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Vol. 14, No 6 ISSN - 1499-8599 (E-dition) / ISSN - 1499-8602 (CD-ROM) June / July 2009 $4.95(US)

The Claims of Kal Korff Paranormal / UFO Community, but I can talk own imagination.
about my dealings with Kal Korff which may Members of the Intelligence
have seemed one sided to may reading this Community that were contact by a private
article, but I did have an ulterior motive for my investigation firm in the U.S. with former
actions. intelligence operatives had no knowledge of Kal
I have no idea when and where Kal Korff nor the Israel based Special Secret
Korff came up with the idea that he could Services that Kal claims to be part of.
actually convince anyone that he was and or is a All members of the "real" intelligence
member of the intelligence community of any community pointed out that intelligence
nation. During our past talks before Kal operatives would never reveal their involvement
disappeared from the US and then reappeared in in intelligence agencies or operations as Kal
Prague, Kal never talked about being interested likes to.
in becoming an intelligence operative, being The Israeli Government has never heard
involved in counter-intelligence or having an of the Special Secret Services or a person by the
interest in Europe, little own his new found name of Kal Korff. They are concerned that Kal
alliance with Israel. is representing himself as a member of an
In the past, Kal has been able to promote association that he attached and affiliates to
himself as a guest on many radio and television Israel and that he has given himself the rank of
By Rob McConnell talk shows, but since emerging in Europe, it Colonel.
The ’X’ Chronicles Newspaper seems that The 'X' Zone has been the only show Is it possible that Kal created this entire
to give him any time whatsoever. fantasy world in order to explain why he so
(June 22 2009) Over the years, Kal It has now been since the last week of mysteriously in 2000 from the United States and
Korff has been somewhat of an "paranormal April 2009 that Kal has been on The 'X' Zone why he so unexpectedly surfaced in Prague?
anomaly" in the UFO field - and let us not forget Radio Show and he will not be returning. Kal Korff has never said why he
the JFK Assassination and being an expert in the All the Apple iTune Segments with Kal disappeared without a trace in 2000 but does
OJ Simpson "Civil" Trial.... or, at least that is Korff have been deleted. lead one to believe that it was all part of his
what he has tried to convince the world of, and All the 'X' Zone Archive mp3 segments new"hush-hush" secret agent life.
based upon the numerous "Anti-Korff" sites and with Kal have been removed from public
blogs on the internet, he has failed miserably. access. Continued on Page 2
I cannot talk for other members of the Kal Korff seems to be a figment of his
2 The Claims of Kal Korff
In This Edition of The Claims of Kal Korff The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
Continued from Page 1
The ‘X’ Chronicles with Rob McConnell
Newspaper Here are some of the lies and
misrepresentations that I personally have caught The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard Monday - Friday
(Print/Online/CD ROM Kal Korff in: from 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern, and then the show is
Version) repeated in its entirety from 2 AM - 6 AM on The
* Kal Korff claimed to have developed TalkStar Radio Network and it family of affiliates
throughout the United States, Canada and the
JUNE / JULY 2009 - Index applications for the Apple iPod and iPhone
Caribbean (Satellite Galaxy 4R), on TalkStar Radio
which took him well over a two year period to
Streaming Audio on our website at
develop. Other Apple app’s were up and, throughout Central America,
The Claims of Kal Korff...........................Pg 01 running way before Kal Korff had even, South America and the Pacific Rim on Americas
Seeking the Truth....................................Pg 04 according to Apple programmers, the most IntelSat 7 (TelStar 7) and now across Asia on Agila2
A Glimpse of Hamilton..............................Pg 05 simplest of applications - the Reader. Kal and also on G-3. AND NOW on iTUNES for iPods
Morgellon’s Disease..................................Pg 07 always said that it was due to his “missions” for and iPhones!
UFOs Over Neverland Ranch....................Pg 08 the S3 and as of late his brothers trial that his
Mile Wide UFO Seen By British Pilots....Pg 09 priorities had been set - all else had to wait. United States of America
Crashing into the Whitehouse...................Pg 11 * Kal Korff told The ‘X’ Zone Nation AM 1350 KCHR - Charleston MO
Roswell Festival 2009...............................Pg 13 during a broadcast that he had investors which AM 1400 WZNG - Shelbyville / Nashville TN
UFOs - A Challenge to Science................Pg 14 were putting twenty-five million dollars (USD) TalkStar 840 - Titusville, Orlando, Mims FL
Weird News...............................................Pg 19 into his television series exposing people for FM 107.7 WMEX - Rochester NH
The Shag Harbour UFO............................Pg 21 FM 89.7 KNTS - John Day OR
commercial fraud and he had asked me to host
The ‘X’ Zone Store Advertisement............Pg 22 AM 1330 WELW - Cleveland OH
his series. The pilot was to be shot in Prague.
The ‘X’ Zone Store Advertisement...........Pg 23 AM 1340 KSEK - Pittsburgh KS
Well, this never happened and his investors AM 1510 WDRF - Woodruff SC
UFOs Over Washington.............................Pg 24 seemed to slip away into the night. AM 1600 KOHI - St Helens OR
More Weird News......................................Pg 25 * Kal Korff told The ‘X’ Zone Nation FM 104.7 KEIF, Enid, OK
Douglas James Cottrell..............................Pg 28 that he was entering into an agreement with AM 1320 WARL - New Bedofrd, MA
Happy Birthday Canada.............................Pg 34 SONY and BONTON in Prague to manage a FM 99.1 KRUP - Dillingham, AK
UFO Hoaxes..............................................Pg 36 property that would also be an outlet for his X Files Paranormal Network
The Famous and UFOs.............................Pg 38 products - this project never materialized. America Talk Radio
Project Magnet: Wilbert B Smith..............Pg 39 * Kal Korff asked me on The ‘X’ Zone
Top 10 Conspiracies..................................Pg 40 to be the host for a DVD set that he was doing Canada
with Michael Horn on the Billy Meier case - AM 630 CKOV - Kelowna BC
The ‘X’ Chronicles is published by REL-MAR AM 580 CFRA - Ottawa ON
McConnell Media Company. The contents of this nothing has ever happened on this project.
AM 920 CJCH - Halifax NS
material are (C) Copyright 1993-2009 by REL-MAR * Kal Korff said that he was going to
AM 1330 CHLW - St. Paul, AB
McConnell Media Company and may not be copied or charge the following people with consumer FM 104 CJSB - Swan Lake, MB
reprinted in whole or in part without the express written fraud - and to this point after more than a year -
consent of the publisher. All opinions, comments or FM 90.1 CHMZ - Tofino, BC
statements of fact expressed by Rob McConnell's guests
nothing has happened: FM 99.5 CIMM - Ucluelet, BC
are strictly their own and are not to be construed as those o Ray Santilli FM 98.9 CFPV - Pemberton, BC
of The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show or in any manner o Bob Gimlim
endorsed by Rob McConnell, REL-MAR McConnell o Billy Meier Caribbean
Media Company, TalkStar Radio Network, its affiliated * Kal Korff had on The ‘X’ Zone, agreed AM 1620 WDHP - Frederikstead USVI
stations or employees. REL-MAR McConnell Media
Company assumes no responsibility for claims made by
to a Roswell debate with Kevin Randle - of
which Kal Korff backed out of at the very last Asia
its advertisers and do not endorse any product and or
The Philippines
service mentioned herein. To advertise in The ‘X’ minute.
Chronicles, please contact us at (905) 575-5916 or send * Kal Korff came on The ‘X’ Zone and
an email to Hong Kong
said that he was going to expose Kevin Randle Taiwan
with an audit from KPMG, which, not unlike Korea anything Kal says never happened.
* Kal Korff had agreed to investigate The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and The ‘X’ Zone TV
The ‘X’ Zone Main Site claims made a member of the US Military of Show is now available at iTUNES!
giant skeletons found in Europe, but never did. * Kal Korff claims to have been a Our show archives are available at
witness in the O J Simpson civil trial of which,
Watch, Listen & Chat During to this date, no proof has ever been found to
The LIVE Daily Broadcast 10 substantiate this claim. The ‘X’ Zone TV Show
pm - 2 am EDT Weeknights * There is no proof to substantiate any On TV Stations, Cable Operators and Satellite
claims whatsoever that Kal Korff has a 24 Suppliers Near You Including:
KHPK CH 28 - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
The ‘X’ Chronicles volume / 500 book deal with any legitimate
publisher. WBQP CH 12 (Cable 75) - Pensacola, Florida
Newspaper * Kal Korff claimed to have sent us WBCF CH 3 - Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama
WXLF CH 5 - Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama
nanotechnology in between the last page and the
is available for downloads for KWVT CH 52 (Cable 7) - Salem, Oregon
back cover of a copy of one of his books which
Apple iPods and iPhones at WDRL CH 24 (digital 41) -
we did receive, but after careful examination Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia there was no proof of any nanotechnology KCTU CH 41 - Wichita, Kansas
found. Kal Korff told me that using a KBGN CH 59 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
magnification glass or 10 x microscope I would Western Cable Service - Sequim, Washington
Coming in July 2009
be able to confirm the identity of this KLFA TV Channel 8, Los Angeles, California.
THE GHOST CHRONICLES nanotechnology. A contact at The University of
Published by Waterloo in Ontario said that nanotechnology Cable in Guatemala and parts of Central America
REL-MAR McConnell Media would NOT be able to be viewed with a
Company magnifying glass or low powered microscope. Yes! We Are Growing! Continued on Page 3
Those Who Lurk in the Paranormal 3
* There are no credentials that have ever, my offer still paranormal researchers especially in Russia
been shown by Kal Korff that he ever obtained stands, just send me an email - where Rand has close ties with Lt. Col. Marina
the rank of "Captain" and now "Colonel" in a, and we will make a Popovich and her former husband, Army
legitimate military or para-military organization date and time available to you to to dispute any General Pavel Popovich, who both live in
or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club for that matter. claims that Kal Korff has made. Moscow. Marina and Pavel remain active in the
Besides, isn't the rank of Major before Colonel? UFO field representing Russia.”
* Kal Korff backed away from a debate The there is the case of Pastor Harry Now, when members of The ‘X’ Zone
with an expert on the JFK assassination that we Walther, who is self proclaimed expert on the Nation started checking out the claims made on
were arranging. Bible Code, who is not an ordained Pastor but his bio at and they
* Kal Korff in one of his last aired an internet inductee into the Cyber Church of could find nothing to substantiate the claims
interviews on The 'X' Zone told us that by this Universal Religion. being made, we once again used the services of
time, Israel would have attacked Iran by this our investigation agency in the US, and there
time. Well, it seems that the self proclaimed Dr Jaysen Rand, has been claiming the was nothing found on a Jaysen Q Rand. Infant,
intelligence expert missed the mark and his following in his biography on his website at Dr Jaysen Q Rand is really Paul Bondora.
"intell" did not include the recent election and Apparently, Jaysen Q Rand is his “pen name.”
“Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. A check was made with the Recording
the Iranian people's fight for democracy.
in the field of Energyinformative Sciences, Academy in Santa Monica, California, who
* Kal Korff has worked with a number
from the Academy of Energyinformative records nominations and winners of the
of people in Prague, including a disabled
Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Grammy. Greg Bechtloff said that according to
person, who Kal claimed to be the COO if his
Russia. their records, Jaysen Q Rand nor Paul Bondora
company. This raises a very interesting
His contributions in the study and have ever been nominated for a Grammy and
question: Why would a Colonel in a secret
pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, has never won a Grammy.
intelligence agency have to work for someone Bruce C Elrod the president of Cashbox
else... unless this was part of his super secret research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and
his representing the United States at The First Magazine in Ridgeway, South Carolina, has
cover. This relationship did not last very long never heard of BONDORA or RAND.
and ended under questionable circumstances. World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ - 1991) -
earned him distinctive recognition and his According to the UFO Community,
The last place of employment that used Kal’s Rand “Did Not” represent the United States at
services was a school - not a government Doctorate from their Russian Academy of
Sciences on December 18, 1992 in Moscow. the First World UFO Conference in 1991. It is
agency. possible that he was there but not representing
Jaysen Rand also attended the
* Kal agreed to a debate on the Roswell the United States.
University of Illinois (Chicago Campus),
case with Kevin Randle on the show but on the We have sent a formal request to the
Palmer School of Business, the National
day of the broadcast, just hours from the debate, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow
College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S.
Kal cancelled saying that he had been called requesting authentication of Rand’s claim that
Army (MOS) school diploma's from (1963 -
away on a secret mission. We found this to be a 1966). in 1992 he relieved an honorary degree from the
lie and that Kal was in fact still in Prague and He's also a gold / platinum, multi-award Academy.
not in some foreign country fighting terrorism. winning music producer / recording artist / As for the Academy of
More of Kal’s claims will be added to songwriter / publisher and recording studio Energyinformative Sciences, we were unable to
this growing list as we continue our manager being a music A&R executive with find any listing for it. There is a listing for the
investigation into the claims of Kal Korff. real hands-on corporate industry experience. International Academy of Energyinformative
As a Grammy nominated record Sciences
However, there is one thing that Kal producer, Rand received significant industry which only has only has one person listed on a
Korff has always done, and that is not to be recognition from RIGA, NARAS, NATRA, linked website which is Porokhnia Victor, who
afraid to keep his true identity known on his Billboard, Record World and Cashbox uses this site,,
articles, his rants and his raves... as well as his magazines, a Readers Digest article on hot that has the “International Academy of
inconsistencies, unlike those who love to bash dance music, a 60 - Minutes TV disco dance Informative Sciences” title atop the page,
him at special, and 3 Dick Clark LA Music Award however, this site lists the occupation of
This is a website that is a meeting place for nominations earning him 35 gold and platinum Porokhnia Victor, along with his employment
those who cannot leave Kal Korff alone - it’s a records. Dr. Rand now resides in Horn Lake, record, style of medical practice, skills,
love hate relationship. MS. scientific work and achievements, education,
They monitor Kal, his website, radio In support of Doctor Rand's creative social activity, as well as his personal
shows that he appears on, statements he makes. writing projects based on his Planet-X information.
entertainment concepts, he's written three If there is another name by which
lies they catch Kal in.
Teleplays all designed at TV Pilots for weekly RAND / BONDORA goes by - pen name or
On this website, the owner hides behind
series. He believes that these exciting Planet-X other wise, should he not stipulate when writing
the internet and keeps his true identity a secret.
adventure themes would easily translate into a biography which name relieved which award,
There are those who even believe that
major contemporary film studio projects degree, certification or mention?
the blog site is
followed by several weekly TV series. I mean, for example, what does a person
operated by Kal Korff, where Kal is playing his
The author is currently completing a 4- who may hold an honorary Ph.D in the art of
own devil’s advocate. hamburger making know about astro-physic? If
For a group of people who express their CD set of demo sound tracks designed for his
writing projects based upon Planet-X and are that person knows nothing about astro-physics,
hate for Kal, they sure love to promote him! but decides to write a book using a pen name
There are many who do not hide their currently available upon request for audition
and production purposes. other than the name which appears on the
negative feelings for Kal Korff, and many have honorary degree, and then adding the
been invited on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show to Jaysen Q Rand has authored three books
including The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, The credentials earned in his hamburger Ph.D to the
challenge Kal, one-to-one but 99.9% do not book on astro-physics, honorary or not, I feel is
Cosmic Blueprint For After and The Reality
even reply to our invitation to come on the very misleading to the public.
show, with the exceptions of Kevin Randle, Our investigation continues in the next
Dr. Rand travels widely establishing
Michael Horn, Jim Dilettoso and Paul Kimball. edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles. []
close ties with his fellow UFOlogists and
To the rest of the crew at

People in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the
Bermuda Triangle
Listen to The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
with Rob McConnell on AM 1620 WDHP
4 Searching for the Truth
Searching for the Truth number I had, leaving a message on their
recorder each time. About 3:30 a woman
returned my call and said to meet them at a
Denny's restaurant at 7 PM. I went to Denny's,
and a man and woman came in fitting the
clothing description she had given me on the
phone. The gentleman said, "Are you Dennis",
and I said, "Yes". He said, "The gentleman you
planned on meeting will not be here." I asked,
"Who are you?" He said, "We're Special Agents
of the United States Air Force, Office of Special
(Always Telling the Truth Investigations." I said, "How did you know I
was coming over here" and he said, "We knew
Means Never Having to Monday that you'd be here Friday." I asked, "Is
Remember Anything) my phone tapped" and he said, "You know how
we do business."
That meeting at Denny's lasted 3 ½ Frank has discovered that I was set up or
Time and Perseverance hours, talking about the alleged gentleman that
had the metal, the Roswell Incident, Area 51
hoaxed by the "Interception", and that it wasn't
the first time this guy claiming to be an OSI
Ends the Interception and other UFO related events. He had a New agent has scammed someone. Perhaps his
Mexico map and we talked about the crash sites, motive was the UFO Museum, but as the
by Dennis G Balthaser and he had drawings of UFOs that we "Volunteer UFO Investigator" for the Museum,
discussed. Not knowing who I was dealing with (as determined by the then staff), I was the
After 12 years my experience with and uncomfortable with the situation I was in, I victim. The woman at the meeting turns out to
alleged United States Air Force OSI, (Office of didn't take any notes during the meeting with now be the ex-wife of the alleged agent who
Special Investigation Agents) can finally be put these two people. The younger lady with him met with me, and has admitted to her ex-
to rest. The end results are not what other didn't talk much during the meeting. During our husband perpetrating such hoaxes on other
researchers that worked with me on it expected discussions he did mention things that I could occasions, to other individuals.
at the time of the incident, but it is reassuring to verify, but also made statements about the For the past few years when doing the
know that after all this time, I can now publicly Roswell Incident that I hadn't heard before. "Interception" lecture or discussing the event, I
state what we believe took place and I can move Upon returning to my hotel, I made a have contemplated legal action against this
on to other investigations. cassette recording of everything I could individual, since it turned out that he was
For those not familiar with "the remember from the meeting, and on my drive impersonating Federal agents, and that I was
Interception" back in June 1997, a full account back to Roswell made notes when I hoaxed by him. It would seem to me that the
of the incident can be read at: remembered something else. I made several United States Air Force would be interested in more phone calls to the son upon returning to knowing that someone is impersonating their
As a brief recap of the event, I'll try to Roswell, describing my disappointment with agents, or perhaps the FBI would be interested
summarize it in this editorial, and propose the the events that had taken place, and each time in putting an end to such an individual's actions.
conclusion arrived at with the help of other someone would come on the phone claiming to When it went down in 1997, I really
researchers that became involved 12 years ago. be representing the United States Air Force, OSI believed that I was on to something, as did other
I had been volunteering at the UFO office. researchers that I confided in pertaining to the
Museum in Roswell less than a year as the UFO For about 5 days I was paranoid, putting Roswell Incident, however I think it's also
investigator, when a phone call was received tape on my vehicle hood and fender, (an old credible that the truth has come out thanks to
from a gentleman in Oklahoma that stated his police trick), and not knowing what I'd find our research and teamwork. Admitting that the
dad had been involved with the Roswell when returning to my residence each night. I "Interception" was a hoax is to me an example
Incident as a military policeman, and he had a lost weight over the next few weeks and finally of how good research can produce positive
piece of metal from the debris field that he contacted Stanton Friedman, since I was now in results and a conclusion to an event or incident.
wanted to get rid of. Several phone calls took a situation I had never been in before. Stanton I've learned a lot about such a situation,
place between the son and myself to arrange a suggested that I go public with the in the event an opportunity such as this came up
meeting in Oklahoma to interview his Dad and "Interception" for my own protection, which I again, and I'm thankful that I have access to
get the metal for testing. Only three people at did by combining my notes into a lecture other researchers that share my same desire to
the UFO Museum, (the Museum Director, Deon presentation that I presented at the UFO find the truth. The "Interception" happened just
Crosby, two founders of the Museum, mortician Museum in October 1997 to a crowd of over as I described it, and it precipitated an
Glenn Dennis and Max Littell), were aware of 200 people. Stanton was right, and I did feel investigation, to which the end result exposed a
the phone calls, and the pending trip I would relieved when I publicly exposed the fraud. I will leave the "Interception" experience
make to Oklahoma. Since my son was going to experience. I had also confided in Don Schmitt, posted on my website, (adding this final account
college at Oklahoma State in Stillwater, where another well-known Roswell researcher, as to it) and hope that it will serve as an example
the gentleman's son's phone calls originated these were both researchers that I had worked of good research. []
from, I used a visit to my son as a cover story with and respected their experience.
for anyone that questioned why I wasn't at the Shortly after I went public, another Dennis G Balthaser
Museum. researcher, Frank Warren, got involved with my
attempt to determine who I had been dealing
with, and more importantly what their motive
was by having me come to Oklahoma and
being unable to get the results I was seeking.
Frank had been involved with UFO research
since the 1970's, and today Frank's research has
evolved into one of the most informative
website blogs on the Internet, and we have had an
outstanding relationship for the past 12 years. I
Upon arriving in Oklahoma I was unable am forever indebted to Frank for the untiring
to make contact with the gentleman's son, research he has done, particularly his
during 3 phone calls I made to the only phone perseverance into "the Interception". Email:
A Glimpse of Hamilton, Ontario 5
ConTrails over Hamilton, The Book The World Has Been
The Home of The ‘X’ Zone Waiting For.. .

By Rob McConnell

Follow JoJo through his journey from hell into heaven as he chronicles his way
from his own beginning through the most treacherous of times and chaotic
existence until he finally finds his "Forever Home" and the "Forever Mom" he
so longs for.

You'll laugh out loud at some of his antics and you'll cry hard, salty tears when
you experience first-hand this tiny little dog's story as told directly from him to
you through an extraordinary animal communicator, Dr. Kim Ogden, and his
new "Forever Mom".

A must-read for all ages as you learn the heartbreak and terror of being
abused, abandoned and left alone and finally finding love and peace and
safety at the end of the journey. A very hard lesson in loving and caring for pets
and animals of all kinds as it comes straight from the victim and shows the
world that animals really do have feelings, emotions and longings for love and

JoJo’s Mom: Sande Donahue, a strong advocate for the
care and well-being of animals of all kinds, adopted a tiny
Yorkie Poo from the United Yorkie Rescue Organization.
His story was heartbreaking and she felt a special
connection to him. Through JoJo's ever-thankful eyes, she
felt that he was always trying to tell her something. She
contacted Dr. Kim Ogden, a nationally renowned animal
communicator, and combining what information Donahue
already had about JoJo's life and working together with Dr.
Kim, they were able to glean an extraordinary story as told
through the viewpoint of JoJo and his cohorts.

Book is available through all retail outlets or you can order
6 Morgellons Disease - The Fibre Disease
by Cliff Mickelson

“To the ancient peoples of the world this disease
was well known, and spoken of with great fear.
But, not to 'threads' are these things growing in
these Western peoples now, but worms they are.
But not to the Western peoples knowing that the
word they are using, worm, is actually 'wyrm',
and as we well know is the enemy of all human
beings, the serpent and dragon.”

Sorcha Faal

Greetings,...And May We Be Saved
From Darkness, By The Light!
I am taking the opportunity made
available by Sorcha's recent article on the
subject of the "Fiber disease" To further expose
readers to some of the hallmarks that distinguish behaviors are created out of the progress of the reproduce the
this emerging plague. affliction. This includes massive depression, others)
This is knowledge that may one day chronic fatigue, and a loss of interest in all This form is fond of occupying the nasal
prove very valuable to all concerned. things positive in nature, including family, job, cavities, the lungs, and the intestinal tract.
This is a creature of whom I have etc. It is the mucus "snail" that will be found
written volumes, here and on other Internet The organism is both systemic and carrying the red, blue, and other colored micro
sites. And....As Sorcha intimates, this topical, existing in 5 (and possibly 6) different fibers. It also produces and spreads the hard
abomination is a creature from the darkest forms, all of which may be found individually black "pepper-like" granules that I suspect are a
corner of hell. and jointly within and on the body of the host. form of hard shell traveling case for future
If indeed, as Sorcha claims, the "wyrm" It adepts itself to mimic the products of generations of this thing.
was known to the ancients, then it must be that the body, such as skin, mucus and hair. It does It is important that we keep in mind that
it's keepers have put it back in it's cage at some this by imitating them in form and function, and these variations are all but one form. They are
time in the distant past. then by replacing them. It often emerges in it's parts, (if you will) of a Borg-like colony of
Perhaps now, the door keepers slumber macro-fiber form, out of healthy hair follicles. creatures that can exist as one, yet are one and
beside open doors? In this form, It can then be seen growing side by the same in different forms. As in a bee hive,
Or...Are they wakeful and malevolent of side with the original hair, both of whom are they are all simply the sum of the collective,
intent? occupying the same follicle. existing only in the form assigned to the
I suspect that this "wyrm" that is However, the parasite soon kills the successful completion of the necessary task as
mistakenly called "morgellon's disease, is the original hair and replaces it. It does the same dictated by the current environment.
product of the blackest genius and of the highest with skin. The skin is replaced by a small flat Interestingly, this parasite also has a
order. fluke-like form. These can grow together to proclivity to create skin lesions that will not
To date, very few if any sites on the form huge patches of what appears to be a thick heal as long as the organism in it's macro-fiber,
Internet have an accurate picture or a complete calloused skin. In fact, it is simply the protective Nematomorphic worm, or multi colored micro
understanding of this plague as it TRULY shield of the parasite. It insinuates itself within fiber forms continue to remain present.
exists. and under this shield in a lateral fashion. It can These forms, (especially the macro (hair
It is a creation, so well magnificently be upon occasion be snagged with tweezers and sized) fiber appear to facilitate the maintenance
well designed and adapted to humans as a host, removed. In the removal, it must be torn out of body lesions by exhibiting an uncanny ability
that I am willing to wager that there are likely through the skin in a manner that is very similar to block the body from healing itself at any
less than a half dozen world class micro- to the way a "rip" string is pulled through and given location where it has created a lesion.
biologists on the planet, (still living, that is) who out of the paper of a bag of dog food. Since this Further, any accidental cut will instantly
have the skill or the laboratory facilities is the feeding form of the parasite on the become the domain of this creature.
necessary to engineer such a magnificent work surface, there is always some bleeding that It seems as though any attempt to
of evil art. results. remove or actively interfere in the process and
Although there have been several It is also this particular form that spawns progress of this organism generates a most
suicides by desperate victims, in and of itself, the nematomorphic worm. This worm, is violent and actively hostile response on the part
the current effects of affliction do not appear (so generally clear, or white, and is the form that is of the "collective"
far) to be initially fatal. also found using cotton as a vector. When It does this by going into what I call,
However, evidence points to the removed from wounds or the skin, this "production overdrive."
possibility that it slowly eats it's victims alive, particular nematomorphic worm will undulate Producing a prodigious amount of seed
beginning with the skin and then progressing to and twist in a manner that is very much like that pods and other responses that simply
the internal organs and finally the brain. There of an angry cobra snake. overwhelm the available attention capabilities
are also reports of a rather odd empathetic Several forms produces the worm. The of the host.
symbiosis that manifests itself on a behavioral "wyrm" can be initially attached to the fluke, There remains much yet to be written in
and "mental" level between the parasite and its and at later stages can be found in free form. It the analysis of the nature and behavior of this
unfortunate victim. About the best analogy I can is also found in the sluglike 'mucus' form. It is creature. But that remains the domain of
come up with to describe this relationship is a the function of the worm to then begin to devour another place and time. In the mean time, I urge
modified version of the "Borg." flesh and body fluids. wary of cotton, and above all...
For example: The mucus form bears much in Beware of the "Wyrm, The Serpent, and
Aside from it's physical "organic" similarity to a slug or snail. It is also born out of The Dragon" []
effects upon it's victims, it is a documented fact the fluke form (though there is evidence that
that several forms of adverse emotional any and all of these forms may be able to
Depleted Uranium 7
US Forces' Use of
Depleted Uranium
Weapons is 'Illegal'
by Neil Mackay

Originally Published on Sunday,
March 30, 2003 by The Sunday
Herald (Scotland)

BRITISH and American coalition forces
are using depleted uranium (DU) shells in the
war against Iraq and deliberately flouting a
United Nations resolution which classifies the
munitions as illegal weapons of mass
DU contaminates land, causes ill-health
and cancers among the soldiers using the
weapons, the armies they target and civilians,
leading to birth defects in children.
Professor Doug Rokke, ex-director of
the Pentagon's depleted uranium project -- a
former professor of environmental science at
Jacksonville University and onetime US army
colonel who was tasked by the US department
of defence with the post-first Gulf war depleted
uranium desert clean-up -- said use of DU was a
'war crime'.
Rokke said: 'There is a moral point to be
made here. This war was about Iraq possessing In 1991, the Allies fired 944,000 DU The Sunday Herald has previously
illegal weapons of mass destruction -- yet we rounds or some 2700 tons of DU tipped bombs. revealed how the Ministry of Defence had test-
are using weapons of mass destruction A UK Atomic Energy Authority report said that fired some 6350 DU rounds into the Solway
ourselves.' He added: 'Such double-standards some 500,000 people would die before the end Firth over more than a decade, from 1989 to
are repellent.' of this century, due to radioactive debris left in 1999. []
The latest use of DU in the current the desert.
conflict came on Friday when an American A10 The use of DU has also led to birth
tankbuster plane fired a DU shell, killing one defects in the children of Allied veterans and is
British soldier and injuring three others in a believed to be the cause of the 'worrying
'friendly fire' incident. number of anophthalmos cases -- babies born
According to a August 2002 report by without eyes' in Iraq. Only one in 50 million
the UN subcommission, laws which are births should be anophthalmic, yet one Baghdad
breached by the use of DU shells include: the hospital had eight cases in just two years. Seven
Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the of the fathers had been exposed to American
Charter of the United Nations; the Genocide DU anti-tank rounds in 1991. There have also
Convention; the Convention Against Torture; been cases of Iraqi babies born without the
the four Geneva Conventions of 1949; the crowns of their skulls, a deformity also linked to
Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980; DU shelling.
and the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, A study of Gulf war veterans showed
which expressly forbid employing 'poison or that 67% had children with severe illnesses,
poisoned weapons' and 'arms, projectiles or missing eyes, blood infections, respiratory
materials calculated to cause unnecessary problems and fused fingers.
suffering'. All of these laws are designed to Rokke told the Sunday Herald: 'A
spare civilians from unwarranted suffering in nation's military personnel cannot wilfully
armed conflicts. contaminate any other nation, cause harm to
DU has been blamed for the effects of persons and the environment and then ignore
Gulf war syndrome -- typified by chronic the consequences of their actions.
muscle and joint pain, fatigue and memory loss 'To do so is a crime against humanity.
-- among 200,000 US soldiers after the 1991 'We must do what is right for the citizens
conflict. of the world -- ban DU.'
It is also cited as the most likely cause of He called on the US and UK to
the 'increased number of birth deformities and 'recognise the immoral consequences of their
cancer in Iraq' following the first Gulf war. actions and assume responsibility for medical
'Cancer appears to have increased care and thorough environmental remediation'.
between seven and 10 times and deformities He added: 'We can't just use munitions
between four and six times,' according to the which leave a toxic wasteland behind them and
UN subcommission. kill indiscriminately.
The Pentagon has admitted that 320 'It is equivalent to a war crime.'
metric tons of DU were left on the battlefield Rokke said that coalition troops were
after the first Gulf war, although Russian currently fighting in the Gulf without adequate
military experts say 1000 metric tons is a more respiratory protection against DU
accurate figure. contamination.
8 UFO over Neverland Ranch
UFO over Neverland the aliens on the moon to kick human butt
because bombing the moon was against the
UFO trolley tours now
Ranch: More witnesses Geneva convention. This story had over 200 appearing in Gulf Breeze
comments. I had to wonder, do people really
come forward honestly believe this stuff? I know some kids and Pensacola Beach
who believe in aliens living on the moon, but do
All News - Jadyn Cassidy adults really believe this kind of stuff. Sadly the
answer is yes.
Michael Jackson's passing appears to So why do people believe in these kinds
even be attracting the attention of of things, like UFO’s and secret societies and
extraterrestrials. government cover ups? There is good reason.
Last week ufologist Michael Cohen Believe it or not there are secrets in this world.
received an email from a man claiming to have Not every piece of information is shared with
seen a luminous green UFO hovering over everyone else. There are good reasons and
Neverland Ranch the morning after the day sometimes not so good reasons for secrets. So in
Jackson died. a world full of sinners where real secrets exist,
Since putting out this story we have stories can get stretched out of proportion and Looking for the perfect evening jaunt to
received about a dozen other emails claiming to people get so suspicious they are afraid of their enjoy with friends and family? Join Captain
have seen UFOs over Neverland in the last own shadows. The other big part of the puzzle is Kirk, Scotty, and aliens of various shades and
week. Some witnesses describe glowing lights education. Many people in this country (as well shapes as we lift off from our Pensacola home
while others claim to have seen out and out as many other countries) are not educated base.
flying saucers. enough to understand logic and to realize when Five Flags Trolley Company is offering
One grieving Michael Jackson fan a story is filled with exaggerations or lies that a rare opportunity to experience the sights that
claims to have seen the same glowing green don’t add up scientifically or any other way. We made Gulf Breeze famous as the UFO capital of
light we originally reported along with another also do sometimes find cover ups of real secrets the world. There have been hundreds of
friend. Her (slightly edited for grammatical that were done for personal, selfish reasons or documented cases from locals, tourists, and
errors and text message-style abbreviations) that we’re actually hidden for the country’s UFO hunters. Join us as we visit strange new
email states that: safety and security. So, lack of education, worlds in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.
'Just read your post on the UFO over suspicion, real secrets and sinful mankind, lead Stop 1: Home of Ed Walters
Neverland after doing a search, I am certain I people to believe in all kinds of crazy ideas. In November 1987, Ed Walters and his
saw that same UFO. Myself and a devastated UFO’s most likely do not exist. Sure in family claimed to have several encounters with
friend decided to drive past Neverland Friday a universe full of diversity it may be possible UFOs, including an abduction. In the years
morning as a way of paying respects to MJ's that other living creatures may be out there. But since, many people have tried to discredit
achievements when we too saw a glowing green science has shown that every planet that is even Walters, but his reporting remains one of the
light above the area. The UFO lingered for a remotely close to us does not have the ability to strongest UFO sightings in the United States.
few minutes and then seemed to vanish. My sustain life. Yes it’s possible that maybe alien On our tour, Walters will be portrayed by a crew
friend joked that it might be an alien spaceship life is different and doesn’t require what we do member who will board the trolley and explain
that had come to see what's happening and I to live or aliens are so much smarter than us that the controversy surrounding the discovery of a
kind of ignored her until I read the post. The they know how to break the laws of physics and model space ship in the attic of the Walters
world just lost a precious treasure, perhaps he travel to our planet from thousands of light home. An attendant will distribute aluminum
has now gone to a better place'. years away. However, it is unlikely and if it foil and demonstrate the procedure for making
Linda Thomas, LA were true, there would be more than odd protective hats to avoid the destructive
We realise some of these emails are sightings here and there filmed by one influences of mind control by aliens who may
wind-ups but others may well be real. One can individual with a bad camera. be lurking at the next stop. Meanwhile, attentive
only guess what role aliens are playing in the Secret societies, yes they exist. Some tour participants may sight a space ship
whole Michael Jackson saga as well as his aren’t that secret and admit they exist, they just hovering in the Walters backyard.
passing. don’t talk about in public what they do in Stop 2: Shoreline Park
'Perhaps visiting aliens are merely private. This only serves to make people guess A small boating and family barbecue
shaking their heads in dismay at the whole about what they do and these societies can spot, Shoreline Park is home to hundreds of
circus, realising how little hope humanity has of encourage false rumors to keep people from sighting reports from regulars and visitors alike.
ever really making it and joining any universal knowing what they really do. Secret societies, During our tour, the Captain will keep a lookout
community' noted UFO expert Michael Cohen. like any group exist to promote an agenda that for aliens approaching the ship from their
its members believe in. For example, if you underwater base. The creatures may attempt to
have an environmental club you and other enter the trolley. Only quick action by the crew
UFOs, the Bilderbergers, the members will work to protect the environment. will save you from abduction. However, the
illuminati and other secret The Builderberg group does exist, the aliens may choose one human as tribute.
members include many famous and powerful Stop 3: Flying Saucer House
agendas we believe in people of different geographic and political Aliens have been living on Pensacola
backgrounds. It makes sense that powerful Beach in peaceful coexistence with humans for
people who have some ideas in common would the past 40 years. The saucer landed on Panferio
by Larry Amon
want to promote an agenda they believe in. Drive in 1969. It is 36 feet in diameter and was
Could it be world domination? Not likely, the marketed by a nowdefunct California company
Yesterday I read an article about NASA
people in this group do have very different under the name Future Fiberglass Homes. What
bombing the moon to look for water, the story
backgrounds and trying to rule the world by one better way to hide than in plain sight? You will
was on the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner page.
group with so many divergent opinions just isn’t be greeted by emissaries who will offer a toast
In case you didn’t know, exopolitics is the
practical, besides these people on their own to intergalactic relations. Delicious food
politics between man and extraterrestrials. One
already have a lot of control over the world. samples from the Romulan Star Empire will be
commenter on the story said “there are
In short, you need to worry more about distributed. We'll take group photos on the
thousands of DOCUMENTED FACT out
your own local and national government doing ramp.
there...GO FIND IT>>> I DARE YOU!! watch
the things they say they will do, rather than Five Flags Trolley Company is located
the Disclosure project, listen to alex collier and
worrying about secret agendas or alien at 226 E Intendencia Street, Pensacola. For
william cooper RIP killed in cold blood by the
invasions. If I’m wrong you can laugh at me more information about the UFO tours, call
cia, proof in its self that he was speaking the
when ET knocks on my door with a ray gun. But (850) 435-0914 or visit
truth” and other comments were encouraging
that’s a chance I’m willing to take. [] []
Mile wide UFO seen by British pilots 9
Mile wide UFO seen by
British pilots
One of the largest UFOs ever seen has
been observed by the crew and passengers of an
airliner over the Channel Islands.
An official air-miss report on the
incident several weeks ago appears in Pilot
Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer,
50, flying close to Alderney first spotted the
object, described as "a cigar-shaped brilliant
white light".
Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer,
50, described what he thought to be a UFO as 'a
cigar-shaped brilliant white light', similar to the
image supplied by Dennis Plunket of the British
Flying Saucer bureau
As the plane got closer the captain
viewed it through binoculars and said: "It was a Roswell, N.M., out of fear they couldn’t control “My theory is because we’re a remote
very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area. global unrest and fear. area, very mountainous,” Lovern said.
"It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I “They thought the public would panic,” “They would be less likely to be
thought it was about 10 miles away, although I says Lovern, whose latest book is a sequel to his detected than in a heavy populated area. There
later realised it was approximately 40 miles first effort, “Appalachian Case Study: UFO also have been a lot of sightings in the
from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a Sightings, Alien Encounters.” Southwest, desert areas, places that are not as
[Boeing] 737. “We went through World War II, the populated. So, if you didn’t want to be seen, that
"But it must have been much bigger Korean War and the Cold War. They knew there would be the place to go.”
because of how far away it was. It could have was nothing we could do if these people were Lovern says it only makes sense that
been as much as a mile wide." coming here from another planet. People would aliens would come to earth and snoop around as
Continuing his approach to Guernsey, have panicked 40, 50 years ago. Look at the explorers.
Bowyer then spied a "second identical object impact the ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast by “We’re explorers,” he said.
further to the west". Orson Welles had on the public.” “We’ve been to the moon and want to go
He said: "It was exactly the same but Given the plethora of attention given to Mars. We’ve got a space station lab. What’s
looked smaller because it was further away. It UFOs since the late 1940s, however, in movies, the difference if another race of some kind from
was closer to Guernsey. I can't explain it. This books, and documentaries, public attitudes have another planet would want to come here and
was clearly visual for about nine minutes. changed, and fear now seems to have been explore, too? That’s why they venture to earth,
"I'm certainly not saying that it was replaced by curiosity, and a strong desire to to check us out and study our natural resources
something of another world. All I'm saying is know the truth, Lovern said Monday in an and do scientific study.”
that I have never seen anything like it before in interview. Are they also snatching up humans for
all my years of flying." “I do think things have changed now,” some medical studies?
The sightings were confirmed by the former West Virginia newsman said. Lovern covers this aspect of the UFO
passengers Kate and John Russell. John, 74, “I think we’re very close to disclosure. I phenomenon in his sequel, which bears nearly
said: "I saw an orange light. It was like an do believe there has been a cover-up. My good the same title, except the phrase “alien
elongated oval." friend, Stanton Friedman (the world’s premier encounters” is replaced with “alien abductions.”
The sightings were also confirmed by an authority and researcher) has called it a ‘cosmic Lovern says it only makes sense that
unnamed pilot with the Blue Islands airline. Watergate,’ which I thought was a good quote.” aliens would come to earth and snoop around as
The Civil Aviation Authority safety notice states Lovern points to the credibility of explorers.
that a Tri-Lander aircraft flying close to astronauts Edgar Mitchell, who walked longer “We’re explorers,” he said.
Alderney spotted the object. on the moon than anyone else in the Apollo 14 “We’ve been to the moon and want to go
"Certain parts of the report have not mission, and Gordon Cooper, who have insisted to Mars. We’ve got a space station lab. What’s
been published. I cannot say why," said a senior they saw evidence of UFOs in space the difference if another race of some kind from
CAA source. exploration. another planet would want to come here and
The UK MOD has opened its UFO files “These are well-educated, military guys, explore, too? That’s why they venture to earth,
to the public, but which files is another and they have come forth now,” the author said. to check us out and study our natural resources
question. [] “They just don’t want to take it with and do scientific study.”
them. People want to know the truth. There Are they also snatching up humans for
Author: Feds to admit have been just too many educated, honest and some medical studies?
respected people who have seen a UFO or know Lovern covers this aspect of the UFO
UFOs soon someone close to them who have witnessed a phenomenon in his sequel, which bears nearly
sighting. And there have been at least two the same title, except the phrase “alien
Mannix Porterfield presidents who saw them — Jimmy Carter and encounters” is replaced with “alien abductions.”
Register-Herald Reporter Ronald Reagan.” “A few people this time didn’t mind
The late Sen. Barry Goldwater, a retired giving me their names and allowing me to use
Air Force brigadier general and pilot, once was their pictures,” Lovern said of the subjects
Expect the government to remove the lid
quoted as saying, “I certainly believe in aliens in covered in the 19-chapter effort.
soon on a secret it has held religiously more
space and that they are indeed visiting our “It also gives some credibility when
than half a century: Unidentified Flying Objects
planet. They may not look like us, but I have folks allow you to use their names.”
are real and come from outer space, says a West
very strong feelings that they have advanced Lovern’s latest work is scheduled for an
Virginia author on the verge of releasing his
beyond our mental capabilities.” Oct. 11 release by the publisher, Woodland
second book on the subject.
One source who has spent years Press in West Virginia, and coincides with the
Kyle Lovern figures United States
researching the subject — Frank Feschino — West Virginia Book Festival that weekend at the
authorities have covered up the existence of
has suggested West Virginia has been the Charleston Civic Center. []
UFOs since the celebrated 1947 incident in
favorite target of UFO visits.
10 ‘X’ Zone Advertisers

Alien Autopsy Inquest
Philip Mantle
The so-called Alien Autopsy film was released by London businessman Ray Santilli in
August of l995. It made newspaper and TV headlines around the world. This film has gone
down in UFO history as the most controversial piece of film ever. At the forefront of
research into this film from the very beginning was former BUFORA Director of
Investigations Philip Mantle. He was the first recognised UFO researcher contacted by Ray
Santilli in l993 and he has been attempting to get to the bottom of this controversial film
ever since.

Now, for the very first time, Philip Mantle brings together 14 years worth of research and
investigation into one book; ‘Alien Autopsy Inquest’. This unique 280 page (illustrated)
work is published by PublishAmerica and is unique in every sense of the word. There is no
other book that is dedicated entirely to the Alien Autopsy film. This book looks at the film
from every conceivable angle, interviews and questions the relevant experts from around
the world, and presents the facts as we know them. At the end of the book a number of
possible scenarios are put forward to possibly explain the nature and origin of this
controversial film, but in the end the reader is left to make up their own mind.

Visit Philip Mantle on line
Crashing into the Whitehouse 11
Crashing into the White the mainstream media why some of his highest The operational use of the Internet by
ranking intelligence officials are pursuing the the DIA, inside of the United States, suggests
House: CIA, 9/11, UFOs, UFO topic. the concept of "virtual flypaper" and "flypaper
and the Extraterrestrial The President would smile, wave his theory."
hand at the eager and bewildered reporters, add It is not entirely impossible for official
Presence "sorry folks, no comment," and walk out the US Intelligence or their proxies in the private
by Gary S. Bekkum door. sector to establish enticing "sticky" topics to
The events of 9/11 may have closed the attract spy-flies. The big question is how much
"Maybe you can save the Little Chicken Presidential disclosure door permanently. collateral damage spills over onto US citizens.
with one of your "news" articles. He gets so Meanwhile, a slow trickle of real Pandolfi seemed determined to identify
excited when you are working on one [of] those evidence of official government interest in the former USAF operative Rick Doty as the source
articles that he stops thinking about crashing strange and unnatural has been largely ignored of the SERPO madness, at least as far as the
into the White House." by the mainstream media. public was concerned.
Ron Pandolfi, who had a day job Unlike the bogus and questionable In September of 2006, he wrote to Doty:
working out of an office at the Defense documents held in high regard by UFO "What concerns me is whether you are
Intelligence Agency for the Director of National believers, the new evidence comes from working for a foreign intelligence service. That
Intelligence, was referring to his friend and unlikely sources, including the CIA. has been my sole interest in you from when I
associate, Dan Smith, who had been dubbed There is a clear pattern of interest in a first heard your name and it has been the sole
"Chicken Little" of the infamous AVIARY UFO "phenomenology problem" and even greater focus of my interactions with OSI and FBI
group. The idea of a metaphorical crashing was interest in "how can we use this" with an concerning your behaviors and whereabouts.
an apt image for those seeking government emphasis on "clandestine services." Recently Dr. Green relayed to me a claim
disclosure from the Executive Office. Stranger than the historical record is the attributed to you that two DIA employees had
Smith, the son of a former Eisenhower verified present day involvement of key identified John Gannon as the source of the
Administration tax adviser, had worked hard to intelligence officials in UFO-related matters. SERPO story and Mr. Anonymous. As I
earn his role as the AVIARY resident Over the past several years a new anticipated the two names you provided to Dr.
eschatologist: he pondered the uncharted "phenomenology problem" has appeared, this Green are not those of DIA employees. The
religious territory implied by the government's time on the Internet. most likely case is that you invented these
UFO "phenomenology problem," where the end One of the best known, and most sources to cover your unauthorized access to
of science smashes head first into the end of the controversial, is the strange tale of SERPO, an sensitive facilities including Los Alamos and
world. on-line "disclosure" of the US government and SANDIA where you may have attempted to
One of the truly unforgettable scenes extraterrestrial aliens. access classified information."
inspired by real UFO sightings is a flying disc The knotty twists and turns of the From the beginning the Internet spies
crashing into the US Capitol Building from the SERPO "SoaP OpERa" wind around various had been aware of allegations claiming that
1950s sci-fi cult classic EARTH VS. THE players, with email messages shared among a John Gannon, the former Deputy Director for
FLYING SAUCERS. "Team of Three" and later another "Team of Intelligence at CIA, was the original SERPO
The UFO invasion of Washington would Five," unknown sources claiming to work for Anonymous source.
eventually be re-imagined on a grander scale in the DIA, citizen snoops faking Internet In 2006 the Intelligence Community
a spectacular scene visualizing the total identities and hacking into private email was being widely outsourced, and Gannon's
destruction of the White House, from the 1996 accounts to gain access to personal new role at BAE Systems put him in charge of
alien invasion flick INDEPENDENCE DAY. communications, all followed by intelligence hundreds of qualified analysts in the private
"BREAKING NEWS: WHITE HOUSE officials and contractors scrambling to provide sector.
LEVELED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS" "damage control" and redirect the course of the Was a private intelligence operation
would qualify as the kind of UFO various agendas at play. involved in the machinations of the SERPO
"phenomenology problem" guaranteed to elicit Perhaps more was at stake than a few Affair?
an executive statement. bruised reputations. One source seemed to think so.
Unfortunately, according to Smith, his It was Ron Pandolfi, the highly placed Pandolfi would later explain to a
friend Pandolfi, who specializes in intelligence official and friend of Dan Smith, colleague, "You were correct that my interest is
"measurement and signature" intelligence, told who released a series of email messages to and not specifically in Doty. My interest in
him the real "phenomenology problem" is from Dr. Christopher Kit Green of the DIA temporarily removing Doty from the plot is to
elusive and can't be traced. TIGER Committee -- messages which include test whether another actor will fill the role."
Instead of tracking UFOs, the discussion of FBI involvement and the Justice Months later Pandolfi responded to my
intelligence community has focused on tracking Department. request for an explanation of his unusual
the "persons involved with the phenomena." The questionable use or misuse of methods.
references to FBI by both Green and Pandolfi are "None of the e-mails I provided to Dan
Notice he left out whether the
particularly troubling, given a generic inquiry to involved government activities," Pandolfi
"phenomena" was real, or an imagined but
the FBI about Internet contact with CIA and DIA explained, somewhat elusively, "They involved
effective means of altering human behavior.
officials returned a response from the local Joint personal communications between me, Dan,
I'll return to the question of intelligence
Terrorism Task Force. Kit, and Rick, concerning fabricated e-mail
officials and social control later in this series. It is a matter of public record that Pandolfi
Smith had long pondered how to draw accounts used to disseminate false documents
and his associates operated from the DIA, and about UFOs, SERPO, etc. for which
media attention and the President to the UFO Green consulted to TIGER, a DIA National
"phenomenology problem" -- a flying saucer or government (intelligence) officials such as John
Academies of Science committee. Gannon were falsely implicated."
two landing on the White House lawn on prime Following the SERPO email affair, AFP
time TV would probably do the trick -- although Pandolfi then noted the issue of "sources
and other mainstream news sources reported that and methods" and later requested numerous
crashing the White House gate has become the DIA "can operate in cyberspace" and can
more than a metaphor in the post 9/11 world. redactions.
"conduct the operations inside the United States as
All joking aside, Smith had been so Either members of the intelligence
well as overseas."
concerned that his friend Pandolfi may have community had contracted Internet madness, or
The DIA cyberspace initiative had begun
known something about 9/11 in advance that he something else was at play.
in 2006 "on a trial basis," around the same time
made a statement to a female Special Agent at Green engaged Pandolfi over the SERPO affair. I questioned why highly placed and
the Baltimore Office of the FBI days later. The AFP report, which quoted Toby respected individuals would risk so much by
Perhaps he should have sought out the Sullivan, a senior Pentagon CI (counter- exposing themselves to ridicule, not to mention
Secret Service instead. intelligence) official, noted that the on-line the attention of the world intelligence
Smith envisions a day when the operations were "not intended to catch spies but community, some who are no as friendly as their
President of the United States will be asked by to turn their operations to US ends." American counterparts.[]
12 ASPE 2009 Paranormal Conference
Roswell UFO Festival - 2009 13
Roswell UFO Festival - since may people forget to change their cruise
control, as was my case, from 75 to 65 mph.
Day 0-1- First I tried to get a picture, but he refused. UFO FESTIVALS OF
"Our kind is not known for being nice and it
encounter with an alien would be out of character for me to allow a DAYS GONE BY
By Larry Rimbert photo to be published! Besides," he continued
"I've read your articles, good job, but I don't
want to be associated with the likes of the other
aliens!" He then told me of a UFO he'd seen and
chased at a speed of up to over 100 mpg, years
ago. He further told me that if I wanted good
UFO stories to contact the local sheriff's office
as they have seen lots of UFOs.
I was happy that my readership extended
this far, I reached over to put my driver's
information away and then as I looked up, he
was gone!!! I'm not sure if this was real or just
a dream, but the ticket in my hand was just too
revealing! As quickly as he had come, the
So here I am, driving down Highway "alien" was gone! Getting stopped by a local
25, south to Roswell and just minding my own Sheriff's patrol car! It can't get more "alien"
business, I found some great tunes on the radio than that!
(Lou Rawls -You'll Never Find a Love Like So, I get back on the road to Roswell -
Mine -very appropriate for the moment- LOL!) this time at 65 mph. Not exactly warp speed but
and then I turn on to South Highway 84. Again it will get me there! I've had just too much
minding my own business - when all of a excitement for the day!! Somehow, I have to
sudden I see it . . right if front of me! I was as make up for missing time! As I reach my
big as a large SUV, brown in color red lights destination, I check in and then meet up with my
everywhere, flashing. assistant. Kathy has lived in Roswell for almost
If seemed to come out of nowhere! I 20 years. She has been kind enough to take off
quickly slowed down from my speed, going the work to show me around and show me the
limit of 75, and I noticed that there were road preparations underway, the museum, the
signs in front of me warning of road work Roswell hangers, the convention center and
ahead. This UFO passed me and I looked in the local sites. Kathy will help me visit and take
rear-view mirror as it turned and was now pictures of the festivities. Then I am back to
coming towards me My heart rapidly beating, getting my game plan ready for tomorrow.
I wasn't sure if I should pull over and hope it As do many of the Roswellites, ( is that
would pass in front of me or if I should try to right? Maybe it's Roswell - aliens?) they take
race to some shelter! The sun was blinding me; this WORLD event in stride. I say "WORLD"
I couldn't make out its appearance. Was it a event because I am told that there are people
cigar shape? coming from the U.K., Australia and Canada!
From out of nowhere this towering Some, as a result of my articles! I will
shadow of a figure was at my car door! The sun definitely go see the vendors setting up, the
still in my eyes, I could not ascertain if it was a convention center and the Miss Roswell UFO
Gray, a Reptilian, or what it was. A BROWN? Festival tonight! Also, I'll get me a temporary
Never read about this type, but it was hideous phone. I transferred from Verizon because of
nonetheless! It peered at me through it's dark terrible customer service. I was happy with
black eyes! Cricket until they told me I would have service
"Do you know how fast you were here, but I found out I don't! I hope a CEO
going?", it asked? It was attempting to from either Verizon or Cricket reads this and I'll
communicate. I remarked, "In miles per hour or tell them what I really think of their service! IF
light years?" I smiled. My comment did merit a you know of a good, reliable and inexpensive
smirk out of it! I knew then that it was friendly! cell service, let me know!
I continued, "I believe I was going the speed Now I am wondering . . . Am I in the
limit." . . .trying to get out of there with the least right place? MUFON reported that for the
possible damage! Still blinded by the sunlight, Month of June, out of 356 reports of UFO
only to see a shadow of the "alien". He retorted, sightings, 26 were in Colorado and only 9 were
"The speed limit changes from 75 on the federal in New Mexico? Maybe the extraterrestrials
highway to 65 on the state highway!" decided to hold THEIR convention elsewhere!
"OUCH!!" I remarked! "You're hurting If so, I'll find it! Watch for my next report and
me already, and I haven't even gotten out of the I'll tell you how the day goes - the day before
vehicle! You aren't going to do any thing like . the festivities begin! []
. . like . . . an alien probe are you?" I asked,
fearing of what the answer may be! "Please
don't take me to the 'Mother ship'" I begged! I
was really hoping to get away with only a
"No, but I am going to give you an
"implant" and charge you for speeding! Sign
here!", he said. I saw the smirk change to a full
grin! He was taking pleasure in my discomfort!
He couldn't even let me go with a warning.
Geez! What a racket they have at that
intersection! I'm told it happens frequently
14 UFOs - A Challenge to Science
UFOs - A Challenge to have taken too many drugs or drink too much.
This general attitude presents a substantial
of Scientific Exploration which concluded that
there exists a significant body of evidence about
Mainstream Science obstacle when it comes to involving scientists in UFOs that demands a thorough scientific
the study of UFOs. investigation.
There is an even more serious obstacle So what do scientists need to conduct a
By Patricia B. Corbett in the way of the scientific investigation of serious investigation of the UFO phenomenon?
UFOs. The scientific and academic Scientists need:
For the last half of the 20th century, the communities in particular do not take kindly to (1) a physical phenomenon to observe;
UFO phenomenon has perplexed both the the investigation of the UFO phenomenon by (2) the formulation of a hypothesis about
public and the scientific community. At the their peers and colleagues. There have been the phenomenon;
beginning of the 21st century, the significant negative consequences in terms of (3) experiments to test the hypothesis;
overwhelming majority of the American public- career and reputation for those scholars and and
-about 70%--believes that UFOs are real and scientists who have taken the subject seriously. (4) conclusions based on the results of
that they most likely are guided by intelligent The story of the internationally-renowned the tests that confirm, refute or modify the
beings from other worlds or dimensions. The Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack, MD is a hypothesis.
scientific advances and discoveries that have case in point. After an exemplary 35-year career The UFO phenomenon meets all four of
resulted from our own human space program with Harvard, Dr. Mack was nearly stripped of these scientific requirements:
have helped shape the views of the American his tenure and his license to practice medicine (1) There is a physical phenomenon to
public on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. because of his investigations of UFOs and observe. UFOs have been seen worldwide for
The scientific community, however, encounters with intelligent extraterrestrial over 50 years and captured on still and motion
remains uninterested in and scornfully beings. picture film and on videotape. There are a
dismissive of the question of the reality of Perhaps the most significant obstacle in number of databases available, each of which
UFOs and the possibility of intelligent the way of scientific research involves the contains tens of thousands of documented
extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. Yet, even as official secrecy--based on national security reports of UFO sightings.
scientists and astronomers discover new planets claims--that surrounds the UFO phenomenon. (2) Hypotheses have been formulated.
and solar systems; find exotic life forms on Officially, since at least 1947, the U.S. There are many variations of a simple
Earth that thrive in extreme environments government has dismissed UFOs as hypothesis: UFOs are intelligently-controlled,
previously thought to be uninhabitable; and misidentifications of ordinary aircraft, planets, physical craft not of Earthly origin.
uncover tantalizing hints of life on at least 10 stars, or natural weather phenomena. (3) There is physical evidence that can
bodies within our own solar system, mainstream Unofficially, over the same period, the U.S. be scientifically tested. Physical evidence of
scientists continue to mock and deride those government has taken an intense interest in UFO operations in and around the Earth's
who take the phenomenon of UFOs seriously. UFOs, classifying them at a secrecy level higher atmosphere, as well as on the surface of the
What is needed to change the prevailing than that for the hydrogen bomb. Even the Earth, exists and has been studied scientifically
view of mainstream science concerning UFOs? President of the United States does not receive a (e.g., soil samples, radiation effects,
First, it is essential to present this important full briefing on classified UFO matters. This electromagnetic activity).
phenomenon to serious scientists in a context cloak of secrecy keeps crucial hard data, (4) Evidence-based conclusions can be
with which they are familiar, namely, the collected by the military and a range of drawn by scientists. The results of the scientific
discipline of science as it is practiced today. intelligence agencies, out of the hands of tests will confirm, refute or modify the
Second, it is equally important to show that the scientists, thus critically hampering a complete hypothesis that UFOs are physical craft not of
tools of science can be used to investigate the investigation of the phenomenon. Earthly origin.
UFO phenomenon and to reach valid The late Carl Sagan, a proponent of the
conclusions about it. What is needed to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
accomplish this? Let's look at what science The Best Available Evidence
program, which uses radiotelescopes to search
itself is and what it requires. for signs of intelligent life in the universe, was
Science is an objective, disciplined The wealth of evidence available for
the foremost UFO debunker of the last 25 years.
methodology for investigating natural scientific scrutiny cannot be brought out in
A statement that Dr. Sagan made regarding
phenomena. Scientists--those having expert detail in this brief essay. However, some of the
UFOs has been widely quoted, "Extraordinary
knowledge of one or more of the existing major areas of research and some of the
claims require extraordinary evidence." In his
scientific disciplines--use the scientific method significant scientific contributions can be
view, the claims of those who accept the reality
in their efforts to extend and deepen our described as a starting point for scientists
of UFOs are extraordinary but are not supported
understanding of the physical world. The interested in the subject.
by sufficient objective evidence.
scientific method is defined in the dictionary as Contrary to popular accounts in the
Noted UFO expert and best-selling
"the principles and empirical processes of media, and to many scholarly articles on UFOs,
author Budd Hopkins considers Dr. Sagan's
discovery and demonstration that are the phenomenon is quite frequently reported by
remark to be disingenuous. According to Mr.
characteristic of or necessary for scientific scientists, military personnel, police officers,
Hopkins, "Extraordinary phenomena require an
investigation." In general, the scientific method commercial and private airplane pilots. Also
extraordinary investigation." In other words, the
involves the observation of a phenomenon, the contrary to popular belief, UFO reports are not
scientific community does not have the proof it
formulation of a hypothesis about the limited to rural areas or confined to the United
needs because the scientific community is not
phenomenon, experimentation designed to States. The phenomenon has been reported in
undertaking a serious investigation of the UFO
demonstrate the truth or falseness of the about 150 nations and over major metropolitan
phenomenon. Why? Because the prevailing
hypothesis, and a conclusion that validates or areas in the U.S, the U.K, the former U.S.S.R.,
opinion among scientists is that UFOs do not
modifies the hypothesis. Germany, France, Spain, all the Scandinavian
exist. Since UFOs do not exist, there is nothing
Does the prevailing mindset foster a countries, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia,
to investigate.
scientific inquiry into this subject? New Zealand, throughout Africa and Central
Is a scientific inquiry into this
Unfortunately not. Despite the widespread and South America, and at both the North and
phenomenon worth the effort? Nuclear physicist
public acceptance of the reality of UFOs, the South Poles. UFOs have also been reported
Stanton Friedman, a man who has devoted the
impression one receives about the phenomenon quite frequently over civilian and military
last 35 years to a scientific investigation of the
from the mass media is that it is not a serious nuclear facilities; at military bases in the U.S.
UFO phenomenon, believes that if the
subject worthy of the attention of serious minds. and worldwide; above and beneath the surface
mainstream media devoted the same amount of
Rather, as presented on TV or in newspapers of the Earth's oceans; and outside the Earth's
effort to solving the Cosmic Watergate that they
and magazines, the UFO phenomenon is a atmosphere.
did to solving the political Watergate, the UFO
goofy, fringe subject of interest only to the question could be answered in six months.
uneducated, fans of science fiction and others Recently, Peter Sturrock authored a scientific
with over-excited imaginations, or those who Continued on Page 15
study of UFOs that was published in the Journal
UFOs - A Challenge to Science 15
saucers. The evidence gathered by the Air sociology--applied the scientific method to the
UFOs - A Challenge to Force--which was determined to "explain away" study of this controversial topic.
Mainstream Science the phenomenon--changed Dr. Hynek from a The scientists analyzed photographs,
UFO skeptic to one of the world's leading radar evidence, physical traces of UFOs,
scientific experts on the UFO phenomenon. Any witness credibility and psychology, natural
Continued from Page 14 scientific investigation of UFOs must include phenomena often misidentified by layman as
the study of Hynek's books The UFO UFOs, popular belief in UFOs and the role of
In other words, there is scarcely a place Experience, The Edge of Reality and The the mass media in the phenomenon. It should be
on Earth that UFOs have not been witnessed Hynek UFO Report. It is crucial to keep in mind clear to any scientist reading this book that
and reported by reliable people. The best that, although Dr. Hynek became aware of the UFOs are a serious subject and that most major
available evidence for scientists to ponder dishonesty and duplicity of the Air Force in its questions about them remain unanswered.
comes from every corner of the world. UFO-related efforts, it was the physical Richard M. Hall is the editor of The
Scientists should be particularly impressed by evidence that caused Dr. Hynek to make a UFO Evidence, a report put out in 1964 by the
the evidence presented by the following radical turn from a UFO debunker to a UFO National Investigations Committee on Aerial
professionals: scholar. Phenomena (NICAP). This volume is valuable
Even the work of Dr. Edward U. both historically and in terms of useful scientific
Astronomers Condon, a man who had prejudged the UFO information. NICAP focused its research efforts
Astronauts and Cosmonauts phenomenon and determined the results of his on credible reports from qualified witnesses that
Aeronautical engineers investigation before he began it, provides showed strong, identifiable patterns and
Air traffic controllers scientific evidence supporting the belief that consistencies in the data from one source to
Airline, military and private pilots UFOs are a real phenomenon worthy of another. Later scientific investigations have
Civil defense and ground corps scientific inquiry. Dr. Condon was confirmed the findings of this 1964 report and
observers commissioned by the U.S. Air Force to study contributed important new information as well.
Government officials UFOs. The official goal was to understand the The UFO Evidence, a reference that has been
Military personnel other than pilots phenomenon. The unofficial goal was to wipe cited in nearly every major study of UFOs in the
Police officers UFOs off the public radar screen once and for past four decades, is an important summary of
Professors of engineering, physics, all. On January 8, 1969, "The Final Report of the evidence of UFO reality compiled in the
space science the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying early days of the "modern era" of UFO studies.
Professional photographers (still, Objects," conducted by the University of It provides scientists with sample cases that
motion picture and video) Colorado, under contract to the United States show general features of UFO reports; cases
Radar operators Air Force, was released. Dr. Condon was the indicating that UFOs are intelligently
scientific director. controlled; reports of sightings by Air Force
The reports made by numerous credible, The results of the report were used by pilots, navigators, and other personnel;
trained men and women have provided a wealth the Air Force as its justification to close Project observations by airline, military and private
of "hard data" that scientists can analyze with Blue Book and end its official involvement with pilots; reports from professional scientists,
known instrumentation and procedures. In UFOs. Ina press release that accompanied the engineers, astronomers and aeronautical
addition, scientists can review studies of such complete 900-plus page report, Dr. Condon engineers; as well as police officers and credible
data that have already been completed by claimed that the evidence suggested that UFOs civilians. In addition, the report contains
reputable scientists. Two recent examples are were not worthy of scientific inquiry, that evidence relating to the electro-magnetic effects
described briefly below. nothing of further value would come from such of UFOs, radar cases, physical and physiologic
If a serious study of the physical an effort. The media only looked at the press effects of UFOs, photographic and acoustical
evidence relating to the UFO phenomenon-- release, not the actual report, accepted Dr. evidence; statistical analyses of patterns of UFO
such as the one conducted by Peter A. Sturrock Condon's claims at face value, and trumpeted maneuvers, appearance, flight characteristics
and his colleagues and described in the book them worldwide. It seemed the scientific case and recurrent observations; and details about
The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the was closed. many other important aspects of this
Physical Evidence--were conducted by However, serious scientists, such as phenomenon. The UFO Evidence makes a
scientists, it would not only raise the level of the David R. Saunders (co-Principal Investigator of strong case for both the reality of UFOs and the
debate but also encourage more scientists to the Condon Committee), Stanton Friedman, great value of a scientific study of the
study the phenomenon, develop and test new Peter A. Sturrock and others have noticed major phenomenon.
ideas, and draw their own conclusions. This discrepancies between what the press release In December 1995, the Center for UFO
could not help but advance our knowledge of said was in the report and what was actually in Studies (CUFOS); the Fund for UFO Research
this perplexing phenomenon. Sturrock provides the report. For example, the press release stated (FUFOR); and the Mutual UFO Network
convincing evidence that the UFO phenomenon that only a few percent of cases investigated (MUFON) produced an exciting and important
is accessible to scientific analysis and that it remained unsolved, whereas, in fact, about 30 publication, Briefing Document on Unidentified
merits and warrants scientific study. percent of the cases investigated remained Flying Objects: The Best Available Evidence.
In the book, Unconventional Flying unexplained. This is a very high figure indeed, Although it presents only the tip of the iceberg
Objects: A Scientific Analysis, Paul R. Hill, a one suggesting the need for further scientific when it comes to the scientific and military
well-respected NASA scientist, has put the UFO study. In addition, a reading of the text of the evidence available worldwide concerning
phenomenon to just the kind of rigorous report clearly shows that UFOs present a UFOs, this publication is especially valuable to
scientific scrutiny that the phenomenon significant challenge to contemporary science. scientists because it offers readers the most
demands. His research shows that UFOs "obey, Even the work of a determined debunker such carefully documented information available.
not defy, the laws of physics." Dr. Hill has as Dr. Condon revealed that the UFO
reported on the basic science and technology phenomenon is in urgent need of scientific Continued on Page 16
that is at the heart of the near-miraculous evaluation and comprehension.
performance capabilities that witnesses describe Carl Sagan was the co-editor, along with
UFOs as possessing. In precise detail, Dr. Hill Thornton Page, a professor of astronomy and
shows how the descriptions of UFO behavior, NASA research associate, of a very useful book
made by credible witnesses, are in accord with for scientists intrigued by the UFO
what we know about physics. Serious scientists phenomenon, UFOs: A Scientific Debate. The
cannot ignore Dr. Hill's important work. book is the result of the proceedings of the
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, PhD, a highly American Association for the Advancement of
respected astronomer, was for years the leading Science. Scientists with divergent views from
Air Force consultant for Project Blue Book, the different disciplines--e.g., astronomy, physics,
official U.S. Air Force investigation of flying meteorology, psychiatry, psychology,
16 UFOs - A Challenge to Science
minded scientist that UFOs are real and worthy
UFOs - A Challenge to UFO reality, are Gordon Cooper, Donald
"Deke" Slayton, Edgar Mitchell, Al Worden, of scientific study.
Mainstream Science Eugene Cernan, and Story Musgrave. They are Yet few scientists look at the evidence
joined by the Soviet cosmonauts Yevegni and there is no major scientific exploration of
Khrunov, Vladimir Kovalyonok, and Major this phenomenon by mainstream science. How
Continued from Page 15 General Pavel Popovich. can this be? What are the obstacles in the way?
Scientists who are aware of UFO reality In the 1950s, the Brookings Institute
As it makes its case for UFO reality, and include Dr. Clyde W. Tombaugh, the American issued a report entitled, "The Implications of a
for the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs, the astronomer who discovered Pluto; Dr. Frank B. Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life." The report
briefing document presents radar evidence, Salisbury, professor of plant physiology at Utah suggested that out of all groups in society
visual evidence, physical evidence, descriptions State University; Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Chairman "scientists and engineers may be the most
of the shapes of UFOs and of their performance of the Dept. of Astronomy at Northwestern devastated by the discovery of relatively
capabilities. All of this information can be University and scientific consultant for Air superior creatures." Is the finding that the
evaluated scientifically. The document details Force UFO investigations from 1948 through discovery of intelligent life would be
prime examples of UFO reports made around 1969; Dr. Leo J. Sprinkle, professor of devastating to human scientists still true today?
the world from the 1950s through the mid- psychology at the University of Wyoming; Dr. In a recent survey, 75 percent of scientists said
1990s. This briefing document may be the most James E. McDonald, Senior Physicist at the they would like to learn more about UFOs. In
convincing report yet compiled suggesting that Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the 1976, Peter A. Sturrock conducted an small
UFOs are real. It definitely makes an University of Arizona; Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, survey of members of the American
undeniable case for further scientific Jr., President of West Coast University; Stanton Astronomical Society. He found that most of the
investigation into the UFO enigma and should T. Friedman, nuclear physicist and UFO respondents were curious about UFOs.
be required scientific reading. researcher; Dr. Margaret Mead, world- However, while scientists express interest in the
There are many other valuable scientific renowned anthropologist; Dr. Richard Haines, question of UFOs and extraterrestrial life in
books and papers that have been published over psychologist for the Ames NASA Research anonymous surveys, they still remain, in
the past 50 years, all of which provide evidence Center; Dr. Peter A. Sturrock, Professor of general, derisive and dismissive in their public
that UFOs are not misidentified natural Space Science and Astrophysics and Deputy statements about UFOs.
phenomena or man-made objects, the products Director of the Center for Space Science and Michael E. Zimmerman, a professor of
of the minds of highly imaginative or delusional Astrophysics at Stanford University; Dr. philosophy and former Chair of the Department
people, or the malicious hoaxes of merry Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist, computer of Philosophy at Tulane University believes that
pranksters around the globe. scientist and UFO author; and Dr. John E. many scientists refuse to discuss UFOs for three
In addition to the substantial body of Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at The reasons: (1) fear of loss of social status through
evidence available for scientists to review, there Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. ridicule; (2) superior non-human intelligence
are many astronauts, cosmonauts, scientists and In addition to these eminent figures, threatens personal psychology and worldview;
prominent government and military officials equally impressive military, intelligence and and (3) fear of social chaos in the face of ET
from many nations around the world who accept political figures have come forward with superiority. However, Prof. Zimmerman also
the reality of UFOs. This information has come information and evidence about UFO reality in sees signs of change. He notes that at least some
from either direct public statements or from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, scientists are now beginning to take the UFO
classified documents that have been released to China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the related ET-abduction phenomena
the public. These individuals include such U.S. Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, seriously and to study them systematically.
military, intelligence and political figures as: Switzerland, Zimbabwe and many other Zimmerman even suspects that some scientists
nations. and government officials are slowly, carefully
General Nathan D. Twining, Chairman of the Scientists can also avail themselves of leaking information to the public about UFO
Joint Chiefs of Staff (1957-1960); the hard data about UFOs that are contained in reality and ET presence to prepare the public for
J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI; a wide range of databases that are available to the revelation that extraterrestrials are visiting
General Walter Bedell Smith, Director of the researchers. Among them are: our planet.
CIA (1950-1953); UFOCAT--a computer catalog of raw In the opinion of Peter A. Sturrock, the
General Douglas MacArthur; UFO reports of sightings from around the lack of public funds to support UFO research is
Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, Chief of project world, started in the 1970s by Dr. David a major obstacle in the way of significant
Blue Book; Saunders. There are over 50,000 reports from scientific investigation. Like Prof. Zimmerman,
Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of five continents. UFOCAT is maintained by the he notes that UFO research is not considered
the CIA (1947-1950); Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). respectable in academic and scientific circles
General Curtis LeMay, Air Force Chief of Staff; GROUND TRACES--a catalog of UFO and that this keeps people from pursuing serious
Major General E.B. LeBaily, U.S. Air Force cases where plants and soil were affected is work in the area. Dr. Sturrock is of the opinion
Director of Information; maintained by CUFOS. that, if scientific progress is to be made in this
General George S. Brown, U.S. Air Force Chief PILOT CASES--NASA scientist field, public opinion must be galvanized to
of Staff; Richard Haines has a computerized catalog of demand that UFO research be supported with
Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Coyne, U.S. Army Reserve UFO sightings by military, commercial, private significant funding from the Federal
helicopter pilot; and test pilots that has more than 3600 cases government. The recent study directed by Dr.
Victor Marchetti, CIA official; going back to the early 1980s. Sturrock concluded that (1) the UFO
President Harry S. Truman; phenomena is complex and not likely to be
President Gerald Ford; These are just a few of the databases that are solved by one simple universal answer and (2)
President Jimmy Carter; available to scientists who want to investigate the scientific investigation of the unexplained
President Ronald Reagan; the evidence that has been collected concerning observations that characterize the UFO
Senator Barry M. Goldwater; UFOs. phenomenon will most likely lead to important
Representative John W. McCormack, Speaker new knowledge.
of the House;
Obstacles in the Way
Representative Jerry L. Pettis; Continued on Page 17
Representative Steven H. Schiff.
The valuable scientific books and papers
that have been published over the past 50 years, THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO SHOW
If military, intelligence and political and the worldwide UFO reports made by highly with Rob McConnell
figures do not impress scientists when it comes credible people, cannot be glibly dismissed as Monday - Friday
to UFOs, perhaps American astronauts will. errors, fraud or malicious hoaxes. The body of 10 pm - 2 am Eastern
Among the astronauts who have either evidence that diligent researchers have on the TalkStar Radio Network or
witnessed UFOs themselves, or are aware of compiled cannot fail to convince any open-
UFOs - A Challenge to Science 17
UFOs - A Challenge to Where are the scientists who will lead us
in our search for the knowledge of tomorrow?
accounts was first dealt with by the U.S. Air
Force (USAF), beginning in the late forties. The
Mainstream Science The tools needed are at hand; the information USAF hired J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer, to
we need is there, waiting to be discovered. The consult on Project Blue Book, a systematic
UFO phenomenon, dismissed and derided study of UFO sightings. Hynek proposed a
Continued from Page 16 today, may prove to be the key to the lock that classification system for the different types of
will open the door to our cosmic future. reports. His system divided the accounts into
Conclusion categories such as Daylight Discs, Radar/Visual
Bibliography Reports, or Close Encounters. The Condon
Sturrock and others have observed that report, a USAF-sponsored paper published in
scientists are interested in UFOs but unwilling Berliner, Don Briefing Document on 1969, reviewed Project Blue Book data and
to become involved publicly. Scientists say Unidentified Flying Objects: The Best Available concluded that there was no scientific
"show me the evidence" but do not study the Evidence knowledge to be gained from the study of
reams of evidence available. Carl Sagan has Condon, Edward U. The Final Report of the UFOs.
said that "extraordinary claims require Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects After Condon was published, the USAF
extraordinary evidence." Mainstream scientists Hall, Richard M. (ed.) The UFO Evidence stopped all official investigations into UFOs.
often quote Sagan to defend their reluctance to Hill, Paul R. Unconventional Flying Objects: A Other world governments, however, have
look into the question of UFOs. However, Scientific Analysis shown less apathy toward the subject. In 1958,
today's scientists are like the scientists of Hopkins, Budd Missing Time; Intruders the Almirante Saldanha, a Brazilian ship,
Galileo's day who refused to look into the Hynek, J. Allen. The UFO Experience; The observed a strange object flying over Trindade
telescope to see the moons of Jupiter with their Edge of Reality; The Hynek UFO Island, in the South Atlantic Ocean. Almiro
own eyes. Report Baraúna, a submarine photographer onboard,
What is needed? We do not need Mack, John E. Abduction; Passport to the took pictures of the object, which were then
objective evidence. There is plenty of hard data Cosmos analysed exhaustively by the Brazilian Navy’s
about all aspects of the UFO phenomenon just Reich, Wilhelm Contact with Space Aerial Reconnaissance Lab, explained Donderi.
begging for scientific evaluation. What is Sagan, Carl and Page, Thornton (eds.) UFOs: A “No piece of evidence, like a photograph, is
needed on the part of science today is a radical Scientific Debate worth anything at all without information about
shift in its worldview, in its mindset. What can Sturrock, Peter A. The UFO Enigma: A New how it was taken,” said Donderi. At the behest
bring about this profound change, which some Review of the Scientific Evidence of President Juscelino Kubitschek, the navy
call a "mindshift"? released an official report on the incident that
Perhaps scientists will only change after included the photographic evidence.
encountering the UFO phenomenon directly, McGill Prof talks UFO As Donderi explained, however, one of
through a sighting of a craft in the sky, a craft on science the major problems in the study of UFOs is that
the ground with entities nearby, or even more even if one establishes the reliability of
dramatically, through a direct, personal David Zuluaga Cano eyewitness accounts to form empirical
encounter with non-human intelligences. Such Science and Technology Writer evidence, there are limits to what can be
an experience would most certainly transform The McGill Daily explained given our current understanding of
even the most die-hard skeptic and debunker. Or the universe.
perhaps scientists need to undergo the kind of Dr. Albert Bregman, Emeritus Professor
transformative event that Edgar Mitchell from McGill Psychology, for example,
experienced on his return voyage from the remarked during the question period at the end
moon to the Earth, when he intuitively of the lecture that UFOs defy our notions of
perceived that the universe is self-aware and Newtonian physics.
that everything is interconnected. “If [UFOs] are solid objects, they violate
It may take more than objective, some fundamental physical laws such as
physical evidence alone to convince scientists momentum,” Bregman said.
that UFOs are real and worthy of scientific Donderi argued that the inability to
investigation. But a start has to be made explain UFO phenomena using current
somewhere. It can be made with the evidence scientific understanding does not necessarily
now at hand, evidence that grows daily as UFO preclude the problem from having a solution.
reports continue to come in from around the “Everyone talks about the speed of light
world. The data gathered by dedicated “All science, regardless of what science being a limiting factor [in interstellar travel],
researchers over the past 50 years await a new you’re in, begins with observable phenomena,” but how long is it [travel to Earth] for them? It’s
Galileo or Newton to synthesize into a asserted Professor Don Donderi of the not about how long we live, but how long they
worldview that is broader and deeper than Department of Psychology last Wednesday, live,” Donderi said.
today's reigning paradigm. Too many scientists during the second lecture of his four-piece After the lecture, Tom Gibbs, U0
today are demanding proof, instead of doing the series on unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Political Science, said that he was surprised
hard work needed to demonstrate the reality of Entitled “Evidence, Scientific Reaction, and there were so many scientific considerations in
UFOs and to uncover the incontrovertible proof Popular Culture,” the talk, attended by eight the exploration of UFO sightings.
of the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth. students, discussed the growing body of “What struck me the most was that I had
In 1956, in his last published work, testimonials from people claiming to have seen never considered the physics involved in a
Contact with Space, the pioneering scientist UFOs, as well as scientific evidence supporting possible Earth landing. It makes me ponder the
Wilhelm Reich wrote, "What do they want for their existence. foreignness of extraterrestrial biological make-
proof? There is no proof. There are no According to Donderi, the first widely up, and our possible comparatively quaint
authorities whatever. No President, Academy, publicized UFO sighting occured in 1947. scientific advancement,” Gibbs said. []
Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot from Idaho, saw
has the knowledge or power to decide what will what he later described as “bright, saucer-like
be the knowledge of tomorrow...Only the good objects” flying in the air. Arnold tried to THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO SHOW
old rules of learning will eventually bring about approach the government about the incident, but with Rob McConnell
understanding of what has invaded our earthly after failing to find a receptive federal agency, Monday - Friday
existence. Let those who are ignorant of the he turned his attention to the local press. After 10 pm - 2 am Eastern
ways of learning stand aside, while those who news of this incident was published, reports of on the TalkStar Radio Network or
know what learning is, blaze the trail into the UFO sightings became more common.
The task of classifying eyewitness
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So what is it with our Southern politicians these marijuana after a traffic stop in Dallas. William
days? First we have South Carolina governor Catch Me With Your Camera If You Dale Crock of Cave City, Ark., was in jail
Mark Sanford going AWOL for a week only to Can! Friday on a marijuana possession charge, plus
be caught having an affair with some traffic and seat beat violations. Dallas police say
Argentinean chick -- now we've got the former I don't think you'd leave a tip, after being a Crock was arrested Wednesday when bundles of
mayor of Clayton, Georgia, Mark Musselwhite, tourist in this van service. Some guys were marijuana were discovered under the casket's
arrested for public nudity! Mayor Musselwhite running an unauthorized New York airport van cover and pillow. A drug-sniffing dog alerted
was found by police sitting nude at his Rabun service that took five French tourists on a high officers to the casket in the van.(AOL News)
County campsite. He told police officers he had speed chase in an attempt to run from police.
been swimming in a nearby creek. The Police approached the van as some tourists got Banned For Being Nice, Bear-ly
Republican was elected to the Gainesville City in. The police wanted to investigate the owners
Council in 2000, where he served for six years, of the service for "hustling" travelers outside the One woman in Oregon, Karen Noyes often fed
including a stint as mayor. He lost a bid for a Air France terminal at John F. Kennedy the black bears that came to her home near the
state Senate seat in 2006. Now apparently he International Airport. As the police approached, Oregon coast. Then things got out of hand. One
spends his time camping and stripping! (The the driver drove off, ignoring pleas by the hungry bear stormed a neighbor's barn and
Atlanta Journal-Constitution) tourists to be let out. The van swerved through killed 60 turkeys. Another got stuck in a doggie
traffic, sped though stop signs and red lights, door. The 61-year-old Noyes was convicted of
World's Most Expensive Casket and traveled at speeds of 60 miles per hour on harassing wildlife and sentenced Thursday to
crowded residential streets. The men were also three years probation.(MSNBC)
When police in Dallas pulled over William Dale charged with assault, reckless endangerment,
Crock for not wearing his seatbelt, they found a and resisting arrest. If convicted, they face up to Today We Marry And We Divorce
much bigger problem. There was a casket in the seven years in prison.(Reuters)
back of his van, but a search of the casket A Polish couple living in Germany fell out after
revealed no dead bodies, but nearly 100 pounds Hello, 911? I Have Cheetos Up My tying the knot and decided to end their marriage
of pot instead! A drug-sniffing dog alerted Nose on the same day. "He said he never wanted to
officers to the casket in the van. And just think - see her again and wanted an immediate
- all this could have been avoided if he had just You've heard of food fights, but you've probably annulment, and she said the same thing," a
remembered to buckle up! ( never heard of one like this. Police said there spokesman for police in the northern city of
was a couple in Shelby, Tennessee who got into Hanover says. Right after the civil ceremony
House Catches Fire Two Nights in a an argument. They exchanged some words with Wednesday, the 50-year-old man began fighting
with his bride and tried to cut her hair with a
Row! one another and decided to start a food fight
too! The police told reporters that they did get kitchen knife. (Reuters)
The house may be built in Lake Success, New into a food fight, with Cheetos. Somehow, the
York, but there's nothing successful about it. orange puffy snacks were used in the assault. How Many Wallabies To Make A
Authorities say the same house caught on fire Police they were charged with domestic assault. Crop Circle?
two nights in a row. Both fires were deemed No one was hurt, but the man was cheesed! You
accidental and they appeared to be related to would think he was some sort of a cheese Wallabies snacking in Tasmania's legally grown
construction work. Fortunately no injuries were whiz!(NewsBlaze) opium poppy fields are getting "high as a kite"
reported and while nobody was occupying the and hopping around in circles, trampling the
house at the time, the million dollar home had How Hot Is It? crops. Their kangaroo-like marsupials' antics
just been sold. One of the two fires caused are hurting the state's large poppy industry.
extensive damage. (Newsday) It's so hot in Clayton, Georgia, that even the Tasmania is the world's largest producer of
former mayor is getting naked! A former legally grown opium for the pharmaceutical
The Free Beer Ticket! Georgia mayor was busted in the buff at a market. A manager for one of two Tasmanian
Rabun County campsite. The state's Department companies licensed to take medicinal products
Kim Schroeder was running for vice president of Natural Resources officers found him sitting from poppy straw told the newspaper that
of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Teachers nude around the campsite. The police actually wildlife and livestock -- including deer and
Education Association, and promised a five- had a complaint about a naked man earlier in the sheep -- that eat the poppies are known to "act
point program in her bid for the office. The first day. The former mayor said, he wasn't the same weird." (CBS News)
four points were all vows to make the union man though. The mayor told the officer that he
more aggressive toward the school board. But had been swimming in a nearby Gentlemen, Count Your Swans!
his fifth point, and perhaps his most important creek.(
point, was "to make sure that there is beer and Buckingham Palace has announced that the
wine available for the monthly Leaders' That's One Spicy Grenade! annual Swan Upping, a tradition dating back to
Meetings." Alas, it didn't go over as well as you the 12th century which involves a count of the
might of expected and Schroeder lost. Scientists at India's Defense Research and swan population on the River Thames, will be
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Development Organization (DRDO) are quoted conducted by the queen's official Swan Marker
as saying that spicy chili can be used to control from July 20-24. The process involves the Swan
Under The Sea! rioters and in counter-insurgency operations. Marker, David Barber, rowing up the Thames
Defense researchers say the idea is to replace for five days with the Swan Warden in
Using GPS and state-of-the-art sonar, Columbia explosives in small hand grenades with a certain traditional garb while wearing special scarlet
University researchers recently made the first variety of red chili to immobilize people uniforms and counting, weighing and
comprehensive map of the wonders that are without killing them. The chili, known as Bhut measuring swans and cygnets. It may seem
submerged in New York City's harbors. Jolokia, is said to be 1,000 times hotter than eccentric, but it is very important to the queen.
Inventory highlights include a 350-foot commonly used kitchen chili. And the powder In medieval times, the Swan Marker would not
steamship (downed in 1920), a freight train will also be spread on the fences around army only travel up the river counting the swans, but
(derailed in 1865), 1,600 bars of silver barracks in the hope the strong smell will keep would catch as many as possible as they were
(unrecovered since 1903), a fleet of Good out animals.(Ananova) sought-after for banquets and feasts. (Reuters)
Humor ice cream trucks (which form a reef for
aquatic life), and so many junked cars near the A Casket of Pot Listen to the Weird News on The ‘X’ Zone!
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The Shag Harbour UFO 21
The Shag Harbour, search effort claiming "nil results." Outside of
the local area, media attention quickly faded.
interesting by government documents, comic
book illustrations, the usual jazz about coverups
Nova Scotia, UFO of The Shag Harbour crash/retrieval and interviews with folks who prefer to have
became Case #34 in the infamous Condon their voices altered and to be filmed in
Octoiber 4, 1967 Committee Report which would serve as Project silhouette.
Mysteries of Canada Blue Book's swan song. The case was brought Of course no one knows what really
to Dr. Condon's limited attention by the late Jim happened in Shag Harbour, but speculation
Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research abounds, particularly since the event occured at
On the night of October 4, 1967, shortly Organization (APRO). Dr. Levine, the the height of the Cold War and the fact that
after 11:00 PM, a UFO some 60 feet in diameter investigator assigned to the case, allocated the nearby CFS Shelburne was a top-secret
was seen to hover over the water near the tiny grand total of two long distance phone calls to submarine detection base.
fishing village of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. this investigation. One call was to the Watch There's something to make every
The UFO, which displayed four bright lights Officer at Maritime Command and the other conspiracy theorist happy. MacDonald and
that flashed in sequence, tilted to a 45-degree was to an RCMP spokesperson. Dr. Levine was producer Johanna Eliot have done a nice job in
angle and descended rapidly towards the water's assured that there was nothing to the case and touching all the mysterious bases, while
surface. Upon impact, there was a bright flash that further investigation was futile. Thus, presenting the information in a visually
and an explosive roar. Concerned witnesses interest in the Shag Harbour case withered interesting fashion.
began calling the nearby Barrington Passage away... until 1993. It truly is a story that will not die. []
RCMP detachment. None of those witnesses
mentioned anything about a UFO. Most
believed that a large aircraft had ditched into the Truth Is Still Out There
harbour and that there might be survivors. In Shag Harbour
Eventually, three RCMP officers arrived
at the shore near the impact site. Corporal V. By Pat Lee
Werbicki and Constable Ron O'Brien, The Halifax Herald Limited
dispatched from the Barrington Passage
Detachment, were approaching from east of the On Oct. 4, 1967 many Nova Scotians
site. Constable Ron Pond, who was on highway saw something strange flying through the sky
patrol on Highway #3, was heading towards with flashing lights.
Shag Harbour from a position west of the The mysterious object plunged into the
impact site, and his position allowed him to water off Shag Harbour, leading fishermen and
view the UFO while it was still in flight. The the RCMP to rush out in a frantic attempt to find
unusual lighting configuration and flight survivors.
characteristics tipped Cst. Pond off to the But by the time boats arrived on the
unusual nature of the object long before he scene, all that was found was a mysterious
heard from Cpl. Werbicki, who received his yellow foam that smelled like burned sulphur,
information through the initial complaints to the although a dark object was later spotted moving
detachment. out to sea. (Insert Twilight Zone music here.)
When all three officers met at the impact Some 33 years later the Shag Harbour
site they found that the UFO was still floating UFO story continues to fascinate believers and
on the water about a half-mile from shore. It skeptics alike, mainly because of the number of
was glowing a pale yellow and was leaving a credible eyewitness accounts and the official
trail of dense yellow foam as it drifted in the ebb documentation that has been unearthed.
tide. Neither the Rescue Co-ordination Centre So it's not surprising that the story has
in Halifax nor the nearby NORAD radar facility lived on in books and most recently has become
at Baccaro, Nova Scotia, had any knowledge of the subject of a documentary by local filmmaker
missing aircraft, either civilian or military. Cst. Michael MacDonald.
Pond reported that the object had "changed" Airing Sunday at 5 p.m. on cable's
during its descent to the water's surface, i.e., it Space: The Imagination Station, the hour-long
changed shape, and that it appeared to be "no The Shag Harbour UFO Story brings together
known object." Later, other local witnesses eyewitnesses and pieces together the X-Files
described much the same details as those of Cst. tale, which started that October night when
Pond. Also, a coast guard lifeboat from nearby those mysterious lights were seen around the
Clark's Harbour and several local fishing boats province.
were summoned to investigate, but the UFO had Among those who spotted the odd sight
submerged before they reached the site. The from Dartmouth was then 12-year-old Chris
sulfurous-smelling yellow foam continued to Styles, who subsequently heard the same story
well to the surface from the point where the from his grandfather who lived in Shag
UFO went down, and a 120 by 300 foot slick Harbour.
developed. Search efforts continued until 3:00 "I literally felt cold inside," Styles says
AM and then resumed at first light the next day. of seeing the glowing object that night.
Everybody involved was convinced that Also interviewed in the film is Don
"something" -- that is, something real and Ledger, who has written extensively about the
unidentified -- had gone into the water. case with Styles. The pair's research provided
The next morning a preliminary report the framework for MacDonald's film, produced
was sent to Canadian Forces Headquarters in by Halifax-based Ocean Entertainment.
Ottawa. After communicating with NORAD, Also providing input on the incident is
Maritime Command was asked to conduct an local fisherman Laurie Wickens, who also saw
underwater search ASAP for the object the strange lights that night, along with
responsible for the concern in Shag Harbour. fisherman Lawrence Smith.
Seven navy divers from the HMCS Granby Adding to the intrigue is a photograph
searched throughout the daylight hours until taken by Wilber Eisnor, which shows coloured
sundown of 08 October 1967. On Monday, 09 lights glowing in the sky.
October 1967, Maritime Command canceled the All fascinating stuff, made all the more
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24 UFO’s Over Washington

“The world has waited a long time for the inside scoop on
Roswell. Truth is an excellent curative for false
proclamations. The Roswell crashed saucer retrieval is one
of the most important UFO cases ever, anywhere. We need
more information from those directly involved, and this
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on Demand - Any Time - Any Day Stanton T. Friedman
that were being simultaneously tracked on
U.F.O. Sightings and radar.
Encounters "They were about the same size as the
brightest stars," Pierman said, "and they were
July 19, 1952 much higher than our 6,000-ft. altitude."
Some of the UFOs were in horizontal
Washington, D.C. flight, others were seen diving at an angle of 25
deg. at high speeds. Captain Pierman
Incident maintained visual contact for approximately 12
minutes, and then the objects shot suddenly out
In early July, 1952, Edward J. Ruppelt, of sight.
then head of the Air Force's official Project Blue Just before dawn the radar indicated that
Book, was in conference with a scientist from a an object was hovering directly over Andrews
government intelligence agency that Ruppelt Air Force Base. When tower personnel looked
was not at liberty to name. "Within the next few up, they saw what they described as a "huge
days," he told Ruppelt, "You're going to have fiery orange sphere" directly above them. The
the granddaddy of all UFO sightings... in Air Force sent an F-94 jet into the air about
Washington or New York. Probably dawn to investigate, but by this time the UFOs
Washington." had disappeared from radar and were nowhere
to be seen.
The "Washington sightings"--a series of A week later the UFOs returned. On July
UFO encounters that quickly became the most 26 the Air Force launched several jet fighters in
publicized ever and included flights by an effort to intercept a new rash of radar blips.
unknown objects over the White House and the One of the pilots did make visual contact and
Capitol--started at 11:40 P.M. on July 19, when pushed his jet to its top speed, trying to close in
the radar screens at National Airport picked up on the object. The UFO shot out of sight at an
eight UFOs flying in formation southwest of incredible speed, leaving the Air Force jet far
Andrews Air Force Base. The blips would behind.
cruise along at a little over 100 mph and then As suddenly as they had begun, the
shoot off the screen at extremely high speeds. "Washington sightings" stopped. too fast for that."--Capt. S.C. "Casey" Pierman
The radar at Andrews also began to track the
objects. Eyewitness Report Official Comment
All airliners in the area at the time were
put on alert for the objects, and several reported "In all my years of flying, I've seen a lot "We don't know the answer positively,
sightings. Capt. S.C. "Casey" Pierman, at the of falling or shooting stars, but these were much and there's no use pretending we do."--Official
controls of Capital Airlines Flight 807, made faster than anything I've ever seen. They press release from Wright-Patterson Air Force
visual contact with seven UFOs, the same ones couldn't have been aircraft. They were moving Base. []
Weird News 25
Checking: Doggie Style city of North Lauderdale on Thursday when of Syracuse. The clerk wasn't hurt. Police found
passenger James Kiernan received a text the pair about a mile away. Their car was on the
A woman accused of stealing money from her message about Jackson's death on his cell side of the road. (Newsday)
ex-husband's bank account blames her dog. phone, and he read it aloud on the bus. The =bus
Police in Arlington, Washington learned the driver chimed in that "Michael Jackson should Lawn Parties? No, Lawn Potties!
money disappearing from the 42-year-old have been in jail long ago," prompting Kiernan, The planters in her front yard brought Tina
Arlington man's account was being used to pay 60, to say that "the world just lost a great Asmus national publicity last monthin
for utility bills and other items at his ex-wife's musical talent." It said the last remark enraged Lakemoor, Ill. This week, they brought her a
home. The woman told The Herald that the another passenger, Henry Wideman, who $25 fine. Asmus says she will go to court to
woman's first response was, "Her dog got into started a swearing match with Kiernan, then fight to keep her lawn ornaments, which are
her purse and ate all her personal checks." The pulled out a knife and chased Kiernan down the made from two old toilets and a bathroom sink.
50-year-old woman reportedly told police she aisle with it. The driver called his dispatcher and The Police Chief said Asmus was issued the $25
had no choice but to take money from her pulled over near a convenience store to wait for noncompliance ticket Monday after a 30-day
former husband's account. The women is under sheriff's deputies, who arrested Wideman, 54. warning ticket expired. The ordinance
investigation for identity theft and forgery. (YourNewz) violations cited by police range from grass that
(FoxNews) is too long to junk in front yards. (Daily Herald)
Look Out, Incredibly Slow Train A
Pig Ends Up Poolside Comin! A Crime Watch

An 800-pound hog that survived on its own for Birmingham police said a 22-year-old woman Authorities said a man walking through a
a week after a truck flipped while on its way to has suffered a broken leg after being hit by a security checkpoint at a Pinellas, Florida
a slaughterhouse has been found in a swimming train. Officer Lawrence Billups said the woman courthouse tried to steal an expensive watch,
pool at a home near the crash site. A neighbor told police she was lying on the tracks "to clear just feet from deputies. The sheriff's office
said Monday she noticed her pool was suddenly her mind" when the train approached around 7 reported that a man who had emptied his
overflowing and then saw the immersed pig, a.m. Sunday. Billups said the CSX train was pockets to walk through a metal detector
which was having a drink in the pool. The moving about 10 mph when it hit her. The train's complained that his $1,000 Wittnauer watch
woman said she found a farmer to take in the operator told police he tried to stop. How quick was gone. Deputies played back a surveillance
pig. A spokesman for Odom's Tennessee Pride do you have to be to get out of the way of a slow video and identified a 53-year-old man as the
said it can't use the hog in its sausage products moving train? (The Birmingham News) person who took the watch. They found him in
because no one knows what the hog had been a courtroom, attending a pretrial hearing for a
eating in its week on the lam, or should we say Never Steal from The Hands That charge of selling cocaine. Deputies searched
pool lounger? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) Heal You him and reported finding the watch. The suspect
was arrested and charged with grand theft. (St.
Mary Jane's Value Meal A boy was arrested over the weekend on Petersburg Times)
charges of stealing from an ambulance while
Connecticut police have arrested a teen, paramedics were treating his mother. The Listen Monday - Friday from 10 pm - 2 am
accusing him of selling marijuana and packing Johnson City Press reported the boy, who was Eastern / 7 pm - 11 pm Pacific to The ‘X’ Zone
it in a Chicken McNugget box. Police said the not named because he is a juvenile, was charged Radio & TV Show with Rob McConnell and
teen and three customers were nabbed after a with stealing $5,000 in medical supplies. That hear more News of The Weird from The ‘X’ Zone
police officer spotted some suspicious activity includes an oxygen tank and an oxygen sensor Newsroom. Visit for all the
over the weekend. Police said the teen grew machine. He is also accused of stealing a purse latest news from the world of the Weird. Visit
marijuana in his apartment and packaged the belonging to one of the rescue workers and of The ‘X’ Zone at
dope in McNugget boxes. The arrests came after breaking into a car several hours earlier and
one alleged customer was spotted coming out of stealing credit cards, a cellular phone and a
the teen's apartment building with the In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
PlayStation portable video game. (Johnson City
McNugget box. (The Register Citizen) Press) People Listen To
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
Gentlemen, Count Your Swans! Failing The Employee Of The Month with
Quiz Rob McConnell
Buckingham Palace has announced that the
annual Swan Upping, a tradition dating back to on
Spanish police have arrested a man whom they
the 12th century which involves a count of the suspect hired a contract killer to murder his boss AM 580 CFRA
swan population on the River Thames, will be in a desperate bid to avoid being laid off,
conducted by the queen's official Swan Marker newspaper El Pais reported. The head of
from July 20-24. The process involves the Swan audiovisual services at the Barcelona
Marker, David Barber, rowing up the Thames International Convention Center contracted a
for five days with the Swan Warden in Colombian man who shot and killed the director
traditional garb while wearing special scarlet of the convention center on Feb 9, according to
uniforms and counting, weighing and police. The director had planned to lay off the
measuring swans and cygnets. It may seem arrested man as part of a restructuring project.
eccentric, but it is very important to the queen. (El Pais)
In medieval times, the Swan Marker would not
only travel up the river counting the swans, but
Rolling on "E" can get you Twenty!
would catch as many as possible as they were
sought-after for banquets and feasts. (Reuters)
State police in New York say two Pennsylvania
men robbed a gas station and might have gotten
Bus Bash For Michael away if they had also fueled up. Troopers said
they caught a 29-year-old, and 51-year-old,
A fight broke out on a Florida bus when news of after their getaway car ran out of gas while the
Michael Jackson's death sparked debate over were trying to escape. They're accused of using
whether he should be remembered as a great a knife to rob a clerk at the Quickway
musical talent, and one passenger was charged Convenience Store in Kirkwood, near the New
with assault. The bus was moving through the York-Pennsylvania border about 80 miles south
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Ghostly Antiques
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husband unexpectedly. Pushed to find something to
occupy her time, Clara finds herself buying an antique
shop in the center of town. As if that isn't enough to
keep her busy, she falls and hits her head, unlocking a
talent that she never dreamed could exist. Now, Clara
is able to see the spirits of those who have owned or
been associated with objects within her store.

The story presented by Jennifer Robins is highly
intriguing, allowing the reader to plunge into a world
that few of us ever consider. The topic is well
researched and informative. I found myself wanting to
know more every time I tried to put the book down.

Ghostly Antiques will definitely give anyone
interested in the supernatural something to think
about. I look forward to reading the sequel.

Amey S Tippett
author of Alison's Journey
28 Douglas James Cottrell
Douglas James Cottrell

Douglas is best known as a trance
clairvoyant (or psychic). He is also an intuitive
healer, teacher and published author. His Deep
Trance Meditation (DTM) style is often
compared to that of Edgar Cayce. In 2003
Douglas dictated a book from the trance state,
which was published the following year as
Secrets of Life. He has been variously called a
mystic, seer, prophet, "The Man With the X-ray
Eyes," and "Canada's Edgar Cayce." He and his
wife, Karen, live in London, Ontario, Canada.
They have four children: Cheri-Anne, Douglas,
Louise, and Jason. Cheri-Anne passed away
January 27, 2006 at the age of 38.

Douglas's Early Years hope for Cheri-Anne, however, and they Peterson was able to discuss her condition as if
continued to pray to God that their daughter's reading her medical chart. For the first time in
On the surface, Douglas James Cottrell life could be saved. Little did they know that seven years, someone was able to intelligently
appears to be an ordinary, uncomplicated, good- their prayers were about to be answered, but in articulate how Cheri-Anne came to develop in
natured and friendly family man. He enjoys the a most unusual way. In 1975, a co-worker at the the way that she did. Moreover, Peterson was
simple things of life: driving in the countryside, Toronto Star daily newspaper, where Douglas able to explain what steps could be taken in
grooming horses, walking the dogs or playing worked as a pressman, gave Douglas a book order to bring Cheri-Anne back to health. The
hockey with his friends. He and his wife, Karen, about Edgar Cayce, an American deep trance accuracy and amount of detail he provided was
have been happily married since 1968. They psychic from the 1930s, known mainly for his mind-blowing. Peterson recommended natural
live in an average, quiet, suburban so-called health "readings". Douglas was a treatments that were foreign to Douglas and
neighborhood in Canada. To the casual skeptic, and although he was highly critical of Karen, such as chiropractic and massage. He
observer, he is an unremarkable man. But as the tea-cup readers, palmists, and tarot card readers, also suggested various foods and herbs to be
saying goes, still waters run deep. For beneath he found Cayce's ability to be credible. given to Cheri-Anne that would act as medicine
the plain and ordinary surface lies an intuitive Fascinated with the information contained in the for her traumatized body. Peterson's
ability so powerful and accurate that it staggers Cayce material, Douglas began to wonder what recommendations saved Cheri-Anne's life and
the imagination and challenges our very notion information could be revealed about his opened Douglas and Karen's minds to a larger
of what it is to be human. daughter, were Cayce still alive. world. He had revealed to Douglas that he had
Douglas was born in Toronto, Canada in While he was working in his basement, an aptitude for deep meditation as well, and he
December 1949 to Thomas and Elinor Cottrell, Douglas had a strong urging to leave what he encouraged him to explore his own intuitive
an average, not overly religious working-class was doing, go upstairs and turn on the abilities.
couple who struggled to make ends meet. The television. As he did, the screen filled with the "I have to find out if I can do this too,"
eldest of four children, Douglas split his youth image of a man who appeared to be talking in Douglas said. "If only one child is helped, it will
between work at the family wood-yard and his sleep. He was describing in great detail the be worth it!"
football games at Central Technical High health problems of someone else, and - more
School. In 1965 he fell in love with Karen importantly - he was explaining what was to be HOW DOUGLAS DEVELOPED HIS
Paquet, and they were married in February of done to remedy them. The program in progress INTUITION
1968. Douglas had taken a job as an apprentice, was "World of the Unexplained" with Allen
and was soon working as a full-fledged Spraggett, a paranormal researcher. Spraggett's Inspired by what he had experienced
pressman for the nation's largest daily guest was Ross Peterson, a medical intuitive first-hand with a genuine intuitive, a young
newspaper, the Toronto Star. In July of 1968, from the United States who demonstrated Douglas began to study everything he could on
Douglas and Karen became parents and their Cayce-like clairvoyant abilities in trance. the subject. He felt as if the blinders had been
lives were forever changed. The birth of a child, At that moment, Douglas knew there removed and wanted to know as much as he
especially the first child, should be a blessed was hope for his daughter, and he and Karen could about the unseen spiritual world. He
event. But for the young couple, the arrival of determined that they had to see this man. Now, began to learn in earnest about the chakras, the
daughter Cheri-Anne was little short of Douglas, being a pragmatic, down-to-earth, aura, energy healing, and, of course, meditation.
traumatic. Delivered weeks overdue, Cheri- "blue-collar" type of man, had always been The more he investigated this unseen world,
Anne collapsed shortly after being born. She skeptical and dismissive of psychics. Karen's more and more teachers, guides, and gurus
was resuscitated by medical staff several times. staunch Catholic upbringing had taught her that came into his life to assist him in his
Over the weeks and months that followed, fortune telling was sinister and false. Needless development. Douglas began to study religious
Cheri-Anne was in and out of hospitals. She to say, their optimism was tempered with fear texts from the world's major traditions. His
was prone to convulsions. Doctors put her on about meeting Peterson. The young couple quest took him to places all over the world,
medications to sedate her. By age two and a eventually arranged to meet with Peterson in including Ross Peterson's school in Michigan.
half, Cheri-Anne was diagnosed as severely Toronto. As they approached his hotel room,
mentally and physically retarded. Douglas and they did not know what to expect, and they were Continued on Page 29
Karen finally acquiesced to the medical advice extremely anxious and apprehensive.
to place her into an institution, resigned to the Their fears were soon laid to rest, Visit Douglas James Cottrell on line
medical opinion that she had only a few months however. Even though Cheri-Anne was at
to live and that nothing could be done. hundreds of kilometers away in the Plainfield
Douglas and Karen refused to give up Children's Home in Belleville, Ontario,
Douglas James Cottrell 29
Douglas James Cottrell appearances (seminars, lectures, book-signings)
as well as from Douglas's Online Store.
Gums and teeth are normal. Moving now to the
chest cavity...." It is as if Douglas is able to
Continued from Page 28 project his mind out of his body, across space to
DOUGLAS'S CLAIRVOYANT ABILITY: scan a patient and report back his findings -
Aided by his family doctor and his Deep Trance Meditation something he does with uncanny accuracy and
chiropractor, Douglas began conducting great skill.
experiments in deep trance meditation and He stretches out in a reclining chair,
remote viewing. At first the images he saw in closes his eyes and begins to breathe deeply. DOUGLAS'S MIRACLE HEALING
meditation were fuzzy, but the more he Within minutes, Douglas has entered the state of ABILITY: Transforming Matter with
practised, the clearer the information became. Deep Trance Meditation (DTM). It is as if his Thought
The medical doctor and chiropractor were able conscious mind has moved out of the way,
to provide Douglas with the verification that fading into the shadows and allowing his After witnessing progress in their
what he was seeing were not just figments of his contemplative mind (or what may also be called daughter, Cheri-Anne's health, through
imagination. As Douglas's confidence and trust the Soul Mind) to come forward. The alternative therapies, such as massage and
in this ability grew, he was able to relax further contemplative mind is the consciousness of the chiropractic, Douglas and Karen began to
and deeper, letting go of his ego and entering immortal human soul. Unlike the rational mind investigate other unorthodox forms of healing.
deeper and deeper levels of consciousness. (or the Personality Mind), the contemplative They decided to remain open to all modalities
In time, these experiments began mind is not bound by the physical restraints of and all kinds of healing, regardless of how
involving more and more subjects, who time and space. As part of the universal esoteric it may seem. In the early 1970s,
returned with their friends and relatives. The consciousness of mankind, it sees all, knows all, Douglas and Karen had befriended Anglican
local press also took notice and began and understands all. Where the rational mind is minister Rev. Alex Holmes, who resided in
publishing articles about Douglas and his finite, the contemplative mind is infinite. Michigan. Not only was Rev Holmes a
ability. But as his reputation grew, so did the Communication between the rational mind and practicing minister, he was also a practitioner of
demand for his time. Self-described followers the contemplative mind takes place when the an ancient type of spiritual healing called the
of Edgar Cayce came to test Douglas's ability. rational mind is receptive (i.e. during dream Laying On Of Hands. Douglas and Karen began
What had started as investigations into health states or during hypnotic or meditative states of holding weekly sessions in their home with Rev
problems had evolved into readings of past consciousness). When the body is excited, Homes laying hands on Cheri-Anne, and their
lives, contacting deceased relatives, locating agitated or stressed, it demonstrates the ability friends and loved ones as well. Fascinated with
lost persons. Some came with racing forms and of seemingly superhuman physical strength and this type of healing, Douglas asked if he could
treaure maps. speed. Similarly, when the body is profoundly learn this ability too. Rev Holmes offered
December 7, 1977 was the fateful day relaxed, the mind becomes capable of Douglas the advice that "even the mightiest
that Douglas resigned his very secure position seemingly superhuman mental feats: river begins with a single trickle, so go slowly."
with the Toronto Daily Star (Canada's largest clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, He graciously taught Douglas the secrets of the
newspaper) to devote his time to giving Deep precognition, premonition, and prophecy. method, saying that in time he would be able to
Trance Meditation consultations to the public. As its name implies, Deep Trance handle the energy that would go through him
He was doing four hour-long meditations a day, Meditation (DTM) is a very deep, trance-like state without harm. Slowly and over some time,
seven days a week. After a number of years of meditation, a state some have described as the Douglas learned how to cultivate and build up
continuing in this way, Douglas has a vision in twilight state between consciousness and sleep the energy, and to sense it flowing from his
which Edgar Cayce came to him to correct him (what some might define as self-hypnosis). In this fingertips. He first practiced laying on of hands
about this sin of overworking. In an effort to altered state of consciousness, Douglas's on the plants around the house, and then on the
deter people from coming, Douglas began to respiration and heart rate are slowed, his blood fish tank. To his delight, he was soon seeing the
charge more for his consultations, but it had the pressure is lowered, and his brain activity changes results of his experiments: the plants were
reverse effect. Interestingly, the "caliber" of (a condition medically referred to as "theta responding to the energy, and the vitality and
clientele changed, and Douglas began seeing level"). The ability to consciously relax his body activity of the fish had noticeably improved. As
more serious-minded clients for his invaluable and become emotionally detached from the
his confidence in his new-found ability grew,
services. physical, sensual world is something Douglas
Douglas began demonstrating spiritual healing
Since 1975, Douglas has given an learned to do. He believes that, to varying degrees,
on his friends and loved ones. On one occasion,
estimated 24,000 such consultations (or this is an ability that everyone can learn to express
he laid hands on a man's head and his migraine
as well. Most everyone, he says, has experienced
"readings"), all of which have been recorded on instantly disappeared. On another occasion, he
some degree of intuitive or spiritual phenomena in
audio cassette (from 2004 onward, the DTM laid hands on a woman and the cyst on her neck
their own lives (i.e. premonitions, déjà vu,
consultations have been recorded digitally). His instantly vanished. Douglas had the evidence he
visions, gut feelings, prophetic dreams, etc.).
clients include people all over the world, from needed to show him that what he was doing was
Yet there are people who are so amazed
literally all walks of life, backgrounds, social genuine.
and awestruck at the mental ability that Douglas
castes, and spiritual faiths. Douglas and Karen's experience with
exemplifies that they simply cannot believe it.
Throughout his career, Douglas has Rev Holmes opened them to other faith healers.
The degree of accuracy and amount of detailed
continued in his quest toward enlightenment They took Cheri-Anne to see a faith-healer from
information Douglas demonstrates during a
and spiritual development. His mystical studies Philadelphia named Kathryn Kuhlman, of
DTM session just seems impossible. Consider
have taken him to schools, churches, temples, whom Douglas had heard through a mutual
the following example from a DTM session:
ashrams and sacred sites in Europe and India acquaintance. Kuhlman was said to have
"Beginning in the uppermost portions of the
and throughout North America. He has studied miraculous healing ability, and she toured North
body, there is in the neck both severe
with the Freemasons as well as the America holding "miracle services," gathering
compression and mild rotation, approximating
Rosicrucians. He has not led an easy life, together hundreds of people in large
an S-curve, affecting the 7th, 6th, and 3rd
however, and Douglas has faced financial auditoriums. When Douglas and Karen attended
cervical vertebrae as well as the Atlas-Axis. The
hardship and abuses at the hands of those who one such event, Cheri-Anne responded very
head is sitting crooked on the neck. Blood flow
strive to taint his reputation. He constantly well to the loving energy. They took her to the
to the upper areas of the cranium is somewhat
struggles against bias and prejudice for his events several times, witnessing people
restricted, causing mild oxygen starvation.
spiritual beliefs, not to mention those who find receiving genuinely miraculous healings. At one
Brain activity is generally sluggish, especially
the claims of his intuitive ability to be too gathering, Kuhlman looked into the audience
affecting the reflex areas and motor skills
amazing to be believable. and pronounced that God had promised her that
centers. Vision is deteriorating noticeably in the
Douglas passes on the wisdom he has in the future someone would replace her and
left eye and painful sensitivity to bright light is
learned about the spiritual world in his latest carry on her work. Douglas had a calm
also developing. Some hair loss as well,
book, Secrets of Life. He has also created a sensation come over him, accompanied with the
affecting predominantly the scalp area to the
course in meditation through a series of CDs. impression that he might be the replacement.
front and to the right side. Nasal passages are
These are available at Douglas's public
clear and the tissue forming the lining is healthy. Continued on Page 31
30 C.E.IV Rock Band Presents
Douglas James Cottrell 31
Douglas James Cottrell others feel an electric shock or a jolt. Some
people weep; some laugh. Some feel dizzy, and
eye movement (REM) similar to Douglas in the
DTM state. Only when the rational mind is
Continued from Page 29 weak in the knees; some feel as though they quieted (during states of meditation, or sleep) is
momentarily lose consciousness. Many report the contemplative mind allowed to move
Along with giving DTM consultations, feeling overcome with a profound and forward. Douglas believes this is why some
Douglas was soon offering spiritual healing sustainable feeling of love, peace, and people gasp and respond so dramatically to the
with the Laying on of Hands method to an ever- happiness. healing energy at his miracle healing events - or
increasing clientele. Over the years, he saw a While still conscious, Douglas does even fall down and lay on the floor seemingly
number of dramatic examples of spontaneous enter a slightly altered state of consciousness - losing consciousness. The contemplative mind
and lasting healing: a woman with arthritis of though not as deep as the state of meditation he is so powerful it can make instant, permanent
the spine became able to bend over and touch enters during a DTM session. As he prepares to changes to a physical body at the cellular level,
her toes; a man with chronic hip and leg pain channel the energy into a person requesting a or even at the atomic level.
(who walked with the aid of a cane) healing, his aura expands, as does his To contact Douglas James Cottrell, visit
immediately had his pain removed. For years awareness. His vibration changes to one of his website at
the man wrote to Douglas on the anniversary of unconditional love. He becomes acutely aware
his healing to report that the pain had not of what is going on all around him. He looks
returned "yet." Over the years, and without any into a person and sees the body healing. He says Books, CDs, Consultations,
promotion, Douglas continued to offer Laying things to them from a point of inner knowing - Courses & Supplements Are
on of Hands healing to those who requested things that relate to their lives and Available From
relief from pain and hardship: mental, physical conditions.Those who have been to his Miracle DOUGLAS JAMES COTTRELL
or spiritual. He even learned to send long- Transformation Events™ have seen that
distance healing to those who could not be Online At
Douglas's hand begins to shake as the energy
present. Trusting in the words of his mentor, builds. When he is ready, he directs this life
Rev Holmes, Douglas always believed that he force energy through the body's energy points or BOOKS
would never be given more than he could chakras - primarily at the solar plexus, heart,
handle. He prayed for his healing ability to be and crown - giving an infusion of energy, which
made stronger and more effective. would appear to affect the nervous system, and
In 2003 Douglas was approached by the circulation of chi energy along the
some friends who wanted him to conduct some meridians. Douglas and his volunteers have
healing events in large public venues, similar to witnessed many dramatic healings: a deaf man
those Kathryn Kuhlman had done. Many years regaining his hearing; a mute woman regaining
ago, Douglas had a vision of himself dressed in her capacity for speech; a man with Parkinson's
black, coming up the aisle of a church, out of Disease-like tremors having them disappear; a
the congregation, and standing in the pulpit. woman with a prolapsed uterus having her
When a small church in London, Ontario organs move; a man with MS being relieved of
expressed an interest in having Douglas perform his symptoms. An Ontario newspaper reported
Laying on of Hands to the congregation, that a woman had a lump on her neck disappear
Douglas was encouraged that his vision was overnight after receiving a healing from
about to come true. A short while later, Douglas Douglas. Douglas takes no credit for the
was then given another vision. The Virgin Mary miraculous, spontaneous healings that occur; he
appeared to him in a dream to encourage him. believes he is merely a conduit for God's
She showed him a number of Laying on of creative healing energy. The most important
Hands techniques which she said would allow healing occurs on the spiritual level. Feeling the
him to perform miracles. In January of 2004 energy enter one's body can be a truly profound
Douglas held his first Miracle Transformation experience, but the degree of healing that one
Event™ at Unity Church in London, Ontario. receives is between that person and God CDs
The event included a short lecture on prayer and Almighty.
the law of manifestation, the singing of some As Douglas has said in many DTM
hymns, and a group meditation. Then Douglas sessions, emotions are both the creative and
invited people from the audience to come destructive forces in a body. As all illness is an
forward to receive healing energy. Unlike the end result of disharmony, misguided thoughts,
many Laying on of Hands healings he had done or conditions held in the mind, it is to the mind
before, this time the energy was profound. that Douglas first appeals for healing. When
Many members of the congregation felt as Douglas focuses his mind in prayer and asks for
though the air was charged with electricity. As relief on the physical, mental, emotional, and
much to Douglas's surprise as those in spiritual levels, he believes the energy goes into
attendance, when the energy came upon the the body of the afflicted person, where it is
people, they collapsed onto the floor. Douglas's multiplied and amplified as the mind of that
friends were on hand to assist with "catching" person chooses. It may move to the physical
them and easing them to the floor. At that body to relieve pain or tension, relax a muscle,
moment, Douglas's healing ability had greatly or adjust a bone. It may move to the emotions
changed. and chase away fears, grief, self-pity and
Thus began Douglas's work as an depression. Or it may go deep within and touch
intuitive healer. Within months, he had upon the great spirit itself. When this happens -
assembled a team of volunteers, and they began however briefly - Douglas believes the recipient
taking these miracle healing events out to other of the healing energy touches upon the part of
venues and other cities. Time and again, this him or her that is connected to God: the high
same phenomenon of people falling and self or contemplative mind. It first sets aside the
And There Is Much More
swooning under the energy has been repeated ego or rational mind, so that the person can let At.....
hundreds - if not thousands - of times. Those down his or her guard and be open to God
who have experienced the energy have Almighty's grace. In doing so, it may cause the
described the sensation that comes over them in person to lose consciousness for a brief moment douglasjamescottrell.
many ways: as heat or cold; others feel a of time. Some have remarked that those who lay
tingling or buzzing; some feel pressure while seeingly unconscious after a healing have rapid com
32 Where Fact Is Fiction & Fiction is Reality

A Quest for True Human Beings
A routine, scientific search for the American Sasquatch leads Robert
Morgan to some of the most secret knowledge of Native American tribes across
the United States, as well as encounters with the last of the legendary men of the
Old West, and unexplained mysterious lights in the night sky. Along this
2 0 1 2
fascinating ride, the reader also learns what fuels this man s search for the elusive
Forest People. For this reader,
this was the most fascinating
tale of all.

Seeking to refute the
Judeo-Christian view of man
being created in the image of
God, Morgan researches the
tales of Sasquatch, reasoning
that if he can provide good
evidence of its existence,
humanity will have to make
room in its family tree for one
more relative, and revise its
view that Homo Sapiens is
the only being that possesses
a soul and therefore is the
supreme being on this
planet... All in all, a
fascinating read on several
levels. I recommend it. --Val
Smith - past President -
Authors of the Flathead

Soul Snatchers by Robert W. Morgan LAWRENCE E. JOSEPH

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Halton, Hamilton, Peel Canada, USA
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Nostradamus 33
Real Dreams Predicting Your Tomorrow? NOSTRADAMUS ABOUT THE AUTHOR
He walked the DITA
OF THE STARS: earth 500 years ago WEGMAN
How they move and is still known in
every corner of the From her
us humans!Dita
globe. His fame has earliest youth,
Wegman, a long-
only increased, then still living in
time searcher of
since his accuracy Europe, Dita
the Truth who has
in predicting future Wegman was
diligently studied
events continues to drawn to the name
and experienced
fascinate us today, " Nostradamus "
as it has for like a magnet. His
centuries. name resonate
concerning the
with a kind of
power of the stars, came into the possession of
Should we not ask ourselves from where mysteriousness, especially when she gazed in
the prophet’s only dream book in a mysterious
he drew such knowledge - a knowledge of awe at the Universe with those millions of
events hundreds of years before they took, are sparkling lights, searching at the night sky for
This edition of Nostradamus’ DREAM
taking, and will take place? Is it possible that he star-images, find them and proudly could call
BOOK (1928) was the last one in existence.
was privileged and perhaps chosen to provide them by name, she felt even more drawn to the
Dita spent many decades, not only studying
mankind with the insight of this knowledge - of great Astronomer, not knowing 'why'?
the tools Nostradamus revealed to predict
what to expect in the future? One day , as it so happen, a Lady friend of hers
individual’s futures, but consistently,
introduced her to her "German Edition of
throughout her lifetime, has experienced their
Could it be, that the pattern of events is Nostradamus' Dream-Book " Dita was
predetermined by ‘Divine Power’ - according to fascinated with the book then as she is today,
According to Nostradamus (and
the constant activity of the Universal Laws, also and was saddened to learn that it was no longer
modern Science), radiation holds the Universe
known as "Natures Law" in action, recognizable available in print.
together and causes every object to radiate in
as a "a consequence" of our own volition About 20 years later, already residing
its own characteristic way. Our established
(according to one of a fundemental law, known in Canada, and while on a trip to Germany, Dita
Zodiac is proof, confirming that each
as 'cause and effect'.) Therefore, through our had not forgotten her desire to posses this book.
individual born under one of the 12
own actions taken, we are not only shaping our After Dita tracked down her friends family and
astrological signs reflects certain
individual destiny, but also the destiny of our got the news by her son, of her passing, sadness
characteristics radiating from the planets that
Nation and The World! set in and her chance to see this book again,
conform to each sign of the zodiac.
slipped away. But Dita had to ask, if he would
Four hundred fifty years ago,
Nostradamus, the great astronomer and know about the existence of the Nostradamus
Nostradamus, who was a medical doctor and
astrologer, medical doctor and greatest seer, book ? Spontaneously he answered, "Wait
master in astronomy/astrology (called 'divine'
found and recognized the interconnectedness of here" while he retrieved it from the attic. In
by contemporary scholars), understood the
the meaningful light- radiation through the disbelieve and almost numb Dita heard him say
truth behind the meaningful power radiation of
celestial bodies, which influences, shapes and :"Here it is - take it... I know mother would
the stars. He saw the interconnectedness, how
guides life on earth. - have given this to you because she liked you
the stars influence human organisms, and how [] very much and knew how desperately you
it affects our sleep and dreams. []
wanted it for yourself."The rest is history. []
34 Happy Birthday Canada!
Facts about Canada * Canada has the world's highest tertiary
education enrolment.
Seattle caught on!
* The Hudsons Bay Company once
* Canada is the second largest country in owned over 10% of the earth's surface and is
the world, with 9,971,000 square kilometres of still around as the world's oldest company!
land. So What Do Canadians * The average dog sled team can kill and
* The baseball glove was invented in devour a full grown human in under 3 minutes!
Canada in 1883. Have To Be Proud Of? * We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro,
* With only three people per square zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the
kilometer, Canada has the fourth lowest *Smarties, Crispy Crunch and Coffee telephone and short wave radios that save
population density in the world. Crisp! countless lives each year!
* Vancouver Canada is tied with Zurich * Shreddies, Clamato and Maple Syrup! * We all have frozen our tongues to
Switzerland for the highest quality of life of any * Canadian Beer, Rye and Pure Water! something metal and lived to tell about it!
city in the world. * Beef, Salmon and Lobster!
* The world's smallest jail is believed to * Apple Pie and Superman…by a Happy Birthday Canada!
be in Rodney, Ontario, Canada. It is only 24.3 Canadian!
square meters (about 270 square feet). * Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and
* Canada has the ninth biggest economy Elvis…Stojko that is!
of the world * Guess Who, Chilliwack, April Wine,
* According to the United Nations Tragically Hip and The Emeralds!
Human Development Index, Canada has the * Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray,
highest quality of life in the world. Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Amanda
* Contrary to popular opinion, Canada Marshall!
does not own the North Pole. In fact, the North * Michael J. Fox, Leslie Nielsen and
Pole is not owned by any country. It is believed, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, Martin
however, that Santa Claus is from Canada. Short, John Candy!
* Canada is the world's eighth biggest * The originators of Baseball,
trader. Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey and Ringette!
* Of all of the world's producers of * Grey Cups have been around for 90
natural gas, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, and years with bigger balls, bigger fields and one
gold, Canada is in the top five. less down!
* Canada is the home of many great * Mr. Dress Up kicked Mr. Rogers' ass!
inventions, including: basketball, the electric * Tim Hortons kicks Dunkin' Doughnuts
light bulb, the electric range, the electron and Krispy Kremes' ass!
microscope, standard time, the television, the * Our cival war was a bar fight that
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producer. * We knew plaid was in far before

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The Day the Towers Fell My Son Christopher
by Maureen Crethan Santora A 9/11 Mother’s Tale of Remembrance
Illustrated by Patricia Santora Cardona
by Maureen Crethan Santora
It will be a day that will never be forgotten... A touching remembrance of 9/11, Illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Santora
The Day The Towers Fell is a mother's poignant tribute to her firefighter son
who, along with many heroic and brave comrades, died on that fateful day. Close to three thousand innocent people died on September 11, 2001. It
Christopher Santora was a dutiful young man, and Maureen Santora's only was a day that shocked the nation and reminded all of us that hatred only
son, who joined the New York Fire Academy and became a firefighter in brings devastation to everyone. That same day, author Maureen Crethan
January 2001. He would die a hero months later on September 11, 2001. So Santora got the shock of her life when she learned that her son
that the world would never forget, Maureen wrote a book - a colorfully Christopher, a fireman, died on the line of duty trying to save lives in New
illustrated picture book with artwork by her daughter Patricia - to recall the York City. With the release of her new book My Son Christopher: A 9/11
events of 9/11. First, it describes and shows the everyday scenes before the Mother's Tale of Remembrance, she invites readers on a journey filled with
tragedy took place. It was the first day of school, after all, and some people emotions and passion. My Son Christopher is a special tribute that
were late for office - which may have helped save their lives. Then there are symbolizes one mother's love and memory of her departed son. Readers
the not-so-ordinary scenes during and after the attacks, the planes crashing will meet Christopher, who was born to a joyful couple who loved him
into the towers, and the panic and terror that were sown on the city's unconditionally the rest of his life. Through the years, Christopher grew up
inhabitants. But it also recounts how regular citizens became heroes in their with the many blessings of life like having lots of friends, playing lots of
city's time of need, and highlights how goodness and decency will always be games, learning a lot at school and more. When he becomes an adult, he
there to fight evil and hatred. More than just a book, The Day the Towers Fell follows his dream to become a firefighter like his father. In February 2001,
is a memorial - to those who died and those who willingly gave up their lives Christopher's dream was fulfilled. Since 9/11, he has long been a part of
to save as many as they could. And while they may be no longer with us, history. This book is dedicated to parents who have lost a son or a
they are always with us in our hearts - forever remembered. daughter. All of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the
Christopher A. Santora Educational Scholarship Fund.
36 UFO Hoaxes
UFO HOAXES by the "Stormville Flyers," a group of small
plane pilots. By attaching multi-colored lights
Committee on Aerial

on to their planes and flying in formation they While there have been many
By Samuel D Orez could give the impression of a huge UFO sailing unsubstantiated rumors of other U.S. Presidents
majestically across the sky. By turning off their having close encounters with UFOs, none of
In 1897 Alexander Hamilton, of Yates lights on cue they could make the ship these have ever been confirmed or officially
Center, Kansas, came out of his house to mysteriously disappear. Although this hoax did reported. []
discover a cigar shaped UFO was hovering over not explain all the sightings over the years in the
his farm. Humanoids in the ship had a rope Hudson Valley it did explain a percentage of the PRESIDENT RONALD
around one of Hamilton's calves and were trying cases.
to winch it aboard. This story appeared in the Some skeptics believe certain categories REAGAN SEES A UFO
Yates Center local newspaper along with of items are almost all hoaxs. This includes
statements from leading citizens vouching for things like the English crop circles and just
Hamilton's honesty. For almost a hundred years about every "flying saucer" pictures ever taken.
it was considered one of the best documented As time goes on it may become more
UFO cases on the books. The only problem with and more difficult to detect hoax photographs.
it was that it was a hoax. In the past faked photographs were subject to
Hamilton, along with the other "leading careful analysis that might spot problem in the
citizens," were part of a local liar's club and picture: a hidden string holding up a flying
regularly practiced out doing each other with saucer, or evidence like a shadow that would
tale tales. Hamilton's cigar airship story was so show the picture was not taken at the time of the
good that it was put in the newspaper as a joke. day claimed. More and more though
The members of the club had no idea at the time sophisticated computerized image processing is
just how effective this lie would be at fooling available even in people's home. This makes it
thousands of people around the world. It was easier and easier to create a seamless fake
only in 1977 when Jerry Clark, in FATE photograph. []
magazine, published the results of Robert
Schadewald's work on the "calfnapping" story, PRESIDENT JIMMY
that the truth came out.
Objects as mundane as a dry cleaner CARTER’S UFO
bags, balsa wood and birthday candles can be
used to perpetrate a hoax. Many people have SIGHTING
been fooled by balloons constructed by these
simple materials. The candle provides the hot One night in 1974, from a Cessna
air needed to lift the balloon as well as an eerie Citation aircraft, one of America's most famous
glowing light that floats through the air, fooling citizens saw a UFO.
the unwary. Teenagers in Oneonta, New York, There were four persons aboard the
mystified residents with this prank. plane: pilot Bill Paynter, two security guards,
Unfortunately these devices can have more and the governor of California, Ronald Reagan.
serious consequences than inspiring a false As the airplane approached Bakersfield,
UFO report. The flame, after a crash landing, California, the passengers called Paynter's
may start a fire. attention to a strange object to their rear. "It
Though only a tiny minority of UFO appeared to be several hundred yards away,"
reports turn out to be hoaxes they challenge the Paynter recalled. "It was a fairly steady light
credibility of all sightings. They can also call until it began to accelerate. Then it appeared to
into question the professionalism of UFO elongate. Then the light took off. It went up at a
enthusiast organizations. A number of years ago 45-degree angle-at a high rate of speed.
English physicist David Simpson decided to see Everyone on the plane was surprised. . . . The
how effective UFO investigators would be a In October (some sources say January) UFO went from a normal cruise speed to a
spotting a hoax. While a group of UFO spotters 1969, Jimmy Carter observed a UFO in the fantastic speed instantly. If you give an airplane
were on a neighboring hill he used a purple skies near Leary in southwestern Georgia. power, it will accelerate-but not like a hot rod,
light, a horn and bogus faked photographs to This unidentified flying object, which and that's what this was like."
generate a "close encounter of the first kind." appeared just after dusk, was a single luminous A week later Reagan recounted the
The hoax was not detected at all and the object about 30 degrees above the horizon that sighting to Norman C. Miller, then Washington
photographs declared to be, "genuine beyond all Carter estimated to be about 300 to 1000 yards bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal. Reagan
doubt." away. told Miller, "We followed it for several minutes.
Though there are reputable UFO Carter and about a dozen other men It was a bright white light. We followed it to
organizations that do their best to screen out watched the object for about 10 to 12 minutes as Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter
false reports it is not always an easy job. Even it hovered, changed course several times, and amazement it went straight up into the
when an organization suspects a hoax they may eventually disappeared in the distance. heavens." When Miller expressed some doubt, a
be reluctant to say so unless they are absolutely During his 1976 Presidential campaign, "look of horror came over [Reagan]. It suddenly
sure. In theory a libel lawsuit could be filed and Carter told reporters: "It was the darndest thing dawned on him . . . that he was talking to a
the accusers must be prepared to prove their I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it reporter." Immediately afterward, according to
case. changed colors, and it was about the size of the Miller, Reagan "clammed up."
One of the most well known hoaxes moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none Reagan has not discussed the incident
involved with the "Hudson Valley Sightings." of us could figure out what it was. One thing's publicly since []
Between 1983 and 1987 thousands of people for sure, I'll never make fun of people who say
along New York's Hudson Valley witnessed a they've seen unidentified objects in the sky. If I
boomerang-shaped UFO estimated to be become President, I'll make every piece of
between 200 and 1000 feet from tip to tip. The information this country has about UFO with Rob McConnell
ship was marked at regular intervals by sightings available to the public and the Monday - Friday
multicolored blinking lights. A group of UFO scientists." 10 pm - 2 am Eastern
investigators found that at least some of the Carter even filed an official report of the on the TalkStar Radio Network or
incidents could be traced to a spoof perpetrated incident with NICAP, the National
Arthur Bernard, PhD - Dreams 37

Arthur Bernard, PhD
“"I have had many unique and
original ideas that have come
through my dreams."
Author of God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No
Boundaries and the dream programming series,
Dreams: The Wisdom in Sleep, Dr. Bernard is a
pioneer in the field of dream work. He’s been a
clinician, guest lecturer, seminar leader and media
expert on the topic for twenty-five years. He has
addressed audiences ranging from the Walt Disney
Studios, and the Los Angeles Times to the Association
of Humanistic Psychology and the National
Organization of Women Business Owners. He also
hosted his own radio talk show, “Dream Talk,” in Los

For the past several years Dr. Bernard was
employed by a professional education service company
that sponsored his Dream Workshops for mental health
professionals. His lengthy clinical experience has
provided a strong theoretical and practical foundation
for discussing dreams in a lay format. Aside from his
private practice in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Dr. Bernard
founded and ran the Dream Center in The San
Fernando Valley, Calif., where he taught people in both
individual and group settings how to recall, use and
understand their dreams to enrich their lives

Dr. Bernard takes dreams from the mystical and
incomprehensible realm and makes them practical and
plausible. He is known for his ability to take the
mystery out of dream work, has a delightful teaching
style, keen sense of humor, and creates a supportive
atmosphere where learning is playful as well as
challenging. He also has a strong Jungian orientation in
his dream work.

“Arthur Bernard is one of the best Dream Interpreters that I have had on The ’X’ Zone Radio Show” - Rob McConnell
38 The Famous and UFOs
Famous People Who come clean about having seen a UFO. After all,
it could damage their credibility. But,
As should now be clear, people from all
walks of life, from drug-addled rock musicians
Have Seen UFOs interestingly, quite a few have admitted it, to sombre politicians, claim to have seen
including some prominent ones. mysterious objects in the sky. Some even
By Paul Petersen
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter developed a private obsession with ETs which,
says he saw a UFO while he was the Governor for the most part, was completely unknown to
You’d be amazed at how many famous people
of Virginia. For about ten minutes, he and a the general public. []
claim to have seen a UFO. Below we present
group of others watched some weird lights in
just a small sample.
the sky that seemed to approach them then
recede. Carter mentioned the sighting a few
Actors Who Have Seen UFOs times on the campaign trail, and when he was
sent a UFO sighting report by a research
Very appropriately there are stories that organisation, agreed to fill it out. While
William Shatner, who played Captain James T. campaigning to become President, Carter
Kirk in the television series Star Trek, may have promised to reveal all the U.S. government’s
seen a UFO and perhaps even have been UFO secrets if he was elected. He was; but no
abducted by its occupants. Author Dennis secrets emerged.
William Hauck wrote an unauthorised and Carter’s successor in the White House,
somewhat critical biography of Shatner, called Ronald Reagan, also allegedly saw a UFO while
Captain Quirk, in which he portrayed Shatner as he was the Governor of California. Reagan was
an arrogant and unpleasant individual, disliked travelling in a small plane when he noticed a
by his fellow members of the Star Trek cast. strange light which seemed to be following the
Hauck believes that Shatner had a life-changing UFOs in the skies over a Medieval Scene
aircraft. The light accelerated a little ahead and,
experience, however, when he was abducted by at Reagan’s suggestion, his plane pursued it for
aliens in the Mojave desert. Shatner was a few minutes before it zoomed away vertically
supposedly riding his motorcycle with some at tremendous speed.
friends through the desert but somehow got Reagan developed an obsession with
separated from them. His bike broke down, and extra-terrestrials and mentioned them
he walked for miles to find a petrol station. frequently in his speeches. Once, in a speech to
When he found one, he noticed that there was a the UN, he even said that the United States and
flying saucer hovering over it. Then things the Soviet Union might be forced to make
started to get hazy and the good captain may common cause if Earth faced an extra-terrestrial
have been taken aboard. invasion.
Hauck believes Shatner learnt some
humility from the encounter, and became a
better person as a result. Intriguingly, shortly Musicians who Have Seen UFOs
after the incident is supposed to have taken
place, Shatner released an album titled The According to Michael Luckman, author
Transformed Man. It consists mainly of cover of Alien Rock: The Rock and Roll Extra-
songs - though songs is perhaps not the right terrestrial Connection, quite a few famous
word, because Shatner tends to intone rather musicians have had UFO experiences.
John Lennon claims to have seen a UFO
than sing – with a distinct “spacey” theme. Craggy-faced rocker Mick Jagger is said
Hauck claims the release of the album was a to have seen two UFOs in the course of his life.
covert message Shatner was sending to the One, a cigar-shaped “mothership,” appeared in
aliens, and the message was “Lesson Learned.” 1968 while he was camping in Glastonbury with
Comic legend Dan Aykroyd - of then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull. The other
Ghostbusters fame – is fascinated by UFOs. He allegedly hovered over the audience while he
once hosted a television programme devoted to was performing a gig in California. If Michael
it and is known to support UFO research Luckman is to be believed, Jagger even had a
organisations such as MUFON UFO detector installed in his home. Jagger
( In the DVD Dan Aykroyd couldn’t get no satisfaction, though, because it
Unplugged, he speaks quite candidly about his kept going off, whenever he wasn’t in the
views on the subject. Although he doesn’t claim house!
to have seen a UFO himself, he thinks he may John Lennon saw a UFO at his
have spotted some Men in Black once, while on apartment in New York with his girlfriend May
the phone to Britney Spears! Pang. The object was cone-shaped, but flattened
Another actor and comedian who had at the top, crowned with a steady red light, and
some ET experiences was Jackie Gleason – you featuring a row of smaller, pulsating white
may know him as the Sheriff in the Smokey and lights. It drew close to the amazed couple in
the Bandit films, or as the master pool-player their 17th floor apartment before passing on by. Mick Jagger is said to have seen two
Minnesota Fats in the Paul Newman classic The They managed to take some photographs of the UFOs
Hustler. Gleason was a good friend of U.S. object but all came out over-exposed.
President Richard Nixon and, one day, while the UFOs seemed to pervade the life of
two were playing golf together, the subject of Elvis Presley. Strange lights were seen in the
UFOs came up. Nixon said little at the time but, sky at the time Elvis was born; quite a few were
later that day; he took Gleason with him on a seen around him in his life; and one was
special visit to Homestead Air Force Base. allegedly seen hovering over the mourners
There, Gleason allegedly witnessed dead extra- when his coffin was interred in the grounds of
terrestrials. Gleason’s wife told the full story in Graceland. Some even speculate that perhaps
an interview with Esquire magazine. The King himself was an extra-terrestrial - and
not in the coffin at all, but looking down on it
from above in the flying saucer!
Politicians Who Have Seen UFOs

You wouldn’t expect many politicians to Conclusion Jackie Gleason saw a UFO
Project Magnet - Wilbert B Smith 39
Project Magnet: the story Transport for Air Services, accepted the proposal. Illuminating Engineering Society's Canadian
The project, named Magnet, was kept classified, Regional Conference. He stated that gravity is a
of Wilbert B. Smith, as there was a potential to create new technologies ‘derived function’, that researchers know what
Canadian UFO Researcher with unknown potentials. gravity is, and that researchers have a good idea of
In 1953 Project Magnet moved into how to control gravity. Smith claimed that
by Paul McManus borrowed Department of Transport facilities at experiments had verified that ‘artificial’ gravity
Shirley’s Bay, just upstream of Ottawa, on the could be created, and that it is possible to alter
Ottawa River. His research equipment included a Earth’s gravitational field, and that, in fact, both
Wilbert Smith was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, in magnetometer, a gamma-ray detector, a powerful these goals had been accomplished.
1910. He graduated from the University of British radio receiver, and a gravimeter (to measure Although Smith did not officially spin the
Columbia, with degrees in electrical engineering, gravity fields in the atmosphere). line that there were no UFO's, he did stoke the
and worked as the chief engineer for radio station The press fairly quickly noticed Smith’s fires a bit shortly before his death. Smith claimed
CJOR in Vancouver. By 1939 Smith was working work on UFOs, and questions were asked of the that in 1952, a time of the great UFO wave, the
for the federal Department of Transport, designing Department of Transport. Denials were made, but U.S.A.F. had recovered a piece of a UFO that had
Canada’s wartime monitoring systems. it became obvious that something unusual was been shot at near Washington, D.C. He said that
Smith made many important contributions under way at Shirley’s Bay. the U.S. Air Force had loaned him a piece of the
to the development of radio technology, and had a On August 8, 1954, a ‘contact’ was made, recovery. He showed it to a friend, Rear Admiral
particular interest in geo-magnetism. Smith was at 3:01 pm. The gravimeter results, recorded on H. B. Knowles. When asked later if he returned
convinced that energy could be extracted from the graph paper, showed a very large and the piece to the Air Force, he replied, "Not the Air
magnetic fields that surround Earth. In the late unexplainable deflection, and the researchers Force. Much higher than that." "Was it the CIA?"
1940s, he found another interest, after reading a rushed outside to have a look. All they saw was he was asked. Smith's reply was, "I’m sorry,
magazine article on ‘flying saucers’; Smith dense cloud cover. gentlemen, but I don’t care to go beyond that
became convinced that flying saucers exist, and On August 10, 1954, the Department of point. I can say to you that it went into the hands
that they are propelled, somehow, by magnetic Transport issued a report/press release admitting of a highly classified group. You will have to
forces. that they had been performing UFO research for solve that problem, their identity, for yourselves."
In 1950 Smith attended a North American three-and-a-half years, and that considerable data Late in his life, Smith published many of
Radio Broadcast Association conference in had been collected, though no definite his ideas in a book titled “The New Science”.
Washington, DC, where he became further conclusions had been reached. Although the Wilbert B. Smith died of cancer December 27,
convinced of the existence of UFOs, and that they report/press release indicated that initial data had 1962, and was posthumously awarded the
used magnetic forces to operate. Upon returning been supported by additional research, the Lieutenant-Colonel Keith S. Rogers Memorial
to Canada Smith met with Dr. Solandt, chairman Department of Transport terminated Project Engineering Award for dedicated service in the
of the Canadian Defence Research Board (DRB). Magnet. advancement of Technical Standards in Canadian
Solandt agreed to provide laboratory space, It appears Smith was under pressure to Broadcasting.
equipment, and personnel for research into geo- deny his research results, and on May 17, 1955, Smith’s former laboratory still exists at
magnetism. Smith testified at a Commons’ Special Committee Shirley’s Bay, though it is much changed from
In his project proposal of November 21, on Broadcasting that no UFOs had been detected what he started his research in. Most of the
1950, Smith outlined seven areas of geo-magnetic at Shirley’s Bay. documentation regarding Project Magnet remains
research; UFO research was not mentioned. Smith continued to work on gravity classified. []
Commander C.P. Edwards, Deputy Minister of research, and gave a presentation in 1959 to the

The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show
Psychic Radio Network
Readings Master Control
40 Top 10 Conspiracy Theories
The JFK Assassination their official explanation of the September 11th
attacks." Why had the military failed to
actually knighting someone else. This is
because, conspiracy-minded Beatlemaniacs say,
intercept the hijacked planes? Had the Paul McCartney secretly died in 1966. Theorists
government issued a "stand down" order, to claim the other Beatles covered up his death —
minimize interference with a secret plan to hiring someone who looked like him, sang like
destroy the buildings and blame it on Islamic him, and had the same jovial personality. But
terrorists? In 2005, Popular Mechanics the guilt eventually got to them and they began
published a massive investigation of similar hiding clues in their music. In the song
claims and responses to them. The reporting "Taxman," George Harrison gave his "advice
team found that North American Aerospace for those who die," meaning Paul. The entire
Defense Command (NORAD) did not have a Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
history of having fighter jets prepped and ready album was awash with Paul is Dead clues: the
to intercept aircraft that had gone off route. And Beatles had formed a "new" band featuring a
while it found no evidence the government had fictional member named Billy Shears —
This much we can stipulate: President planned the attacks, lack of proof has rarely supposedly, the name of Paul's replacement.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated forty-five stopped conspiracy theorists before. The album contained John Lennon's "A Day in
years ago this week, on Nov. 22, 1963, struck by the Life," which had the lyrics: "He blew his
two bullets — one in the head, one in the neck
— while riding in an open-topped limo through Area 51 and the Aliens mind out in a car" and the recorded phrase "Paul
is dead, miss him, miss him," which only
Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey becomes evident when the song is played
Oswald was charged with killing him, and a backwards. Lennon also mumbled "I buried
presidential commission headed by U.S. Paul" at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever"
Supreme Court chief justice Earl Warren found (in interviews, Lennon said the phrase was
that Oswald acted alone. actually "cranberry sauce" and denied the
That conclusion hasn't passed muster existence of any backwards messages).
with the public. A 2003 ABC News poll found Paul is Dead believers think the Beatles
that 70% of Americans believe Kennedy's death accompanied these backwards tape loops and
was the result of a broader plot. The trajectory veiled references to death with album covers
of the bullets, some say, didn't square with that illustrated the loss of their friend. The
Oswald's perch on the sixth floor of the Texas original cover of 1966's Yesterday and Today
School Book Depository. Others suggest a album featured the Beatles posed amid raw
second gunman — perhaps on the grassy knoll We may have Tang thanks to the space meat and dismembered doll parts —
of Dealey Plaza — participated in the shooting. program, but who gave us such innovations as symbolizing McCartney's gruesome accident. If
Others believe in an even broader conspiracy. the stealth plane and kevlar? Aliens, of course. fans placed a mirror in front of the Sergeant
Was Kennedy killed by CIA agents acting either Conspiracy theorists believe the remains of Pepper album cover, the words "Lonely Hearts"
out of anger over the Bay of Pigs or at the behest crashed UFO spacecraft are stored at Area 51, on the drum logo could be read as: "1 ONE 1 X
of Vice President Lyndon Johnson? By KGB an Air Force base about 150 miles from Las HE DIE 1 ONE 1." And of course, there's the
operatives? Mobsters mad at Kennedy's brother Vegas, where government scientists reverse Abbey Road cover, on which John, George and
for initiating the prosecution of organized crime engineer the aliens' highly advanced Ringo forwent all pretense and pretended to
rings? Speculation over one of history's most technology. Fodder for this has come from a cross the street as a funeral procession. John
famous political assassinations is such a popular variety of supposed UFO sightings in the area wore all white like a clergyman. Ringo, the
parlor game that most people have taken the and testimony from a retired Army colonel who mourner, dressed in black. George donned
rumors to heart: just 32% of those polled by says he was given access to extraterrestrial jeans, like a gravedigger. Paul wore no shoes
ABC believe Oswald carried out the killing on materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that (he didn't need them because he was dead) and
his own. crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Some also walked out of step with the others.
believe the government studies time travel at If Paul is dead, then his imposter is still
9/11 Cover-up Area 51, also known as Groom Lake or
at large. He met and married Linda McCartney,
with whom he had four children before losing
The government has developed her to breast cancer in 1998. He released a live
advanced aircraft and weapons systems at album in 1993 called Paul is Live (likely story),
nearby Nellis Air Force Base, including stealth and produced over 20 solo albums — and that's
bombers and reconnaissance planes. And the not even counting the ones released by Wings.
government's official line — that the details of Then he endured a horrible divorce from
Area 51 are classified for purposes of national Heather Mills, which may have made him wish
security — are only seen as further proof that he were dead — or at least, were still Billy
the military is hiding aliens or alien spacecraft. Shears. So who is the real McCartney? The
world may never know.
Paul is Dead
Continued on Page 41

Not since the JFK's assassination has
there been a national tragedy so heavily
imprinted in American minds — or that has
given rise to quite as many alternate
explanations. While video and photographs of
the two planes striking the World Trade Center
towers are famous around the world, the sheer
profusion of documentary evidence has only
provided even more fodder for conspiracy
theories. Paul McCartney never wrote "Maybe I'm
A May 2006 Zogby poll found that 42% Amazed." He never formed the band Wings. He
of Americans believed that the government and never clashed with Yoko, became vegetarian, or
the 9/11 commission "concealed or refused to fathered any of his children. When Queen
investigate critical evidence that contradicts Elizabeth knighted him in 1997, she was
Top 10 Conspiracy Theories 41
Top 10 Conspiracy faked the lunar landings, with Armstrong and
Buzz Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret
Holocaust Revisionism
Theories film set, located (depending on the theory)
either high in the Hollywood Hills or deep
Continued from Page 40
within Area 51. With the photos and videos of
the Apollo missions only available through
Secret Societies Control NASA, there's no independent verification that
the lunar landings were anything but a hoax.
the World The smoking gun? Film of Aldrin
planting a waving American flag on the moon,
which critics say proves that he was not in space
— the flag's movement, they say, clearly shows
the presence of wind, which is impossible in the
vacuum. NASA says that Aldrin was twisting Despite overwhelming evidence and an
the flag pole to get the moon soil, which caused admission and apology from Germany decades
the flag to move. (And never mind that ago, revisionists continue to claim that nearly
astronauts have brought back hundreds of six million Jews were not killed by Nazis during
independently verified moon rocks.) Theorists the Holocaust. Iranian President Mahmoud
have even suggested that filmaker Stanley Ahmadinejad, for one, has called the Holocaust
Kubrick may have helped NASA fake the first "a myth," and suggested that Germany and other
If you were really a member of the lunar landing, given that his 1968 film 2001: A European countries, rather than Palestine,
global elite, you'd know this already: the world Space Odessey proves that the technology provide land for a Jewish state.
is ruled by a powerful, secretive few. Many of existed back then to artificially create a space- Unlike Ahmadinejad, most revisionists
the rest of us peons have heard that in 2004, like set. And as for Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. do not deny that Jews were interned in prison
both candidates for the White House were White, Roger B. Chaffee — three astronauts camps during World War II; rather, they argue
members of Yale University's secretive Skull who died in a fire while testing equipment for that the number of deaths was greatly
and Bones society, many of whose whose the first moon mission? They were executed by exaggerated. Gas chambers are a particular
members have risen to powerful positions. But the U.S. government, which feared they were sticking point, which Holocaust deniers say
Skull and Bones is small potatoes compared to about to disclose the truth. were purely a rumor, or, if they indeed existed,
the mysterious cabals that occupy virtually were not powerful enough to kill — though
every seat of power, from the corridors of evidence and history indicates otherwise. And
government to the boardrooms of Wall Street.
Jesus and Mary the photographs of emaciated and dying Jews?
Take the Illuminati, a sect said to have Magdalene Attorney Edgar J. Steele, a revisionist, says,
"All those pictures of skinny people and bodies
originated in 18th century Germany and which
is allegedly responsible for the pyramid-and- stacked like cordwood were actually of Czechs
eye symbol adorning the one-dollar bill: they and Poles and Germans [who] died of typhus,
intend to foment world wars to strengthen the which was rampant in the camps."
argument for the creation of a worldwide
government (which would, of course, be Satanic The CIA and AIDS
in nature). Or consider the Freemasons, who
tout themselves as the "oldest and largest
worldwide fraternity" and boast alumni like
George Washington. Some think that despite
donating heaps of cash to charity, they're
secretly plotting your undoing at masonic
Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have
temples across the world. Or maybe, some
been married, or so says the Gospel of Philip.
theorize, the guys pulling the strings aren't
Sure, it's the basic plot of The Da Vinci Code
concealed in shadow at all. They might be the
(the thriller also wraps in conspiracy
intelligentsia on the Council on Foreign
shibboleths like Opus Dei and the Knights Since the CDC first reported the
Relations, a cadre of policy wonks who
Templar for good measure) — but the theory HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981, rumors have
allegedly count their aims as publishing an
finds its basis in writings from the Gnostic persisted that the deadly virus was created by
erudite bi-monthly journal and establishing a
Gospels, which were discovered in 1945 and the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African
unified world government—not necessarily in
whose authenticity religious experts still Americans. Even today, the conspiracy theory
that order.
dispute. In the gospel, Mary Magdalene, who is has a number of high-profile believers. South
referred to as Jesus' koinonos, a Greek term for Africa president Thabo Mbeki once touted the
The Moon Landings "companion" or "partner," is depicted as being theory, disputing scientific claims that the virus
closer to Jesus than any other apostle. originated in Africa and instead accusing the
Were Faked In an exchange between Peter and Mary, U.S. government of manufacturing the disease
he admits to her that "the Saviour loved you in military labs. When she won the Nobel Peace
above all other women" — a tense moment in Prize, Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai used
the scripture that seems to portray the jealousy the international spotlight to support the theory
that the other apostles might have felt for Mary's as well. Others insist that the government
relationship with Jesus. The only other evidence deliberately injected gay men with the virus
used to support the theory is a mention of Jesus during 1978 Hepatitis B experiments in New
kissing Mary often, a custom that some say was York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Still
typical of him to do to with those close to him. others point to Richard Nixon, who combined
(Remember Judas?) the U.S. Army's biowarfare department with the
National Cancer Institute in 1971. Though the
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show co-discoverers of HIV — Dr. Robert Gallo of
I t's now been nearly four decades since the National Cancer Institute and Luc
Monday - Friday
Neil Armstrong took his "giant leap for Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris —
mankind" — if, that is, he ever set foot off this don't agree on its origins, most of the scientific
10 pm - 2 am EDT / 7 pm - 11 pm PDT
planet. Doubters say the U.S. government, community believe the virus jumped from
desparate to beat the Russians in the space race, monkeys to humans sometime during the 1930s.
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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories 43
Continued from Page 41 The Hamilton Academy of Veterinary
Medicine (HAVM) would like to remind cat and
dog owners in the city and surrounding area that, INVESTIGATION
The Reptilian Elite with the return of spring and the mosquitoes, it is
again time to have your pets tested for heartworm
and to start them on their monthly Heartworm
Prevention. For over thirty years, Apex
Huge increase in the incidence of Strategic Investigations Group has been
Heartworm disease active in the United States and abroad
The members of The Hamilton Academy of conducting investigative research and
Veterinary Medicine (HAVM) are extremely special operations for attorneys, insurance
concerned. In 2008 there was a 10 fold increase in companies, corporations, financial
the number of "seen and treated" cases of institutions, government and law
Heartworm disease in Hamilton. This dramatic enforcement agencies, and other
increase was particularly evident in dogs that were investigative firms.
imported into Canada from heartworm endemic
areas of the United States, specifically but not
limited to the state of Louisiana. If you adopted a
Our extensive experience and
dog, from any source, that was from the United cutting edge techniques have led us to
States as a hurricane rescue dog it is imperative that winning strategies for our clients'
you see a veterinarian and discuss the current intelligence, litigation and business needs.
protocol to insure your pet is heartworm negative
and how to protect them in the future. The staff at Apex Strategic
Even if you were told that your dog was Investigations Group is composed of
They are among us. Blood-drinking, tested negative prior to adoption it is still imperative experienced, multilingual professionals
that you see a veterinarian. Many of these dogs were from a variety of fields, including legal,
flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestial
imported only having had one negative heartworm law enforcement, electronics, finance,
reptilian humanoids with only one objective in test. intelligence, computer science and human
their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the TESTING FOR YOUR PET resources.
human race. They are our leaders, our corporate The American Heartworm Society's current
executives, our beloved Oscar-winning actors protocol for dogs, 8 months of age and older, coming
Our staff is competent and
and Grammy-winning singers, and they're from heartworm endemic areas, requires that the dog
committed. We make full utilization of
responsible for the Holocaust, the Oklahoma have three negative heartworm tests. The initial test
should be followed up with a second test at 4 months each individual's unique strengths and
City bombings and the 9/11 attacks ... at least abilities in order to provide the highest
and the final test at 9 months, after the initial test.
according to former BBC sports reporter David level of services and quality of results.
During this period the dog should also be on a
Ickes, who became the poster human for the monthly heartworm preventative.
theory in 1998 after publishing his first book, HEARTWORM DISEASE IS A The Apex Strategic Investigations
The Biggest Secret, which contained interviews DEVASTATING AND COSTLY DISEASE Group is available to assist you around the
with two Brits who claimed the royal family are The Hamilton Academy of Veterinary clock.
nothing more than reptiles with crowns. (Picture Medicine (HAVM) does not want to see any family
Dracula meets Swamp Thing). lose their family pet to this preventable disease. It is Please feel free to call us to discuss
The conspiracy theorist and New Age still possible for us to control this disease in Ontario. any of your investigative or security needs.
philosopher, who only wore turquoise for a time 1) If you have a dog, see your veterinarian
now for a heartworm test. A.S.I.G. has been and is an active
and insisted on being called "Son of God-
2) If you have adopted a hurricane dog see
Head," says these "Anunnaki" (the reptiles) member of a wide variety information
your veterinarian and advise them.
have controlled humankind since ancient times; groups.
3) If you are planning to adopt a hurricane
they count among their number Queen dog or any dog from a heartworm endemic area of
Elizabeth, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, the United States, be aware that unless they have had The following is a list of A.S.I.G.'s
Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bob Hope. 3 negative heartworm tests, and have been on main areas of investigation, research, and
Encroaching on other conspiracy theorists' monthly preventative during the entire time, there is analysis. Click the areas of specialization
territory, he even claims that the lizards are a very good chance that they may be heartworm to see a more specific area of service.
behind secret societies like the Freemasons and positive.
Heartworm is difficult and can be expensive Financial * Worldwide Locates *
the Illuminati. Since earning the dubious title of
to treat. If you are contemplating adopting a dog Background Investigations * Field
"paranoid of the decade" in the late 1990s, Icke from Louisiana it is important to ask about the dog's Investigations * Corporate Security *
has written several books on the topic, including testing and treatment before you commit. Forensic Computer Investigations *
his latest work The David Icke Guide to the Your veterinarian is your best resource for Specialized Services and Searches *
Global Conspiracy, while operating his own understanding and managing this disease. We care Executive Protection * Expert Testimony
website — complete with merchandise and about your pet's well being.
For more information contact:
Apex Strategic
Investigations Group
BONDORA UPDATE 905 577 5345 578 Washington Blvd.
Linda Dorf with Dick Clark Company, in an
Dr. V. Hetram
Suite 500
email to Rob McConnell and telephone
conversation said the following about the music
905 765 6206 Marina del Rey, CA
claims of Jaysen Rand / Paul Bondora and the 90292
claim of the Dick Clark LA Music Award: Dr. R. Sterling
“No such thing as the Dick Clark LA 905 664 4888
Music Awards. His name (Jaysen Rand and/or Voice: 1.310.663.0257
Paul Bondora) does not register with anyone
here.” Dr. L. O'Brien
Further updates to come. [] 905 387 4151
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