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Web Design Contract

This agreement dated ____________, is made By and Between ________________________,
whose registered address is _____________________________________________, referred to
as "Client", AND ________________, whose registered address is
_____________________________________________________, referred to as "Company."

Web Design Services

The Client hereby employs the Company to perform the following services in accordance
with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement as described below.

Item Price ($)
Initial design session with clients. (4-8 hours allotted)

Production of up to two (2) concepts consisting of a site
map, home page design, secondary pages template. (7-14
calendar days allotted)

Final design session with clients. Includes mark-up of
chosen design and acceptance signature to proceed with
production. (4-8 hours allotted) $

Production of chosen design concept and placement on
development server for acceptance testing. (14-21 calendar
days allotted)

Final corrections of chosen design concept and placement
on production server. (Up to 7 calendar days allotted)

Post-production corrections and final acceptance. (Up to 7
calendar days allotted)

The design includes one main landing (home) page and up to 10 secondary information
pages. It also includes the following interactive components: scripted form for requesting
additional information; database-driven form for collection pre-registration information;
administrative form for retrieving pre-registration information and purging the database.
Additional options can be priced upon request and include the use of Flash/Shockwave
and/or multimedia presentations; production of downloadable screensavers; or production
of downloadable wallpapers.

The Company’s normal time and materials rate for work outside of the scope of the
project is $_______/hour billed in ½ hour increments.

Design Changes

Design changes are controlled via a change request process. The Client acknowledges
that changes may impact delivery dates and/or quoted cost. The Company shall have up
to two (2) business days to respond to a change request. This response shall include any
timeline and/or cost changes to be incurred as a result of the requested change. The
Web Design Contract

Client shall have up to two (2) business days to accept or reject the Company’s assessed
change response. The Company warrants that change request quotes will either include an
increase to the total amount payable under this agreement based solely on the Company’s
normal time and materials rates and any bona fide extra effort required to carry out the
relevant Change Request; a decrease to the total amount payable under this agreement
based on the Company’s normal time and materials rates and any reduction in work
resulting from acceptance of the Change Request; or a proposed extension of existing
deadlines and the setting any new deadlines, based solely on any bona fide effort required
to carry out the Change Request.

Maintenance Services

The above price include maintenance for one (1) calendar year from the date of
production and includes minor updates such as corrections to existing pages, creation of
additional pages not to exceed 12 new pages per maintenance year. Functionality and
interactivity enhancements are not considered maintenance work and will be priced
separately upon request.

Terms of Agreement

This agreement will begin upon acceptance and will end upon production launch of
chosen design. At that point, the Maintenance Services portion of this contract will
become effective. Either party may cancel this agreement on thirty (30) days notice to the
other party in writing, by certified mail or personal delivery.


The Client may cancel this web design agreement on thirty (30) days written notice to
Company in writing, by certified mail or personal delivery. The Client is not entitled to
any refund of monies paid and all intellectual property developed up to the time of
cancellation shall be delivered to the Client within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

Payment to Company

Fifty percent (50%) of the total cost of the design is due at the final design session and
prior to the commencement of production design work. The balance of the total cost of
the design is due within thirty (30) calendar days of post-production and final acceptance.

Intellectual Property

The Client retains all ownership of materials developed by Company for use in the web
site described herein. The Client warrants that it owns or shall obtain the rights at its own
cost of any intellectual property provided to Company for use in the web site design.
Furthermore, the Client indemnifies and holds harmless the Company from using any
Client-provided materials in the web site design. The Company warrants that any

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Web Design Contract

commercially purchased intellectual property used in the web site design shall be royalty-
free and all rights shall be assigned to the Client.

Independent Contractor

Both the Client and the Company agree that the Company will act as an independent
contractor in the performance of its duties under this contract. Accordingly, the Company
shall be responsible for payment of all taxes including Federal, State and local taxes
arising out of the Company's activities in accordance with this contract, including by way
of illustration but not limitation, Federal and State income tax, Social Security tax,
Unemployment Insurance taxes, and any other taxes or business license fee as required.

Confidential Information

The Company agrees that any information received by the Company during any
furtherance of the Company's obligations in accordance with this contract, which
concerns the personal, financial or other affairs of the Client will be treated by the
Company in full confidence and will not be revealed to any other persons, firms or

Employment of Others

The Client may from time to time request that the Company arrange for the services of
others. All costs to the Company for those services will be paid by the Client but in no
event shall the Company employ others without the prior authorization of the Client.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State
of ____________________________.

This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and may not be amended without
the specific written consent of both parties. Any notice given under this Agreement shall be
sufficient if it is in writing and if sent by certified or registered mail.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, ___________________________ and _____________________
have duly executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written.

For (Signature) For (Signature)

Printed Name and Title

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