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Yoel Tobin

From: Steve Dunne
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 9:43 AM
To: Downs, Pat, Ms, OSD-USDI
Cc: ''; Dan Marcus; Team 1; Dianna Campagna
Subject: DoD document request no. 21

Pat: Attached as a Word document is DoD document request no. 21. Please call Yoel Tobin at 202-
331-4071 with any questions about this request and to arrange for production. Feel free to call Dan or
me as well if any issues arise. Thanks. Steve



Lee H. Hamilton
VICE CHAIR The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (the
"Commission") requests that the Department of Defense (DoD or the "respondent")
Richard Ben-Veniste
provide the Commission with a copy of the following document no later than
Fred F. Fielding February 10, 2004 (the "production date"):
Jamie S. Gorelick
1. The report referenced in a Washington Post article dated January 5, 2004,
Skde Gorton entitled "Military Split on How to Use Special Forces in Terror War."
Bob Kerrey
According to the Washington Post article, the report is classified, was authored
by a DoD consultant named Richard H. Shultz, Jr., and relates to why U.S.
John Lehman forces were allegedly not dispatched to kill or capture terrorists responsible for
Timothy J. Roemer several major terrorist attacks against the United States.
James R Thompson The Commission requests that the document requested above be provided as soon as it
is available.
Philip D. Zelikow
If any requested documents are withheld from production, even temporarily, based on
an alleged claim of privilege or for any other reason, the Commission requests that the
respondent, as soon as possible and in no event later than the production date, identify
and describe each such document or class of documents, as well as the alleged basis
for not producing it, with sufficient specificity to allow a meaningful challenge to any
such withholding.

If the respondent does not have possession, custody or control of any requested
documents but has information about where such documents may be located, the
Commission requests that the respondent provide such information as soon as possible
and in no event later than the production date.

If the respondent has any questions or concerns about the interpretation or scope of
these document requests, the Commission requests that any such questions or
concerns be raised with the Commission as soon as possible so that any such issues
can be addressed and resolved prior to the production date.

January 27, 2004 Daniel Marcus
General Counsel

TEL (202) 331-4060
FAX (202) 296-5545