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For Immediate Re-Release

DECEMBER 17, 2008 / December 21, 2008

National Parents’ Rights Association, Marietta, GA -
Family Therapy Center for New York & Georgia, Inc. –

Landmark Ruling Issued in a Georgia Supreme Court
Cobb County, Georgia, December 17, 2008 – In an unprecedented ruling in the state of Georgia, testing the legal limits and authority of
the powers of the state as leveled upon its private citizens, a resident of Cobb County, GA is reduced to second-class citizenship
following unsubstantiated and uninvestigated allegations of abuse and neglect of minor children.
A 17-page long Draconian-infused ruling was filed in the Gottschalk vs. Gottschalk case in Cobb Superior Court on the morning of
December 16, 2008. Ignoring and arbitrarily discounting documented testimony and overwhelming evidence refuting allegations of
neglect and implications of abuse, judge C. LaTain Kell rubber-stamped the biased opinions of a court-ordered legal guardian, Diane
Woods, and leveled despotic-like orders upon a single parent and two school-aged minors amounting to no less than an abuse of
discretion through state sanctioned policing and monitoring of the private lives of three citizens of the state.
Well liked and appreciated within the local community, serving as a long-term volunteer to both one of Georgia’s most cherished
501(c)(3) non-profit community enrichment organizations, along with being an active volunteer for the CERT program, a local arm of
the US President’s Citizens Corps, the defendant in the case has been indefinitely sanctioned with, but not limited to, the following:
• Denial of right of defense through use of expert witness opinion
• Denial of right to acknowledgement of specifics of allegations
• Must remove viable means of personal self-defense from private residence
• Must fund elective medical treatments
• Erroneous and uncorroborated implications of unlawful behavior
• No decision-making authority at any level in respect to care and management of children
• Ordered into coercive psychoanalytic therapy to be monitored by the State
• Denial of priviledge of client confidentiality under Georgia law
• Denied right to contact children on telephone
• Monitored physical contact with children
• Overall reduction of long established residential and holiday time of approximately 40%
• State sanctioned public surveillance of personal means of travel
• Denial of right to attend extra-curricular activities of children

No criminal charges nor DFACS investigations have ever been made or initiated.
During a week-long trial in early October of this year, Dr. Monty Weinstein, a clinical fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association,
a fellow of the Ortho Psychiatric Association, a fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, formerly of the
Board of Directors of the National Psychology Association, qualified at expert levels in close to 3,000 times in various courtrooms
throughout the US, Canada, Germany, and Isreal, whose writings have been published in the National Journal of Psychotherapy on
numerous occasions, is nationally certified in dispute resolution, and has appeared on national TV over 100 times, was gagged and
humiliated by Judge Kell and the plaintiffs’ attorney during testimony.
Karen Wagner, a Harvard trained and brilliant expert on children and in the areas of parenting, custody, and Parental Alienation was
also gagged during the lengthy hearings, which turned into a circus-like inquisition reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials from our
nations’ infancy.
In judge Kell’s subjective zeal to appease appointed evaluators, the results of these sanctions, intended or not, have been the denial of
two young children from experiencing the joys of Thanksgiving and the upcoming Chirstmas holiday with a loving, caring parent.
A similar ruling issued in Atlanta less than three weeks ago resulted in the untimely death of a vibrant, well-respected member of the
community, Gregory Eisenhauer, leaving three small children fatherless for the rest of their lives.

It appears the McCarthy era of two generations ago is not quite over in Cobb County, Georgia.