The Georgia Guidestones

On one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands a huge granite
monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support
the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. That monument is
alternately referred to as The Georgia Guidestones, or the American Stonehenge.
Though relatively unknown to most people, it is an important link to the Occult
Hierarchy that dominates the world in which we live.

The Age of Reason was a book written by Thomas Paine. Its intent was to destroy the
Judeo-Christian beliefs upon which our Republic was founded.

The hole that you see in the stone was drilled in the Center Stone so that the North
Star could be visualized through it at any moment. This was one of several
requirements stipulated by R.C.Christian for the building of the American
Stonehenge and reflects his obsession with the alignment of the stars, the sun, and the
moon. Occultists often worship the alignment and movement of heavenly bodies as
part of their religious ceremonies

Ten Commundments oI the Antichrist: The
Georuiu Goidestones
By Joseph Laycock
June 30, 2009

ßccl in :o8o, c musterious set o[ stones becrinq c messcqe [or citilizction in
tcrious lcnqucqes cppecred in Georqic. Irom Christicn dispensctionclist
sumbol o[ the Neu World Drder to Nctite Americcn ¨pouer-nexus¨ to the
interpretctions o[ Contemporcru Pcqcns, UID bu[[s, cnd Neu Aqers, the
Guidestones cre c spiritucl cnd politiccl Rorschcch test.

Dacl in April, Wircd nagazinc pullisIcd a
siory on iIc Iisiory of a sirangc
nonuncni in rural Ellcrion, Ccorgia
(ºgraniic capiial of iIc world"i lnown as
iIc Ccorgia Cuidcsioncs. TIc nonuncni
consisis of four 16-fooi-IigI slals of
graniic arrangcd around a ccniral colunn
and ioppcd wiiI a capsionc wcigIing
25,000 pounds. Carvcd onio iIc facc of
cacI slal is a lisi of icn prcccpis for
crcaiing a lciicr sociciy, wriiicn in cigIi
nodcrn languagcs. On iIc four sidcs of iIc
capsionc arc wriiicn iIc words, ºLci TIcsc Dc Cuidcsioncs io An Agc of
Fcason" in Sanslrii, Dalylonian cunciforn, Classical Crccl, and Egypiian
IicroglypIs. TIc ccniral colunn and capsionc arc also cquippcd wiiI Iolcs,
asirononically aligncd so iIai iIc Cuidcsioncs can scrvc as a conpass and

TIc popular conscnsus is iIai iIcsc sioncs wcrc ncani io survivc a glolal
apocalypsc and aid survivors in crcaiing a ncw, cnligIicncd sociciy. Unvcilcd
in 1980, and luili ly an unlnown pariy, iIc nonuncni Ias siood for ncarly
iIiriy ycars ouisidc of iown, aiiraciing iIc curious io Ellcrion. Howcvcr, in
iIc lasi icn ycars iIc Cuidcsioncs Iavc garncrcd iIc aiicniion of conspiracy
iIcorisis, wIo scc iIcir ncssagc as anii-CIrisiian and a call for a glolal
govcrnncni. TIis ncw rcading of iIc Cuidcsioncs uliinaicly lcd vandals io
dcfacc iIc nonuncni sonciinc in Dcccnlcr 2008.

TIc official siory of iIc Cuidcsioncs' origin is iIai Joc Fcndlcy Sr., prcsidcni
of iIc Ellcrion FinisIing Conpany, was coniacicd in 1979 ly onc ºFolcri C.
CIrisiian" io connission a nonuncni. CIrisiian was a pscudonyn uscd ly
sonconc rcprcscniing ºa snall group of loyal Ancricans wIo lclicvc in Cod."
Fcndlcy Ias sincc dicd, lui Fandall Sullivan of Wircd inicrvicwcd Wyaii
Mariin, iIc prcsidcni of Craniic Ciiy Danl and iIc only living nan wIo
allcgcdly nci CIrisiian. As iIc projcci's lanlcr, Mariin allcgcdly lcarncd
CIrisiian's iruc nanc lui will noi rcvcal ii. Mariin clains Ic rcccivcd lciicrs
and pIonc calls fron CIrisiian uniil ºaround iIc iinc of iIc 9111 icrrorisi
aiiacls" and assuncs CIrisiian is dcad; iIougI sonc lclicvc CIrisiian
ncvcr c×isicd. WIilc consiruciion was siill undcrway, Mariin and Fcndlcy
wcrc accuscd of pcrpciuaiing a Ioa×, ciiIcr oui of anuscncni or io pronoic
Fcndlcy's lusincss. DoiI ncn iool lic dciccior icsis, wIicI iIcy passcd.
Sullivan suggcsis iIai iIc Ioa× runor nay Iavc conc fron rival graniic

According io Jin Milcs (auiIor of Wcird Ccorgiai, sIorily aficr iIc
Cuidcsioncs wcrc unvcilcd, a local ninisicr siaicd Iis suspicion iIai ºMr.
CIrisiian is noi a CIrisiian" and iIai iIc nonuncni was dcsigncd for iIc
worsIip of iIc sun as wcll as iIc dcvil. Conicnporary Pagans, UFO luffs,
and Ncw Agcrs wcrc naiurally aiiracicd ly iIc nysicry of iIc siic. Ncw
nyiIs wcrc crcaicd iIai iIc nonuncni was luili upon a ºpowcr-nc×us" or a
placc sacrcd io Naiivc Ancricans. Onc lcgcnd Iolds iIai visiiors wIo poini
loiI arns ai iIc nonuncni (onc paln up, onc paln downi will rcccivc a
psycIic ncssagc fron iIc sioncs. AnoiIcr Cuidcsionc adnircr, Yolo Ono,
conposcd a iIrcc-novcncni scorc cniiilcd ºCcorgia Sionc."

In 2000, Dr. Fcagan F. Davis, a CIrisiian ninisicr, visiicd iIc sioncs and
concludcd iIai iIc Cuidcsioncs nay wcll dcscrilc iIc icn connandncnis of
iIc AniicIrisi. Pariicularly upsciiing wcrc iIc prcccpis io ºMainiain
Iunaniiy undcr 500 nillion in pcrpciual lalancc wiiI naiurc," ºCuidc
rcproduciion wiscly cncouraging fiincss and divcrsiiy," and ºLci all naiions
rulc inicrnally, rcsolving c×icrnal dispuics in a world couri." Davis
inicrprcicd iIcsc ncssagcs as a call for a world govcrnncni, a policy of
siaic-sponsorcd cugcnics, and iIc culling of lillions of pcoplc. TIis ncw
inicrprciaiion clcvaicd iIc Cuidcsioncs fron ncrc local curiosiiy io iIc
suljcci of naiional noioriciy anong conspiracy iIcorisis and CIrisiian

Conspiracy luffs wcrc quicl io poini oui iIc sinilariiics lciwccn iIc
pscudonyn ºF.C. CIrisiian" and CIrisiian Foscnlrcuz, iIc lcgcndary
foundcr of iIc csoicric Fosicrucian Ordcr. (Docuncnis aiiriluicd io
Foscnlrcuz wcrc signcd ºFraicr C.F.C."i. CIrisiians addcd iIai TIc Agc of
Fcason is also iIc iiilc of a lool ly TIonas Painc, wIicI cIallcngcs iIc
incrrancy of iIc Dillc. TIrougI nuncrous Wcl siics and iall radio
prograns, a narraiivc cvcniually cncrgcd in wIicI iIc Cuidcsioncs (along
wiiI ancicni csoicric sociciics lilc iIc Masons, cugcnics, pcrccivcd anii-
CIrisiian Iosiiliiy, and glolalizaiioni wcrc all pari of a singlc nonoliiIic
cniiiy lnown as iIc ºNcw World Ordcr."

TIc goal of iIc Ncw World Ordcr is iIc crcaiion of a singlc world govcrnncni
and iIc dcsiruciion of naiional sovcrcigniy and rcligion. A significani
nunlcr of CIrisiian dispcnsaiionalisis sulscrilc io iIis vicw and lclicvc
iIai iIc Ncw World Ordcr was forciold in iIc Dool of Fcvclaiion. In 2005,
Marl Dicc (using iIc pscudonyn ºJoIn Connor" in rcfcrcncc io iIc
Tcrninaior filn francIisci organizcd a CIrisiian group opposcd io iIc Ncw
World Ordcr callcd ºTIc Fcsisiancc" and lcgan a canpaign io Iavc iIc
nonuncni dcsiroycd. In 2007, radio pcrsonaliiy and filnnalcr Alc× Joncs
rclcascd a docuncniary cniiilcd Endganc. Dlucprini for Clolal
Enslavcncni, ouilining a plan ly iIc Dildcrlcrg group and oiIcr glolal cliics
io c×icrninaic cigIiy pcrccni of Iunaniiy. TIc Ccorgia Cuidcsioncs arc
ciicd as prinary cvidcncc of iIis ploi.

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