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Yoel Tobin

From: Steve Dunne
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 4:21 PM
To: ''
Cc: ''; Dan Marcus; Team 1; Team 5; Dianna Campagna
Subject: DOJ document request no. 12

Faith: Attached as a Word document is DOJ document request no. 12. Please call Yoel Tobin at 202-
331-4071 with any questions about this request and to arrange for production. Feel free to call Dan or
me as well if any issues arise. Thanks. Steve


Lee H. Hamilton
VICE CHAIR The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States ("the
Richard Ben-Veniste Commission") requests that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ or the
"respondent") provide the Commission with copies of the following documents,
Fred F. Fielding Government Exhibits from United States v. Usama Bin Laden, et al.. S(7) 98
Jamie S. Gorelick Cr. 1023 (LBS), no later than March 15,2004 (the "production date"):
Slade Gorton 1. Government Exhibit ("G. Ex.") 6 (FBI 302 of Odeh's confession)
Bob Kerrey
2. G. Ex. SOT (CNN outtake of interview of Usama bin Laden, in translation)
John Lehman

Timothy J. Roemer 3. G. Ex. 300A-T (translation of computer files regarding security report by
James R. Thompson

Philip D. Zelikow 4. G. Ex. 300B-T (translation of computer file regarding Taliban report);
5. G. Ex. 300E (Immigration entry stamp in Arabic from Apple computer)

6. G. Ex. 300E-T (Translation of 300E)

7. G. Ex. 300F (Kenya Immigration Officer 72 - JKIA-Nairobi from Apple

8. G. Ex. 300G (Kenya Immigration Officer 149-JKIA-Nairobi from Apple

9. G. Ex. 300H (Immigration exit stamp in Arabic from Apple computer)

10. G. Ex. 300H-T (Translation of 300H)

11. G. Ex. 310-73A-T (newpol.doc translation)

12. G. Ex. 310-74A-T (translation ofass.doc)

13. G. Ex. 314 (Copy of WEH's passport (1B1AAUG97/EN2-1 to 18))

14. G. Ex. 358-T

15. G. Ex. 367 (FISA coconspirator list copy)

16. G. Ex. 401 (Grand Jury Exhibit 1 - Photocopy of pamphlet entitled "Who
Killed This Believer?")
TEL (202) 331-4060
FAX (202) 296-5545
Department of Justice Document Request No. 12
Page 2

17. G. Ex. 502 (Copy of Odeh's Jordanian passport)

18. G. Ex. 523 (Copy of Saleh's Yemen passport)

19. G. Ex. 526 A (Republic of Yemen passport in the name of Abdullbast Awadah)

20. G. Ex. 526B (Pakistani visa stamp #619351)

21. G. Ex. 550 (Owhali confession) (apparently not admitted into evidence)

22. G. Ex. 605 A (Copy of Aadel Habib's passport)

23. G. Ex. 605B (Asma Articles of Incorporation)

24. G. Ex. 622A (Fawwaz passport)

25. G. Ex. 623 (Egyptian passport (1B93/6B))

26. G. Ex. 624A-T (translation of letter to Abu Abdullah)

27. G. Ex. 624B-T (translation of letter from Fawwaz)

28. G. Ex. 627A (Taheer Articles of Incorporation)

29. G. Ex. 631 (Yemen passport (1B93/6D))

30. G. Ex. 647 A-T (translation of poem re: blowing up the enemies)

31. G. Ex. 702T (translation of $23,000 budget)

32. G. Ex. 901 (Owhali's fake Yemen passport)

33. G. Ex. 902 (Gihad Ali's Saudi Arabian passport)

34. G. Ex. 903 (Harun's Cormoran passport)

35. G. Ex. 906 (Owhali's red passport)

36. G. Ex. 914 (Halima's passport)

37. G. Ex. 942 (handwritten military manual)

38. G. Ex. 1003 (Copy of a Tanzanian passport in the name Zahan Nassor Maulid)

39. G. Ex. 1018 (Tanzanian passport in the name "Zahran Nassor Maulid")
TEL (202) 331-4060
FAX (202) 296-5545
Department of Justice Document Request No. 12
Page 3

40. G. Ex. 1503-T (translation of newspaper publication)

41. G. Ex. 1504-T (translation of Al Jihad statement)

42. G. Ex. 1505-T (translation of 3/12/98 fatwa)

43. G. Ex. 1506-T (translation of 5/17/98 fax on Jihad)

44. G. Ex. 1508-T (translation of 7/3/98 fax on kidnapping of brothers from Albania)

45. G. Ex. 1510-T (translation of letter written to Ustaz/Noor)

46. G. Ex. 1511-T (translation of 7/15/98 fax from Al Haramain)

47. G. Ex. 1512-T (translation of 8/3 letter discussing work being at a halt, etc.)

48. G. Ex. 1513-T (translation of letter to Abu Mohammed)

49. G. Ex. 1514-T (translation of letter to Ezzat)

50. G. Ex. 1515-T (translation of letter to Ustaz/Noor)

51. G. Ex. 1518-T (translation of 5/20/98 fax about appointment and rough draft)

52. G. Ex. 1522-T (translation of 3/7/98 fax to Abu Abdullah)

53. G. Ex. 1523-T (translation of letter to Abu Mohamed from Abu Abdallah)

54. G. Ex. 1525-T (translation of 3/1/98 fax discussing problems)

55. G. Ex. 1526-T (translation of terms and bylaws)

56. G. Ex. 1530-T (translation of letter to Noor from Abu Abdullah)

57. G. Ex. 1540-T (translation of document where Montasser al Hayat swears

58. G. Exs. 1557C-P & 1557C-T (translation of fax header of Aug. 7, 98, & corresponding photo)

59. G. Exs. 1557D-P & 1557D-T (translation of second fax from Islamic Army for the Liberation of
the Holy places, & corresponding photo)

60. G. Ex. 1557E-P & 1557E-T (translation of third fax from Islamic Army for the Liberation of the
Holy Place[s] & corresponding photo)

61. G. Ex. 1558 (EIJ threat letter)

TEL (202) 331-4060
FAX (202) 296-5545
Department of Justice Document Request No. 12
Page 4

62. G. Ex. 1559-T (translation of diary of Abu Musaab)

63. G. Ex. 1576B-T (translation of claim of responsibility page)

64. G. Exs. 1600 & 1600-T (translation of UBL's declaration of war, etc.)

65. G. Ex. 1602-T (translation of 5/14/98 Fatwa)

66. G. Ex. 1603 (ARC document: pamphlet about the organization)

67. G. Ex. 1604 (ARC document: Constitution)

68. G. Ex. 1606-T (translation of ARC document: Resolution)

69. G. Ex. 1607 (ARC document: Resolution to establish office, etc.)

70. G. Ex. 1626D-T (translation of security report)

71. G. Ex. 1632-T (translation of letter to Mohamed Atef, etc.)

72. G. Ex. 1634-T (translation of 5/14/98 letter from UBL to owner of Al Quds)

73. G. Ex. 1635-T (translation of 98 letter to Atef re: CNN footage)

74. G. Ex. 1636-T (translation of 5/7/98 Atef letter to Fawwaz)

The Commission requests that the documents requested above be provided as soon as they are available,
even though all requested documents may not be provided at the same time, thorough means of a
"rolling" production.

If any requested documents are withheld from production, even temporarily, based on an alleged claim of
privilege or for any other reason, the Commission requests that the respondent, as soon as possible and in
no event later than the production date, identify and describe each such document or class of documents,
as well as the alleged basis for not producing it, with sufficient specificity to allow a meaningful
challenge to any such withholding.

If the respondent does not have possession, custody or control of any requested documents but has
information about where such documents may be located, the Commission requests that the respondent
provide such information as soon as possible and in no event later than the production date.

If the respondent has any questions or concerns about the interpretation or scope of these document
requests, the Commission requests that any such questions or concerns be raised with the Commission as
soon as possible so that any such issues can be addressed and resolved prior to the production date.

March 1, 2004 Daniel Marcus
General Counsel
TEL (202) 331-4060
FAX (202) 296-5545
U.S. Department of Justice

Office of Legislative Affairs

Office of the Assistant Attorney General Washington, D.C. 20530

June 25, 2004

Dan Marcus
General Counsel
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks
Upon the United States
2100 K Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Marcus:

This responds to the Commission's Document Request No. 12 to the Department, which
requested copies of the Government's Exhibits from United States v. Usama Bin Laden, et al,
S(7) 98 CR. 1023 (LBS).

Enclosed are is a two page document from Gov. Ex. 0550 that was provided by the
United States Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York, in response to this
Request, and may have been inadvertently omitted from our previous production response to this
Request. These document will be included on CD 72, which will be imaged when we are
advised of the Commission's format preferences.

I hope that this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would
like additional assistance regarding this or any other matter.


William E. Moschella
Assistant Attorney General