will ticing those values in life, always upholding the spirit of unity very
The Foreign Ministry said Nalbandian had said
be assuming an awesome responsibility by naming the party high.”
Taking the podium, the editor of Azg daily Hagop Avedikian char- Armenia’s Foreign Ministry would provide sup-
Armenagan. In fact, you will be assuming the values and the phi-
port during the implementation of its mission
losophy of the first political party by naming the new party acterized the group gathered in the hall as the “old contingent”
see ARMENAGAN, page 2 both in the establishment of the embassy and its
Armenagan. You will be adopting the political credo of the first tra-
Sebastie brought a message from the Argentine
Foreign Minister Jorge Tayana that his country
sought to further expand relations with nations of
Ambassador the South Caucasus.

To Armenia
Defends US
By Thomas C . Nash
Mirror-Spectator Staff Speaks
BOSTON — US Ambassador to
Armenia Marie Yovanovitch made sev- See page 3
eral appearances in the Boston area
last week, answering pointed ques-
tions from journalists and the commu-
nity on Armenian Genocide recogni-
tion and aid reduction to Armenia.
Yovanovitch’s appearances, her first INDEX
in the Boston area since being named
Armenia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 3
ambassador, included a breakfast with Arts and Living . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
the Armenian International Women’s Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Association (AIWA) at the Armenian Community News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Library and Museum of America Editorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
US Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovitch at a press conference at the Baikar head- (ALMA) as well as a speech at the International . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
quarters during her visit to Boston on June 19.
Armenian Cultural Foundation
see AMBASSADOR, page 12
2 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


News From Armenia Armenagan-ADL Party Reconstituted in Armenia
ARMENAGAN, from page 1
Armenia Frees Opposition of the Ramgavar Party,
which had introduced the
Officials Under A mnest y principles of democracy
and the rule of law in
Y ER EVA N ( Reute r s) — A for mer A r meni an for eig n Armenia some 20 years ago
min ister an d t hr ee ot her senior opposi t ion f igur es as it was being done today
wer e f r eed on M on day under an amnesty for t hose by reviving those principles.
c har ged ove r deadly c lashes in Marc h 2 0 0 8 af ter a “That was the dream and
disputed el ec t i on. the goal of our founding
A r me nia passe d an amnes ty bi ll on Fr iday, af ter fathers,” he said. He also
ac c usat ions by Eur ope an r i ghts bodies of poli t ic ally mentioned that as a diaspo-
mot ivated ar r est s. Eight opposit i on pr otester s and Hagop Avedikian addressing the convention Chairman Armen Manvelian opening the convention
ran member of the ADL, he
t wo polic e of f ic er s died in t he cl ashes. had personally felt the bit-
I n s e p ar ate t r i al s , f o r me r f or e i g n mi n i st e r ter results of the internal divisions He added, “It has been our belief that tives were met with stubborn resistance
A l exander A r z umanyan and t hr ee ot her s wer e found plaguing the party for the last six years. all the objectives of the party can be met by the Kharabian faction of the party.”
guilt y on Fr iday of or gani zing mas s disor der, ar son Avedikian and Armenia’s Tekeyan by united action. We had long negotia- Avedikian said that he is convinced
an d pogr oms, and s entenc ed to f i ve year s i n j ail . Cultural Association Chairman Roupen tions with Mike Kharabian, who failed to support will be forthcoming from
B ut they wal ked f r ee under t he ter ms of t he Mirzakhanian recently visited different understand the potentials of the party Lebanon, Egypt, England and many tra-
amnesty. A f if t h man did not qual if y for the amne sty countries to feel the pulse of party mem- even in its sorry state of division. Only on ditional groups in the US.
an d was sentenc ed to eight year s in j ai l. bers. They returned to Armenia con- the US East Coast the party has nine Many of the delegates who took the
A r z umanyan was c ampai gn chi ef for opposi t ion vinced that the majority of the traditional active chapters, conducting fundraising podium endorsed the chairmanship of
pr esiden t ial chall enger Le von Ter -Pet r osi an, whose membership believes that the party’s drives, lobbying programs and sponsor- Armen Manvelian, who they said is a
suppor ter s took to the st r eets i n Marc h last year to revival can be achieved only when the ing publications. The same applies to the multi-talented leader. He is endowed
dispute t he res ult s of a p res ident i al e lec t ion won by headquarters is based in the homeland. structure in Lebanon, where last week with an analytical mind and can guide
c ur r en t head of st ate Ser ge Sar gisi an. Avedikian also stated that most of two of the candidates, supported by the the party with confidence in complex
“ From tomor r ow I r ene w my f ight , ” s aid one of t he the controversies are based on per- ADL, won their parliamentary seats. situations. He is courteous and respect-
f r eed men, Sur en Si r unyan. “ We ar e agai nst t he sonal conflicts. Unfortunately, all the conciliatory initia- ful with members and has rightfully
amnesty, in so muc h as we did not c ommi t any c r ime earned the confidence of rank and file.
for whi ch t hey have for given us, ” loc al medi a quoted It was Manvelian’s turn to submit the
hi m as sayi ng. slate of candidates for the Central
Some 1 0 0 people we re ar r este d dur in g a state of Committee. The slate contained eight
emer gen cy af ter t he viole nce , an d mor e t han 5 0 members who were voted in unani-
r ec eive d j ai l te r ms. mously. New members will join the
Central Committee during the next
Armenian President Visits General Assembly.
The Armenagan-ADL party plans to
UK Embassy launch a broad political platform in
Armenia and will extend cooperation
Y ER EVA N ( A r me np r e s s) — A r men i an Pr e si den t with local as well as diasporan members
Ser ge Sar gi sian t hi s p ast week vi site d t he U K of the ADL.
Embassy on Q ueen El izab et h’s bir t hday. Plans are underway to hold a united
T he Pr esiden t ial Pr ess O f f i ce said on hi s vi sit assembly next fall, which will be attend-
Sar gi s i an an d t he U K of f i c i al s di s c us s e d t he A partial view of the convention delegates ed by delegates from Armenia and the
pr ospec t s of devel opment of A r me nia-U K r el at ions . diaspora.

Pan-Armenian For um of
Armenian Law yers to Be Ministers of Economy and Agriculture and Governor
Held in Yerevan Of Armavir Marz Visit ATG Operations
Y ER EVA N ( A r menpr ess) — In c ol lab or at ion wi th t he
A r me n i an C o n s t i t ut i on al C our t , t he D i as p o r a YEREVAN — The Armenian Minister eratives, ATG’s focus for the immediate ment available to them, plus rising fuel
M i n i s t r y w i l l ho s t a Pan - A r me n i an f or um of of Economy, Nerces Yeritzyan, joined by future is to transfer knowledge and tech- and irrigation water costs, makes it
A r me nian l awyer s September 1 9 -2 0. the newly-appointed Minister of nology to farmers by conducting educa- almost impossible for the small farmer
T he dr af t agenda of t he for um inc lude s i ssue s of Agriculture, Gerasim Alaverdyan, made tional seminars and field demonstrations, to break even. As a result, thousands of
educ at i on an d t r aini ng of legal per sonnel, et hnic a special working visit to the Armenian thus encouraging them to adopt conser- hectares of land have been left idle and
min or it ies, the i ssue of inter n at ional r ec ogni t ion of Technology Group Foundation (ATG) vation-farming technology and helping are not being cultivated. In the long
t he A r men ian G enoci de and lobbyin g. headquarters in the Armavir Region. them lower their operating costs. term, this will have a devastating and
A pan -A r meni an assoc iat ion of A r meni an lawyer s Governor of Armavir Marz, Ashot Gagik Mkrchyan, ATGF country direc- negative impact on local food supplies.
is expe c ted to b e es tabl ished dur ing t he for um. Ghahramanyan, and Ishkhan Karapetyan, tor in Armenia, guided the visit. He “In these challenging economic times,
executive director for the Small and emphasized that the no-till system can we believe it is essential to assist the
Medium Entrepreneurship Development reduce farm-operating costs between food producers in Armenia to reduce
NKR President Encourages National Center (SME-DNC) of Armenia, 30-50,000 drams per hectare. This their operating cost as much as possi-
Economic Growth also participated in the field trip.
The purpose of their visit was to
becomes more significant when taking
into account the dry land and semi-
ble,” said Varoujan Der Simonian, exec-
utive director of ATG. “It is not an acci-
ST EPA N A K E R T ( A R K A ) — K ar ab agh P r e si den t observe and familiarize themselves with mountainous areas that abound in dent that the Scientific American
B ako Sahakyan , speaki ng at t he “ Br idge Kar abagh” ATG’s latest development project — con- Armenia, where profitable farming oper- Magazine has devoted one of its cover
ec onomic for um laun ched Satur day, said t he c ount r y servation agriculture — and its long- ation requires much more effort and stories to no-till farming practices,
is wor king to c r eate a f avor abl e bus ine ss and in vest- term benefits for the country. focus. No-till farming technology should which it calls a ‘Quiet Revolution.’ We
men t en vir onmen t. The ministers, accompanied by their reduce fuel consumption by 37 percent, are pleased by the positive evaluation of
Sahakyan st r essed t he c ount r y’s natur al r esourc es senior staff members, visited the ATG and farm labor and farm equipment the Ministries of Economy and
an d sin gl ed out agr ic ul tur e, t he mini ng indust r y, warehouses to learn about the new no-till operating costs by 50 percent. Agriculture, and will join forces with
ener gy and tour is m as it s most pr omisin g are as. farming equipment and methodology After studying the new equipment them to find a solution in helping farm-
“ B ut our count r y ’s gr eatest t r easur e is human that ATG has introduced to Armenian that ATG had introduced, the minister ers reduce their operating costs and
r esour c es — in tel lec tual c apaci ty, peopl e’s wor ki ng farmers. The no-till system is widely used of economy stated, “Farm equipment increase their profit margins.”
abi lit y, r espec t for t he law and self -impr ovement in countries around the world at the fore- technologies have not been developed The ministers also observed the
e f f o r t s , ” he s a i d. front of agriculture, including the US, in Armenia. This new no-till planter immediate impact that the new system
Sahakyan said t he economi c for um gives an oppor - Canada, Argentina and Brazil, where could provide a wonderful opportunity will have on the environment. It mini-
tunity for c ompr ehens ive di scussi on of a wide r ange more than 95 million hectares of land are to start cooperation between the gov- mizes mechanical soil disturbance,
of issues, expr essi ng hope t hat new ideas and pro- being cultivated annually with this con- ernment/public sector and private sec- which will reduce greenhouse gas emis-
posal s would be voic ed. servation technology. tor. It is necessary to encourage farmers sions, soil compaction and the potential
Conservation farming technology pro- to adapt the use of this system. We must for soil erosion, and the disruption of
vides two major sustainable benefits to persuade the private sector to be soil biological cycles. The system will
Supply of Russian Gas to the country: it allows farmers to save engaged in small business develop- also maintain moisture in the soil,
Armenia Via Georgia money and resources; and, it enhances
the quality of the farmland and increas-
ment.” Yeritzyan further stated that we
should appreciate the possibilities and
reducing the amount of irrigation need-
ed and thus allowing Armenia to con-
Resumes es its productivity.
Agriculture is a challenging and diffi-
opportunities that this new system can
provide to the republic, adding that
serve its scarce water resources.
ATG was established in 1989 in
Y ER EVA N ( A r mI nfo) — A G e or gian supply l ine of cult occupation, especially in Armenia, Armenia’s grain production is not Fresno, Calif. as a 501(c)3 non-profit
R ussi an gas to A r meni a was res umed t his wee k fol- where farmers use outdated farm equip- enough to satisfy its consumption. public benefit corporation. For the past
lowing a we ek of suspen de d ser vi ce. ment that is both inefficient and expen- The current economic situation in 20 years, ATG has been focused on pro-
D ur in g t he suspens ion, a new 3 . 6 kil ometer sec t ion sive to operate. Armenia has created a very difficult sit- viding technical assistance to rural
was inst all ed b et wee n G azakh an d Sagur amo. Based on 20 years of working experi- uation in the country: many farmers are Armenia in establishing long-term, sus-
ence in the agricultural sector of Armenia no longer able to afford cultivating their tainable economic development projects
along with its vast network of farmer-coop- land. The inefficiency of the farm equip- in Armenia and Artsakh.
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 3


Event in Yerevan Supports FAR’s Homeless Children’s Center
YEREVAN — Victory Park on June 2 was fare and protection has been exten-
packed with business people, activists, politi- sive, and groundbreaking, and all
cians and big name celebrities, volunteers and made possible through its support-
hundreds of others all gathered in support of ers. The center has provided home-
one common cause — child protection. less and abused children a safe
The event, called The Best for Our Children, haven since it opened in 2000.
which was held in honor of International Initially started as a temporary shel-
Children’s Day, raised proceeds to support the ter that offered crisis intervention
Fund for Armenian Relief’s Homeless and rehabilitation, the center is now
Children’s Center (HCC). a full-service facility where abused
It was only the second year, but participation and abandoned children can access
skyrocketed. More than 15,000 people attend- shelter, counseling, outreach ser-
ed. The event was organized by a group of vol- vices, healthcare and legal assis-
unteers, led by First Lady Rita Sargisian and tance 24 hours a day. Since 2000,
former First Lady Bella Kocharian, who is also FAR has opened more branches of
the head of the HCC’s Friends Advocacy the center to serve even more of
Council. Armenia’s families. More than 4,500
Philanthropy is a relatively novel concept in have been helped through its ser-
Armenia, and to strengthen its significance vices and the number of beneficia-
organizers coordinated meetings between ries increases each year. In 2008,
celebrities, businesses and artists for their sup- the center served 924 children, the
port. By doing this HCC Director Dr. Mira highest number ever.
Antonyan noted that the center has also helped While FAR’s work has expanded
to establish and unify a broad charity culture in in the last few years, the need is still
The crowd gathered for the event.
Armenia. great and it has been compounded
“Almost all stakeholders in Armenia — public by the global economic crisis.
celebrities, businessmen, art and show business Thousands of Armenian children still
representatives and specialists working with the improve the protection and education of their their impact even stronger. fall prey to abuse, neglect and abandonment
children in difficult and risky conditions — gath- children. Nearly 70 art and culture representatives, every year. With more households stretched
ered in one crossroad to promote child rights Representatives from some of Armenia’s celebrities and government leaders also attend- thin, more parents are leaving their children in
protection. I hope our benefactors from the largest companies, including Coca Cola, Grand ed. So did national assembly members and rep- the care of grossly under-resourced state insti-
diaspora are going to be encouraged to see that Candy, Tamara and Noyan Juice, sold their resentatives from Yerevan government. tutions. There, opportunity to better one’s life is
their peers in Armenia are stepping up too, and products at the event, raising more than 1.3 mil- Specialists who work with at-risk children were slim. The number of institutionalized children
will continue to support us — Armenia’s chil- lion drams ($4,000) for the center’s programs. also in attendance and media companies like in Armenia reached 12,000 in 2008 — a dra-
dren are in dire need,” she said. Just five companies donated their time and Shoghakat TV, Ardzagank Radio and Radio Van matic increase from roughly 15 years before
The day was indeed a testimony to the products in 2008. This year 11 took a stand to helped to sponsor the event. when there were none. When they are forced to
Armenian community’s commitment to help its better the lives of their nation’s children. Celebrities, including singers Arsen leave these orphanages, children are often left
children. It was not only a rare event when a For some, like dairy producer Ashtarak-Kat, Grigoryan, Alla Levonyan and Gayane with no other option than to live on the streets
nation united in a grassroots effort, it was also which has traditionally supported needy chil- Hovhannisyan participated, as did comedian surrounded by drugs, begging and prostitution.
a day when class boundaries were set aside. All dren in its own way, this was the first time the Ashot Ghazaryan and actress Nazeni For more information on FAR or to send
Armenians — rich, poor and middle class — were company had collaborated with others for this Hovhannisyan. donations, contact us at 630 Second Ave., New
united and engaged in a single vision of hope to cause. This newfound partnership will make Through the HCC, FAR’s work on child wel- York, NY 10016.

Ex-Foreign Minister Expresses Doubt in Armenian Government, ‘Road Map’
“Sometimes we pretend that we are a demo- gauge the legitimacy of our demands.”
By Thomas C . Nash cratic country, but actually we are not,” he Oskanian also lamented that the negotiation
Mirror-Spectator Staff added. “With no natural resources, the only process initiated by Turkish President Abdulah
path we can take to prosperity is democracy. Gul’s visit to Armenia last September has weak-
But we need to be frank with this; we cannot ened Armenia’s position in the talks. He said
WALTHAM, Mass. — At a talk given at Bentley just pretend.” negotiations had carried on in secret for years
University last week, former Armenian Foreign He cautioned, however, that the movement prior to the most recent attempts in an effort to
Minister Vartan Oskanian offered a candid led by former President Levon Ter-Petrosian win concessions without allowing Turkey to
assessment of the political situation in Armenia was “petulant” in its displays of public protest. reap rewards from the US for going through the
and its attempt at rapprochement with Turkey. “It’s not power that can bring change, but motions.
Oskanian appeared at Bentley on June 17 to legitimacy,” Oskanian said, later adding, “We “We always had the suspicion that Turkey
promote a book of speeches given during his cannot bring change through the streets. We was more interested in process than the out-
time as Armenia’s foreign minister, published in have to bring change from within.” come,” he said. “The Turks wanted that process
North America by the National Association of Tying in his views on Armenia’s domestic sit- made public, so that the Genocide recognition
Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR). uation and its international standing, Oskanian process would get stopped.”
Oskanian served in the Foreign Ministry said domestic troubles have weakened the He added that the recently-announced “road
since 1992, serving as the head negotiator for country’s negotiating position. map” between Turkey and Armenia represented
Armenia in the Nagorno Karabagh peace talks “I’ve felt over the past 10 years, that whenev- a defeat for the country’s interests, saying,
from 1993 until his departure from government er we had problems domestically, my effective- “Armenia got taken for a ride.”
service in 2008 after the election of President ness outside was limited. … The international Oskanian’s promotional tour continued with
Serge Sargisian. He served as foreign minister community looks to our domestic situation to a speech at Fordham University the next day.
from 1998 until June of last year.
“These were truly a very interesting and chal-
Vartan Oskanian speaking at Bentley University
lenging 10 years for me,” Oskanian said of his
decision to publish the collection. “I was always
concerned that we were living history. This istration’s policies.
book is a small way of paying back.” “We had to be very clear that Armenia will
Since leaving his position as foreign minister, not choose one over the other,” Oskanian said
Oskanian started a think tank, the Civilitas of his tenure. “[By] simply being attentive to the
Foundation, to work toward strengthening the interests of major players, we managed to rec-
government’s commitment to democracy. The oncile their competing interests in Armenia.”
foundation published Oskanian’s book of “The current administration doesn’t seem to
speeches, titled Speaking to Be Heard, earlier be staying that course,” he added.
this year. “Complementarity today is more important
Addressing an audience of around 200, than ever, and the administration needs to con-
Oskanian focused on the lessons learned dur- sider its position on the issue.”
ing his time as foreign minister — and how the Oskanian also stressed that the lack of
current administration would do well to heed democracy in Armenia continues to stunt the
them. Among his strongest criticisms was the country’s growth, primarily because the gov-
lack of perceived legitimacy in the Armenian ernment has yet to establish legitimacy with the
government and how that has hampered nego- public.
tiations with Turkey, calling the efforts “Every time we go to elections, unfortunate-
“extremely disappointing.” ly we get reminded that despite the fact that in
A major issue during his tenure as foreign these past 17 years Armenia has come a long
minister, Oskanian said, was the ministry’s way and achieved a lot in democracy and free- Vartan Oskanian (center) with friends from his time spent in Boston prior to becoming Armenian for-
efforts at complementarity when dealing the doms, still we have a long way to go,” he said. eign minister. (from left) Daniel Varujan Hejinian, Sarkis Antreasian, Vartan Oskanian, George
US and Russia. He said the progress made is “We haven’t yet made deep and broad progress Maserejian, Azniv Maserejian and Mihran Minassian
becoming overshadowed by the current admin- in the democratic process.”
4 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


International News Matthew Bryza Reportedly to Be
Montreal Mayor Reaffirms Named Ambassador to Baku
Relat ions with Yerevan for Mikhail Saakashvili in the run-up US government (through Bryza) that
Following Elections By Ken Silverstein and during the Georgian-Russian con-
flict last summer, a former senior
he was going to have free and fair elec-
tions; the elections were a sham; and
MO NT R EA L — Mayor G e r ald T r emblay r ec ent ly sent Clinton administration official said. there was no negative reaction from the
a c on gr at ulator y l et ter to r ec ent ly-el ec ted Yer evan NEW YORK (Harper’s Magazine) — “Not so much by what he said,” but US government.
M ay o r G ag i k B e g l ar y an . The indispensable Laura Rozen with “frequent public demonstrations Meanwhile, Baran periodically says
T r embl ay s t re ssed that Mont r eal aims to of fer ai d reported that Matthew Bryza, the that he was” close to the Georgian pres- Azerbaijan should take steps towards
to “ impr ove par t ic ipat ive democ r ac y and good gove r - deputy assistant secretary of state for ident. democracy but is effectively a mouth-
nance , wit h r egar d to manage ment an d impr ovement Europe and Eurasian affairs and the But Bryza was also representing the piece for the regime. See, for example,
of se r v ic es r en de re d to t he loc al popul at ion. ” US chair for the Organization for preferences of the administration he this regime-friendly panel she moderat-
T he c it i es of Mont r eal and Yer evan si gne d a sis ter Security and Cooperation in Europe then served, the former official ed at the Nixon Center:
c it ie s agr eement in J uly 2 0 0 1 . (OSCE) Minsk Group, “is being rec- acknowledged. “A lot of people in the In her introductory remarks, Baran
ommended by supporters as US US government have responsibility for observed that the elections represented
ambassador to Azerbaijan.”
Armenian Peacekeepers The Minsk Group is tasked with resolv-
the aggressiveness of Georgia last sum-
mer and the mistaken belief there that
a step forward, citing President Ilham
Aliyev’s decision to fire three regional
Leave for Kosovo ing the Nagorno Karabagh conflict.
Rozen describes Bryza as having
the US was going to come to their sup-
port” more than it did, the former offi-
governors involved in election fraud as
an unprecedented move. She cautioned
Y ER EVA N ( M ediama x) — A send-of f c er emony for t he “liaised intensively with the Georgian cial said. that there were equally significant prob-
1 1 t h shif t of A r men ian peace keeper s to Kosovo took leadership, including during the Russia most definitely does have a lems that remain to be addressed, and
place i n Yer evan ear lie r thi s week. Russian-Georgian conflict last summer, negative view of Bryza, but there’s a far noted that “more needs to be done”
Speaki ng at t he c er emony, Chi ef of G ener al St af f of and says that some are concerned that more direct reason for concern about before Aliyev can establish his legitima-
A r me nian A r med For ce s Yur i Khac hatur ov noted t he his “appointment as Washington’s man his potential nomination: Bryza, and cy and prove to the West and to his own
peacekeeper s ar e f ul f ill ing a usef ul missi on , prov id- in Baku [the Azeri capital] might poten- his wife Zeyno Baran are totally in the people that he is committed to the
in g t he sec ur i ty of t he c ivil ian populat i on and re n- tially put a wrinkle in Obama’s efforts tank for the Azeri dictatorship and his democratic process.
der i ng it human itar ian aid. to ‘reset’ relations with Russia and send appointment would be demoralizing for Her remarks about Aliyev firing three
mixed signals about the kind of rela- democrats (such as they are) in governors as a positive sign are ridicu-
tionship he is trying to build.”
April-May Issue of India- But an associate close to Bryza says
Azerbaijan. In 2007, the Azeri foreign
minister reportedly attended the Brzya-
lous. Aliyev wanted to look like he was
trying to do something, and was, I’ve
CIS Trade and Economic it is inaccurate that Moscow would per-
ceive him as hostile or too close to
Baran nuptials in Istanbul.
Just as Bryza was the point person
been told by a very well-placed source,
going to fire these guys anyway.
Chamber Is Released Tbilisi, and noted that Bryza has strong for the relationship with Saakashvili According to my source, fraud was no
and positive relationships with Russian leading up to the war, he had the same different in those regions than in other
D ELH I , In dia ( Noyan T apan ) — T he A p r il-May per i -
officials. role vis-à-vis the stolen parliamentary places, and in fact it was almost cer-
odic al of I ndia-C IS T r ade an d Economi c C hamber
Bryza was seen as having gone elections of 2005 in Azerbaijan. tainly less fraudulent than in Baku,
has bee n rel ease d. I ts main foc us is A r men ia.
“beyond what someone in his position President Ilham Aliyev (who inherited where the results were falsified in near-
T he f ac tor of ec onomic st abil ity conduci ve to doing
would usually do” in showing support power from his KGB dad) promised the ly every district.
business in A r men ia an d t he avail abi lity of a skill ed
wor kfor c e and a sc ie nt if i c and technic al f iel d i n t he
c ount r y ar e under lined i n the int r oduc tor y ar t ic le of
Chair man of the Chamber R aj an Madhu. I n hi s
addr ess the A r meni an A mbassador to I ndia A shot
Armenia-Iran Visit
Koc har ian touches upon t he bil ater al A r me nian-
I ndian re lat i on s and potent ial for t hei r f ur t her devel -
Cancelled as Violence Armenian, Syrian Presidents
opment Continues in Tehran Pleased with Talks
T he is sue of the magazi ne cont ain s mater i als ( pr o-
vi ded by t he A r menian Embassy ) on invest ment poli - TEHRAN (ArmeniaNow) — An official
visit by an Armenian delegation to Iran YEREVAN (Mediamax) — Syria learned about Armenia’s steps to normalize
c y in A r men ia and its business opp or tun it ies, in for - relations with Turkey with pleasure, Syrian President Bashar al-Asad stated
mat i on tec hn ol ogi es, agr i cultur e, chemic al i ndust r y, was cancelled by the host country, as
Iran is in post-presidential election tur- this week.
diamon d c ut t ing and j ewelr y sec tor, phar mac eut i c al Speaking at a joint news conference with the Armenian president, Bashar
in dust r y, food pr oc essing se c tor, as wel l as ar t ic le s moil.
The Armenian delegation headed by al-Asad started Syria’s readiness to assist progress in the process of normal-
on A r men ian-I ndian t r ade and ec onomic r elat ions. izing Armenian-Turkish relations taking into account the good relations of
A cc or ding to a pre ss rel ease of t he A r men ian National Assembly Speaker Hovik
Arbrahamyan was to leave for Iran on Damascus with both sides.
Mi nist r y of Fore ign A f fai r s Pr ess and I nfor mat i on Bashar al-Asad stated that he has become acquainted with the opinion of the
D ep ar t men t, t he magazi ne of Indi a-CI S T r ade an d June 20 on a two-day visit. The delega-
tion included nine high ranking offi- Armenian president on the Karabagh problem, which is especially important on
Ec onomic Chamber has many r eader s in I ndia’s busi - the eve of his upcoming visit to Azerbaijan. He expressed hope that they will
ne ss and pol it ic al c ir cl es. cials from the Assembly and the
Government of Armenia, as well as manage to avoid complications in the process of Karabagh conflict settlement.
other officials. According to the NA President Serge Sargisian described as “historic” the official visit of the
Syrian president and noted the many centuries’ history of Armenian-Syrian
Armenia Par ticipates in press service, the visit was postponed
relations. He high-
Eastern European Culture Nairi Petrosyan, press secretary of lighted the fact
that at the begin-
the speaker, said it would not be prop-
Festival er to publish the reasons for the visit ning of the 20th
delay. century, the Syrian
T I LB U R G , Ne t he r l an ds ( Pan A r me n i an . Ne t ) —
But days of deadly rioting has sus- people lent a help-
A r me n i a p ar t i c i p ate d i n t he E as te r n E ur op ean
pended routine life for Armenia’s south- ing hand to many
Culture Fe st ival hel d her e on J une 1 4 .
ern neighbor. At least 19 people have Armenians, who
T he A r men ian pav ili on was or gan ized by r epr ese n-
been reported killed as civilians have had survived the
t at ives of the A r men ian Consulate in the H ague an d
clashed with law enforcement. A r m e n i a n
t he A lfa-Yer evan A r men ian communi ty of Ei ndhoven .
Unconfirmed reports put the number Genocide.
A c onc er t of A r men ian songs and dan ce s al so took
of casualties at 150. “Syria is the sec-
pl a ce .
In Tehran the Armenian delegation ond homeland of
T he event aimed to pr omote the development of
was scheduled to have meetings with Armenians,”
in ter c ul tur al dial ogue.
the newly-elected President of Iran Sargisian said,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Speaker of the recalling the words
Montreal TC A Armenagan Iranian Parliament Ali Larigani and of the late president
of Syria, Hafez al-
Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National
Youth Section Opens Security Council Saeed Jalili. Asad, who had visit-
Richard Giragosian, director of the ed Armenia 30
MO NT R EA L — T he new A r menagan youth sec t i on of
Yerevan-based Armenian Center for years ago.
t he Mont r eal Tekeyan Cultur al A ssoci at ion was i nau-
National and International Studies The two presi-
gur ated ear l ier t his mont h wi th a r ec ept ion .
(, says that the delay of dents held a one-
T he for mer T V studi o on t he sec on d f loor of t he
the Armenian delegation’s visit to Iran to-one meeting, fol- Syrian President Basahr al-Asad, left, paid a visit to the
Tekey an C enter was totally r en ovated and dec or ated
was appropriate. lowing which a Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II at Holy
by t he youth, c ompr isi ng of an of f ic e and a mul t ipur -
“There is high inner anxiety in meeting in an Echmiadzin during his visit to Armenia.
p o s e h al l .
Iran now. It is necessary to wait until expanded format
T C A E xe c ut i ve C om m i t te e me mb e r Fl o r i da
the internal situation is stabilized was held.
Yessayan -B al ian t hanked t he T CA for alloc at ing t he
there. Even the US authorities have A number of agreements were signed between the two countries on coop-
old T V studi o to t he A r me nagan Yout h an d c om-
not strongly responded to the events eration in economic and humanitarian spheres, aimed at expanding and
men de d it s memb er s for t heir he lp wit h t he pr oj ec t.
in Iran, since it would be seen as an developing relations. The two presidents came to agreement on continuing
attempt of interference into the political discussions between the two countries based on the centuries-long
domestic issues of Iran,” Giragosian friendship between the Armenian and Syrian peoples.
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 5


Eastern Diocese Welcomes Iraqi Ambassador and Primate
of Diocese of Armenian Church of Iraq
NEW YORK — On Friday, June 19,
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the
Diocese of the Armenian Church of America
(Eastern), hosted a luncheon in honor of
Archbishop Avak Asadourian, Primate of the
Diocese of the Armenian Church of Iraq.
Guests included Ambassador T. Hamid Al-Bayati,
permanent representative of Iraq to the United
Nations; Ambassador Armen Martirossian, perma-
nent representative of the Republic of Armenia to
the United Nations; the Very Rev. Haigazoun
Najarian, Vicar of the Eastern Diocese; and the Very
Rev. Vahan Hovhanessian, pastor of Holy Martyrs
Armenian Church in Bayside, NY.
Barsamian welcomed Ambassador T. Hamid Al-
Bayati and Ambassador Armen Martirossian to the
Eastern Diocese. He said it is always a pleasure to
see Archbishop Asadourian, a dedicated servant of
the Armenian Church who is well-respected in the
Armenian community of Iraq and elsewhere.
A cordial conversation was shared by the
ambassadors and clergy. Al-Bayati emphasized
the important role of the Christian community of

Key House Panel
Approves $48M for
Armenia, $10M Ambassador T. Hamid Al-Bayati expresses his gratitude to Archbishop Avak Asadourian.

Iraq, noting its centuries-old presence and many
Restores Military Parity, contributions to the country. He said he was
himself a graduate of a Christian school in Iraq.
Strengthens Section 907 Discussion also focused on the Armenian
community of Iraq. Al-Bayati noted the chal-
WASHINGTON — This week, a key House lenges of recent years but said the present situ-
panel approved the Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 State, ation is improving and added that he was opti-
Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill. Armenia mistic about the restoration of stability in Iraq.
is slated to receive $48 million, $3 million in He thanked Barsamian for the opportunity to
Foreign Military Financing (FMF), and $450,000 meet with Asadourian. Al-Bayati also asked ques-
in International Military Education Training tions about the Armenian-American community,
(IMET) while Nagorno Karabagh will receive $10 and was particularly interested in learning more
million. Azerbaijan did not receive the funding about Iraqi-Armenians living in the United States.
increase proposed by the administration. The luncheon marked the ambassador’s first
“The Assembly commends Chairwoman Nita visit to the Eastern Diocese. Barsamian offered
Lowey (D-NY) and members of the Al-Bayati a tour of St. Vartan Cathedral and the
Subcommittee for ensuring this positive out- Diocesan Center. The ambassador expressed his
come,” said Armenian Assembly of America gratitude for the hospitality — a warm welcome,
Executive Director Bryan Ardouny. “US assis- which he said made him feel at home. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian welcomes Ambassador T. Hamid Al-Bayati to the Eastern Diocese.
tance to Armenia helps to offset the impact of Martirossian stressed the importance of such Also pictured are Archbishop Avak Asadourian, Ambassador Armen Martirossian and Very Rev.
Turkey’s ongoing blockade of Armenia.” meetings in helping to strengthen ties between Vahan Hovhanessian.
The administration proposed a sharp reduc- Armenia and Iraq.
tion in funding to Armenia from last year’s level
of $48 million to $30 million in FY 2010.
Additionally, the budget request also increased
aid to Azerbaijan and overturned long-standing
Congressional policy with respect to military
parity between Armenian and Azerbaijan.
Natalie Mosher Announces Campaign for Congress
“Today’s Subcommittee action sends the right enter this race to get solutions to the problems unemployment benefits and is against free trade
message to the people of Armenia and Nagorno By Betty Apigian Kessel of rising health care, job losses, falling home deals such as the North American Free Trade
Karabagh, that America will continue to assist prices and the credit crunch.” Her campaign Agreement (NAFTA) and Central America Free
our friends in the region,” added Ardouny. voice will stress that she believes voters disdain Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
“However, the Assembly remain concerned about CANTON, Mich. — Standing in front of a sup- political finger pointing to the solutions urgent Being of Armenian heritage, Mosher indi-
the overall level of assistance to Armenia, espe- portive gathering of 150 Hyes on the Armenian to the issues facing our time. cates she would make certain that the
cially the impact of the Millennium Challenge Relief Society Centennial Celebration Cruise on Mosher goes on to say, “I have always been a Armenian-American community has an active
Corporation’s (MCC) recent decision to hold Lake St. Clair, Natalie Mosher’s remarks were go-to person whether it was working as a com- and effective advocate working to collaborate
funding on a rural roads project. The Assembly brief but garnered a hearty round of applause munity activist, a teacher, a non-profit develop- with Congress and the Obama administration
will continue to press for increased assistance to when she announced if elected as a Democratic ment director, or a mother.” She says she is a to properly recognize the Armenian Genocide.
benefit the people of Armenia.” US Representative, she would be 100 percent doer that no job is too big or too small for her She plans on increasing the levels of technical
In March of this year, Board of Trustees supportive of Armenian issues. to get results. As an active member of the assistance for the Republic of Armenia, to sup-
Member Van Krikorian testified before the Thus the campaign of Mosher, 65, in the 11th League of Women Voters, Mosher promoted K- port Nagorno Karabagh’s self-rule and direct
House Appropriations Subcommittee on State District to defeat Republican incumbent 12 higher education reform across America. relations with the United States and advance
Foreign Operations and Related Programs, out- Thaddeus McCotter currently in his fourth term She wants to empower teachers by transform- US policies that promote open borders and sta-
lining the Assembly’s priorities and urging no is off and running. ing the No Child Left Behind initiative. bility in the South Caucus region.
less than: $70 million for Armenia, $10 million The former public school teacher is the She has worked as the executive director of “Additionally, I plan to partner with the co-
for Nagorno Karabagh a well as $4 million in daughter of John and Rose Manoogian, active the American Cancer Society in Ohio and chairs of the Congressional Caucus on
Foreign FMF and $1 million in IMET for Fiscal supporters of the St. Sarkis Armenian Church served as Chief Development Officer of the Armenian issues, Representatives Frank
Year 2010. Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank community of Dearborn. She is the grand- Detroit Riverfront Conservancy to create, estab- Pallone and Mark Kirk, to normalize relations
Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) also daughter of Armenian Genocide survivors from lish, operate and maintain a series of parks and between Armenia and Turkey.”
called for the funding levels noted above. Sivas and Marash, Turkey, proudly saying her green spaces along the Detroit riverfront. Natalie Mosher is a woman of accomplish-
The full Committee is expected to consider family has been in this country 94 years. Her family has a long history of connection to ment with an even greater ambition to put her
the bill next week with a vote in the House of The life-long Democrat, although never hav- the Michigan auto industry and she is running work ethic and passion for getting results into
Representatives anticipated before the August ing held elective office, admits she was inspired to offer solutions that get Michigan back to the helping the State of Michigan and this country
Congressional recess. As the Bill moves by President Barack Obama’s inauguration. prosperity that was enjoyed in the past. move forward to better times.
through the legislative process in the House She is a graduate of Michigan State University. She supports creating alternative energy pro- Mosher lives in Canton with her husband,
and Senate, the Assembly will continue its advo- She states she will get things done by work- duction and life science jobs in Michigan. Mosher Bob, a retired Ford Motor Company engineer.
cacy and outreach efforts. ing with members of all political parties. “I is a proponent of pension protection, expanding They have two grown sons.
6 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R

Community News
Armenia’s Detroit Daughters
Fledgling Social Of Vartan Award
Work Program $5,000 in Merit
Gets Boost Scholarships
DETROIT — On Wednesday, June 10, the
From CHA Detroit Chapter of the Daughters of Vartan
held their eighth Annual Scholarship Awards
program. Five outstanding young men and
women each were the recipients of $1,000.
By Daphne Abeel With Knights and Daughters of Vartan, the
Special to the Mirror-Spectator 2009 scholars and their families present,
Chairman Jane Hovsepian, a past Grand
Matron, welcomed those present and gave a
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — “One of our biggest From left, Angela Hagopian Snow, John Wohl, Maria Filar, Suzanne Hagopian,
brief overview of their Merit Scholarship
problems is malnutrition.” This statement, Edgar Hagopian and Rick Rogers (CCS), in front of the winning rug
offered by one Armenian social worker, stood in To date, 22 scholarships have been awarded
stark contrast to more nuanced problems totaling nearly $16,000. The following are this
addressed by the array of psychotherapeutic
and counseling services described in an infor-
mation session, hosted by the Cambridge
Celebrating 20 Years year’s recipients:
• Dannielle Dakhlian is a graduate student at
the University of Michigan in the School of
Health Alliance (CHA) at the Cambridge
Hospital, Wednesday, June 17.
The session, part of a two-week visit spon-
sored by the Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City
Of Collaboration Pharmacy. She interned for two years at the
University of Michigan Health Management

Association (CYSCA), brought together 10 Hagopian World of Rugs & the College for Creative
Armenian social work professionals and staff Studies 2009 Student Rug Design Competition
members of the CHA social work program for
an informational exchange. DETROIT — At the 2009 College for Creative Studies Student Exhibition, in
Judy Howe, director of outpatient psychiatric front of the rug produced from the first-place design, Suzanne Hagopian present-
services for children and moderator of the pro- ed awards to the four talented students who placed in this year’s competition.
gram, described the scope of the CHA program, Sponsored by Hagopian World of Rugs and in collaboration with the College for
which includes three hospitals in Cambridge, Creative Studies, it was conceived to mentor students in the field of textile design
Somerville and Everett, neighborhood health clin- and support the school. Students are given the opportunity to submit designs
ics in seven cities and three school-based health based on specific criteria and compete for scholarship money. In addition,
centers. The CHA enjoys a teaching affiliation Hagopian has the first-place design made into a rug and displayed at the annual
with Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical CCS Student Exhibition.
School, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Also present for the awards were the 2009 judges from the metro Detroit Design
and the Harvard School of Public Health. It also Community who graciously volunteer their time and expertise to the project;
sponsors training programs in medicine, psychia- Stanley Lecznar from The Teich Group, Shirley Maddalena, Maddalena Design and
try, social work and psychology. John Wohl, Tom Verwest Interiors.
“Our mission,” said Howe, “is to improve the This years’ criteria according to Suzanne Hagopian was to design a rug using “green
health of the community. We work with the ideas and methods,” a concept she promotes personally and professionally. The idea
public health departments in the seven munici- was embraced by the students and the results were innovative and spectacular.
First Place was awarded to student Virginia Peckenpaugh, a sophomore whose
design was inspired by the rain forest. Second Place was awarded to senior Maria Dannielle Dakhlian
Filar for her design based on organic shapes; Third Place was awarded freshman
Bridge Sullivan for her design inspired by nature and Honorable Mention was
Center, the Michigan Diabetes Center, and is
awarded to senior Stephanie Kalb for her design based on earth’s resources. All
currently working on a research project for pub-
the students received a commemorative plaque and scholarship money. In addi-
lication. She will earn her doctorate in pharma-
tion, a gift was presented from Hagopian to the College for Creative Studies.
cy in 2010. She plans to be a specialized clini-
Hagopian rugs is planning a special event in Fall 2009 for students, judges,
cal pharmacist. Dakhlian is a graduate of St.
alumnae and staff to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this competition that exem-
John’s Church School and a former Sunday
plifies their ideal of being a catalyst for progress in the communities they serve.
School teacher. She is the daughter of Stephen
and Debbie Dakhlian, and granddaughter of
Marguerite and the late Andrew Dakhlian.
• Matthew Rupas, an honors student
Fulbright Scholar to Discuss Security throughout high school, graduated magna cum
laude. A business marketing major at Michigan
In South Caucasus at NAASR
BELMONT, Mass. — Dr. Gayane Novikova, lowing factors: the final withdrawal of
founder and director of the Spectrum Center Abkhazia and South Ossetia from the juris-
for Strategic Analysis in Yerevan, Armenia, diction of Georgia, Russia’s additional politi-
and currently Fulbright Research Scholar at cal and military leverage in the region,
the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Azerbaijan’s continued policy of complemen-
Studies, Harvard University, will give a lec- tarity, Turkey’s attempted use of this crisis to
ture on “The 2008 Five-Day War and Shifts increase its overall role in the region, and
Artak Khachatryan, head of the Department of
in Security in the South Caucasus” on Armenia’s attempts to emphasize its pres-
Social Work at Yerevan State University, asks a Thursday, July 9, at 8 p.m., at the National ence in international politics and increase its
question. Association for Armenian Studies and significance for external actors, trying there-
Research (NAASR) Center, 395 Concord Ave. by to balance Russian influence.
The South Caucasus has been character- Novikova is an experienced researcher in
palities we serve...We are a large, sprawling ized as one of the most unstable regions of the security and politics of Armenia and the
community-based hospital complex.” post-Soviet space since the early 1990s. The South Caucasus. She has served at the
CHA professionals and the Armenians were insecurity reached its latest peak in August Department of Arabic Studies of the Institute
communicating, with the help of Armine 2008, when military actions on Georgian of Oriental Studies of the National Academy
Medzorian, translator, across a considerable territory caused drastic changes in the con- of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (1978-
gap in respect to experience, financial support figuration of the security structure in the 2000) and the Armenian Center for National
and professional standards. As Nina Masters, South Caucasus and illuminated the role and International Studies (1994-2000). The
director of social work training at CHA, put it and importance of each regional and non- author of more than 60 articles and four Matthew Rupas
late in the session, “Social work in the United regional actor. monographs, she is also the editor of twelve
States is a mature profession.” In contrast, the The August 2008 war in Georgia has collections of articles published by the
concept of social work in Armenia is fledgling. excluded the possibility of the creation of any Center for Strategic Analysis. She is current- State University, Rupas is a member of the
It has received support and assistance from a acceptable format of regional cooperation in ly carrying out research on the “South Honors College and Phi Chi Theta Business
program at the University of Connecticut, the South Caucasus. Even more, the status Caucasus Between Russia and the West.” Fraternity. His goal is to head a marketing team
which sends a social work team to Armenia quo established after the Five-Day War will be Admission to the lecture at NAASR is free for a major corporation. He is a graduate of
see SOCIAL WORK, page 7 determined in the medium-term by the fol- (donations appreciated). see SCHOLARSHIPS, page 9
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 7


Fledgling Social Work Program Gets Boost from CHA TCA Arshag
SOCIAL WORK, from page 6 gram, which deals with victims of crime, such
each year to conduct teaching and training ses-
sions, but it is struggling to establish itself in
Armenia, where the concept is new to a majori-
as rape or domestic violence.
“We work closely with community groups to
establish a connection between the medical
ty of the population.
Although the issues did not always come up
directly in the information session, in their bio-
model and the community. We are very overt —
we teach that violence is not OK; an act of vio-
lence is wrong,” said Shorin
School Hosts
graphical descriptions the Armenians listed a
host of challenges to their work including lack
Masters concluded the program, noting that
social work has evolved from being mainly case-
of information, lack of financial support, lack of
understanding of social work’s role in the soci-
ety, an inadequate legal system, lack of training
work-based to being a service that provides psy-
chotherapy and counseling. This has required
the development of new standards and degrees.
and clear standards for the profession, lack of “The National Association of Social Workers LOS ANGELES — The TCA Arshag
citizens’ awareness of their rights and a heavy is respected by the government and other inde- Dickranian School held a graduation
workload. pendent agencies and the Council of Social ball to celebrate the graduation of its
Several CHA professionals outlined the scope Work Educators sets standards for schools and students from high school and middle
of their work. Goldie Eder, an independently- for social work. One of the reasons we started school, on Saturday, June 20, at 7:30
licensed social worker, stressed work with immi- to specialize in psychotherapy is that new laws p.m. The ball took place at the school’s
grants, particularly undocumented immigrants, were passed and to get funds, you had to have Walter and Laurel Karabian Hall,
who need help with insurance, so that they are a patient with a specific diagnosis.” where the families and friends of the
able to come to appointments and receive med- Nina Masters, director of social work training at
Artak Khachatryan, head of the Department graduating students gathered to enjoy
ications. She cited the high incidence of cardiac CHA, addresses Armenian social workers. At of Social Work, at Yerevan State University, a night of dinner, dancing and cele-
arrest and cancer as serious problems. Services left, CYSCA project manager Alisa Stepanian expressed a strong interest in the establishment brating.
CHA provides include transportation to of standards for certification. After the first portion of the
chemotherapy appointments and support The session ended with the presentation of a evening, in which graduating students
groups for people with cancer, multiple sclerosis. being addressed in such a way that they under- gift from the Armenian professionals to the had their pictures taken, Vatche
Jackie Bisbee, who works with the in-patient stand what the doctor is saying. staff of CHA. Semerdjian, who is the homeroom
aspect of social work, described the services Lisa Satrin, supervisor of the child and adult In addition to those mentioned above, the teacher of the eighth grade, intro-
offered to patients while they are in the hospi- psychiatry outpatient department, stated that group also included: Alina Avalyan, Astghatsolk duced the graduates of middle school
tal, and noted that an interpreter is on hand for common cases included children who were not NGO; Naira Avanesyan, head of the Division of by recalling fond memories and the
patients and their families.. functioning well at school, adolescents with sui- Protection of Children’s Rights in Kapan; distinctive traits of each student.
Anna Martirosyan, who works with children cidal or homicidal tendencies, and persons with Lusine Gasparayan; City of Yerevan, Children’s Krikor Soukiassian, who is the home-
with hearing disabilities at the Havat NGO depression and anxiety. CHA works with school- Rights Protection Department; Greta room teacher of the 12th graders,
Center in Yerevan, asked if CHA provides an based health centers and physicians and psy- Grigoryan, head of the Benefits Department of invited all the graduates of high
interpreter for sign language and learned that chiatrists who treat these patients. the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues; Naira school onto the stage of the hall and
CHA has a hard-of-hearing clinic. Martirosyan Rachel Flynn, a licensed social worker with an Kerkobyan, NGO Zangagatun; Avtandil congratulated them for their hard
also queried Bisbee about whether hearing aids advanced degree in psychotherapy, described her Markosyan, head of Children’s Rights in work and for their acceptance to vari-
were provided and was told that technical spe- work with adult outpatients, which includes eval- Tavush; Asthik Minasyan, head of the Social ous well-respected universities. A
cialists and speech therapists are available to uation, counseling and therapy. Assistance Department in the Ministry of Labor touching slideshow of the seniors’
work with the hard of hearing. “We find out what makes a person depressed. and Social Issues and Arusyak Safaryan, lec- journey through the years at the
Another question directed at Bisbee probed Whether there are psychological problems in the turer at Yerevan State University in the Faculty school followed; the students cheered
whether a doctor or social worker informs a family, whether there is a history of trauma, death of Social Work. as they remembered their fond memo-
patient of an illness. The doctors discuss the or illness, what their immigration status is.” Their visit to the CHA was followed by a trip ries at the Dickranian School.
specific illness, said Bisbee, but social workers Jayme Shorin, clinical director of the CHA’s to a domestic violence program in Waltham. The most exciting part of the
accompany doctors to make sure patients are Victims of Violence program, described the pro- The group will return to Armenia on July 1. evening came during the naming of
the Prom King, Queen, Prince and
Princess. The Prom King and Queen of
class of 2008, Hovig Najarian and
Mary Alexanian, were happy to crown

Save the Date!
Sunday, September 20th, 4pm – 9pm
Ruben Khachadryan as the Prom King
and Narine Sulian as the Prom Queen
for the Class of 2009. As for the crown-
ing of the graduates of middle school,
the Prom Prince and Princess of class
of 2008, Harout Seropian and Alice
Haytayan, were happy to be the first
ones to congratulate Razmig
Gasparian as the Prom Prince and
Lucy Bambalyan as the Prom Princess
of 2009.
For more information on the school,

An Even i ng Hon ori ng Edga r Hagopi an
in r ec og ni t ion of hi s c om mi t m en t
t o t he A rm e ni an A m er ic a n c om mu n it y
4 pm Cocktails & hors’ d’oeuvres
5:00 pm Program
5:30 pm Dinner
at the
Royal Park Hotel
600 East University Drive, Rochester MI
Patron $250/person, Benefactor $125/person
Friend $75/person
Call P a m at 248-646-7847 for more information Check us out at
8 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


A New Cross and Two New Sub-Deacons for Richmond Parish
RICHMOND, Va. — Parishioners gathered at The cross — 1.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall —
St. James Armenian Church here on Sunday, will be installed on the dome of the church later
June 14, to celebrate the ordination of two altar this year to replace the existing stone cross,
servers and the consecration of a new cross which was damaged by lightning.
that will soon adorn the church dome. The church dome has never seen an
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of Armenian cross, Hovsepyan said, and the com-
the Diocese of the Armenian Church of munity is looking forward to the addition.
America (Eastern), celebrated the Divine Handcrafted in Aleppo, Syria, the new aluminum
Liturgy and ordained two young men — Johnny cross was made to capture both the simplicity and
Chadoian and Kevork Ozbalik — to the rank of the elegance of traditional Armenian design.
sub-deacon. It was created by Harut Ayvazian’s father,
The two have been serving as acolytes for five Kevork Ayvazian, whose foundry in Aleppo is
years and working hard to prepare for the sub- known for the metalwork it supplies to
deaconate. Armenian churches worldwide, including the
“They are very dedicated to the church,” said Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin.
the Rev. Mesrob Hovsepyan, pastor of St. James Harut and Sevana Ayvazian were both
Church. “It is amazing to see how much they involved in the design process, which took
have grown in their faith and service.” about two months.
In honor of the occasion, four new robes and The couple is active in the area’s Armenian
stoles for the altar servers were donated by community. They have been members at the St.

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian consecrates a new cross at St. James Church in Richmond, Va.

“If you see that cross, you are going to know ing together, devoting their time and effort to
that this is an Armenian church,” he said. build up the life of their church,” said
A luncheon was held after services. A number Barsamian. “That is what the dedicated parish-
of parishioners offered instrumental and vocal ioners in Richmond have done in the case of
performances and remarks were made by their two new sub-deacons, and in the case of
Parish Council Chair Leiza Bouroujian. their beautiful new cross. Our whole Diocese is
“It’s a blessing to see people in a parish com- proud of their accomplishment.”

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian ordains Johnny Chadoian and Kevork Ozbalik to the rank of sub-dea-
con at St. James Church in Richmond, Va.

parishioners Jamie and Margaret Accashian, James parish for some 10 years and run an
Steven and Dorian Barsamian, Murad and Armenian store close to the church.
Melanie Kerneklian, Marni Pilafian and Joyce Harut Ayvazian says he is proud of the fin-
Soghoian. Harry and Liz Deloian donated new ished product, and glad to be part of “the
altar covers to the church. enrichment of the Armenian Church,” especial-
Following the ordinations, Barsamian conse- ly in a small community where it’s particularly
crated the church’s new cross, donated by important and challenging to preserve the
Harut and Sevana Ayvazian. Armenian identity.

Gerald ‘Gerry’ Ayrassian
PROVIDENCE — Gerald “Gerry” Ayrassian,
54, of Providence, died on Tuesday, June 16, in
the Jane Brown Unit at Rhode Island Hospital.
He was the husband for 24 years of Barbara
D. (Hamperian) Ayrassian.
Telephone (617) 924-7400
Born in Providence, he was the son of Agnes
(Ampagoomian) Ayrassian of Lincoln, RI and
the late Deacon Carl Ayrassian.
Aram Bedrosian
Ayrassian received his Bachelor of Science
degree in accounting from Roger Williams
Funeral Home, Inc.
College in 1976 and was vice president of Continuous Service By The Bedrosian Family Since 1945
Freeway Liquors in Providence from 1980 to
2005. He was past coach of the North MARION BEDROSIAN

Providence Recreation Girls Softball Team and PAUL BEDROSIAN
an active volunteer at Sts. Sahag & Mesrob WATERTOWN, MA 02472 LARRY BEDROSIAN
Armenian Apostolic Church.
Besides his wife and mother, he leaves his
daughters, Amanda Ayrassian and Christina
Ayrassian, both of Providence, and two broth-
ers, Robert Ayrassian of Lincoln and Gregory
Ayrassian of Cranston.
The funeral was held on Saturday, June 20 at
Sts. Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Apostolic F U N E R A L H O M E
Church, Providence. Interment followed in
North Burial Ground Cemetery, Providence. James “Jack” Giragosian, CPC
Arrangements were made by the Nardolillo Gerald “Gerry” Ayrassian
Funeral Counselor
Funeral Home. Online condolences may be left 576 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472, TEL: 617-924—0606
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions Armenian Apostolic Church, 70 Jefferson St., w w
may be made to: Sts. Sahag & Mesrob Providence, RI 02908.
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 9


Detroit Daughters of Vartan Award $5,000 in Merit Scholarships
SCHOLARSHIPS, from page 6 dent majoring in business. He received the School and an ACYOA member. In 2005 she
St. John’s Church School and served seven Indiana University Faculty Award Scholarship. received the Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan Award
years on the altar first as Tibir and later elevat- He is active in the Sustainable Business Club, and the Detroit Free Press Editorial Award.
ed to Khostoz. He is the son of Peter and the Undergraduate Investment Club, She is the president of the Armenian Students’
Barbara Rupas, and grandson of Nina and the Intramural Sports and Sigma Chi Fraternity. Cultural Association at the University of
late Albert Sarkisian. He is a graduate of St. John’s Church School Michigan. She is the daughter of Peter and
• Christopher Sarkesian attends Indiana and has been a member of the Junior and Marilyn Sarkesian and granddaughter of
University in Bloomington. He is an honor stu- Senior ACYOA. His goal is to become an George and Nevart Godoshian.
• Michael Stamboulian attends the College
for Creative Arts in Detroit majoring in metal-
smithing and jewelry design. He served as his

Now On Sale
Ara Kalaydjian’ s
(former editor of the
Armenian Mirror-Spectator)
Christopher Sarkesian

Investment Banking Analyst and attend

Ore Orin (Daily
Graduate Business School. His parents are
Peter and Marilyn Sarkesian, and he is the

Reflections). 774 pages
grandson of George and Nevart Godoshian.
• Lauren Sarkesian graduated from the

book in Armenian, articles
University of Michigan, with honors, majoring
in English and political science. Through the

printed in “ Baikar” daily
AGBU, Sarkesian interned at the Manhattan

and weekly newspaper
District Attorney’s Office and later with
Michigan’s Sen. Carl Levin. This fall, she will

$30 including handling
enter law school at Loyola University in Lauren Sarkesian
Chicago. She is a graduate of St. John’s Church

and shipping instructor’s assistant at the Birmingham
Bloomfield Art Center. His artwork has been
showcased while in high school and at college.
He is a graduate of St. John’s Church School
and is active in the ACYOA sports program. He
has been a counselor at St. John’s Day Camp
working with children in arts and crafts. He
plans on being a Studio Artist and to teach. His
parents are Jimmy and Patricia Stamboulian
and he is a grandson of Charles and Anabelle



City/State/Zip Bing Makes
Please make checks payable to:
History in
Tekeyan Cultural Association Forgoing
755 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472 Michael Stamboulian
DETROIT (Detroit Free Press) —
Mayor Dave Bing will be the first elected
mayor of Detroit to not live in the

Sponsor a Teacher in Armenia and Karabagh 2009 Manoogian Mansion since the 15-room
house was donated to the city to serve
as the mayoral residence in 1966.
Jerry Cavanagh, Roman Gribbs,
Coleman Young, Dennis Archer, Kwame
Since its inception in 2001, TCA’s ‘Sponsor Kilpatrick and their families all spent
time in the Manoogian Mansion, which
a Teacher’ program has raised over $350,000 sits on the east riverfront across from
Belle Isle.
and reached out to 2,715 teachers and The house gained an unwelcomed
notoriety during the Kilpatrick reign as
workers in Armenia and Karabagh. the supposed site of a much-ballyhooed
wild party. Though the party was never
proven, rumors of it ignited the chain of
✄ events that led to Kilpatrick resigning
and going to jail.
❑ Yes, I want to sponsor teachers in Armenia and Karabagh to continue Bing has said he wants to find a way to
helping them to educate the children, our future leaders. I would like to have make the home, a gift from industrialist
the teacher’s name and address. Alex Manoogian, a resource for Detroit and
to recoup the roughly $150,000 the city
❑ $160 ❑ $ 320 ❑ $ 480 ❑ other $—————————
spends for annual upkeep.
Name Mayoral spokeswoman Meagan Pitts
Address said Monday the mansion is undergoing
City State Zip code repairs for plumbing and other prob-
Tel: lems, and officials continue to plan to
use it as a site for conferences, weddings
Make check payable to: Tekeyan Cultural Association – Memo: Sponsor a Teacher 2009 and other gatherings.
Mail your check with this form to: Pitts said the repairs are being
TCA Sponsor a Teacher financed by a nonprofit organization and
5326 Valverde, Houston, TX 77056
the city, but a price tag was not immedi-
Your donation is Tax Deductible. ately available.
10 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


Armenian Sisters Academy of Radnor Holds 42nd Annual Hantes
RADNOR, Penn. — Sunday, June 7, was a dwarfs on a dance around the stage. The
happy day for the students of the Armenian youngest Montessori children, adorably dressed
Sisters Academy (ASA). Not only was the end of as bumble bees, sang Meghoo or “The Bee.”
the school year in sight, but it was also the day While singing and “flying” with their arms, they
of the school’s traditional year-end hantes. smelled the sweet flowers on either side of the
Mother Nature cooperated and delivered a stage. All the Montessori voices rang out
beautiful spring day. As a result, audience together as they sang Mi Hay Badani (An
turnout was exceptional with many in the local Armenian Child). Lastly, the “graduating”
community joining the ASA families, alumni kindergartners, outfitted in traditional satin
and out-of town guests. outfits, got the audience clapping with an
The 2009 hantes was high-energy and kept updated version of Khel Pane (No Problem).
getting better as the 75-minute program pro- The boys’ stood shoulder to shoulder and
gressed. What makes this performance special stomped their feet to the beat, while the girls
is that the students genuinely want to be there. circled their arms daintily.
All the children, from Montessori to the 17- The second part of the program featured first

Graceful dancing

A cute trio of dancers

member graduating eighth-grade class, were through third graders in “Scenes from Boaster
proud of their accomplishments. Opera” which had a nature theme. Each stu-
Following tradition, the hantes began with dent was spectacularly costumed to resemble
the graduating class leading the audience in his or her plant, and all grade levels sang all
singing the Hayr Mer and the American and songs. The boys were outfitted in green and
Armenian national anthems. For those in atten- brown with leaves and “branches” seeming to Impressing the audience by leaps and bounds
dance not familiar with the bond the communi- grow from their head. Together they sang
ty has with the school, it was evident immedi- Dzarer or “Trees,” mimicking the way trees
ately as it didn’t take long before most of the grow and sway in the wind. They were followed with the energetic music of Shalakho. The But end it did, as Principal Sister V. Louisa
audience joined in. Graduating class spokesper- by second and third grade girls singing Gagach girls’ graceful sweeping movements were Kassarjian thanked choreographers and dance
sons then officially welcomed — in Armenian or “Tulip.” With realistic red-petaled costumes highlighted by scarves on each wrist, while instructors Ovsanna Sadjonian, Fran
and English — clergy, sisters, honored guests, and hats and green stockings for the stem, we the boys were down on one knee and clap- Torcomian, Lauren Yeremian and Karine
family and friends who were in attendance for truly felt the essence of the flower. They were ping along. When the children wove in and Shamlian. Excellent piano accompaniment was
this highly-anticipated event. followed by the third-grade girls singing out of each other, the audience could fully provided as always by music teacher Maroush
Although this was the 42nd annual closing Manooshag or “Violet.” The girls brought the appreciate their traditional costumes. Guests Paneyan-Nigon. Special thanks were given to
hantes, for many young students, it was their dance to life with their lavender- and lilac-col- continued to clap to the beat of Kedashen Ovsanna Sadjonian and Therese Sajonian for
first on-stage experience. The first part of the ored costumes. Dressed in whites and pale yel- and the turquoise-and-lilac costumed fifth their exceptional hand-made costumes. They
graders. In two rows, they sang, circled, especially thanked the children for their hard
skipped and bounced their way through the work and many practices to make this hantes a
exciting song. The sixth- and seventh-grade reality. Guests were welcomed back to the
girls slowed things down a bit for Cilicia . school grounds for a picnic.
With traditional gold costumes and veiled
headbands, the girls sang and soulfully
danced while holding (electric) candles in
each hand. The effect was mesmerizing. Split
into two groups, the sixth through eighth
grade boys acted out “Gindos” and
Shepherds. The slow-moving shepherds were
teased by the Gindos as the two groups tried
to outdo each other with their dancing feats.
Crab kicks, squat kicks, side-kicks, straddle
jumps and jumping over sticks and bent legs
all got the audience whistling and calling out
The last to perform in this portion were the
graduating eighth-grade girls in Dele Yaman.
While exquisitely costumed in cream with
either red, blue or orange veils to their ankles
Young dancers complete their number. and attached at the wrist, they brought many
audience members to tears. The audience
seemed to clap extra long for them, and their
program began with the Montessori students lows, the first- and second-grade girls followed smiles showed their pride. Someone in the audi-
singing Hoonis é yégél or “June Has Come.” dancing and singing Shooshan or “Lily.” Lastly, ence liked it so much, he called out “Noren!”
This led into the youngest Montessori girls the Markardadzaghig or “Daisy” dance fea- (Again!) For the conclusion of the program, Entertainment Fridays
dressed as angels singing and bouncing on tured more first- and second-grade girls singing these young ladies began singing
their toes to the song Angel Band. Adorned in and swirling in their yellow scalloped costumes. Yerevan/Erebouni as their younger school- and Saturdays
white costumes, wings and feathered halos, The fourth- through eighth-graders partici- mates came back on stage and joined in.
they looked truly angelic. The angels joined pated in the third portion, which was made- Imagine over 70 young voices singing this mov-
their classmates and continued to sing Heigh up primarily of traditional Armenian songs. ing song and you’ll see why the audience did
Ho while Snow White led her colorful seven The fourth graders got the audience clapping not want the program to end.
New York
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 11


Three Leaders to Be Honored at Armenian Medical World Congress in New York
By Florence Avakian

NEW YORK — “It was a great feeling to help
my people in Armenia. And it was thrilling that
I was able to work with my father on this very
important project,” said Dr. Levon Nazarian.
Recently, Nazarian received an honorary
Doctor of Medicine degree from Yerevan State
Medical University, as well as its gold medal in
recognition of his dedicated work in setting up
the Ultrasound Training Centre of Armenia.
On Saturday, July 4, the gala banquet of the
Armenian Medical World Congress at the New
York Hilton Hotel, will honor the preeminent
father and son humanitarian and Medical
Outreach team of Nazar Nazarian and Dr.
Levon Nazarian, as well as Great Britain’s
Health Minister Lord Dr. Ara Darzi for his world
famous scientific achievements.
In a telephone interview, Dr. Levon Nazarian From left: Lord Dr. Ara Darzi, Dr. Levon Nazarian and Nazar Nazarian
spoke of the crucial ultra-sound project which he
established in Armenia. It was at the educational
arm of the Thomas Jefferson University in his typically humble manner. construction of AGBU facilities in various com- Armenian Genocide. Internationally acclaimed
Hospital’s Ultrasound Research and Education Dr. Levon Nazarian is currently Radiology munities in North and South America and the for his scientific achievements, he is recognized
Institute that it was decided “to spread ultra- Residency program director, as well as professor Middle East. for his work on surgical robots, for which he
sound education throughout the world as a cost- of radiology and vice chairman for education at In addition to their funding of the Ultrasound and his department received the Rector’s
effective procedure. Without side effects, it’s a the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He Centre in Armenia, Nazar and Artemis Nazarian Research Excellence Award. This is one of many
very effective method to diagnose the heart, thy- has co-authored 69 peer-reviewed scientific underwrote the cost of the St. Trdat Chapel of honors he has received, which include a
roid, liver, gall bladder, pelvis, tendons, muscular papers and 84 abstracts. His pioneering work in the Yerevan Cathedral, as well as funded sever- Fellowship of the American College of
skeletal system, male testicles and normal and ultrasound has received much acclaim in news- al educational, medical and religious endeavors Surgeons and being the first surgeon to be
abnormal pregnancies,” he explained. papers, magazines, as well as on television, the in Armenia for which they were awarded the inducted as an Honorary Fellow at the Royal
The World Health Organization (WHO) has BBC and the Reuters news agency. He has been 1,700th anniversary medal by the Catholicos of Academy of Engineering. For his exemplary ser-
identified ultrasound as one of the best tools to named editor-in-chief of the Journal of All Armenians Karekin II. vices to medicine, he was knighted in 2002 by
improve the population’s health in developing Ultrasound Medicine, a post he will assume in Queen Elizabeth II, and was elevated to the
countries, and many centers have been set up January 2011. He is the recipient of numerous Darzi Makes His Mark peerage in 2007.
in different parts of the world. awards, including being listed in the 2007-2008 Appointed Minister of Health of Great In addition to the banquet on July 4, the
It was more than 10 years ago that an ultra- Best Doctors in America. Following in his Britain, Lord Dr. Ara Darzi is head of the Armenian Medical World Congress, which will
sound specialist at Thomas Jefferson University father’s footsteps, Dr. Nazarian recently joined Department of Surgery at the Imperial College convene from July 1-4 at New York’s Hilton
Hospital said to Dr. Levon Nazarian, “You’re the AGBU Board of Directors. London, and is chairman of Surgery there and Hotel, will feature four days of medical sym-
Armenian. How about setting up the procedure Philanthropy has been the cornerstone of at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. posia and meetings, a dinner cruise on a luxury
in Armenia? I had been thinking about it. OK, Nazar Nazarian’s life. Longtime member of the He is also an honorary consultant at St. Mary’s yacht on Thursday evening, July 2, and a bus
let’s do it,” Nazarian answered. The long and AGBU Board of Directors, Nazar Nazarian, for- Hospital and the Royal Marsden College. He trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view
arduous process was put into motion. mer president of Royale Linens in New Jersey, has published seven books and more than 450 the magnificent Armenian khachkar.
In 2000, Levon Nazarian attended the rib- with his wife, Artemis, has given generous dona- peer-reviewed papers. Reservations must be made for the Congress.
bon-cutting of the Ultrasound Training Center tions to many projects throughout the world, Educated in Ireland, Darzi was born in Iraq Information on this event is available on
of Armenia at the Yerevan State Medical including the Nazarian School in Beirut, the to a family that escaped the horrors of the
University, established by the Jefferson
Ultrasound Research and Education Institute
(JUREI). Also attending the ceremony was the
Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II and
Armenia’s Minister of Health.
The Center’s co-directors Dr. Andreas
Ararat Center Will Celebrate Burning of Mortgage
Hampartsoumian and Dr. Hamayak Sisakyan GREENVILLE, N.Y. – The sixth annual Ararat Center
“developed their own lecture and training pro- Festival, scheduled for Saturday, July 11, will focus cel-
grams starting in 2000,” Nazarian continued. ebrations on the facility mortgage burning that took
“Shortly after, four doctors from Armenia were place earlier in the year.
chosen from 20 applicants to come to Thomas Over the past five years, hundreds of people have
Jefferson University Hospital to train for three attended this traditional Armenian-styled picnic held on
months. Two years later, Hampartsoumian also the scenic grounds of the Ararat Center. This year will
came to Jefferson, taking back with him volu- be no exception as more than 500 people are anticipat-
minous training material. ed to participate in this annual event which will feature
Professionals from all over Armenia, the Armenian music by a special assembled Festival
south Caucasus, Russia, and as far away as Ensemble, entertainment by the Sipan Dance Group of
India and China came to Armenia’s Ultrasound the Capital District, traditional Armenian meals and
Center to learn. In Armenia, it performs a cru- games for young children. In addition, this year’s festi-
cial diagnostic role as a low cost alternative to val will once again showcase a variety of vendors selling
the MRI.” (Armenia does not have the MRI). Armenian jewelry, photos, books, CDs, perfumes and
A brief program, presided over by Archbishop Khajag
Nazar Nazarian Makes Large Donation Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian
The majority of the ultrasound equipment was Church of America (Eastern), will be held in the mid-
donated by Nazar Nazarian, noted philanthropist afternoon to thank all those who contributed towards St. Vartan staff members enjoy food during the annual Ararat Center Festival.
and father of Dr. Levon Nazarian, through the the purchase and ongoing improvements of this facility
auspices of the AGBU working in tandem with that is now owned outright by the Diocese since the
the United Nations. “The hospitals in Armenia mortgage payoff in January. More information will also be shared about the $1.5-million endowment fund campaign that is being initi-
started with two ultrasound machines, then 27 ated by the Board of Directors so that the future of the Ararat Center
more were donated to different marzes can be secured for generations to come.
(provinces) of Armenia, including Karabagh, and Admission and parking are free for this event, which will be held
the Javakhk province of Georgia.” rain or shine under the Sepastia pavilion. The festival is also an
In addition, through a joint donation by Nazar opportunity to tour this facility, which is located 30 miles south of
Nazarian, and Philips Health Care, a subsidiary Albany nestled on the edge of the Catskill Mountains. The various
of Philips Electronics, a CATscan machine has buildings and recreational areas of the Ararat Center have been
also been given to Yerevan State Medical named to represent historic Armenian regions. Individuals are wel-
University which has now begun publishing the comed to sponsor a building of their choice to honor their family
New Armenian Medical Journal, the official ancestry. More information on this will be available during the festi-
publication of the university. Dr. Levon Nazarian val.
one of two doctors from the US is a member of To inquire about group transportation to the Ararat Center for this
the University’s Editorial Advisory Council. event, contact a local parish.
“This ambitious and much-needed project, The Ararat Center, purchased by the Eastern Diocese in January
the Ultrasound Training Centre in Armenia, has The Ararat Center Festival is a perfect place for families to enjoy an 2004, is now the permanent home of the St. Vartan Camp program.
succeeded far beyond what we had hoped for afternoon of food, fun and activities. For more information about the Ararat Center, visit
through its two leaders, Dr. Hampartsoumian or e-mail
and Dr. Sisakyan,” stated Dr. Levon Nazarian,
12 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R

Ambassador to Armenia Defends US Policies
AMBASSADOR, from page 1 The elections were cited by
(ACF) on June 19. She also met with the Millennium Challenge
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and state Corporation (MCC), a US gov-
Rep. Peter Koutoujian. ernment program that funds
The events were part of a multi-city tour that developing nations, as evidence
Yovanovitch said was aimed at creating a dia- that Armenia continued to not
logue with the Armenian-American community. meet fair government standards
Other cities on the tour included New York, Los after its June 10 board meeting.
Angeles and Washington. A hold has been in place since
“The purpose of my trip is to share with peo- the widely-criticized presidential
ple the views that we have about what’s going elections in 2008 on $67 million
on in Armenia now, to share a little bit about in funds.
the US-Armenia relationship, as well as the “The [May municipal] elec-
many positive things that the US government is tions were rather disappoint-
doing in Armenia,” Yovanovitch said at a press ing,” Yovanovitch said. “We saw,
conference in Watertown at the Mirror- frankly, an atmosphere of intim-
Spectator office in the Baikar building on idation. We saw people being
Friday afternoon. bussed in from other areas. We
Asked about the timing of the announcement saw ballot stuffing. After the
of a “road map” agreement between Armenia counts in various precincts we
and Turkey on April 22, which many in the saw horse trading going on,
Armenian-American community saw as suspect, where we saw different parties
Yovanovitch said the US was playing only a sup- getting votes than what was
porting — and supportive — role in the talks. actually the case.”
“We can’t force either Armenia or Turkey to She stressed, however, that
do anything,” Yovanovitch said. “Opening the the US is the single biggest con-
border needs to be an agreement that both tributor to the World Bank and
countries feel comfortable about.” the International Monetary
Asked to clarify why the agreement was Fund, from which Armenia has Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch answers a question from David Boyajian at the Armenian Cultural Foundation on
announced on April 22, Yovanovitch remained received loans to make up for June 19.
evasive. the lost MCC funding. She also
“Obviously I’m familiar with what you’re talk- pointed out that the US Agency for Armenian Genocide and Nagorno Karabagh, directors observes. Earlier, she said the MCC
ing about,” she said, “but these discussions International Development (USAID) continues with the interaction at times contentious. had noted Georgia passes benchmarks set on
have been ongoing for a while and I think that’s to manage several humanitarian programs One questioner took Yovanovitch to task on government corruption, a requirement to
when the parties decided to release the state- there. a recent statement by Assistant Secretary of receive funding.
ment.” Yovanovitch spoke at the ACF in Arlington State Philip Gordon that the US would support “We certainly want to keep up our end of the
Yovanovitch also spoke about the May munic- on Friday night, to an audience of roughly 200, a joint Armenian-Turkish historical commission. bargain,” she said, “but we need the Armenian
ipal elections in Yerevan, where she had served at an event billed as a “community meeting”
as an observer and issued a report on June 7, about US-Armenian relations. Questions from
describing widespread irregularities. the audience related mostly to US policy on the

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, left, and her aide at the press conference at the Mirror-Spectator

“I’m puzzled that we still talk about this com- government to keep up its end of the bargain.”
mission,” the audience member said. “Do we As the meeting concluded, Yovanovitch main-
need a commission to prove whether we had tained that the US values its relationship with
slavery in the US, whether the Holocaust hap- Armenia and looks forward to encouraging its
pened? Why do we need one for Armenians?” development and helping along the rapproche-
“The US has said we will support whatever ment with Turkey.
(Turkey and Armenia) agree to,” Yovanovitch said. “You won’t be surprised to hear I think our
“We are not advocating any particular way to go. I policies are good policies,” she said.
From left, state Rep. Peter Koutoujian, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Massachusetts Gov. Deval think that’s a question for the parties to decide.” The next day, Yovanovitch attended the
Patrick and James Kalustian in Patrick’s Beacon Hill office Another audience member asked why Armenian Night at the Boston Pops. She also
Armenia was singled out as having issues with visited the Armenian Revolutionary Federation
democratic governance while the US ignores (ARF) headquarters and met Boston-area clergy
issues in Azerbaijan and Georgia, which also before attending a reception at the National
receives MCC funding. Association of Armenian Studies and Research.
“I feel like there’s a double standard,” the On Sunday, she met with the board of direc-
questioner said. tors of the Armenian Assembly of America
Yovanovitch reiterated that the MCC funding before attending mass at Holy Trinity Armenian
was contingent on the progress its board of Church of Cambridge.

Ambassador with Armenian Press editors at Baikar Building
Clergy of the Greater Boston area met with Ambassador Yovanovitch at the First Armenian Church in
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 13

Arts & Living
Centennial of Bachik the
William Saroyan’s
Birth Celebrated
In Holland Kiss Released
THE HAGUE — On May 23, the centennial DETROIT — A new children’s book has been
of Armenian-American writer William released and the story behind its author is just as
Saroyan was marked at the American Book interesting as the book itself. Author Lori
Center here. The Abovian Armenian Cultural Wagner called upon her strong familial connec-
Association had organized the seminar. tions to the Armenian relatives of her first mar-
A complete picture of the remarkable riage to create Bachik the Birthday Kiss, now
Saroyan was brought to life by lectures and available in hard cover.
audiovisual presentations on his life and Bachik the Birthday Kiss’s cover shows a
work. There was an exhibition of his original young boy with full lips and big brown eyes ten-
artwork and different publications of his derly receiving a birthday kiss on each cheek by
books, among which were seven in Dutch adoring relatives. The opening page shows an
translation, as well as live music with songs Armenian grandmother on a sofa teaching the
by Saroyan and from his era. toddler grandson “Dzapik, dzapik,” clap, clap.”
The event was specially marked by the English and transliterated Armenian appear on
announcement of the results of the Short each page like “Mek, yerku, yerek, one, two,
Story Contest launched last year by the three. The back of the book contains Armenian
Abovian Association on the occasion of the words, pronunciations and meanings.
Saroyan Centennial. So what does a girl raised in the insular atmo-
Both recent publications and second-hand sphere of Paducah, Ky. know about Armenians
books by Saroyan were available at the semi- and why do several of her books have an
nar and in the American Book Center. Armenian theme? She married one, Peter
The Armenian Chamber Choir performs at the YP Burgas concert. Kalajian, from the Boston area, when he was 42.
The program started with a lecture by Nairi
Hakhverdian, before a full audience in a hall He had come to Michigan to work for General
decorated entirely in the Saroyan spirit by his Motors, carving a very successful career design-
original artwork, posters and books. She
gave a general introduction on the biography AGBU Young Professionals ing automotive interiors. He also taught Sunday
School in Troy, Mich., where they met.
Brought together by their spirituality, she says,
and work of William Saroyan showing partic-
ularly how the Armenian roots had inspired
him, how the American literature and popu-
Group Hosts Successful “He was a Godly, very talented man with a fine
character. I am glad he waited for me. He
whisked me off my feet, making me feel like
lar culture had influenced him and how he
finally brought together these two elements
in his work. She illustrated her lecture with
Kick-Off Concert Cinderella.” They honeymooned in Peru and
their interest in different cultures blended.
splendid and unique images. BURGAS, Bulgaria — The AGBU Young Professionals of Burgas (YP Burgas) Together they traveled to Switzerland, St.
Visual artist Krikor Momdjian presented recently co-sponsored a Genocide commemorative concert with the city that Thomas and the Amazon. Their children, Noelle
Saroyan the painter as a great artist. He brought in more than 200 people from the local Armenian and Bulgarian com- and Charles, were only 5 and 1, respectively,
placed the paintings by Saroyan (a number of munity. when Kalajian died of cancer.
which was exhibited) within the framework of The event took place at the Burgas Concert Hall and aired on a local public Wagner dedicated Bachik to his family and his
famous painters, among others, Jackson television station, TV SKAT. YP Burgas chairman Levon Manukyan served as Armenian heritage. She said, “With the
Pollock and Mark Tobey. He referred to the the director of the show, which included a Genocide commemoration play and Armenian deep love of family I wanted to share
strength of the abstract expressionism and musical performance written by Julia Manukyan. The concert began with a per- from a treasure chest of wonderful memories I
oriental penmanship as inspiration sources. formance of the Armenian liturgy by the city’s Armenian Chamber Choir and cherish of my children playing games on grand-
Then Hans van Leeuwen went particularly was followed with poetry readings, solo piano renditions and Armenian pop ma’s porch.”
on the autobiographical component in the songs. The script and selected texts featured music, and video images, which Maintaining the theme of family, Wagner’s
work of Saroyan using in particular the story created a performance memorial for the Armenian Genocide of 1915. A dinner niece, Andrea Kalajian of West Bloomfield, Mich.,
Rock Wagram from 1951 for explanation of reception followed the concert. daughter of her husband Peter’s twin brother,
his approach. The newly-established YP Burgas is headed by Manukyan and secretary Kevork has filled the pages with brilliant, vibrant illustra-
Hambartsoem Sahakian recited the Tanielian under the guidance and encouragement of Roupen Chavoushian, AGBU tions. She is an award-winning artist pursuing a
Armenian translation of Saroyan’s story “The Plovdiv chairman. With 15 current members, YP Burgas is the third AGBU Young Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California
Barber Whose Uncle Had His Head Bitten Off Professionals group in Bulgaria. College of Arts.
by a Circus Tiger.” Following this initial concert, the group is planning music and poetry evenings, Bachik is dedicated to Wagner’s Armenian
Excitement ran high as the chairman of the an Armenian arts festival and sports competitions. On June 1, the group also host- mother-in-law, whom she describes as a phenom-
Short Story Contest jury Prof. Jos ed a ceremony for 30 kids and parents for Children’s Day, which featured games, enal cook and also to the countless Armenian
Weitenberg assisted by the jury member Dr. quizzes, a talent show and refreshments. families whom she says, “open their hearts and
Bernard Bichakjian went to announce the “Our goal is to bring the young Armenian professionals in Burgas together as homes to odars like me.”
results of the Contest. The other jury mem- often as possible,” said secretary Kevork Tanielian. “We also hope to popularize Wagner and her children still pay annual vis-
bers were Hasmik and Anahit Tcharents and Armenian culture to the Bulgarian community.” its to her in-laws at their summer camp home on
Prof. Theo Van Lint. The 22 entries received Cape Cod where her husband spent time growing
were submitted to the jury anonymously. The up. Her now 17-year-old daughter is taught
jury awarded the stories “Hrayr” by Anahit Armenian recipes by her grandmother and
Avagyan (in Armenian) on a hidden love and Wagner documents these events with photo
“Shant, Life In Diaspora” by Krikor shoots, then making a scrapbook so that the
Momdjian (in Dutch), a reflection on migra- memory of the grandmother will always remain
tion and migrants, with the shared second alive.
and third prizes. The first prize went to the Wagner recently shared a well-received Power
story “My Best” by Eva Demirci (in Dutch), Point presentation of Bachik at the AGBU Alex
which is, according to the jury, a convincing and Marie Manoogian Day School in Southfield.
story in which unuttered, underlying tension Her next project is a middle-school chapter book
on the Armenian Genocide between young titled The Pirates of Castle Rock, about the grow-
Turkish and Armenian girlfriends living in ing up exploits of her husband and his twin
the Netherlands finds a satisfactory release brother during their times at a Cape Cod camp in
and refinement. Massachusetts.
Singer Anahit Manoukian, accompanied by Portions of Bachik’s proceeds are designated
Boris Rziankin, interpreted the songs by to support the Armenian Children’s Milk Fund.
Saroyan and from his era, such as the famous Founded in 1989, this charitable organization
song Come On A My House and other provides soy-based infant formula and powdered
American songs, followed by several milk to sick children and poor infants in Armenia.
Armenian songs. The seminar was concluded Wagner serves as the Detroit Metro Area
with a cocktail. From left, Petko Ganev-Kaval and Levon Manukyan entertain the audience in Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer and
Abovian Armenian Cultural Association Burgas. Julia Manukian wrote the script for YP Burgas’ performance commemorating as a member of the Society of Children’s Book
was founded in 1984 in The Hague, The the Armenian Genocide. writers and Illustrators.
Netherlands. On the occasion of its 25th Autographed copies of the full color 32-page
anniversary, Diaspora Minister Hranush book, Bachik the Birthday Kiss, can be ordered
see SAROYAN, page 15 from the publisher, Affirming Faith. For further
information visit
14 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


Dream Factory or Ghost Studio? Armenian ‘Hollywood’ Far from Glamour
According to a government decision, after pri- Armenian Government’s decision N 727-A of cal standards certificates) of each within two
By Karine Ionesyan vatization, the new owners should have signed 2005, the winner of the open bid for the prop- months.
working contracts with the employees of erty of the Hayfilm Film-Studio State Non- The Ministry of Culture has not assessed the
HayFilm for a year. However, soon after the pri- Commercial Organization
YERVAN (ArmeniaNow) — The new owners of vatization some 100 people were fired. “must carry out filmmaking
HayFilm Studio, after purchasing it four years Cameraman Karlen Hovhannisyan was one of and other related activities
ago, promised that soon the studio would be them. at least for 50 years from
beyond recognition with the newly-constructed “There was no film production during the the day of getting a state
building instead of an old shabby studio, new period we were working. They managed to registration.”
heating and air systems, elevators. In short, they destroy the laboratory of film development — a Nairi Harutyunyan, head
said the film studio would be equipped up to the huge territory covering 40 hectares was trans- of staff of State Property
standard of super modern Hollywood studios. formed into warehouses; part of it became a Management Department
Years have already passed, yet the distin- warehouse for Osram Lamps (produced in attached to the Armenian
guishing badge of the “Armenian Hollywood” Germany), another part — into greenhouses or Government, stated that
remains the dilapidated buildings and deserted hotbeds,” Hovhannisyan says. this is a private business,
territory, while not a single movie was produced As he mentions, only film production areas and if CS Films fulfills its
during that time. (The only use of the studio so are being used in that territory, because they obligations, it can do what-
far has been as premises for shooting soap provide profit: soap operas are being shot there. ever it wants concerning
operas.) “There was a time when specialists of the film other issues. “They present
Hamo Bek-Nazaryan HayFilm studio, the sphere were forced to work at an Osram Lamp us regular reports, and we
country’s only film production studio, was warehouse. So they were putting lamps into know that they work. For
founded in 1933 and produced more than 350 boxes and gluing the holographic film on them,” example, they have already
full-length feature films, more than 150 cartoons says a person who is knowledgeable about the digitized 160 films, and
and dozens of short-length films. work of HayFilm employees but asked 134 films have been recov-
In 2005 it was sold for 350 million drams ArmeniaNow not to disclose his identity. ered on their initiative.
(about $946,000) to Director of Armenia Studio Ruben Gevorgyants, Art Director of HayFilms, They were obliged to invest
CJSC Bagrat Sargsyan, who presented himself said in an interview with ArmeniaNow that they 10 billion drams ($27mil-
in the name of Cafesjian Foundation (whose (new owners) had already changed all the win- lion) within 10 years; they
founder is Gerard Cafesjian, also known in dows of the building; new equipment had been have already invested 900
Yerevan as the owner of the Cascade complex, bought, which they rent out. However, he can- million drams (about $2.5
one of the capital’s landmarks, which itself is far not say what specifically was bought. million) within four years,
behind in anticipated completion). “But we do not shoot films yet, because still four feature films are
Besides the fact that the new owners have not preparatory works are being conducted. And I already shot.”
started reconstruction yet, many employees of am not sure when exactly they will be over,” he Gevorg Gevorgyan, direc-
former HayFilm stayed unemployed. (The name adds. tor of the Armenian
of the studio was changed into CS Films, and As for Osram Lamps, Gevorgyants said that it National Cinema Center The current dilapidated state of HayFilm Studio
this year the old name of HayFilm was reinstat- is the owners’ business; they can have whatever State Non-Commercial
ed.) they want to have. In accordance with the Organization, contends,
however, that not a single movie has been shot. digitized films, while people specialized in film
“What four films are they talking about?” he digitization, have a negative viewpoint, since
says. “Films currently cannot be produced. because of the bad quality of digitization the col-
Sometimes they give us equipment for rent. Up ors initially wanted by a film’s cameramen are
to now they have only participated in the pro- spoiled. HayFilm cameraman Albert Yavuryan
duction of Albert Mkrtchyan’s ‘The Dawn of Sad said as much before his death a year ago.
Street’ film. And as for the rest of the films, they Currently only about 20 employees are left in
had no participation there. We have allocated CS Films, half of which are security guards, who
money, about five million drams (over $13,500) have not received their salaries for several
to them during these four years, and they gave months.
us equipment instead,” he says. Gevorgyants does not deny this fact, saying
As for the digitized films, this process must be that he is also included in the list of those
monitored by the Ministry of Culture and Youth employees who have not received their salaries
Affairs. According to agreement CS Films must for four months. “There are some problems con-
digitize 396 films within three years and present nected with banks, and besides, the country is
two sealed versions (with corresponding techni- in an economic crisis,” he says.

From left, Paul Boghosian and Dick Flavin

‘According to Tip’ Wins Big in
Regional Awards
BOSTON — New England theater professionals gathered at the Boston Center for the
Arts Cyclorama for the annual Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Awards.
Paul Boghosian of Belmont, Mass., producer of “According to Tip,” a one-man play based
on the life and times of the legendary Speaker of the House, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, was
the winner, along with playwright Dick Flavin, of the award for Best New Play of 2008.
“According to Tip” was presented in June and July 2008 at the NewRep Theater in
Watertown. During its one-month run, the play performed to 93 percent of capacity and
generated positive reviews. The star of the play, Ken Howard, also received the IRNE Award
for Best Solo Performance in a Play for 2008.
At the IRNE Awards, Flavin said that “Paul Boghosian made it happen for all of us, and
the creative and producing team of Rick Lombardo, Artistic Director of NewRep and direc-
tor of ‘According to Tip,’ Howard, Boghosian and myself worked in remarkable harmony
to produce a first class production of one of the most notable political figures of the last
During fall 2008, “According to Tip” also played successfully at the Stuart Street
Playhouse in Boston.
The next production is planned, Boghosian said, for a limited engagement at the
Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. If that goes well, the play will move to New York City
for a run for the Tony Award in 2010.
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 15


A U G U S T 23 — A n n u a l P i cn i c, A r m e n i a n Ch u r ch o f t h e
H o l y R e s u r r e c t i o n , 1910 Stanley St., New Britain (Rte. 71).
Armenian and American foods — shish kebab (lamb), losh
kebab, khema, tabooleh, pilaf, hot dogs, salad, etc. Live
Middle-Eastern music by the New England Ensemble: Hagop
Garabedian, Roger Derderian, Carnig Mikitarian and Gary
Hovhanessian. Free admission and parking on church
grounds. 12-6 p.m. For more info., call the church at (860)
SEPTEMBER 26 — Richard Hagopian, Hachig Kazarian, Jack
Chalikian, Mal Barsamian, Ron Tutunjian and Paul Mooradian
w ill play in West Har t ford, on Saturday. Details will follow. Dance
will start at 6 p.m. and end at midnight. The event has been moved
to a smaller venue. Make reservations.

JA N U A R Y 16-23, 2010 — Jo i n A r m e n i a n s w o r l d w i d e o n
t h e A r me n i a n H e r i t a g e Cr u i s e X I I I 2010. Sailing on
Saturday. To San Juan, PR, St. Thomas and Grand Caicos
Islands on the Costa Atlantica. Prices start at $679 per per-
son. Contact TravelGroup International 1-866-447-0750, ext
102 or 108. Westcoast: Mary Papazian (818) 407-1401;
Eastcoast: Antranik Boudakian (718) 575-0142.

J U N E 27 — A r me n i a n Yo u t h F o u n d a t i o n 35t h A n n i v e r s a r y
D i n n e r -D a n ce , featuring John Berberian Ensemble. Crowne
Plaza, 1360 Worcester St., Natick. Cocktails, 6:30 p.m.
Dinner, 7:30 p.m. Donation, $100. Silent auction. For reser- On July 13, the Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA) will host a “Final Inning”
vations, call Shooshan (508) 842-3562 or Susan (781) 449- reception prior to the prize drawing for the fifth annual sports raffle, featuring Boston
1412. Globe sportswriter Tony Massarotti, pictured here (left), from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at ALMA, in
JU N E 27 — A r me n i a n Ch ur ch a t Hy e P o i nt , Wo m en ’s Gu il d Watertown, Mass. For more info, visit
presents a fashion show with original designs by Farrah
Derderian and fellow graduates of Laselle College. Also fea-
turing Vintage Wedding Gowns. Saturday, 1-4 p.m. at the
Rose Ballroom, Days Hotel, 159 Pelham St., (Exit 47 off Route
93), Methuen. Refreshments will be served. Donation, $20. Mount of Olives, Galilee, Dead Sea, Jericho, Jordan River
Contact Barbara (978) 685-4945 or Bea (978) 686-3715. and Masada. For more information about the trip, call the NEW JERSEY
J U LY 13 — A LM A’s F i ft h A n n u a l S p o r t s R a f fl e H o s t s “F i n a l St. James church office at (617) 923-8860 or e-mail
I n n i n g” R e ce p t i o n . The Armenian Library and Museum of S E P TE MB E R 20 — An E v e ni ng Ho no rin g Ed ga r Ha go pi an i n
America (ALMA) will host a “Final Inning” Reception prior to S E P T E M B E R 1-15 — A r m e n i a n H e r i t a g e To u r s 2009. Fully- r e co gni ti on of his commitment to the Armenian-American
the prize drawing for the fifth annual sports raffle. Raffle escorted tour to Armenia flying with Air France from community. 4-9 p.m., 4 p.m. cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, 5
participants will have the opportunity to meet Boston Globe Washington, New York and Boston. Marriott Armenia p.m. program, 5:30 p.m. dinner at the Royal Park Hotel, 600
sportswriter Tony Massarotti, meet a surprise sports celebri- Hotel, from $2,890 plus tax per person based on double East University Dr., Rochester. Patron, $250; benefactor $125;
ty, enjoy ballpark snacks and beverages, purchase last- occupancy. Visiting sites: Yerevan City tour, museums, Khor friend, $75. For more info., call Pam at (248) 646-7847.
minute raffle tickets and watch the prize drawing, which will Virap, Noravank, Areni, Haghbat, Sanahin, Lake Sevan,
be done by Massarotti and the surprise sports celebrity, 6:30 Dilijan, Echmiadzin Cathedral, Sardarabad, Tsaghkadzor,
to 7:30 p.m. in ALMA’s Contemporary Art Gallery. To pur- Garni and Geghart and more. Optional excursion:
chase raffle tickets or to see a detailed list of the packages Karabagh tour — three days and two nights. For info, O CT O B E R 10 — Te ke y a n Cu l t u r a l A s s o ci a t i o n — M h e r
that are offered this year, visit contact Maro Asatoorian, ACAA representative at (301) M e ge r d c h i a n T h e a t r i c a l G r o u p P r e s e n t s “ W h o K i l l e d
J U LY 20-24 — S t . Ja m e s A r m e n i a n Ch ur ch Va ca t i o n B i b l e 340-1011, e-mail visit T h e E a s t e r n D e n t i s t ?” A Masquerade Party in Baronian’s
S ch o o l . The Armenian Church Around the World. 10 a.m.-2 1860s Istanbul. A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater prepared
p.m. Arts and crafts, music, activities, games and sports. S E P T E M B E R 18 — St . Ja m e s H y e Ca fé . Delicious Armenian by Harout Chatmajian. Assyrian Orthodox Church of the
Learn more about the Bible and the Armenian Church by food and fellowship. Children’s activities will be provided. Virgin Mary, 644 Paramus Road, Paramus. Saturday, at 8
traveling with us around the world to Jerusalem, Armenia, 465 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown. Friday, 6:30 p.m. Parties of p.m. Donation, $60; BYOB; dress code (optional); 1860s
New York and more. For children entering grades K-5. six or more are encouraged to make reservations by calling attire and mask. For tickets, call Marie Zokian (201) 745-
Deadline to register is July 1. Space is limited. For registra- the St. James church office at (617) 923-8860, no later than 8850, Noushig Atamian (718) 894-5878, Maro Hajakian
tion forms or info., e-mail or call 5 p.m. on September 17. (201) 934-3427 or Missak Boghosian (212) 819-0097.
Yeretzgin Natasha Aljalian at (617) 923-8990. O CT O B E R 3 — S e co n d S t . Ja me s P a r i s h R e u n i o n a n d ke f, N OVE MB ER 7 a nd 8 — Te key an Cu lt ural A ss oci at i on Mher
J U LY 9 — “ T h e 2008 F i v e - D ay W a r a n d S h i f t s i n S e cu r i t y hosted by the St. James ACYOA Seniors. Saturday, 8 p.m.-1 M e ge r d c h i a n T h e a t r i c a l G r o u p p r e s e n t s W i l l i a m
i n t h e S o u t h Ca u ca s us ,” by Dr. Gayane Novikova, at the a.m. at St. James Armenian Church. Charles Mosesian S a roy an ’s “My H ea r t ’s in t he H ighl a nds .” A Bilingual Play in
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research Cultural and Youth Center, Keljik Hall. 465 Mt. Auburn St., Three Parts. Original direction by Tamar Hovanissian.
(NAASR) Center, 395 Concord Ave., Belmont. For info., con- Watertown. Featuring Bob Raphalian (oud), Leon Janikian Reenactment directed by Harout Chatmajian. Details to follow.
tact (617) 489-1610 or (clarinet), Harry Bedrossian (keyboard and vocals), Kenny
A U G U S T 8 — S a v e t h e D a t e . T h e A r m e n i a n Ch ur ch o f Kalajian (guitar) and Leon Manoogian (dumbeg). $25 per
Ca p e Co d presents their annual dinner and dance at St. person. Tables of 10 may be reserved with advance pay-
George’s Greek Cultural Hall, Route 28, Centerville. Music by ment. For tickets, contact Melanie Khederian at (617) 694- The Mirror-Spectator has a new Calendar Policy:
George Righellis. For more info., call (508) 477-1725. 1057 or at All proceeds to benefit The Mirror-Spectator is now accepting all calendar
A U G U S T 20-31 — St . Ja m e s A r m e n i a n Ch ur ch P il g r i m a ge the 2010 ACYOA General Assembly and National Sports items for free. All items may be sent to mirro-
t o t h e H o l y L a n d . Itinerary will include visits to Biblical and Weekend hosted by St. James ACYOA. Due to the anticipated shortage of
Historical Sites, including the Armenian Quarter, St. James O CT O B E R 9, 2010 — 30t h A n n i v e r s a r y ce l e b r a t i o n o f t h e space, items may be edited to fit the space.
Armenian Monastery, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Tomb A r m e n i a n I n d e p e n d e n t R a d i o o f B o s t o n . Please mark
of Christ, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Garden of Gethsemane, your calendar. Details to follow.

Centennial of William Saroyan’s Birth Celebrated in Holland
SAROYAN, from page 13 Festival in cooperation with the Filmhuis The association also plans to publish some will be brought together.
Den Haag in The Hague and the Golden books this year, among others a Cookbook, The 25th anniversary of coincides with the
Hakobyan sent a congratulatory letter to the Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan. The festival which will include the favorite recipes of 200th birthday of Armenian great writer and
Association. will present an overview of the Armenian cin- members and friends of the Association. By pedagogue Khachatur Abovian. An appropri-
In order to mark this anniversary, the asso- ema and will take place from October 22, for this way the diversity of cooking culture of ate tribute will also be paid to this anniver-
ciation is organizing an Armenian Film two weeks in the Filmhuis Den Haag. Armenians from different countries of origin sary later this year.
16 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


Mirror- Armenia-Turkey Relations:
Spectator Road Map or Roadblock?
enforceable, especially against weak countries like Armenia.
Established 1932 In the meantime, some serious developments in Russian-
By Edmond Y. Azadian
An ADL Publication Turkish relations have become a cause for concern. Indeed, the
military commentator of RIA Novosti, Ilya Kraminik, has

ost people believe in the adage of “honesty revealed that a Turkish military delegation has been visiting
is the best policy.” But for the architects of Russia to fill in some military hardware orders. Turkey is plan-
Alin K. Gregorian the Turkish foreign policy the motto seems ning to purchase 12 MI-28 attack helicopters. The Turkish
ASSISTANT EDITOR to have a different spin: “duplicity is the army’s inventory already holds 23 Cobra helicopters, bought
Thomas C. Nash best policy.” from the US. It is said that this is not the first time that Russia
When it comes to the relations with has been selling arms to Turkey. A few years ago Turkey bought
ASSOCIATE EDITOR Armenia, Turkish leaders resort to perfect- from Russia $100 million worth of military hardware.
Taleen Babayan ly-orchestrated scenarios, raising hopes on one hand and con- This dangerous business raises two questions: Turkey has
tradicting or neutralizing these same hopes on the other hand. one of the strongest standing armies within the NATO struc-
Indeed, President Abdullah Gul makes a statement leading the ture and from that position has intimidated fellow NATO mem-
Marc Mgrditchian
diplomatic world to believe that Ankara’s relations with ber Greece, has occupied 38 percent of Cyprus, has threatened
PRODUCTION Armenia are on the verge of a breakthrough, but then, Prime Syria and Armenia and has indiscriminately bombed Northern
Dilani Yogaratnam Minister Tayyip Erdogan flies to Baku and makes a contradic- Iraq. Therefore, who will benefit by arming Turkey further?
COPY EDITOR tory statement. In the meantime, the gullibility machine is at While Russia has been keeping a military base in Armenia, sup-
Rose Muggeridge work enticing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to announce posedly to defend the latter against a potential Turkish attack,
that she is very encouraged to see the “progress” made in where does rearming Turkey lead? Does this process render as
Armenian-Turkish negotiations. window dressing the Russian military presence in Armenia?
There was widespread optimism in Yerevan about the Therefore, Armenia finds itself in a very precarious position,
CONTRIBUTORS: impending opening of the border soon after April 24. It seemed because not only are its relations with the US complicated by
Elizabeth Aprahamian, Dr. Haroutiune that such assurances were given to Armenia’s Foreign Minister the Turkish factor, but also now, its relations with Moscow.
Arzoumanian, Edmond Azadian, Prof. Eduard Nalbandian. The reason the border issue was delayed Where do all these activities figure in the Road Map, whose
Vahakn N. Dadrian, Diana Der until after April 24, they said, because Ankara had some domes- existence was announced with so much optimism on the eve of
Hovanessian, Philip Ketchian, Kevork tic concerns: they believed that President Obama would use the April 24? Unfortunately, when we sort out the rhetoric from
Keushkerian, Arsen Noubar Mamourian, word genocide, and had Ankara by then opened the border, fact, very little remains to count as progress.
Moorad Mooradian, Sonia Kailian- there would be a public backlash. But President Obama did not Besides, in the absence of solid information from official
Placido, Harut Sassounian, Mary Terzian, use the scary “G” word. April 24 came and went, but the bor- sources, most of the speculations are based on published
Hagop Vartivarian, Naomi Zeytoonian
der is still closed. reports in the Turkish news media, which is notoriously unre-
Now comes the second round of duplicity. The new foreign liable.
CORRESPONDENTS: minister of Turkey, Ahmed Davoudoglu, who is characterized According to the Turkish news media, the “Road Map” is
Armenia - Hagop Avedikian more as an academic than a politician, has brought a new phi- composed of the following major components: Turkey will lift
Boston - Nancy Kalajian losophy to Turkey’s foreign policy thinking: he is clamoring to border restrictions in stages, based on progress made in the
Philadelphia - Lisa Manookian reduce to zero all the conflicts that his country has created negotiations; formal diplomatic relations will be established
Contributing Photographers: Sarkis Bahar, over the years, and which succeeding administrations have between the two countries; a joint committee to study all the
George Bogosian, Jacob Demirdjian, Harry failed to resolve them because of their intransigence. outstanding issues, including the Genocide issue will be
Koundakjian. Davoudoglu made several positive statements about his coun- formed, and Armenia will recognize Turkey’s current border
try’s relations with Armenia. For example, he announced that and reaffirm its adherence to the Kars Treaty of 1921.
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator is published the “cold war with Armenia is over.” Very recently he spoke If this is truly the Road Map, it is certainly a non-starter for
weekly, except two weeks in July, by:
about normalizing relations with Armenia because, he said, the all the Armenians. If there is more in the Road Map than what
Baikar Association, Inc. current state of affairs not only is complicating Turkey’s policy the Turkish media presents, then what is it?
755 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02472-1509 in the Caucasus, but also has a negative impact on Ankara’s These are truly troubling questions.
Telephone: 617-924-4420 relations with Washington. This is an indirect reference to the By flying all these balloons Turkey had some objectives to
FAX: 617-924-2887 pressure Obama administration is exerting on Turkey to lift the achieve and probably it has already achieved them, without giv-
w w w. m i r r o r s p e c t a t o r . c o m blockade on Armenia. Lack of progress on Armenian-Turkish ing in on any concrete issue. The EU observer, Peter Semneby,
E-Mail: relations have also been hampering Washington’s arm twisting in the Southern Caucasus believes that Ankara has made a U-
For advertising: in Europe in promoting Turkey’s admission into the European turn in its negotiations with Armenia. His announcement to
Union (EU). When asked if the “Road Map” has been placed on Turkish Kanal-D states that domestic concerns and relations
New York/New J er sey O ff ice the back burner after Prime Minister Erdogan’s visit to Baku, with Azerbaijan have impacted Turkey’s negotiations with
560 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Mr. Davoudoglu responded: “Of course not, we are persistent in Armenia negatively.
(201) 800-1164
our negotiations with Armenia, because we are located in the In fact, Turkey benefited from those trial balloons by pro-
same region and we wish to pursue a constructive policy and moting its “stability and cooperation platform in the
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: refrain from any action that would hurt those negotiations.” Caucasus,” by being elected as a non-permanent member of the
U.S.A. Now comes another duplicity; after having made all those UN Security Council, by convincing President Obama that
2nd Class $75 a year cautious and seemingly positive remarks, Mr. Davoudoglu using the “G” word by him would complicate negotiations with
1st Class $120 a year makes a 180-degree turn answering in the positive a question Armenia.
Air Mail $125 a year on whether Turkey would take up the Karabagh issue at the Unfortunately, Turkey won on all counts by fooling the inter-
UN Security Council, now that his country has assumed the national community. After scoring victory on all these short-
All Other Countries presidency of the Security Council. We need to be reminded term goals, Ankara is emboldened to play its hand on long-term
Air Mail $190 a year that Azerbaijan had introduced the Karabagh issue on the goals as well. One of those goals remains its ambitions to join
Display advertising rate: $7 per column inch
agenda of the UN General Assembly, where a majority vote was the European Union and Ankara believes the same tactics may
garnered with the help of Islamic countries, along the “broth- open the gates of Europe too. Let’s wait and see.
erly” republics of Georgia and Ukraine. Unlike General In the meantime, the Road Map seems to have become a
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Assembly resolutions, the Security Council resolutions are Road Block.
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Transmit Our History to the Next Generations
accepted rather on the basis of deeply felt life’s peculiar and independent interpretation to life on the Nazi war criminals that were principal-
By Baidzig Kalaydjian experience. Yes, even a fetus is an individual — without an inferiority complex and without ly responsible for the genocide of the Jews,
entity. Each medical, psychological and biolog- an insular mentality. Gypsies and Slavs. The distinction “crime
ical discovery emerged to prove this and revo- Here is where our history, our past, our life against peace and humanity” also entered the
Have you ever been fortunate enough to lis- lutionize our perceptions about that being, experience, with its inimitable richness, must formula of the understanding of “war crimi-
ten to gypsy artists, who tell the story of their which is a part of our body and which one day present itself before them, and be interpreted nal.” The types of that crime were diverse,
life in a unique style and interpret the song of will be born and become an individual. with all its variety. That history, as a precious such as genocide, murder of culture, language,
the earth by lightly strumming their string Our relations with it start as early as the first factor, must shape the personal character of urbicide, verbicide, etc. Thus, the question of
instruments? day of conception. We communicate with it. It our children. Our life experience, without exag- genocide not only entered the agenda of all
With deep feelings, I relished the supplica- develops according to the quality of the rela- geration, must shed light to create a more philanthropic organizations but also became
tion of their enamored soul, which sometimes tionship we have with it. It feels us, it shares accurate perception of the realities of the the object of specialized studies of certain sci-
had the velvety touch of love and, at other our joy. Its little heart beats in harmony with world. ences and, with that, the formation of genocide
times, extolled the pain from the loss of pater- our feelings. Our past, whose experience still hasn’t been scholarship proceeded rapidly.
nal soil. That day, the old gypsy wasn’t part of Our communication is a transmission. The fully evaluated, is not a series of past events Each April 24 comes to remind us of that
his band. Alone, he was anxiously playing the transmission is a responsibility, which will con- having become anachronistic. Our history is a horrific day of crime, when hundreds of the
guitar inherited from his father. He had exert- tinue anew and in a conscious manner after treasury full of events leading to constructive, top Armenian intellectuals were taken away
ed himself such that torment was visible on his birth. Our responsibility is great, very great, rich conclusions for all of mankind. from their homes and, with heads bowed, they
face, and the longing for his paternal soil was and even definitive. As an example of these generalizations, at silently murmured the prayer deep in their
evident in his soul. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that espe- this time when the 94th anniversary of the soul. Today, after the passage of 94 years, who
That day, at that moment, he wished to per- cially during the first six or seven years of life, Armenian Genocide is being commemorated, I doesn’t hear the voice of our martyrs of April
form his best, to make it the best of all his per- a child’s future destiny is conditioned by the shall cite merely the example of the ingenious 24? The desert sands of Der Zor attest that
formances to date. He knew that the days of quality of what we have transmitted. Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin. It was R. their doleful eulogies still resound, as do the
his life were numbered. He knew that there From the vocabulary used by us, our feel- Lemkin who, in 1933, first used the word “Andoonies” [type of ancient popular melodi-
wasn’t a musician among all the gypsies who ings and sensations, our ability to judge, our “genocide.” As you know, the word “genocide” ous song, largely about émigrés or weddings—
was worthy of replacing him. Those listening disposition, our perception of the world and, is composed of the Greek word “gen” (race, tr.] of Komitas, and such monumental pieces of
to him, the pregnant young gypsy women, also finally, the most important thing being the sin- nation) and the Latin word “cide” (to kill). On literature as Siamanto’s “I wish to die by
shared his distress. cerity shown by us toward love and the a legal basis, he mentioned crimes that had singing….” The prayers uttered by the
Therefore, the gypsies’ hope was on those strength to live our love. been committed above and beyond war crimes Armenians still flutter in the burning desert;
soon to be born. While still in their mother’s No educational, instructional or pedagogical – crimes committed against a peaceful popula- their echoes reach us and call us to them, to
womb, they had to hear the master’s music. innovation has had as much decisive signifi- tion; premeditated crimes; planned crimes; light candles before the altars, in the sands
Hear and be inspired by it. Hear it and come cance in the formation of a child as a person crimes committed by states, which were com- mixed with their remains, and in the depths of
into the world. Hear and play it. Hear and take as what is achieved in the natural course of mitted against national groups and minorities. our souls.
the place of the old guitarist. parent-child interrelations. For the definition of the word “genocide,” It is only in this way that we will be able to
The gypsy believes in this. This is the conviction arrived at even by sci- for his conceptions, Raphael Lemkin had transport the remains of our martyrs to the
Forty years ago, we would have interpreted entists, who have devoted entire careers to this before him the case of the Armenian Genocide, soft ancestral soil. Leaning over their burial
this belief as naiveté and perhaps a benign yet field. having been carried out by the Union and mound, it is only then that we will whisper
sarcastic smile would have appeared on our As parents, what we transmit will prepare Progress Party, which went unpunished. “May you rest in peace…”
faces. In our scheme of things, it would have our children for life, the external world, also The Nuremberg Trials, which punished Finally, our appeal to universal mankind is
been incomprehensible to logically accept a abroad. In this fast-moving, ever-changing those responsible for the Holocaust, took place not for mercy and justice. The Calvary experi-
fetus as an individual entity, as a being having world, they must present themselves as distinct on the basis of his legal formula in 1945. enced by our parents is man’s indifference
developed into a being that could feel us. persons. They must be ready to perceive not During the course of these trials as well, there toward man. Human indifference was commit-
However, in these past 40 years, science came only the world, but also the place of the was discussion of the Armenian Genocide, ted with regard to the crime. Furthermore,
forth and proved the gypsies correct in their Armenians and Armenia in that world. whose perpetrators went unpunished. It was at this indifference is man’s denial by man him-
wisdom, albeit unformulated and unexplained, As Armenians, they must give their own these trials that sentences were handed down self.
These declarations of ours would be self-con-
solation for the weak, if the 20th century
hadn‘t been the most tragic one in world his-
LETTERS tory. The deaths of more than 100 million peo-
ple were recorded in the 20th century.
Horrible things happened and are continuing
Armenians Need to Think out of the Box Silverglate Is Just Part
to happen practically everywhere in the world.
The annals of the 20th century contain 35
genocides and genocidal acts.
To the Editor:
At this point it should be blatantly obvious
and since we can’t depend on the majority of
politicians taking the moral high road we
of Turkish Denial Today, 94 years later, we admit that we
to those of us in the Armenian community
that politicians, businessmen — and yes even
have to create the need. Of course this sug-
gestion fell on deaf ears only to read in the
Machination deeply hear the soulful cries of our genocide
martyrs…then, with deep conviction and sub-
self-proclaimed human rights activists — June 20 issue of the Mirror-Spectator that To the Editor: lime awareness of responsibility, let us open
embrace expediency over morals and ethics “Companies are lobbying (quietly) on The machinations on behalf of Turkey our souls to the present imperative posed by
as their policy of choice. About four or five Armenian Genocide Bill” (against Armenia). to deny the Armenian Genocide, repre- our homeland and piously bow before the mil-
years ago at an AAA [Armenian Assembly of Since 42 states officially recognize the sented by the lawsuit filed by Harvey lions of our 1915 martyrs. Otherwise we will
America] briefing in New Jersey, as well as in Armenian Genocide, my second suggestion was Silverglate, et. al., which sought to intro- have condemned them to death for a second
a public letter, I proposed that a committee of to concentrate on getting all 50 states to do so. duce Turkish propaganda into the time. Furthermore, if we don’t take control of
high-level businessmen be organized with the If that happens, then the federal government, Massachusetts Department of Education our reborn homeland, if we don’t feel proud of
sole purpose of enticing big business to and especially the executive branch, which is curriculum guidelines, is a shameless our Armenian identity, if the Armenian spirit
Armenia. I suggested that the benefits of this supposed to represent all of the people, looks attempt to cast doubt on a well-docu- doesn’t flutter in Armenian homes, and if
would be two-fold, the first being the obvious absurd if it too doesn’t officially recognize the mented tragedy that fits all of the defini- Armenian songs and verses don’t resound in
creation of jobs. Since business requires sta- Genocide. We can’t continue to have tunnel tions of genocide. our souls, then we shall consciously destroy
bility in the regions where it is established, vision with respect to the promotion of I’d have more respect for Mr. the relics of our martyrs’ remains on the sandy
not to mention the need to be looked upon Genocide recognition or other aspects of Silverglate’s sincerity if he were also out road of exile.
with favor by the host government, the sec- Armenia’s agenda since these efforts haven’t there defending the free-speech rights of It is the responsibility of our generation and
ond benefit would be that these companies, worked. The organization of a “think tank” Holocaust deniers. These people are taking the ones to follow to spread the word, to
(with deep pockets), would lobby for our including non-Armenians dedicated to formulat- advantage of the fact that there isn’t visual explain that the very destiny of mankind, as
agenda in Washington. (Wouldn’t it be in the ing strategy is another thought. Thinking out of evidence of this crime as there is for the well, depends on the respect to be shown
interest of businesses with a footprint in the box is long overdue. holocaust. No allied armies came to uncov- toward the fate of the Armenian children killed
Armenia to get Turkey to lift the blockade?) — Adrienne Alexanian er the killing fields of the Armenians. The in 1915 on the deportation route from
Since Armenia doesn’t have natural resources New York City Jewish people are granted feelings of uni- Sebastia to Malatia, the Armenian grandmoth-
versal sympathy for the Holocaust, which is ers who died of starvation under the scorching
as it should be. But where is the same for sun in the deserts of Der Zor; on the proper
Azadian Is Taking Prudent Stance toward Obama the Armenian people? The Armenian vic- appreciation of that fate, and the restitution of
tims had to wander aimlessly over long dis- justice.
To the Editor: to Turkish-Armenian relations, and these rela- tances while in danger of being hacked to We and the generations succeeding us shall
Your correspondent Edmund Azadian must tionships, though apparently irrelevant to many pieces by swords and axes or suffering a shout this matter in the face of indifference.
be applauded for the consistently balanced Western Armenians, are vital to the well being slow death by starvation. We shall remind mankind that the pursuit of
opinions on issues that face Armenians today. of the people in Armenia. The Armenian community of the world our cause has no connection whatsoever with
He has not been a member of the mob to Armenia is not doing too well; part of the not only has to endure the pain of know- revenge. Our cause of humanizing man is a
lynch President Obama because he would not problem is the level of poverty that much of the ing what happened to its forebears, but struggle being waged in the pursuit of justice
use the “G” word while in Ankara this past country is in. This can be made better by trade also the denial of expiation from the per- and for its triumph. Our cause of humanizing
April. with Turkey. Ask the Turks to apologize for the petrator as well as that gratuitously added man is a struggle being waged for the triumph
Azadian supported, as sufficient, his state- many hundreds of thousands of deaths, and go by the likes of the Silverglates of the of the voice of conscience.
ment of his support for the Armenians which ahead with the less than satisfying response, world. Our struggle is the struggle of reality.
has not diminished. It seems that it might be and then forge trade relationships. Frankly; I’d — Berge Tatian
more productive to stop waving a red flag in the like to see more soccer games. (This letter had been originally sent to (This article, translated by Aris G. Sevag,
face of the Turkish bull. Certainly the results of –Prof. John A. C Greppin was first published in the April 24 issue of
this intransigent has brought nothing but doom Cleveland State University the Beirut daily Zartonk.)
18 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R


Armenian Golgotha Captures True Horrors of the Genocide
logical comrades who had come with the ultimate aim of democratizing the entire country.
By Vartkes Sinanian They were unaware of the murderous plan which was unfolding around them. Writing about
Khachadour Maloumian (Agnouni) the political leader who was one of the early victims, he
writes “The unfortunate Agnouni, being an idealistic and honorable man, could not com-
I was a little boy living in Nicosia, the capital of the Island of Cyprus. Hagop Oshagan, the prehend how Talaat could plot against him cynically — the same Talaat whom he had shel-
famous Armenian novelist and literary critic, was a close friend of my father and was a fre- tered in order to save Talaat’s life while risking his own during the counter revolution.”
quent visitor to our house. At that time Oshagan was working on his novel Remnants, which Yet another incident, which comes to our mind, is the case of the prominent member of
was based on the Armenian deportations and massacres in the Ottoman Turkish Empire. the Turkish parliament Krikor Zohrab who expressed disbelief about Talaat’s hand in his
Oshagan wanted to include my mother’s ordeal during the Smyrna holocaust but my moth- arrest. Zohrab was at Talaat’s home the night before his arrest playing cards with him and
er tearfully resisted his pleas. At one point Oshagan, turning to my father, remarked that the to Zohrab’s astonishment, Talaat had kissed him goodnight before departing. Even when the
enormity of the crime perpetrated by the Turks was so over- death’s shadow was chasing them they were naive
whelming that he doubted if ever anyone would have the of the danger lurking around them. Talaat had
courage to attempt to depict that catastrophe of such mag- issued an order, which precisely said, “It is neces-
nitude with all its disastrous consequences. sary to eradicate the Armenians. For if 1,000
Gregoris Balakian’s Armenian Golgotha, translated Armenians are left alive by some misfortune,
from the original Armenian to English by his grand- before long they will become 100,000 and again
nephew Peter Balakian, with Aris Sevag, comes as the they will be trouble for the Turkish government.”
closest documentation of that darkest period in our peo- Talaat had a mission to accomplish in a most
ple’s history. It opens a window into a disturbing country heinous way.
during World War I, when the world was oblivious to the Balakian is witness to the hundreds of thou-
tragedy unfolding in the Ottoman Turkish Empire. It is sands of his countrymen sent by carts and by foot
also a strong reminder of a terribly frightening chapter of to the scorching Syrian desert to be raped, decap-
our bloody history. The memoir is a comprehensive itated and die from hunger and thirst. He writes
account of the killing fields and the bloodbath that fol- “Hundreds of chetes (irregulars) attacked from all
lowed as well as the systematic ethnic cleansing of the sides, cutting and hacking off legs and arms with
Armenian population as seen and miraculously endured axes and hatchets, ripping them off partly or
by a victim who was arrested and exiled on that dreadful entirely and crushing heads with rocks. Then the
night of April 24, 1915, in Constantinople along with bodies were thrown half alive, or in the throes of
hundreds of intellectuals and clergy. death into prepared ditches and covered with
Among those well-known intellectuals who were arrested lime. Those were partly sticking out of the dirt
that fateful night were Krikor Zohrab, Vartkes, Daniel and the lime made the heavenly arches resound
Varoujan and Siamanto, who were later murdered . with their cries of agony; more dirt was poured on
Hundreds of thousands of Armenians were wiped out — them until they were buried alive.” It is the hor-
Anatolia became a nightmare landscape littered with human rific story of blood and tears, death and mourning
skulls and limbs of men, women and children. This diaboli- all over. It is mind-numbing in its brutality and
cal plan was the work of the Interior Minister Talaat and his savagery. It reminds us of Dante Alighieri’s classic
henchmen Enver, Jemal and Behaeddin Shakir. The once Inferno — the journey through different levels of
prosperous and vibrant Armenian population of the towns hell encountering all forms of chaos in each,
and villages were deported to Der Zor, “that graveyard with- which precisely reflects our people’s Golgotha. In
out tombstones,” in the north of Syria. “The Ittihad gov- the Inferno, though the sinner reaps what he
ernment had caught us in one net in a single night,” he sows while in our case the “open wound” is left
writes, “We move towards our graves, nameless and unhealed.
unknown to be buried forever.” Armenian Golgotha is a memoir of horror and
Gregoris Balakian was born in l876. He was one of the endurance. About a century later our grief and
outstanding clergymen of his generation. Educated at outrage have not diminished and we are so trau-
Sanasarian College in Erzerum, he later went to Germany matized that the past is still very present in our
for higher studies. He was ordained a priest and served as an emissary of the Holy See in lives. It reveals the enduring power of the Armenian people and its faith in resurrection even
Europe. After surviving the Armenian Genocide, he was elected prelate of Marseilles in the under critical circumstances. It is also the ultimate rebuke to those who deny the Armenian
south of France until his death in l934. His escape through the killing fields in disguise as Genocide.
a German is a suspenseful narrative, which he wrote as a fugitive in a vineyard in Cilicia . (Vartkes Sinanian lives in Montrose, Calif.)
Unfortunately the Armenian leadership considered the Ittihad government as their ideo-

Lebanon Feels the Obama Effect
this month’s “historic” election. “We are
determined to end the sectarian violence.
We want to put the years of turmoil behind
us,” he said. This could be achieved by con-
tinuing the dialogue with Hezbollah and
other opposition groups that produced a
The Pro-West Coalition’s to have struck a chord in a country that was
teetering on the brink of sectarian civil war
And it confirmed Lebanon’s 2005 rejection
of Syria as the master manipulator of its unity government last year. Noting
Narrow Win in Beirut Is one year ago.
Pre-election visits by Hillary Clinton, the
affairs, confounding suggestions that
Damascus was inching back.
increased US engagement, he urged the
EU to do more.
first Indication US presi- US secretary of state, and Joe Biden, the The results are also a boost for western- Hariri will need all the help he can get,
US vice-president, underscored the impor- leaning Arab regimes, such as Egypt and for power-sharing is only one of many
dent’s Middle East tance that Obama attached to the poll. Saudi Arabia that helped prevent Lebanon daunting challenges. His ally, Walid
Message Being Heard Some resented these interventions as
unwarranted interference. But many
falling into the abyss after the assassina-
tion of Hariri’s father, the former Prime
Jumblatt, the veteran Druze leader, said
this week that Hezbollah should be includ-
Lebanese, particularly the nearly 40% of Minister Rafiq Hariri, and the subsequent, ed in a new unity government but that the
the population that is Christian, seem to disastrous Hezbollah-Israel war of 2006. veto power it gained in last year’s compro-
By Simon Tisdall have approved of Washington’s increased Saudi Arabia’s rapprochement with Syria, mise should not be renewed. The Shia
engagement; and to have heard its implicit and a parallel warming of ties between party will fiercely resist any attempt to
message that a vote for Hezbollah and its Syria and the US, will be all the easier to reduce its influence, just as it continues to
Foreign policy experts and commenta- allies would be a backwards step. pursue as a result of Sunday’s election. resist demands that it disarm.
tors have been trying to elucidate an That refrain was underscored by exag- In contrast, the rightwing Israeli govern- Massive economic difficulties, the uncer-
“Obama doctrine” ever since the new US gerated claims that Hezbollah and its ment of Binyamin Netanyahu may view the tain impact of the international tribunal
president took office. Lebanon’s surprise Tehran backers, if further empowered, vote with ambivalence. The prospect of the investigating Rafiq Hariri’s murder, prob-
election result, in which a pro-western would turn Lebanon into a second Gaza. non-ideological Hariri as Lebanon’s prime lems with Palestinian factions and Sunni
coalition narrowly triumphed, suggests And if that was not enough, an eve-of-poll minister, a likely though not yet certain militants linked to al-Qaeda and border dis-
these analysts have got things the wrong demarche by Boutros Sfeir, spiritual leader outcome, must be welcome in Tel Aviv. But putes with Israel and Syria also await
way round. Whatever the theory may be, of the country’s Maronite Christians, may this dash to moderation robs Israel’s Lebanon’s new leaders. None of this will be
the Beirut turnabout is the first, circum- have done the trick. He warned the coun- favorite contemporary narrative – the inex- sorted out quickly if at all.
stantial evidence of a tangible “Obama try was in danger. It was clear from whom orable, region-wide advance of an existen- But Hariri has a powerful friend. Having
effect” in the Middle East. It could be he believed the danger emanated. tially threatening, nuclear armed Iran – of got the result he wanted, Obama will help.
catching. By giving the nod to Saad Hariri and his some of its power to alarm. And who knows? It’s possible that watch-
It would be fanciful to claim that Obama’s 14 March bloc of Sunni Muslim, Druze and Peace suddenly breaking out is not part ing Iranians will be encouraged in their
bridge-building speech to the Muslim world Christian parties, which won 71 parlia- of the story as told by Netanyahu, not turn to go out and vote for reformist, west-
in Cairo last week, attractive though it was, mentary seats against 57 for the opposi- while the mullahs march unchecked. The friendly candidates in Friday’s presidential
crucially influenced Lebanese voters. But the tion, Lebanon has provided Obama with Palestinians know this only too well. election. Lebanon may be just the begin-
calmer, unconfrontational tone adopted by his first significant regional policy success. Visiting London earlier this year, Hariri ning of the “Obama effect.”
Washington on Middle East issues since The result is a setback for Iran, which has spoke of “four fateful years” that had fol- (This article originally appeared in the
George Bush trudged home to Texas appears sought enhanced influence via Hezbollah. lowed his father’s murder culminating in Guardian on June 8.)
S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R 19


Turkey to Buy Russian Night Hunter Helicopters
In the 1970s and the early 1980s, Turkey several models of combat helicopters, including the US influence in Turkey and, conversely, the
By Ilya Kramnik bought 32 used AH-1P/S Cobra attack heli- Ka-50-2 Erdogan, a version of the Russian Ka-50 lack of Russian influence. Also, Russia could
copters in the United States and later upgraded Black Shark developed by Russia and Israel for not then guarantee the timely production of
them to the AH-1F specifications. The Turkish Turkey. Unlike the Ka-50 where the pilots sit side- the required number of new helicopters or post-
A Turkish military delegation has come to army still has 23 AH-1P/S Cobras. by-side, the seats in the Erdogan are placed in tan- sale service. Lastly, the Ka-50 was not mass-pro-
Russia to discuss the possible acquisition of Mi- However, Turkish military authorities started dem as in the US Cobra chopper. duced even for the Russian army at that time.
28 attack helicopters. This is not the first time thinking about replacing them in the mid-1990s. However, Turkey did not choose the Kamov An updated Cobra with new weapons and equip-
the two countries have discussed cooperation. During the subsequent tender they considered helicopter for political reasons, such as growing ment was the most probable winner in the Turkish
tender, but the contract was eventually awarded to
a European producer, the Anglo-Italian
AgustaWestland, which proudly proclaims to be “a
Dr. Avedis Khachadurian Should Have Shared Nobel Prize total rotorcraft capability provider.”
AgustaWestland, announced as the winning bid-
School of Medicine. During all this time, Khachadurian was deluged der in March 2007, pledged to assemble 50 T129
By Nubar Dorian with invitations for lectures and conferences and traveled worldwide prototypes in Turkey. However, the first T129 will
to impart his knowledge and results of his research. be rolled out only in 2015, whereas Turkey needs
As teaching and research had become his passion, he could not pass up choppers now to fight Kurdish militants.
PRINCETON, N.J. — There was little public fanfare, upon the retire- the opportunity offered to him and accepted to become a faculty member, The purchase of seven used AH-1W
ment of Dr. Avedis Khachadurian of Princeton. Hackensack University graduate program in biochemistry, Rutgers University-University of SuperCobras in 2008 has not solved the prob-
of Medicine and Dentistry had established a chair in his honor in Medicine and Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition, lem either. Turkey needs modern attack heli-
October 2008. As a result, congratulations poured in from all across Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ. Avedis copters to fill the gap until 2015 and for sever-
the medical world. Among them was a letter dated October 28, 2008, Khachadurian and his charming wife, Lora, and their two daughters moved al more years while its pilots learn to fly the
signed by Doctors Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein, of to Princeton, where they reside presently. T129 choppers.
Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Molecular Genetics, The medical world knows that grants come only to those As a result, Turkey has decided to purchase
who shared the Nobel Prize in 1985. It states in part, “Your insight- researchers who experience inevitable pain and suffering in solitude, Russian machines. It has opted for the Mi-28N
ful and groundbreaking studies in the genetics of homozygous famil- know disappointment, despair and defeat but never quit. They want to Night Hunter, which, unlike the Ka-50, has
ial hypercholesterolemia (FH) in Lebanon were of primary importance fight sickness, suffering and pain. Khachadurian was such a distin- been mass-produced since the 1990s and is sup-
in attracting us to this field.” They continue to tell him, “We are for- guished physician-researcher-teacher. The grant history of Avedis plied to the Russian Armed Forces.
ever grateful that your genetic insights were correct, without [which] Khachadurian — more than $3,000,000 — as a principal investigator, Turkey may buy between 12 and 32 helicopters
the complete defect in fibroblasts would never have been revealed.” lists among them such world-famous institutions and companies as within two or three years. It is unclear if it wants the
It is very interesting and should gladden all Armenians across the Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Squibb, Warner Lambert, Bristol-Myers choppers with or without top-mounted radar, which
world to know that an abstract was published on the “objectivity” of Squibb, Bayer and Novart along with the American Heart Association, is an extremely expensive option.
leading scientists in light of their citation of other people’s work when National Institute of Health, Cardiovascular Research Institute, The Turkish military had once considered buying
they are presenting their own work. It goes on further to state “As an Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, just to name a few. As a co-principal the Mi-24 Crocodile, which has several common
illustrative example of subjective citation, we show evidence that investigator, he received more than $5,000,000 from all across the structural elements with the Mi-28. The Mi-17 mul-
Khachadurian was a major contributor to the discoveries which led to medical world in search of new and better ways to heal and help. tirole helicopter is currently used in Turkey for mil-
the diagnosis and mechanism of FH.” The evidence indicates that In addition to teaching and doing research, he miraculously found itary, police and civilian purposes.
Khachadurian at least should have shared the Nobel Prize in 1985. time to write hundreds of articles, monographs, abstracts and upon Significantly, the Mil helicopters have for
His remarkable and inspiring journey began in Beirut, Lebanon. invitation, submitted chapters for medical books used to this day. He years been used in similar terrain in the
After graduating from the American University of Beirut in 1957, he still, even after his retirement, serves on the Board of American Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East.
chose as his specialty biochemistry and metabolism and for two years Diabetes Association and continues to serve on many national and Moreover, Russia’s influence and relations with
attended Joslin Clinic and Harvard Medical School. Returning to regional assignments such as the Governor’s Commission on Turkey have grown dramatically and many con-
Beirut, he was appointed assistant professor of biochemistry and Diabetes, Research Peer Review Committee, American Heart tradictions in bilateral ties have been smoothed
internal medicine; then, associate professor from 1959 through 1971, Association and serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Biological over since the 1990s.
when he became professor of biochemistry. While burdened with all Chemistry, Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Therefore, Turkey could buy the Mi-28,
the duties and responsibilities of his position, he was invited to lec- Almost everything we do showcases us and that is how image is made. whose track record over the past 20 years and
ture at medical schools and medical conferences in the Middle East Avedis Khachadurian is not part of the culture of our times bound the initial results of its combat use show that
and Europe. by its conventional superficialities. For him, compromise is simply jus- this highly versatile helicopter could remain on
Khachadurian’s fame and name in his field, and his passionate tified only when what is to be gained is of greater importance than combat duty even after the T129 assembly
desire to do research, finally landed him in the US. At the invitation what is lost in the compromising. All of his colleagues and friends start-up in Turkey.
of the Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, he accept- respect and love him not only for his brilliant mind, but also for his And the final touch: the protection and com-
ed the position of professor of pediatrics and director of the Clinical refusal to be a slave to worldly praise, influence, power and fame. bat payload specifications of the T129 are
Center Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center and Khachadurian is truly the finest example for our children who wish below those of the Mi-28.
Children’s Memorial Hospital. From 1972 through 1973 he became to pursue the noble profession of healing the sick. (This opinion piece by RIA Novosti
consultant, Atherosclerosis Program, University of Chicago’s Pritzker (Nubar Dorian resides in Cliffside Park, NJ.) military commentator Ilya Kramnik
was published in June.)

September 1895, employing the word that would later pointing out that: “Most contemporary observers agree that
become synonymous with genocide.” the massacres were scarcely connected to the war, but rather
Oren then went on to establish that more than a century represented a systematically planned and executed program to
ago, similar to today’s acrimonious political tug-of-war over the eliminate an entire people. Indeed, foreshadowing the Nazi
genocide recognition issue, the Armenian atrocities seriously genocide of the Jews twenty-five years later, Turkish soldiers
My Turn affected US-Turkish relations. He wrote: “Maintaining amica-
bility with Turkey would prove complicated, however, because
herded entire Armenian villages into freezing rivers, incinerat-
ed them in burning churches, or simply marched them into the
By Harut Sassounian ties between the United States and the Porte [Sultan] had deserts and abandoned them to die of thirst…. By the end of
long been frayed. The perennial source of friction was the summer, an estimated 800,000 Armenians had been killed and
oppression of Armenian Christians. Though a band of mod- countless others forcibly converted to Islam.”
Israel’s New Ambassador to the US ernizing Young Turks, many of them graduates of Roberts After citing numerous eyewitness accounts of the mass
College, had achieved power in Istanbul in 1908 and promised killings, Oren concluded: “In all, as many as 1.5 million
Calls Armenian Killings “Genocide” equal rights for all of the empire’s citizens, barely a year Armenians were killed in a genocide that the Turkish govern-
Israel’s new ambassador to the United States, Michael B. passed before the slaughter of Armenians resumed. Some thir- ment would never acknowledge, much less regret.”
Oren, is a firm believer in the veracity of the Armenian ty thousand of them were butchered by Turkish troops in While it is true that Michael Oren published this book before
Genocide, despite his government’s denialist position on this south-central Anatolia.” his assignment as Ambassador to Washington, his compelling
issue. In a section titled, “The most horrible crime in human his- position on the Armenian Genocide would hopefully make him
Prior to his ambassadorial appointment, Oren repeatedly tory,” Oren wrote: “The first reports, from December 1914, refrain from following the footsteps of his predecessors who
confirmed the facts of the Armenian Genocide in his writings. told of anti-Christian pogroms in Bitlis, in eastern Turkey, and shamefully lobbied against the congressional resolution on
In the May 10, 2007 issue of the New York Review of Books, the hanging of hundreds of Armenians in the streets of this issue.
he wrote a highly positive review of Taner Akçam’s book: A Erzerum. Armenian men between the ages of twenty and sixty The appointment of a staunch supporter of the truth of the
Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of were being conscripted into forced-labor battalions, building Armenian Genocide as Israel’s Ambassador to Washington
Turkish Responsibility. The review was titled: “The Mass roads, and hauling supplies for the Turkish army. The follow- comes on the heels of a serious rift between Turkey and Israel
Murder They Still Deny.” ing month, after their defeat by Russian forces in the following the Gaza war earlier this year. On that occasion,
In his most recent book, Power, Faith and Fantasy, Oren Caucasus, Turkish troops salved their humiliation by pillaging there were major manifestations of anti-Semitic statements
made dozens of references to Armenia and Armenians, includ- Armenian towns and executing their Armenian laborers. In the and acts throughout Turkey, including anti-Israeli remarks by
ing lengthy heart-wrenching descriptions of the mass killings early spring, Turkish soldiers laid siege to the Armenian city Turkish Prime Minister Reçep Erdogan. His insulting words to
before and during the Armenian Genocide. Here are some of of Van in eastern Anatolia and began the first of innumerable Israel’s President Shimon Peres in Davos, Switzerland, antag-
the most striking quotations from his book: mass deportations. The slaughter then raged westward to onized Israelis and Jews worldwide. Even though Israel down-
“The buildup of Ottoman oppression and Armenian Istanbul, where, on April 24, security forces arrested and played Erdogan’s offensive words, they did a lasting damage to
anger erupted finally in the spring of 1894, when Turkish hanged some 250 Armenian leaders and torched Armenian Israeli-Turkish relations.
troops set out to crush a local rebellion, but then went on neighborhoods. Interior Minister Talaat Pasha informed the The combination of an Israeli government that is less sym-
to raze entire villages and slaughter all of their inhabi- Armenian Patriarch that ‘there was no room for Christians in pathetic of Turkey and the presence of Israel’s Ambassador in
tants…. Some 200,000 Armenians died — 20 percent of the Turkey’ and advised him and his parishioners ‘to clear out of Washington who is a firm believer in the facts of the Armenian
population — and a million homes were ransacked. the country.’” Genocide may facilitate the passage of the pending congres-
‘Armenian holocaust,’ cried a New York Times headline in Oren then exposed Turkey’s attempts to falsify history by sional resolution on the Armenian Genocide.
20 S A T U R D A Y, J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 T H E A R M E N I A N M I R R O R - S P E C TAT O R

Lives Frozen by Conflict
Some 360,000 of the half-million Armenians
who fled Azerbaijan ended up in Armenia, and
most of them are poor even by the standards of
their impoverished country. A survey in 2007
showed that less than 10 percent of them man-
aged to take their wealth or property out of
STEPANAKERT and we do not Azerbaijan with them, most having fled just
(Institute for War and By Karine Ohanian, Seymur Kyazimov Baku and Gegham Vardanian have the right to with what they were carrying.
Peace Reporting) — receive interna- “The social problems of refugees are extreme-
With no sign of tional humanitari- ly urgent. The housing problem is still not
Karabagh stand-off being resolved, refugees will government of Azerbaijan is already drawing up an aid, which goes to refugees in Azerbaijan.” resolved, and added to that refugees can only
remain in legal and economic limbo, their lives a plan of return,” said Sanan Huseynov, head UNHCR, which has to help refugees while find work with great difficulty,” said Nikolai
frozen by the frozen conflict. spokesman for Azerbaijan’s State Committee negotiating the complex legal tangle of the Babajanian, himself a Baku Armenian who lived
Some 15 years have passed since a ceasefire for the Affairs of Refuges and Forced Migrants. South Caucasus’ frozen conflict, said such IDPs in a hut for 14 years until he managed to obtain
was signed in the Nagorno Karabagh conflict, He said the government was building accom- were the responsibility of the Azerbaijan gov- a one-room apartment.
yet the people forced out of their homes by the modation for the refugees, and had set up ernment. The Yerevan government is steadily trying to
fighting have still not found peace. They still whole villages in the Beylagan, Khajavend and “For the IDPs from Nagorno Karabagh, it is build housing for refugees, but the process is
suffer from homesickness, poverty, discomfort Goranboy regions. clear that they have the right to return to their slow, and refugees are often forced to find hous-
and legal difficulties. “Forced migrants live in some military places of origin with safety and dignity,” said ing by themselves. In the first years of the
Refugees in Armenia, Azerbaijan and bases,” he said. “There are around 11,000 Arun Sala-Ngarm, UNHCR’s newly-appointed influx, Armenian arrivals were able to exchange
Karabagh “a majority-Armenian territory that middle schools, half of which are occupied by representative in Azerbaijan. their houses with Azeris going in the opposite
broke free of Azeri control with the collapse of forced migrants. We also plan to resettle Victoria Taliskhanova, UNHCR assistant pro- direction, and most of them are now relatively
the Soviet Union, and unilaterally declared inde- {them] by 2011. In Baku, there are also some gram officer, said the agency was now focused well-off.
pendence” have said they feel abandoned in the places where forced migrants continue to live on trying to help refugees raise their standard “We have our own land, we farm livestock, we
student hostels, old hotels, schools and offices in terrible conditions. We are building new of living and access to services available to ordi- sow and we reap, and we live okay,” said Albert
they now call home. houses.” nary citizens. Dalakian, who fled Baku and has lived for 20
“Refugees today would like to forget that they Before 1991, Baku was a city with a very “The main aim of our donors is an improve- years now in an Azeri’s house in the village of
are refugees, but this does not happen. What we large Armenian population, many of whom ment in forced migrants’ social conditions, the Ranchpar.
lived through is unforgettable,” said Sarasar spoke only Russian between themselves, a lega- creation of conditions for education and work, But they were the lucky ones. There are
Sarian, an Armenian from Baku now living in cy of the Russian language’s role as the lingua the prevention of sexual or gender-based vio- 1,000 refugees in the village, and many of them
Karabagh. franca of the former Soviet Union. As a rich lence, the support of sport and education and did not manage to exchange their houses before
Ethnic tensions between Armenians and city, with a booming oil industry, it had attract- so on,” she said. they left Baku.
Azeris boiled over in the late 1980s, when the ed immigrants from all across the South On the Armenian side, the concerns are sim- Analysts see no signs that the Karabagh
Karabagh Armenians petitioned Moscow to Caucasus and beyond. ilar. Armenia and Azerbaijan still lack diplomat- stand-off could be resolved any time soon,
detach their region from Azerbaijan and cede it Fleeing Azerbaijan, these 500,000 Armenians ic ties. Since Azerbaijan has been supported by meaning that the refugees in both countries
to Armenia. Reciprocal demonstrations in Baku primarily moved to Armenia proper, which is to its ally Turkey, that has left Armenia in an and in the territory itself will remain in legal
turned violent, leading to violence in Karabagh the west of Azerbaijan. Many of them settled in almost total blockade, effectively only with and economic limbo, their lives frozen by the
and Armenia. Riots between the two communi- Karabagh, however, where they took the place access through Georgia to the outside world. frozen conflict.
ties forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to of Azeri refugees fleeing eastwards.
flee each others’ countries, although at that Since Karabagh’s independence has not been
time they were all citizens of the Soviet Union. recognized by other countries, they are techni-
With independence in 1991 came war. At the cally not refugees, but internally displaced peo-
The Armenian

ceasefire in May 1994, Armenian forces were ple, IDPs a source of considerable bitterness,
occupying 14 per cent of Azerbaijan proper. At since that cuts them off from much interna-
least 800,000 Azeris had fled to Azerbaijan tional aid.
from Armenia and parts of their own country “In this question, the international com-
seeking safety. munity is guilty of double standards,” Sarian
Since the war is not technically over, these said. “Because we live in an unrecognized
people are still desperately hoping one day they republic, international organizations like the
can return to their homes. Danish Refugee Council or the United
“The problems of the forced migrants will be Nations High Commissioner for Refugees YES , I would like a 1– year subscription to The Armenian Mirror-Spectator.
resolved when they return to their homes. The (UNHCR) do not recognize us as refugees,
USA /Second Class Mail $75.00 CANADA /Air Mail $125.00
USA /First Class Mail $120.00

IMF Approves Increase in Armenia’s NAME

Financial Support to $822.7 Million CITY STATE ZIP

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — The Executive in previous years, has collapsed, and the econo-
Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) my is experiencing a deep contraction.
this week completed the first review of Armenia’s “The additional financial assistance from the NAME
economic performance under a Stand-By Fund will help cover Armenia’s growing financ- ADDRESS
Arrangement (SBA) and approved an increase in ing needs, while the recalibration of the author-
the IMF’s financial support to an amount equiv- ities’ economic program will help them better CITY STATE ZIP
alent to $822.7 million; or 580 percent of respond to the deepening downturn. The pro-
Armenia’s quota. An official from the IMF gram envisages an easing of monetary and fis- Please make check payable to: The Armenian Mirror-Spectator and mail to:
Armenia office said that these decisions enable cal policy to mitigate the severity of the crisis, 755 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472-1509
the immediate release of about $158.3 million, while laying the ground for future fiscal consol-
bringing the total disbursed to $400 million. The idation primarily through one-off investment All payments must be drawn on US banks
board also granted a waiver of performance cri- expenditures and measures to strengthen tax
teria on net banking system credit to the gov- policy and administration. The authorities

ernment and the program’s fiscal balance. remain firmly committed to achieving the pro-
The revised arrangement will support the gram’s objectives of adjusting to the changed
government’s economic program amid a external environment, supporting confidence in
sharperthan-expected impact from the global the currency and the banking system, and pro-
financial crisis. The 28-month SBA was tecting the poor.

approved on March 6. “Following the successful return to a flexible
The key objectives of the program are to help exchange rate, monetary policy will focus on
Armenia adjust to the external shock, maintain maintaining low inflation. With the fall in infla-
confidence in the currency and the financial tion rates, the recent reductions of policy inter-
system, and protect the poor. The sharp con- est rates are appropriate. In addition, the
traction in economic activity, the fall in remit- authorities are taking active measures to pro-
tances, an increase in unemployment, and diffi- vide liquidity to the banking system and help
cult conditions in credit markets require an eas- resume lending. Fiscal policy will provide cru-
ing of macroeconomic policies and the imple- cial support by accelerating growth-enhancing
mentation of several measures to stimulate investment in infrastructure and strengthening
domestic demand and create new jobs. social safety nets.
Following the Executive Board’s discussion “As external conditions improve in 2010,
on Armenia, Murilo Portugal, deputy managing growth is expected to resume gradually. The
director and acting chair, stated: “Since the short-term outlook remains, however, very chal-
approval of the stand-by arrangement in March lenging. Continued reforms will be necessary to
2009, the external economic outlook has dete- boost the medium-term growth potential of the
riorated significantly for Armenia. Falling pri- economy, including efforts to improve the busi-
vate transfers and capital inflows have aggra-
vated external imbalances and affected house-
ness climate, completion of the unfinished tax
policy and tax administration reform agenda,
Check us out at
hold incomes and investor confidence.
Construction activity, the main driver of growth
and progress on financial sector reforms,”
Portugal said.