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The item identified below has been withdrawn from this file:

Folder Title: Miscellaneous
Document Date: 07-09-2003
Document Type: Handwritten Notes

Subject: Notes re: document requests

In the review of this file this item was removed because access to it is
restricted. Restrictions on records in the National Archives are stated in
general and specific record group restriction statements which are available
for examination.

Withdrawn: 04-23-2008 by:

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Subject: progress
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Re team 1 progress with documentary materials and interviews:

This is offered as an overview, not a comprehensive detailed ^account. Dieter
will be sending you an additional note re wome efforts he has underway with DoJ
components. Allowing for that:

Our document requests so far have focused on (albeit are not confined tp_l__Ja) ^
detailed reports of the information obtained from detainees; (b) CIA (and FBI
documents provided to the Joint Inquiry, listing first those that appearec
(from the index which is less than fully informative) to merit priority; (c)
FBI documents relating to the New York and other terrorism trials, as well as
debriefings and post arrest statements; (d) CIA assessments applying the latest
information to assess earlier terrorist actions; (e) a request, in connection
with a Team 4 request, for FTO designation recordes.

To date, we have received substantial segments under (b). Both/'the FBI^andJ CIA
have made special efforts to make these materials available, incl
delivering then in a "rolling installment" fashion that enables us to begin our
research_without having to await the complete collection. CIA has applied the
same "rolling^appr^a^lT~tc^Ti(cl\h has been particularly useful in offering
new insights. Moreover, CIA~nas delivered to us two traunches of documents
without any request other than the discussion during the DCI RG briefing
of "otehr materials that could be of use to the commission.

So far, we have not received materials described in (a), (c) and (e) (you might
want to confirm query Team 4 about (e).) It goes without saying that these
materials and others in various requests (and some more being"prepared as we
speak) will be essential to completing our project. That said, while responses
to some of the document requests may be formally overdue, that has so far had
no practical effect in our ability to proceed with our work. The amount of
materials we have obtained so far demands heavy lifting.

Re interviews: So far we have sought mainly briefs and informal discussions
designed mainly to help us point our research efforts. Our work enthic is to
first learn as much as we can so that when and if interviews are necessary we
can employ them most efficiently. Again, our experience so far has been that
CIA and FBI have been very receptive to this and helpful in tipping us on where

http://kinesis. ?index=475 7/2/03
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to search for information.

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http://kinesis. ?index=475 7/2/03
Team 1A Progress Report on Agencies' Compliance with Briefing
and Document Requests

Most of Team 1 A's briefing and document requests thus far have been submitted to the
FBI, which —following its promising start of making available facilities at Headquarters
where we can review the documents it provided to the Joint Inquiry - has failed to make
any further production responsive to our document requests. The Bureau has, of course,
provided the Commission and Staff with extensive briefings on Pentbom and DSM. In
addition, on June 12, we received an index of the documents the FBI provided to the JI;
the index has been installed on the Classified Share Drive at K Street. The Bureau's
failure to meet request deadlines appears to be due mainly to difficulty coordinating with
DOJ and the Moussaoui trial team. I understand from a conversation just now with the
POC that an agreement has been negotiated between the Commission and DOJ to
accommodate concerns arising out of the protective orders and local court rules
restricting disclosure of materials relating to the Moussaoui case. Once the agreement is
signed, the Bureau will be able to produce an initial installment of documents from the
Pentbom file in electronic format, using Concordance software.

Document Requests:

Classified requests for detainee materials were submitted June 4 and 6 to the DCI (Nos. 3
& 4), FBI (Nos. 2 & 3), and DOD (No. 3). Production was due on June 18 and June 20,
and has not yet begun.

FBI Document Request No. 7 (issued jointly with Team 7) was submitted on June 19;
production (which is not due until July 3) has not begun.

DOJ Request No. 1 was submitted on June 17. The request seeks documents and exhibits
related to the prior al Qaeda-related terrorism trials conducted in the Southern District of
New York. To date, the POC has not responded to my inquiry regarding the status of the
production. Production (due July 1) has not begun, even though some of the material
(e.g., lists of trial exhibits) could be produced with a minimum of effort.


To this point, Team 1A has made no formal briefing request.