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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization


Industrial Manpower Resource Organization (I.M.P.R.O)


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization Project proposal

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A)



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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

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Topic Name INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVE IMPRO SYSTEM benefits IMPRO SYSTEM modules software and hardware reuquirments ABOUT LANGUAGE AND DATAABSE PROCESS FLOW CHART of module ER Diagram Data structures of each module scope and limataions

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Project category - RDBMS


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

As years progressed, the approach of the management changed towards the human capital. Now Hierarchical Organization is part of every organization, and has its own identity and importance. In this scenario, the bigger organizations need to put lot of effort in the management of human Resources, as they are underlying capital asset to the organization. In doing so, along with times, the Organization Information changed from its basic operations to more strategic approach. With emerging a new term of corporates things are needed and getting more practical day by day and instant accesses is needed to all to avoid time consumption factor behind a single task. Industrial manpower resource organization (IMPRO) provides a centralized view of Employee module where by sitting at remote location of the one can see a total hierarchy with every single detail of employee working within the company from top to bottom. These help the management to have one centralized database so that they do not need many management monitor the hierarchy of the company this software will surely automate and create a helping hand to various department of the company especially to the board of directors to monitor and have quick look to the current working status of employees from various branch of the company

The objective behind developing IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer) is to maintain the hierarchy of the employees within an organization. It provides the manger and administrative Department an overall hierarchical view of the complete enterprise and helps them in managing employees. Every Organization has many managers, who are responsible for all the activities in the organization. These managers manage different aspects of the organizational essential management issue is human resource organization management issues, such as manufacturing, production, Marketing, such


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

3. Benefits of the IMPRO

Finding ground level employee performance by the topmast manager. Maintenance of profile details of the employees, and retrievals as and when required.

Overall & detailed view of the organization hierarchy, which is very much essential in making effective decisions. Judging the potentiality of the employees. spread over wide geographical area.

Maintenance of the data when the organization has many branches Accessing one branch information from another branch. Employees success planning. performance.

Future planning issues based on the current HR information. Vacancy situations and their priority /effect on the organizations Employee motivational & conflict resolving issues.


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

4. Description of modules
From an end-user perspective, the industrial man power resource organization Project consists of three functional elements employee Module, department Modules and a display module

Employee module -In these module employee details such as name, addresses,
designation, contact number and other details are stored and shown with employee hierarchy and employee enumeration

Employee Creation sectionand section details.

In the Hierarchical Organization Information

System each employee is created with their corresponding department, designation

Employee hierarchy section - In this system Administration department is the Root Department under which different departments exist. So the Employment hierarchy will startwith root department headlike chairman and subsequently the employees and for sub departments in the departments can be identified department employees with dept. head and section employees with their section

.Employee list enumeration section -The employee details already in the database so the details can be retrieved as and when required by taking the selective criteria from the HR manager.


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

Department module

In this module department information such

department id, department and sub department names, live status of employee, job rotation, and position weightage are shown in detail.

Department entry/department hierarchy section-In

this module,

Master Data for the departments can be created employees refer this data .Sub Sections Each Department having Department heads ,so department employees Department he shall report to him. Some of department having sections so section employees shall be reported to the section in charge he shall report to the shall be created

departments Can be identified .Some of The departments will have Different should reported to the department head he may be subordinate to his superior

department head. From this Departments,subdepartments the Department hierarchy

Live status section- Live status gives accurate information about which

Employee Will work in which section his superior employees or his subordinates can be identified along with their corresponding departments so that the employee info can be managed easily. Their performance can be required this can be effectively managed. monitored and if they need can be deputed to other department as and when

Employee list enumeration section-The employee details already in the database so the details can be retrieved as and when required by taking the selective criteria from the HR manager.


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization Process details

This following process will be done to get the desired results. Employee hierarchy can be created using Employers and their superiors information. Department Hierarchy can be created using the departmental interdependencies. Vacancy list in various departments can be identified and prioritized by calculating the position weight ages. Employees can be transferred from one department to another based on different criteria provided by the HR manager. Employee retention can be processed depending their performance.

Job Rotation-

Job rotation process will be invoked when the employee

experiences monotony in his work / duty. These will result in poor

performance, sometimes leads to major errors in the field of operation. This can be overcome job rotation process. In this the employee will be moved to other department of interest, so that the employee will work with renovated vigor and vitality. In some cases, to fill up the emergency vacancies, job rotation process will be executed to avoid unforeseen delays. In any case along with the candidate / employee his credentials and other associates will be passed to the destination department.

Position Weightage section-

Position weightage will be calculated based on

Departments weightage, section weightage and even the designation weightage. Each position in the organization will have certain importance in the functionality of the overall organization. The weightage of the each position will be calculated by authority flow. using the actual position in the organization and as well as the position in the

Vacancies details and process details section-Vacancies raised in various departments can maintained by filling the new employees or by shifting/additional charges to existing employees.


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

Display module - In these module login, menus, contact us, instant

search, department tables, change of administrator, monitor section are shown

Login- whereby administrator

and department details

or any associated high commission can

login through associated id and password to monitor the employees status

Menu here graphical user interface of various menus in the

software is being shown such employee details. Department of the company employee

details ,employee work status ,vaccines in the company ,hierarchy

Contact us module help the user to contact the software

developer in case of any problems faced and online support is also provided through software development to solve their problems

Search section where administrator can search about the

employee ,department details And anything related to organization module of employee

Change of administrator- these is an very helpful module which provide

change of administrator Change of user name and password of the assassinates high commission to instant monitor the details

Instant accesses- these module provides instant accesses of hierarchical and detail information from other branch of the company siting at remote location


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

5. Software requirement

Front end - Back end - SQL server 2005 Tools - Microsoft visual studio 2005 O.S xp/windows 98 /windows 7 IIS IE 6.0+ / Firefox 3.5+ /chrome.

Hardware requirement
Processor Intel Pentium 4 or above Minimum 512 MB Of RAM At least 16 GB Hard disk space Cache 512 KB NIC (network interface card )


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization 6.ABOUT LANGUAGE AND DATAABSE

Visual Basic 6 is built on the Windows Server System to take major advantage of the OS and which comes with a host of different servers which allows for building, deploying, managing and maintaining Windows Based solutions. The Windows Server System is designed with performance as priority and it provides scalability, reliability.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Support. Powerful Windows-based Applications Simplified Deployment Improved Coding

Powerful, Flexible, Simplified Data Access Direct Access to the OS Platform Object-Oriented Constructs COM Interoperability

SQL Server 2005

When we choose a backend for an enterprise level application we have so many options, like Oracle, Sybase, MySql, however we choose Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as our database, and it has so many features which is ideal for our dot net based application. Includes Support for Multiple Platforms Integration with Windows 2000 Integration with Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers Scalability Replication Centralized Management Reliability


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization




Login Not Success

Login Success

Employee module

Startup screen

Department module Department detail & hierarchy Department enumeration list Live status

Employee creation

Menu Instant accesses

Employee hierarchy

Contact us Administrative rights Site map

Employee enumeration

Process detail

Position weightage and vaccines

log out



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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

8. ER-Diagrams of (IMPRO)

Section Sec_ID Sec_name Section_inch Dept_nos

Department Dept_nos Dept_name location

Employee Emp_ID Emp_name Dept_no Designtion Section_ID

Designation 1 Designtn_ID layer weighatage

Designation 2 Design_ID Designation

Job portal Emp_ID Emp_CV status Remark

Department Dept_nos up_Dept dw_dept layer weighatge

vaccancy Vaccancy_ID Dept_no section_ID designtn_ID status filled date emp_ID


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

9. Data structures of each module

SQL>desc departments Name Null? Type

------------------------------- -------- ---DEPTNO DEPTNAME DEPTHEAD LOCATION NUMBER(10) VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(10)

SQL>desc employees Name Null? Type




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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

SQL>desc sections Name Null? Type

------------------------------- -------- ---SECTID SECTNAME SECTIONINCH DEPTNO VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(15) VARCHAR2(10) NUMBER(10)

SQL>desc designation Name Null? Type

------------------------------- -------- ---DESIGNID DESIGNATION VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(15)


------------------------------- -------- ---DEPTNO UPDEPTNO DNDEPTNO NUMBER(10) NUMBER(10) NUMBER(10)


------------------------------- -------- ---DEPTNO LAYER WEIGHTAGE NUMBER(10) NUMBER(10) NUMBER(10)


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

SQL>desc job rotation Name Null? Type


SQL>desc vacancies Name Null? Type



------------------------------- -------- ---VACANCYID EMPID FILLEDDATE INTAKEDETAILS VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(10) DATE VARCHAR2(50)


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

SQL>desc Name


------------------------------- -------- ---DESIGNATIONID LAYER WEIGHTAGE VARCHAR2(10) NUMBER(10) NUMBER(10)


------------------------------- -------- ---DESIGNATIONID DEPTNO WEIGHTAGE VARCHAR2(10) VARCHAR2(50) VARCHAR2(50)

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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization

10.Scope & limitation of project

the enterprise ..

scope and enhancement of the

project can enhance according to the needs of the company and changing competitive trend in upcoming future .the project have the ability of modification according to the need of

In future if the enterprise turns nationalized or MNC company IMPRO (industrial manpower resource organization) will help them to have one central In the upcoming time to make the company more modernized in corporate fashion (employee can work rite from the home from associated system ) The system can be empowered with advance protocol for networks among the branches so that there could be more authentication and accesses could be secure and quick (for data security purpose ) database so the authority can access from any remote location branch

The IMPRO software do not have any such special limitation just because it as every quality of managing the human resource of the company.


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization


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Industrial Manpower Resource Organization


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