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Cuspal Interlinks

Ascendant is rising continuously, moment after moment, on geocentric eastern horizon
at advanced longitude (degree-minute-second). This is called Cuspal longitude of
ascendant where certain sign, star, sub and sub-sub rise. With respect to ascendant
Cuspal longitude, other houses and Cuspal positions form. Cuspal position is co-ruled
by the sign lord, star lord, sub lord and sub-sub lord.

In Cuspal Interlinks, sub-sub arc is practically ultimate division and Cuspal sub-sub lord
is the agent who interacts with other Cusps and Bhava. The interaction or inter-
relationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords with other Cusps/ Bhava is termed as Cuspal
Interlinks. In Cuspal Interlinks Theory Mr. S.P. Khullar has uniquely described all about
the interaction and inter-relationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords.

Every sub-sub lord establishes relation with other cusps and Bhavas in a definite way.
A Cuspal sub-sub lord (i.e. a planet) establishes relationship with other cusp on the
basis of its Stellar Status and Positional Status. Nature of such established relation of
Cuspal sub-sub lord and cusp is further specified and modified by the sub lord of the
Cuspal sub-sub lord. That Cuspal sub-sub lord is meaningfully related with that cusp or
not; it is revealed the sub-sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord.

In other words, a planet relates with others cusp or becomes significator of that cusp(s)
where the lord of star of a planet appear in the Cuspal position. It is termed as the
planet involved the cusp through its star lord. Likewise, wherever sub lord of the planet
appears in Cuspal position, it understood that the planet committed to the cusp through
sub lord. If this committed cusp is in favourable position with respect to involved cusp
then we say that the planet is fruitful significator of the involved cusp (where planet’s
star lord has appeared). The SSL of SSL of planet will declare the culmination of the
involvement and commitment of the planet. That is, SSL of Cuspal SSL is a planet that
gives hint of fruitfulness of the significationship of the planet for involved cusp(s).
Clearly, a planet becomes significator and gives result of only those cusp(s)/ Bhava
where star lord of the planet appears. It becomes fruitful significator of those cusps if
the planet is favourably committed.

Golden Rules of Cuspal Interlinks Theory
(1) A native enjoys significations of those houses only to which Ascendant sub-sub
lord maintain relation.

(2) A planet gives favourable result of cusp(s) involved through star lord if that
planet is committed through sub lord to favourable or supporting cusp(s)/
Bhava w.r.t involved cusp and entrusted through sub-sub lord to favourable or
supporting cusp(s) w.r.t involved cusp / Bhava.

(3) Star Lord Proposes, Sub Lord disposes.

(4) Star Lord shows involvement and Sub Lord Commitment.

(5) Sub-Sub Lord shows the end result.

(6) From involved cusp, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Cusp/House is unfavourable, 2nd, 6th
and 10th Cusp/House is neutral and 1st, 5th, 9th and 11th Cusp/ House is

(7) Transit agreement is shown by the way of signification and excitation of
relevant cusps in the natal chart.

(8) Apply Principles of Vimshottari Dasha System for timing the event.

(9) A promised event happens in the joint period of planets that are fruitful
significator of those cusps, if Vimshottari Dasha Lord's Transit agrees.

(10) Vimshottari Dasha is sequential in nature, which has a hidden meaning. Each
succeeding period can enact an event only when it's proceeding Dasha Period
Lord permits the event.