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Office of General Counsel

25 March 2004

Mr. Daniel Marcus,.General Counsel
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks
Upon the United States
Third Floor
2100 K Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20427

Re: (U) Response to Item No. 9 of DCI Document Request
No. 27 and to a Special Request for Documents made at
Mr. Mike Scheuer's Interview on 6 January 2004

Dear Mr. Marcus:

(U) This responds to Item No. 9 of DCI Document Request No.
27 (DR#27), issued by The National Commission on Terrorist
Attacks Upon the United States (the "Commission") on 24 December

(U) A document responsive to this request is being
produced as document No. 2700115. By prior agreement, this
document is of a type that is being retained by the Agency, and
the document is available for your inspection in the
Commission's reading room at Central Intelligence Agency
headquarters. Please note that document No. 2700115 is also
.responsive to a special request for documents made by the
Commission during Mr. Mike Scheuer's interview on
6 January 2004.

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DECL ON: 9/11 Closed by Statute


Mr. Daniel Marcus

(U) If vou have any questions, please contact me at
I 9/11 Closed by Statute I

9/11 Closed by Statute

Assistant General Counsel

As stated

Yoel Tobin

Yoel Tobin
Friday. January 02, 2004 4:22 PM
9/11 Closed by Statute
Cc: Doug MacEachin; Susan Ginsburg; Nicole Grandrimo; Tom Dowling; Steve Dunne; Melissa
Coffey; Sarah Linden
Subject: RE: dci dr#27--item 7

Thank you for the clarification

From. I 9/11 Closed by S t a t u t e ~"|
Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 2:58 PM
To: Yoel Tobin; Susan Ginsburg
Cc: Steve Dunne
Subject: dci dr#27--item 7
the document responsive to this item has been produced twice to the Comm'n already. It is
"How Bin Ladin Commands a Global Terrorist Network", 27 January 1999, CTC#99-40003

It was produced in response to the following document reuqests on the following dates:

DR#13, item 3: 10/22/03, bates #1300046
DR#6, item le.: 06/27/93 (pre-batesstamping).

RG: 148
Box: 00010 Folder: 0027 Document: 2
Series: Team 1 Files

Copies: 1 Pages: 4


The item identified below has been withdrawn from this file:

Folder Title: Document Requests: DCI 27
Document Date: 12-24-2003
Document Type: Letter

Subject: DCI Document Request #27, with draft

In the review of this file this item was removed because access to it is
restricted. Restrictions on records in the National Archives are stated in
general and specific record group restriction statements which are available
for examination.

NND: 281
Withdrawn: 04-23-2008 by:

RETRIEVAL #: 281 00010 0027 2
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Yoel Tobin

From: Yoel Tobin
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 10:49 AM
To: Nicole Grandrimo; Susan Ginsburg
Cc: Team 1
Subject: RE: DCI & DOS Document Requests

As Susan knows, the DCI request was modified slightly and sent out -1 don't think I have a copy of the final, do
you, Susan?

Original Message
From: Nicole Grandrimo
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 2:17 PM
To: Susan Ginsburg
Cc: Team 1
Subject: DCI & DOS Document Requests

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Hi Susan

Here is a copy of what we're providing to Steve in hard copy, as he prefers to receive document requests
in that manner. If any changes are made, we'll e-mail the revised versions.

All My Best - Niki

UNCLASSIFIED when separated from attachments

Niki Grandrimo
Team 1

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Yoel Tobin

From: Susan Ginsburg
Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2003 3:28 PM
To: Steve Dunne
Cc: Team 5; Team 1
Subject: QFR


A. QFR. The QFR we discussed concerning (1) an individual hijacker, is in the K Street CLASSIFIED share
drive, Team 5 file, QFR folder. The referenced quotation in this QFR was taken out of the Jl report scanned in our
documents collection. (Mike Jacobson is familiar with our search path.) I have a hard copy of the page from
which I quoted in my K Street files. I also included an additional QFR (2) concerning a CIA program involving
terrorist identities because it is a topic to be discussed at our hearing.

B. Documents. I have included a request for related documents in a request to be filed by Team 1 following up on
the Scheuer roundtable. Team 1: these items are in the CLASSIFED share drive, Team 5 file, Doc Requests
folder, Scheuer file.

If Steve or Team 1 has any questions .. .just call me.

Thanks very much.