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Importing backup images from more than one piece of media from the
command line
Backups that have expired may be imported by using the bpimport command,
provided the media on which the backups reside have not yet been overwritten.
Importing images is a two-stage process:

Phase 1
This is performed first and must be done on all media concerned with the
backups to be imported (particularly if the backups have spanned over several
tapes). This phase recreates catalog entries for the backups by populating the
media server's Media Database (mediaDB) with the media IDs, and creating the
header files of the backup images in the Image Database. After this phase is
completed, the images may be browsed for selection for Phase 2 import.

Phase 2
This may be performed on all media involved in Phase 1, or if there is a selection
of backup images desired for importing (after browsing), then the import may be
done on the basis of backup IDs. This phase of the import creates the files file(s)
of the backup images in the Image Database.

The bpimport commands to perform Phase 1 and 2 operations are as

Phase 1
-create_db_info -id <mediaid> -server
<master_server_hostname> -L <progress_log>

If browsing for backup images to be imported at Phase 2, use the command:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimport -PM

Once the backup IDs to import have been chosen, they can be listed in a file
referred to as the "Bidfile" for use in Phase 2. If all the backup images (as given
by Phase 1) are required for importing, there is no need for a Bidfile, and the
Phase 2 will only require the command bpimport with no options.

Phase 2
with Bidfile
-Bidfile <filename_with_image_ids> -L

without Bidfile (assuming all backup images listed by Phase 1 are for import)


Please note that it may be considered easier to import using the Java GUI rather
than command line, particularly as Phase 2 requires a Bidfile to be created, or
that the import may need to use the -backupid option if importing one backup
image at a time is desired.

The bpimport command options may be displayed by the command:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimport -HELP

or by viewing the VERITAS NetBackup (tm) System Administrator's Guides given
in the Related Documents section of this TechNote.

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